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Greetings from the edge of madness and salutations for the coming year that is sure to bring tribulations upon urban White America that are long overdue. I am at the east end of the mouth of New York Citys fabled harbor and across the water is a madman that if he is not put down by force of arms will bring utter devastation to the dream that was once America. Propagandists and Cicero’s traitors among us will squeal in unison that all is well even as an unelected figurehead sits in the White House mocking the fools who once thought themselves exceptional, cowards every one of them. No one rides for free and as the founding fathers of the dream well knew and often stated the tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with blood. Clearly it is time to end the drought and water the tree.

Below are two links. The first one comes from a politically astute reader who is a Black activist whose finger is on the pulse of the Black Lives Matter movement and is endorsed by him. It’s interesting because it could very well have come from the White Nationalist movement and demonstrates common ground between rural Whites and urban Blacks. The second is an in-depth breakdown of the 2021 statistics compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies before the Bidenistas seized control of the executive office and threw open Americas southern border to every starving third world scavenger looking to grab a piece of the carcass that was once America.

Whistleblower: Get ready for MASS ROUNDUPS of illegals across America (rumble.com)

Sage of Quay® Dispatch: Illegal Invaders Use More Welfare Than US Citizens – The Statistical Breakdown (sageofquaydispatch.blogspot.com)


  1. The Rabbis have given the world the keys to dominion over this visible reality. This remains the true purpose, the true goal of the power structure, even as it degenerates into a mad cannibalistic frenzy.
    However, as befits the acolytes of Surt, they have no knowledge of the greater reality which gives this place its name.

    • They say I’m Lucifer Mike I say more like Surtr. Did you ever wonder what pissed Surtr off so much? Well, you should walk a mile in my shoes. Besides its your Goddess who gave me the nine keys to Leviathan…
      Love you, Bro! And I am glad I’ve made your acquaintance. More than I can say about most people…

      • Thanks, Jack. In this world, genuine appreciation is rare, but I do indeed appreciate this.
        Surt is a mystery, the mystery of both the creative and destructive side of fire, so there is a certain affinity with Lucifer, but the duality that is Surt transcends any simple characterization.
        His acolytes indulge in fantasies of power, yet they lack the transcendence of duality, and so they corrupt what they cannot understand, which includes themselves.
        I wouldn’t presume to be anyone else, Jack. My dreams have never been of this place, memories of horizons never found here.
        Whenever anyone today thinks of a Goddess they always seem to imagine a mortal woman expanded to impossible degrees. They never seem to understand that a woman is but one of her forms, and no single thread can describe Her will.
        Ten worlds in the wood, but only nine keys, Jack. She made sure no one can destroy it all…

        • “Ten worlds in the wood, but only nine keys, Jack. She made sure no one can destroy it all…”

          I never did think of that but I am sure Gimil awaits all Aryans that have never sold their souls to Schlomo and his pirate masters…

  2. The problem with accelerationists, is they always burn a fire for somebody else. Very, very dodgy video and Health Ranger is genuinely shocked…There is no discussion about that but this guy, is not a whistleblower..he wants to see all burn…This is why he is doing this, not for money…
    Second, there are really smart Black people, but can you control your 75-84 IQc savages…or will they turn on you after they are done with burning and pillaging?
    Third: many, many whites are already ready for this scenario, I know this as a fact. whites already have their own communities, which happened right after the Trump debacle when he opened the first wound in America.
    After three weeks of the war, whites will become street savvy as blacks this is a given…and then IQ and implementations of a higher grade of military tactics will prevail over savagery and low IQ brainless hordes.

    Russian we know about Russians…nothing new.

    If there will be war on American soil: the first solution is to burn everything accelerationist and blue-haired freaks combined with no mercy or wait till you decimate each other to such an extent there will be no defense against the invading army.

    There is now a removed Iranian video where is explained to soldiers that they have no feud with the American people, only “Zionists”.

    The good thing is Christians and Muslims are realizing all this time there were pawns in this chess game…This is your best chance.

    The immigration problem will solve itself when reasonable people, will talk in high places…it is a really easy thing to fix.

    And the reason why they started to import Hajis as you say people; they see them as a more obedient version of the Untermensch..”they” have made a grave mistake and time is running out.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering round two of this battle for Human Souls.

    I could say more but is better that I don’t, sometimes silence is truly golden.

    Let the games begin!

      • Galadriel:
        [opening narration] The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.

    • Blacks have demonstrated, as in the Zulu Wars, the same unyielding valor in battle as Whites HP. Now as a whole yes, they may not be the sharpest tools in the shed but when well led they are just as formidable a fighting force as Whites. The man who sent me this links father was a professor specializing WW II studies. I assure you his sons IQ is well over three digits and just the fact that he talks to Phil and I demonstrates he is willing to work with others. If urban Blacks sack Americas cities, as the Russians are planning (I seen the videos HP) and are supplied by rural Whites the revolution will be unstoppable. As I think you know and I know Stan knows I got cards I ain’t playing, yet. The Cayman Island pirates and Gunga Din are going down for the count, I assure you of that. They have been given every chance for peace and their only answer was to clone an evil Kennedy. They want war, well so do we. It is my most heartfelt desire and always has been. Yes, let the games begin…

      • My good friend, like is the case in comment sections so is in the war: it never goes as you planned it…Never, you always have to improvise…It is easy to be a tough guy on the street and really hard when you need to decide if your loved ones gonna live or your brigade…so you can fight another day…I am not saying Blacks are in general inferior to any race, I don’t believe in IQ BS, but you will see how hard is to turn the tide from receiving food stamps and doing nothing the whole day, maybe selling dope for one hour and after the revolution, then working for an honest living…this is what is m using as IQ perimeter here. Second, it is not their time, they can try and I sincerely wish them, all of you All the best.

        Blacks and whites need to stop fooling themselves. Yes, we are Human beings and we should treat all members of the human family with respect and love but we have different desires and different racial destinies..this is actually a great thing,this would be an awful place if we all looked and thought the same. America is a UN project..fact… a failed project.

        I can be born in China but I will be never Chinese…

        It is easy to burn things down and very hard to build them back up, even if we are talking about faulty and evil infrastructure.
        last thing many times people are united when they have the same goal, but after the war differences will inevitably emerge…this will not happen if both sides understand who they are…

        Best luck to All, no matter the color of your skin…
        Mind and heart, over Matter.

        • I understand you have seen the worst of war in Croatia my Slavic brother, but you do underestimate the rest of us. Phil fought for 25 years and I all my life. Most of my friends have died by violence and my family scattered into the wind. The only reason my daughters do so well is because the guy who really runs the NSA is a man of his word, the rest has been nothing but pain for the last ten years. I could have set it off on Martin Luther King Day in Richmond instead I advocated for peace. The very next month they initiated operation Vaxxine. I will never make the same mistake again my friend. There is a time for war and a time for peace and the time for war is now…

          • I am just saying nothing can ever prepare you for things that you will see…when war is fought at your doorstep…I am a man of peace, always was, and will be, I have had enough of human stupidity and their “freedom” wars. If you want War then war it is..my friend…I don’t see myself as somebody better, but you will see the difference when the time comes…All of you… That all said, I don’t think I am better than you, that is not what I am saying here. I am trying to give you usable advice not trying to lecture you. I am your friend..don’t forget that.

            We can always have war, war is like death, the easiest part in this equation…After the war then things will start to matter and many friends will start to fade away.

            But maybe you will be luckier with this last part, I hope you will.

            let’s not chew on this bone like some hysterical women.

            I think nobody here in this comments section has to prove a thing to anyone.

            Cheers brother!

  3. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=202944

    In the above which is widely believed among white nationalists about the so called Jews that run the world however, perhaps truth be told yet another cover for our pals over at that great city of London and their offshoots in America called pilgrams?
    My Hitler pal is totally steeped into this ideology regarding who the “israelite” really is as I am for non of the above Jack and am so sorry Crowley didn’t succeed in killing the ultimate mother fucker.
    Thanks for your writing Jack. Better to know the truth in the land of untruth.

    • LOL, just got a text. Steve Bannon, my cousin and the rest of the tRumpsters have just figured out Orange Jesus will be running with Nimarata Haley. The Dogs of War nine the Dogs of War! That is the only thing these pieces of shit with eyes understand. America will burn if the military persists to sit on its ass and do nothing…

      • Your Hitler pal is slow on the uptake, just like my cousin he needs a hero. Hitler was wrong that’s why he failed. He could have folded the British at Dunkirk, but he thought he was gonna enlist their help to fight Schlomo. Which is like thinking the cop who sicked him on you is gonna help you fight his German Shepard. Your Hitler pal better learn to start speaking Persian…

          • One thing I love about my Hitler pal is how he observes our world.

            Our local Haji, that Indian, that out jews the jew in matters of cheap and screwing the local worker.

            The Hitler pals observation? The jew has been outsourced to the hiji Indian misfit cheap assed crook running a lot of local businesses.

            The jew? When you fix his car or his roof? Writes you a check and gives you respect and a job well done.

            The Haji Indian? Cheap and crooked worse than any jew.

            Just what me and the Hitler pal see locally.

          • I worked for Jews for years in the Landscape business and my mother who was taught by the Germans always taught me that Jews are the best clients because they realize everybody’s got to make money on a deal. Haji, or should we call him Gunga Din, would kill his own mother for a quarter on orders from the Cayman Islands. Which is why he will be replacing Schlomo as the pirates trained ferret.

    • No Stan to quote Elton John before he od’d on semen:

      “He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
      When the New York Times said, “God is dead
      And the war’s begun”

      • Levon
        Elton John
        Levon wears his war wound like a crown
        He calls his child Jesus
        ‘Cause he likes the name
        And he sends him to the finest school in town

        Levon, Levon likes his money
        He makes a lot, they say
        Spends his days counting
        In a garage by the motorway

        He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
        When the New York Times said, “God is dead
        And the war’s begun”
        Oh, Alvin Tostig has a son today

        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        And he shall be Levon
        In tradition with the family plan
        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        He shall be Levon

        Levon sells cartoon balloons in town
        His family business thrives
        Jesus blows up balloons all day
        Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

        And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
        Leave Levon far behind
        Take a balloon and go sailing
        While Levon, Levon slowly dies

        He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
        When the New York Times said, “God is dead
        And the war’s begun”
        And Alvin Tostig has a son today

        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        And he shall be Levon
        In tradition with the family plan (whoo!)
        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        He shall be Levon

        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        And he shall be Levon
        In tradition with the family plan (whoo!)
        And he shall be Levon
        And he shall be a good man
        He shall be Levon

    • It is my contention that the vaxxine mandate not only is the source of suffering that “continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically,” within the military but is the very reason the military has not yet acted upon the Bidenista usurpers, yet. But all things come in due time, and I promise my enemies and the enemies of the truth who have dogged Jack Heart almost since day one that I will be there when their time comes, and my vengeance shall legendary even in Hell…

    • Well phil, my special forces nephew will put a bullet in you if ordered to do so.
      Remember that as I sure do and prepare accordingly.

    • Phil, there needs to be an inch more pain inserted into this smoldering, hot guacamole, but this is something…By now, some generals will start to slowly understand that they made a pact with the Devil and if they want their children to live and have a future, there is only one way out of this. Bravery and uphold your given word(pledge) to your people and your country, or be written out of existence…

      And the noose is tightening by the minute…

      America still can be a hero in all this, but I fear, that for this to manifest itself many “Americans” will have to cease to exist with their faulty offspring.

      This is just how it is…there is no way around it.

    • Wow I didn’t know Harry could still move like that; I’m impressed. Hats off to Harry Vox, this shows more talent than is left in the Qlipoth that currently occupy Hollywood. Which is exactly why Humans will win in the end nine…

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