I am not shiting here on Americans, many, many Americans don’t deserve this treatment, they are decent and good law-abiding people, and still many, many good things are coming from America.

Americans, nonetheless, despite all the troubles that surround them can be heroes, but the act of saving must be done without voting…it is too late for any form of civilized discussion or voting…it never worked, maybe partially, here and there, more as a fluke than as an established reality, but never as you have been told on mainstream media.

Let’s go for a moment back to the year 2016…if you believe the best candidates in your country are Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, sorry you are a demented moron…these two, pitiful actors are the best and brightest minds that country of 300 + million people can produce, offer to you…these are the best and brightest minds available to you as a legal citizen of your country?.

These two meager choices, these two irreparable liars and well-trained, dishonest marionettes of the chosen few are your political options…

It is interesting to observe how people always want the best when they need surgery, the best doctor available, when they are looking for education for their children, the best school, and the best teachers available will do, etc, etc… we can go on and on here with examples.

But when the entire life, your way of living, quality of existence of you and your family is at stake, meh,f it!… anybody will do…give me what you got!

Are you naturally insane or just mentally challenged?

If democracy was real, by now a country like the USA, should have 20-30 big political parties, not two, highly, streamlined beggar choices.

Every American must ask himself one honest question: what did I do when my taxpaying money has been destroying, lives, families, and countries around the world…did you do something or it was, f them, this is happening far away from us…it is not my business…well soon this may be your business.

Never, never put all your trust in one man, and never bet on just one horse…ever heard of that expression?

Trump, as an obvious choice served to the public between two fierce political competitors/opponents.
Operation Warp Speed guy and CGI Joe

Again, you have two pairs of extraordinary thinkers of the 21st century at your disposal, who to choose, who to choose!!!

It’s not an easy decision…sarcasm, level 9000

So if you know this is a lacking bet, a bad investment of your hard-earned money, then why do you keep practicing something that can be empirically proven that it does not work?

You are either a wolf or the sheep, the choice as always is yours.

I guess it’s never too late to become an important tool in the loving hands of the WEF.
A twenty-first century collage of the Chosen People



    • Much as I enjoyed the Satanic verses, I have to tell you nine Rushdie is a Zionist and beholding to Schlomo for his fame. As a fucking Englishman it is none of his business whether the new Palestinian state is Taliban like or a client of Iran.

  1. I remember reading on the internet around 15 years ago about a lady who turned in her departed husbands WWII souvenir, a German SS Assault Rifle, to the local police department, as part of a weapons turn in program. The thing was that this rifle was valued at $50,000.00 Dolleros. I have a small collection of German military WWII regalia daggers from my father. I am thinking about putting them on Ukrainian e-Bay for $250,000.00. Maybe some billionaire neo-nazi jew will go for it. Then I will have The Money to fix my motorcycle and some other impending planned endeavors still in suspension.

    • As I remember the story as told to me in Germany Stan the woman was arrested for owning and transporting a firearm when she brought it to the police station…

  2. America? Fast approaching the end of the fiat system with most under 40 living with starvation wages and now that job market has collasped. There are few jobs in the economy Jack. Lowered economic activity designed purposely to make this so. The dow at 40000 does not represent America. America is in a major depression worse than 1929 and the stock market will crash to 6000 and cash will go into commodities as the inflation goes ballistic, many will starve to death and be homeless.
    I know this sounds bad but I don’t give a fuck about Palestine and even less of a fuck about Ukraine since my attention is survival along with my family and a few close friends.
    America is in the beginning of a full bore inflationary depression that will be worse in the end than the 1929 deflationary depression. Every day someone loses a job and can’t find another decent one and rent goes up monthly and home ownership a dream of the past.
    No one cares about Palestine because it has no baring on the realities in America and the fact that we have zero representatives. The vaxx finished the place off and there will be no recovery from this jack.
    America and Russia and world jewery will be judged by those SS time shifters and even that 1830’s visions of the rapture by that crazy Evangelical woman called the rapture might have been planted by the German time travelers.
    You yourself said it Jack most Americans deserve this hellscape but perhaps a rescue of those that deserve it.
    Every day the internet says Russia is winning that war and yet it goes on. And Israel has had even their fierce Golani brigade experienced in urban warfare mauled by those rag tag Palestinians.
    In anger they lash out and kill civilians.
    All this is justified and well deserved by all three parties and the internet cheers for Russia and putin. No difference between him and biden based on what I see.

    • And I remember Gordon Duff’s briefing years ago on Scott Ritter molesting his daughter or was it her friend as memory serves me.
      They pulled him out to be America’s Russian cheerleader psyopp man. Total dousch bag.
      Love the meme of the old lady joining the army. She would be tougher than the green haired transgender freaks.
      Gosh this is a fucking circus and I sure am sick of it.

      • And Hamas? Created by Israeli intelligence? Who are rabid Islamic fascists living under Shiria law? I am supposed to support them? Americans that ignore all this have made the correct choice since none of these things bennifit Americans in any way. Only the lying jews and their shabbos goy benefits.

        • In 1932 there was an armed revolt in coal country put down by the local sheriff and deputies thugs. The locals were winning against them until they brought in the US Military to put it down.
          They threw the masses a bone with first the labor relations act followed by social security.
          That was the end of the union movement since it brought unions under strict government regulation which in the end gave us the unions we have today. Weak and neutered.

        • Israel? The gay capitol of the planet is the city of Tele Avive that throws the biggest gay party on the planet every year with Israel being the woke capitol of the planet. Who’s worse them or Hamas? At least Hamas throws homosexuals off of roofs as an example to others. And the woke? Worship Hamas and the gay Nazis of jewkaraine. Total fucking joke in my observation.
          More evidence of the timeline being manipulated as the circus is accelerating.
          Its seriously like the movie the hunger games.

          • None of this is the fault of Americans since America is occupied by an enemy power that hates us. From the Federal reserve to the MIC to the courts right down to the local level. Dont forget big pharma. Perhaps set up to be like this from the beginning. I am with my friend San Fransisco truth that we have a beast running the show. Jack calls it an entity.

            My pal San Fransisco truth is off line because as he lives in San Fransisco he is being harassed at work and when he goes out by Jews who run the place. He has no money and needs his work as a carpenter to survive. So, hes gone now. And with that kind of power how can anyone win? No I dont blame Americans I blame the beast and its servants.

  3. As the sun sets on the West it rises in the East. Behold eastern Europe and Asia and you will see us for what we are, the Ugly Americans. At this point I’m sorry to say the only thing worse than having to look at Americans is to live with them…

    • I should combine this with what I have written today, but I guess I was a little bit, trigger-happy.

      Anyway, thx for posting this.

      Cheers brother!

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