Hitler on the Jews Edited Translated and Introduced by Thomas Dalton PhD, contributed by Happy Parrot



“That Adolf Hitler spoke out against the Jews is banal in the extreme. But that this is the first book ever to compile his remarks on the Jews is nothing short of astonishing. Of the thousands of books and articles written on Hitler, World War Two, and the Holocaust, virtually none of them quote Hitler’s exact words on the Jews—virtually none.

The reason for this is clear: Those in positions of influence in media, government, and universities have an incentive to present a simplistic and highly sanitized picture of Hitler as an insane Jew-hater, a blood-thirsty tyrant, and the embodiment of evil. This caricature of the truth is extremely useful—if for no other reason than to batter all “racists,” “neo-Nazis,” “anti-Semites,” “bigots,” and generally anyone unfriendly to Jewish, Zionist, or Israeli interests.

This caricaturization, in turn, only works if the public is presented with a carefully controlled and manipulated view of Hitler’s take on the Jews. His real words and his actual ideas are far more complex and sophisticated than most authorities would like you to think. Hitler was an intelligent and well-read man. He had a broad and largely accurate knowledge of history, culture, religion, human biology, and social evolution. His knowledge, depth, and insight put to shame most any present-day world leader.

But this fact does not suit those in power today. They need the public to think of him as a semi-literate, foaming-at-the-mouth demagogue. And to accomplish this goal, they need to ensure that no one reads his actual words. Until now, they have succeeded.

Now, for the first time, this objective has been defeated. Here, one can read nearly every idea that Hitler put forth about the Jews, in considerable detail and in full context.

This book is not merely of historical interest. It’s not just for experts and specialists in World War Two. Hitler’s analysis of the Jews, though hostile, is erudite, detailed, and largely aligns with events of past decades. There are many lessons here for the modern-day world.”


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  1. It was clearly revealed 48 years ago, by a highly advanced & evolved human being, whose ancient history on Earth traces back millions of years, who stated that, until this fraudulent religeon of the hebrons is finally dissolved, there will no be peace on Earth. This will now include the long dead christian religeon composed of reanimated corpse’s that are primarily imaginary, but now, the spell of mass psychosis has been cast.
    So, who is the Monster now?


    • They say I’m the monster Stan and that just may well be, Billy never saw me coming did he? No one did only Crowley and Her. It hurts me deep down inside to see the demonic realm overrun this world as you saw in the last post, but this world had it coming. Hitler was the finest man who ever walked the earth, and they made him into a monster so now they got the real one.

      • Hi Jack.
        Are there any other books from the Clemmons & Blair site that you’d recommend as “must reads”? I just finished listening to the Hillman video on D. Jones’ channel. To say it was ‘interesting’ is a huge understatement. I’m going to be ruminating over that one for months. I appreciate the thought provoking content you always offer.

        • Happy Parrot gave me this Rag, he should be along to answer comments it’s his post. I don’t do any recreational reading anymore, just research. Lately I do more transcribing than reading, yea I hope that kid Jones is alright, being in a room with something like that, alone and conversing with it, should be attempted only by professionals, Jesuits, Rabbis, certain entities like me. Now you know what’s gotten into the heads of the woke. That’s one very powerful demon, the Vatican knows it, that’s why they got him the hell out of the University of Wisconsion. It doesn’t help but he can just access 99.99% of people’s brains at will. I don’t like the fact that he has a YouTube channel defaming the Goddess, he better beware he may make enemy’s even he is not equipped to handle…

          • Daemon’s objective was to deliver the message, he was almost ecstatic to deliver his jucy parts…he got a wide array of audience. FYI I watched one of his videos and stopped after 1 minute, despicable content for the weak-minded. Then I looked at the comment section and there it was…Quotes like the following: I came here after your interview on Danny Jones’s channel.
            About Hitler’s documentary, what can I say we try to find videos with unique perspectives and sturdy facts.
            Rag I am, extremely glad that you liked the video.

            Thx for the compliment.

        • About books on their site, I dont read that much lately, if I do it is in the form of audiobooks so I can do other stuff simultaneously…if you have the financial means it is always better to choose alone…
          You know, how it is with books I may like one book and you will not.

          See what they have and choose wisely this is my advice.

          Personally, this would be my choice…see how it sounds to you.


          • Yes, HP his message was who’s in charge, nine caught it. And if they ask him like they asked me on whose authority he came he better say mine if he knows what’s good for him. He is but an insect to those on here like E, l’aryen, Tara, yourself and me but he is poison to whole world of the sub creatures as you can see…

          • Jack and HP, that Hillman video was about the creepiest thing I have seen for a long time. And that young man sitting with that daemon? Creepy. Hillman clearly stated by the daemon itself that he was to bring the anti christ and that he will be protected by them. And in your works its well documented how the literature quoted by schoolers, with no date sourcing, was written and placed into these libraries by munks that fabricated it and its all fake. I saw our MK’s astute comment on how that even Greek is a fake fabricated language as as MK says its to “perfect” and as Hillman pontificates how Greek eats the other languages. It’s all BS it seems however, these entities are loose now? Disturbing.

          • Hillman quip about that young man not being in charge was straight out of that daemons mouth that only homosexual acts and those that perform them are put in charge in this world, particularly men swallowing seman as Hillman was gleeful describing such perversion.
            That I am afraid is who runs america.