Another time, a different cast

Schiller: “Be what you like, Hereafter without name — from the moment when my friend remains loyal. Be what you like, from the moment when my integral being can go to you. Exterior things are only an appearance of men. I am my Heaven and my Hell! The noblest privilege of human nature is to be able to chose for itself whether to do Good for Good. Noble men pay with what they are!”

October rust

October dust

another time, a different cast

same old laugh

time that is raging fast

who will be the One…and

who will come last?

Moon is hailing the dominion of the Midnight Sun

Green rays are looking for righteous Son

The universe is starting the dawn of another day

The hangovered day is on its way,

slowly he is coming to his senses, he looks alive

will he thrive,

or unwillingly go on another unconscious slow ride

We meet again, under strange circumstances and even stranger light

Aurora Borealis in broad daylight

strangers walking in Teutonic fiction

luminous creatures are tired of constant rules and nosy restrictions

Dazed Slave yawning exiting Plato’s cave

Autumn Rays are not saying much

drunken man lost his beloved golden watch

World at the crossroads looking for new ways

Another news story, another validation of the upcoming day

Another fool’s prayer,

another false prophet

another homemade slayer

Another lost betrayer

the guided missile is hitchhiking home

signs of devastation or rain of hope?

October rust, intertwine past

October dust rushing fast

Obscene scenes are vultures in my mind

many things on this day will be left behind

The Hidden Tooth of Welcoming Night is kind

Floating stars are infusing me, charging my secret find

holographic solution

begs for involution

sacred moment, the universe stretched without the holly comet

life passing by, my heart starts to fly

Am I ready to say goodbye?

is all here, being made of lies

truth be told I never liked goodbyes

nor wretched lies

So why is so hard to leave?

this perplexing place, that is too shy to show her real face

worn Lies that are too simple and so plain

Malevolent thoughts eat your brain on any given day

Another year passed by

another soul needlessly dies

the fortitude of evil grows

The black crow is following the chimerical flow

Will this bird ever know

How high, really she can go…

Everything falls even the menacing imaginary walls

My red heart is true.

my heart is only waking up happy with you

till the bitter end, we will defend

our voices are the wind that is a godsend

Our Sword broke the dual-sphere in half

without sacrificing another innocent calf

October Rust a seeding Moon that is rising fast

October dust, a message that will last

Venus lying low, Mars needs to go

star colliding, beneath them the truth is riding

down there family of four is dining

fear has lost its way, courage has something to say

maybe humanity has not lost its ways

another cosmic act, another blameless play

another morning greets another October day

find your courage, find your promised land

the world is at your hand

bring the loud trumpets, bring the smiling Violin, gather the merry band

This new melody does not end in quicksand

this new band shakes the mere essence of sand

he forms new shapes, a new hospitable land

White Wolf howls to the new warrior’s clan

Black Night, nods, she is our admiring fan

Execute the plan, because only You can

feel the genuine rhythm of this victorious band

Never, Neverland, and October moonlight dust

Green seductive energy is rising fast

White Sword strikes last

who is comming, you better dont ask

Creature without the mask

we can see you at last

dont move or run fast

we come for you,

we are here to finish our sacred task

October light is guiding our way

I guess you specters of the night have nothing to say

I can tell you one thing, you killed your last prey

You won’t see the miracle of another day

my sword likes to say

You are in my way!

Even godless creatures have to pay

we need to protect the resurrection of the next day

there is nothing left but to pray

This night is your end

you can wonder where all went

but the white sword will be the last judge

dont budge,dont cry

time has come and heads will fly

Faul Blood on the white snow, a silent wow

we will never let go, so you know

Our bloodstained spear our piercing bow

are the tapestry of existence hidden behind the white cove

sometimes killing rotten things is an act of love

October came fast now your existence is just,

October dust, and dust on this cold wind never last

Eaten by dark night, swallowed by Harvest Moon

dont come back soon…

tell your friends, we are here to stay

we will kill the day, rape your moon

sail with our ships in your last hidden, precious lagoon

dont come back too soon!

The message remains, The Devil can’t eat blood-ridden days

he will learn new ways, find new acts, or better play

We came here, to stay and there is no other way

he better listen or learn how to pray

Sword in Man has to stay

Man must see another light of a new day

it is the only way…

October rust, enemy dust

October dust, win we must

Dawn OF the New Future Born In Trust

freedom comes at last

I will see you again in another story

dont you worry

with the different members of the cast

I hope this message will last


Eyes Without A Face, Will It Ever Be The Same?!?

You’re Eyes Without A Face APR 21, 2023 Substack

Rebel Yell. It was released in 1984 as the second single from the album.

Eyes without a face

Got no human grace

You’re eyes without a face

I spend so much time Believing all the lies

To keep the dream alive Now it makes me sad It makes me mad

at truth For loving what was you

The biggest fight in anybody’s life is, at it always will be a fight: YOU against YOU

Is there a real winner?

Can shadow find the body and can the body catch the shadow?

Can two become one.. self-realization?

You are Satan, you are Lucifer You are the Devil and his mistress,

You are the Body of Christ, you are Water, You are flesh, You are Bone

You are nothing and everything..and beyond

You are the final frontier, you are space, you are the case that has to be solved.

You are the droid that you are looking for, You are quantum dot, you are Toth

You are the judge and the jury, you are the fury

You are nameless One, You’re eyes without a face

“Under the dome is home”and in the middle is a Black hole.

A black hole devours the light, and what we call light is something else on the “other side”

Dome is your eye, you can’t go beyond the White in your eyes-Antarctica


The only way you can actually go is: into the Inner Earth…YOU

Earth is Hearth that creates ART in this place -gives this existence a meaning-purpose.


I am, I am dream…I am REM

I am Rom and REM-Romulus and Remus

ROMA is AMOR and Rome is nothing without YOU, Brain is nothing without Heart

Arakis is a desert without you, with you, real you it can be Life…

You are the Spice-a Desert rose.


YOU- INVERTED “As Above so Below”

The truth is God is dead and God is born-YOU

Without YOU this “place” is just a dark void without light,

You are LU- cipher/Lucifer-you must open the door and let light in

between LUC and FER is “I”-EYE-YOU

Without You, there is nobody to see the most beautiful light of the SUN

YOU are morning STAR, wake up!

if STAR does not Rise in the morning there is no world to see, there is nothing to experience if that light doesn’t hit the eye., only a dream.

God is dead” –Gott ist tot Nothing ever dies so….was Gott ever Alive?

There is no GOD without YOU and there is no YOU without GOD…YES GOTT is TOT, it is true.

Only YOU can find and finally see who YOU really are.

YOU are RE/bell Y/Ell /EL/ELA-Eyes without a face

Spirituality meets mortality, there is no death

You are a Fallen Angel-You fell here, you are a prisoner of your mind-Brain

The brain is a quantum computer…AI

You are already a Trans-human, there is no need for violent change, it is already done.

You have already met the Superman-Ubermensch…You just don’t know it yet, you can’t see it clearly but you will, it is inevitable.

It can’t be stopped….even the Black Goo has no power here.

Truth is not out there, is in YOU, ready to be unleashed.

RED ROOM- RR-the eighteenth letter 19 1+9 is 10 (also 19+19 is 38 3+8 is again 11)

The cycle is already complete. A place where life meets “death”

Two has already become one 10+10 equals 1+1 is two and two are one, without “evil government”…it is done.

Binary and non-binary system…..Shadow and the Flame-Life and Death

Fenix is a beautiful bird, but first, you must see your ashes, so you can fly, and fly you will, no matter what “ they” are telling YOU.

“They” can’t harm you,” they” can only fool you, it is a Chess game after all, with black and white tiles all over.

Are you a Pawn or the KING, the choice is yours…

Alter Bridge – Pawns & Kings-Alter the bridge-rainbow…behind the rainbow Pawns are Kings and Kings are the beggars who dwell in the gutter.

RAINBOW-Veil/Curtain/bridge between two worlds, two peaks.

You are a little alien, you are an Englishman in New York not from this world.

YOU my friends don’t belong here…

You are here strangers in the strange land, but as old ones did, You are ready for departure.


to Fall in Battle

-to Fall Asleep

-” Sleep like an angel”

Fallen sometimes means exactly what the word is saying, it is not malicious.

These pesky fallen angels who did that and this…yes another inversion.

If a person falls in the Hole in the street is he EVIL, is he an evil Fallen angel?

All this evil is in your head…YOU made it, and they gave you a “right” push so you can find real evil, evil out of this world.

EYE must find light to finally SEE, THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN, it is time.

Black Sun is rising and SUN out there is White…it is TIME.

Find your S/word and, RISE A KNIGHT!

This is another “project”, here is very late already, and I don’t have the willpower to go through typos or to see if this has any meaningful construct…

Maybe this is too much for some people or maybe is too little….as always Choice is Yours.

Ask yourself why “They” did all this during the last 3 years, all this shebang because they have more power than you?

Why You Needed to take the needle, answer because you are already free, just nobody has told you.

If they were all so powerful, it would not be all over the news, consent, save lives, etc, etc.

Everybody was so preoccupied with the future that they missed living…

You are already sovereign, you are already the author of your destiny, but they want you occupied with nonsense so you will stay for another round…all you must do is endure…this here, time, space…JOKE

Nobody, but you can let vampires in your house…sadly it is that simple.

Empires rise and fall, this one has already fallen….You are already Human 2.0, they want you back, they want you here because, without you, this here is a sad and lonely place to be.

The truth is even the so-called Devil needs a friend to be able to play his games, without you he is just another sad clown in a deserted amusement park.

I must tell you how I see “things”, I am not here to take your money or tell you where the next enemy sleeps…

Truth is You are your worst enemy, it is that simple.

This is not for everyone, ask yourself can you handle the truth?

Can you really handle the truth, the truth is You are already FREE, death is a joke, a method, a lame instrument to scare you into submission, and you must forget who you really are.

You can unsubscribe, say this guy lost his marbles, but when the “death” comes, you will see if you are the Real Boy or not, so to speak.

You, don’t have to believe a word that is written here and I, I can’t blame you.

“God is dead,” : I teach you the Superman. Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? The Superman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: The Superman shall be the meaning of the earth. I entreat you, my brothers, remain true to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of superterrestrial hopes. They are poisoners, whether they know it or not.

What have you done to overcome him?

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams Dreams of Old, an Unseen revolt

Immaculate Dreams, Drowning in Screams

Dreams of old, an unseen revolt

fighting each other, a war of attrition

needs deadly ammunition

The violent nectar full of reason

masked as a treason

Saturn and Son asking to be one

A humble plead to take them home,

to be left alone

looking for the savior, in all the wrong places

their minds, death in most cases

It is the decadence of a decadent fools

taking the old tools

Old tools just create more fools

All chasing the dreams that should never be

just a few of them can really see

The savior is here, he is offering a hand,

but no, They want the other Band

For them, this is music out of tune

they prefer a worthless fume

Their hearts are violent, their dreams are mostly, silent

In a blind world, the truth cant be told

only slavery to enslaved minds can be sold

Nobody wants to be bold

Nobody wants to be called

All they want is a hot cup of tea from the Death Sea

News from the East:

roaring beast

News from the West:

for the rest…

They want a savior from flesh and blood

a bloody Knoth

Our kind doesn’t want to be found

We do not want to be bound

by the dark spell, who can rott in hell

We sail to prevail!

The neverending Sea of Sorrow for us is the Tomorrow

Our dreams are not made out of hollow wood

we eat another kind of food

We don’t eat empty, rotten meat

filled with death bone, what an ugly tone…

We listen to another beat

Fallen Souls are all South of Heaven,

but new ages prefer new mages

On the crossroads, Devil pays,

, he pays his dues, without the blues

Many are looking for God’s hidden treasure

without any measure

Blinded fools, handed again old tools

Waiting for the false Messiah, another liar,

another well-oiled Evil, another slick, handsome Devil

It is a primal scream, the dawn of the new dream

Dream awaits those who can dream

It is just a call away from your beating Heart

waiting to create new sacred Art

This cant be postponed or dethroned

, this time this place

needs another face

It is time for the new season, no more treason.

High in the sky a cosmic lullaby

Song of Fire and Ice has been finally sent to die

No more smoke

no more mirrors

No more false heroes!

All that is hidden in the dark, chewing on the Human Arc

All will suddenly die with a pinch of suicide

This Season will be without the malevolence and treason

The old song will fade, and old fools will abdicate

In the Sea of Sorrow, before Us lies the tomorrow.

This is the dawn and the morning of primal scream

It will be seen.

The old stories don’t sell well

I have no more to tell

Ring that Bell!


Meister Eckhart: “The righteous man serves neither God nor creatures. He is so rooted injustice, that in that regard he considers neither the pains of Hell nor the joys of Heaven. Justice is a thing of such seriousness to him that if God was not righteous, he would not give him the slightest attention. Man should not fear God! God is a god of Presence. One should not seek to find or imagine him outside of oneself, but to perceive him as he is, true to me and in me.— The truth is so noble that if God should turn away from it, I should attach myself to it and abandon God!”

I have combined, and written this almost one week from now, October is in full effect, and I can’t delay this any longer…I have my reasons.

Like, share, or comment, Zee’s choice is Yours as always.
I am too tired to look for writing mistakes or faulty lines…if something is there I will try to fix this tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I hope you can read the new Seraphins article, comming fresh from the steaming printing press, here for your enjoyment.



  1. Beautifully done my friend, thank you…
    The gods have no hold on man if he can see who he truly is, and what an illusion this ‘real’ existence actually is!

  2. All of us are here for the purpose of entertainment for our Jack as he writes.

    My opinion? The jews are done, of course as a heretic of my own Christian people, whom cling to the notion of a chosen race that is Jewish, said it himself, come to set the prisoner free as Jack’s hoard hates me for telling the most simple of truths.
    Come and get me, guns, stored food, family and young men in my comand.
    My young men all trained by the American military.
    All tactics are local. I wish to live in peace and wish to be left alone as I watch the zombie hoard self destruct around me.
    Do as you please, believe as you please.

      • Your crew`s hatred of my Christian peoples is unacceptable as we are what’s left of America.
        We know what the Jewish problem is all about.

        The Jewish problem? The same problem that ended your dear Cathars and those National Socialists of our last Avatar Adolph Hitler.

        The Avatar equals Lucifer as he will return.

        I will continue to read Serenno as his perspective is most pertinent.

        You had better be respectful of American Evangelicalism, matter of fact I demand it.

        No? Make me stop talking about my people.

        • And as we turn on our TV`s we see our dearest joos under attack.
          We see our media in lock step, reporting upon the plight of our heroes, as our joos are killed and captured by this tiny strip of land called Palistine, a tiny strip of land surrounded by the most formidable military establishment on the planet backed by the might of the American military and her central banks that create money from nothing to fund our Jewish wars.
          As they launch bottle rockets, the response is 2000 lb bombs leveling neighborhoods from our heroes the joos.
          As our joos control the lobbies of said bottle rockets at themselves, but not to worry, our joos didd 9/11 and will get away with this one to.
          To much truth?
          From the Christian American heartland.

          • Nine, nobody hates you…just so you know… Let’s Not Blow This Out of Proportion, my friend…

            If you have a good heart and really practice what you preach I dont have zero problems with any Christian…Mate, please calm down. There is absolutely no need for this. if people, including me, are liking your comments where is the hate then…If this is your best way to protect yourself and the well-being of your family, nobody will tell you otherwise…

            All the best Brother.

  3. You always find a way to give me epiphanies to go along with your magical poetry. I just realized Twin Peaks with the checker boards replaced by the SS runic symbols in themselves represent “Twin Peaks” if you stare at it from the right angle. Twin in themself and Twin when combined. The small things we take for granted.

    • This is as you say not one of your “long-ass” comments but it is a highly insightful and illuminating comment. Sometimes less is more, but nevertheless, I like your long comments, so dont stop writing them.

      Thank You, Brother!

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