Not trying to be unkind here, BUT:

1.) Why do so many WN and NS “leaders” in America resemble the clique of boys who in high school were entrusted to handle the audio-visual equipment? Have any of these worthy fellows ever been punched in the face on the playground, let alone punched back?

2.) How is it that dope-addled, besotted, low-IQ bikers can build large, multi-chaptered organizations that are a serious threat to their enemies, but the alleged cream of the White Race can only stumble and shoot themselves in the feet as the years and decades pass?

3.) Given that in times past the well-organized Jews have en-mass exterminated their enemies — real, perceived, and imagined, using the assets of states they have subverted and taken over, how many of you know that they have been observing, cataloging, and tracking Internet and social media posts and comments for some time now, preparing to genocide YOU soon, in a multi-pronged program utilizing viruses, targeted “health care,” power grid blackouts, and death squads comprised of non-White illegal migrants they have been importing, arming, and training for a number of years? As you do know, most ANTIFA members are effete, sub-standard weakling and punks…but so was Leon Trotsky, right? You know, the nerdy, retarded-looking Jew who built the Red Army from mass quantities of criminals, underprivileged semi-morons, and envious losers?

Tribe and Train, gentlemen. You have less time than you imagine. Months, maybe? Support your LOCAL groups and active clubs.
Don’t waste time or energy fretting over the faggot NJP. 
“National” Justice “Party”.

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  1. The white race has committed suicide.
    They took the jabs at a much higher rate than non whites so it’s cut in stone now!
    However, large pockets of unvaxxed whites still exist in America and to the immigrants bring it! Can’t wait. The good news it has been psyopps training for those whom did not succumb to vaxx pressure in social and employment areas as I will never forgive nor forget what was done.
    Lay low and wait and prep. These vaxxed whites are not dying fast enough. We already know vaxxed jews are immune to the bioweapon.

  2. “Apparently, only Batman can stop them…” My Good Man, then become a Batman.

    I don’t see all as doom and gloom, the sky is not falling, yet…I have my reasons for optimism.

    America is still given a chance through young people, if this doesn’t work, then it will not matter how many guns you have, your level of preparedness, or even how brave you are…

    Everybody will get in the end what they deserve.

    Nonetheless, All that has been said above,
    I wish You ALL…

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  3. Everyone with a modicum of awareness realizes it, even as they struggle to articulate it. Some say its this, others that, but everyone knows their insulation has been stripped away, and the live wire lays bare, sparking.
    All of the issues with whites, and I do mean all of them are now extant for thousands of years, with but one exception, and that one exception, in all its pomp and pageantry is parading out of the smoking ruins of Palestine.
    Until white people address their joy in being the bitches of the hybrids called Jews, this disaster is only going to get worse.

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