The Following 10/9/2023 Article is Written by Robert Vannrox: Former Operator at Office of Naval Intelligence (1981–2007). Contributed by B.

Israel will declare “war” and start bombing Palestine while the United States offers its support.

*** BUT THIS TIME it is different ***

The Geo-political situation has “turned”.

Israel is now pinned to the wall, and they are helpless. The rest of the world are holding the darts. Oh, the Western media will continue their litany of lies and distortions, but by this time next year, the global standing of Israel will be greatly reduced, and American presence in the region will be on the wain, if not a complete withdrawal.

The jackals are out to feast on the carcass of the evil. And it is NOT going to be pretty.

Yeah. It is a real HOT war now … INSIDE Israel… and the Israel reservists are having second thoughts about dying like their compatriots in Ukraine.


As of 10:51 AM EDT on Sunday, October 8, 2023, it is confirmed that three Israeli Radar stations in the north have been attacked and destroyed. Israel has no radar to monitor into Lebanon. It is also confirmed that Americans have been killed, wounded, and captured/kidnapped inside Israel.

Overnight, after what was “Day one” of the HAMAS-Israel fight, an actual TSUNAMI of propaganda came flooding out onto the Internet and into the mass-media. The shear volume of propaganda is extraordinary. It is making it very difficult to discern what is truth and what is fiction.

There is an INTENSE effort to promote and propagate Israeli victims – and that’s OK I guess; they are, in fact, victims of an actual conflict. But there is also an absolutely unparalleled effort to suppress and censor anything factual about the Palestinians. It is almost as if the public is being manipulated into seeing ALL Israelis as “victims” and ALL Palestinians as animalistic perpetrators.

Official sources are very reluctant to provide Intel today. It’s like a giant lid has been slammed shut on factual information; only “the narrative” is allowed out.

I have had to adjust the manner in which I obtain information.

Here is what I can __confirm__:

My former colleagues in the Intel Community, from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), confirm that over a week ago, uniformed, flag-wearing, ID-carrying regular UKRAINIAN Army Troops attacked Wagner PMC Troops . . . . in . . . . . . SUDAN. You know, Africa!

I also found out that Mossad has been sabotaging/burning/blowing-up Iranian Drone Factories to stymie Iran helping Russia.

I also found out that planeloads of Israeli military weaponry were sent to Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan in the days and weeks before Azerbaijan launched another military attack upon Armenia last week, grabbing Nagrono-Karaback and forcing 100,000 Armenian Christians to flee for their lives.

What is taking place inside Israel right now, is payback. Payback from Russia for Israel helping Ukraine. Payback for the planeloads of weapons to Baku, Azerbaijan, and Payback for Israel blowing up Iranian drone factories.

It is also payback from Iran for all the air-strikes by Israel against Iranian forces in Syria for the past two years.

Lastly, it is also payback from Armenia for what Israel helped Azerbaijan facilitate in grabbing Nagorna Karaback.

The most interesting part? Iran used the $6 Billion released by the Biden administration two weeks ago, to fund today’s outbreak of hostilities!

I also found out this payback, is not going to stop. It __is__ in fact, “war.”

Moreover, I can now positively __confirm __:

This morning, the Israeli Security Cabinet invoked Article 40A of the “Law on Emergency Situations” — WAR.

So this morning, it is absolutely “official” Israel is at war. This is the first time that this Article has been invoked in Israel since the 1973 war.

Israel has decided to commit troops to a GROUND INVASION of the Gaza Strip. Door-to-Door. House-to-house.

This is going to be an absolute bloodbath.

I can also positively __ confirm__:

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi told the Russian Government:

“Israel sees Tehran as one of the culprits of the Hamas attack.”

He then went on to tell Russia “This is how we quietly approached the threshold of the real use of Israeli nuclear weapons against Iran, and a demonstration of what the term “threat to the existence of the state” means . . . from the Russian “Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence.”

I can now also positively __confirm__:

There are some 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip. About half being men. If that half – or a good portion of it, were to come out into Israel bearing arms, the Israelis would be over run. Thus, the Ambassador to Moscow told the Russians that Israel is considering the use of smaller, “Tactical” nuclear bombs against Gaza, in case Israel is over-run. Same with the West Bank.

Finally, the Israeli Ambassador to Moscow told the Russian government that since Israel sees Iran as being primarily responsible for the ongoing onslaught, Tehran would be hit with much larger “Strategic nuclear bombs” as would . . . . Damascus, Syria, for being the Coordination point for HAMAS and Iran.

(Biblical: Damascus a ruinous heap?????)

Ergo, there is now actual and active discussion within the Israeli government of the potential use of nuclear weapons.

If Muslims begin to actually over-run Israel, where its existence is threatened, then Israel is already making known it will use the Samson Option and take a lot of people out.


Hezbollah in Lebanon is already massing troops and moving rocket launchers. Hezbollah made clear yesterday that if Israel launches a ground war into the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah will attack from the north.

This morning, Israeli combat aircraft are in the skies over Lebanon all the way north to Kersewan, Lebanon.

There have been some mortars fired into Israel from Lebanon, and corresponding response with artillery fire from Israel, but these incidents do not even rise to the description of a skirmish.


The big news this morning is that THREE (3) Israeli radar stations in the north were successfully attacked from Lebanon and as of 10:51 AM EDT here in the United States eastern time zone, those three radar stations are OFFLINE.

For a brief time today, Israel had no effective radar coverage of its northern border. They have since moved portable, truck-mounted, military radar into new positions to restore coverage.


The Afghanistan Taliban reached a deal with Iran that is satisfactory, wherein Iran WILL allow Taliban armed forces to cross the country with the intent of entering Israel to grab Jerusalem. But the Taliban ran into several obstacles along the way.

Iraq did not respond to the Taliban request for permission to cross Iraqi territory.

Jordan flatly and explicitly BARRED the Taliban from entering their country.

So from a political perspective, the Arab states are now seen as acting as a shield for Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.


Hamas says that their fighters are still fighting in southern Israel, including in Ofakim, Sderot, Yad Mordechai, Kfar Azza, Be’eri, Yatid and Kissufim. Mind you, this is __Israeli__ territory.

“Israel will evacuate all residents living in towns near the Gaza border within 24 hours”

Israel has put itself in a bind with Gaza over the years so this isn’t so easy.

Gaza has been set up as a walled off open air prison, where the good inmates get to come out in daylight hours and do stuff like janitorial work for the chosen (their words – not mine) to eek out an existence. Then back through the gates by dark.

In theory, Israel can’t blow up a whole walled off city they created and kill every one because then everyone would scream genocide. But apparently everyone is cool with the status quo open penitentiary setup for some reason.

So the initial thinking is that Israel will just bomb here and there and level enough buildings to make everyone think they got payback and that will be that. It has always been that way. But no one is quite so sure this time. It may end up being an actual Genocide of Gaza.

The Israeli army issued orders to close all resorts near the border with Lebanon.

Most interesting this morning so far: : US weapons left behind in Afghanistan were used to attack Israel.

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.


Poland has announced it intends to evacuate its nationals from Israel. Poland threatens: If any Polish aircraft is targeted or Polish nationals feel in danger after their aircraft enter the airspace.”
Article 5 of the 31-nation NATO alliance will be activated and raids will be launched across all of Palestine.


Intel sources are now urgently reporting that Muslims will be on the rampage in Europe shortly; burning every major city in protest of the coming Israeli offensive into GAZA.

The authorities running Gaza know they cannot withstand a full Israeli military onslaught, so they have reached out to Muslims in Europe to have THEM cause trouble, making the Gaza problem, Europe’s problem too. The thinking is that Europe will be able to call-off a full blown Israeli wipeout of Gaza.

Intelligence sources say worst hit will be Paris, Brussels, London, and Marseille.


Everything is going to plan and is on schedule.

The neutering of Israel is in process.

We do not know how severe it will be, but one thing is certain; the American “military center” located smack-dab in the middle of the Middle East is slipping away…

Remember boys and girls, the “news” is not intended to inform. It’s purpose is to distract and manipulate. And upon this great backdrop of chaos a new global world is emerging. One where the evil bankers and their crazy psychopathic “leadership” have no sway. You all have a front row seat to this. Do not blink your eyes, or you will miss something important.


  1. My advice to any who decide to quit their unpaid job here to reconsider.

    Consider our dearest HP, whom I believe poetry flows out of him like a jazz musician like Coltrain.

    Spirit rules that swastika like a wheel it turns clockwise then counter as time is like a wave like a stone thrown into a pond.

    Just what I see

    Who with me demands that our HP continues to write?

    • As I stand next to a pond

      Flat rock in hand

      Flick of the wrist

      A flat rock Flys

      Skipping over the waters edge

      Skip one

      Skip two

      Skip three

      Skip four

      Skilled with a flat stone

      Gospel I see

    • I second the motion nine but you remember the old days at VT when I had no sooner clicked publish and people like Tyron and later my supposed colleagues like Ian and Kathrine would be in my comment section haranguing every word I wrote (and in Ian’s case things I didn’t write). I dealt with it. If you can’t deal with a comment section you can’t write on the internet, I learned that right off the line from Open Salon and watching Glen Greenwald work on Salon.

  2. The Epoch is over.
    The structures, modes of operation, activities of power, all of it are undergoing massive, irrevocable change. The world as you know it is ceasing to exist. On a personal level, the demand is to move into a self directed mode of being.
    You see that to deal with the dying system you actually have to BE.
    Sure, all the force, all the impetus seems to be forcing you into that great sucking sound, that place of oblivion, but don’t believe it.
    The current suicidal actions taken around the world are simply sweeping away the old system that no longer functions. So, one finds themselves in a position where they only see the destruction, because the new system is only imagined, and cannot yet rise.
    This entire process has been ongoing for some time now. Nothing will stop it. So, in my mind there is no point to attaching too much agency to any current group in power, or in assuming that anything they claim has more than a weak push behind it.


    Here`s an example of the grift in Evangelical circles. It’s the “tribulation” when the world turns on jews for their behavior. LOL
    When do they pull out fat John Haggi? Or 98 year old Robertson?
    Wait, Palestinians launch bottle rockets that do minor damage and jews respond with 2000 lb bombs and cluster munitions supplied by America that take down huge appartment buildings and drop them in their foot prints like America on 9/11.
    It’s in our faces.

    • As the Hitler pal always states: They are “jewed over christians”.

      As I read Serreno he goes through the concepts of the archetypes and why Adoloh Hitler did what he did in WW2. To win the war against the dark power and its servants the jews the war was fought and won in another realm.
      The exoteric defeat of Germany, according to Serreno, resurrected that Aryan archetype, in those esoteric realms as perhaps we see now what those jews have done in Palistine, perhaps that war won above will manifest in this plain.
      As in your write up, things this time around are going to be very different.
      We shall indeed see how this will develop.

  4. “Excellent analysis from Phil there, Jack.
    Great audio reproduction and an all-round Tour de Force.
    Interestingly enough, 10/10/1990, 33 years to the day, the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador gave a sworn affidavit in DC to the effect that she witnessed first-hand, Iraqi soldiers tearing infants from their incubators, which they then stole from the Kuwaiti maternity facility.
    Now we have the phantasmagoria of decapitated infant kibbutzim to add to the list which includes, of course, German soldiers playing bayonet ping-pong with Belgian babies in 1914.
    Naryiah al Sabah is of course a member of the ruling family of Kuwait, now the poorest in the Gulf, ironically. They did, however get plenty bangs for their buck. $10M spent on public relations yielded, I believe $110BN US tax dollars spent on Gulf War #1.
    As Phil said, the analysis was made by the representatives of the MIC and decisions were made…” – Jon Valentine Lee

  5. This is from an email sent to me:
    “That was a great podcast you and Phil did. I just finished listening to it. You guys are right on the money, definitely a set-up. They are dying to put American boots on the ground and they will. Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec are screaming against it to MAGA so maybe they can stop it but I’m not so sure anyone can stop these lunatics. I was dying laughing when you said “the holy lands being attacked” that’s what they are going to keep screaming to try and walk the dumb Americans right into the war. Their plan is for Israel to get bogged down on the ground in Gaz. Israel says they are going to go into Gaza on the ground. I don’t think that’s going to be easy at all. It’s tiny and they have to go literally door to door urban fighting. In my opinion Israel will start suffering major losses and when they do they will start squawking that they need our help to save “the holy land” like you said. This is my asshole opinion for what it’s worth. Lastly, every headline from the fake news the last 48-72 hours is “IDF prepares for ground assault in Gaza”. Trump’s famous words whether you like him or not and he said it as far back as 2015 was “WTF is wrong with these people they tell the enemy we’re going to do this we’re going to do that before they do it removing any element of surprise we are being led by stupid people”. That’s exactly what trump has said many times.” – Ultra Maga

  6. After due consideration of the current state of affairs for humanity I have thought the following:
    Positive – By our fortitude, strength, and laser focus of will a favorable outcome is possible on the other side of the dark tunnel we have been drawn in to.
    Negative – We are all fucked

  7. Whilst the media in America may be trying to play down associating hamas with terrorists and murderers it’s the opposite here in the UK!
    The Home Secretary has warned that waving a Palestinian flag, or voicing support for them on the streets of Britain is no longer a legitimate action, and the full force of the law will be brought down on perpetrators…
    In a leaked letter to the chief constables across England and Wales, Suella Braverman (the Home Secretary, whom with such a name you can see where her loyalty lies), urged officers to use full force to stamp out anyone who thinks of supporting Hamas or the Palestinians, or does not support Israel 100%…
    Welcome to the UK, the writing is on the walls as the UK immigrant army are housed in the finest hotels, fed with full bellies at the taxpayer expense, given free everything and priority for jobs, whilst the indigenous population are starving, being evicted from their homes, being made bankrupt, and forced onto universal credit which is about to morph into social credit next year…
    The streets are already erupting with Muslim marches in some cities, whilst the Ukrainian immigrants have already managed to secure vast neighbourhoods and set up their criminal enterprises in the rural areas, where they are constantly harassing and targeting the locals, and everyone on TV is a fucking transwoman, and these MEN in dresses are destroying all female norms and making mockery of everything female by taking all the top jobs (but claiming it’s good because a woman got the job not a man – what a sick joke), getting time off work with full pay for period pain, and the menopause (which is biologically impossible), and all 100% supported by the medical profession, which I have spent my life working within and am not shut out, struggling to find work, as apparently I’m not fucking woke or tolerant enough to work in this sector which has royally lost its way…
    Oh well, they may have taken our guns a long long time ago, but that has just made us more Viscious and close up hand to hand fighters, I’m actually looking forward to the shit going down now, because although I know the inevitable will happen, as HP states it’s going to be hard to stop against a dedicated well armed foe, I intend to at least take as many of the sick twisted fuckers that have claimed my country down with me…
    Thanks for this one gentlemen, it was written in the stars that this was coming, and so I best go looking again to see if there are any clues about timings and methods so we can all be forewarned and forearmed…

      • The Arabs and the Mexicans may be the army that’s triggered to take down the Christians, Zionists, and traitorous lackey’s in the end. I used to joke about the Mexicans doing not just our lawns but the dirty work of breaking our corrupt system the white man couldn’t see for us to cause a necessary war from within but it honestly might end up that way. In strange times strange alliances are formed and I for one am disappointed greatly in our people to levels immeasurable and I’m one of the most forgiving persons when it comes to failures seeing the best in people. It’s sad its taken so long to get to this point and the levels who still don’t see it let alone “get” it.

        • I am going to explain this to you about the American evangelicals. Only perhaps the Southern Baptists officially support Israel and then the bit players like Robertson and Haggi express a minority opinion in theological terms.
          The vast majority of American Evangelicals though supportive Of Isreal are opposed to any more wars.
          Bottom line? Support for Zionism is an inch deep and a mile wide when it comes to sending their kids off to another war and one observation about American Evangelicals is that military service for their kids is frowned upon and viewed as a last resort for their kids. Of course at church lip service to the military is paid but that’s about it.
          Next add the total wokeness of the military now as young men joining that military in Evangelical circles has all but collasped.
          One thing evangelicals have done very well is missionary outreach to South America as the majority of those immigrants are in fact evangelicals.
          They will side with whites in the long game here in America.
          I am sorry to burst some of your bubbles here about them but you will find this briefing accurate.
          And to Maga evangelicals? They are a minority fringe. The Evangelical churches since covid are basicly empty because of all the assorted nonsense with covid and the vaxxine. The ones you see in church are 80% vaxxed up Jack. The unvaxxed have all but left never to return.

          • Seriously, all Evangelicals know that the joos run the economy and the central banks and trust me that vaxxine has put a huge divisive wedge between then and that wedge is permanent. Post covid their churches are empty with the ones attending fully into the vaxx narratives so bottom line after covid? Their power has become greatly diminished. Notice DeSantis attacking Trump on the subject of Israel as this shows right there a massive power shift.
            Evangelical power is a thing of the past and covid vaxxines put the nails in the cofin.

          • coming. More observation on the Evangelical clergy. It’s called 501c3 and the money stream has dried up post covid. The easy grift is over and any successful church serves the local community with a Spirit driven Christ following message. In other words they live the life of Jesus in the local communities. The grift is over along with the easy money and getting up there in the Pulpit calling for another war? Going to be a tough sell and even Schlomo is going to have a hard time making this happen.
            We shall see how this plays out.

          • Jack, the Evangelical church that put the republican party in power is basicly over in America post covid.
            The vaxxine? Has driven out of the church the unvaxxed. They are gone and for good and notice it’s 501c3. What is that? Basicly they are government endorsed churches that don’t pay any taxes. So, that 501c3 status drives the bottom line.
            Now, in your town of Crossville TN I bet there are churches that have poped up all over that have the word “community” somewhere in the name or on the sign or website.
            What dose this mean? These churches are independent from any large denominational body such as the Southern Baptists and their theologies can widely vary but are on the conservative spectrum. They might or might not be zionist depending on the locals that attend them.
            In 501c3 churches the vaxxine narritive has won out with 80% of the members vaxxed up. The unvaxxed are gone, never to return so, covid is the wedge that has destroyed their power combined with the formation of these independent community churches as that so called Evangelical monolith is basicly a thing of the past.
            Bottom line? Evangelicals that attend church are basically jewed over vaxxed zombies. The Hitler pal has coined the term “jewed over christians”.
            You will find the term spot on accurate though offensive.


            An example of a local community Evangelical church in your area.

            Click on the link called “about” and a list of thier beliefs will pop up. Hardly a hard core war mongering zionism opperation.
            No, this church will focus on the local community and family life.
            Next click on the social media links and there you will see what the church is up to on a day to day basis.
            The church service? It will be multi media with good music linked to very professional video productions to get the message of the church out.
            Hardly a zionist opperation or pushing war. They might even have openly gay members.
            Just a local example from your area that a cursory web search pulled up.
            That basic model in your area of a Church is all over America and they are “community” and not tied to any big denomination. These churches tend to grow however, it’s work and not grift for the staff.
            An observation.

          • Perhaps at some point I will describe how the grand 501c3 grift functions in America. These in a nutshell are basicly government churches in the sense that that 501c3 status can be removed if you say something the government doesn’t like, they won’t censor you out right but rather a message will get subtly sent that your actions could be viewed as political and hence your 501c3 status “might” get revoked.
            The above? The heart of the grift.

          • Your local Evangelical church in Crossville TN? The target demographic will be 22 to 50 years old consisting of married couples with children where family life is central to their Christian faith. Also, these couples tend to have much higher incomes than average and hence a greater ability to fund the church.
            So, it’s a very effective bussiness model honed by decades of study and implementation.

    • Schlomo didn’t think this out clearly but I’m sure good old Klaus and the rest of the homos at the WEF did. Schlomo will be going into the Gaza by himself with perhaps a volunteer contingent from Texas. No America, no Canada, no Great Britain, no Australia and no New Zealand, diversity is our strength, and it will keep us out of Schlomo’s beef with the Palestinians. Keep your eye on Iran and don’t be surprised if they act as the aggressors.

    • So sorry to here the state of the UK, but in America the Jews have turned black people upon the whites. The good news about America? We have guns.
      Hopefully America stays out of the trouble.

      • Nine I hope all the western countries populations tell their respective governments to stay out and let the middle East sort the middle East, and instead have our so called elected officials look after us as they were elected to do…
        Thanks for the sentiment. Guns or no guns, it’s going to get interesting from here on in…

  8. The explosion from far away has gotten people’s attention, but these people have no way to understand what they have seen. There is no map with different colours to make it all seem easy. So of course the people defer and wait to have it explained to them.
    But the old hatreds are now inflamed, and the world has already seen Rome embrace the chosen and whither and die because of it.
    The global elite wants war. They’ve said it again and again, but this war doesn’t fit into the context of history, because the history used to explain this is no more. It’s very similar to studying the model T in order to explain modern automobiles. The scope no longer fits.
    The war the global elite is waging is not nation vs nation. Its the elite against everyone else.
    Wait, you say, how can this be? There is national interest everywhere!
    Look at Ukraine. Look at Syria. Look at the USA. When in America have you ever heard politicians stating that a huge number of the American people need to be re-educated?
    Very soon this will become a war for survival, with the global elite swatting at populations like flies.
    This is going all the way.
    They are determined to annihilate the foundations of humanity, and human society.
    Nothing here will stop them.
    Only one action can offer a chance, to get off their bus. So now we get to see Mr. D’s free will in action. We will be able to count how many aren’t going to show for their war against life.
    Does anyone think it will be many?

    • Well, they are using their colored maps on Bitchute Mike, one Jewish kid kept reading them wrong. LOL! Heretic summed it up they opened Pandoras Box; in time you will see this make the Ukraine look like a skirmish …

      • No Jack I don’t believe this is accurate.
        It isn’t going to be a world descending into crazed unimagined conflicts-although to some it may appear so.
        If you look at Ukraine, what you see outside of the rhetoric is systematic. It is a destruction of the people and their way of life. Of course it looks like something else.
        If you look at Syria what you really see is people who can barely live. This too looks like something else.
        I will go on the record here and state unequivocally that this is not WW3. What it is, is a further consolidation, another step in a direction that the global elite wants to take. Micro conflicts are very useful to the elite plan.
        The closest the elite came to failure was with National Socialism. The Aryan insurgency kicked them in the balls so hard they are still holding their crotches today, still steaming with fantasies of vengeance. But now the warriors of the Black Sun are all laid to rest.Tell me honestly, all lampooning aside that this is not so.
        Make fun of me if you wish, but I will tell anyone who will listen that this is a battle for your humanity, and it is the end of an epoch. No pretty maps need apply.
        This war is one that will not be fought on any conventional battlefield. It will be one where the proffered solutions will only become new manifestations of the problem. Sure, the bombs and bullets are all too real, but outside of the trenches and bunkers the crush of a dying age, and the intense efforts to make evil a central player in the new are waged on a very direct, personal level.

          • The essence of the situation for the non-players, who are the vast majority, will be to peruse fancy brochures that offer them the bus ride to places they would never willingly choose to go, and accept or decline.
            It isn’t as sexy as another world war, so these statements I’m making are not going to be popular, they aren’t going to fire up the imagination. Instead they are like the bills that arrive in the mail. Simply a weight that must be shouldered.
            There used to be a saying that the devil was in the details, and that meant that the true nature of what was happening, the real traps and pitfalls, were hidden in plain sight.
            Well, the devil is certainly in the details today.
            The entire subject of evil is related directly to it’s exercise, and it is almost always exercised for expediency, and as a path to a certain kind of power. I’m convinced that those who use evil for these ends are fully aware that the epoch is ending. Their game is going to be an effort to maintain their privilege. In order to do this, they have to bring evil into the new world.
            The question for everyone else is whether the glossy brochure and sales pitches are going to convince them to climb aboard.

  9. Simply excellent.

    Thanks “B” for the intel.

    Just secured a massive amount of firewood for the winter for my wood burner, plus food and most important good relations with friends and neighbors.

  10. “Videos emerging from over the weekend show Hamas militants swoop down into Israel from the sky on paragliders.” this is one of the titles from MSM that are circulating in the digital waters

    Sounds like a bad B movie Hollywood script, of course when you go over one of the most secured borders in the world you carry a mobile phone with you, which makes perfect sense ..right…When you land safely you want to call your mother and tell her that you landed safely….sarcasm…

  11. Once Hell is unleashed, it becomes exceedingly difficult to control and wildly unpredictable, even for the oligarchic slime that currently orchestrate events on earth. It’s what happens when you open Pandora’s box.

    • I’ve been telling people for awhile when they try and figure me out. What do you do when you have an overview of the battlefield and see the lockdown that you’ve been living in unawares your entire life. Everything has been boxed in. What you do is break the glass in an emergency and open up pandora’s box, use your teeth to rip the top of the vase off and pour yourself a nice cup of chaos and let the fog of war do its thing. The fear of the unknown will grip your balls into your chest and drop them out your ass while the fog starts laughing mockingly until you staring frozen at whatever it was you popped out the bottle begins to take hold and suddenly you start laughing and the only words that come to mind are, “FIRE SALE!” everything must go.

      There’s a funny meme from back in the day but it’s really kind of true, American, and represents the power of chaos.

        • Mere distractions from round X of the death vacc , cancers skyrocket and the dead pile up higher than Everest and the admission that people have been sterilised goes unnoticed, Draconian laws being brought in on communication in the UK and no-one noticed, but stare at the small pile of bodies over there and play it non stop on the MSM , and all the world’s a stage wrote one made up figure , let’s forget they just created monsters with 3 strands of DNA no longer the 144.000 they added another 72k I wonder what is behind door 216.666 , COVID and the Ukraine are now forgotten about as will be all the dead in the open air ghetto called Gaza , all while the herd is being thinned out biggly like the end seen on the movie cell all walking in circles with not a clue, remember the liberty whisperer that to a 4×2

          • It’s amazing George, I was walking through the supermarket the other day and the PA started blaring about how you could get your vaccine right in the store or they would work with your doctor to figure out a vaccine schedule that best suited your needs. Like none of this ever happened. Frankly George I no more lament vaccine deaths than I do the killing off of my favorite characters in a TV show, and I don’t watch TV…

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