Forgive the oxymoron in my sub-heading here, of course there are little or no nuts and bolts in my interdimensional experience. It’s always a comfort when someone comes from out of left field and nails a description of something you have stived to explain for decades so I need to thank Anthony Bragalia for that.

The old construct of a strictly mechanistic, “nuts and bolts” craft coming to earth does not work. It cannot account for the profoundness of the phenomenon. It is inadequate to explain its many aspects. If the alien is really visiting us, given the vast distances involved, they must necessarily be both interstellar and interdimensional. They are highly advanced extraterrestrials who are simultaneously “ultraterrestrial.” They are at their core physical and corporeal, but have applied their science to the point that it appears to us as magical. We are not yet prepared to enter this fantastical world where the physical and the paraphysical intermingle. Until we change our very minds, we cannot go to a such a place. It is a limitation of consciousness. ET works beyond our framework of reference. We are not equipped to handle the premature arrival of the future. Anthony Bragalia 1st June 2023

As far as I can remember, and that’s a big caveat, right there, I must have spent at least 40 or 50 hours in the company of House. I guess I have recorded at least half of those conversations in the existing pages of Coevolution. I can’t remember every single word of course, and none of it was ever meant to be word for word recordings. Some of it was chit chat of no value to this report, it was just him trying to butter me up and con me into joining his team. A rabbit hole I did not see the value in falling down. He did however have some interesting comments on the state of human existence, in both life and death. He knew what he was about, because my incarnation as a human this time around was not necessarily my first choice. So, there was a tender spot in my presented resistance to his rhetoric, and he played on it to a degree that I half expect was genuine in his understanding of all things spiritual. This is just my opinion of course, was what he said factual, or was it what I half suspected, and maybe wanted to hear? Maybe I’ll have to wait for the next death sequence in my own life to find out.

I’ve read all the literature by your so-called experts on reincarnation, House said, trouble is this scenario does not hold water if you care to think about it deeply enough. The only ones commenting in this research all tell more-or-less the same story, which if you think about it is impossible. Take you for instance, he suggested, referring to myself. Did you come from a local pod hoping to learn how to be a good guy by a thousand or more reincarnations in the only school in town? Of course you didn’t, he suggested, answering his own question. You fucked up when you arrived here and died, you resisted reincarnation for millions of years, because you had been briefed not to go there, and the only reason you relented these last few times is because you arranged with your buddies, by other means, for a time loop pick up. I suspect you knew the possibility of things going wrong, even before you said goodbye to your friends, way back whenever. How many attempts did it take for them to actually find you after all that time? He asked.

They were close the time before this, I answered, but the atomic blasts made it impossible to be accurate enough to pinpoint an intersect. The time-lines looked like spaghetti junction, or so I was told.

Ha! Yes I’m not surprised, House commented.

I can’t begin to tell you how naive I was a few generations ago, but perhaps that was a good thing. I did not come into this debate with a fixed mind set, or an agenda. I do have to say though I would prefer I have this all wrong. The belief system held by many who call themselves experts in the field, is far more pleasant to contemplate than my own suspicions of another reality altogether.

I’ve always been adventurous and inquisitive; I’ve also been very lucky. Lucky to still be alive, lucky to have had a great life with very few regrets. However, my conclusions after more than seven decades of inquisitiveness and luck has left me with a suspicion that nothing is as it appears to be. Not even the theories of the open-minded new age scholars, which include many that have delved into the subjects of life between lives and reincarnation. Why do I doubt them you may ask?

The subject of propaganda has risen to new hights since covid 19 appeared on the scene. Although thinking back to the supposed Apollo moon landings of the late 60’s, and events around 911, I suspect what I’m about to discuss is going to find the same resistance to belief as from the mainstream thinkers of then and now on those subjects. To understand propaganda from the perspective I am about to narrate, you must at least understand it at a base course level in the everyday world. Propaganda is always served up with an agenda, and sometimes it’s not always negative. During the world wars propaganda was served up from all sides, often just to make the population feel good, and that the conflict would soon be over, and their loved ones would be coming home safe and sound, sooner rather than later. Moral had to be maintained, just as you might never want to tell your best friend she looks hideous in that dress. At a deeper level, you also need to know the people in charge of the propaganda machine are recruited from among the sharpest minds on the planet, they are always trying to out-think you. Sure, they never fool everyone, but you can be assured they fool the greater majority, which means if you manage to see though the lies you are mostly alone or in a very small group. What’s more the believing masses will try to tear you apart if you dare to upset their dream state. This can also be called social engineering, whatever way you look at it, it’s all about getting people to believe what you want them to believe. You punish the decentres and reward the followers. Sadly, it seems to work.

Ok, so now let’s take this to a much higher level. Now we are talking reincarnation. The common belief here is that we chose our current life and will feely choose all those lives that may follow. Notwithstanding some are horrendous and cruel or barbaric! Full of pain and grief and suffering. All this to build a stronger more robust soul so that can go on and do great things in the future. Rather like sending your only Son off the fight in a barbaric war, in which he will watch his best friend have his head blowen off, or his guts spread far and wide right in front of him, just for the sake of the homeland and the security of the wealthy bankers who of course fund these wars, so they can go on for as long as possible. Yes, rather like the war in the Ukraine at this very moment. Do you really think you would choose to be raped and tortured, born with no eyes, arms or legs, to become a better person in the spirt world? It all sounds like propaganda to me! Remembering the ones who write the story book of your next life are far cleverer than you could ever imagine. Follow the light, I think not! Just because all your friends are waiting for you with open arms on the other side, sounds a bit like all those suckers who got the covid jab, all waiting to welcome you into the fold after you have gotten yours. Follow the crowd, well I never have, so why would I choose to do it in the spirt realm. See the light and run Forest run.

One of the best pieces of propaganda ever devised on this planet is the invention of the religious cults. Just look at all the death and destruction and suffering they have managed to create in their short history. That said maybe there are some very interesting snippets of possible truths hidden in the pages of the holy scriptures. If we continue to turn everything presented to us upside down, in an attempt to find a morsal of truth here and there. Perhaps the fallen angles had gotten sick of selling a lie to the human race and had decided to come clean to the fact heaven is a corrective facility, to put people back in their place after a life on earth where they might have actually started to wake up to the big lie. So now we have another question to ask, why would the human race be condemned to perpetual lives of pain and suffering? For a possible answer to this question we need to introduce a new word for many of you, Loosh.

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  1. Finally got a chance to read here. Its all very timely, at least in regards to America.
    Certainly a long discussion could ensue regarding propaganda, especially when one introduces elements which belong to the phenomenon, yet are intentionally separated. I’m speaking here of religion, and popular “ideas” such as the new age and woke.
    Good ol’ USA is a haven for mind controlled retards because of it.
    Speaking of reincarnation, Alec, the realization that life is never truly destroyed, just transformed is an ancient one, going back before memory, which you know something about.
    You are quite correct to say that there is a heap of bullshit that now surrounds reincarnation, more fucking propaganda spewed out by shitheads than one can at first imagine.
    Yet despite this there is something there that serves neither church or state, not science, not faith. Its way beyond the rather pathetic strivings of those who demand we believe.
    Even the worst of lives becomes a line.
    And with each life lines cross, charting time.
    They all combine to draw a picture
    A vibration
    A sign
    In eternity.

    • Well, I could quote you Mike, or have I already. This is the opening few paragraphs of the Third edition of Coevolution. Your words cover it exactly.

      A whisper of memory has me standing there, the trees grow tall as I watch. They rise, they fall, centuries later perhaps. Still, there I stand, the night and days fly past so fast it is never night or day, just a blur of motion, the sun just an arc in the sky. How many lives have I lived in what seems to be just a moment? Civilizations rise and fall, they are gone before becoming even vaguely familiar. Was it a thousand years, or a million?
      As I recall this, it gives me a hint, my concepts of time and life need a re-write, and this story will never do justice to it, I’m sorry for that. I shy away from mirrors; a stranger always stares back at me. I can’t remember who I was to begin with, but the borrowed face is not mine, the voice not mine, the body not mine! Who am I then? Where do I belong?
      Then there is that gentle tap on the shoulder, and I realize it’s time to move on. A slight stutter in the grandeur of it all, and I’m in another place, another time, in another body yet again! And the Coevolution story began in that way. One moment while driving a car, then I’m talking with Zeena. Do I know this person? Where am I? Who is she to be so familiar with me?
      “Why did you take so long to collect me” I asked? “You said it would only be a moment, I remember a whole life on earth, and a thousand before that! You said hold on; you won’t be a moment. But you left me for an eternity.”
      Her soft hand is on my shoulder, she spins me around, and her lips find mine, the message she sends to my head, “Anu, it has been less than a heartbeat, you were gone no longer than a blink of time. What did you see in that blink, did it bring you wisdom, was it worth the risk?”
      “Risk! I don’t know who I am” I replied, “I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes since you kissed me goodbye, and then hello.
      It’s a trap! Don’t go there, they will never let you out. They have built a cage; we must destroy it. Look at me, I’m lost, I only remember your kiss, not who you are. Only the promise you would be waiting, I can recall that and nothing else. What went wrong? Why am I here? What was the reasoning for this? But wait, I must go back, I’m sorry, we must destroy their aberration.”
      So, it followed, that an explanation was needed. Not once, but over and over, until I accepted the Coevolution story to be just a moment in my life, just another piece of a mysterious jigsaw puzzle, that seems to have no beginning, and as yet, no end. Welcome to this chapter of my life.

      • Yeah, both beautiful and tragic, Alec.
        Maybe that is the siren song of velocity, of speed after all, its that desperate ferocity that refuses the fetters of an ersatz reality. Its that need to expose all the fragility, to lay bare the possibility that lies beyond it.
        We can never truly know it, the way we know abrahamic mathematics, or the correct torque to a crucial bolt.
        The Sirens drove Ulysseys mad, yet he had to behold their song, even as their beauty and intruigue drove him to seek his death.
        How can love be so destructive?
        How can memory so betray?
        What are we after all,
        Other than a moment
        In the Sun’s ray.

  2. yes and the first edition of COEV was based around the stunning interaction of another type of life style, with high tech but nature loving beings. This was the main focus even though it had to be explained I was locked up to be interrogated, which was more than a slight downside to the whole adventure ha ha!
    There is a local magazine I used to read because I know the editor very well, but I had to put it aside because it was always full of extremely negative stuff, it might have been true but it was just to depressing to only read about the bad stuff. At least with Nexus mag you get a good mix of everything.

  3. In terms of propaganda, if we extend the concept to your experience recounted in your book.
    Would you say there’s reason to suspect what you’ve been told, what you’ve seen? Half-truths, perhaps, as House suggested, the better to hide the controversial stuff? After all, you said yourself that your environment seemed relatively controlled, perhaps even the beings you interacted with during those 10 days, and that the urgency of the situation on Haven might suggest that there are things to be wrapped up rather than revealed too.
    Are there things you’ve greatly reassessed over time?

    • As to reassessing things as time goes by, as I learn more, understand more, yes this is one of the reasons I need three editions to help describe my experiences Romain. Apart from other reasons already explained, the one that I misquoted early on was examination of my body mostly to confirm the non-presence of any contamination and other sicknesses, in the form, I thought might be described as viruses. This was before I realized viruses such as we might understand them, don’t exist! So, it was contamination of another sort they wanted to check for. I better guess at that possible contamination would be some form of AI. Seeing it was that format they were mostly afraid of. You would have to read the latest yet to be published edition to fully understand what I’m on about here. But enough to say AI is a danger to the living life force and it would appear from my experience it has been out there since day one. And might have been the first experiment by ‘us’ or some god-like creature to build a construct like the universe.

      • When you say AI contamination, do you mean something similar to Black Goo or something else?

        When I reread your appendix on the tests you received and you mentioned a possible virus event in the future and population control, you were quite prescient, to say the least.

        During the madness surrounding this fake pandemic, there was so much psychological and media pressure that I was under the impression that the hysteria created was the real virus and the cause of some kind of contamination. People began to doubt their own state of health or the slightest breathlessness was amplified, with elderly people calling for help at the drop of a hat. Truly demonic.

        I also came across what I thought was an apocalyptic psyop based on a message from the Bible, but I was intrigued by some of the remote viewers who were talking about the year 2025 and saying that they couldn’t see beyond that, with a story about a dark cloud and 3 days plunged into total darkness while the population died because of the cloud. I thought about it again when I read the passage mentioned above about a virus in your book, with the idea of Deagel’s predictions as well. I can’t remember where I read that. Anyway, it’s in the same vein as the solar flash stories, but I’m curious to know if you’ve heard of anything of that nature in your experience and what you just wrote.

        • A full explanation of AI, as far as my alien friends are concerned, is laid out in the next edition Romain. From their understanding it appears there might have been AI before there was biological life. If you want to know what is eating their planetary set up, as better described in the latest edition its simply an AI virus as in a computer virus.

  4. I wanted you to post my latest work, however, as you are in-between posts I thought I might post this as it is in relation to our dear Alec`s work.
    And Alec’s post here is over the top Spirit led.

    “Today got here by Spirit

    Untouchable financially

    Joy appeared

    Most beautiful woman

    Before her peace appeared

    But the most beautiful of women appeared

    Love was her name

    Said this sweethearts forever

    I love you love you to

    Gospel I see

  5. Just an observation here, the creator is on corporeal in nature, a Spirit, we are Spirit in a body, non corporeal in nature, it stands to reason that learning from within that Spirit leads to truth and perhaps whilst living in this coporeal body we bring what is already inside out? Led by that very Spirit that is within?
    Well done Alec, everything we have been told to us is bullshit.

    • The machine has already edited my comment.

      “The creator is non corporeal in nature”.

      And we are created in its image. “I Am” means both the creator and the created since the creature and its creator are one in the same.

      Further, that creative Spirit seems to be female in nature, as we see that trinity in action appearing all through human stories, the three beautiful women watering the tree. Keeping everything going.
      Everything being backwards in the physical plain contrasting the Spiritual plain, I believe the Spirit to be more real.
      Again what do I know? Just what I see….

      • Yes we can only know what we feel and see, and what you see needs deep questioning these days. Aliens are not the only ones with magick at their finger tips. I tend to agree with you Nine, we are our own god, or at least a part of something bigger, as even science suggests, watching an experiment mostly influences the outcome. Who would have though!

  6. Thank you Alec & Jack.
    I’m now re-reading CoEvolution. A lot on my mind and I may come back to it in another comment.

    I’m on the same wavelength on the point you made up there.
    Ever since I became aware of the extreme degree of suffering that exists down here, even though I think I have a relatively calm life, I’ve never been able to convince myself to say that I chose this. And if a “someone” chooses for us, he’s a fucking pervert! Period.

    It’s a bit like the current propaganda that aims to say that the violence we see more and more daily in Europe is just a “feeling of insecurity”. It drives me crazy, but especially those who believe in it! The covid fiasco showed us just what was wrong with the ability of these wretched beings to see reality with their own eyes and to look back on recent history to see where things are heading, so to ask them to feel events on a more subtle level…
    Better to find a nice secluded spot or a gym routine with a lot of reps to sponge the will to slap some heads than to suffer their presence.

    Feeling trapped here doesn’t seem to be just a feeling, either.
    The idea that you can get sucked in here and remain trapped as if in a spider’s web once you’re dead on the spot is something MetallicMan also discusses, and it resonated with me a lot even before I came across people capable of articulating it. When you consider the diversity of cultures, the degree of divergence of consciousness in the global population and the animalistic propensity to kill each other, the concept of a prison planet in a remote corner of the galaxy lost in a pocket reality is not unbelievable.

    And all those New Age crowd explaining a 2.0 version of Christianity to us on a little cloud, pedantically saying we haven’t passed all the lessons, hugh….
    I bet they’re all jabbed and jotting down a big ” whoops” in a journal somewhere for the next one huh? If they don’t spend all their time sticking their heads in the sand and repeating what they’ve been shoved in from behind.

    I get sick of this place when I think about it too much. It’s a good thing the scenery is beautiful, at least when you’re not in these pockets of dead-eyed zombie misery.
    Even if there are some good things here and i’m enjoying life as much as I can, I only see this area as a transition place equivalent to limbo. I’ll stop here, sorry if I’ve chosen this place to dump my pessimistic overload.

    From the point of view of your experience Alec, was there so much divergence among Haven’s beings at one point ? Or is it something specific we’re experiencing here on this plane thanks to some magicians, their snake tongue and their mind poison? I’m putting my money on the latter.
    Because everything screams to me that there’s something wrong here at this level. It looks more like an abandoned zoo.

      • Ask Orage after a while.

        People can be pleasant, but the French are frivolous and very hedonistic these days. In the cities at least.
        That’s not a bad thing in itself, but there’s a time for everything.

        There’s a joke among us that goes like this:
        “God created France, the most beautiful country in the world with so many good things, that he ended up feeling guilty. He had to do something to be a little fairer with other countries. So he created the French people.

        I like this joke, it underlines a little our complaining side among other things but today it’s also a strength, a thorn in the side of those who would prefer us to be more compliant.

        • I’ll address this in an On the Porch today. I, probably like most American artists because France is where many of them end up, find the noncompliant trait in the French character to be a breath of fresh air, coming from a country that habitually stamps out nonconformity from the cradle to the grave.

    • When we finally have a final and third edition of Coev, Romain, you will find I trimmed a lot of stuff I thought did not add anything profound (ha ha, most of it) but added a heap of more controversial stuff I though was too heavy for an intro edition. Back then I just wanted to get the main part of the experience out to the world. Also I was still engaged in some activities that involved others so to protect the outcome and others privacy and lives, I could not write about it. So. the third edition is a tell all, much more Indepth, much more detail about everything even off planet. Even House, as much as he was not a friend as such, there was ongoing stuff with him outside the main story line, so I had to be quiet about some of his info until I’d heard he passed away.