“The Jews who obviously own and control the US Government sent the old Jew Janet Yellen and Anthony Blinkin to wag their Jewish fingers at Chinese leader Xi for outproducing the US in Green Technology such as Solar Panels and Lithium Batteries. Its not hard to do because we don’t produce Solar Panels and Lithium Batteries in anything but negligible quantities.

If the Jews who invented the bogus “Climate Change” money machine really cared about going green they would, you’d think, be grateful to China for making 80% of that green technology.

But since the Jews who run the show in the West don’t give a flying fuck about the climate or its change – they, like all of the Jewish parasites throughout history who seek to interject themselves into our lives without our consent, only care about money and control – they are angry that they are not dominating and profiteering from all aspects of their little green cash machine – the artificially created “climate disaster”.

So the two Jews went over to give Xi a piece of their Jewish mind and Xi didn’t even meet them at the airport. No red carpet either. No big reception, Xi didn’t even see them till they were almost gone. He gave them a rather modest accommodation. In other words the Jews no longer have the power that they once had to go to a foreign leader and say, “Do what we say … because we’re Jewish!”

The whole “I’m Jewish so do what I say!” is not working any more. People don’t like Jews, except in Washington and on the Jewish owned cable news networks for the informationally Illiterate elderly.

Everyone else throughout the world has suffered enough under the boot of the Jewish money power. We’re tired of “Jew”. We’re tired of the lies that are needed to prop up the Jewish banking mafia and the Jewish narratives, we’re tires of the Jewish stoked wars, we’re tires of the Jewish bribed and blackmailed US politicians selling us out to the Jew money power.

We’re tired of “Team Jew”” – Harry Vox: Jews Angry At China – for dominating peaceful, green, productive tech – while we only make weapons. (


“Piece by piece our “leadership” is putting into place the necessary laws and policies to strip the assets of the Baby Boomer generation and transfer those assets to the Jewish banking mafia who is in the shadows directing the structural asset stripping operation.” – Harry Vox: The Confiscation Economy (


John Mearsheimer is a superb analyst and has a career of courageous independence, fearlessness and has made significant contributions to our understanding of how the power structures work, no question about that. But those days are over and he’s failing in his analysis. He speaks of the Western states as entities with politicians who are seeking to make decisions for the betterment of their state or people. This is an absurd view.

The Western governments are nothing more than former nation states who have been taken over by Jewish financial cartels through bribery, blackmail and garden variety corruption of a generation of “leaders” all of whom have ZERO concern for the safety of their own people and ZERO concern for the survival of the state they lead.

They are merely instruments of a private group of Jewish financial cartels who operate through various fascistic organizations (mainly Klaus “dr Evil” Schwab’s World Economic Forum) which these Jewish cartels have shifted to in recent years to effectuate their gutting of the poor and middle class and the enslavement of their own people. In the past we’ve seen the Council of Fucking Reptiles, and Buildabetterburgers, and other fascistic groups but now its Dr. Evil Schwab who is their front man.

I have bad news for you John – Its an asset stripping operation, period. Its a bunch of cheesy short timers who have zero interest in the future of anything, its just a rush to parasitize the poor and middle class and transfer all asset classes including the single family home from non Jews to Jews. NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT. EASY TO SHOW, EASY TO PROVE.

These Jewish financial cartels often overreach on their rapacious assets stripping like that scumbag Steven Schwartzman and end up stealing too much of the pension funds of American retirees and may even get their own companies in trouble (while filling their own personal bank accounts with stolen loot) but there is no evidence whatsoever that any decisions – economic, military or social are made with the best interests of the respective states or the populations of those states. Zero evidence of such an absurd claim.

Its an asset grab and whatever murderous genocidal crimes that support such an asset grab – nothing more.

Here’s the interview with Mr. Mearsheimer:” – Harry Vox: Educating John Mearsheimer (



This is a crash course for US Military, US Intelligence, Police and other government officials and Investigative Journalists. This video is key to understanding how Israel has taken over all government military and intelligence agencies and managed to get them all to place their fingerprints on what was essentially a bioweapons development program targeting persons with Caucasian and African American genotypes and leaving Jewish genotypes unharmed.

Its not some grand Faustian deal with the devil that various persons within the military and intelligence agencies made when they participated in the biggest crime in the history of crime – the manmade covid 10 pandemic and the big pharma profiteering scheme that stoked and rode a wave of fear – nope, it was just garden variety corruption and greed and shortsightedness and manipulation.

They were all so thrilled to be given various titles such as “Fellow” and “Board Member” and a few morsels of privilege and displays of opulence and some cash and promises for more that the allure of these promises of more dulled their senses and UNWITTINGLY they were steered from the hidden hand in the shadows to participate and bring their agencies into a scheme where Jewish financial, foundation and think tank money steered a compartmentalized bio weapons development program where each individual US agency was approached to become involved in what eventually would become a bio-weapons program targeting caucasian genotypes and leaving Jewish genotypes untouched!

Here’s the study showing that covid was designed specifically to attack whites and blacks but to not harm jewish genotypes:” – Harry Vox: The Crime of the Century – An Investigative Methodology to Solve The Crime (


  1. Smart, really smart, what Harry did here, and great post, all combined together.

    He will be useful after all, but in different ways.

    I like the first part, smooth and clever way to put in the “green energy” argument, and how the video ends…I watched the video in the morning on Bitchute.

    I also like, who he is actually targeting in this video, this is not just how to do things if x and z happen in the digital gulag.

    It is a crying shame he is often overtaken by uncontrollable rage, but maybe he is learning to be calmer and wiser.

    Cheers to All!

  2. Before the Guvcorp moved to prevent any a disparaging word concerning those they really represent, I was enjoying the circus from my view in the wasteland.
    There actually is a weird sense of justice regarding the entire protest against Jews phenomenon. In candid moments, Jews will actually admit that all the social engineering of the last half century or so is Jewish led. In other words, feminism, affirmative action, homosexual rights, racial quotas, political correctness, and lets not forget Marxism are all promoted by Jewish interests.
    One has to laugh. All the minorities that have replaced whites in this country is the result of Jewish power.
    Now, all the hateful, coddled, promoted replacements are turning their ire against the very people who made sure the replacements have more agency than the native inhabitants of this nation. So, of course now Guvcorp must move to the rescue!
    Watching Jewish rage against the people who dare to call them on their actions is the weird justice. Just a little comeupance for the social devastation they engineer, but considering the hallowed nature of this group, its actually something most have never seen in their lifetimes.

  3. tell me Jack, are you protesting for Palistine? I dont see voxx out there either.

    First fuck the joos and second their tools the palestinians.

    The best thing for the average American to do? Ignore this bullshit and simply live your lives. Move out of any american city and build your life.

    • I gotta laugh, was sitting on a park bench outside of Chicago drinking a beer as a man and women jogged buy me with the man giving me the fucking stink eye about the 211 in my hand. best high alcohal corn syru[ brew. LOL

      I gave him my best Jack Hart tough guy look right back at him. He simply nodded. and that was that. He was Mexican and very succesful in the high cost area that I can barely afford to cycle in. Thanks to Illinois for building such fine bike trails and there free.

      Me thinks that this guy will send his children to fight the endless american wars. I will bet on it.

    • Yes, nine I’m “protesting the Palestinians,” I’m at war with the Mossad, who do you thinks all up in the Google stats? POC, VT’s resident hasbara troll threatened me in the VT comment section and that’s when the stats took a nosedive. I want Israel gone, just like Rabbi Shmuley it’s an abomination.

      • And as far as the Arabs are concerned, they are a useless lot I agree. Their over there crying on the Twitter echo chamber and I am out here in the field of battle losing money because with those Google stats I cannot monetize this blog. Not one dime of Arab compensation have I received.

      • VT? I bet your troll over there took his joo jab. LOL
        Old joo vaxxed boomers? All got the shakes and eye problems Jack, since the powers hate them also. Just what I am seeing. And the wierd fast acting cancers that the local hospitals make bank on.