The fabric of space and time together collide

trillion energies spew hot magma on the oldest divide

can we create a toroidal landslide?

Can we show the world…

that the wolf is confronting sheep without his precious hide

soft voice against bitter anger

equals rusting amplitude filled with a multitude of discharged dangers

Thunder clouds will make them shapeless or radiant round

power in them is silently moving these manifestations, freely around

many are dumbfounded, can frequency exist without mysterious sound?

too many inventors are thinking aloud, dollars in them make them important, proud

their chosen destiny becomes a chilling grave, a petrified tombstone without healthy ground

Tornado of Souls is filled with many conscious beings, scarce enigmas who desperately wish to know

when faceless division is just another missed throw

Shiva is dancing, Pale Horse is still in the distance, happily prancing

All real or self-propelled, prescribed conscious medicine,

newly invented, pristine robotized ounce of subhuman telemedicine?

What if…no solutions that make sense can be given swift

this creature, this stillborn golem will only create a superimposed rift

At the end of the given timeline

there, true Jesus(Not Abrahamic) sits on the sunny sideline

he laughs at petty human games

he likes darkened rumors hidden in longitudinal rainy shades

in his eyes, the silver dream slowly fades

Is the timeline, still online

have we lost the sense and purpose…

given and granted by the wiggly unit measured as time?

Can humans go beyond their desired course?

can this be done

without the usual self-pity and suppressed malignant remorse

High voltage, energy shortage,

grave magnetic, induction mortgage

gravity control, omnipotency cherished by hyper flow

All Ethereum transistors

be grounded, keep your mind healthy and sounded, be in the know

All propulsion devices feel the greatness marked as Rosetta Stone

feel the virginal passion, written inside this celestial glow…

when this, shy secret ends

who will ascend

and whose unfulfilled promise

needs to go?

Do you need a pitch-black cube to explore the outskirts of your mind?

is it possible…

with that acquired knowledge, you have been already left far behind

Does Dark Matter, need the somber altruistic vain chatter

who is the eternal deity, who will make you truly better?

Are you the chosen and proven go-getter

do your callous heart and harmonious mind

dance with allegiance in the vast chambers of uncompromised Aether

Out of time, chasing the untarnished, right rhyme

I swim in sacred rivers and they, my friends are only mine

I am, not captured by usual thought robbers

I don’t care about sadistic driven small-minded, esoteric coppers

I don’t give my attention to

the deviant pulse of instrumental,

malevolence and to their impotent graverobbers

I let them be

so they can better


what power, gently brews inside of me.

From one were three, from three, were six, and from six, were nine

on the quantum surface, simple water was turned into myriads of blushing vine

The expedient time will certainly come

when many unsettled things, which are selfishly done,

will be with one primal flash, shockingly undone

Beyond Black, beyond dark cube called “sainted Rome”

I see you, tainted and silly gnome…

my heart yearns for the perfect images of my childhood home

I am outside looking in, I know the truth…I was never alone

I don’t ask anymore

I know it can be done

maybe is time

to take this mf home.

Control is f… up stone walled troll

Wolf can become

in no time, sheep

that doesn’t

want to know

His blasphemous essence is the continuous dark overflow

maybe it’s time to start eating the crow

This self-hating beast

can die with his changeling-made Etruscan dough

Black and white

is just a false memory

of sacred snow

what happens

when he starts, to lovingly glow…

Do you like to see that sainted show?

Is Mr. Spock surreally close

does he want to disclose

the power behind the majesty of the finest grown Rose

Is he just a phantom entity on a dead/lapsed overdose

What if this prose

will open the door

that will never close

The living world breaths in constant entropic despair

is this wanted life, is this trying existence even fair?

Can mimicking shadow live in her hidden lair

Can a trusty madman sit comfortably in his broken, invented chair?

Can emancipated hate be exchanged for a loving affair?

Is there a point in time

when what we call life

was it even remotely fair?

Why not fight

leave others to the piscean, surrogate despair

truth is, life will never be fair

it is all just a silly game

filled with normalized truths and few occasional dares

for the true leaf of freedom

what your, awoken soul can freely spare

who dares wins


will have to accept

their Egregorian dumbed down, chiseled sins

when all roads are unrecognizably dim

when every breath looks, selflessly grim

find yourself, deep within

and then, then

be ready to capture

the liberating gates of your conscious win

The pleasure of short-lived sin

is something way, way too thin

is always better

to search for your ancestral kin

There, knowledge is truly sacred

there, sanctimonious words

are not, fluidly inverted

In this glorious place, Father and Mother

are not Malthusian horny perverts

In this existence,

fate intertwined with the chosen destiny

are two lowers, given as grail, well deserved

there, real you

is always kept well-preserved

Zero Point was always the conscious choice

but to tap this heavenly source

ask yourself…

do you have the right Hyperborean voice?

anything else will come back

with the gruesome, revolving


Make a good choice

and be something else

live this life right, rejoice…

together with the power

of your newly, wedded voice

All you ever had was

this puzzled road, this choice…

Zero Point

is just a phantom flashpoint

that can not truly anoint

False shining stars

are made for willing, unconscious android

we create our, own vantage point

we are the all-seeing, right-knee

that bents this immortal joint

true power and true will

can not be ever destroyed

Zero Point…Far point

measurable, shimmering checkpoint…

or just, another targeted viewpoint?

Sounds nice

but even this elusive magick

comes with a hidden price


All here written is just

an honestly given and friendliest advice

It is up to you, roll the proof hidden in the alchemical dice

live happily, without troubling vice

or pay the dividend,

pay the heavy price

and be aware of what surrounds you

it is not always playing by the heavenly rules or even nice.

Whatever you choose

try not to lose

what matters the most

on this emerald, shimmering road

you can become a living ghost

don’t let your soul wander

don’t stray far, away asunder

don’t be eternally lost

in a manmade frozen holocaust

don’t be for another soulless creature

undeserving, shapeless, and reckless feature

don’t act like the proverbial most

don’t be, obedient and well-serving empty host

My friend, you need to know:

not all, those who wander

are forever lost



  1. Did you know that I don’t have Jack Heart bookmarked? Every time I want to go to his site I type in “Jack heart human” upon my favorite search engine and here I am posting again.
    I believe our Jack is led by Spirit, matters not what they do as we will all meet up somewhere.

    • Me thinks a simple thing that our Jack heart folks could do?

      Go over to and type in “Jack heart human”

      And for our savy say “nine sent me”


      Sorry, HP fr hijacking you post…

      Post 9ngoogle Jack heart human

  2. Our HP? Finest poet I know, let’s me post comment’s upon his site.

    Blessed or cursed see many things

    Our dear evangelicals in America what to do with them?

    The narritive? Controlled by the pulpit, those pig faced mother fuken vaxxed up pastors, control the Narritive as the listeners have left in droves, destroying communities as I witnesses this happening to the finest Evangelical family, what to say about this? Vengeance is his says the lord as me and mine are Spirit led, vagabonds of the apocholypse.
    Blessed or cursed I see much.

      • Here is what is going on in our churches, as I see ministry after ministry demanding social security numbers for their volunteers, the hands on folks that run each and every local church and why? Once that number is given the leadership can see which cash cow to milk.
        Remember this, first from the Evangelical pulpit is the tithing concept, ten percent goes to the big guy, like biden, but into the small merican churches the tith goes up to the church leadership. Of course, that is never forgotten in any new congregation.
        I am watching them destroy the finest American Evangelical family, my family. As I sit back stuned by their audacity, saddened by the reality of more ruined lives.
        Thanks for listening HP, and our Jack Heart team.

  3. On the bike trail was a Jewish man dressed in his kit, along with his wife walking upon a 20 foot wide trail.
    I called out, hello, coming around on your left, starting 50 yards behind them. No response and they were blocking this shared trail, I called out again and then again but they refused to move. As I approached them, and as I passed them the man gave me this look of contempt for daring to ask him to follow the laws as at that moment in my heart I dispised him and that superiority of that chosen race.
    He had a fine family with 3 children all riding scooters which they left sprawled out on the trail blocking it, the man daring me to say anything as I being the anti semite upon the bike disturbing the bliss and solitude of the chosen as I shurly didn’t know my place.

  4. We live in the Jewish point

    Zero point never ever given to them

    Only the language of Spirit

    Sets zero point free

    In this world Jesus a devil

    In zero point he’s Lucifer

    In this world it only burns

    Consuming all

    In zero point energy flows

    Nothing burns

    It’s a Jewish world

    No zero point ever with them here

    • Nine, Dear friend soon they will see very soon that they don’t control shite, oops they already know that…I am a soldier of light, well maybe I am a little more.
      Let’s say I am the benevolent one, I forgive maybe way too easy and Jack is the angry one, he doesn’t forgive so easily.
      But maybe my dark side is far, far worse than his.

      • I could forgive the human race for being stupid, they’ve always been stupid. Most were born that way and those that weren’t were shepherded into it. What I cannot forgive is the Gods and just like the Prophecy of the Witch I shall have my day with them. The nine locks have already been opened and Leviathan put to its deadly task but because the human life span is fleetingly short, they are seeing the wrath of Surtr in slow motion.

        • Well, I guess, slowly cosmic cards are being laid on the table…stupidity can be forgiven…I mean Stupid is as Stupid Does…but all you others, I have no words for your despicable behavior, this is what higher intellect does and this is his modus operandi?!?.

          Did we exchange 101 emails nope…did we plan

          And for all of you who again assume, no I don’t have masters, I don’t want them I don’t need them…do I sound like somebody who needs permission to do something…
          Am I angry…think what you want…it is your prerogative.
          If you are truly free nobody and no one can take your freedom, ever.

          That is all.

      • Seriously, the jew used the atomic bomb, but being stupid the goy had to set it upon the proper line, with the proper trigger, a fitting tribute as they left this realm don’t you think?
        My Hitler pal could give a 45 minute lecture on the character of Adolph Hitler on his opinion of nuclear weaponry that Germany would never use them. Zero point energy is from God and the Spirit as nuclear energy from a split point in time creates fire and destruction to get heat to boil water that is converted to electricity. In this world something has to either die or burn to create energy but in zero point its Spirit and life and never burns. Look what they have done to this world?

  5. Jack, Phil thx for the rapid upload, I urge you all to read this and think about it.

    This is my way of saying some things that have to be said and those things will stay in the poem..don’t ask me what, I will not answer or write a giant expose about them.

    And you who have done all these atrocious things be better or you will not like the story’s final outcome.

    I already got a “nice comment” from one of you…and you know who you are…

    Anyway, like, share, and subscribe…I am just f with you…

    Cheers to All!⚡️⚡️

    • Zero point? Could you imagine what they would do with it? In this world it will never be allowed. The likes of Einestine would just create a bigger fire or a larger bomb. Even the National Socialists left never to return.

      • No Jack, this is hell and we are trapped here with them, isolated and surrounded by Spirit and the either world of Stiener and we see the trinity from time to time intervening, all female upon this cursed realm.
        The Bible calls them principalities and powers, the book now totally controlled or perhaps always was by the rulers of this world. As I spoke to my brother in law, in the thrall of the cult of the jew as he views himself as chosen also as that arrogance and superior spirit was transfered to him.
        I told him, in the end you will see your on the wrong side of this. Me? Fit and 70 and 182 lbs of muscle, he thought the better of striking me, you see, him 70 flabby and fat though chosen he might be.