“The idea that fighting World War 2 was a good thing is immediately taken for granted and if you dare oppose that narrative then you are viewed as some kind of evil extremist. This applies to generation after generation. The veterans themselves, however, are seemingly never asked. What does that brave generation of the war years really think? They blindly sacrificed everything for Britain in what they at the time believed to be a just cause. Do they still believe this? Do they regret it? Let’s cut through the post-war propaganda and hear the views of the men themselves. Their generation, at the very least, tells it how they see it.”

Zoomer Historian


2 months ago

“Atleast we arnt speaking german”. Hitler never wanted to replace the british people nor thier heritage or traditions. You are about to speak indian and middle eastern though.




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2 months ago

I honestly cannot fathom how anybody can look at Europe today and think “Yep, the good guys won”




  1. Wisconsin kangaroo courts and the Sherriffs.
    All the same as I bet it’s the same in all 50 states.


    Don’t forget about the fusion centers that the Sherriffs run. They are the local spies Jack, for the Feds and why? They work for that pension. Truth? We have no representation anywhere and it’s every man for himself. Only trusted neighbors and friends and can be relied upon.

  2. My father was in the Seventh Armored division attached to the Third Army commanded by George Paton.
    His conclusion in old age? America fought on the wrong side and that Adolph Hitler was right and being full blood German I believe he had that sense of betrayal to his people. Along with that the intense hatred for the Russians, further he witnessed the stand down of the third Army allowing the Russians to capture Berlin as he expressed that sense of betrayal he felt along with all the men in that army that witnessed it.

    • And at the supper table he would rant about the “God dammed Russians” over the nightly news and of course that “God dammed 51st state” when the middle east was discussed on the TV.
      He told us all about that betrayal of the third Army allowing the Russians to control most of Berlin and the East as Dad told us it was all planned from the beginning.
      All those vets new the cold War was a fabricated bullshit opperation.

        • At the top levels they are all in on it. You will never hear me thanking a vet for their service.
          You served the wrong cause in any western Army.
          It’s that simple and now Biden is going to lift the ban on Military contractors in Ukraine. As I was briefed by my special forces nephew, more force projection exists in the contractors than all special forces combined. He calls the US Military a welfare opperation keeping the worst off the streets. As he calls them all fat and useless.
          It’s all theater in my opinion, believe as you please.

          • So, the US Military is Special forces, who trains the men, with a revolving door into the contractor companies, being private, not accountable to the government nor anyone else. The downside for the men is no VA health care for long term injuries, but no loss really as the VA rarely pays out disability nor provides quality health care anyway. So, good military men learn in special forces and hone skills of war and then move to a contractor and earn huge paychecks.
            They are going to Ukraine.

          • And why? Not to win but just enough force to keep the war going, with well placed pokes of the Russian bear.
            And who wins? The private corporations controlled by jews along with the Federal Reserve financing both sides of the conflict.

          • And here at home in medical? A Crack down on opposition to these policies as the vaxxed up morons will all go along.
            Notice all the “facilities” for the homeless being built all over America?

          • Notice how Jewish controlled corporations can have Armies but normal Americans can’t form constitution militias for our own protection against our enemies both foreign and domestic? The second amendment without a militia run by local men is useless. We need armed men owning personal firearms in a local regulated and controlled organization.
            That is not allowed. And anyone that tries that new organization will be infiltrated by local Sherriffs departments filled with fat useless military veterans.
            To much truth for you?

          • Jack, sherriffs are nothing but cops, controlled by the money power, the federal resererve banking system, they provide the muscle for them.
            A prediction, as cops on ebikes patrols our bike trails, enforcing a 15 mph limit.
            I will out run them on my warbird, count on it.
            Fuck the cops and especially the sherriffs that back them up.
            As they radio ahead, to our sherriffs, stop that guy on his warbird for speeding, as our local ebike cops get slaughtered by a fit 70 year old guy on a quality non motorized bicycle.

          • The fucking thing is in the shop

            Broke the frame carring a load on a rack

            They are honoring the warranty after an investigation

            Like a criminal subjected to interrogation

            Fifth amendment right

            I choose to remain silent

            Only response to any question from American police

            Especially the sherriffs

            None of your fucking buessiness

          • It’s a dam fine time to be in the shop

            Surly or Salsa? Only carbon bikes brake under strong riders
            Never Steel framed bicycles
            Ride Surly
            Going to build another one
            Surly rules
            Transgender men and real wonen
            Ultra cycling is the sport
            For real women to get into
            Instagram useful
            Seeing patterns
            Spirit is old beyond creation
            What I see

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