These are more preliminary observations than my deep dive into this new war-ridden affair …

Who are “WE”?!? I am tempted to write about this “situation” but let’s wait for a week or two…and yes all bots and sleeper agents have been activated…The Ukraine and Russian war is getting boring, maybe there is nobody of fighting age left to kill on the Ukrainian side, and certainly, it will probably stay a local war for some time progressing to a term we call “normalization”

Ukraine is currently a great place from where weapons can be shipped to so-called terrorists. You can have War without pictures of naughty terrorists screaming “Allahu Akbar”, how else would be fragile democratic Western mind be activated…and pursue the sacred goals of the almighty democratic pledge telling other people how should they live their lives, not taking into consideration their cultural heritage, race or religious customs that certain group of people is using to prove their existence as a nation that is not a cut board creation.

Substack preachers will soon leave Russian – Ukrainian War and once more they will become experts beyond your wildest imagination, in many cases these masters of the written word and global understanding will be a fly on the wall in the war rooms and meeting rooms of the chosen actors, presidents…their new endeavors will be righteous crusade ensuring that this war will be covered properly without the presence of unwanted views…

From March 15, 2022 “Is There a Peace Deal Putin and Zelensky Can Accept?”


“In an interview with Reuters, Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman for decades, made a startling offer. Moscow could end the Ukraine war immediately, said Peskov, if four conditions were met. 

Ukraine should cease all military action, recognize Crimea as part of Russia, accept the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk separatist enclaves, and enact a constitutional commitment to “neutrality,” which would prevent Ukraine from ever joining NATO.

Were this to be done, said Peskov, the war “will stop in a moment.”

As this would restore the situation in Ukraine to the “status quo ante” that existed before Putin ordered the invasion, Peskov’s offer seemed not to be believable. 

Yet, according to The New York Times, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “seemed surprisingly open to the idea.”

Zelensky “said he had ‘cooled down’ on joining NATO, saying it was clear the Western alliance ‘is not prepared to accept Ukraine.'” 

As for Luhansk, Donetsk, and Crimea, said Zelensky, “We can discuss and find a compromise on how these territories will live on.”

In any modern war, there are always “Peace Talks” that are abruptly broken, till the desired amount of people have been killed or wounded, scarred for the rest of their lives, mentaly or psychically or when enough bombs have been dropped and enough cities have been pulverized then the innocent promise of Peace can enter the negotiating room.

The big pariah right now is Iran, the last standing country in the way of a project called Greater Israel…

Of course, there is another component that almost nobody is talking about in this new revival of Arab uprising 2.0 and reaches deep into occulted waters, where accident rarely happens and where opposed factions are almost always hidden from the eyes of mortal men or even celebrated omnipotent and all-seeing brigade of online influencers.

The last stand of the Empire and their stooges? or just another opening in the space-time continuum with the purpose of deviating the timeline, or “somebody” has inserted his will into the Mouth of Madness?

This is a topic for another day, another hour, let’s come back to the so-called “reality”

Are you ready to pick sides ….AGAIN….

Are you ready to die, especially Christian Americans for the “ chosen people” who can never do anything wrong…they are so marvelously special, and having an open Fema camp in Gaza is probably an act of mercy towards the “Evil Palestinians”…

You provoke the war, kill a few chosen people, through loud mouths of “neutral media” alert the willing fragile minds, and then Very Slowly tell them who did it…and the holy of holiest judgment and another Crusade can begin…Democracy must be saved at any price, even if you kill 500000 children, nothing is out of reach for people who tirelessly and with immaculate, iron will are spreading the love that only the voice of a democratic mind can bring into the bedazzled arms of the unsuspecting world.

And yes there is another component of this emerging War, a river of young Arabs that are entering the lands of the Western World…many of them will be activated or fingers will be pointed at them if let’s say another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 born out of fire visits our shores…so you will have war at home and abroad…but it is hard to fight at home if all your best soldiers or forces are deployed on the other side of the world.

Remember Churchill’s famous speech: we will fight bla,bla,bla…I hope this warmonger burns in Hell where he belongs.

What would bring young Americans and Europeans into another “Great War”…

Will one Aircraft Carrier do the job?

Norfolk-Based Ford Carrier Strike Group to Support Israel

How many times this world must be raped and plundered before Humans will say NO!

Or the fire of Ragnarock must have the last word, so this madness can be finally put to rest…

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  1. The same retards that run our foreign policy you think can control the heartland of America HP? You don’t live here. I do and I am telling you nothing you speak of will happen in America as right now its as normal and peaceful as Apple pie.
    It’s going to stay that way.
    We shall indeed see how this plays out.

  2. It’s simple; round up every “fighting aged male” who’s entered the West illegally and do what the English did to the Irish in the Civil War! They get off their boats and greet some bright young lady whom they wish to have their way with. She smiles, then hands them their citizenship papers and says “Go fight for your new country!” They are redirected to their next stop, Ukraine or Israel! Their choice, of course. Let’s put them through the meatgrinder to test their loyalty. The Mexicans, Afghans, and Africans will perform brilliantly together because, of course, “Diversity Is Strength!”

    • Maybe this my friend is also part of the plan, to send them to the battlefield as you stated,it has happened before, this practice is not an anomaly..this idea crossed my mind when I was writing this article…

      Thank you, great comment with a very plausible and adequate solution.

    • I think this has already been going on, at least to an appreciable extent. In the late 1990s I was playing a gig in a bar in Zoo Jersey and on break I spoke with a guy who had just gotten out of the Marines. He had been stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He said, “Damn! I couldn’t believe how many Mexicans are in the Marine Corps! Same with the Army out there.” Bear in mind this is about 25 years ago when the immigrant invasion was a wave. Now it’s a tsunami. Two things crossed my mind. First, how many of these guys are illegal aliens? Second, should the System ever decide to deploy them to stop the border crossings, and the cash heavy drug cartels decide to arm the incoming swarm leading to firefights in the Rio Grande area, how many of these Mexican Marines and soldiers will turn their guns on their white officers instead of their fellow Mexican invaders?

  3. Kabuki theatre on the world stage, like we have become so accustomed to over the decades…
    Let’s see how supportive the masses of ignorant and easily duped people of Europe are for Israel when the armies of men that have been pouring across the borders for years are activated against them… No time for crocodile tears about the state of Ukrainians and Jews when your door is being kicked in and you’re being dragged out into the street to be hung or shot…
    Better to be hung for a Wolf as for a Lamb I say, and it looks like the planned bloodbath is on its way… Such a shame that it had to be this way, and hopefully cooler heads and hearts will prevail, but in this world under the abrahamic spell I doubt it, because you can never trust a fox in the hen house, especially when that fox keeps crying wolf and pretending to be a cock…

    • Yes, it is a real live Kabuki theatre, soon many of your liberal countrymen will find out that many New Britons, are not so British after all, and then all masks will fall…We are not in the 1990s anymore, and Europe is not so white anymore, according to this fact, this new endeavor(war) will be much harder to pull off compared to what has been done in the past, Operation Desert Storm, etc…But even more divided “Nation” is possible play here. Everything is fine and good when money flows, and everybody loves everyone no matter religious beliefs, skin color, and culture but when you can not put food on the table or get a job because you are in Your Country an outsider, and you dont have the right pigmentation, then people start to think…
      This is why they pulled Nigel Farage from the basement…to get on with Bulldog nationalism.

      War is also the perfect way to get rid of people who are vaccinated…great cover, they died on the battlefield, not from the needle.
      Thank You, great comment.

    • Obviously you don’t live in America my friend as great swaths of the country outside her cities are armed for bear and ready for a fight.
      Notice how they had to drag out that old sea hag Hillary Clinton to tell us that Trump supporters need to be put in re education camps?

      Many of these trumptards are in the clutches of the zionists but that support is a mile wide and an inch deep. Wait till an aircraft carrier goes to the bottom of the Persian golf.
      Did not anyone tell them that carrier based weapons systems are obsolete in the age of precision guided missile systems from hand helds to land and air based systems? Next add drones that swarm based upon AI that can target the human biome based upon DNA.
      Trust me as I tell you this that American Evangelicals are divided upon the notion of Israel and another Middle east war.

      • With that said many will become like dear in the headlights as the flim flam preachers will bring up the tales of the end times and don’t under any circumstances take that mark but 80% of them have done just that because they took those injections.
        The story of the book perhaps is the remnant that survives after the purge is done as I look around the planet I see evidences of this in great structures left behind.
        Many will throw up there hands and say let’s hide and await his return. The US Military gets its best men from the Bible belt southland, yet the establishment has totally destroyed its reputation of God and country with its promotion of every perversion known to man as we see recruitment at historic lows. What’s left of that woke US Military that can be sent into a Middle East meat grinder war?
        My bet is that war is for the purpose of propping up that joo dollar and their banks that created it in the first place.
        One thing is for sure is that it isn’t going to be boring.

      • Nine they are not stupid if they are comming for you, In rural areas it will be an army, and they will blow up every house or church from 10 or 50 miles away…Nobody will risk the lives of his soldiers in hand-to-hand combat so to speak if you can be dealt from afar…
        But first, you have to weakened…Nine if I know there and there is such and such resistance in certain area I am releasing something in the water months ago and nobody will know till is too late, or I am bombing this place back to the Stone Age…without losing one soldier..and I can repeat this attack maybe in 20-30 minutes…so no crops, no water, no housing…and living underground is not for everyone I …I mean living underground like a rat, what kind of life this is in the end…

        You may be ready for the biggest and badest bear but the enemy will attack with jets or drones as you say yourself…

        And yes Aircraft Carrier is an easy and obsolete target these days but the public still thinks these machines are the baddest things ever created and they are unsinkable.

        And I am not saying you are wrong but if you can get too serious equipment in time when shit hits the fan, you are f…whoever comes, (army) will have a pretty easy job.

        I have been in a war, in a war where both sides could win…it was not a one-sided affair like the Gulf War, where one side had everything, and on the other side was a demoralized army and later a few guys who bought the Rumanian version of Ak 47. I am not talking from my ass…

        • Our dearest African Americans will tear up every large American city and any army will be boged down there. Out in the country we all have private wells.
          White America is in the semi rural and rural areas and run the country.
          To our dearest African Americans? Come and get us. And good luck to BLM and antifa.
          Oh, and go down to Crossville TN where Jack lives. He will tell you and it’s the same where I live in Wisconsin.
          Your not in white America HP. It’s still as normal as Apple pie and will it remain so? We shall see, but that way of life will be fought for.

          • Oh, and in Illinois west of highway 47 is real Illinois and not Chicago as I saw that by bicycle during covid. Whites in those Chicago suburbs will get exactly what’s comming to them for voting in the communist party useful idiot blacks to run Chicago and it’s the same all over America. Any white that could flee these areas already has left.
            They don’t need an army since these craven whites will vote in reparations and give those fine suburban homes to blacks without a fight and those whites will be working fast food jobs and live in poverty. Blacks will only hire blacks for well paying corporate jobs.
            It’s already happening.

          • And then they turn on the frequency machine and they either drop dead outright or kill each other HP.
            Your thinking is outdated since our little war our dear joos run has very advanced weaponry as many here have pointed out the ludicrousness of any surprise attack on Isreal.

          • Nine, what I am trying to tell, you dont need exotic weapons to subdue local militia/civilians..when you are riding your bicycle these young guys in their prime are training 10 hours a day how to kill people, it will be really hard to repel serious army, not US Army, if for some reason decision is made to neutralize the potential threat in rural areas of USA…In the age of supersonic missiles, you dont need to use 5g towers or other Sonic and ultrasonic mobile platforms to nullify potential threats.
            And you dont need so-called Atomic bombs/rocket systems, you just need to amplify this technology 10o to 50 times and nothing will survive…

            So the idea of resistance in today’s age is more Hollywood movie fantasy far, far from reality…

            Nobody will bother with cities..they will just go around them…you need for 3 civilians one soldier to be able to successfully occupy the city…nobody will do that especially if you can starve cities to death without electricity, water, or food(after 3 days of no delivery, riots will emerge without military action)…

            That said I hope You and your family never experience real war….and I will stop here…

            Take care of yourself and your family.

  4. Exceptionally astute comments, HP, my compliments. You don’t want to fight and die for the Chozen Pipple? You must be Ant-Eye-Sem- Itic. Never mind that the vast majority of Jooze are as Semitic as Tasmanian yaks. The only of their number that are Semitic are the Sephardim of the Middle East, who ironically lived in peaceful co-existence with their Arab counterparts for centuries. The rest, most of them, are Ashkenazi with no roots in that part of the world at all, but they sure as Hell seem to have a bloodlust for it. But I’m preaching to the choir here. “Its-a-Lie” (Excuse me, Israel) has the greatest high tech, state of the art surveillance, electronic border security on earth and every foot of it is covered. IDF members posted there brag that not even a mouse could cross the Israeli border without them immediately knowing it, and they mean that literally. Yet 400 heavily armed Hamas soldiers just nonchalantly traipsed right through it to commit mayhem in Talmud-land? Sure Jew, and while your at it, why don’t you try and sell me some prime swamp property in Florida? Methinks the Mossad and Hamas just might be lovers.

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