World Health Organization, WEF, and DC get the middle finger. If you live in a country with representative government it is time to tell your representatives “We will not comply!” Some people do get it. This article shows what I think the term think global:act local is about.

The globalists must be shut down.

World Health Organization gets the middle finger!
Think Global Act Local

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  1. free speach is onder attack on jack heart….however the box lets me type so I will ty[e type type type ty[e type

    As I said free speech is under attack. Jack Heart has a meme. they are a bunch of mother fuckers.

    They sent out a helocopter to watch me the other nite on my daily 56 mile ride. to keep in shape, It hovered over me at nite as I finished a beer wiped them the fucking bird.

    The fucking middle finger, displayed it prominately, upwards in their dirrection….

    • I told you you’re a celebrity nine, 200 thousand plus people a month from all over the world can’t be wrong. They once parked a blimp over my terrace in Babylon with an eye on it for over a month. It’s best not to give them the finger though. Smile and wave at them, when the time comes, we will make them eat their own children…

      • Jack, me thinks that they already won. Look at the average vaxxed up merican that goes along with not even a question nearly a trillion dollars given to foreign powers as wages for their children plumet because of the inflation these policies cause. It is most deserved however, we are the remnant.
        Notice I said foreign power? Just getting in compliance with the new laws since one is not allowed to criticize that certain entity that came from those Russian Stepps.
        Rather as an Evangelical, we embrace them and await our cut of the pie. However, no cut will be coming unless you are ultra special like our “representatives” in DC.

        • Speaking of the vaxxed masses, my Jewish cycling pals are the most compliant with their women firmly in control of any narrative like the notion of daring to question the science of vaxxination. How dare you! At my Jewish bicycle shop a poor woman has cancer yet has survived both the cancer and the treatments as to which one is worse is the question as she is a walking cadaver animated by the chemo and radiation rat poison. But my Jews are most obedient to the narritive. On the subject of Israel? I tell them that my religion says that Jews and Israel are God’s chosen and in the end of days all of them will be killed with a remnant of 144000 left to witness to the world that Jesus is Masiah. They like that part best. LOL
          Actually, my dearest brother in law is way more hard core Zionist then any Jews that I know as most American jews do admit that our favored nation is a bit out of control.
          So, Zionists both Christian and Jewish are all vaxxed and obedient. One and the same.
          And why can’t they have both the middle east and Ukraine? That is American foreign policy In a nutshell.

          • Ah, foreign policy, some say set by foreigners however, it’s American home grown lust for power as Brezenski said it best in his book the great game with the major thesis that control of the world’s land masses comes from Ukraine since America controls the sea lanes what choice does Russia and China have but to build their great belt and road because they want to rule the world also.
            Big picture in Palestine? Once the land is cleared they are going to build a canal and bypass the Suez canal vastly cutting world shipping costs.
            Also, American might right smack in the center of the world logistical hub.
            In the end Russia will join the US against that land of hive insects called China. Some agreement will be made long term.

          • And now? The Army has an endless supply of recruits with the millions of new arrivals and no long term Americans will care if they die in the endless wars.
            How many Americans can find the Ukraine on a world map? And our Jews, funding all the protests on college campuses and why? It will be game over if Americans figure out the game but no worries, the vaxxines fixed that problem since our funvax is an obedience treatment.
            Best to ignore it all and find an area of like minded folk number one getting out of any large American city.

          • Look at the protesters on any merican campus.
            Love the vaxxine, LGBTQ+, and the Ukraine war and the hatred of white people.
            I am supposed to support that Jack? They can have Palestine then we will have some fine beach front property and a canal and then less for merican jews to bitch about. A win win.
            Seriously, they can all shut the fuck up, have their fine neighborhoods and Synagogues as we don’t care what they do.

  2. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, or whatever the F%^& his name really is has no medical training, he is a card-carrying terrorist from Ethiopia by trade. Bill Gates has hired him to kill you, a job for which I have no doubt he is eminently qualified to do. Guys like Gates only hire the very best. The fact that there are people in DC that entertain ideas of doing anything other than killing him with a drone strike just goes to show that there is no future for the American people if they continue to allow DC to exist.