1. What he wears is not germane to what he says, and most of what he says is the unadulterated truth.

      • Go out for a ride on a bicycle, no kit needed made in China by Walmart.
        Blindness comes in many forms, like our Jack’s cousin and his bullshit site.

        • Alright nine we get it you hate his wardrobe; I wouldn’t be caught dead in it myself but Heretic, HP and I all enjoy his commentary. You are outvoted. And please don’t threaten my family. You can say anything you want here but I’m not going to leave up threats to my family.

          • It’s all internet fakery for the “truthers” Jack.
            Not backing down here and besides its obvious that powerful folks in the shadows rule this bubble of a world.
            As they laugh at you, like it’s in your face and there is nothing you can do about it anyway.
            Juxtaposition is just slicker in the application of so called “truth” administered to the Trump/mega rubes on the weaponized net.
            The sign of his bullshit? His rapha clown cycling costume.

          • Trump is the closer, resurrected like one of the beasts of the revelation in the Bible. In a nutshell a false prophet. Politics? We have zero representation in this beast system and only a remnant will come out of this to build the next civilization.
            Juxtaposition? A little truth to enrage the rubes for entertainment purposes in clown world.

          • Frankly nine I think you see that Rapha shirt and you just tune him out. He doesn’t do politics just how the military is behind Hollywood and the deaths that occur there. Of course this is the apocalypse, nobody knows that better than I, all kinds of strange things are happening around me now on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean we dismiss everybody on the internet, just most of them. I’m telling you; Heretic is telling you and your Hitler pal is telling you this guys alright. Maybe just for now, if he gets in deeper, they’ll fix him but for now he’s alright.

          • Well Jack, like in Revelations, we are in a beast controlled system.
            All that so called “truthers” do is point out that fact and the psyopp is not revealing the whole truth.
            You yourself say it. It’s a simulation proven by science and your own writings.
            The head of that beast is in silicon valley broadcasting outward and has consumed the whole world. Google, Apple, youtube and most recently Bitchute, where the real psyopp`s dwells.
            “Juxtaposition” is just another voice in clown world and his Rapha costume shouts to the rooftops that he is not what he says and has another agenda that is not for your benefit.
            I told you before, not one of my Jewish cycling pals would ever buy or wear anything from Rapha/Walmart.
            Rapha? The mark of the beast for cyclists since the Walmart clan spent 200 million to purchase Rapha cycling clubs.
            So, juxtaposition doubles down on Rapha and puts out the narritive that it’s only a shirt.
            I can tell you this about Rapha cyclists by direct observations that they are in to the accepted narratives, covid vaxxines, white people are bad, men are the enemy especially white men and that speach is not free if you disagree.
            They lead the charge for cancel culture in this new cult religion of woke.
            I laugh, at 70 I beat quite a few of those twenty somethings up hills and you know whom that irritates the most? The woke female of the species. LOL
            Rapha has taken over cycling in Illinois and up here in Wisconsin but no locals wear their kit.
            And your boy claims to be a cyclist and dons Rapha and double downs on that fact.
            Already stated my opinion on that Jack as all here are like my Hitler pal enamored by this clown.
            To each their own.

      • You’re calling me blind because you can’t handle his bicycle suit while remaining oblivious to the veracity of content in his talks? Thank you, Nine, you’ve given me my laugh for the day.

    • He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread asswipe.

      If he can’t see that Rapha, owned by Walmart, is questionable and wears their “kit” he is someone to avoid as I instinctively avoid you.

      Juxtaposition? The greatest thing since sliced bread and the only truth on the internet.

      Fuck you.

      • His “kit”?

        The uniform of organized road blockers with people on bikes wearing Walmart clothes riding bicycles in large groups obstructing roadways.
        Shoot them upon site and add blood red to the color of “their” “kit”.

        • Seriously Steve? You can’t see this? Go take a flying fuck off a cycling cliff where any decent motorist will simply mow you down on the road in their car, as you block the roads with 40 slow cyclists wearing Rapha walmart uniforms.

  2. Juxtaposition wears Rapha cycling clothes.
    Any cyclist that wears Rapha clothing is a total doush bag. Rapha is a cycling club owned by Walmart. Now Rapha? I will give them credit for attracting very attractive young women into cycling as I witness down in Chicago however, these young women are dumb as a box of rocks with anti white male corprate jobs in the Loop. Rapha men? Total soy boy woke retards.

    Our Heritic is right on the money with his astute comments here.

    • My Hitler pal pointed out the nature of Rapha in his comment section and got very angry and blew him off.
      If you can’t see what Rapha is what kind of truth teller can you be? And buying over priced kit made in China? Rapha is huge on the vaxxine narrative and the LGTBQ nonsense.
      No videos about that on his channel. Like your cousin, my Hitler pal is enamored with him also.

      • Juxtaposition gets the first thing Duff taught me, “the news is just something we make up for the Untermensch so that they can get their daily opiate.” You’re a big Netflix guy. Watch ‘An American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders.’ Let us know what you think.

        • Will watch it Jack.
          So, why does this guy wear soy boys clothes? I won’t listen to anyone that wears Rapha clothes and won’t acknowledge what they are as perhaps controlled opposition?
          My Hitler pall says that this guy is the best thing ever to hit the internet.
          Fuck Rapha!
          We have an event in Illinois called the Ten Thousand. Ten thousand feet of vertical climbing on a bicycle in about a hundred miles.
          It got taken over by Rapha. They shortened the race to 70 miles so that the soy boys would show from Chicago. Now, young people in there 20`s and thirties, driving BMW’s and Mercedes with 12000 dollar bikes on top of their cars.
          Chicago financial services money as they use cycling as a tool of networking like golf, Rapha is a headquarters for this.
          I go to this every year and my “kit” is a tore up flannel shirt and baggy bicycle shorts and no helmet.
          Rapha ruined this event and made it corporate like everything else in America.

          • Read about it. The woke mafia canceled the originator of this hugely successful event over his conservative politics.
            The money he brought in from this one day event provided him with a year long living in one day.
            That very woke corprate mafia took over the entire sport of cycling and turned it from to down into a woke rolling mob of mostly ugly dykish women a d soy boy men.
            I have a huge problem with any so called truth teller that wears rapha clothes in his “truth” videos.
            Won’t watch him Jack.
            Don’t care what he says.

          • Cycling “kit” ?

            The kit is traditional French road racing clothing designed for road bike racers. Tight fitting for aerodynamics, built with sweat wicking fabrics, put on by cyclists whom are in a super flatback stretched out position on said road bicycle, that position and clothings only goal is speed.
            The kit is usually brightly colored with corporate logos plastered over them advertising the riders sponsors. The bright colors designed to attract your attention to see the sponsors logos.
            That in a nutshell is the purpose of the cycling kit and at least in America the “kit” is the deffinition of what a “cyclist” is in America as the term “cyclist” means serious performance rider wearing a kit.
            Road cycling in America simply attracts very authoritarian individuals as you notice how these people all dress the same in their groups as they block the roads with 40 riders or more.
            Road cyclists are assholes. So, as a response to them riders started riding old schwinn bikes up and down mountains in jeans and T shirts which became mountain biking.
            Mountain biking became over run with roadie retards as they ruined that chill aspect of cycling hence, the move to racing on rural American gravel roads and for 20 years it’s been chill and cool now over run by the corprate cycling Bulsheviks.
            Only douche bags wear “kits”.

          • Next comment about juxtaposition, since he is a cyclist how come no videos on how the woke mafia full of soy boys and sexual perverts?
            Like follow the money? Where did all the money come from to buy up every gravel cycling race of any stature? Why did the Walmart family spend 200 million dollars to buy a cycling club?
            When you see a group of these kitted clowns riding down the road know that they have been brainwashed into thinking that its OK for men to dress like women and enter woman’s events.
            Modern “cycling” celebrates this now and it came from the top down.
            Next is NICA, a youth mountain biking club, pushing diversity brainwashing to the young generation. Where did the money come from? This group is viril in all 50 states and Europe in just a few years with printed hand books pushing the LGBTQ life and that to participate you must be accepting of these deviant life styles.
            Matter of fact at all cycling events of any stature this is pushed with rainbow flags and the whole shebang led by Rapha.
            And your boy wears their stuff.
            Same thing I told the Hitler pal.
            But, he’s the best thing on the internet.

        • The Octipuss about right describing those that rule this world.
          Casanarro was the real deal Jack, reminds me of you however, just a loser watching Netflix in his own home, a step up from gen Z living in their parents basement.
          What’s coming? Their parents basements will be paradise.
          Thanks for the Netflix link. Already know where that goes after watching one episode.
          Thanks for listening to my rants.

  3. Thank you, Jack. It’s easy enough to get torched by this evil legal system without giving the slime more ammunition to use against you if you foolishly employ Patriot Mythology. More examples of it are the gold fringes on the American flag in the courtroom means we are under martial law, the robes the judges wear (I concede that the black robes have a sinister, Freemasonic significance but they have absolutely nothing to do with the Court’s authority to adjudicate a given case), your name in all capital letters on charging documents, whether an information charge scripted by the prosecutors and the cops or a formal, Grand Jury Indictment, is a “corporate fiction” and not the real you, etc., ad nauseum. It’s all baseless bullshit. It doesn’t matter if there is a washrag hanging from a flagpole in a courtroom, the judge is wearing a ballerina’s tutu, and your name on charging documents is written in fucking Chinese, those things are not what give the courts jurisdiction of the subject matter or authority to adjudicate. Perhaps I’ll elaborate with a prime example in another comment. Jack, if I’m not mistaken the cops tagged Casolero’s death as a suicide. So typical of the boys in blue who serve the Jew, obedient to their Hebraic matrix masters. As a rule, the Bulls are just interested in closing cases, not solving crimes.

    • Courts in America? It’s all a kangaroo cluster fock and they armed the kangaroos.
      I saw what “courts” did to injured workers at usPostal as they have the highest amount of workplace injuries in America bar none with a totally adversarial workman’s comp system that is worse than the military injury system the VA.
      The VA could take lessons from usPostal on how to screw over their injured people.

    • “Patriot Mythology” ?

      Best comment of the day to describe the “patroit” movement in America. Totally corrupt and full of laughable retards out of touch with reality.
      The reality? Central banks run the world controlled by those Caymin Island pirates, over represented by jews, their Pitt bulls, that run these “courts” as they do as they please and you have no representation whatsoever as we see now in America that its in your face now and there are two justice systems, one for the rich elites and their Jewish Pitt bulls and one for everyone else.
      The idea that through “lawfare” we can rehabilitate this system is ludicrous.
      And with 39 federal intel agencies, down to localSherriffs and police with their fusion centers me thinks they will continue to do as they please.
      The Hitler pals running joke?

      “The patriots are in control” LOL

      • Well said, Nine. Ah yes, the “White Hats” are secretly in control and soon they will clean house, arrest the criminals in government, and restore motherhood, apple pie, and liberty in America. How anyone can be retarded enough to believe such obvious horse manure is beyond my comprehension. Scumerica has a caste legal system, like ancient Babylon. The laws are enforced one way for the rich and connected, and another for everyone else. The preface to Black’s Law Dictionary used to have the judicial canon of ethics and the lawyers canon of ethics. They stopped including that many years ago, I surmise the publishers realized it was a waste of paper and ink. “Thou shall be no respecter of persons”. Yeah right, give me a fucking break. If you are a Kennedy, Bush, or any other blue blood slime, your rights will be respected as per original intent of the Framers. If you are Joe and Mary Sixpack, you will be ground up like hamburger meat.

    • It’s always a suicide Heretic, his counterpart Gary Webb killed himself by shooting himself twice in the head. Outside of plane crashes can you name me one of Hilery’s victims that did not commit suicide. They were using reservation laws to duck any prying that not yet totally corrupted Feds might initiate. When a leading tribe member got wise and tried to kick them off the reservation, they killed him and his two best friends, crime never solved, they never are. These people are psychopathic killers and the only thing they Understand is a better psychopathic killer: https://youtu.be/PCdr0y3cccw

      • Very true, Jack. You cannot reason with monsters. It’s exclusively a kill or be killed situation. As they have the overwhelming firepower, think Vietcong, and lone wolf, leaderless resistance, asymmetrical, guerrilla warfare. Go Che!

  4. I’ve been hoping this interview show between Mike & Juxtaposition would happen for some time now. I have the utmost respect and admiration for both men. As I’ve just started watching it and I must do it in segments because of interruptions, I want to get this comment out of the way though more may ensue. Juxtaposition and Mike posit that a key to our oppression in this matrix is the fact that we are under Admiralty/Maritime law, the law of the sea, which by the nature of ship life makes it a much more dictatorial regimen than what transpires on land. With all respect to Mike & “J”, this is a gravely erroneous notion. It has been many years, but I used to litigate Pro Se (without a lawyer) extensively and I was mentored by one of the best Pro Se litigants this country ever produced. Before connecting with him, I was taken in by the charlatans and snake oil, silver bullet salesmen of the legal industry. Simply put, the assertion that all U.S. courts, state & federal, civil & criminal, operate under Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction is, “Patriot Mythology.” Admiralty/Maritime is the sole province of the federal courts. This was challenged by a state court and resolved in favor of the Feds. There are exceptional cases wherein there can be a concurrent jurisdiction but they are exceedingly rare. So the Patriot Mythologists seized on and distorted this decision which maintained that only federal courts adjudicate Admiralty/Maritime cases and declared that all cases, extrapolating to include state courts, operate under Admiralty/Maritime. It is errant nonsense and has no basis in fact. The only time a land lubber gets involved in an Admiralty/Maritime case is if he is an insurer of navigable vessels. The real reason the legal racketeers oppress us is very simple. We call it the, “Can Law”. They do it because they can. They control the goons with the guns, batons, tear gas, handcuffs, and keys to the cages and will capriciously unleash them on you if you invoke their displeasure, your civility and soundness of arguments grounded in facts and law notwithstanding. The scumbags call it, “Contempt of court.” Not to belabor the point but I know this from first hand experience and extensive networking with other Pro Se litigants. Pardon my French, but believe me, these cock-sucking sons and daughters of pox riddled whores who run the legal industry, the judges, lawyers, and prosecutors, do not need to hide behind some esoteric jurisdiction to rationalize grinding us into the dust. They do it quite openly, and revel in it like the swine they are. Black robed wind chimes, anyone?

    • I really appreciate you leaving this comment on here Heretic. I’ve heard this Maritime law stuff so many times from Mike and many of the other big name alternative guys I always took it for granted that it was correct…, until I read your comment about it on Happy Parrots blog. Your argument and you’re reasoning particularly, “they don’t need no stinking badges man” to trample all over due process just look at them now, are both sound. I don’t know anymore and I’m glad you’ve made that argument here for the rest of our readers. Juxtaposition is one of the few in my cousin’s staple, besides himself, that is not on my pay no mind list. I’d really like Juxt to look into a new movie on Netflix; ‘An American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders.’ I just seen it and I read about it a long time ago in a piece in ‘The Secret Parts of Fortune,’ a book I still have written by Ron Rosenbaum. There’s a piece about Babylon in there too, I just noticed but the piece in question is ‘The Strange Death of Danny Casolaro.’ Our friends in the intelligence community apparently got their start with the surveillance state in the early eighty’s when the Justice Department ripped off the company that wired their computers and stole their revolutionary software which could easily be backdoored which they did and promptly sold it to their enemy’s and ally’s alike and commenced spying on everybody ever turned on one of these things. This investigative reporter Casolaro nearly had them until they found him all carved up like a turkey dinner in a hotel in West Virginia right before he met with a crucial IRS whistle blower. It’s the usual suspects as we now know them but it’s focused around San Francisco (Booz Allen Hamilton but nobody got that far yet), that’s Juxts stomping ground.

    • Juxtaposition? Wears Rapha/walmart cycling “kit”.

      Walmart? Scum of the earth.

      My evangelical princess works there and has through collage yet pays the newest employee more at the Walmart deli.

      So, the newest 16 year old gets the most money over educated loyal workers.
      And your newest internet boy, donning walmart cycling kit is the new I ternet darling?

      Fuck you all.

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