King Author’s Round Table 1470   Source Original at Bibliothèque nationale de France   Author  Evrard d’Espinques  public domain 

The Religious Motives behind JFK’s Assassination     


Something about the potential of America died along with our president on November 22, 1963 that has never returned. And despite a staggering wealth of information provided by researchers over the last sixty years the deeper examination of the JFK assassination hasn’t moved far. Even among those researchers not confined to the lone gunman theory, discussions are still limited to conspiracies between Cuban Americans, the Mafia, the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex all of whom had motives for wanting JFK dead. But when hatred for Rome is added as a motive, fresh avenues of investigation and resolution open and new possibilities emerge that reveal the workings of a conspiracy that traces back a thousand years.                                                                                                              
JFK was hated for his religion and it was well known as his presidential campaign began in 1960. Right wing cabals in the US, especially in South Texas had been historically opposed to a Catholic becoming president. For many who deeply believed in America’s Masonic roots and viewed the nation’s creation as a safe haven from Rome’s persecution of a Medieval Knighthood known as the Knights Templar, JFK was an existential threat. 

14th century Philippe IV le Bel et sa famille. Unknown author public domain 

How did this happen?  


On October 13, 1307 the French King Philip the fourth—who was in debt to the Templars—ordered them arrested and charged with heretical practices. Then on November 22 under pressure from King Philip, Pope Clement the fifth issued a papal bull instructing all the monarchs of Europe to seize their assets. When the last Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake by the Pope’s Inquisitors in 1314 it would serve as an inspiration to generations of heretics dedicated to overthrowing the Papacy. 


Far-fetched? In 2016 we published an article stating that the time had come to stop the revenge and retribution cycle that justified the killing of JFK and received this statement from a self-described heretic: “This country [the USA] was created by Free Masons to escape the killing machinery of the Roman Catholic Church. The USA was created as a safe haven to launch a counter war on that church hence separation of church and state. And yes, JFK, a Catholic, was taken out because of a history beyond his control. Who would allow a Catholic to run a Masonic refuge?  So no, we will not forget and we do not forgive an evil institutional empire of conquest and profit and power. It is our work to bring it to a halt. Not to us Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give the glory.”  


The official narrative of the JFK assassination remains static. The time has come to dig deeper and our books, Valediction Three Nights of Desmond and Valediction Resurrection suggest the place to begin is with JFK’s ancestors and some well-known myths surrounding the Fitzgerald family’s connection to the Camelot legend.  


Why does the assassination of JFK still haunt us to this day?  


The Fitzgerald dynasty began in 1097 with the marriage of Gerald FitzWalter of Windsor to Princess Nest, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, king of South Wales, a kingdom known as the home of Grail mythology. The marriage was arranged under the auspices of King William Rufus the son of William the Conqueror. As a Tudor Princess, Nest’s lineage traced back to the mythical Celtic court of Arthur, forming the basis of the grail legends associated with the presidency of JFK.  



On August 2, 1100 King William Rufus was slain in the New Forest by an arrow shot by Walter Tirel – a close friend of Rufus. Although everyone knew who’d shot the arrow—Tirel was never held accountable. It is suspected that Rufus knowingly accepted his fate and became the sacred sacrifice required by the ancient rules of kingship. Britain’s new Norman aristocracy wanted to prove its legitimacy to the people. The way to get it was by combining political and the mystical power of the Grail narrative with sacred killing. 


Like William Rufus JFK’s murder fits a pattern of sacred sacrifice. He was shot in Dealey Plaza at a Masonic triangle and suffered the Celtic triple death—strangled by a shot through the throat, shot in the back and virtually-decapitated with the third shot. Whoever really killed JFK on November 22—the Masonic Day of Revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar—was allowed to escape. But even more telling is that like Rufus, JFK’s actions prior to November 22, seemed to indicate he understood his fate and he too accepted the role of the sacred sacrifice. Did JFK’s assassination complete a grail cycle that William Rufus inaugurated almost 900 years ago with the marriage of Gerald and Nest and the creation of the Fitzgerald dynasty 


Once opened up to the idea that the JFK assassination was an act of retribution for a seven hundred year old vendetta, new thinking becomes possible. Understanding a deep-state that goes back thousands of years requires deep-questions and the willingness to accept deep-answers, no matter where they lead. We found our deepest answer in the mythology surrounding the Fitzgerald family. 


Royals may control the Historical Record but not our Myths                                                                           

Royal bloodlines claim divine rights because they trace their lineage back to ancient times while most of humanity’s history has been lost due to the devastating wars started by the royals themselves. The seeds of divinity reside within all humans thereby making one and all royal, regardless of a traceable lineage And then there is the unique record that can never be destroyed, lost or stolen. According to faith healer and psychic Edgar Cayce a mystical” storehouse of every thought, deed, word, feeling, taste, smell, sound and intent anyone has ever experienced lives on in what is called the Akashic Records. Accessed through dreams, synchronicities and otherworldly experiences, these records provide us with the source material for the creation of our myths. Cayce described their importance this way,These records connect each and every one of us to each other. They contain the essence of every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. They draw us toward or repel us from one another. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind. They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempt to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be. They embody an ever-changing array of possible futures that are called into potential as we interact and respond to the circumstances of our lives.” 

Understanding the myth process is the path to finding truth                                                                         

Myths have been created by every culture world-wide for millennia. They are the stories of our encounters with the mystical handed down from one generation to the next. When myths are merged with the historical record the interaction aids in deciphering a more complex meaning of history. Joseph Campbell explains the importance of myths to each one of us with this challenge, “What is it we are questing for? It is the fulfillment of that which is potential in each of us. Questing for it is not an ego trip; it is an adventure to bring into fulfillment your gift to the world, which is yourself. There is nothing you can do that’s more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way you will find, live, become a realization of your own personal myth.”  


The Origins of the Fitzgerald Mythology                                                                                            

In our research into the Fitzgerald family’s rise and fall from power—starting with the 12th century Norman invasion of Ireland and ending four hundred years later with the beheading of the last earl of Desmond by Elizabeth I—we were faced with the limits of the historical record. Fortunately the age of myth lived on in Ireland into the mid—20th century allowing us the ability to access a rich layer of meaning beyond history.  

Starting with the Fitzgeralds arrival in Ireland in 1169 an outpouring of prophecies believed to be connected to the family was already in existence. Over time these prophecies became entwined with the prophetic legacies of Merlin, the Grail legends from Wales, the Irish prophets Moling, Brechan, Patrick and Colmcille and the ancient Irish legends of Finn and the Dagda. The myths about the family itself, and especially the Earls of Desmond, began to form as stories in the early 14th century. 

Maurice Fitzgerald’s son Gerald, known as Gearoid Iarla in Gaelic, inspired the origin myth of the family. Born in 1338, Gearoid succeeded to the Earldom in 1358 making him the 3rd Earl of Desmond and the leader of the Munster branch of the Fitzgeraldsthe most powerful Norman family in late medieval Ireland. Gearoid’s castle at Lough Gur, Co. Limerick became the center of the earldom and a home for his love of Gaelic culture 

As a highly respected composer of Gaelic love poetry, Gearoid Iarla became a leading example of the Norman lords’ willingness to embrace their own Gaelicization. “More Irish than Irish themselves” was a phrase used by later historians to describe this phenomenon of total cultural assimilation. 

The Fitzgeralds, as the new Norman overlords of Munster, adopted the mythic symbolism of the Gaelic tradition and embraced the beautiful Aine as their goddess of Munster sovereignty. A poet in their employ in the 14th century referred to Gerald’s father, Maurice as “Aine’s king” and Gerald as “the son of Aine’s knight. According to the folklore, Maurice was walking by the shore of Lough Gur when he saw the beautiful Aine bathing.  He seized her cloak, which magically put her under his power, and then lay with her. Aine told Maurice that she would bear him a son Gearoid Iarla whom he was to bring up with the best of care. One caution she gave to Maurice, he was not to show surprise at anything however strange that his son should do.  


The boy grew into a handsome young man and one night there was a gathering at the castle with dancing. None of the ladies none could compete with Gearoid Iarla’s dancing. When the dance ended one young woman engaged him in another contest as she rose and leaped over the guests, tables and dishes and then leaped back again. The old Earl turned to his son and said “Can you do anything like that?” No said Gearoid. “Well stand up and try.” Gearoid then rose and leaped into a bottle, and out again. There was great applause for his feat. Then the Old Earl made the mistake of looking with shock at his son’s performance. “Were you not warned, said the young Earl, never to show surprise at anything I might do?  The Old Earl’s display forced his son to leave his father’s world. Once Gearoid’s feats were recognized as magical he would be defined as godlike and have to go with his mother into the otherworld. “You have forced me to leave you” were his last words to his father. When Gearoid left the castle he entered the water of the river, and swam away in the form of a goose. 


The folklore concerning Gearoid, the most famous of the Desmond earls, continued to grow. It was said that had not died, but mysteriously disappeared from this world. During the 15th century, London grew nervous about the growing power of the Desmond earls. Despite continued challenges to their rule the Fitzgeralds maintained control and the adulation of the Irish people continued as their prestige grew throughout Europe. The Gherardini, a leading Florentine family claimed they were related. But tension continued to grow in the early16th century as rumors spread that the Fitzgeralds were plotting to invade and seize London’s power. 


For over four hundred years the Fitzgeralds were absorbed into the local mythology of southwest Ireland. Then in 1558, the 14th Earl of Desmond succeeded to the title. His name was Gerald, the first to have that name since Gearoid Iarla. The English had deprived Gerald of his family estates while keeping him locked up in London Tower for long periods of time. Rather than breaking Gerald’s will, upon his return home in 1573, he took on an even stronger pro-Irish stance. Within a few years he had joined the rebellion against the English. Hopes ran high for the Fitzgerald campaign as the prophecies were circulated. In later folklore it was claimed that the new Gearoid Iarla embodied the same great Fitzgerald spirit of his 14th century ancestor.   


From their contacts in Florence, the Fitzgeralds would have heard the myths of Emperor Frederick I, who had died in 1190 but was claimed to be alive and waiting to return. There is evidence that the Emperor’s legends inspired the Fitzgeralds to believe good fortune was coming back soon. Gearoid Iarla had not died but was waiting to return at the hour of the family’s greatest need. It is said that a man passing by Lough Gur one night, saw a light and found the entrance to a cavern, where he saw an army of knights and horses asleep. There was a sword on the floor, and as the man drew it out the army awakened. Then its leader, Gearoid Iarla, asked if the time had come yet, but the man ran away. The army fell back to sleep, and the entrance to the cavern could not be found later. 


Although the 14th Earl of Desmond was an inspiration to those who knew him by 1583 Gerald’s cause was lost and he was beheaded. The great affection for the family lived on, as did the hope that one of them would someday free Ireland. There are repeated references to this mystical belief in documents from the 17th to the 19th centuries as well as London’s concern for the Fitzgerald’s embrace of Gaelic ways in clear defiance of English law. 


Despite London’s fierce opposition, Gearoid Iarla and the myths surrounding him would continue to inspire future Fitzgeralds while winning the admiration of the Irish people. But as the power of these myths became entwined with Ireland’s political history London found itself justifying a war of genocide to eliminate an existential threat to London’s rule far beyond mere competition. To the royals, siding with the people over loyalty to the Crown was the highest treason of all. That revelation made clear why the marriage of Gerald and Nest in 1097 would inevitably lead to the ritual killing of JFK in 1963.  


(Sources: Myth, Legend and Romance: An Encyclopedia of the Irish Folk Tradition by Dáithí Ó hÓgáin, Mythic Ireland by Michael Dames) 


The Alchemy of Myth, Prophecy, Martyrs and JFK    


The Expugnatio Hibernica  is a firsthand historical account of the Fitzgeralds coming to Ireland in 1169. The author of book, Giraldus Cambrensis, known as Gerald of Wales, was a grandson of Gerald of Windsor and Princess Nest. As a prolific writer and influential figure of the twelfth century he was known to work with a mythical sensibility, including prophecy, dreams and visions.   


Included in his book was a 12th century reading of a 6th century prophecy by Merlin Silvester. In Gerald of Wales’ adaptation he presented parallels to the 1170 murder of his friend Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, which helped to explain the nature and the reality of ritualistic murder. Below you can read the original prophecy as well as a following summary of Gerald of Wales’ adaptation of that prophecy. 


The 6th century Merlin Silvester prophecy    


‘A new martyr will be revealed by a new kind of miracle. In western lands, and in the age when the world is drawing to its end, he will, by his own peculiar power, restore to the maimed and wretched limbs that have been wrenched out or cut off.’ And again: ‘Grief will be transformed into joy when sons butcher their father in their mother’s womb. The West will enjoy what was formerly the prerogative of the East, and at the setting of the sun, while the sun rises in its setting, while its light seems to be quenched and extinguished; the daylight illumines with a new brightness the mists of the western land and of the closing age of the world. Orators will come from the East, and princes and principal men will worship the footsteps of a new martyr in the lands that lie on the western borders of the ocean.’” 


A summary of Gerald of Wales’ 12th century adaptation of the prophecy      

                                                                                                                                                 Thomas archbishop of Canterbury the luster of his whole martyrdom was crowned by all the following circumstances: that he personally opened the doors of the church to his enemies, men mad with hate; and running towards their swords with head uncovered he placed the hallowed crown of his head in the path of their blows; that he was killed in the mother church before the altar; that his murderers were four of the ‘dogs of the palace, raging with a fury more than canine, from whom he received four wounds upon the crown of the head, that this soldier of Christ and noble martyr, fearlessly enduring suffering, gained the distinction of martyrdom only in that part of his body which represents Christ’s passion, that he sanctified with his own blood the sacred week of our Lord’s birth….and just as the first Thomas preceded our Lord’s birth day by five days, so this second Thomas rounded off the same number of days after ChristmasJust as St. Thomas exposed his body to cruel torturers to exalt this actual fabric of the church, so Thomas Becket did not shrink from becoming a victim of the sword so that he might preserve intact the spiritual form of the church. These two short verses sum up very well the triumphant glory of such a mighty victory: ‘A true lover of Christ died for the spouse of Christ, close to Christ’s birthday, in Christ’s church. When his limbs had been scattered and thrown out of the grave, he put new ones in their place-a kind of miracle hitherto unheard of-and by displaying this new kind of miraculous power truly appeared as a new martyr.” 


Inspired by Gerald of Wales weaving the prophecy into the reality of his day, we decided to do an update for a 21st century sensibility with one critical difference. It has been interpreted that the prophecy was foreshadowing the end of time and that a final martyr would return to redeem the world. Becket’s martyrdom could not end the cycle 900 years ago. Now that we are faced with the authentic end of time we have chosen JFK to be the one who will end the cycle of martyrdom itself.  


Our 21st century Adaptation of the 6th century Merlin Silvester prophecy  

                                                                                                                                                   John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the slain son is the martyr (at the end of time) revealed by a new kind of miracle. In western lands, and in the age when the world is drawing to its end, he will, by his own peculiar power, restore to the maimed and wretched limbs that have been wrenched out or cut off.’ And again: ‘Grief will be transformed into joy when (the fathers stop sacrificing their sons to endless war and recognize the sons’ right to bring peace to the world. The fathers have been coveting control of the mothers’ womb against the sons’ own rights to his mother’s wisdom.) The West will enjoy what was formerly the prerogative of the East, and at the setting of the sun, while the sun rises in its setting, while its light seems to be quenched and extinguished; the daylight illumines with a new brightness the mists of the western land and of the closing age of the world. Orators will come from the East, and princes and principal men will worship the footsteps of a new martyr in the lands that lie on the western borders of the ocean.’ “ 


Transforming Revenge & Retribution into JFK’s Dream of World Peace 


The last earl of Desmond was slain in 1583 while fighting for the Irish people. Even with that devastating blow to the cause of Irish freedom, the affection for the Fitzgerald family continued to grow and has lived on to this day. As the president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy rose to the level of his great ancestors and won the hearts of the American people. JFK’s dream for a peaceful world was killed that day in Dallas in 1963. If we who believe in his vision can come together to resurrect his dream we will restore to the world what was lost with his death. The mystical Gearoid Iarla and his army of phantom soldiers have already been stirred from their slumber and will rise from Lake Lough Gur to help JFK’s spirit return to the American people at our time of greatest need. This is how the power of myth really works for the people. 

Copyright © 2022 Fitzgerald & Gould All rights reserved 

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, published by City Lights (2009), Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, published by City Lights (2011). Their novel The Voice  was published in 2001. Their novelized memoir, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond was published by TrineDay (2021). For more information visit invisiblehistory, grailwerk and 

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  1. And I totally agree that this moment is a chance that is very rare. Once a century, perhaps, our combined research point to a much larger time scale, or even beyond time.

  2. Well, now the article by Glazyev is back. I had read it before, just wanted to go back to get some choice morsels to quote. Someone didn't like that idea, wanted to interrupt the flow of things, spinning ever faster as Serrano would say. "Say, 100 years ago, the British Empire was trying to maintain its hegemony in the world. When it was already losing economically to the combined resources of the Russian Empire and Germany, the First World War provoked by British intelligence was unleashed, during which all three European empires self-destructed. I am talking about the collapse of tsarist Russia, the German and Austro-Hungarian empires, but this also includes the fourth-Ottoman Porto. As for Britain, it held global dominance for a while and even became the largest empire on the planet. But due to the inexorable laws of socio-economic development, the colonial world economic system, based in fact on slave labor, could no longer provide economic growth." Important observation, the machinations Millner and the RoundTable boys. Then he goes on to praise the model of corporations and assembly line production: "But due to the inexorable laws of socio-economic development, the colonial world economic system, based in fact on slave labor, could no longer provide economic growth. Introduced two completely new political models of Soviet and American — has demonstrated a much greater production efficiency, because they were organized on different principles: not for private family capitalism, and the power of large transnational corporations with centralized structures of economic regulation and limitless monetary emission using Fiat currency (paper or electronic means — approx. ed.). They enabled mass production of products much more efficiently than the control systems of the colonial empires of the nineteenth century." While overall true, there are some inaccuracies, not just in regard to Germany. One, Soviet Bolshevism used slave labor extensively in the Gulag system, during and right after the war all parties used slave labor, PoW, Displaced Persons, Disarmed Enemy Combatants. Two, these budding Big Corporations had an invisible war with the Banking Clans, and the Banks won. From 1929 onwards, no board would be without them, and we were well underway to debt slavery. We've touched on this with the articles on the Bormann Faction. The challenge to this debt slavery system was issued by Gottfried Feder and Germany, which is why they came howling with physical war wand a propaganda that last to this very day.

  3. Yes, Orange, I understood your quip, however it seemed to be important to clarify, especially since I recently wrote about the so called "Noble Lie".
    Similarly, America as an empire has fallen, yet this is considerably different from America the place ceasing to exist.
    It seems there is a great temptation today to equate military action with some type of morality. Such puerile assumptions form the basis of an empire that destroyed it's own justification for existence.
    America was born of an act of higher functioning, and the essential nature of liberty, requires such. Those who trample over it expose themselves as lacking in virtue, the empire that has no clothes.

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  5. I agree, hence my quip. Congruence with logic and intuition, you have a high degree of certainty in truth. Also agree on why would America North and South be toast? You free yourself of the grifters and bloodsuckers, material and mental and you'll make your own destiny, which was the promise for those fleeing European Feudalism all those years ago.

  6. This is the reason why truly intelligent Russian economists have placed the ruble on a gold platform. Russia already controls most of the gold in the world which makes this feasible. What this means is that the west cannot destroy the ruble. Games designed to attack Russia economically merely expose the devastating weakness in globalist transhumanist theory.
    Soros is done. His empire shattered in Kazakhstan and Myanmar. All he can do now is make silly speeches about Xi.
    Part of the awakening that is starting to occur involves the understanding that the structure of western empire is more devastating to its populous than any external enemy. This realization is occurring.
    America is not the western empire. This will be the next step people will take to extricate themselves from the genocide.
    Western empire is already done. The healing required is going to be immense. It's not just the Senate that requires a thorough house cleaning.
    There is a real economic time bomb set to erase western empire. I can talk about it here in orders of magnitude. The toxic cost of the empire economy must be moved rapidly and secretly. We can understand this as debt, but it is so much more. This toxic bomb is at least in double digit orders of magnitude larger than the entire productive economic capacity of this planet. It never gets smaller. It never stays the same. It only increases, and with every increase it gets harder to hide, harder to separate from the profit, harder to move. This is why the globalist transhumanist crowd really want and need quantum computing, to move the toxins faster than before. Keep one step ahead of themselves.
    They are caught like rats in a cage. They don't see they're arriving at the lake for their good drown.
    It wasn't about the pope, or the church.
    Fatima calls her children.

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    Give it another six months and watch it all go upside down right in front of your eyes. Folks have no idea what's coming. If the Russians wanted to, after destroying the leather clad kiddy fiddlers in The Ukraine, they'd be able to walk right in. To restore order, if anything. Or perhaps, as I personally expect, they'll just watch it all come tumbling down from the sidelines. They'll be begging Vlad for a life line. Count on it.
    The berserking mad elephant formerly known as the USA will do their utmost to stop that happening in the meantime. Things are going to get interesting.
    Let's see what happens.
    Ever hear of John Titor? And what he reported back about the Russian involvement in the very near future USA?
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    His end theme for his comment section was find the Jew that put little crackhead Biden up to building biolabs in the Ukraine, best comment:

    “One Joel A Maizel was appointed to Eco-health board of directors in 2013 -" Joel A. Maizel is a Director in Prime Services at Barclays, based in New York. Mr. Maizel is responsible for leading Barclays Capital Solutions efforts for quantitative hedge funds and liquid strategies investors. This includes working with systematic hedge fund clients to develop tailored fund raising strategies, and working with institutional and traditional investors to find liquid strategies hedge funds to match their investment interests. Prior to joining Barclays, Mr. Maizel was Head of Capital Introductions at MF Global, where he provided select futures and commodity managers exposure to an exclusive array of qualified institutional hedge fund investors." Theory -A relative nobody who resides at 1503 e 22 nd st Brooklyn Maizel could be a front man for Jon Corzine former senator and Gov of NJ -CEO of MF Global which went belly up for billions in 2011 betting on European Sovereign debt – . Close political ally to Joe Biden and Clintons . Somehow Cozine's net worth doubled to $350 million , got out from under MF Global BK by making investors whole . Did Bidens and Saros set up Nato and US by exposing BW labs against Russia- to give pretext to legitimate Russian invasion to set up EU countries and currency to crash along with US Dollar removal as reserve currency? Saros has a history of crashing currency by destroying and setting up governments” – tfallon

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    The military is very well aware of what's going on and the non-zombies are too, problem being about 61% of Americans using the Gaurdians poll are the living dead and Putin will have to finish them off or they will provide the muscle to destroy what is left of this world. Never has an evil like what has taken over the West ever walked the earth; it will take the Mahdi to counter it. You and all your boys better start praying for Putin. Here's a link for you, they've done the forensics on little crackhead Bidin's laptop, guys that did it got PTSD, their flabbergasted at what was going on in Ukraine and are convinced the entire American senate needs to be executed. These are intell guys who worked for the government. In it they talk about video of Russian soldiers carrying small children out of bondage clutching new toys the Russian soldiers brought to sooth them.

  13. America is not toast, because America is not a wasteland of usurpers and oligarchs. This is like Covid, a passing disease. The fantastic waste of energy required to improve your prison is not available to the jailers. Covid was their gambit, and while it is costly, it is not the final solution the haters believed they released.
    Digital currency is stillborn. It never will be any more than a dalliance.
    Now, we need to understand that logic is not outmoded. In truth, logic is simply returning to its roots. The modern logic, based on the obsession with the equation, is an intention to define everything in terms of axioms. I've already written in depth about this, but the ultimate point here is that there simply is no such thing as a closed system.
    Thus modern logic is dead, but the genuine, ancient logic, the understanding of eternal principles, is very much alive.
    Modern logic is the bastard stepchild of a general loss of spiritual knowledge. Genuine logic is the development of the mind, to grasp that which ultimately is beyond the mind, yet has communication with it.

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  15. The cycles, the yugas, we think of them, believe of them, that they are things with strong outlines, but this is not fully true, for there is no time without consciousness.
    We see with our eyes the March of the day, and in remarkable clarity does this brilliance reveal the endless depth of creation. Such wonder, so easy to forget, for it is swept out of mind by the invisible, the currents of destiny.
    The usurpers are impatient with death. They have assigned it, they think, as they ape the will of the Archon. Even those who should know better secretly await the demise of what they hate, but it is not so simple.
    Stribog captivates in his circle dance, his energy transforming, unstoppable.
    The God of wonder is dwelling within his forest of vines, making the world.
    Earth changes on hold, as the mighty avatars she'd their light.
    Plato reminds us we don't remember origins, yet our origin lives in this light.
    The brilliance holds Archontic destruction at bay.

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  18. And check out what Glazyev says about the biowar unleashed against China and Russia. They know, amigo. They.Know.
    And there'll be hell to pay.

  19. Sheeee-itt, homey. Ya got me. Saker posts the Ukie sitreps translated, so he's an easy go to. But Duff did say a few years that Saker was a dubious source. Classic Duff knew his stuff. Forewarned is fore armed, indeed.

  20. Does the first one sound familiar, Putin cut his teeth dealing with soft pasty-faced Russian Jew boys thought they were gonna rule the world, now he will build HIS New World Order upon the corpses of the ones infesting the West, run Fink run but you cannot run far enough, you are a rat in the python's fish tank, and I'm really gonna enjoy watching him put the squeeze on you…

  21. "The entire crisis in Ukraine was orchestrated, provoked, and financed by American institutions in cooperation with their European partners. They financed neo-Nazis. For fifteen years, the U.S. and Europeans financed neo-Nazis' training, their camps, and preparation. By U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland's acknowledgement, the State Department spent $5 billion on the creation of an anti-Russian political and paramilitary elite. This work led to the sad situation that now in Ukraine neo-Nazi and neo-fascists ideas prevail, as does admiration for, more than anything, Stepan Bandera's associates who in their time murdered Jews, Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, and whomever they wanted, burning or otherwise killing them under Nazi leadership." – Sergey Glazyev

  22. Saker? I expect more out of you B. He found something from one of Putin's boys he run through the Yandex and sound like he had inside information. Again! Guy writes from mommy's basement. Anyhow Wikipedia has better stuff from Sergey:

    " In his 1999 book, A Genocide: Russia And The New World Order, Glazyev argues that the rate of annual population loss in Russia in the 1990s has been "more than double the rate of loss during the period of Stalinist repression and mass famine in the first half of the 1930s…. There has been nothing like this in the thousand-year history of Russia." Glazyev traces this decline to "the conscious policy of the oligarchy that ruled the country. Its exploitation of power for purposes of personal enrichment effectively led to genocide against the Russian people."[7]

    The book then underlines Glazyev's views of the stark choice that confronted Russia on the verge of the 21st century:

    Either we passively submit to a suicidal policy of self-destruction and the colonization of Russia, which has been imposed from the outside by deception and graft, or we . . . move to a scientifically grounded strategy for economic growth, improvement of the people's welfare, and restoration of the spiritual-intellectual strength and the scientific and technical potential of the Russian State." – Sergey Glazyev

  23. Cyclists? The only bike racer I have any respect for is Greg LeMond. The french dubed him LaMonster. He openly bragged about having sex with his wife on the night before big stages in the Tour.

    You see all the euro coaches taught their riders that sex was verbotin before a race. LeMond? fuck that bs.

    Then our dearest Greg sued all the cycling manufactures in Europe that used his name to sell their wares and won in court raising the cycling wage to 200000 a year or more.

    In cycling the Time Trial is called the race of truth.

    Watch the best American telling that truth in a French Bike race.

  24. It is not in Russia's interest to release free energy technology Jack. Perhaps when America is a third world shit hole they will release it.

  25. In talks with my Hitler pal, anyone who denigrates the memory of Adolph Hitler is instantly suspect of being my personal enemy and of being a dupe of our mind controlled vaxxed American majority as they are not dying fast enough for my tastes.

  26. America MK? Toast. Probably richly deserved. China and Russia are building their belt and road which will be head quartered in Tel Aviv and speaking of Israel, all tech chips are made there with huge backdoors that steal everything. Russia is natural resource rich particularly in oil as free energy released would end all oil dependence and make Russia not necessary at all. We shall see how this plays out however, America is slated to be third world IMO and whom will care based upon her actions of the past 50 or more years? Our leaders have done this to us MK and Putin? That remains to be seen what he is as far as I am concerned. Time will tell, but Putin is far superior than any leader America has that is for sure.

  27. Personally, I'm getting pretty tired of listening to nonsense about Russia. The facts are that just about everything said about Russia should be said about the illegitimate usurpers who occupy positions of power here.
    The information coming out of Russia is awkward, difficult to fit into a confusing series of events, and remarkably accurate. In contrast, the pseudo-news from western media is slick, fast paced, fully interpreted to elicit the desired response, and utterly vapid.
    Idiots in America fly Ukrainian flags, minus the Wolf's Hook. They chew their cud and moo on queue, eagerly awaiting the fourth injection. They lift their hooves in the dance to honour the usurpers, and they will tell you the mooslimbs did nine eleven, and Oswald got JFK.
    Only the worst, the most pathetic, ignore the truth for the comfort of lies. Only traitors to liberty embrace pedocrooks as their leaders.
    If the murder of JFK tells us anything, it makes it very clear that cud chewing America is happy about the sequestration of the truth. But how can we be surprised at this, when we observe an endemic spiritual illiteracy, arrested development, and TV soaked brains.
    There will only be a remnant to survive…

  28. You're not paying attention. Maybe I should just pull this whole fucking page down, I got lawyers who will clean up the rest of the mess all over the internet and if you want to read something by Jack Heart, you will fucking pay for it like everything else of value in this world. You didn't want option A did you? It was to much to ask that the son of an American martyr from a family of hero's be given what his family paid for in blood. You thought you were gonna do it your way? Now look at you, the queen is dead and Ivan the Terrible is knocking at your door. Okay here's Option B, and I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for even giving you one. Here's your new Commander and Chief, if it will make you feel better about it we will have Phil Hunter school him in military protocol, now I'm not talking to any of you faggots out there that think your opinion or even your money mean one fucking thing anymore. You ain't a fighting man then go die, the sooner the better. Men fight, women reproduce, basic law of nature. Harry Vox here has all the facts and he has all the solutions, he is talking to you every fighting man out there who hold there honor and their values dearer than they hold their lives and their wallets. Just Do It…

  29. Dion Sanders. Top pro athlete and huge vaxx plugger now in the hospital having his toes amputated.

    Blood clots! Nothing to see here please move along.

  30. The best way to irritate a cyclist? Don't wear the plastic hat on a cycling event. They will cancel you however, events are on public roads and trails. So, how do they enforce any bans? The police? Wait, why do these vaxxed retards ride in these large groups unmasked and less than 6 feet apart? Curious minds and all as don't these retards know we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic? Just an observation.

  31. Trek bicycles up here in Waterloo Wisconsin held the world cyclecross championships last year and had armed guards enforcing masks and vaxxines. The joke? My pal Jerry whom is vaxxed was not allowed in because his vaxx card was not acceptable proof of vaxxination. The kicker? He is cycling royalty as his family owns the largest cycling retail opperation in Wisconsin. He is totally retarded now after vaxxination.

  32. Well, vox should just do stand up as we live in a sea of lies. The vaxxed are retarded. As a cyclist, I await the huge crashes that are comming at your local road race when the vaxxtards clots come home to roost on a corner at 30 mph. Now tht is going to be funny. Vaxxidents? LOL

  33. The Russians and Putin against Biden.

    At least Biden agrees with Hitler upon the subject of the Russians.

    You need to really ponder your assumtions

  34. When the belt and road initiative is fully realized America will become a third world shit hole. America will be cut off from energy and manufacturing as My Hitler pal emailed me today with the announcement that Putin ordered all energy payments to be made in Rubles.
    Well, why are we burning oil and lighting fires with urainiam to boil water to make electricity when free energy is available all over the universe? Putin is for Putin as Hitler was right about the Russians.

    Where are those Vril Girls to take me and mine off world to Aldebaran? Just an honest opinion Jack.

  35. There is an untold side to the murder of our last genuine president. It's not pretty, nor happy, and it is about the failure of a people. However, this side of the story isn't about secret, hidden conspirators, it's about the failure of the American people to live up to their standards.
    The American people stood like 13 brain celled morons as operatives from the Borman faction murdered their way into power.
    Jefferson wrote that a democracy requires an informed citizenry, but instead of informing themselves, Americans took the simple path, the easy path, and did what they always do, even today, and madly support bullshit and lies.
    Dumb ass Americans will fight you over the lie that Oswald was the one, but these great patriots won't take a moment to learn what happened. They, like docile Christian cows, stand back and chew their cud when they are required to demand the truth of what went down.
    America needs another populist president, one who understands what has been stolen from us, but this populist president is going to have to watch her back, because stupid cud cheers won't lift a hoof to watch her back, inform themselves, or demand the truth from the genocide machine that has their country-and themselves in a death grip.

  36. At the end of my father's life as he reflected on his war service to America in WW2 he was convinced America was on the wrong side. Like Patton came to belive about our ally that Hitler was right.

  37. The Hitler pal and I had a long conversation about the belt and road land occupation deal Russia and China have.

    Said this my Hitler pal did as how can any of this benefit America? We will be a third world nation living on an island that looks like a turtle.

    We will be Spirit led. When our dear vaxxed die off we will be rid of a lot of very stupid people. Harry Vox got that part right.

    Our new american Cibil warb? waged biologicly.

    Always had trouble with big words. Catholic Evangelical.

  38. KMB,
    The change of state regarding Russia has been documented in previous comment sections. Briefly, it has to do with abandoning the notion of despot and state as God.
    Perhaps, a more pressing issue is how the USA devolved from a notion of liberty and happiness to a cynical totalitarian regime.

  39. Yes Orage, we are all owned and the owners are culling their farm. Please explain to me how Russia went from bulshevic Jewish rule to a supposed savior of mankind? The owners are in the narrative bussiness as the lie is the legal tender of their economy. We shall soon see what Putin does. One thing is certain is that you will see little as tell me why are there not massive videos of the various war zones on our planet? Why? Because those smart phones are tied to a military controlled weapon.

  40. Vox occasionally takes a moment to clarify that he knows that Jews like his neighbors, whom he "loves," are not a part of the demonic drama he describes.

    My problem with Vox, along with a few other good voices like Last American Vagabond, is that he is too windy. These guys take twice as long to relate their message as is needed.

  41. Would that be dominion, Deutungshoheit?
    do·​min·​ion | də-ˈmi-nyən
    Definition of dominion
    1 : DOMAIN
    2 law : supreme authority : SOVEREIGNTY
    having dominion over the natural world
    3 dominions plural, Christianity : an order of angels
    4 often capitalized, government : a self-governing nation of the Commonwealth of Nations other than the United Kingdom that acknowledges the British monarch as chief of state
    5 law : absolute ownership

    interpretational sovereignty Deutungshoheit {f}
    prerogative of interpretation

  42. You have to view information as a highway like a road its simply infrastructure

    America controls the water mass as its yet to be determined whom shall control the grand Island land mass. Many say that Island looks like a turtle.

    Forced vaxxines? I would personally fire upon you Sir.

    Why America always has been a very Spirit influenced part of our planet.

  43. Social media should be an aid to real Human community.

    To me facebook is simply a calendar of human events. Useful for weddings and funerals. Facebook tied to Instagram as I love their Instagram story telling App called insta story.

    The Human calendar communicates with the story teller doing video. You record what you see and post it on Social media.

    It would be far safer to send pictures of that significant other by US first Class Mail. For a modest fee, we deliver very private letters.

  44. The best stand up comics are American Evangelical preachers as at least most of them preach a Gospel of Peace. The third fruit of Spirit.

    My problem with Vox is that he always blames the Jew. I have a bunch of Jewish friends none of whom are part of any of this bullshit. The purpose of social media is to destroy real Human community. Its just a personal observation. Put your mask on and look at your phone. Tell me its not the message?

  45. The untold history of the founding of the American nation is the role played by Templars, Norse, and the craft. Today, a great many, mostly Jews, rail against masonry. Perhaps they sniff out the old alliance between Masonry, the Old Gods, and the Templars…or perhaps it is merely their deeply imbued hatred of Gnostics, which seems to occupy a unique level of hatred in that people of multiple hatreds.
    Regardless, the fall of America directly illustrates the suicidal nature of vengeance. As I have written, much of the force behind the western empire was harvested from the curse which is no more. Now that this energetic is removed from their resource, their typical posturing takes on a self mocking tone, where far from speaking of power, empire increasingly resembles a stand up comic with a death wish.
    A new leader is born in the Ukraine, and new leaders will be born here. The new system that is no longer cash centric is on the verge of arrival, and the day of the money changers will then end.
    I enjoyed the read, the perspective of events retaining significance over long periods of time is indeed refreshing to one forced to live through a circus of hype and amnesia.

  46. The narrative is a noun which is a thing to be conquered

    A hill to be taken

    A demonstration of love for the other

    Created by a Heart

    Ruled by her Spirit

    Kennedy willing to pay any price

    For America he loved

  47. In the English the narrative is the heavy weapons of our dear little information war as many are concerned about pronouns which are simply small arms in our conflict.

    Taking the narrative is like the high ground on any battlefield. I see the sense of the Kennedy narritive.

  48. The so called great experiment called America was overthrown by Rome right after the revolution. How so? Before the constitution no Roman Cathlocic could hold any government position. After the Constitution Church and State were separated so a persons religion no longer had any bearing on holding a government position as it so happened with immigration America had a ready to go Jesuit educated people ready to take government positions in that new republic.

    To the fighters in that revolution who were promised an America free of that Romish despot could you imagine that sense of betrail?

    However, America is in great need and perhaps a truce of peace might be in order?

    A Church united by him crucified and led by her Spirit. Who was Jesus and what gender is Spirit?

    Perhaps our dearest Roman founders could share a little information as love is demonstrated.

  49. From Websters:

    Definition of narrative (Entry 1 of 2)
    1a: something that is narrated : STORY, ACCOUNT
    He is writing a detailed narrative of his life on the island.
    b: a way of presenting or understanding a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values
    The rise of the Tea Party and the weakness of the Obama economy have fueled a Republican narrative about Big Government as a threat to liberty …
    — Michael Grunwald
    The media narrative around Kelly's appointment had two central ideas … : He would calm and professionalize the White House, and he would provide a more measured leadership style than his boss.
    — Perry Bacon Jr.
    2: the art or practice of narration
    … depended not on narrative but on intensity derived from the verity to make the book jump.
    — Stanley Kauffmann
    3: the representation in art of an event or story
    also : an example of such a representation
    the narrative of St. Joan of Arc

    narrative adjective
    Definition of narrative (Entry 2 of 2)
    1: having the form of a story or representing a story
    a narrative poem
    narrative paintings
    2: of or relating to the process of telling a story
    the author's narrative style
    the novel's narrative structure
    Other Words from narrativ

  50. The Queens of Faerie were famous for their ethereal beauty, and deep esoteric knowledge. Indeed, there are some who say that the hard edges and glaring clamour of life here resulted from the new pact with the spirits of the land, secured by the Druids, so long ago.