“Aaron was not well at the end. We pleaded with him to seek help from his superiors in the Air Force. My son fell victim to propaganda during a long mental health battle. We are Bible believing Christians, and we support Israel 100%. We ask for your prayers at this time.” – Danielle Bushnell, mother of Aaron Bushnell, pictured above with the rest of her vile brood. She is apologizing to her local church for her son, an American soldier who in protest to being ordered to Israel to fight for the cowardly Jews instead burned himself to death in front of the Israeli embassy. This piece of steaming fecal matter with eyes requested prayers and mentioned that her son struggled with mental illness towards the end of his life. Who wouldn’t with a mother like her…

Yesterday the Israelis lured thousands of starving Palestinians out into the open with promises of food then opened fire massacring a hundred and twenty people. Literally a genocidal act of biblical proportions, the bible is full of stories like this, celebrated by Jews and Christians alike. The truth is the Jews are just being Jews. These are the people who invented Murder Incorporated in the United States and as Bolsheviks in Russia murdered over seven million people. Usury is their middle name and depravity their hobby which is why they have been run out of over a hundred different country’s since recorded history began. The bible, the evilest book ever written, tells the mother of all lies when it tells its readers that Jesus was a Jew. Jesus is a metaphor, invented in the Occitan over a thousand years ago, for Lucifer the God of Light. I proved that a dozen years ago when I began my career as a writer with Lucifer, the Last Word. For my troubles I became the most censored writer on the face of the earth but now the reckoning is at hand and those that will pay most dearly for that lie told a thousand years ago are the very embodiment of malevolence, the American Christian. They are the ones, like the human devils depicted in the cover photo, who have instigated and enabled the latest Jewish slaughter of the innocents now taking place in Palestine. Heed my words it will be the last one. All Aaron Bushnell did was absolve himself of the eternal fate of his own bloodline. You better start making your own arrangements to do the same. – Jack

These links below were given to us by my dear friend Stan. They’re a little New Agy for my tastes but they are a start.

A Guide to Luciferian Alchemy

The figure of Lucifer has been shrouded in mystery, misconceptions, and controversy throughout history. In popular culture, Lucifer is often equated with evil, darkness, and the satanic. However, within the realms of occultism and magick, Lucifer’s image undergoes a profound transformation, revealing an entity that embodies light, wisdom, and liberation. As Carl Jung once illuminated,

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

This book aims to explore the multifaceted nature of Lucifer, delving into historical, mythological, and esoteric perspectives that shed light on this enigmatic figure. Ultimately, it seeks to teach readers how to connect with Luciferian energy. Also, if you are hesitant and perceive Lucifer as a demon, please consider checking out our other book titled ‘Unveiling the True Nature of Demons: Magic and Spiritual Enlightenment.‘ Now, moving forward. Gustav Meyrink offered insight when he said,

The devil is merely a metaphor for the journey inward that we all must take, towards our own hidden fears and desires.

The study of Lucifer within occultism and magick presents a unique challenge. Unlike other spiritual entities whose identities and narratives may be more clearly defined, Lucifer’s essence is complex and layered with various interpretations and meanings. This complexity is not just a matter of historical evolution but is intrinsic to the very nature of Lucifer as an archetype and spiritual force. In occult practices, Lucifer is often seen not just as a being but as a symbol of enlightenment, rebellion against tyranny, and the pursuit of knowledge. This book endeavors to navigate these intricate dimensions, offering a comprehensive understanding that respects the depth and breadth of Lucifer’s role in magickal traditions.

To Finish Reading: A Guide to Luciferian Alchemy – iC7Zi

Lucifer doesn’t require your worship. He only requires one thing and to Understand what that is you will just have to read my book which Amazon has done everything but ban to prevent such an occurrence.

Below are two links where you can purchase Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. I would suggest you buy it in hardcopy, not because I make more, I actually make the most from Amazon E books, but because you will avoid giving Amazon any money. Frankly you should be shooting Amazon employees in the street, Google & Facebook too.

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Amazon.com: Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books


  1. Melody and Silence

    The melody is haunting me now

    savage silence tries to bring me down

    change in me

    is growing somehow

    all is alright now

    I am a butterfly, blinded by the goddess of the night

    I am a dark lover lost in the perfect flaming light

    when you see a thousand broken faces

    when life becomes a failed thrill full of simpleton chases

    empty pockets are lost in a hundred hybrid mazes

    my sweet love dances alone

    my troubles for a moment are gone

    a lonely man says:

    nothing ever changes

    the naked truth becomes

    your effortless, somber food

    my melody is a loud silence

    your love is a silent violence

    will you set me free?

    will you let me be

    darkness is all I see

    will this cursed love

    finally,get her wings and flee

    my melody is perpetual silence

    your love is restless violence

    beloved surprise always dies

    with cruel and nasty advice

    the night is slowly becoming the day


    why do you always have this crushing need?

    to paint everything in odorless grey

    I have found my liberating way….

    Masked tiger and the red dawn

    blue fiber stitched to loving,

    emotionless red pawn

    Crushed is hot metal

    all for the love of the golden heartless medal

    free life engulfed on the cursed maxed steaming pedal

    my melody is voiceless silence

    your love is suffocating violence

    we are

    White Nightmare and black defiance

    strange thoughts

    stranger things

    our destination finally sings

    my melody is sweet silence

    your love is cold violence

    we are

    Black Nightmare and white defiance

    all I ever needed was one everlasting kiss

    all I got was

    eternal miss

    all I got was

    liberating bliss

    strange thoughts

    stranger things

    our destination finally sings

    my melody is sweet silence

    your love is cold violence

    we are

    Black Nightmare lost in white defiance

    Salutations young Brother!

    you touched the hearts of every loving mother

    fly, don’t bother

    You are free

    What is one good friend in need?


    blinded beggars needlessly bleed

    you are the perfect,

    everlasting seed

    fly, now

    let this


    world be…

  2. With mothers like her no wonder their offspring turn to drugs, crime, murder and suicide. As I’ve always said neither birthing nor implanting a seed makes you either a mother or father. Most are unfit for reproduction because they’re children attempting to raise children. Are there any adults left? Most perhaps thinking it ideal to save their bloodline by not reproducing in an impossible situation. Like the jew working in eras long gone world wide reproducing the same outcome with minimal communication one has to address the spiritual force that s group is tapped into to explain how evil can work for the same ends in different ways unaware of one another. So too when we look at white birthrates can it tell a story of it’s own. For most my life despite accepting family members as my own it felt more like a Cinderella style forced adoption emotion than an honest one. In some ways we are adopted into this hell but we keep the silent part to ourselves as to not offend and upset those around us who wouldn’t understand the feeling as well as out of survival instinct recognizing our youthful vulnerability.
    For a mother to defame her son like that reminds me of the story of Mollie Tibbetts whose dad literally pulled the “we love Mexicans because their food” meme making you address the “what reality is this” question after his daugherty was raped and murdered because her father loved cheap labor. What is going on is the light exposing the darkness in everyone’s soul. Friends and family alike they were always what they’ve become. Truly using your sons mental instability or daughters tragedy is the highest form of selfishness a person can have and you will be judged. Not by myself I’m over the God complex or hearing you out. The jews can have their sadistic methods but those of us who mature a little realize you just need to go as fast as possible. Prolonging your suffering just again fulfills are deepest, darkest selfishness for revenge and its not worth battling my own morality for it. You’re not worth it. You’re just a problem that needs to be solved in the most efficient manner there is.

    • I can’t imagine the suffering that kid went through, growing up in a household where the mother is evil incarnate. Maybe HP is right maybe he should have killed her and saved his little brothers, but he would know best whether it would be too late for that. I think he did the only thing he could Greg and it worked out. Now he’s legend…

  3. The Devil’s greatest trick is not in convincing you that he doesn’t exist. The Devil’s greatest trick is in convincing you that God (Lucifer) is the Devil and that he (Yahweh/Jehovah/Satan) is God.

  4. Soldiers should not die like this, I dont condone this…if you want to kill yourself go and kill a few of these godless mf…ers

    But at this point in time his action is somehow honorable and worthy of admiration…

    Jack, can’t watch the video it is too cheezy for me..but thx to Stan for providing us with this “commodity”.

    I am not telling here to go and do something stupid, but if you gonna go down in flames..take a few bastards with you…

    That all…


    • I didn’t watch it either HP I merely include it to emphasize my point, there’s a new God in town and this one doesn’t have 613 commandments nor require his believers to grovel at his feet. As for the kid, you or I wouldn’t do it, but it’s certainly had a galvanizing effect on the resistance that taking a couple of Jews, or his mother out wouldn’t have. God bless his soul…

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