Jesus Christ, a Drug Addled Homosexual Pedophilic Pimp but Love Him Anyway for What he Really Was…

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“Then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this:” (1) You must dress like a woman because “you cut your dick off because your honoring the great mother. Because everybody loves mom except for Nazis right?” (2) Right up to the last hour when he starts drawing conclusions that Dr. Ammon Hillmans scattered but brilliant thought processes are unable to make the interviewer Danny Jones demonstrates the fortitude and focus of a Jesuit exorcist in extracting information from Kur itself through the obviously demonically possessed interviewee.

“Dr. Ammon Hillman earned his MS in Bacteriology and Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he specialized in Ancient Greek and Roman medicine and pharmacy. His first book, The Chemical Muse, was published with St. Martin’s Press immediately after his dissertation committee forced him to delete all references to recreational drugs from his thesis. Dr. Hillman was recently investigated by the Vatican for demon possession and portal opening while teaching as a professor of Classical Languages.” (3)

Hillman calls himself a classicist, meaning he exclusively studies “ancient” Greek and Roman manuscripts. The same manuscripts that at the dawn of the eighteenth century Jesuit librarian Jean Hardouin, the man entrusted to translate the New testament for the church, a translation that is church cannon till this very day, accused Benedictine monks of fabricating. (4)  

From the vicious thunderstorm that can be heard outside and strange noises in the studio at the beginning of the interview to Hillmans jerky body movements and inappropriate laughter one can see they are listening to a Gallûs, perhaps Pazuzu himself. (5) Hillman gleefully recounts an ancient world of orgys, incest, castration, necrophilia, sodomy, homosexuality, pedophilia, human sacrifice and nonstop drug abuse, many of those drugs ingested anally in sadomasochistic rituals that end with the priestess killing the man; after drugging him so he can maintain an erection while being murdered. It was all legal giggles Hillman.

Painting by Leonid Ilyukhin courtesy of Ozymandias
Painting by Leonid Ilyukhin courtesy of Ozymandias

Unfortunately for Hillman and the denizens of Kur it was also all made up by proven frauds like the Scaliger’s, supported from the rear, literally, by sex starved monks masturbating and sodomizing each other as they fantasized about the frenzied Bacchic rites that took place in times long forgotten. From the fifteenth to eighteenth century, they forged the so said ancient manuscripts Hillman holds so dear in the basements of Benedictine monasteries. In 1708 they even published a manual; Palæographia græca, sive de ortu et progressu litterarum græcarum, standardizing the techniques on just how these “ancient” Greek manuscripts should be composed. Any civilization that functions like Hillman claims Greece and Rome did would be wiped out by a venereal disease after a couple of generations. Just as the Aztecs were on the cusp of being wiped out by Syphilis before Cortez, with the assistance of the same Goddess Hillman takes such great pleasure in blaspheming, put them out of their misery.  

Nevertheless, as the monks that wrote this stuff, many of them necromancers themselves, well knew one can learn much from demons. It was Asmodeus that built Solomons temple for him. Hillman explains exactly how adrenochrome and the lust for human blood works. The roots of the Jesus Christ myth in pedophilic homosexuality. Hillman explains through his proper translation of the original Greek how right before his arrest and crucifixion Jesus was partying with the “purple” a drug Hillman is obsessed with and having an orgy with children, presumably in the Garden of Gethsemane which Hillman is also obsessed with. “Jesus was naked, with his pithier with his boys, and he’s always calling them boys, he calls them my little ones…” Jesus is a pimp for young boys. (6)   

Hillman was eventually academically demoted from being the youngest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin to a post at a regional college due to pressure from the Vatican. Turns out he had been levitating into his student’s rooms late at night and seducing them like an incubus. That is when he wasn’t opening up portals into Kur, presumably so he could give his students guided tours. Frankly after listening to him for three hours plus I believe it. The Vatican is many things, but they are not fools…

The devils in Hillman are the same devils that possess the West, he is the ecclesiastic incarnation of the LGBT Flag, a portal into Kur and the sexual perversions that drew in even the great Goddess Inana. When one hears how he claims the ancient Greeks defined democracy one can very well imagine that Woke has found its high priest. He will tell you great truths, like Lucifer was the good guy and the god of the Old Testament lied about him, but he will also tell you Lucifer was a girl and shout “Hail Satan” to begin his videos. Just like a venomous snake he is fascinating to look at but don’t get too close.  


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  1. I will just say this one piece and be done. I just got power back after more than a day and a half, of darkness, so as I recover I will return to writing my latest piece, but first…
    You will never know or understand the Savior if you stick to the classics.
    Because the classics corrupted the Savior and incarnated, then killed him in the minds of countless minions.
    Q. How can something be dead that never was alive?
    The assertion that Greek devoured every language is not true.
    The great value of listening to this conversation is the crash course in who the players really are.

    • Frankly Mike I don’t think Greek amounts to much if anything at all. I think the Scaliger’s invented most of it just like Saxo Grammaticus invented most of Latin. They are artificial languages which is why they are so perfect. Funny they can’t read a word of Linear A…

      • That is an interesting thought, Jack, that Classical Greek would be made up. I find Hillmans’ translation of Christ is entirely made up. Christ translates into one who is annointed with oils. Oils were the basis for quite a few philters in the Mediterranean, which had to do with achieving a purified state, magical goals, and attracting the help of the Gods to name a few.
        Christ is also almost interchangeable with Chrest, which was a title bestowed on Gods. Isis was Chrest.
        Christ was not specifically associated with The Jewish Question incarnate Jesus until the second century at the earliest.
        I don’t know where he gets this stuff about annointing eyes, it seems to be his own way of trying to weird people out.
        I wrote in The Healer about the use of entheogens, so the moral of the story is they had a purpose within ecstatic ritual frameworks. Hillmans interpretation is again, his own.
        Somewhat refreshingly he is telling the truth about a lack of translations of a significant amount of Greek texts. The primary reason for this is the wide possibility of meaning. In order to accurately translate, scholars need to constantly reference similar materials. Hillman seems to just go off into depravity.
        I’ve just dealt with a huge struggle that was demonic in nature. I came out on the other side. It appears that Hillman didn’t want to.

        • Whoever Dr. Hillman once was Mike he apparently lost his soul at Megiddo, and he became Pazuzu. Remember Mike we are living in a fucking movie. He doesn’t only have a site blaspheming the Goddess he is whispering in the ear of every living wokester. The Vatican doesn’t make frivolous charges, and they don’t do frivolous investigations, they are more thorough than any district attorney, you can bet he did what he said he did. Besides you know what they say about it takes one to know one, although he is malevolent, I am not. The whole things made up Mike it’s something we all had to come to terms with starting with me. Julius Caesar was my hero when I lived in their world. I’m fucking Italian Mike, and I got 180 something IQ you think I didn’t devour Roman history? I always used to wonder why Hollywood didn’t make historically accurate movies. Because guys like Cecil B DeMille considered themselves history, they knew they had only to best some drunken monk primitives…

          • I gotta say that Hillman, quite frankly, reminds me of so many Christians I had the great fortune to deal with growing up. I see it in them today. They are convinced they know it all, but even he admits their knowledge and understanding is severely lacking.
            I didn’t watch the whole thing. I think a lot of it was theatrics. I wish people like him who are in unique places to contribute would stop using their position to indulge their inner nasty. This is a very big problem with mankind, right now.
            Anyway, the last three days I’ve had about zero access to electricity. If I’m right, and some of those demonic forces have been dealt with, I should have enough juice to complete my latest piece some time this weekend.

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    • What my readers who have not read the Talmud are unaware of is demons have their own theological school. I am, just trying to bring that to them with this. Demonic level of scholarship far surpasses any human scholarship, but it does not surpass my own. Now that I have made my point with the text and the comment we can move on to Hitler, unless Dr. Hillmen or even a stand-in would like to challenge and be de-pants and verbally sodomized?

  3. Thanks Jack for publishing this, even though extremely disturbing.
    Watching the Evangelicals and locally what is being done to one of the finest families, my family I have come to the conclusion that the Jesus of these Evangelicals is a beast exactly as portrayed by that pervert in those videos.
    And they support the biggest beast, tRump as they worship the ground he walks on.
    What more is there to say? Except that everything in this world is backwards just like the Jesus of this realm being a monster.

    • Hillman even said at the beginning of the video while at Meggedo Israel that he was visited by demons inhabiting the sleeping bodies of his colleagues at that Kibbutz he was working at. The purpose for him by these demons was to bring about the anti Christ. So, as our Jack points out all of the texts Hillman uses are fake, written as our Jack says by pedophile monks 500 years ago and that democracy according to hillman? Perfect woke ideologues for the transgender movement which is the beast anti christ system if their ever was one. In conclusion the jesus that runs this world is a pedo monster. Look around.
      And the blasphemous idea about the Goddess and sexual perversion as one could almost say that Hilmans version of the Goddess is male interpreted putting such proclivities upon her. Don’t know what else to say but I looked into Kur today and was disturbed by the vision. Worship the mother by castrating yourself. He made repeated comments about homosexual acts, and when the interviewer said I have no interest in that Hillman proclaimed “that’s why you’re not in charge” with a diabolical laugh.

  4. Kur

    In Sumerian mythology, Kur is a monstrous dragon with scaly body and massive wings.

    KUR, as a word, can also refer to a variety of other things. Cuneiform KUR historically means “mountain” but came to refer to “land” in general and as a determiner is placed before the name of a state or kingdom (see also URU). The Assyrian pronunciation is mât.

    Kur personifyies the home of the dead, Hell, the “river of the dead”, and the void space between the primeval sea (Abzu) and the earth (Ma).

    Ereshkigal spoke to Kur when she found him isolated in the Underworld.

    I am not afraid of you. Of any of you’ she said out loud, and she meant it. ‘ You are my half brother, Kur, and so are the dark little ones. And somehow I feel there is beauty within you all, even if you and others don’t have eyes to see. But I have. Dive into your Essence, brother, search for the seed that brought you, me and all into being. I also came from that seed. There you will find what unite us, what make us One of a Kind with the One who is All Kinds.
    All the Final Secrets are now wide open, and stand clarified at last. When the Purple Haze is in your brain, many things don’t seem the same. Not necessarly stoned, but beautiful. Fuck this little earth nizzer.

    • This all goes back to Sumer, in the days before there were any Europeans. It’s important to remember that when someone tells a lie, if they are not an imbecile, they know they are lying. They know the truth. Culturally Europeans are rooted in Mesopotamia, not Rome and Greece and the ruins that were used to fabricate those civilizations. As the pope’s “historians” tell us of his Greeks and Romans the Sumerians had no heaven for mortals. They believed in a shadowy netherworld for the departed, a dark and dreary place called Kur as in the earth, Irkallain in later Akkadian times. There was no judgment for the soul. In Kur, whether good or bad in life, all are dammed and the eternal reward of the dead is to eat only dirt and spend their days in envy of the living. Kur is ruled over by the goddess Ereshkigal. In Akkadian times she was given the eponymous name Irkalla. One could receive dispensation from Kur only by her younger sister the great goddess Inanna. Gods don’t normally go to Kur unless they live there but Dumuzid, later Tammuz of the Semites and Adonis of Greek mythology, was the consort of Inanna and he is forever trapped there as her substitute. Inanna in her pride had tried to extend her power over the dead and single handedly stormed Kur. But she was outwitted by her older sister and ended up trapped there naked and dead, hanging upside down from a hook until her lady in waiting, following her prior instructions should anything go wrong, manages to enlist the help of Enki and his knowledge of the waters of life to resurrect her. But she must provide a replacement; her lady in waiting is out of the question as is her favored warrior and hairdresser so she decides to give them Dumuzid.

      Of course, academics tried to make another seasonal metaphor out of this story too. They claimed for over a century that Dumuzid returned from the dead every spring but a recently found complete tablet of Inanna’s Descent shows Dumuzid stays dead. Many scholars believe Dumuzid is the prototype model for Jesus…

      Much like Xibalba, the Mayan place of the dead, Kur is the home of fearsome entities like Lamashtu the demonic blood drinking daughter of Anu. Anunnaki very simply means offspring of Anu, just like Elohim means offspring of El. It cannot be understood as anything but an indication of a god of the highest rank. Seven Anunnaki judge Inanna for her ill-advised assault on Kur. Cuneiform was not deciphered till the mid nineteenth century so all translations including Zecharia Sitchin’s are suspect.

      The marauding Lamashtu fears no god and can only be ordered back to Kur by Pazuzu, the devil of The Exorcist movies and an even more maleficent entity than herself. Pazuzu, with his snake headed penis, is likely a later Assyrian incarnation of Nergal the Sumerian god of pestilence and war.

      In Sumerian eschatology, Nergal is the husband of Ereshkigal because he apparently is the only one who can satisfy her sexually. When the gods give a banquet for Ereshkigal, she sends an envoy in her place because she cannot leave Kur. Nergal disrespects the envoy and is summoned to Kur by Ereshkigal so she can kill him for the slight. Nergal accepts the challenge and brings with him a contingent of fourteen demons. When the two do meet he ends up violently dethroning her and more or less slapping her around. He had been advised by Enki to take no offerings from her and not to have sex. But he finds the seduction irresistible and for six days neither comes up for air, thus sealing a marriage literally made in Hell. Kur has an intelligence and powers all its own. Ereshkigal, originally ‘Lady of the Great Earth,’ has been abducted by Kur and forced to become its queen. When Enki sets out to avenge the abduction he is repelled by Kur itself. It is these powers that Inanna wanted for herself. That they are sexual in nature is spelled out in the ancient Sumerian hymn Inanna and Utu.

      Inanna, who would become the goddess of sex, originally knew nothing about it. She begs her brother Utu to take her down to Kur where she may taste the fruits of the vegetation that grows there and gain knowledge of the deepest carnal secrets. He does and she becomes the goddess of sex. (37) Kur is also the home of the Gallûs, malevolent entities believed to be seven in number perhaps corresponding to the seven Anunnaki who judge Inanna. They are answerable to no gods and feared by all of them. They snatch the souls of the dead and deposit them in Kur. It is the Gallûs that follow Inanna up from the underworld and demand she supply them with a substitute, which she does when she gives them Dumuzid whom they gleefully drag down to Kur to torture for all eternity.