Here’s your beloved police, Kings Park, June 2020, doing what they do best, protecting their pensions. The only thing that stopped the hateful Black malcontents from all catching beatings, some of them did anyway, was these porkchops in blue. They would do it three more times, when Blacks led by their Jewish Lesbian warlords dispatched by the “Board of Education,” returned to Kings Park, disrupting working class White neighborhoods and closing down businesses for the night. Whites, many of them off duty cops and their sons, were threatened with arrest if they did not disband while Blacks and their fat dyke Jew commanders were given a police escort all through the neighborhood as they chanted about White privilege. When I questioned one cop about their behavior, and he was Black although he had no use for what he was doing, he simply told me that they were under orders to protect the BLM protestors at all costs. Anyone professing to be law enforcement, not under the authority of the sheriff, is a mercenary for the forces of evil which have clearly taken over America and are hellbent on White genocide. Remember that the next time you see Orange Jesus performing group fellatio on the Patrolman’s Malevolent Association…

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  1. This might sound weird, or bizarre, but when it comes to deep human nature, nothing is ever truly taught as much as enforced.
    Children born at this time are fully imprinted by the cast of destiny as they are born. A society that knows not its own truth, but simply practices duplicity can use various methods to force compliance, even create an atmosphere where people act as if they desire such an environment. For those who trace their origin to a borrowed spirit, this is perhaps as good as it gets, but its not working, and as the new Aeon gains strength, it will work even less.
    If one is concerned about how to not allow borrowed spirits to run amok, the answer lies in no longer worshipping them, and turning them loose to act their base urges with impunity.
    There is a certain satysfaction to stuffing everyone into a box, and using a sledgehammer to make them all fit, but this has been done before, and the hive mind habit no longer fits.
    Society, and those who run it will either courageously seek to move in line with destiny, and the humanity that lives with it, or they will doom themseves to the dumpster.
    Right now it looks like the dumpster, which raises a whole series of other questions.

  2. Golden rule…yes. Then as with any set of “rules”, laws, precepts etc. those with spirit/soul conscience will know whether the rule is true way to the peace, empathy, love, that all humans seem to crave. How is one taught conscience when the previous family/culture doesn’t apparently have such. The separations work until encroachment from others outside the separated culture…then what, war? What about trade? Yes golden rule works until someone or a group says I/we are different, we don’t accept your do unto….and are not going to go by it. Is fear of something external the only way to hold perceived self interested gain in check? Is not nationalism or any other “ism” group just looking out for the self interests of their groups culture by instilling fear of banishment, ostracism, jail, beatings etc.
    I pose these questions as an occupant of a planet where few seem to be able to live in peace. Apparently, with all the disparate groups each claiming they’re different/better than all the others, there is little common ground to stand upon together.

    • The ten commandments Phil? Truly dead rules on a wall from that Jewish god Crowley wanted to kill. Totally void of Spirit, Paul calling them the Synagogue of Satan. And to expect America to respond to dead rules on a wall is wishful thinking. I believe the place in its current place is doomed and how could it be otherwise with all the evil done planet wide from the place? No, America will be here with a remnant, only those living by Spirit will survive. Best to view it this way and live holding on to the concept of what America once was with a loose grip.
      Best to leave the cities for rural red areas, get to know your neighbors, live simply and build those local networks of the likes Spirited and become the remnant.

      • Jack said it best about the American Jesus, “dead jew on a stick” because that Jesus is fake. His rules are dead rules on a wall, posted but not read nor followed. The god of American Jesus is a genocidal war mongering monster and his followers demented and jazzed up with vaxxines following a false orange prophet. And like lemmings they will follow their orange prophet off a cliff. Best to get ready now with first the attitude of non compliance.

        • There is good news here, the vaxx is killing millions with perhaps billions on their way out, energies from the cosmos pouring in from our position in the universe just moved into, with those left having their Spirit renewed and changed. I don’t think that our rulers can contain it.
          One thing for sure it’s going to get interesting.

  3. The forced deployment of christianity in America will only create more division, more conflict, more polarization.
    The supposed solutions sold are just that, another profiteering scam. I get extremely tired of watching events that are defined and explained in ways that fill pocketbooks and expectations, while just continuing the circus.
    If I don’t like it, and I can’t get out, then I’m forced to have to deal with it, because all of this is rooted in a fundamental way of seeing the world, a way that is not subject to significant change, the energy of the dying Aeon.
    I was kinda hoping Alec might have a corner on an alien taxi ride to Aldebaran.
    Say hi to Maria for me.

    • Alice Bailey’s Iron Fist Summer School Revival of Endless Discipline, for Hard Cases & other miscellaneous Earth Human Stagnating Slackers, will be time well spent listening & learning from, as it is an intense collective source of Esoteric & Occult published information. When the Christian world announced their title of “Satanist” & “Pure Evil” on Alice, you know it was because she made them feel like ridiculous pathetic dumbasses.

      • Interesting you would say that Stan, because the current efforts to ram xtianity down everyones throat include savaging Alice Bailey and Theosophy.
        I don’t give such wild eyed claims much attention, mostly because I’m more than aware of the hyperventilation that occurs in xtians whenever confronted with anything esoteric or occult.

  4. Great pod cast! Well done.
    I really think there is something to what Jack said in the beginning about the nature of Americans and how for generations America has destroyed many nations and those immigrants that are here came because we destroyed their countries. And to expect no blow back from our actions? And the Ten Commandments ? From that God of the jews? In Christian theology the whole point of Jesus’s teaching was the fulfillment of the law because the law is imperfect further the teaching of the church was that we live by Spirit, where no laws are needed because people follow that golden rule. Do on to others as you would have done onto you, a far better concept then ten rules posted upon a wall, being dead rules on a wall like Jack`s dead jew on a stick. Meaning in protestant teaching the cross is empty. Jesus not physically here but only Spirit is here. The heart of the Christian faith is Spirit led. First I Am knocks at the door and I Am let’s him in, hearts change as that effects outward behavior as when two or more gather their I Am is. Then we have a proper community with a proper Spirit and evidence of this type of community? Peace breaks out in that community.
    Relying on a legalistic concept will not work and why? What do we see? Christians worshiping Trump chose by Jews to be king of Israel. What America has is a shortage of Spirit, perhaps a form of judgement from the creator as how can it stand the great evil comming from the place?
    Thanks for listening.

    • The Sherriff where I live? In Waukesha County Wisconsin? Controlled by the corrupt Republican party, wholly crooked where charges will be trumped up if they don’t like you. The people here avoid them like the plague. All their worried about is drunk driving tickets and revenue generation.
      We had a guy in my little town, got into a fight with his wife, and the Sherriffs escalated it into a 120 man army in full battle rattle hunting for this guy in the 20000 acre State forrest right next to my property.
      He elluded them. LOL
      Including 4 helicopters and numerous armored cars. Quite the circus. LOL
      Three days later the man turned himself in to face literally a hundred felonies, most of the charges dropped, then the Sherriffs shot and killed a guy down the road with no explanation whatsoever to the public other than the deputy was infer for his life. I could go on and on about them. Same people that put trump/biden put them in. No one talks to a sheriff unless they have to.
      Just what I see around me.

      • And economic collaspe? If you have a good job or a successful business and property one hardly notices the bit of inflation we are having however, the young 18 to 40 demographic are mostly property less and renters with jobs that pay 17 to 22 dollars an hour. Rent and food is tough and every day that goes buy someone falls into that have not class and perhaps 30 percent of America is doing very well with another 30 percent doing well then that 40 percent over the abyss without property subject to the rent inflation as many boomers are over the abyss if not in it as economic collapse is a rolling moving non published one.
        I see this with my grown children and how most likely will be lucky to own any property, however I help my children and they will have property. The term for older Americans that have trouble with the concepts outlined above from the young?
        OK Boomer….

          • As far as your point nine about how corrupt many sheriff’s departments are, its well taken but that does not hold true for places like Virginia, where the sheriffs led the rebellion against the treasonous and illegally installed governor (just like the ones you have in Illinois and Wisconsin) when he attempted to tear up the second amendment. It certainly doesn’t hold true here in Tennessee, where election tampering on a local level is traditionally met with gunplay:

          • Spirit I Am can not be quenched
            It flows past even a vaxxine
            Sea level
            As they tell us about a new heaven
            New earth within
            Said where two gather
            There I Am
            Water covers the lowest ground
            Spirit I see
            Water like a flood

  5. How can we make people accountable for their actions?

    Firstly, we need to get rid of all these useless laws.
    When they are as numerous as they are today, it’s because their sole purpose is to oppress and to be ignored by those who have the key to interpreting them.

    We need leaders who are also supreme judges organised in councils.
    Each situation is studied and when a sentence must be handed down, it is in the form of a punishment designed to make people aware of what they have done.

    Do you restrict the freedoms of your fellow man or confine him? Then you are imprisoned so that you can experience what you have done.

    Do you steal? Then we deprive you of all your possessions?

    You endanger the community through selfishness? Then you’ll be rounded up with your fellow creatures and locked away in a hostile environment, forcing you to help each other survive.

    Do you kill? Then get ready

  6. What do you do when you meet someone different?

    You treat them as you would like to be treated. There’s nothing more to look for. Even if cultural differences can lead to mistakes, there is a subtle sense that helps you to perceive your neighbour’s intentions.
    Or animal instinct for others, which helps to perceive subtle signals from the body.

    When a code is needed, it’s because we’re talking to children.

    To manage a heterogeneous crowd at different levels of consciousness, this is necessary because we don’t have the capacity to be coordinated and to directly feel our neighbour as ourselves, and we have to adjust to the weakest links.

    The only problem with the Ten Commandments is that each of them begins with “Thou shalt not”.
    Now try telling that to a child and see what they try to do next – exactly the opposite.
    It’s not the right way.

    There are two major problems that we are facing and that are being exploited against us:

    The divergence in levels of consciousness that we are being asked to ignore with the myth of equality.
    The mixing of different populations on the same site with a completely different culture and collective mindset.

    We have to separate first. Respectfully but firmly.
    No population mixes completely on a large scale in our modern societies, and there are always communities despite the hype of “diversity”.

    The greatest danger we need to get rid of is the traitors to the double standard. Not traitors in the ideological sense of the word, but traitors to the community.

    Here we had an incredible recent example: after an uprising in New Caledonia against the French authorities perceived as colonialist following reforms to the electoral body giving more power to recent foreigners and less to the indigenous Kanak people, some French people began to support the Kanak independence fighters on the basis of their people, their blood and their history. On the other hand, these are the same people who are going to call everyone fascists for fighting the same battle in France! And they did. They made fools of themselves by finding no excuse, by saying that it was more complicated than that, blah blah. These bastards are traitors who hate themselves and their community, and although they hate authority, they allow themselves to be completely manipulated by it to turn against their neighbours, who are their objective allies!
    There are simply no brains and even less of a collective conscience. They’re just ferments of destruction and chaos on which the powers that be rely. Agglutinations transformed into weapons that must be contained or destroyed.

    • I’ve had it up to my fists with hearing about White colonialism, from these filthy Jews and their mentally deficient Trotskyite dupes. Starting with Trotsky himself one must be a myopic narcissist, completely ignorant of the world around them, to swallow one word of it, to go along with swallowing the semen of another man which seems to be a sacrament with Trotsky’s toadish cult. The French colonialism in Asia, I know it’s not New Caledonia but a far bigger stage, resulted in tripling the food supply and the population of Southeast Asia. If fact many people in South Vietnam were fighting for French Colonialism and even today it has resulted in the people of Vietnam being the most prosperous in Asia, outside of Japan. A Jesuit education goes a long way. These people because most of them suffer from cretinism have become as a sword in the hands of history’s perennial villain the Jew. The SS knew just how to handle a Trotskyist, you live by the sword you die by the sword.