Midnight Sun imprisoned on a disposable Throne

the polarizing song is raging on

is there nothing that can be done…

Are we all left in the cold, pointlessly alone?

Winter days are getting grim

something pulsating is dancing within

side by side this newly acquainted love is taking us on a wild ride

Multidimensional Violence breaks the careless youthful silence

Ancestral silence creates acts of toroidal superstitious violence

Words transcend the unnecessary truth

in my arms, all is rising, falling again in the bottomless pit of my youth

Follow the electrifying truth…

earthly dish now is served full of valiant half-truths

Follow the courageous words…

crazed vanishing, one-eyed thorn is asking to be reborn

Silent whisper of the distant, benevolent-looking Nord

vision says, without opening the flame-soaked door:

Remember why you were born!

Doesn’t matter if you feel the sudden and devious cold

ready or not…don’t stare like a clueless bot

I have already seen a lot…

I don’t need another well-trained, domesticated robot

Aim well and make your best, practical shot

some brave things, you should never forgot!

Real or strange-looking phantasm

another death evicted as the unfathomable chasm

screaming at your evaporated, defenseless door

purple fumes are coming down the floor

Birth or death of new dawn?

Superimposed appointment with staged, cosmopolitan fun

Additional, sustained lethargic fall

wasted is the last suspicious, unproven, and tainted lovers call

Can we ask for something more?

a subject that knows your essence, your inner core

Vanished, traumatized lore

something explains silently what happened, long before

Trapezoid, echoing wrecked dreams…

Hunted, boiling Cubicle, metastasized as retrospect painful screams

darkened, lateral voice imprisoned in voiceless Pouring steam


Can’t touch me!


has moved on…


some things must be done…

Feeling uncomfortable Blue?

Unsympathetic words are coming way too steep and horribly cruel

My light hits the floor like angry and agitated fuel

Has somebody said: a neverending cosmic pale duel?

Blissful Agony robed of liberating ecstasy

Tense thriller chiseled as abusing formality

runaway abnormality made as fallen fruits of normality

causality of simpletons

angry roar of a pathetic new tone

Can we now go home, or we must wait for a better-triangulated tome?

Acting Hot Blood and Thousand Angry Spears

saving boat held captive in broken Lazarus-made triumphal smear

Heaven’s wings engulfed in treacherous and shameful tears

Is the voice of death finally coming near?

You can blame me!

You can take me on…

You can just move on!

Nothing to lose

I killed my cheating vindictive muse

a life lived to accept the constant mortal abuse

Nothing to gain

a life followed by voiceless paragliding pain

what is there to explain?

The confusing wind held in the midst of time

heretic hour falling still, failed, dirty rhyme

Black Summer Thrown Away on Turquoise Made Winter

The story goes on like an unbeaten drunken sprinter

Yellow Moon followed by atrocity enraged splinter

Battling quarreled rams

Nobody gives a damn?

The audience, positioned as a trusted hypnotized apologetic fan

Is this, really the best we can,

… do?

Morning smiling Trixter, fast fixer made in corrosion flowing sporeless flu

Holly sacraments are laid down in the shape of a Victorian color of blue

is the masquerading prophecy true?

Voiceless death is on the prowl

Can you hear the midnight growl?

Sustained reckless flower of Red flavored Damnation

loving travesty drowned in pitiful and thirsty-looking Salvation

All hands on deck to save the Creation!

All hands in the air to save the last hour of battle-born Nation

Can reincarnation be vindicated as an unfaithful radio station?

Frozen, bitter-tasting frontier

deaf voices are coming relentlessly near

the deviant picture is getting clear

Heavy, stale Air cuts like a blunt, malevolent spear


Can’t touch me!


has already moved on…


some things must be done

before I am forever gone…

All Devils are here

Hell is unpleasantly empty

Is this, really the Land of the Plenty?

Dont, don’t answer

sent another soules sentry…