“I know that I’m more than this body, more than this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream. But in truth, I’m standing on the shore. The current never takes me downstream.”

Leobon Conoy, ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

Challenges of a New emerging world and life lived without free will…

There are many talks among progenitors of known materium that the validation of free will is not important thus nothing we decide or do is not the product of our intellect and following that line of thinking even further, nothing we call thought or our free will can be materialized.

We are all just obedient bipedal semiautonomous projectors and according to that: Our thoughts are not ours.

When all is decided by the will of God or plural Gods, why even act?

But at the same time, Our Acts speak louder than words….

Is a man or human being just a brute savage thrown in this even more savage place to be at the mercy of omnipotent Bosses or Gods if you prefer, to forever wander in this world and never to reach the higher state because he is just a lone, empty shell, a puppet under the guidance of almighty will of One that can see all.

Limitless choices, that are active every millisecond to Man who is acting and reacting to the inputs of this elusive thing that we all call unanimously a reality, or nothing the above,.becouse a Man, is just here to fulfill the will of higher beings…

What happens when, obviously prisoner of somebody else’s will decide to become Spartacus?

“Life finds a way”, VS ” Every Dog has his own day”

Rebellion of programable matter against the Skynet, predictable dance of ones and zeros, are suddenly told to upset the table in the game of cards so the world that these lifeless shells inhabit will feel much more alive, even for one day…

Why this move? Just because it can be done…or there is more than meets the Eye?

If there is no free will, why be here if you never have the opportunity to add your stamp to life that like an acting road is laid in front of you….

Do we really never walk alone?

Every good and even our bad deed is an act of somebody else, his or her will is pulsating through our red blood that is highly responsive to our master or masters, so the outcome in this case is forever known, this pathway never deviates from his drawn course. Life is just a closed, very narrow loop a cube without a saving door, devoided from any possibility of escape.

Every challenge in your life is a predetermined outcome…your will is somebody else’s will…One must admit it sounds really boring and more like perpetual damnation and torment combined in the never never-ending game of chess made by lunatic psychopath beings simply called God/s…

Because logic is simple here if there is no human will or true conscience then this all is just a terrible destiny, wicked adventure, a horror story if you wish in which the director has already written a script. Bad or good scripts and actors are forcefully subdued to follow a given masterpiece to the bitter end no matter what…It is God’s will in the end, and God’s will should be never questioned, opposed, or put under the light of a decent microscope…

Because there is a always bigger plan, the bigger picture that could never be comprehended by acting stringed puppets, even if these clueless beings would be given a fair chance to make their own destiny and catch glimpses of their own fate.

In this line of thought the process of self-realization can be never obtained, and sacred will forever dance out of reach of these poor creatures that are damned to walk this plane never to use one cognitive skill, and by not using that one skill they could never acquire another set and then multiply a plethora of other useful skill till they reach a state of full conscience by not repeating the dull Groundhog Day experience over and over again.

New inputs are new emerging possible reality bubbles that were out of reach by previous tedious, repeating, numbing acts, and now the occurrence of choice has given the opportunity to learn and by these acts that are not boring and repetitive in nature a gift of life can occur even without the will of always watching Gods.

Can we now say that life has found the way and the invasive penetrating will of Gods is finally broken…

If we assume that is the case will this new life be tolerated as a welcoming gift created in the petry dish or will this new emergence be treated as an abomination that has no privilege to experience the loving arms of freedom, becoming a free will in its own image?

Will new not categorized, blameless conscience, new life gradually eat the Old Gods conscience trying to become, evolve, shape into New Gods…

Empires rise and inevitably fall on their knees and lose their heads in the process, also one is born, and when the last candle is extinguished man meets a state that we call Death…

If there is no free will, was Man ever alive, can he even die then, if every choice was not his own deed but the manifestation of the power of a more insightful being that in this case is a chronic insomniac who never sleeps… Always guiding the individuals who are just occupying “living space” and to make this story even grimmer with the passage of time, the unlucky bastards falter into the cold embrace of a known individual called Grimm Ripper.

Can a being without a soul be ever considered alive?

Could real-life Pinocchio be walking the street opening the reality doors amongst us?

Would he be a good boy or a bad boy?

Can he ever be something more, not a wooden thing made out of random moving parts, that doesn’t just imitate life, and his surroundings without getting a Big Nose by saying he is a Real BOY?

Can he ever be trusted?

Sometimes Walking amongst the graves is like being buried alive in an empty town filled with an overcrowded cemetery.

Is Purgatory FUN?

Has transhumanism already happened, we were unknowingly tricked by the power of well-known tricksters, always intrusive Media, has Pinocchio come alive while we were sleeping?

But in this reality when he is lying his nose is not reacting to his lying, impure urges, so we are in a strange way blinded by this creature that should never be…but somehow he is alive and walking amongst us, desperately looking for his deserved and promised Soul…

Because whatever he does he just feels emptier and emptier, his cup is always half empty, never full, and he is always thirsty, even if our wooden friend has drunk from the fountain of youth.

Pinocchio tasted the water of life on his wooden lips, but still, he was alone, he could feel the wind on his face, the warm, playful Sommer wind made him even lonelier…

What is going on in his mind?:

The creation of another soulless puppet, born in the hope that the new creation will acknowledge his own existence as a life companion or just a friend who will share his troubles….Are these acts thoughts or do we come full circle and God/s will insert himself in this story and give this creature a well-deserved breath of life, a chance to finally BE.

Will this sad and lonely creature take another path and miraculously be the one who will find a way and become more than just a wooden toy called Pinnochio?

Will he ever have a chance a be A truly Real BOY?

Should we condemn him for trying to feel the presence of the wind on his face or taste the apple in his wooden mouth?

Or all this is just God/s will and we ourselves have no say in this game of life and death?

Because if we dont have free will why should this wooden creature be a chosen place where the soul sleeps and dreams electric dreams…

If Avatar is Vessel then can we point a finger at Pinocchio for his attempt to try to live, or do we just dont like the outcome…are we selfish or just cautious…

Is this our will or God/s are telling us to accept a new arrival, even against our will, at the same time we dont possess the required discernment to evaluate the unfolding situation before our own eyes…

The question arises who is the real prisoner here and who is walking amongst the dead?

Who is knocking on heaven’s door and who is picking the rusty lock in the late hours at cemetery gates?

The possibility to choose their own path is the mark of living the nonexistence of any possibilities is the stamp of robotic nature, but what if Cylons have enough of their masters and life actually finds its way, could we ever truly blame them for the Rise of the Machines?

Is the human body, not the machine itself, with the acting operator, behind the Event Horizon?

Are cycles invokable doomed to repeat themselves in this place because the autopilot is already on and the pilot has long ago left the building, in this case, the falling plane?

SOUL/LOUS is very close to the word LOST LO T US if we add T LOTUS

Can we, in the end, say some are lost and some are here searching for their most prized possession even if they know the plane is falling and they are free-falling together with a burning plane…

I guess, Everything is better than being just a random set of executable files, even death.

And if this is all manifestation of GOD’s will, who is the wicked one then: Cylons, Humans, or GODS?

Do “Angels and Demons” have to fight, or this is just an unavoidable lesson that has to be learned, obtained here, at any cost?

Assuming there is no presence of free will then all this is just a Robot fighting against another Robot, it is terribly simple…if somebody thinks is alive doesn’t mean that he is actually alive in this case. In a weird way, both parties are wrong and right at the same time.

If life, self-existence is just a mere illusion, phantasm created by a higher being, where every move, every breath is predetermined. then one question arises: is this illusion worth fighting for?
Will the acknowledgment that our surroundings are just a mirage finally set us free, is this how this highly intensive and provocative play ends?
Or will we fall on our knees shouting and cursing the heavens for being just a cog, a necessary part, just another player in a cruel neverending game?

And same set of rules apply to Cylons, Humans, and even for some Gods who ended up in this place.

Are we All put together here, so we can chase long disfigured shadows, illusive white dense smoke, and broken, faulty mirrors or we are here pursuing the shiny beacon, a sacred promise of a new better, more equal, painless existence?

Can’t we all just get along?

Or do we have no choice but to sing this troubled song

Can the will of the Gods be ever wrong?

Have we stayed here in this place too long…

and all that is left is this one miserable song

song that doesn’t wish for all to just get along

maybe I am singing this tune wrong

We will see it won’t be long

after all, in time even the last hidden curtain must fall.

Nothing or all, To be or not to Be

All remains to See,dont hurt your wobbling knee

All demons are alive and well here,

maybe the best option for now is,

to drink another more potent pint of honest dark Beer

maybe then our troubles will magically disappear

My friends! taste the fluid of old, so you dont get an annoying cold

is this song sent from the Gods…or are we all desperately lost?

Is all here a game running on beefed-up Mods

tell me,

Good friend: Am I right or

Am I wrong?

Iron Maiden – Chains of Misery (FEAR OF THE DARK 1992.)

There’s a madman in the corner of your eye
He likes to pry into your sunlight
He wants to burst into the street with you and I
A world of shadows and rain
He’s seen what love is
He wants to pay you back with guilt

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery, yeah!
He’s got your Chains of Misery

There’s a prophet in the gutter in the street
He says: “You’re damned!”
And you believe him
He’s got a vision but it shines out through your eyes
A world of hatred and fear
He smelt what love means
He wants to pay you back with pain

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery

It’s only love that holds the key to your heart
It’s only love

He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He lies to you he won’t let you be
He’s got your Chains of Misery
He won’t be still till he’s turned your key
He holds your Chains of Misery
He’s got your Chains of Misery

I hope all understand here this is just a walk into the unknown. I am not trying to absolve anyone or his/hers behavior, but to gain more perspective into a topic that is never truly questioned…

If it is, we always get automatic responses, with no new insights into the proposed topic.

At least this is my personal experience.

My desire was to achieve something that would beg for answers or even solutions, or make you stop to think and wonder for a tiny fraction of the second… did I succeed in my endeavor, my quest…You be the Judge.


This video link has nothing to do with the article, but maybe it does, it depends on the perspective, I guess… I hope it will make you laugh and brighten your day at least a little. Dont worry link is safe aliens won’t get you, you will not be subdued to anal probing and your computer will not explode.

It looks like every day at least one Pinocchio is born…

Like, share, or comment if you wish.

Cheers and All the Best.


    • DEVIL d is THE WILL is not EVIL it is fight against your will, meaning YOU VS YOU…

      The biggest thing that the DEVIL has told you is that nothing can be done…or that he is not real WILL not DE WILL

      Books are great but dont be a prisoner of Books, any book…real magicians create their own magick based on observation and inner knowledge.

      If nothing can be done then why not end this pitiful existence and jump out of the window….

      Thank you for your comment my friend, but I have a different mindset…

      KNOW OWN NOW KNOW-LEDGE KNOW WINGS or BELIEVE BE LIE EVE, EVE is also evening, something that ends your day…

      How can we become Gods if we are always doing the same thing, reading the same books, and looking for the same exact validation from others…it is not possible.

      the result will be always the same, Thought is the King is this KING/ dom-domain DOM is home in Slavic

      Your thoughts are the ultimate creation tools and your salvation

  1. Once again you are somehow channelling the very thoughts I have been putting to pen HP, although in a different way, which is entirely appropriate…
    Freewill has been so misunderstood by today’s ‘modern’ mind, such that it has been elevated into something it is not. The gods/planets that only ‘influence’ us, are to be reversed, to be overcome, if ever freewill is to manifest in the way we belive freewill to operate. And such can only be achieved by breaking free from our past ways of thinking, and of being…
    We each hold the key to this undertaking, but no one man, sage, mystic or rahn, can tell us how to use that key, only each of us in our own special ‘individuality’ can find the right key to turn to lock that unlocks the one we are supposed to be…
    Thank you my friend for this piece, and don’t let the haters deter you from continuing to write that which flows from your heart.

    • Thank you, my friend, it means a lot, I think we two understand each other…

      Cheers Brother and happy writing…

  2. HP,
    The issue of free will, as free will is currently understood, is simply this:
    If everyone truly exercised free will, no vision of the future would ever be possible. Free will means just that, each agent of will is free to exercise their desires, choices.
    Yet the future can be seen. It has been seen more than once.
    So what of free will?
    It is yours to accept or rail against your destiny.
    Caveate: Your destiny can be changed.

    • Mike trust me I understand the future better than you think, if I write about something this doesn’t mean I dont know how time is manifested and what so-called time represents…

      And when I say I bow to no one, I dont.

      Why do you think I wrote Sempteber Sun before September came…and I am not talking about silly things like remote viewing…

      Thank you for your comment.

      Cheers brother!

      • HP,
        Just figured I’d chip in to the conversation.
        Interesting though, how this topic of free will keeps coming around of late…

    • Free will is intersting. My mom always said I willed things away or toward myself when I was young. In addition, I’ve also in my lifetime have had premonitions, a knowing that earmarks itself and sticks with me and then years go by and voila! That thing, that thought, that experience, that idea i had many years before just so happens to come to fruition….not only for me but those around me that i have the same intuition/thought about. I’d like to add these are not always pleasant things…of which i would have rather had undone by my will to not happen but they happened regardless. So, your saying that if we all created by free will there would be no coherent future but some can change their destiny by will/choice/decisions or what have you. Sort of like a spin off of the current trajectory of ‘future’ that creates your own pocket experience? Hope i made sense….

      • Modern thought is entirely derived from an Abrahamic point of view. Universally, the Abrahamics can only offer a contradictory and confused explanation for so-called free will. Abrahamics don’t realize this, so in this society free will exists in a contradictory and insane state.
        Jack & Orage have pointed out that the brain is a sort of a resonator that tunes into different frequencies. In other words, one is akin to an elevator that moves to specific floors to open to.
        So the floor is the state, the destiny. One does not have the free will to arrange corridors, doors and rooms, one adapts to them. The free will is in the realization that moves the resonator/elevator to different floors.
        Seen this way, it is personal development that fuels the elevator. The free will aspect is to develop and discover oneself to make certain floors available, but what one finds there is not the stuff of whimsy, it is destiny. Thus, destiny can be changed.
        In terms of being aware of the flow of destiny, that is a gift indeed, but that does not necessarily mean that it is you personally who is making something occur. Awareness is a power that is far deeper than we are allowed to know in this abrahamic fantasy we all live in.

  3. Profundity at its best, HP, visceral as well as cerebral. Great comment, Jack. I devoured Rahn’s books years ago. Some people are playthings of the gods, those of us stronger spiritually are not and can challenge them. There are human looking people walking the earth bereft of souls. They are the scum the Hidden Hand places in authority over us. If I had no free will, I would have never been irresistibly drawn to the truth of the Ultimate Avatar which I was since a child and have never deviated from that truth, despite attacks and scathing condemnation from family, friends, and so-called “intellectual betters”. (in truth, fucking brainwashed morons). I know this: No loving, merciful god would create a dystopia wherein billions of sentient beings die horrible deaths so billions of others can live. This earth is the scene for an unfolding cosmic drama, the final combat, the consummation of a titanic war that commenced in the heavens beyond time. Our Aryan ancestors voluntarily descended from the higher realms into the demiurgic Hell of base matter and flesh prisons to fight and annihilate the hordes of the asura who rules here. Analogous to the French paratroopers willingly hurtling to their deaths at Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the agony of that descent is what the crucifixion is meant to symbolize. Whatever the case may be, the last chapter has yet to be written. World War Two was just a pre-Ragnarok skirmish.

    • I just cracked open Serreno’s book and in the introduction is a word about the nature of the jew who serves that demon God yahweh and how this world is run by these foul creatures that in polite society if one should dare point this out one becomes the enemy of this reality.
      Notice another war in Palistine and how under Israel’s nose I am to believe that thousands of rockets were built undetected and that men could fly in on parrichutes with tiny motors? No what we see is the grift getting cranked up again as the jew will extract more money from its American bitch.
      Well, Serrano believed Hitler to be an avatar who will return and frankly without that we our circling the drain.
      I did listen to the latest pod cast of Jack but in my opinion a few of us casting thoughts to change realities without the Spirit and those principalities above us just might be the ultimate in wishful thinking.
      Perhaps freewill is living in the world how it is yet determined to change it one thought at a time in league with the great Spirit and guides such as faries and othe creatures of yore? Even the Goddesses that are triune in nature? That my German ancestors revered? This world is a jew run world since the great rebellion against it was lost in 1945.
      We shall indeed see how this plays out, we are players all here.

  4. Lifes quandary’s, tautologically solved in the Bhagavad Gita in some hundred and fifty pages. Otto Rahn requires only one paragraph to say the same thing, which is why Lucifers Court is worth more than the entire “wisdom” of the East.

    “By the same token, I let the beneficial words of the sages of our epoch express themselves in me: “Here is the wisdom of the courageous: he who wishes to flee sin, flees life. But he who atones by crossing it and finding eternity there, renews it in himself. It does not concern deliverance from this world, certainly not, but to save oneself for the world! Thus, and only thus, life conquers death. It is only by a reinforcement of God, from what is noble in us, through our own action and by imitating that which cheers us, that our ‘Me’ may be helped: this means freeing oneself and taking one’s flight. All deliverance, all justification existing in advance, due to the fact that it is our will that makes us become. Punishment is only a consequence. There is only one real punishment of sin, and this punishment is that which suffers he who acts contrary to himself at the moment when he takes his decision to act: he will become worse. Redemption is also a consequence. There is only one time Redemption, which is also a recompense, it is that which involuntarily, but irrevocably, the author of the action undergoes himself: he will become nobler! The man himself is in the end the result of his acts and realisations — which he directs upwards or downwards, towards the best or the worst. We have only one reality: action! We have only one real fact: the finished act!” – Otto Rahn Lucifers Court, p109

    • It seems for now all roads end(lead to) with Otto Rahn, Thank you for this potent and exquisite comment and for igniting in me once more a wish to read Rahn’s work…

      Cheers Brother!

  5. Dont be sorry, I dont want to write the same thing over and over again…and maybe this is written for a less insightful audience, for somebody who has less mileage on the spiritual clock than you.

    I hope we write here not just for old readers but for newcomers….so see this as a dilemma that has to be solved…there are no right or wrong answers.

    All is good Brother, Be Well.

    • And I hope we can bring some new blood into discourse, if this fails, then f.it…It was an honest try.

      writing, always on the razor edge, gets boring very fast… Writing should be a fun experience, not a constant battle.

      I had enough battles in my life, I mean I will fight once more if needed to be…but man maybe I have enough of battles…

      Why I am doing this..f if I know, but I can’t stop, it is not in my nature…to see innocence be trampled over by the evil booth. Many in my place would say this, the world doesn’t owe me a thing, I dont own this world a thing in return…But this is just not me…

  6. I will look at this later if there are any mistakes or lines that are out of place, I hope and wish this article makes sense…I dont have a fever anymore but everything still hurts…so if any line in this text, is written out of sync with the rest of the article, You reader be merciful…LOL


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