France V in the Footsteps of Otto Rahn by Jack Heart

Nietzsche said the tree that strives most ardently to the light must be rooted most firmly in the darkness. Otto Rahn was just such a man. As Led Zepplin said in the dispatching of the tyrant in the Battle of Mount Evermore, “with flames from the dragon of darkness the sunlight blinds his eyes.” At the behest of the global empire the Jew has written lie after lie about the SS, yet all his lies cannot hide the fact that the SS is the greatest chivalric order to ever walk the earth, more than worthy of their Knights Templar lineage.


In the five years since I first saw the monument at Koblenz, I have witnessed the world careen wildly out of control. It’s as if someone has seized the steering wheel and driven the bus right over the cliff. In my capacity as a writer, I scream but no one seems to hear. Current events could be likened to having a nightmare while enduring sleep paralysis. Those that were once human have become cogs in a machine that grinds inexorably toward apocalypse. Ian Fleming could not have invented a better villain than Klaus Schwab and his supporting cast of henchmen like Bill Gates and George Soros. Joe Biden is right out of a comic book, as is Justin Trudeau and Emanuel Macron. Trump and Johnson are the envy of the Marvel Universe. The Anglo-American Empire is unable to restrain itself from its relentless prodding of Iran, China and Russia. The Jews are diabolical instigators of this senseless will toward self-annihilation while Christians provide the muscle as their enthusiastic accomplices. Islam is caught in the crossfire. To be cognizant in a simulated reality is much like sleep paralysis, a condition folklore attributes to a phantasmagorical hag sitting on one’s chest. Surely […]

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