One lousy night I was born

under the gaze of darkness

in the unbearable heat

I got my feet

I was silent

ready to be violent

Under the scorching sun,

under the red-stained moon

I listen in silence

men talking about violence

Brave, cowardly men, all sorts

of them

I see, I hear

talks about fear

War is close

men are restless

I am not, I feel a desire

I am ready to unleash

sacred fire

Skull bashing

blood rushing

pools of red

in my head

Tons of severed limbs

producing horrible screams

Still, I am silent

ready to be violent

was this my fate too

produce this hate?

I am a sacred Sword,

I am told that I was Nord

have I no other purpose?

Am I just a cold stell

under somebody will?

with me, they even kneel

with me, they finally feel

I am a silent dreamer,

violent deceiver

I bring death I slice heads

I am, last will

I bring heartless steel

Under the polar star

I decided to go far

under the light of green

wonders await to be seen

in northern silence, I lost my thirst for violence

I feel like true Nord

I became more than a sword

No more I will be steel

under somebody’s will

Under the polar star,

I must go far

The hidden door is open,

my will, not broken

I had seen enough

I had heard too much

I don’t need one more touch

I see the arm of fate

I don’t wanna be late

without spoken word

I know…

I am not a sword

I am star

destined to go far

words fail me

I am free

I can finally see

In a place where death has no face

This terrible lie must die

I am not a sword

I am true Nord

I am a sacred tune

I am a fearless rune

I feel again

I am…

I am free,

I can finally see

I wish you well,

please, don’t tell.

The Conjunction of 7 Planets” by Brainstorm, from their album “Memorial Roots” (2009).

The picture above: PRIMAL FEAR “Supernova” 2018

Take The Chance: Let’s Dance!

How about it? will you take this chance…

Cryptic Dance, a wild stainless claustrophobic romance

Humans’ heads slapped formally together

Hell-bent for leather

Free fall feels like a playful feather

in a neverending decadence,

everyone is looking for true evidence

Atrophy of alchemical thought,

can this vampiric onslaught be fought?

Are you alive or just another crazed, lunatic infantile BOT?

At the suicide of the true kings

the wicked Devil joyfully sings

arms of the fool

a Jokers blinding tool

Dance in the heat of the moment

be one with the rushing Comet

is life a Maya that sleeps dormant…

is the blue sky estranged informant?

under the perfect moonlight

your eyes are unspeakably bright

This night two Souls are set purposely on fire

True love is not and can’t be ever for hire

Your body aching from lustful desire

Will our naked bodies create a new rightful Empire?

World in your eyes burning without worthless pyre

Will Our wild orgasm end the living nightmare, close the chasm,

Kill the half-death horrible screaming phantasm?

Where is the fun? when all the devils

can be seen under the influence of the New Sun

Stormbringer, Dream Acuser, Light Bearer

creating a new atmospheric prevailing layer

These days are born and awakened in different kinds of fun

The world is thrown on a point of the lone and edgy Gun

Dont You know: “There can be Only ONE”

Born under the guiding touch of Swarze Sonne

quickening is comming, New Age is homing

behind the corner, the New Man is looming

The jealous venomous god is violently fuming

stop assuming, be it the know

let this upside-down farce go

This slowly melting ripe snow

it is time to know, or see how low can you really go

See you on the other side,dont engage in fruitless divide

Set this tiring nonsense aside, abide,

Your Valkyrie is riding side-by-side

learn to enjoy, in this closing and concluding ride

Dont swimm in the noise polluted by electromagnetic vice

Think twice and


Life is just a silly game after you KNOW

nothing will be ever the same

What if all this is just a childish Game?

Lost Lover and runaway dame

Story of old looking for the true name

Black shadows, hollow and frozen Moon

Are keeping you in this hand-drawn cartoon

dont be a fool, Wake Up

and maybe I will see you soon.

Break a dark spell and tear down the frame

How about You learn how to exit this strange game

It will be never too late

just find The outskirts of The Ninth Gate

a true promise never comes late

It is all in your head

those who are living stop playing death

The Thalamus is a doorway

slippery corn way

behind the White wall you we see all,

in the heart of the Blackest hole

there you will find the one you should adore

This voyage is an act of cosmic love

true Amor opens the last door

Who cares then about the earthly score?

The last voyage will take genuine courage

The last standing arbiter will be the judge

dont budge,dont hold the grudge

Dont try to say too much

He will know all

Even the truth about the “Spinning Ball”

truth and lies, sometimes even the Soul cries

dont believe it, take all this as advice

or pay the ultimate price

Some skeletons dont end up on the bottom of the Black Sea

they just do not know when and how to flee

Dont bend the knee, take it as a true Son of a Man

there is nowhere to go, some things just happened with the sound of the Big Bang

all this is not a street slang

dont be damned

The true glory bates in the carrying arms of white euphory

The message of the white dove is meant for those who can truly love

When love is made a thief

is then anything left what are you willing to give

When hate is love will you throw your fighting glove

Can you hear this message from above…

Will you fight for those things that are right?

Or will you find the corner?

and cowardly see the sunrise of this mental disorder



Walking alone, feeling like all my senses are dull and gone

Is it now all set and done?

Can this world be finally left alone…

Can now I just be gone?

Fly over the Blue Sea, drink from the water of the Green River

I feel the Black Earth on my fingers for the last time

Should my last sentence be written without a decent rhyme?

Admission, submission, coalition,

just words…

In thousand distant miraculous worlds

Can ALL I Feel be written just in this one song…

Can she not be terrible long…

Just for once?

Dreams are sweet,

The Sun is dancing on my new skin

I guess this is my win

The road is dark no more

This last song fills my inner core

The eyes are open

nothing is forgotten


This road is full of joy

It feels not like I am the last Real Mccoy

This path is not the last

This stairway to heaven is built for me

It is an oddly numb and happy feeling

When You can touch the ceiling

Can I stretch my new legs…

Can I see the road where nobody has to beg…

Can I see the street where Smile is the King?

Can I see the sunset, where the next day

is it not another entrance to the boxing ring?

The universe at last sings

Another world, another time, other things,

he brings

Can you hear the mesmerizing, alluring voice?

They say a storm is comming and I smile

standing there, on a perfect day

For me now all is just another Act,

another interesting Play

The Sun is the road that never ends

The Moon is a brother that doesn’t pretend

Earth is a life that is a godsend

My eyes are true, my eyes are terribly blue

sometimes even green, the wonders I have seen

In them, the gift of life never ends

For one day I was here

for one night, my star was shining bright

Now all I feel is just, light

I dont have to fight


The Cult – Sun King

Album: SONIC TEMPLE 1989

Can YOU be the SUN KINg or Queen in the Sonic Temple?

Can you make it on your own?

Dont feel alone

The Sonic Temple is dancing in your every bone

find your way and you will find a home

Nobody ever travels alone

My friends….

Mind Is The Lie, Heart is the Truth

Without the backbone without the true rhyme

they walk side by side

Creating hate and an endless divide

Are you not willing to be a saint?

Even for one lousy day,dont act in this foul play

Are you not willing to plunge into the arms of death…

Do you not wish to swim with Seth?

The Allftaher wants to see, who are those who can actually breathe

What are you made off of, my friend

Can you make an impenetrable standoff?

It is courage that You lack of?

Can you slay the mighty beast?

or will you cryingly fall and beg on your no-good knees?

can you feel the storm?

can you feel the sound of the Thunder?

Dont wander,

Dont wander asunder

All, there that awaits is a bestial plunder

The mind can lie, but the heart will be one that testifies

Can you hold the ground?

Dont be bound to this ground

Dont come for another round

dont venture south…

Blue-haired witches are looking for reliable snitches

A man without testosterone is scared to the bone

A woman looking for her counterpart

Hopelessly searching in the dark

Love is the enemy, hate is a friend

who do I defend?

Dont ask too much

give this world your touch

Be brave, or die like an unworthy slave

just behave…and shave

Be good, dance to the rhythm of a magic flute

is this the world you want to live in?

Are your minds these days made too thin

Do yuo really want to live in this sin?

How about for once, be brave and


“Native Son” from Alter Bridge’s album Walk The Sky

Giver of life now is all but dead and gone
Left to die in blood drenched fields or driven off

Now nothing remains
A ritual tamed
What’s taken away
We will never replace, no

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

Marching forward brings a slow and cruel decay
As I fight
For the heritage so many died to save

Now nothing remains
A ritual tamed
What’s taken away
We will never replace

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

Fractured and cut off from all we had
Severed all that’s sacred, now we stand
Strangers left to wander this strange land

Now I’m a native son in a foreign land
And I’m just living in a world I can’t understand

I look around and see that my world is gone
Still, I keep trying to fit in where I don’t belong

Sometimes when you dont fit in anymore it is time to move on,dont try to belong…

This is my reasoning for including this song from AB in this manifesto of “lyrical extravaganza”…

If You dont belong anymore, just move on and learn to say NO!

This is it for now, when I am a little bit better(fever), I will post more…

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  1. Saw her in a dream

    Said live in peace

    Peace is fruit

    Spirit is love

    Evidence of love is peace

    When you love peace is fruit of love

    Love is the creation

    As you create

    Let love be your creation

    As then the Nine will follow.

    Believe as you please

    Do as you please

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