Reach (for the Sky) by Happy Parrot


I have my share of problems with Evola, but can you truly present him on “Jubi Tubi”…well, highly debatable.

The biggest problem we have today is a domesticated, castrated man, a man raised with no fire in him, he does not know how to be a man.

He has never seen a true man, like a dysfunctional stalker he just reads and fantasizes about him, he experiences a total man as an embodiment and representation of some mythical figure lost in the dualistic haze of a modern built dystopian landscape.

He never experienced the love of a true woman either, so it is easier for him to blame her, even hate her for what she has become, because of his, own inability to manifest himself, present himself in front of the eyes of the world as the masculine norm/axis or standard of unconquered embodiment of manly soul…

Yes, she carries a part of the blame, but man is a sturdy build compass, and the woman, if she is a true woman, will become his unquestionable north.

Love amongst these two beings who are both willing to accept the ultimate surrender that goes from one to another will become a higher form of partnership and later, after respect is granted and acknowledged from both participating sides an unbreachable unity will be manifested on the astral plane of existence.

Both will be in this sacred unity saved from the ruins of this material plane.

Evrything that happens around you these days is a direct consequence of man not being man.

Natural order demands of man to be a fearless leader, but todays man follows the impulse of self-pity, degradation and he is predetermined to oblige satisfactions of his wife’s unlogical urges.

Which are many times extrapolated in a shallow materialistic set of norms, not pointed and executed towards spiritual awakening of woman in her truest form.

It is true he is under attack, but for a real man that is not an excuse to say no to his woman counterpart.

“Happy wife, happy life “..really!?!?

What matters if your wife is happy if you are unhappy, so your wife can be happy… you both must be happy so a sacred union between men and women can give the most beneficial fruits always swimming towards a higher grade of existence that represents the inner core of the spiritual voyage…

All these crazed women that are presented to you on the internet are the product of a man who rejected his role…he is a subjugated persona, who is depraved of his higher function…and the warrior in him is conquered, extinguished by the modern means of highly compartmentalized distraction.

Is the world in ruins…world is every second, every minute, and every hour in ruins.

Man and woman must rise together above this plastic, lego-looking mirage of presented worldly ruins and see this world for what it truly is…

They are inside but outside far away from the treacherous grasp of these blackened ruins, hurling with all their accumulated might, with all gathered wisdom creating unstoppable force they will plunge into another more potent realm of sincere existence.

Only then both of them will reach their full potential and return to the original form that has been in this realm acting as a meager supplement for both involved parties, forcefully stealing the life force from their most precious obligation-love on this invertedly charged, horizontal, and vertical plane.

Real love, total woman, and total man erase together any need for irrationality that brings deviant force like feminism because for them this is an obsolete misnomer and animalistic form of actuality.

If you watch the video for me this is a milk toast representation of Evola’s ideas, always playing safe and trying not to disturb the hordes of vile algorithms that are swimming in YT’s tarnished ideological waters.

We can say freely it is a lie, delivered with one side of the brain but trying to conquer higher planes of soul horizons, ending in a spiritual debacle for higher sentient minds.

Sweet Child O’ Mine”

She’s got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky (Sky)
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I stared too long I’d probably break down and cry

Whoa-oh-oh! Sweet child o’ mine
Whoa, oh-oh-oh! Sweet love of mine

She’s got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place
Where as a child I’d hide
And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by

Whoa-oh-oh! Sweet child o’ mine
Ooh, oh-oh-oh! Sweet love of mine

Oh yeah! Whoa-oh-oh-oh! Sweet child o’ mine
Ooh-oh, oh, oh! Sweet love of mine
Whoa, oh-oh-oh! Sweet child o’ mine, ooh yeah
Ooh! Sweet love of mine

Where do we go?
Where do we go now?
Where do we go?
Ooh, where do we go?
Where do we go now?
– Guns & Roses

I hope this text sounds good it was extremely warm night 25-26 C(77 -79 F) and I am pretty tired, so if anything does not make sense I solemnly promise next time I will: “ be/do better”

One response to “Modern Man Against the Modern World(himself)”

Reach for the rainy sky

thousand heroic whys

are silently raining now

together with you

make a move

or lose

the truce will only bring

you, spoiled eggs of already

tired, golden petrified goose

unknown rider, who rides

behind faradays wild caboose


catch the kiss of the favorable tide

it is the showdown, now is the time

future is not written in the past

this ungodly vampiric storm

can not last


This is one in a lifetime endeavor

be clever,dont seal the given favor

be the fearless savior

this time, be a hero

do it better

angry written words

can be just forgotten, like a small-minded letter

Together storm the twilight-ridden black beach

nothing is out of reach

all is still there

if you, truly care

feel the freedom

running through your golden hair

no more despair

Kings crown

was never built

for the broken tale of the electric chair

time has come

in this holly battle

all is final

all punches are completely fair

Reach for the rainy sky

bring down the whitest thunder

talk with him louder

sail with your boat a bit louder

live your life prouder

become the voice of living thunder

bring down the pain

conquer the terrain

restrains…(not this time)

raise the flag on the black ground

what was lost,

can be found

Demon with red eyes

must be slain

he must feel…

no more pain

No more black,

stalking days,

no more

upside down,

falling black rain

When the sky is again impossibly blue

hear me out

maybe it sounds strange, even cruel

ashes of burned-down land

are always warriors fuel

you know these words

are, perfectly true

You my friend

you are finally ready

be steady

It has come to the past

all this vile nonsense,

can not last

it is finally true

your heart is burning with untamed fuel

your voice is thirsty for the last duel

it is finally true

You dont need

one more




Live your life right

freedom is the fight

rest is the gaze

of the stary night

Warrior out of time

there is no perfect guide


about, one last, perfect ride?

Sky is again

hypnotically blue


all your best wishes

come home

with you

may they all


alive and true.


  1. Hillman is right, when he states directly that the Bible was created, and then written in Greek. All the real evidence points directly to this. The only reason it seems at all controversial is because the western world has chosen to believe a bullshit Jewish fantasy for a couple millennia, and like all bullshit, it doesn’t hold up under the truth.
    When Hillman tells you that Hebrew was a primate level language favored by incestuous degenerates, and that their language couldn’t hold a candle to Greek, he was delivering the truth there as well. Now, I’m not a fan of his melodrama, as I’ve already stated, but when it comes to the language thing, all this has been known for a very long time, its just that scholars are largely cowards who are very accustomed to their cushy lives, and they would rather have you deal with lying fucking nonsense than give up the champagne their strawberries float in.
    Especially if they are Jews.
    Carlin was right, it is a fucking club, and you are not in it.
    Well comeuppance is a bitch, and nobody deserves a heaping helping of karmic humble pie as much as the cocksuckers who tune this engine of society.
    News is, its on the way.
    Now that we got George Soros out of the white house, looks like they’re planning to bring him right back in again. This will go well, just like it already has.
    Fuck it.
    Mankind is set to rediscover relationship with the natural world. I mean set. This means, to those of you who want to know, that the Gods, Ioten, and the Norns have an escape clause built into the disaster plan. Its gonna suck, but like they used to say, “embrace the suck”.
    We got our star, baby, that’s all that matters for now.

    • God Dam MK, as you tell it like it is, as our dearest black folk say, mother Fucker with fucker capitalized. LOL

      I see many things, one being the term mother Fucker

      Son saw many fucking his mother

      For money as She had no choice

      America I see now

      Euro trash united now with Afro trash

      can’t win

      Gospel I see

  2. Wow HP, excellent!

    Man woman Spirit

    Trinity I see as I live this life, as your not an American, I could post videos about our cops and Sherriffs where gang bangers have more honor.
    Well, my best pal, my Hitler pal is having a hard time with the Hillman videos on the subject of the fraudulent Greek texts used to make the Church’s Jesus story and to write the Bible and that all those supposed holy writings were all frauds. As I ask him who was Jesus? As he returns to the Bible like a dog to its vomit. Next up that mormon Bible scholar that I turned off after 10 minutes.
    Hillman translated the texts as written for us as how can you have a problem with this? It’s all bullshit yet there was a Jesus figure and a proper story but us peasants are not privy to it.

    • The biggest story here? That all the Christian “greek” texts are fraudulent as the top Jesuit scholar has pointed out, documented by many Jack Heart articles.
      Glad your behind a paywall as perhaps like the Bible says don’t cast pearls before swine.
      The Hitler pal had a gasket blown as he can’t address the fact that his “scriptures” teach what our now western society pontificates top down as who else but our Jack tells such raw truths?
      Thanks HP for allowing my posts.

    • Well Nine,I must admit, I was stubborn… I lasted the whole 30 minutes…haha
      Did you see his T-shirt ” Duck Tales”, yes he is definitively a serious “scholar”…we need more like him..cough, cough.
      I am extremely glad that you like this piece.
      Thank you for the compliment.

          • Well, this is something completely different… the truth is everywhere if you know how to look and have the necessary intellectual patience, often on a slippery path full of leftover bread crumbs.

          • Apparently, the like button on the comments works like everything else in America, just for the record I liked everybody’s comment. Quit busting my chops about the sheriffs nine, thousands of people listen to those on the porch things. What do you want me to tell them? Kill yourself? I think your boy in San Francisco is right after spending the morning on Twitter. Apparently they made a big show about how senile CGI Joe is at the debate, even the most vaxxed up woke retard now knows the democrats have no candidate. Jewboy Trump will ride back into the White House uncontested, and he will finish America off at warp speed. America, has it coming we all know that. Meanwhile the Jews are panicking, there all over my Twitter feed, as Hitler rises from the ashes of destruction to finish what he started and the only ones making any sense, any sense at all are on this site. I really liked what HP had to say in this piece. I got a big one coming up, over seven thousand words already, that should be up, behind the paywall, on Sunday but I’m feeling pretty burnt out today after working on it all day yesterday so we’ll see.

          • Sorry Jack about the Sherriff and cop posts.
            Got stopped by the cops on the bike trail, and a thousand questions as to where I came from and where I was going, as I told the female cop I am riding to Wales Wisconsin, as she was flabbergasted because it was over twenty miles from where we were. She didnt believe me till I showed her my GPS data, With over 40 miles on it with 30 to go to finish the ride.
            Next time I will outrun them. No chance to catch me even with ebikes. LOL
            Fat cops with a hundred pounds of equipment on the ebike, like a fucking suv.