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Fitzgerald and Gould


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How the Mysticism of Newgrange pulled us into its vortex

File:Irelands history.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWe were first brought into the mystical vortex of Newgrange, the ancient megalithic passage 11 tomb on August 1, 1997...

Afghanistan Between Three Worlds

Afghanistan Between Three Worlds  October 6, 2020 Conor Tobin’s January 9, 2020 Diplomatic HistoryCentral to the issue of what Tobin refers to as “the Afghan...

The Hegelian Dialectic is a Mental Trap That Only Leads to Self-annihilation

Facebook TwitterRedditEmailOuroboros Perpetual Motion Machine Author & Copyright holder Otto Rapp and Martin Wallnberger Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. First published MAY 6, 2022 William Roper: “So,...

Imagine a future based on JFK’s Dream of World Peace

 King Author’s Round Table 1470   Source Original at Bibliothèque nationale de France   Author  Evrard d'Espinques  public domain The Religious Motives behind JFK's Assassination      Something about...

Guest Post: The Dark Answers to Imperialism, JFK and Afghanistan are hidden in the Mystical–Two Authors’ Journey of Discovery

 January 13, 2022 The Dark Answers to Imperialism, JFK and Afghanistan are hidden in the Mystical--Two Authors' Journey of Discovery By Paul Fitzgerald Elizabeth GouldThe Rhodes...

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