Neverending Wars and nonspoken, Ludacris words

Angry lords and pillaging, thirsty swords

Neverending Wars and nonspoken, Ludacris words

Angry lords and pillaging, thirsty swords

yellow nectar and wild, exotic unbreakable fruit

warm, cozy igloo and frozen black Inuit

Loud Dagger and open, screaming wound

White Sun and broken black, mellow Moon

White silence of omnipotent luminous stars

raging tired, exhausted, and flawed Mars

All this happened Far, far away

look what happened in the last month of May

Be in the now, be in the know

let the mad, hallucinating world go

magnetic rotating collider

food provider, death spider

beyond the red veil

expect red and white rain and sporadic magnetized hail

Inner Earth…

have you not heard?

Flat and broken green screen

do you know what I


“Brewing” ALE in Male and Female, Revelation Method Of Modern SIN(Sin is Slavic term for SON)

M Ale and Fem Ale

M Ale and Fem Ale


Ale is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied, and fruity taste. Historically, the term referred to a drink brewed without hops. As with most beers, ale typically has a bittering agent to balance the malt and act as a preservative.

Ela and Ela?


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ˈlē  ˈlā 

variants or ley

Synonyms of lea




usually ley : arable land used temporarily for hay or grazing


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LE/AI and LUC-EL AI and Luke(LUC) Sky/ walker LUC – visible light

Princess LEIA guards the PLAN-NET(below) and Sky Walker is the guardian in/of visible heaven (above)

Grassland or pasture is a place where animals eat, or where you live, it is a spirit world connected, intertwined with the psychical plane..Or the place where Ale in man and woman can be fermented, brewed, and given a” sweet fruity taste”.

Fer/mented-vibration comming from the astral plane through signs and symbols, sigils placed in the psychical plane…These energies are usually comming from Poles but can be directed, in a way like true directed energy weapons to the mind of the observer, in this case just the observer, not an occult schooled individual, who when he walks down the street is looking around him constantly interpreting the meaning of this pervasive symbols that are active every minute and every second of your life….

Cathedrals, Mosques, Synagogues, and other Great landmarks are pulling the energy from the astral plane and creating Fire in Minds of Men…

Fire In The Minds Of Men

Many times whatever we say or do, every day human animals just stay in their primal form, he listens but they can not understand what we are saying to them….

He is already nailed to the cross, unknowingly, so he walks into a portable tomb, a living grave where the light of the Sun can never reach his heart, and truly wake him up….

This fire is inverted fire, it touches his Brain, not his Heart but all this alchemy is just on the surface level, fire(resolve, bravery, care, empathy) never comes from his heart, always from his brain, so more and more he is disconnected from the sacred source and because his mind is constantly on fire, he can not think..he can’t see what is obvious in front of him…

He can read the trail left in the snow…This individual is not a hunter anymore he is soft prey, waiting to be had.

More and more potential in man is becoming a term that we call NPC Not Productive Creation, why not implement a standardized version of this term, you ask?

When the government is your lord and savior, your idol then Man is not producing, he just lives for his primal expressions…or in layman’s terms, he just wants to eat, shit, and fuck…and look for another debased stimuli.

All lambs are born innocent, but…

Lambs Eat on pasture never thinking what will next day bring, they also go where the “good shepherd” tells them, they give the wool(energy) and meat (pleasure). They live all their lives in a corral, sometimes in an oval shape, sometimes in a circle, or any other geometrical shape, that constantly shapes their minds…

Most of the time their movement is restricted by the master’s dog(Sheepard’s dog) guard, he is the long arm of the Law in this case…

The dog is God in their eyes, he is an insurance policy for the Master will, that all will be dealt with according to the law of the farm…

Many times when just a straight line is drawn before animals they never cross that line…lack of intelligence, cognitive skills, or something else…

Lines were laid down in 2019 and many real men with tons of muscles could not cross that imaginary line in many cases yellow line….6 feet or two meters away from the designated destination.

So lines in the sand have meaning and real effect on not just animal minds but on the Human mind as well, it must be more streamlined but it has been proven in the past few years ago, how well it works.

Now line in the sand has been again drawn in the Middle East, The question remains which accusing party will be the one who will have the courage or stupidity to cross the established line?

The Interdimensional Portrayals within the Crypt of Creation at St Marys Cathedral Sydney (Mirror)

SIN A GOG(GOOG LE/EL) looking for Magog

Google (GOOG LE/EL)

SIN-SIN/AI all interconected

Mount Sinai

Mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt

Mount Sinai, also known as Jabal Musa, is a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It is one of several locations claimed to be the biblical Mount Sinai, the place where, according to the Torah, Bible, and Quran, Moses received the Ten Commandments

Gog and Magog, in the Hebrew Bible, the prophesied invader of Israel and the land from which he comes, respectively; or, in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), evil forces opposed to the people of God. Although biblical references to Gog and Magog are relatively few, they assumed an important place in apocalyptic literature and medieval legend. They are also discussed in the Qurʾān (see also Yājūj and Mājūj)

In 1 Chronicles 5:4 (see Chronicles, books of the), Gog is identified as a descendant of the prophet Joel, and in Ezekiel 38–39, he is the chief prince of the tribes of Meshech and Tubal in the land of Magog, who is called upon by God to conquer the land of Israel. With a great coalition of forces from throughout the world, Gog and his entire army will invade Israel “like a cloud covering the earth” (38:16) and will plunder and loot the cities. God, however, will send terrible natural disasters that will destroy Gog and his forces. The defeat of Gog will demonstrate the greatness and holiness of God and restore good relations between God and his people.

What he is trying to say here?, many would ask….dont get pulled into this War…maybe not crossing the line is the play here…let forces that are reimagining biblical events play this game without your involvement,dont fall for deception and dont walk blindfolded…

Yes, people are dying there, but they have been dying there all these years, every day…this event is nothing new for the brave citizens of Gaza…

Ask yourself why no Arab nation in close proximity wants to take them in and end their suffering?, they have been used as cannon fodder for 75 years…

Why now the promise of WW3 is suddenly born?

The last everyone is focused on 2030 this year has a numerical value of 5 means change one way or another, you are halfway there…

2024 is 8, this number loops and binds all previous events(9/11, Corona, DiVOC), 2025 is 9 but 2026 is 10 a full circle.

The target year is not 2030….FALSE!

SIN(SON) must be MOUNTED(mount) -weaponized…Mount Sinai

I have secret plans and I am telling you all our secret plans, this is how this works….Claus shwab…Zee evil mastermind, a 007 Goldfinger creature…give me a break.

Occult Talk – (An Oral Observation) – Blue Mountains Australia

Not All is Doom and Gloom, Let us listen to sacred winds and find our sacred ground following old beaten-down paths, creating new ones as we are unafraid to travel through the Astral realms, accepting the power of the wild Spirit and channel his divine power onto this plane.

Let us not see events that are on the horizon as something that is infinite and final or even fatal, bravery is our sacred connector to the potent voices of our ancestors. It boils our blood and activates the sacred essence that is flowing in our body/vessel so the gate/s to The previous point of the unknown can be seen more clearly as we ascent to places like the Blue Mountains in Australia or any other point in your vicinity that draws sacred elements together and sings divine songs for those who can listen.

ARIA and FEAR are two sides of the coin AR and I Am after we see fear for what it is only AR remains as Fe iron is changed or sacrificed on the altar of sacred fire.

Only true sacrifice is not a sacrifice of others(GAZA) but the conscious sacrifice of yourself for others, this is the reason why these idiots can stop with their stupidity, when you stop these Blood Rituals it all comes back to you.

WAR is RAW it changes seen and unseen ground and mental states conscious and unconscious and also changes the spirit of Civilization this is the sole reason why Will of the Mars is so many times used with the malevolent intent to achieve the desired goal.

Iron(Fe 26) is a very magnetic substance/metal that connects us and binds us to this place, but Iron can be also reverse polarized, and then we are freer in this place and more fearless, only AR remains, and the Sun always shines, even in the darkest darkness…showing us the way…many times lead us to another Portal – PORT TO ALL


AR /W W/ RA AR 3 3 RA TWO SUNS (sons) connected to each other, projecting reality, manifesting matter through two(three) pillars of the observer.

RITUAL is RITE to All, Sacred passage… to Port To ALL

For example, this will make sense to people who understand the matter at hand


What is or who is defined as GAL?

Hope this makes sense…

Free Fall, Red Veil Of Today Or Tomorrow

I am falling

nobody is calling

Nobody is on the line

no one wants to be touched by divine

free fall, another morning another wall

another black day born too small

unstoppable heat, untouchable rising beat

Loud traffic and mute unreachable goals

the screaming street that with no words says all

chamber of souls, a stranger with no teeth

somebody has to know

Locomotive with too many broken bones

too many wounded loves

too many open wounds

heaven and hell

nobody can tell

what is born in the middle of the red veil

they can all go to hell

suits them well

Black Waterfalls falling from above

The Midnight Sky and Black Earth, touched by penetrating love

Stay or go, will I ever know?

how deep my sorrow can fall

What if I just want to be one with the flow

let it go,swimm in the white potent snow

Fall on my knees, even say one more time, please

But I am not that kind because I have my mind

I am too proud, too stubborn, to live through this constant labor

to ask for a rotten kind of favor

I am falling

nobody is calling

free falling

dry waterfalls and unreachable silver goals

the singing streets that with no words knows all

chamber of souls

too many broken bones

too many wounded loves

too many open wounds

heaven and hell

nobody can tell

who is buying and who is gonna sell

who is alive and who is damned in hell

loved in paradise, torn in a violent device

Every bill comes with some kind of price

the same old song has to Come Back twice

no sound but it feels nice

white night, white noise bathed in vice

stay or go or just roll the dice

Touch the green salt of the divine

or set patiently on the bent bench, on the sideline

Will past and future intertwine

life a straight,nondevious untouchable line

experiment that is sublime,

Or Lived Road is blackened fiction

stretching and turning

is your body actually burning

Do you yearn for more?

dont you want to know the time and real score,

Do you wish desperately to explore?

Do you ask for more?

Free fall, another morning another wall

another black day born too small

unstoppable heat, untouchable beat

Loud traffic and mute unreachable goals

the street that with no words says all

chamber of souls, pilgrim crucified in free flow

somebody has to know

Submerged Locomotive with too many broken bones

too many wounded loves

too many open wounds

heaven and hell

nobody can tell

what is born in the middle of the red veil

Today or tomorrow I felt a cold embrace of weeping sorrow

This accusing day is trying to bring whispers of evil and disarray

This being is trying, to bring down my future, my way

He is still ringing in my wondering mind…

Whatever I do, this foul creature does not want to be left behind

I know this feeling has to be dealt

Today or tomorrow I still remember how it felt

I chose to be a Hero,

I sucker punched Number One, and kicked down the number Zero

Monday or Thursday, Friday or Wednesday, or any other day

suddenly are old peril, dusty torment, standing in my way

They have no meaning

maybe I will wake up still sleeping

stars above me are born wild and deceiving

I chose to be the One

be the last available gun in the empty store

before the last breath of this world is gone

before curious faces are painted with blood and gore

I dance alone

I am the One

I speak for tomorrow

In me, there is no night, there is no sorrow

The days come and go

in my mind, I am a pro

My silly heart just can’t let go

Nothing remains

the weight of the future prevails

saints, saints…distant shore hails

Devils plays, invoking more strange days

headless stranger has nothing to say

Another game, another vivid dream quietly sails

The hand of the future still feels like a bed of nails

I dance alone

I am the One

I speak for tomorrow

In me, there is no sorrow

The days come and go

in my mind, I am a pro

My silly heart just can’t let go

Nothing will do, this terrible itch

the voices are smiling out of reach

a blind teacher walks beside me

he can’t teach, blinded by the hand of a necrotic witch

Practice what you preach

saints, saints, emerging restraints

future awaits, solemn promise faints

Desperate heaven is

counting to eleven

Sky has abruptly fallen

Many have been called

The truth in me, song of the Holly three

A heart that flies vigilant and free

can all this be…

am I too blind to see

I dance alone

I am the One

I speak for tomorrow

In me, there is no sorrow

The days come and go

in my mind, I am a dreaded foe

My silly heart just can’t let go

will you choose to know

or just like the others run and let the promised future go

black shadows howl in my heart

my mind is still creating the purest art

another close call, another hidden wall

can not this be all…

will the curtain finally fall

for once and for all

Just one slippery wish

one more dancing loud barking fish

left on the fierce battling street

singing in hot overwhelming, marching heat

dark is the sky, a tame voice is asking…Why?

Angry violent clouds are silently passing by

Drunken darkness rushes in my head…

what happens when you wake up dead?

fire in me, kiss of death just won’t let me be

I chose the side, I picked my smiling bride

I am a black rider chasing the evil roots of this menacing divide

I am the provoked taxi driver in this chasing ride

Please, step aside!

I dance alone

I am the One

I speak for tomorrow

In me, there is no sorrow

The days come and go

in my mind, I am One with the flow

My silly heart just can’t let go

will you ever know…

or just like the others run and let this chance go

memories are now a distant, last year’s white naked snow

but still, here I come,

here I go,

even if I know (better)

still, I can’t let Go

Green Sun hits my skin

did I wash away all my sins?

have I left behind me, the power of two angry twins…

My blood is angry no more

my heart has experienced too much gore

have I finally reached the promise of a distant Home?

I dance with my blood kin

I am the One, who has been seen

I speak for the voice of tomorrow

In me, there is no trace of a

the living nightmare called, sorrow

The days come and go

in my mind, I know…

My silly, wandering heart has finally

learned how to truly let go

I dream, no more, I dont wake up beaten up and sore

I wave to you on the other side of the white shore

This is not a bitter goodbye

this is not a sad end, that has to secretly pretend

This is a smiling wish that has been sent

it will reach you on the other end

dont open this letter too soon

dont burst this lovely ballon

trust me you will get home


I am the One

who has been fighting alone,

now this all is gone

In me, there is no sorrow

I speak for tomorrow

all you have to do is,


Today Or Tomorrow

The choice is yours,

of course…


  1. Nista ovo je bio moj zadnji post,zelim se zahvaliti svima,doslovno svima…nadam se da sam ucinio vise dobrog nego loseg…razgovaro sam sa svojom zenom,i zaljucili smo zajedno da je bolje da krenem dalje.Ovo oduzima jako puno mog vremena,i kao osba koja ima dva oziljka,bol mi nije nepoznata ali usprkos tome,pokusao sam dnevno pisati…kada su gotovo svi prestali..

    Ja nikad nisam radio ovo za novce niti sam na Subsatcku pokupio ni jednu jedinu donaciju,vi koji ste donirali to dobro znate.

    Samo da pronadete prave slike 3ili 4 njih potrosicete danas bare sat ipol vremena ponekad i 2 i pol sata da nadete ono sto trazite.

    Ja se nikom ne klanjam i nemam nikakve handlere kao sto je neko pretpostavio,ovo sve sam radim…te shodno stoga ne mam vremena za djetinjasta prepucavanja..I waste daily 2 or 3 hours so I get what in return…it is simply not worth doing this anymore, there are other ways to fight or just enjoy what is left of our life.

    Moja motivacija je preservacija zivota,nema nikakve skrivene agende niti me to zanima…

    zatvoricu komentare,mislim da nema potrebe za nikavim daljnjim raspravama
    Svima sve najbolje i puno srece svima u daljnjem radu.
    Evo da nesto bude i na Hrvatskom napisano ovdje.


    Nothing, this was my last post, I want to thank everyone, literally everyone… I hope I did more good than bad… I talked to my wife, and we agreed together that it’s better to move on. This is taking a lot a lot of my time, and as a person who has two scars, pain is not unknown to me, but despite that, I tried to write daily… when almost everyone stopped..

    I never did this for money, nor did I collect a single donation on Subsatck, you who donated know that well.

    Just to find the right pictures of 3 or 4 of them, today you will spend at least an hour and a half, sometimes 2 and a half hours to find what you are looking for.

    I don’t bow down to anyone and I don’t have any handlers as someone assumed, I do all this myself… and therefore I don’t have time for childish fights… I waste daily 2 or 3 hours so I get what in return… it is simply not worth doing this anymore, there are other ways to fight or just enjoy what is left of our life.

    My motivation is the preservation of life, there is no hidden agenda nor am I interested in it…

    I will close the comments, I think there is no need for any further discussions
    All the best to everyone and good luck to everyone in their future work.

    Here, so that something is also written in Croatian here.

  2. Really great work here HP.
    The battle is within and Spirit guides.
    They are using an acient script to move the world in the dark lords direction as I have a choice. No.
    Perhaps the Russia we see today was born out of that sacrifice of the German people when Hitler alone made that faithful decision to attack Russia because that inner voice told him the way to proceed. That Swastica is a powerful rune as it spins clockwise or counter, it is a comming and going of Spirit.
    Things are indeed different now as I feel it.
    We indeed shall see.
    It’s better to be in the war than to be a spectator.

    • As I posted on Jack and Phil’s great work about those American evangelicals I believe that they have been totally neutered by covid vaxxines and now this turn of the Spirit that I see and feel.
      Will they send their children to be sacrificed for jews in Israel for another holy war?

      Not a chance HP! Will Bidet have a military draft? If he does they won’t show up for the next holy war.
      I suggest they send the woke military they already have.
      My grown children all know the score in this world and fighting a war in the middle east is not going to happen. The average Evangelical male is a vaxxed lumpy effeminate useless price of work that couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag.
      Just what I see.

  3. I am using the words Sin and Son together to prove my point and yes Arabs and Jews dont look like CNN Jews…they are the same tribe…E you again assuming things, jumping to the conclusion…

    Son(SIn in Slavic) will be mounted in the West to fight in the East…this is what I am trying to say…and die for nothing…creating ultimate Sin(English version of the word) in the process…

    • Every writer/poet plays with the words…without the exemption…And if you dont like what is written, what can I do?

      Or start writing, and I promise I will start to do something else…Deal?

      • And E if I personally dont like something I dont read or comment I just move on and do something else…lots of things are not pretty my friend, if they are not pretty should we stop addressing them because they are violent or savage in nature?

      • And maybe I should do something else, I mean what is the payoff here constant bickering, assumptions, and pain…do I really need this…I mean if there are better-suited writers, please jump on board and start writing…What is stopping you?

        Everyone knows better but doesn’t want to be in the lamplight… because they have other more important things to do… a pretty poor excuse…Honestly, maybe I am done, then you all can continue to sing the same old songs… because as is see things here, this is exactly with what some people want to move on here…Same old things, with the same old results.

  4. I hope all looks good, this took me a lot of time to arrange this properly, so I hope all this “mess” makes a shred of sense…Like, share, or comment…I sound like a random guy on YT..haha, LOL

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