Perhaps the reason we are living in a hologram where nothing is real is due to the fact that we are all dead. Time very well may have ended at the end of 2013 just as the Mayan calendar said it would. The date was pushed back to 2012 so people wouldn’t panic when what they were told was comet Ison appeared in the sky at the end of 2013. The great German Mayan scholar Wolfgang Cardon was murdered to enable this deception and when Karl Brugger, Germanys top investigative reporter found out, he too was murdered, recklessly machine gunned down on Ipanema Beach, his hotel room subsequently broken into, and all his notes confiscated. (1) (2) (3) It worked. The transition from living to dead went noticed, and since the consciousness of seven billion people cannot just cease to exist a new reality was constructed past and present. Time does not matter in a dream. A sharp external noise can be explained in a split second by a dreamer with endless details that would take the conscious mind hours maybe days to construct. There’s a worn-out platitude about your whole life flashing before you at the moment of your […]

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