Other Losses by James Bacque

The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians Under General Eisenhower's Command



  1. It’s not going to be hard for the modern mind to deal with this truth, it’s going to be impossible.
    The modern mind lacks the courage and the integrity to assess accurately what it has inherited. Popular modern writers, such as Jim Kunstler, maintain that a great victory over evil was secured. They absolutely cannot explain how their community could produce vengeance obsessed monsters like Morgenthau. They refuse to explain how a secretary of the Treasury was empowered to develop and prosecute mass murder, genocide, on a huge scope. They will never, ever have the words to frame the enormous levels of sheer human suffering. They must cling to their support of blame.
    Those less gifted intellectually will actually suffer worse, for they will not discover any means at all to grasp their plight other than rude denial.
    The holocaust narrative, to one who pays attention to such, is the reality of the death camps created by the allies, turned upon it’s head. Now it is the victors who enforce the ideology upon their victims, and in the lies and the hatred they seek to obscure their efforts to make their victims eat their evil, as if there is any moral high ground to be found in victory.
    The evil and degeneracy are now taking their toll on the victors. Their hate and their vengeance have turned upon themselves. They see the devastation their false moral superiority has awarded them, and so desperately they attack themselves in a fantasy of terror, as if they could sever from themselves their own shadow.
    No outside force can stop the victors now, as they march in righteous vengeance against themselves, embracing desperately their hollow justifications, devouring their own lies.
    The great victory over evil is a story eagerly kept alive in a world where white men are wrong simply because they are white, where gender is a biological affront to the whims of identity, where every other culture besides European is right.
    One can see the great fire all around us, at those times when our vision extends beyond the cops who guard this prison. It provides a wonderful contrast to the mindless, useless discontinuity of being an unrecognized prisoner of war.

    • A hard pill I’ve been trying to get people to swallow since my teens and at this point I’m done. If you can’t figure it out at this point than you’re damned. David Irving’s Dresden historical account was bad enough, Hellstorm takes it to the next level, and if that isn’t enough the book is far beyond what most stomachs can handle over this glossed over sprinkled with glitter version most know about. The bestial nature of humanity has been attempted to be covered up and that’s why no amount is too much to spend nor enough effort can be made to cover up or book burn the documents and books reporting facts. That allows them and the average public to then treat even true evidence as nothing more than myth and legend further infuriating and digging your own grave in the eyes of those watching seen or unseen.
      I don’t agree with a lot of RenegadeTribune but they did partake in the narration of Hellstorm and they are constantly finding some fascinating evidence and details to keep the fire alive by shining light on the shadows. One of their fascinating pieces is linked below.

      • German high command recommended official surrender talks after the Anzio amphibious assault, when it became clear that Italy wouldn’t hold, despite the high casualties the allies suffered.
        Germany was prepared to follow this recommendation. They had no inkling that powerful Jewish financial interests were prepared to pay handsomely in order to prolong the war and ensure the maximum devastation of Germany and the German people. Of course, it goes without saying that this declaration sentenced countless civilians and combatants in the allied faction to death, including the only people we are allowed to assign victimhood to, the Jews. Apparently, none of this mattered to the self proclaimed good guys. It certainly didn’t matter to Morgenthau.
        Unconditional surrender was never explained by historians or politicians. It clearly was backwards and a stupid resolution in light of ending the war quickly, which was the public lie bandied about by the allies-that they wanted a quick solution.
        However, we must keep in mind that the first qualification to joining the good guy cub is to be a pathological liar. After all, FDR never mentioned the McCallum plan that drew Japan into war with the US. He just went on an on about his day of infamy, never losing a wink of sleep over the thousands he condemned to death on 12/7/41.
        So, apparently one can conclude that since the good guy club actually was responsible for starting WW2, they were also determined to finish it.
        The absolutely hilarious aspect to all this was how their boy Stalin became their worst enemy. Don’t believe for a minute that the west is adverse towards communism. The west loves commies, just look at America today, its commie land.
        So, sure, the demand for unconditional surrender strengthened axis resistance, led to enormous allied casualties, devastated the natural world to a far greater degree, developed into full blown and truly epic war crimes, and is celebrated today by an entire phalanx of misanthropes, brain damaged apologists, and worshippers of everything Jewish. How could it be anything else?

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