Nobody Rides For Free…Fire Walks With Me?

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Trapped souls will you ever know…

what path to take, which way to go?

feeling small, feeling thrown, down below

The need arises and suddenly the urge tells you, you need to go.

But where is the right hemisphere?

Frontal lobe, hangmans rope

truth in your eyes

a hopeful wish comes with many smiles

again…and again…thought is a runaway train

Scripted ways, lazy days

are you afraid?

Of things that will come

things that will take you home?

East battling the West

just another failed test?

North and South

making you go around

dancing on this “spinning ball”

for many miles, sacred in you hails

The Soul has to bail

Only the Avatar will remain

There is a new future to be gain

The Greed is what Evil eats

The Pride is Satan’s willing ride

The so-called faith will not set you straight

Faith is Meth for those that already belong to Seth

Transcending flesh, living behind this electromagnetic mesh

A new Eye in you sees all these things through if only you knew…

Marching Lessons are terror made for the peasants, devastating, unbridled truth is for the Kings

Saturn and his rings constantly sings

“The Lord of The Rings”

another jinx?

“The Lord Of The Flies”

Are you ready to say the last goodbye?

realization keeps you in another cycle of desolate, dry incarnation

How about you find the right radio station?

Incarnation is just another senseless invocation

another poor man’s maggoty ration

Return of the jaded Soul wanting to be whole

But the soul is not here, the point of no return

will set you free

There you can finally be

here there is nothing to see

Shackled or be free

You, tell me?

The reborn soul is Avatar again brutally torn and made cowardly small

Do you wish again to crawl, see yourself fall…

How about leaving these halls?

How about dont answering another devious call?

Toroidal field,Toroidal Space

reactivated Human race, needs something to chase

Vortex and the Tale of Rotating Malaise

The man inside was crucified for his grace

Without time and a real place

The wave function, a bloated mind that admire

Throwaway Worlds in a derelict quagmire

Are there wanting Souls for hire?

So rises another Holographic Empire

There, the situation is always very alarming and extremely dire

What you take and give will magnificently aspire

Red Room is built for whom?

Now all you can see is Doom and Gloom

do you wish this world to go with a loud Boom?

25 years later, the promised time has no waiter

triggering synthetic reality, the abnormalities of fluidic space,

The agonizing screams of artificial, fabricated race

Truth simply can not be built on dishonor and disgrace

In your mind The silent wandering whisper of the Aryan race

Can you see now your real face?

Unimaginable plot In your rushing blood a living homing dot

Choose life or just rot…

The deviant anomaly is the true name of this ort(place)

this my friend is just an absent thought:

dont get lost…

In the trivial, stormbound sea,dont ask for an unworthy, beggars plea

They will get you an imaginary cup of tea and a life pledge full of wonders

But this my friend; is the place where you will get stripped naked and vigorously plundered

Fight here and true home will become closer

dont be another blasphemous, hilarious imposter

“The Day will become the Night”

Ask for your Birthright

Find the divine light

Battle of Hearts and Minds

It was always You

see things trough

dont get stuck in another unnecessary Waterloo

The world is your oyster, the rest swims in the hands of Black Goo

You may ask: how all this can be true?

All I can see is the boundless sky, clear and blue

How You, would know…

Prove to me, that you are the honest messenger with the black crow

What happens below and what happens above

How this beautiful place can live without love?

All is there, bare and naked for all to see,

the truth is not hidden in Green Tree

You dont have to listen to me…

My voice doesn’t need to be your choice,

but the wrong choice is comming with the action-packed invoice


Your inner voice is your only choice

But, dont listen to me…

maybe it is better to not see and let the mind flee…

My friend, this place is a mental surrogate cage

and the pay is lousy minimum wage

The whole world is a wild and savage brute

The observable “light” is sometimes the wrong route

The Universe is a heartless venomous deceiver

Question yourself:

“Who is the real, actual, and true Dreamer?”

In my dreams see I’m on TV
Get back exactly who I wanna be
If she could really see herself in my eyes
This wouldn’t be such a big surprise
I’m sick and tired of it getting in my way
I’m sick and tired of everything I seem I know
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Don’t stop to think cause I know where I stand
I’m on my way no your not gonna change my plan
If you can break away and see what I say
You’ll understand what I’m trying to be
I’m sick and tired of talking to my little dates
I’m sick and tired of everyone in my way
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
You’ve gotta pay to play
So don’t you stand in my way
Cause nobody, nobody rides for free
Now the worlds at stake
The card was drawn
You thought he could swim but I guess you were wrong
You sink to the depths of your misery
Baby the past will set you free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
Nobody… Nobody rides for free
You’ve gotta pay to play
So don’t you stand in my way
Cause nobody, nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free…

Something Good, Something Bad

something that lasts

Something bad, something that lasts

indisputable fact, a kiss that is left intact

Doubts without regrets

Creating Mandela Effect

Bizarre Regrets without seemingly importance are rising,

calling the sleeping death

North is East

East is North some men are battle born

too strong and too beautiful for this wretched world

East is where The “Beast” sleeps

North is just a word

reality is a crazy spiderwebbed mold

I is EYE

The true EYE is mine

Certain facts just simply and inevitably intertwine

One and Zero

Another Nero?

Are you the chosen Hero?

Do you wish to know more?

Implore, scream from your lungs for another invested encore

The lunatic world is menacing and cold

Time is now put on hold

The Sun is impossibly and strangely hot

The Memory of Blood is awakened Call of the true Nords

Nothing is ever truly lost

To be or to be not?

If you understand

Give me a nod.

Should all this be destroyed?

Should we take a walk

and see who will squawk

Black Crow is hysterically smiling

white pigeon is born conniving

Is your mind thriving?

Golden Honey is just a phony

Chosen Melody is traveling fast

lighting that burns strike last

Smile even if you are standing in a flooded Nile

Maybe it won’t take a while

Maybe they are already here

dont interfere,dont be afraid

The Devils in this place must be slain

The Old debt simply must be


“For Whom the Bell Tolls”

The last hushed up mistery finally unfolds

without a simple unjustified word

this is the end of this song

So long!

“A ninth I understand, when Need arises for me
to protect My Ship on the Ocean:
Then I will still the Storm on the rising Sea
and soothe the Surge of the Waves.”

Mandela Effect M/AN D/THE EL/ELA EFFECT, not a THEORY-Transmutation

MAN is An meaning On /D is THE El/ELA

The True Man will awaken he and she will be seen in the Sea of false specters…Projected Reality

Something short I can’t listen anymore to some people: who Is doing this effect and if this is a deed done by Abrahamic Gott…it is not…

Your gOd is a very jealous and vengeful gOd….

Exodus 20:3-5

“Worship no god but me.-meaning there are other Gods besides Him you can choose to Worship

“Do not make for yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, because I am the Lord your God and I tolerate no rivals. I bring punishment on those who hate me and on their descendants down to the third and fourth generation.

He is full of hate, not Love dont believe me: look around you and be amazed what this “love” has created…

True God will challenge You, he wants to see from what are you made off, do yuo belong, do you deserve to walk among the Gods-plural…

This is why the Gate is narrow and only a few are accepted into the True Kingdom of Heaven

If you do not understand the importance of the number seven you will live in a world between the number eleven and that my friend is a false made-up heaven.

Be kind to others, You never know who is standing in front of You…

If you want to know my stance on any kind of it is…

KNOW and LEDGE Interconnected

Where is “I”?

KNOW-NOW OWN-WON-ON and in the end O/15/6 LEDGE EDGE EGG -cosmic Eg/this is how we read not EGG G -7 light

G is connected with E or we read “I”

Light of this world…LUC “I” FER

Every Vessel Avatar, Body in the end, chooses his destiny or Destination

The destination is your DESTI/ NATION At “I” On

or FATE that will ATE You consume YOU in the END.

FATE ATE ET/it T is your cross in the end.



EA/stern (Stern is the star in German) Religion is not the way of the V I King/s…

Born in Love, Born In Arms of White Dove

Born in love

Born in perfection

Live lived without infection

Flood of songs full of lies

message that is wrong, pierces the skies

written words singed without preying eyes

When true love Dies?

When the whole World is born without lies…

Are we there, yet

Can we break the black-and-white net?

can we send a smile to the old Seth,

even upon our time of death?

crucified here, without true Sins

Why should ever the Devil win?

Timelines spiraling out of order

do we need a special book for this to preorder?

When true Love is Born?

When Earth will sing the new Accord…

When humanity will become the true Lord?

Waiting much? frailing minds and hearts without the touch

What will come next…just watch

Octoberfest a new timeless nest

Rivers of white, yellow, and even dark Beer are comming next

drunken life flies in the mouth of the Mandella Effect

What will change next…

do we have a pretext?

When true Love is born

Old reality will be torn

Stay on the pathway or look on the side…

Chasing a promise of a white Bride?

What to do…

which is the true way, willing to guide?

Observing this mess, without loud press

marveling at the many invasive choices

Unbeatable truth beats in the hearts of millions of voices

“The Antichrist” is comming, I am scared shitless

I am desperately looking for more witness

to prove this apocalyptic claim

to smile at life that is too simple and to ordain

The Old Testament is knocking on my door

I am laughing my ass on the cold, wooden floor

Please: send me more…

Every story needs love, a touch of conniving Egregore

How else would the audience ever ask for more?

Love is born again, it will be the death of mortal man

it will be the birth of the Son of The MAN

try to stop him, if you can!

MAN To Come

symbolizes fall of the Rome

And we can have that feeling…

The venomous lies from the Old Snake will hit the ceiling

Man to Come can not die kneeling

He is born ready and willing

He is not like the rest, he doesn’t care about your silly tests

He knows how to build a true everlasting nest

He is not warm, watered-down beer left on the Grimm day of Octoberfest

He does what he says, this man doesn’t change his ways

just because somebody says…something

This man is not a THING, he will break the Sound of Saturn’s rings

he has come here to manifest the glorious win

He knows the way, but he loves the Truth

Not the lies and invoking darkness and clueless divide

He will not hide, he will fight

He will straighten you right

even without a glorious fight

MAN To Come

Is the promised FALL of ROME

and nothing, You,

Black Tongues can be done,

who are right now occupying Rome

hit the street and

Go home!

it is done…

The new Man is a sacred manifestation of new thought

he is the death of a thing called a Robot

He is the new Biblical Flood

He doesn’t care about Heaven and Hell

he knows all too well

You motherfuckers are already burning in Hell

so why sweat, when you are already death

Children of the Seth?

The Song ends here,dont spill your precious beer

dont tear the bag of popcorn,dont Scratch the suit that is worn

audience please exit in a mannerly and orderly fashion,

follow the laws of attraction

Safely exit the Theater Dome…

AMOR is comming home

so falls the lone voice of once:

“Mighty Rome”

RELIGION-a JoYfull Transition into mindless LEGION

Mind dies for lack of the vision, not knowledge

Religion a damned opposition

Acts of violence against acts of goodwill

Holly Book preachers, asking from you who to kill

Who is on this day against gOd’s will?

Everything in life comes with the bill

even in the holly moment of godless thrill

To many shills, too many people captured by a spirit who kneels

“Prays God”, “Allahu Akbar”, awaiting Moshiach

another false god, another shameless LIAR

another door closes, and another mind opens

The Demon of old keeps getting invoked

Again and again, the world is severely provoked

What a spiel!

Just pray to phantom Jesus and you will be saved

stick the red rotten tongue to those who are depraved.

Kill the man who does not want to believe, who reads different books

Attack him for his looks…

Burn his body, he is not like everybody

Believe in the corrupting lies, accept the mind spy

read and sleep with the voice of the Holy lullaby

Enjoy the fruitless ride, be damned in the act of the Soul suicide

Many are too afraid to know this will be their last ride

Divide…this is the Holly Book, however, she looks

When people can think, somebody else is in them, within

One Book to rule them all, but which one

will give you a ride to the deserved throne?

Turn another cheek and the future will look bleak

Kill the infidel, become a soulless shell, this is how you wish the World Well?

We are chosen, everything else but our thoughts is verboten?

Lovely set of books,” Holly scriptures” so the definition says

maybe you need to pray..harder so you will have something to barter

When heaven falls on this place, maybe,

just maybe you are not the chosen race

You know the answer, you know the truth

even if you dont know God, you are doing his Job

for every bad deed, you will get the rope

for many of you, there is no hope

But preach away set the masses straight

Enjoy useless debate, the path is narrow

in front of the final gate,

there awaits your “chosen fate”

Too much death, too much blood spilled

Too many innocent Souls have been killed

Alfater’s final will, will be fulfilled

Black Sun is shining on you

whatever you do, it will be seen through

You can win but lose, there will be no Third Temple

only death will there assemble

A jealous god has lost his mind

the only way to win is to kill the humankind

on sight…

This is your “chosen God”, this is your dangling knot

This fate awaits every Soulless Bot

because this here, The kingdom of God is not

There is a God’s plan, many will be called but few will be chosen

maybe this place will be just forgotten

it will remain the land of the Totten

bank your Karma, be a Knight

and I promise you…

YOU will see the true light

Acts, not words

Only those who are true and brave Lords

will see how the future unfolds

Fight against all odds and

your immortal Soul will never be lost

even in this human host

Avatar is becomming JAvatar(JA-ME)

The true name will See

The promised land is in your heart not Holly Book

dont be a incompetent fool

dont be just another mans tool

Knock and speak Friend

,dont lie,dont pretend

and true heaven will be sent

Allfather doesn’t want you on your knees

wailing about your wrong deeds

He wants you on your feet, challenge him

see if you are worthy…

Your Sword is your Lord, Your Heart is your Mother

dont ask what you can not do from another

The third temple is YOU, not a building made of stone

No Body(vessel) walks alone, this is the only path

to reach the light of the new home

your heart doesn’t belong to the will of Rome,

it is not carved in the black stone(Mecca)

It is not in your mortal flesh and white bone

It is beyond the horizon, beyond the white light

There you will meet your true kind

there you will leave death behind

But this can not be done by reading the right books

by knowing all the right hooks

Your heart will tell the truth, in the end

and there your future will be bent

It matters how one’s life has been spent

dont pretend, defend, fight for those who are in pain

if you dont take this road all your doings will be in vain

It is true Martyr’s blood, opens the land long lost

other will feel the cost,dont be like the most

The bridge awaits, and the stars align

Be the One who will find

after eight comes nine

Nine is divine, Ten is the number of

ascend or fall

for those that: already “know all”

Dont wish this world and “them” Hell

They all know too well

They are already there…

Forgotten Memories of Equilibrium and “Verboten” Thougts BETWEEN TWIN PEAKS

Round, Flat, Hollow, floating Lego brick in the SPACE so many questions and so many answers? Is there the One To RULE them all…

The truth is the shape of the Earth will be what you want it to be…No experiment can change the mind of the enslaved mind nor even an enlightened mind can prove something just because there is enough evidence that facts can morph into reality…

TWO PEAKS/SUN AND MOON, PLUS AND MINUS all shades of Emerald GREEN or prisoners of the so-called “RED Room”?

Picture Above, after the successful detonation on the right side there can be seen stars or a view into Another World

TWIN PEAKS VERSION: video below, Sorry the original version of this video can not be found on YouTube anymore, it has been erased…at least I can not find it after almost 25 minutes of searching….

The infamous EYE will bend before the will of the Man and MAN will deceive the EYE becoming the great deceiver himself.

HUMAN/Nature is to experience, observe, and ask questions… by doing all this he is the Storm, he is the main composer and guilty party, the main reason that Song Of Fire and Ice can go on.

Will he change his ways? Because when Ice and fire collide smoke emerges as the final victor of the battle, not one or other element that is superimposed before the ONE we call MAN.

Smoke clouds JUDGE-ment, confuses the lungs, and disorients the brain functions-

Fight or Flight mechanics are SETH in motion.

To boldly go where no MAN has been before….

LSC – The World You Live In (Pt 1 & 2) Concave Earth Explained Hand Drawn Presentation

INSOMNIUM – While We Sleep

When your heart gives out and your love collapses
When the hand that never lets go is there no more
When you reap and sow only throe and resentment
When there’s no one else but you to blame it for

When all you ever wish for is to go back once more
When all you ever wish for is to change it all
When all you feel is remorse, pain and regret
When you dwell in the past unable to move on

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Build a wall of glass thick and deep
We hear but choose not to listen

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Still the bridge is inflamed with fire
Leave all the love we had behind

When you realize that your life is a one-way road
When you realize that there’s no point of return
When you understand that you can’t go back anymore
When you understand you can only move onwards

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Build a wall of glass thick and deep
We hear but choose not to listen

And we drift far away in our dreams
Gather further distance while we sleep
Still the bridge is enflamed with fire
Leave all the love we had behind

We need to slow down
We need to slow down
We need to slow down
So I can catch you

We need to slow down so I can catch you
We need to slow down so you can catch me
We need to slow down so I can catch you
We need to slow down so you can catch me

Slow down

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Much love to All, be kind and nice to others, and help the helpless and those who are in need…

last thing: if I dont ask for money, means I have enough…What is enough? this is something that every man or woman must decide for themselves…

I dont try to be holier than you, this is my way of giving something back without asking a thing, this is my act of random kindness.

This is how you change the world, acts not words…

By Acting you are not RE- Acting anymore…there is a big difference in these two terms.

So if somebody wants to be paid for his hard work(research is hard work extremely draining experience, psychically and mentaly), he or she just wants to have enough, They are not sold-out individuals… because they want to put food on the table or have decent clothes or working car…

My choice is a conscious choice, maybe other people dont have my privilege or my options available to them…Let us be honest what is 10$ in today’s value…almost nothing.

What can YOU buy for 10 bucks?

Here you can get Jack Life Works for 10 dollars, You dont have to pay for this Gum Road, that section, or this video…These are your true sellouts acting as truthtellers, whatever this expression means these days… You know when you have to pay for many different things in the same place, this is then called a business operation…

I am not writing this because I want to put somebody on the spot, but try not to see everyone who just wants to survive as a traitor or twisted, money-hungry apparition as the next Alex Jones.

We all are heavily sandboxed, and that is an understatement of how actually sandboxed we are…, my friends.

I know many, many are stealing from Jack, from me…and trying to push Abrahamic God in our works, if you are reading this it won’t work…

You dont really can not or want to understand, what is really happening here in this place, called Earth, but in a way, you are spreading our message and those who are supposed to find will find this site…There are no coincidences…

I hope some of you, new arrivals will start to write, and start to ACT.



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