What has happened to the world of the tyrannical god and his six hundred and thirteen commandments, the god of “Thou Shalt Not” as Nitzsche called him? Looks to me, as noted by Dylan in his prophecy Agelina, “his servants are half dead.” Christians of all people have only themselves to blame. How could anyone reconcile the teachings of Jesus with worshiping a homicidal lunatic of a deity that once drowned the world out of spite? No this is their reckoning and the judgments against them multiply with each stolen breath they take. Leviathan has been loosed upon the world of their god and as predicted by the Rabbis none of it will stand. All that remains now is the mop up operation to claim those that are worthy of redemption. For Leviathan above all else is the redeemer. An-Najm or the Star sura is acknowledged by Islamic scholars to be among the oldest suras in the Qur’an. In Verses forty-seven and forty-nine the Lord of Sirius vows to return, to raise the dead and bring about a second kingdom. In the Qabalah Da’at was always the theoretical eleventh Sephira of Knowledge. It divides the sun from the crown of […]

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