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As the subtitle suggests, no ‘system’ is superior to another, and each of us should embrace a philosophy and the practices that work for us. All of us that are manifested here on this ‘Earth’ are aiming to reach the summit of ‘realisation’, and the achievement of our ‘soul’ development, but there are multiple paths leading to the top (and each of us enjoys a completely different view during our journey. However, the summit is always identical regardless of the approach taken). 

The various paths most often trod always seem to meet ‘Astrology’ somewhere along the road. Practically everyone, at some point in their lives, has turned to their astrological ‘horoscope’ for some guidance. Whether that be the reading of daily horoscopes in newspapers and magazines or looking up how the zodiac signs relate to our relationships and potential partners. Nearly everyone alive (and dead) has sought to better ‘understand’ who they really are…

Perhaps you have read your ‘horoscope’ for many years, but you have come to the realisation that they are not really telling you anything, beyond the ‘transits’ and their influence on everyone with your ‘sign’. Maybe you’ve had your ‘birth chart’ drawn up on-line, or by a professional astrologer (usually for a price… and one that often seems ‘overpriced’ once you have the result); they provided you with a report into your ‘personality’, but it felt a little too generic (or you wanted to understand it better). If such was the case, then it is time for you to undergo an astrological rite of passage, and learn how to read and ‘understand’ your chart yourself.

What we term the ‘horoscope’, ‘birth chart’, or ‘natal chart’ is the basic tool of Astrology these days, but it has not always been the case. In Mesopotamia, the birthplace of the astrological practices we use today in the ‘West’, Astrology was a system of celestial omens by which the fate of the ‘King’ and his people were judged. If any ‘individual’ was involved, it was only the King alone (even then, the King was included only to understand how he represented the fortune of his ‘people’). The ‘individual’ was historically considered to be entirely unimportant for the astrological analysis (let alone not being ‘worthy’ of the amount of time required to undertake such). As a result, there was never really any technique for the ‘personalisation’ of the heavens to an individual level.

This changed by the late Babylonian period (roughly just before Alexander the Great invaded the ‘East’), when astrologers started applying their astrological practices (particularly in relation to the ‘rising constellation’), towards ‘people’ other than just the King. The rising sign (or ‘degree’) was known as the “Watcher of the Hour”, or in Greek – ‘horoscopos’, hence why the term horoscope came to originally mean what we now call the ‘Ascendant’. Later (during the Renaissance period), it came to mean what we know today, and refers to the entire ‘chart’ that an astrologer would draw for someone based on the time and place of birth. 

What should rightly be termed ‘individual’ Astrology is not just a study of what will happen to people during the course of their lives. It is an understanding of the ‘whole’ human life and every aspect of it: from our birth, childhood, relationships (throughout our lives), our self-image (as well as the image we project onto others), our ‘calling’ (in the mundane as well as the highest sense of the word), where we are coming from (including our parents), and where we are going to, the feelings and ‘geometry’ of energy that we all generate around ourselves, even our death. 

Knowledge of Astrology provides the wisdom of practically everything about ‘humankind’. Whilst the tabloid horoscopes, tarot readings, and other forms of ‘divination’ all work at their best when there is a particular question in mind, our ‘natal chart’ is a lot more detailed, and thus it is more meaningful (not only that, it also doesn’t require any specific enquiry, although it always provides countless answers). 

Understanding our natal chart is incredibly useful to help interpret our own ‘inner nature’, to map and then make predictions about our future, and to provide a guide to our own (soul) development throughout our lives. As a result, learning how to read and ‘interpret’ your own chart will give you invaluable insight into yourself. 

What follows is an introductory guide into the ‘basics’; the first of a series of articles that are intended to make the plethora of books, websites and expensive astrological readings a thing of the past, by providing the methods and references to turn anyone into an astrologer…

The above helps us to understand the ‘structure’ of our natal chart as it relates to our individual ‘personality’ and our ‘consciousness’ states. Source: Pinterest

Nearly everybody in this day and ‘Age’ knows their ‘Zodiac Sign’ (often termed our ‘Star Sign’, but what should more appropriately be understood as our ‘Sun’ sign). This is the basis for all ‘tabloid’ horoscopes; but our Sun sign is only one small component of how we read a natal chart. A wide variety of ‘aspects’ influence how our sign and ‘horoscope’ should be read. In order to fully comprehend ourselves we must take all of these other aspects within the chart into consideration. Therefore, to completely ‘read’ our own chart we need a much greater understanding of its ‘components’ and their respective meaning(s). 

Our natal chart is the ‘map’ of where all the ‘planets’ were on their journey around the Sun at the exact moment and place we were born. Reading a natal chart reveals all of our strengths and weaknesses, our opportunities for personal, social, relationship, and ‘soul’ growth, the best ‘timing’ for our most important ‘moves’, and so much more. 

All you need is your time, date, and place of birth (if you don’t know the exact time of birth, then astrologers use the ‘standard’ of 12 noon, although it should be noted that this will not be as accurate). When starting to undertake chart ‘analysis’, we want to start with the most ‘fundamental’ components first. In other words, we want to identify and then ‘understand’, the most fundamental ‘elements’ (for want of a better word) of our personality and self.

Most astrologers identify three (actually four, for one provides two, as will be revealed), main components within an individual’s natal chart that show the fundamental nature of that person. These components are the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant (referred to as the AC), and derived from such, the Ascendant’s Ruler (which is also known as the ‘Chart Ruler’). The reader of the chart is looking for the ‘house’ and ‘sign’ position(s) of these components in order to understand the ‘basics’ of the individual. 

However, for our purposes here today we are going to add three further components in order to have a fuller view. These are the ‘Descendant’ (referred to as the DC), the Midheaven, or ‘medium coeli’ (referred to as the MC), and the ‘imum coeli’ (referred to as the IC). Thus providing ‘seven’ key components that will have you reading, analysing, and understanding a natal chart accurately within a matter of minutes.

Sun and Moon

The Sun and the Moon represent the yang and yin elements of the ‘self’, with the Sun being our ‘outward’ self (the expressive masculine side, the embodiment of our ‘whole’ self, and who we are in general), whilst the Moon is our ‘inward’ self (the reflective feminine side, our ‘emotional’ self, as well as the ‘shadowy’ side of our personality, the side which presents itself when we are feeling ‘disempowered’ or emotionally over stimulated). Taken together these ‘planets’ (as they are termed in Astrology), make up the bulk of our personality, with the Sun being the ‘action’, and the Moon the ‘reaction’ within our natal chart. The very first thing to find in your chart are the positions of the Sun and the Moon. 

If you have a copy of your natal chart, whether from an online website or from a professional astrology report, you will observe it is filled with all the planetary ‘symbols’ (for Astrology is all about symbols and symbolism). The Sun is represented by a circle with a dot in the centre, whilst the Moon is a small half-crescent moon shape (do not worry too much about the placement of the other symbols on the chart for what we are discussing today). 

Jot down where your Sun ‘sign’ is positioned (this will be according to the ‘zodiac’ sign on the outer ‘wheel’ of the chart), along with the ‘house’ position (which are the numbered ‘segments’ within the wheel) and do the same with your Moon sign and house. The house placements show the areas of life that are ‘important’ to us, whilst the sign placements show the characteristics that ‘come through’ our personality. 

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Ascendant and Planetary ‘Ruler’

These elements of our natal chart show us how our life ‘unfolds’. Highlighting what ‘shapes’ our personality over time, and the ‘qualities’ that emerge through our life experiences. In essence they identify who we are ‘becoming’, and thus reveal very important ‘lessons’ to the development of our lives (and soul). Similar to our Sun and Moon; except instead of the facets of our inner and outer personality, they are more akin to our overall ‘life path’. 

There is only a zodiac ‘sign’ associated with the Ascendant (marked on the natal chart as the AC, and also known as the ‘rising sign’), because it is always associated with the ‘beginning’ (the cusp) of the ‘first house’. The term refers to the zodiac sign that was on the ‘horizon’ at the time of your birth and can be considered as a broad ‘cosmic movement’ guiding your life. 

When planets rise (or cross) the horizon in the east, they are passing from the ‘inner’ realm to the ‘outer’, because the horizon is an interface between two ‘realms’. Above the horizon the planets are ‘visible’, below it they are ‘blocked’ (they are unable to be seen by ‘view’ because of the Earth being in the way of our perception). As well as being a physical manifestation of our senses, this is also ‘symbolic’ of the inherent split that we all feel between our outer and inner selves – the objective and the subjective.

Think of it as everything ‘above’ the horizon being in front of us (we are able to see it, but it is ‘outside’ of our body). You can perceive it objectively, as well as being able to see that it is ‘other’ than yourself. Meanwhile, what is ‘below’ the horizon is behind us (we usually are unable to see what is behind our eyes or ‘within’ our body). You are unable to perceive it, but you can subjectively deduce its presence. Unless you make a concerted effort to do so, you are unaware of what it is (because it is so much a part of ‘you’).

The AC is our ‘projected’ self; the version of ourselves that we all send ‘out’ into the world (essentially, it is the ‘first impression’ we make, and the ‘mask’ we wear), and it is often completely unrelated to our Sun sign (hence why most people’s first impressions of others are usually wrong).

In our early life we most often ‘behave’ a lot more like our AC sign. Only as we experience life are we able to ‘grow’ into the full expression of our Sun sign (the ‘whole’ that we are destined to be and need to learn ‘how’ to become). As just noted, when we are interacting for the first time with others (particularly people who are ‘new’ to us), we behave more like our AC sign than we do anything else. As well as being the ‘vehicle’ through which we all project ourselves, the AC also shows us information about how we ‘approach’ any new or unfamiliar encounters. 

The blend of the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon forms what is considered to be the core ‘triad’ of Astrology. It is particularly important to understand how the Moon ‘interacts’ with the Sun and the Ascendant to ensure that we achieve a sense of ‘harmony’ with the world around us (as well as within ourselves).

Your ‘chart ruler’ is the planet that rules your ascendant ‘sign’. The house and sign that are associated with the ‘planet’ that is our chart ruler shows not only what kind of ‘characteristics’ we will develop, but also the area of life ‘through’ which such development is occurring (details of the individual signs and their ruling planet are below). 

The above utilises the ‘modern’ planet and sign rulership(s), however it should be noted that when we use ‘traditional’ Astrology then only the ‘seven’ visible planets are utilised. This means that some signs have alternate or co-rulership. Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, Aquarius by Saturn, and Pisces by Jupiter. Bear this in mind when looking at your ‘chart ruler’, and take both planets into account, with one of the ‘seven’ visible planets being the primary ruler. Source: Pinterest


When starting a chart analysis, the above ‘triad’ is usually all that is looked at (initially), and the Descendant is often given scant consideration within readings. However, it is the first place an astrologer looks when undertaking what is known as a ‘synastry’ reading (that is, utilising Astrology to explore what we are looking for in a ‘partnership’, usually by comparing two individual’s charts). We have multiple different relationships throughout our lives, with all sorts of ‘signs’, but we often discover (eventually) that our Descendant sign describes the exact person we have always been seeking.

On a natal chart the Descendant can be found on the opposite side of the zodiac ‘wheel’ from the AC (it is marked as the DC on the ‘line’ that runs from nine o’clock to three o’clock across the chart and is always found at the beginning (on the cusp) of the ‘seventh house’). Like the AC at the other end of the line, there is only a zodiac sign associated with the DC. 

Whilst the AC sign reveals how we interact and ‘integrate’ with the world, our DC sign is more concerned with ‘others’, those outside of ourselves, and often those that we would like to know more ‘intimately’. It also indicates what we most often ‘wish’ we were like, or in other words, it reveals the type and demeanour of the ‘individual’ we would like to see ourselves become (which, if we are truly honest with ourselves, is rarely the type of individual we openly portray to others, or actually are).

The DC is where the planets ‘set’ (or cross the horizon in the west), and thus are passing from the ‘outer’ realm to the ‘inner’. As such, its relationship with the AC is a logical ‘opposite’. The DC relates to the sort of ‘impression’ that our subconscious (non-self) makes upon our conscious ‘self’, and therefore the DC also reflects the effect of the ‘actions’ that this material manifest world has upon ‘ourselves’. Think of it as the DC relating to the ‘experience’ we have of the ‘energies’ from other people and the wider outside world, it describes those aspects of ‘self’ that we experience through our relationships with this reality.

The DC (as a result) also represents all of the ‘qualities’ that we often admire in others, and through understanding of which, we can reveal the areas of our lives where we (and our soul) yearn to grow. It is used by astrologers to primarily indicate what kind of life partner we truly need in our lives in order to feel ‘loved’, excited about the relationship, and ultimately ‘pushed’ towards our own inner (soul) growth. So, it serves a number of important functions, and hence why it is included here when talking about the ‘basics’.


The other ‘fixed’ line (or ‘axis’), on a natal chart (the first being the one described above with the AC and DC ‘points’ at either end of the ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ hemispheres), is the line that forms a ‘cross’ on the zodiac wheel (what is termed the ‘Meridian Axis’). The symbol of a circle with a cross in the middle is the symbol of ‘Earth’ and thus it is appropriately represented within our natal chart (for we are all manifest in this Earth). 

The Midheaven (which means ‘middle of the sky’) is one of the four key ‘angles’ of a birth chart (the other three being the AC, the DC, and the IC (the imum coeli) – which some astrologers alternatively term the ‘degrees’). It is located at the very top of the chart (at the twelve o’clock position) and is marked as the MC (or medium coeli). It represents the highest point on the horizon that any ‘planet’ can reach in its journey across the sky, and it is always on the cusp of the ‘tenth house’. Each of these four ‘points’ on our chart represent different parts of the ‘self’, together they form what astrologers term the “incarnation cross”.

Our MC sign is all about our professional life, our ‘public’ image, and our career path. By ‘understanding’ this point on our chart we are able to provide insight into our natural talents, as well as what career is best suited to us. Where the AC is considered ‘our’ sense of self, the MC is the ‘image’ we choose to project to ‘society’. It represents our social standing, our visible achievements, our reputation, and how ‘others’ (often work colleagues) perceive us. It is also the ‘impression’ we make on people (strangers and professionals in particular), when they meet us (which is not the same as the ‘mask’ we wear, which is often our ‘social’ persona, as opposed to the ‘public image’ persona that the MC represents).

The MC sign also reveals our goals (within the bigger picture of our lives); what we aspire towards, what we wish to ‘accomplish’ in this life, our sense of ‘responsibility’ (including how we individually deal with such), as well as how we ‘feel’ about our achievement(s). It is where astrologers look to when trying to identify (and by extension understand), an individual’s relationship with other people in positions of power or authority (including the parents who provided our initial social status and who guided us in our youth, and those people that have ‘influenced’ our career path and/or profession. This is often of a ‘paternal’ nature). It is also used to reveal the relative ease or level of challenge that we might encounter when we start to pursue achieving our full potential (and the development of our soul), it therefore ‘illuminates’ the path which we are ‘becoming’ along on our journey toward the summit.

It is important to note at this point that the AC and MC are ‘special’ amongst all the various ‘points’ within a natal chart. Unlike all the other points (of which we are only discussing four here today), the AC and MC are both derived from the ‘horizon’ of a specific point on Earth (and thus depend on our place of birth). The AC and MC are also the fastest ‘moving’ points of a horoscope. The Sun takes one year to travel ‘once’ around the zodiac, the Moon and the other planets take from one month to hundreds of years to do so, whilst the AC and MC take only one ‘day’. 

Moving at such a pace, they are constantly changing their relationship to all the other points in the horoscope (this is why two people, one born in the morning, the other in the evening of the same day will have quite different horoscopes, and thus natal charts). Because they indicate the time and place of birth (down to the minute), the AC and MC are what ‘links’ a particular individual to the conditions in the “heavens”. Which is why knowing the exact time of your birth is so very important.

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Imum Coeli

Fully understanding your MC cannot be achieved without also looking at your imum coeli (the bottom of the meridian axis at the six o’clock position, opposite the MC and marked as the IC). This is because the source of our ‘outer’ success is always based on the foundation of our emotions, our upbringing, and ultimately our ‘roots’. The IC means ‘bottom of the sky’, and most astrologers consider it to be the part of a natal chart that is most ‘secretive’ or ‘confidential’. 

Our IC sign represents our intimate (and often ‘maternal’) family life, our home, private lives, and ancestors (thus it is our ‘foundation’ for life). Similar to the Moon, the IC provides us with insight into the depths of our ‘inner’ world, including the domestic environment that we all ‘should’ be creating for ourselves, and illumination of what is found deep within our ‘souls’. It can be found on the cusp of the ‘fourth house’ (thus completing the four ‘quadrants’ of the horoscope in conjunction with what we have discussed above). 

It is the opposite of our MC, the difference between nature and nurture (the MC represents how ‘nature’ conditions us; the IC represents how ‘nurture’ conditions us. The way that this manifests is different, and the interplay between the two reveals a great deal about us). In essence, the IC in our natal chart provides clarity about who we ‘truly’ are.

The IC sign reveals the ‘qualities’ of our upbringing, our ‘origin’ story, our approach towards personal matters, and also helps us to understand our past (particularly how it relates to our memories, life lessons, childhood trauma, and any resultant triggers or scars that we maybe carrying with us). In conjunction with the DC, it also helps us to find the right ‘place’ to put down roots (once we find the right ‘individual’ to do so with). It is the central ‘energy’ in the lower hemisphere of our horoscope (just as the MC is in the upper hemisphere). Of all the four ‘angles’ described here today, it is probably the most ‘intimate’, and personal point on the natal chart. It truly is our sense of ‘being’, and thus it is considered to be our internal ‘definition’ of self.

The AC-DC axis can be seen as a kind of ‘exchange within our environment’ (any planets positioned within our natal chart that have a significant ‘angular’ relationship to this axis will generally manifest, and thus ‘influence’, our relationships and our interaction(s) with the outside world). 

The meridian axis (the MC-IC) on the other hand, signifies how we feel ‘inside’ and how we express ourselves to the environment of the outside world (where in our lives are we coming from and where are we going to). Together, they provide insight into our sense of ‘identity’ (into ‘knowing’ our soul); and whereas the horizon is essentially related to how we reach out to our surroundings in ‘space’, the meridian is more to do with how we travel forwards and backwards in ‘time’.

Jot down the ‘signs’ of your AC, DC, MC, and IC as we are about to delve into the meanings found within the zodiac signs and houses. We are not going to be looking in depth at the ‘planets’ today however, as such will be covered in forthcoming articles. 

Just for reference, when you look at your natal chart you will see that the planets are all scattered throughout the chart (and represented by different symbols). Astrologers believe that the ‘movements’ of these planets can ‘activate’ specific energies that then have an ‘impact’ on the events of your life. 

Think of it like this: The ‘planets’ represent what you do, what you enjoy, and what drives you. The ‘houses’ represent how you do, such as your manner and your usual approach to accomplishing a given task. The ‘signs’ represent where you do, as in which areas of your life you can expect certain ‘aspects’ of (soul) growth and/or change. The who is invariably always ‘you’, and as to the why, well you have read this far…

Zodiac Signs

Detailed above were the cardinal ‘points’ of the incarnation axis within our natal chart. They each naturally ‘resonate’ with the ‘symbolism’ of one of the zodiac signs – the ‘self’ (Aries), the ‘other’ (Libra), the ‘home’ (Cancer), and the ‘career’ (Capricorn). However, no two individuals are the same, and these ‘points’ can align with any of the twelve zodiac signs at the time of our birth. This axis should be seen as our life ‘compass’. But in order to fully understand how to use this compass, we need to first know what each of the zodiac signs ‘mean’ for each of these compass points. 

What follows is not going to be an in-depth observation of each of the zodiac signs and all of their inherent meanings (such would take far too much space and time, and will be covered in detail within the articles to come), instead we will focus on their overall ‘characteristics’, and what they each impart into our personality (and thus our soul). Find the ‘six’ signs you jotted down in the details below, and then skip down to find out about the house influences from your Sun and Moon.

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Capricorn – I use

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Goat’ then you are ‘traditional’ and generally ‘down-to-earth’, often ‘disciplined’ and ‘industrious’, with a very ‘formal’ career-oriented view of life and ‘responsibility’. You are usually on a lifelong climb up a series of increasingly steep mountains, as you are driven to work hard, ‘succeed’, and earn ‘recognition’ for your ‘diligent’ work ethic (which means you are most often a ‘workaholic’, which is something you need to work on).

Have a Capricorn (Moon) sign, then you probably come from a long line of ‘hard-working’ and ‘competent’ family members (often women), who probably judged themselves by what they ‘do’ more so than what they are. You do not suffer fools lightly, and your mood is usually ‘determined’ and ‘serious’, although you do tend to get uncomfortable without a ‘purpose’ or a goal to strive towards.

Capricorn (AC) sign; then ‘business’ is the only pleasure you were born for. You are entirely ‘achievement’ oriented and see every opportunity as a chance to ‘build’ and ‘grow’. For you, life is all about ‘material’ security and what you ‘gain’. However, when you are outside of a work environment you come across as ‘shy’, and even ‘aloof’ (not because you are keeping people at arm’s length, but you are likely lost in thought about any current endeavours).

Capricorn (MC) sign; then you are ‘ambitious’, ‘authoritative’, and are committed for the long haul. With your Midheaven being ruled by Saturn, you need to look in your chart for where this planet is positioned in order to point out your vocational ‘needs’. Such individuals are usually ‘rational’, which is key to their success, and have a leadership style which relies on ‘integrity’. You carry yourself with an air of authority which is ‘respectable’, and you welcome any competition, because ‘practicality’ is your guiding compass.

Capricorn (DC) sign; you require a mate who can ‘provide’ to the relationship (which will take whatever form you ‘value’ the most, not just currency, but potentially ‘power’ and ultimately achievement). You admire those that are financially ‘lucrative’, ambitious, or who know how to keep a home in good shape. ‘Consistency’, and loyalty are a must in your life, although you do need to learn how to hold back (just because you are able to handle everything, doesn’t mean that you should).

If your (IC) sign is within Capricorn, then your childhood was probably spent ‘making money’, and employing your strong sense of ‘duty’ and ‘obligation’. If your home life was stable, then you likely enjoyed spending time with your parents. However, family ‘instability’ likely sped up your ‘maturity’, and you had to step into a ‘parental’ role at a young age. You will always struggle to turn your house into a home, due to your ‘functional’, and often ‘minimalist’ outlook on life. But you will always have a roof over your head.

Taurus – I have

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Bull’ then you are ‘deliberate’, dependable, quite ‘placid’ but possessive, and highly ‘sensual’, with a (deserved) reputation for being the most ‘stubborn’ of all the zodiac. You love ‘luxury’ and indulging in things where you can take your time, which is thanks to the Venus influence, which can make Taurus individuals very relaxed (sometimes to the point of being ‘lazy’).

Have a Taurus (Moon) sign, then you search for ‘stability’ and are often ‘persistent’ in your endeavours. Completely at home in this ‘material’ world, your ‘friendly’ stubbornness sets the mood, and if pushed you are prone to simply dig your heels in. You understand ‘value’, and can nurture and grow people, plants, and all sorts of seeds, but need to learn flexibility and the gift of ‘letting go’ to not turn into the proverbial ‘bull in a china shop’.

Taurus (AC) sign; then this is one ‘tough’ ascendant, you don’t mince words, and you often set firm limits within your life, but you do so with style and ‘grace’. You great people with a firm handshake, a warm hug or a friendly pat on the back. Equal parts tough and ‘tender’, you are ‘determined’ and persistent, especially when you want something, and you don’t bother trying to hide those ‘desires’.

Taurus (MC) sign; then you enjoy the ‘finer things’ in life and you have a desire to fully appreciate ‘tactile pleasures’ and healthy routines. With your Midheaven being rules by Venus, you must look to the house where Venus resides in your natal chart for your ‘calling’. Individuals with such a placement have a demeanour that is not easily deterred.

Taurus (DC) sign; then unhurried ‘passion’ is a must for you to get into the mood and in order to keep you around. You will ‘honour’ every anniversary and every special occasion and have a home that will be ‘bustling’. It will be a high traffic area, and since you don’t do well with grey areas or ‘scarcity’, shared values and a partner with a solid ‘work ethic’ are a must.

If your (IC) sign is within Taurus then you are ‘comfort-loving’, and need a home filled with ‘beauty’ and serenity. If your childhood provided that, then such is easily maintained. If not, you may have suffered mightily; holding your ‘deep’ emotions inside until you ‘explode’ (or act out), in rare moments of pure ‘anger’. Such individuals seem to be naturally equipped to create a ‘stable home’ and family in adulthood.

Virgo – I analyse

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Virgin’ (sometimes known as the ‘Maiden’), then you are ‘health-conscious’, service-oriented and painstakingly ‘efficient’, very detail-focused and ‘pragmatic’, and often overly ‘analytical’. Your mind is pretty much going nonstop, and as such you are the go-to ‘researchers’ of the zodiac. Such individuals are ‘perfectionists’, who adore working hard, especially in order to get the end result just right.

Have a Virgo (Moon) sign, then you are a natural ‘critic’ and although ‘brilliant’ and ‘articulate’, you can often be hard on yourself and others (until you see the ‘virtue’ within each soul and moment of life). The overall vibe such individuals have is one of ‘thoughtful’, health-oriented ‘compassion’. It is important however, to keep a close eye ‘not’ on what you want to throw away in life, but on what you want to ‘nurture’ instead.

Virgo (AC) sign; then it is all about giving the world ‘assistance’ with a smile. You are innately tuned into the needs of everyone around you, as you are ‘people-focused’, and you have a great deal of ‘generosity’ (which means you are readily available to make your ‘sacrifice’ in the name of the greater good). Individuals with this placement need to beware of having a touch of the ‘hypochondriac’ about them, due to their innate ‘sensitivity’.

Virgo (MC) sign; then you are ‘precise’ and ‘pristine’, with a clear purpose and attention to detail. As Mercury rules your Midheaven, look for this planets house placement in your chart to find the area of life where your ‘leadership’ can play out. Such individuals value ‘intentionality’ in every endeavour, this provides them with the energy they need to create their own path and ‘flourish’ (often in the most ‘impeccable’ ways).

Virgo (DC) sign; then ‘acts of service’ become your main language of love, and whilst you are often a true ‘romantic’, you need a relationship that can ‘support’ your success in the wider world. You love to feel ‘needed’ and helpful, and the simple things feed your soul. This placement brings ‘sensuality’ to your relationships (and a very healthy outlook on life), if the partnership also fosters ‘self-care’ and ‘wellness’.

If your (IC) sign is within Virgo, then you require a clean, ‘comfortable’ space where you can rest, keep ‘active’, and nourished (ideally in close proximity to nature). You were ‘anxious’ as a child usually, even in a stable home you would pick up on your parents ‘worries’ and you liked to assume the role of a ‘supportive’ child (whether asked for or required). You need ‘reassurance’ that you are safe, and so having a ‘serene’, and quiet ‘meditative’ space within your home is essential.

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Libra – I balance

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Scales’ then you were born to bring ‘balance’, harmony, and ‘justice’ to your work and relationships. You are invariably ‘romantic’, ‘artistic’, and have a co-operative gift with ‘diplomacy’, although this tends to also make you rather ‘indecisive’ at times. Individuals with such a placement are the ultimate ‘hosts’ (although they prioritise ‘one-on-one’ bonds), and they always stand up for what they believe in.

Have a Libra (Moon) sign, then you are ‘kind’ and ‘friendly’, as well as often being the ‘peacemaker’ who is willing to fight for justice (theoretically), though you would rather just ‘get along’ with people. You are able to see all sides in an argument, and encourage other perspectives, but you may need to learn how to ‘know your own mind’ and stand tall within your own ‘truth’.

Libra (AC) sign; then you are a picture of ‘elegance’, ‘aesthetically’ oriented, and a true lover of ‘beauty’. You usually have excellent taste (although often expensive ones) and like to ‘express’ yourself. Maintaining ‘evenness’ is a lifelong quest of yours, and you must try to not focus too heavily on external ‘appearances’ or you risk coming across as ‘vain’ and ‘superficial’.

Libra (MC) sign; you are ‘dedicated’ and work well with others. With your Midheaven being ruled by Venus, look to which house this planet is in your chart in order to find the area of life where your vocation can ‘radiate’. Such individuals will often have natural ‘charisma’, and are able to create partnerships with ‘purpose’, as well as being able to ensure the ‘harmonious’ mix of a ‘loving’ personal as well as a professional life.

Libra (DC) sign; your ‘independent’ nature and pursuits of personal endeavours will change when you meet someone with whom you could settle down, and manifest as you becoming a romantic ‘idealist’ who needs total (and clear) ‘commitment’ from your partner. You are the sort of person who has probably ‘fantasised’ about your wedding since you were a child. You need a partner who balances you out (so truly a case of ‘opposites attract’), and someone who can provide you with lots of ‘attention’.

If your (IC) sign is within Libra, then your ideal home will be filled with the virtues of ‘peace’, ‘love’, and tranquility. If such was the environment where you grew up, then you are destined to maintain this, however if it was not, then you will quickly develop a keen ‘sensibility’ for creating such. Since this placement also rules ‘legal’ contracts you may have had to deal with your parents divorce, which has made you the ‘mediator’ in adulthood, even though you prefer to avoid conflict.

Aquarius – I know

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Water Bearer’ then you are a ‘humanitarian’ who values being ‘individualistic’ and often comes across as a little ‘eccentric’. You also have a rather ‘recalcitrant’ side and like to ‘invent’ new ways of doing things, constantly looking towards the ‘future’. Such individuals usually have an aloof (friends with everyone) manner and gravitate to causes and activities that hold to mind, the ‘greater good’ of society.

Have an Aquarius (Moon) sign, then you are a master of ‘group dynamics’, with an ‘idealistic’ political and ‘philosophical’ outlook on life (but you prefer the ‘abstract’ to the practical). Being so ‘open-minded’, you can occasionally come across as ‘stubborn’, and not very emotional. You need to respect your own feelings more, and not ‘project’ them onto others as such will disrupt your natural ‘team building’ abilities.

Aquarius (AC) sign; then you are an ‘iconoclast’ in your own right, and always a true ‘original’. Such individuals are often social ‘butterflies’ who love nothing more than breezing from group to group, swept up in the current ‘fads’ and fashions. You are often mistaken as ‘flighty’, or worse, as superficial, but you are actually a deep ‘thinker’ who is open to all ideas and perspectives. But no matter how ‘friendly’ you are, people usually feel like you are keeping them at arm’s length.

Aquarius (MC) sign; you admire the ‘dynamic’, the ‘creative’, and those with a knack for bringing the future to the ‘present’ moment. Look to the house(s) where Saturn (as well as Uranus), the ruler(s) of your Midheaven are located to find where your vocation gets its required ‘innovation’. You are often friendly by default, often with an ‘aberrant’ leadership style, who is continually developing your mind in order to thrive. However, you must remember to consider other ‘points of view’ from time to time.

Aquarius (DC) sign; you are usually interested (and attracted) to a wide array of different personality types. Relationships are the greatest ‘experiment’ that you will undertake in your life, and so working out what makes people tick, and finding ‘interesting’ ways to blend your personalities is something that is ‘fascinating to you (and hence why this placement often indicates the typical ‘odd couple’ partnerships). It is an imperative that you create ‘team building’ with your partner to avoid you becoming bored (and ‘destructive’).

If your (IC) sign is within Aquarius, then you were probably the ‘odd ball’ at school, or the ‘rebel’ who could do no wrong. Your childhood was anything but typical, with potentially ‘quirky’ parents, or life in an ‘unconventional’ setting or community (which invariable leads such individuals to leave their family home early, in order to find their own ‘freedom’ of expression). As an adult you are likely to only put down roots in a ‘progressive’ community, with like-minded souls.

Gemini – “I think

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Twins’ then you are ‘witty’, curious, ‘charming’, clever and ‘versatile’, but you tend to also be quite ‘flighty’ and ‘mercurial’. You live your life for the art of ‘communication’ in all forms, and love sharing what is on your mind (although this doesn’t mean that you are always ‘outgoing’). Such individuals can be ‘reserved’ and shy one minute and incredibly ‘chatty’ the next, but either way will always have a diverse circle of friends.

Have a Gemini (Moon) sign, then you are the type of individual who can talk with anyone you meet. You value building bridges and ‘networking’ with people, but don’t ask you to concentrate too long on any one thing, or go into great depth, because you can be a little ‘scattered’. Your challenge in life will be exploring solitude and diving deeper into things than just the surface.

Gemini (AC) sign; then you are blessed with unparalleled ‘social skills’. There is nothing you love more than being consumed in engaging ‘conversation’. You are ‘convivial’ and charming, you know how to get people talking, and at gatherings you will be the person moving around the room faster than the messenger planet Mercury, because you just have to have a ‘gossip’, and know everyone’s story.

Gemini (MC) sign; you are ‘adaptable’, logical, and ‘carefree’. With your Midheaven being ruled by the planet Mercury, look to the house where this planet is in your chart to find the area of life that holds the key to your vocational ‘self-expression’. Such individuals are able to usually remain ‘calm’ in a crisis and they are often emotionally ‘detached’ and yet still effective communicators.

Gemini (DC) sign; then ‘friendship’ is an essential component of any romantic relationships, so you look for both a friend and a lover in one. ‘Socialising’ as a pair is also a must, so if your partner doesn’t share your taste in music or idea of a good time, you may struggle to keep the relationship working. You absolutely must have a mutual friend group for travelling, ‘partying’, and mostly for chatting about.

If your (IC) sign is within Gemini, then ‘peer’ relationships played a significant role in shaping your emotional security. If you had the opportunity to forge lasting ‘bonds’ with schoolmates (and had healthy ‘sibling relationships’), then you will play well with ‘others’ when an adult. However, you can be ‘frenetic’, as this placement may also indicate some ‘disruptions’ to secure bonding, for example, your family moving frequently due to a parent’s job or experiencing your parents divorces and remarriages.

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Aries – I am

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Ram’ then you are likely ‘brave’, energetic, ‘assertive’, highly confident and ‘competitive’, often impetuous or ‘impulsive’, and fiercely ‘independent’. You have a ‘me-first’ (as well as a ‘be-first’) attitude, which actually means that like many Aries sign individuals, you are a natural-born ‘leader’ who just loves to ‘take risks’, and who also has an insatiable appetite for ‘winning’.

Have an Aries (Moon) sign then you are ‘direct’, impatient, and often ‘intense’, with a personality that values being ‘generous’ and totally, unimpeachably ‘honest’. However, you are something of a ‘wildfire’ with boundless ‘enthusiasm’ and a ‘temper’ that burns hot (but luckily dies quickly). Your overall mood is often ‘brusque’ and alternates between being lazy and being ‘energized’.

Aries (AC) sign; then you are the ‘go-getter’ of the zodiac. You are in command of a sort of ‘take charge’ energy that is both inspiring and ‘motivating’, and you want to be the first to ‘blaze’ your own trail. You do, however, need to be careful when taking on any ‘management’ position, because you tend to take on more than you can handle.

Aries (MC) sign; you are ‘optimistic’, and ‘confident’ in actively pursuing your goals. Your Midheaven is ruled by the planet Mars, so you need to look at where this planet resides in your chart in order to fully identify the area of your life where your vocation can be ‘powerfully’ expressed. Such individuals have usually known from a young age exactly what they want to do in life.

Aries (DC) sign; you are ‘passionate’, and you tend to get into (and out of) relationships quickly. It is not unlikely for such individuals to have an incredibly long list of ‘short-term’ relationships before they finally settle down, and this is due to the fact that in order to remain interested, you require a partner who brings a lot of ‘adventure’ and excitement. You also really need to have your partner’s ‘undivided attention’, and they need to hold you in ‘high regard’ (sometimes unachievably high).

If your (IC) sign is within Aries, then your childhood was likely to have been ‘restless’ and rather action-packed. You probably had to manage ‘anger’ issues, which may have disrupted the peace at home and with your parents in particular. You learnt at a young age how to ‘fend for yourself’, and as an adult you require a home that allows you lots of ‘freedom’ in order to pursue your ‘ambitions’, with too much structure being ‘suppressive’ to you (hence why many with this IC sign prefer to live alone).

Leo – I will

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Lion’ then you are ‘generous’ and highly charismatic, with an ‘optimistic’ and fun-loving outlook on life, although you are prone to being ‘dramatic’ and something of a ‘risk-taker’. You have a generally ‘gung-ho’ attitude and are oriented towards taking ‘action’ in life, making you a ‘driven’ and self-assured leader (which is due in part to a combination of ‘magnetism’, luck, and endlessly ‘believing in yourself’).

Have a Leo (Moon) sign, then life becomes a ‘performance’ art, and your mood is ‘extroverted’, warm-heartedly ‘romantic’, and engaging (although you have to turn down the ‘melodrama’ from time to time). Your natural ‘charisma’ draws people to you, making you central to any sort of community, however your challenge is to ‘honour’ other people’s way of doing things, and get away from your ‘me’ perspective sometimes.

Leo (AC) sign; then you have a beaming ‘radiance’ and ‘presence’. You are the biggest and brightest of the zodiac, and there is no missing you when you step into the room, whether you are ‘brooding’ or bouncing off the walls with excitement, you ‘externalise’ your current mood. Which is why, more than most other AC signs, you need to be mindful of the ‘vibe’ you are putting out there, you don’t just shift energy, your flames fan out, touching everyone with their ‘heat’, so you need to beware that this can both ‘warm hearts’ or scorch souls.

Leo (MC) sign; you are ‘courageous’, tenacious, and ‘noble’ in your dealings and bearing. With your Midheaven being ruled by the Sun, look to the house where the Sun resides in your chart for the area of life most impacted by your ‘shine’. Such individuals present as being in charge and have the power to attain big-picture goals, but they must be mindful of ‘arrogance’ and be ‘intentional’ in boosting morale, as their ‘regal’ nature will cause those around them to stand to attention.

Leo (DC) sign; your relationships can be colourful and highly ‘dramatic’, and they occasionally veer into tabloid worthy territory. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. You have a thirst for ‘theatre’ and once you figure out how to dial it to the right setting, you will be half of the most ‘playful’ couple on the planet. Focus on words of ‘affirmation’, because such individuals need praise, ‘attention’ and verbal ‘reassurance’ from their partner.

If your (IC) sign is within Leo, then you quite likely had a ‘turbulent’ childhood, whether you were naturally drawn to performing or got pulled into emotional riptides by the adults in your life (or possibly both). Either way, your active ‘imagination’ may have been your saving grace. But as an adult, that ‘desire’ to race off into an imaginary world, can create ‘chaos’. Learning how to manage the playful part of your nature is the key to your stability.

Sagittarius – I see

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Archer’ then you are ‘philosophical’ and free spirited by nature, with a natural ‘wanderlust’, and ‘idealistic’ enthusiasm which projects itself ‘unfiltered’ into the world. You are considered to be a big, ‘life-loving’ personality who adores being at the heart of any party, and only finds joy ‘exploring’ as much as life has to offer.

Have a Sagittarius (Moon) sign, then you are ‘cheerful’ and often incredibly ‘outspoken’ (you are able to speak ‘truth’ to power and see ‘humour’ in the dark corners of this world). You have a natural, ‘restless’ need for changes of scenery, and your mind roams the natural world, giving you an affinity with animals, children, and people from other ‘cultures’. Such individuals must not be ‘fenced in’, as they are inherently ‘loyal’, but need to know that the door is open and that they are not trapped anywhere.

Sagittarius (AC) sign; then you are ‘wise’ and ‘witty’, sometimes there is no telling what will come out of your mouth, but you can be rest assured that it is bound to be ‘profound’, and memorable (often ‘controversial’). Such individuals do not care about ruffling feathers, as they are ‘truth seekers’ of the highest order, and rarely ‘mince words’. You are the type to not only change people’s minds but shift their entire ‘mindset’ in the process.

Sagittarius (MC) sign; then you are ‘knowledgeable’ and can always see the bigger picture. Look to Jupiter’s house position in your chart for the area of life where your vocation finds its ‘accuracy’. Such individuals need to try and ‘master’ one thing at a time, before adding anything additional to their plate. ‘Studying’ and/or working abroad enhances your ‘worldview’, and brings joy to your heart by expanding your professional ‘horizons’, through your interaction with different people and cultures.

Sagittarius (DC) sign; then you are ‘adventurous’, but ‘independent’ in the game of love, so you need a partner who can give you a lot of ‘space’, but who also brings a lot of ‘excitement’ to the relationship. Your ideal person is worldly wise, and ‘well-traveled’, so that they can ‘inspire’ you (whomever you decide to spend your life with, there has to be an ‘understanding’ that the shared ‘boundary’ will constantly broaden in order for the relationship to work).

If your (IC) sign is within Sagittarius, then you probably require a home in ‘every port’. This placement makes it hard for you to ‘settle down’ in just one place, and you ideally move between several locations, or live your life as a ‘nomad’. You probably spent your early years as a kind of ‘ambassador’, which is in fact the ‘power’ you derive from this placement, and you are suited to life in any ‘university’ town, or community in which you are able to ‘contribute’ your wisdom, and also engage in ‘learning’. Likewise, ‘activism’ may have been a part of your youth, that you carry into adulthood.

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Cancer – “I feel

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Crab’ then you are ‘compassionate’, giving and ‘nurturing’, highly ‘sentimental’ and ‘sympathetic’, with a ‘protective’ and security-oriented way of looking at people and the world. You epitomize the ‘homebody’ archetype and prioritise your loved ones. Watch out, as your ‘crabbiness’ will come into play when you are frustrated or feel put upon, and at such times you will retreat into your protective ‘shell’ and require time away from others.

Have a Cancer (Moon) sign, then you long for ‘profound’ levels of ‘security’, and are quite often an ‘empath’, with a ‘tenderness’ towards others that is unsurpassed. Your ‘sensitivity’ needs ‘protection’ however, so that you can keep your heart ‘well-guarded’, and your general mood is often ‘blunt’, moody, and highly ‘defensive’ as a result (particularly if you feel pushed). Such individuals can make caring leaders, once they learn to ‘believe in themselves’ a bit more.

Cancer (AC) sign; then you are a the ‘connoisseur of comfort’, and are always ready with a ‘charitable’ ear, a hot cup of tea and the kind of support most people only expect from their close family. You understand the ebb and flow of ‘emotions’ more than most, in fact, yours are rarely far from the surface.

Cancer (MC) sign; then you are highly sensitive and emotionally attuned. With your Midheaven being ruled by the Moon, her placement in your chart is the area of life where your vocation is most ‘vocal’. You go with the flow in your professional dealings, and you may experience waxing and waning phases as your ‘self-expression’ evolves.

Cancer (DC) sign; then when it comes to relationships, you are the sort that goes falling ‘head over heels’ for the strong-yet sensitive soul who can sweep you off your feet (and away from all the dutiful ‘obligations’ that consume you with ‘worry’). You have a very ‘delicate’ heart and are not quick to reveal your ‘softer side’. Before you open up, you must be ‘certain’ that your emotions will be heard, honoured and ‘respected’. The right relationship becomes a safe harbour for you to relax and ‘just be’, and you will often play the ‘caretaker’ role in any partnership.

If your (IC) sign is within Cancer, it brings a double shot of any ‘family’ joy (or it doubles down on issues that are part of your soul’s karmic journey). Since Cancer is the sign naturally associated with the fourth house, large doses of ‘nurturing’ and emotional ‘affirmations’ are essential to your healthy development. The way you were ‘nourished’ in childhood plays a large role in how well you ‘care of yourself’ as an adult. Many such individuals have ‘dependency’ issues, and they may be slow to move out of the family home, or scared about their ability to ‘make it on their own’.

Scorpio – “I desire

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Scorpion’ then you are ‘mysterious’, with a ‘magnetic’ power-seeking type of personality that can be ‘penetrating’, quite ‘intense’, and also surprisingly ‘spiritual’. You are also very much in touch with your ‘sexuality’, but you hold your cards close to your chest. In fact, this is the most ‘private’ sign of the zodiac, although such individuals are able to ‘command’ people’s attention with their ‘powerful’ presence, you will never truly know their full story.

Have a Scorpio (Moon) sign, then your ‘curiosity’ and intense mysteriousness means that although you ‘feel deeply’, you often have trouble expressing your feelings (which can become ‘explosive under pressure’). Many such individuals are ‘sultry’ and ‘possessive’, with a dark sense of humour, who need time alone and have ‘no patience’ for trivia or gossip. Only ‘trust’ brings out your full ‘profundity’ and ‘loyalty’.

Scorpio (AC) sign; you have a ‘piercing’ gaze, and likely have perfected how to ‘express’ yourself. You emit an energy that ‘stings’ like burning sun, with a rather ‘irresistible’ force of personality. You always appear ‘relaxed’ and ‘super-cool’, but with your keen powers of ‘observation’, you are always ready to strike like your namesake whenever necessary, often utilising ‘seduction’ as an art form.

Scorpio (MC) sign; you are deeply ‘self-motivated’, and a true ‘transformation’ catalyst. Check which house is home to Mars (as well as Pluto) in your chart to see the area of your life where you can ‘perform’ to the fullest. Such individuals will usually go to any length in order to make their ‘mark’ on the world, and their true calling is one that is often related to ‘unearthing’ deep truths and ‘secrets’, or in areas where they can create something that does not currently exist.

Scorpio (DC) sign; then you are the sort of individual who ‘plays for keeps’. Your relationship is central to your life and as such, it has to keep serving up ‘intimate’ satisfaction in order to feed what you ‘crave’. As a result, your partnership(s) cannot be boring in any way, you need to be able to spiritually ‘bond’ and have a lasting connection. ‘Intensity’ feeds your need in this respect, as does ‘sex’, which is integral to you and any relationship you have (just try to avoid your inherent propensity for ‘jealousy’ and ‘control’).

If your (IC) sign is within Scorpio, you need lots of ‘solitary’ time to process your ‘emotions’ and unwind, and home is where you get to be free from any pressure to ‘act’ for others. Childhood may have been difficult and ‘extreme’ as (like Pisces), this placement makes you a ‘psychic sponge’. You often have the belief that ‘nobody is there for you’, and this will be carried over into your adulthood if it is not addressed. Likewise, ‘sensuality’ is probably a charged issue in your life, and one that will need to be worked on in order to find your ‘inner’ peace.

Pisces – I believe

Born under the (Sun) sign of the ‘Fishes’ then you are ‘empathic’, ‘artistic’, and usually very ‘dreamy’ (most Pisceans also have ‘psychic’ abilities). Your inner nature is one of mystical ‘sensitivity’ and spiritual ‘compassion’, because you always pick up on, and take on, everyone else’s emotions. Such individuals are the ‘healers’ in this world, the hopeless ‘romantics’, the artists, and as such the ‘escapists’ of the zodiac, who need to channel their deep-felt ‘emotions’ through creative outlets in order to live.

Have a Pisces (Moon) sign, then you are the type who ‘feels’ everything. You have a ‘flexible’ and durable soul, but you need a safe way to be ‘conscious’ as your tears flow easily, and your energy levels will always ‘vary’. Similarly, such individuals may need to build their physical strength and practicality, in order to fully utilize their fine-tuned ‘sensibilities’, and not just ‘sacrifice’ themselves to others ‘woe’.

Pisces (AC) sign; you are an ‘esoteric’ sort of individual with usually more going on ‘below the surface’ than you have above, you really are a ‘mystery’ unto even yourself. Just like the current that carries the fishes of this zodiac sign, your ‘sympathies’ will ebb and flow along with your ‘mood’. You’re ‘imaginative’ and often live in a fantasy world, drawn to obscure books and rare lore. Such individuals have a talent for the ‘arts’, but people tend to have a hard time ‘reading’ them (and understanding the things they create).

Pisces (MC) sign; you are ‘passionate’, ‘intuitive’, and bigger on the inside than you may look on the outside. This placement means that you have a realm of vocational possibilities (and will probably move through many different careers during your life, and cross many ‘boundaries’), this is because of your talent are forever ‘unfolding’. Look for the house(s) that are home to Jupiter (as well as Neptune) in your chart in order to identify those vocations which will be ‘easy’ on your soul. You do need to be mindful of ‘dependency’ issues, and must create borders in any partnerships for them to survive.

Pisces (DC) sign; you are the ‘Idealist’, whose relationship should feel like an ‘escape’ from the mundane world. You will need to cultivate your own ‘little world’ together and will probably have a private place for just the two of you to share. You are the sort that often ‘idolizes’ their partner (especially if they swept you off your feet), so beware of hoisting your partner onto a pedestal that will only ‘disappoint’ you when reality settles in. Boundaries will be a challenge for you, and you need to remember that relationships are not ‘rescue missions’, so stop trying to pick up all the pieces for your partner.

If your (IC) is within Pisces, then you are a ‘psychic sponge’, and those ‘sensors’ were activated as a child. You probably had a childhood of ‘magical’ wonderlands, living on a slippery slope towards ‘instability’. You likely escaped into your own ‘illusions’ as a coping mechanism during adolescence (often due to your parents dealing with emotional issues, health problems, or ‘addiction’). It is not uncommon for such individuals to have been their parent’s ‘parent’, and had to grapple with ‘mature’ subjects early in life. As an adult you need to prevent your home becoming like a drop-in shelter, and do not forget that you need a ‘restful’ space for ‘solitude’ and recharging your own batteries after ‘martyring’ yourself for others.


The houses represent the ‘sky’ (more specifically the ecliptic) at the time of our birth, which is then divided into twelve parts (segmenting the pathway of the ‘planets’ as they move across the horizon). These twelve houses form the skeletal ‘structure’ in our natal chart and are always in the same location. In our ‘western’ natal chart (the one we are discussing here today), the beginning of the ‘first’ house is the eastern horizon, we then move in a ‘counterclockwise’ direction through them (around the wheel) to the twelfth house.

It is important to note that there are different house systems used by astrologers. The ascendant might be somewhere in the first house, or you might notice the houses aren’t all equal. Feel free to use whichever system you prefer when analysing your natal chart but know that some things will differ slightly from what has been discussed here today (like the fact that our incarnation cross is often ‘slanted’ at an angle and not directly straight).

Since the houses represent segments of the sky, in Astrology these houses are utilised to represent the ‘parts’ of our life, with each house being a different ‘aspect’ that develops as we live and grow. The ‘sign’ (and the ‘planet’), that have rulership of the differing houses will significantly influence your chart.

Description of each of the ‘houses’ and their inherent sign and planet rulership (Note as above, that in ‘traditional’ Astrology the planets differ for Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces, so be mindful of this when reading the above and your chart). Source: Pinterest

Astrologers call the house the Sun was positioned in at the time we are born, our ‘Solar House’. The house in which the Sun resides is where the ‘energies’ of our Sun sign are best expressed, and thus become a leading guide to our ‘main’ life purpose. Each house has a special ‘strength’, and our solar house is just as important as our Sun ‘sign’ when it comes to understanding personality, and the unique gifts of our soul (including which arena of life experience will be our ‘focus’). This is where our ‘personality’ can really shine and help us feel truly alive.

The house the Moon was positioned within is important for all of us to understand. The ‘sign’ where the Moon resides is where the ‘energies’ of our Moon are expressed in terms of how we seek ‘comfort’, and how we have our ‘desires’ and security needs met. As with the Sun house position, each ‘house’ where the Moon is located indicates that area of our life where we can gain (soul) ‘nourishment’, and open ourselves to being fully ‘aligned’ with what we require to make our day-to-day lives feel ‘better’, ‘lighter’, and more ‘fun’.

It should be noted, that the placement of the Sun in our chart also denotes whether we have a ‘day’ or ‘night’ chart. If your Sun is ‘above’ the horizon in your chart, then you have a ‘day chart’ and ‘resonate’ more strongly with your Sun sign. However, if your Sun is ‘below’ the horizon in your chart, then you have a ‘night chart’ and resonate more strongly with your Moon sign.

The ‘First’ house – Having the Sun here means you have a ‘big personality’ and are likely to feel a need to make your ‘mark’ in life by having an ‘impact’ on your ‘environment’. This will (manifest) and be achieved through employing your natural gifts of ‘independence’, ‘generosity’, and ‘enthusiasm’. In order to achieve your full potential, you may be faced with the challenge of having to show initiative, and thus also deal with ‘competition’ (requiring diplomacy and ‘tact’ on your part, which may not come easily). Your life’s work is living your true ‘essence’ in a way that makes the right ‘impression’ (on people and situations).

Having the Moon here indicates that your sense of comfort is achieved through your ‘independence’ and ‘self-reliance’, and thus a focus on your own inner ‘identity’, and ‘self’ is required. This house placement reflects a deep need for you to create your ‘own’ safety in life rather than having to rely on anyone else. Bringing to life that which you admire in others, within ‘yourself’, and then projecting that ‘self’, becomes your life’s work.

The ‘Second’ house – Having the Sun here means you are likely to seek emotional and ‘material’ security through a more practical approach to the world. You can achieve this by employing your gift with ‘finances’. You thrive when you are in a rhythm of steady ‘growth’, and are ‘motivated’ to work hard and develop solid ‘skills’ in your chosen field. Your challenge will be learning how to trust the ‘flow’ of resources available to you and knowing when to let go and when to ‘share’ what you have gained, particularly your inherent love of ‘nature’, and beauty (learning how to share is your life’s work).

Having the Moon here indicates that your self-comfort is achieved through the ‘accumulation’ of possessions, money, and ‘ownership’ (these things reflect your own ‘self-worth’, and how you ‘value’ yourself). You may also seek comfort through ‘food’, and although you gain ‘safety’ and also pleasure by ‘possessing’ things, you need to ensure that you ‘value’ yourself as well (your inner ‘self’, not just the material ‘things’ you amass. Overcoming this becomes your life’s work).

The ‘Third’ house – Having the Sun here means you are likely to be motivated by a desire to interact with others and ‘communicate’ with the world around you, as you are an ‘inspired’ messenger and natural ‘teacher’, who is happiest employing your gift with ‘information’, facts and ‘ideas’. Your challenge will be around learning to ‘focus’ yourself on what is in front of you in order to develop your ‘understanding’, and not flit from one idea to another. Your life’s work is about absorbing the latest news, ideas, and trends, and sharing the knowledge you have gained with others. As such you will most likely be attracted to the ‘media’ and stimulating company.

Having the Moon here is considered to be a ‘joyous’ placement, and it indicates that you like ‘busy’ day-to-day activity. You seek comfort and security through encounters with your family and close friends, which you desire to have ‘every day’ whenever possible, and you only truly gain any nourishment from your life by remaining busy at all times with others. Your life’s work thus becomes all about ‘managing’ a busy schedule, and juggling your time with everyone else, so make sure you also take time for yourself in order to learn who you are when alone in this world.

The ‘Fourth’ house – Having the Sun here means your ‘family’ life matters more to you than your professional life, and you are likely to only be motivated by ‘personal’, ‘domestic’ and family (including close friends) concerns, which is the natural manifestation of your gift for making a ‘home’, truly a home. To achieve your full potential, you will need to understand the ‘past’ and your ‘place’ within it, particularly with regards to any residual ‘psychic’ and emotional scars you still carry from your childhood. Your life’s work is all about ‘nurturing’ life and the family experience.

Having the Moon here indicates that you gain your sense of safety through your ‘home’, the memories of your childhood, and the relationship with your ‘parents’. You seek ‘comfort’ by having a ‘private’ home to retreat into, and by maintaining a ‘steady’ home life, which fortunately is your life’s work and primary focus (this is because the fourth house literally represents the ‘home’ that we live in, it is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer, and in turn the Moon. So this placement ‘resonates’ strongly with the inherent symbolism of this house).

The ‘Fifth’ house – Having the Sun here means that you are likely motivated by the need to live your life from a place of ‘fun’, and are driven to express your ‘passion’ through ‘creative’ work. You will achieve this by employing your natural gift of ‘self-expression’ and your inherent connection with ‘children’. Your challenge is to follow your heart and allow yourself (when necessary), to step into the ‘limelight’, so that you are instantly ‘recognisable’ for what you create. You ‘grow’ by putting yourself out there and embracing your natural ‘celebrant’ (especially with children), so this then becomes your life’s work.

Having the Moon situated here shows that you only gain any ‘enjoyment’ in your life through the act of ‘creation’, whether that is artistic or romantic (or even sexual in nature). You often seek comfort and security through ‘play’, having fun, and enjoying yourself, again this is often manifest through children (which is a very important aspect of life to you – playing and nurturing children is an act of ‘self-care’, and forms a significant proportion of your life’s work, alongside that which you create).

The ‘Sixth’ house – Having the Sun here means you are likely to be motivated to ‘refine’ and improve the ‘circumstances’ of the world around you by ‘assisting’ others. You will do this by employing your practical gift for supporting others and ‘serving’ their needs. Your challenge will involve accepting the rigour of ‘discipline’ without succumbing to ‘worry’ or obsessive routines. You thrive when things ‘flow’ with ease and are focused on being as ‘healthy’ as possible. Your instinct with ‘systems’ makes you a natural ‘organiser’ but beware of the ‘perfectionist’ trap, which will be the largest pitfall on the road of your life’s work in ‘service’ to others.

Having the Moon here indicates that you get your emotional needs met through performing ‘tasks’ and everyday ‘maintenance’ such as exercise, nutrition, and through being productive all the time. Having ‘lists’ will aid your overall comfort levels immensely, and also help you to feel safe (trying to stop you making lists is probably impossible). This placement also has a representation in the form of ‘pets’, so keeping ‘animals’ may be a desire within you that needs to be accommodated. Your life’s work will revolve around maintaining yourself, your health, and ‘time’ management in order to focus on ‘meaningful’ tasks.

In ‘Esoteric’ Astrology (which is concerned with the development of the ‘soul’), the houses have different meanings (which are shown above). Furthermore, each ‘sign’ (and thus ‘house’) also has a ‘Sacred’ ruling planet. These ‘soul development’ planet rulership are: Aries – Mercury, Taurus – Vulcan, Gemini – Venus, Cancer – Neptune, Leo – The Sun, Virgo – The Moon, Libra – Uranus, Scorpio – Mars, Sagittarius – The Earth, Capricorn – Saturn, Aquarius – Jupiter, and Pisces – Pluto (this important aspect of Astrology will be discussed further and in depth in future articles). Source: Pinterest

The ‘Seventh’ house – Having the Sun here means you are likely to need (in fact require), a ‘partnership’ with others in order to express yourself objectively, and you often strive for ‘equality’, by employing your gift for ‘fairness’ and managing ‘relationships’. To achieve your full potential, you will need to learn how to be ‘fair’, ‘decisive’ and most importantly, ‘self-assertive’. This is particularly important given your life’s work of ensuring ‘collaboration’ and cultivating ‘togetherness’, however you must retain your ‘own’ wise counsel when required.

Having the Moon here indicates that you receive your comfort and security in life from having meaningful one-to-one relationships. This house literally represents the ‘spouse’ (although it can also relate to ‘client’ work), and as such you require being ‘mirrored’ by another, which is in fact a core ‘need’ you have in order to feel safe and comfortable with your life. Finding and nurturing this (or these) relationship(s) becomes your life’s work.

The ‘Eighth’ house – Having the Sun here means you may find yourself driven to ‘understand’ the depths of your own nature and are likely to be ‘sensitive’ and ‘astute’, which is the natural manifestation of your gift for picking up on ‘hidden matters’ and the power you hold ‘within’. You are only truly vitalised by ‘intensity’ and ‘transformation’, so changing things is your life’s work. Your challenge will be overcoming your sensitivity, ‘secrecy’ and the unconscious ‘limitations’ you place on yourself. Which will require you to face the ‘truth’ about yourself and others.

Having the Moon here suggests that you crave absolute ‘trust’ from others (especially your spouse). This placement is the opposite of the second house placement, which ‘creates’ in order to ‘earn’ money, this placement is more of a ‘passive’ income energy, often related to the comfort and security that you gain from ‘shared’ finances and resources, and those that you receive from ‘others’. Your life’s work will revolve around securing this safety net, and learning to inspire trust in you from ‘others’, to the same degree with which you require their trust.

The ‘Ninth’ house – Having the Sun here means you are likely to be solely motivated by the need to ‘expand’ and broaden your ‘horizons’, by employing your natural gift for ‘travel’ and your innate fascination with ‘discovery’ of all kinds. Your challenge is to develop some ‘discernment’ about what you most often ‘believe’, and to accept present ‘limitations’, especially in relation to your ‘learning’ and understanding. The central purpose of your life is to continually ‘enlarge’ your worldview, and test your own limits, but beware of becoming a ‘visionary’ at odds with the rest of the crowd.

Having the Moon here indicates that you only obtain comfort, and security through the attainment of knowledge, higher learning, and also international travel. This type of placement makes you considered to be the ultimate ‘spiritual seeker’ of the zodiac, and in order to take care of yourself, you need to travel far and wide, and expand your ‘philosophical’ learning and ‘wisdom’. This therefore becomes your ultimate life purpose, and the focus of your energies.

The ‘Tenth’ house – Having the Sun here means you are often motivated to fulfill your ambitions by ‘leading’ and ‘managing others’. You achieve this by employing your gift for accepting ‘responsibility’ and by embracing your ‘professional’ success. To grasp your full potential, you will need to learn how to ‘persevere’ in the attainment of your goals and also demonstrate that you have ‘thoroughness’ in what you do. Your life’s purpose is all about the ‘achievement’, and the overcoming of ‘obstacles’, but you need to beware of the trap that is ‘all work and no play’ in order to create balance within your various ‘relationships’.

Having the Moon here indicates that you only feel comfort by accomplishing things on a ‘public’ scale through your ‘contributions’ to the world. You have a deep craving to ‘make your mark’ and give something back. With the Moon placed here, you need to be validated through the ‘impact’ you make, and in order to feel safe within, you need to project ‘outwards’ and make a name for yourself, this is your ultimate life’s work as well as the source of your sense of security in life.

The ‘Eleventh’ house – Having the Sun here means you are motivated by a drive to ‘connect’ with others and will likely form many ‘groups’ based on similarities and shared goals, often by employing your gift with ‘networking’ and establishing ‘connections’ with others. Your challenge is to make ‘time’ for the people in your life, as well as for ‘yourself’. You may need to remember to honour your ‘individuality’ rather than lose your identity within these groups. You are truly at your best when ‘free’ to break with convention and exhibit your ‘uniqueness’ to the full, which is your life’s work, and from which you gain meaning to your life.

Having the Moon here indicates that you are an individual who needs to feel safe and secure through your various ‘associations’ (whether that be friends or a variety of ‘social’ networks). You have a desire to be ‘spread out’, to have a vast web of friendships and not be ‘contained’ by any one place or person. This is the house of ‘hope’ and ‘dreams’, which you need to keep sustained, and aligned with your ‘vision’ for the future in order to feel secure and nourished. As a result, your life’s work involves ensuring that your vast network(s) all align with your ultimate vision of their place within the larger picture of your life, and particularly, yourself.

The ’Twelfth’ house – having the Sun here means you are likely to be a very ‘sensitive’ individual who is motivated by an ‘awareness’ of the impermanence of life, and who seeks to find a way of materially ‘expressing’ your unique ‘vision’ of the world. This will be attained through employing your gift for ‘perception’, and ‘service to others’, and by using your ‘imagination’ along with your spiritual ‘creativity’ to shape the world around you. Your challenge will be accepting ‘mundane realities’, and setting appropriate ‘boundaries’, by acknowledging your sensitivity and taking ‘care’ of yourself. Your life’s work will often manifest as that of the ‘healer’, or ‘psychic’ who aids others on their journey through life.

Having the Moon here indicates that you have an intense need to be ‘private’ and have a secluded ‘inner’ world in which no other person can gain access. This is often a mysterious unseen place, so you must also develop and cultivate your ‘internal’ spiritual practices, and have time alone in order to truly care for yourself. Inner healing is paramount in order for you to feel nourished and comforted. You have absolutely no need or desire for anything external to ‘validate’ you or your life, no amount of money or career success will help you feel secure and safe, only your own inner beauty counts. Achieving this inner ‘healing’ therefore becomes your life purpose.

Source: Pinterest

Putting it all together

We have ‘identified’ and ‘attributed’ meaning to the seven most important elements of reading our natal chart. By analysing these components, you will have a good (although rather basic) understanding of who ‘you are’ and your ‘life path’ (or for that matter, somebody else’s, as now you can apply this same process to any person’s chart). 

But before concluding todays lengthy lesson, let’s put into practice everything from the above, by applying it to an ‘individual’s’ chart as an example. For the sake of convenience let’s utilise a chart drawn up using the place, date, and time that Opeaus’ first article: ‘The Astrological Significance of Uranus’, was published. In order to personalise this natal chart (and thus have it truly be a representation of ‘birth’), let’s call it – Opeaus’ Horoscope.

Sourced by Seraphim (courtesy of Astro Dienst –

The first thing for us to identify within the above chart are the locations of the Sun and Moon. We can see Opeaus’ Sun is positioned in the sign of ‘Scorpio’ and within the ‘twelfth’ house, whilst his Moon is located in the sign of ‘Libra’, in the ‘tenth’ house. Now we have the ‘basics’ of a map to Opeaus’ soul and personality.

Next, we need to locate the cardinal points of Opeaus’ incarnation cross (our ‘compass’ to guide our reading of that map). His AC lies within the sign of ‘Sagittarius’, his DC is in the opposite sign of ‘Gemini’, whilst both his MC and IC appear to be between two signs (this is due to the points falling at exactly zero degrees within a sign, what astrologers term the ‘ingress’). In the case of his MC the sign is ‘Libra’, whereas for his IC the sign is ‘Aries’. Finally, we determine from Opeaus’ ‘Ascendant’ that his chart ‘ruler’ is the planet ‘Jupiter’.

When we encounter zero degrees in Astrology (whether that be relating to signs, houses, or planet positions), we are looking at the ‘purest’ energy of that particular ‘element’ of the chart (which in the case of observing Opeaus’ chart, is the ‘undiluted’ energy of the MC and IC signs). This is considered to be a ‘critical degree’ by astrologers; it is like a ‘blank space’ that calls to the ‘essence’ of that zodiac sign. It represents a brand new ‘beginning’, new ‘karma’, and a clean slate for new ‘discovery’.

The individual whose chart is being analysed is considered to be ‘inexperienced’ in that particular ‘aspect’ of life (as represented by the sign, house, or planet in question), and during this ‘lifetime’ that individual is on a lifelong quest to gain ‘experience’ in this ‘sphere’. It ‘doubles’ the energy of the sign, house, or planet, and thus also confers a sort of ‘dialogue’ with that sign’s planetary ruler (although a new language needs to be learnt and a great deal of ‘work’ needs to be undertaken by the individual, who is coming with the adjacent sign and/or house ‘perspective’ towards life, and their inherent ‘characteristics’, so in order for them to ‘embrace’ the pure nature of the ingress ’element’ arising anew, they have a great many lessons to learn).

So, what does the above tell us about Opeaus’ personality (and soul)?

Let’s ascertain whether we are looking at a ‘day’ or ‘night’ chart. Opeaus’ Sun and Moon are both above the horizon, identifying that we are looking at a ‘Jupiter ruled Day chart’. This rulership and type means that he ‘resonates’ more with his Sun sign (Scorpio) than his Moon sign (Libra), and Jupiter ‘infers’ an overriding element of optimism, growth and abundance, as well as risk-taking to Opeaus’ soul. As ruler of the ninth house, Jupiter also imparts a focus on education, values, ideas, and ‘expansion of consciousness’ to Opeaus’ area of life through which he will shine and align his growing self.

Scorpio Sun makes him outwardly an agent of change, with a deep, and probably ‘obsessive’ love for dredging up secrets, mysteries, and lies. Which he likely does with a penetrating, and powerful (or maybe power-seeking) presence, able to command people’s attention, but not reveal anything of what lies behind his veneer.

A man who likes to live in the shadows, and thanks to the Sun swimming in the depths of the Pisces ruled twelfth house of karmic debts, hidden enemies (and hidden support), limitations as well as ‘illness’, escapism, sorrow, ‘atonement’, and the ‘occult’, means Opeaus is likely psychically sensitive, and motivated to be a home to the grief that ‘cannot’ be released, by providing a service to any who can shape his ‘vision’ of this impermanent world into ‘reality’. The bleak, brutal truth is always on his mind, as is the big picture of ‘healing’, and aiding others through the journey of life and death, whilst ensuring his drive for power (his action in this material manifest world), remains rooted in his strong sense of self-preservation.

With Opeaus’ Libra Moon being in the tenth house of discipline, responsibilities, destiny, honour, fame and status, he is more than willing to fight for justice, but prefers the role of ‘peacekeeper’, and would rather just get along with others and avoid any confrontations. He wants to inwardly accomplish his ‘vision’ on a grand and public scale, and be globally known for his contributions to the world. He has a deep craving to make his mark and give something back, in order to feel validated and feed his inner need to be ‘balanced’ and just. His reaction to this manifest world will therefore be of a balancing nature, that tries to avoid confrontation and at the same time foster ‘friendship’.

So, at his ‘core’ Opeaus is outwardly a resourceful and intensely compulsive individual with a unique understanding of the world, and a clear and powerful vision of how ‘his’ reality should be. Inwardly however, he is co-operative, diplomatic (although quite often fence-sitting), and something of an aesthetic, who just wants everyone to be friends and work towards bringing alive his vision.

Next, let’s ascertain Opeaus’ life path and how he expresses these inner and outer ‘selves’. By looking at the position of his Sun and Moon, we can see that both are within the quadrant that is comprised of the AC and MC axis. This means his conscious self-awareness and ‘being’, both his inner and outer selves are aligned to his ‘self-realisation’.

Source: Pinterest

Sagittarius Ascendant makes him wise, ‘benevolent’, enthusiastic (often to the point of idealistic), and extravagant. He is the sort of individual who does not care about upsetting people, who often speaks his mind, and seeks the ‘truth’ in all matters. Which combines well, and compliments the above observations of the Sun and Moon within Opeaus’ chart, and together they provide us insight into how he projects his ‘self’, and the journey of ‘discovery’, and ‘becoming’ that he is on, as he transforms into his full Scorpio self by learning the lessons of his Sagittarius self on the lifepath that Jupiter has laid before his soul.

A Libra Midheaven also compliments Opeaus’ Moon, helping to bring greater influence from his feminine side to the fore, and align his inner goals with how he projects his ‘self’ to society, and through his ‘work’. This brings some feminine balance to the chart and offsets some of the highly ‘resonating’ masculine energy of being a day chart with a Sagittarius AC, and it also creates a strongly aligned ‘responsibility’, and aspiration to fulfil his outer goals and big ambitions on a global stage through his inner ‘self’, and not rely solely on his charm and mystique.

His desire to create a perfect working environment, ‘harmonious’ relations between people, all working together with a ‘purpose’, and a healthy mix of work and pleasure is his ultimate goal, and the manner in which he projects himself and pursues his vocation (which with the aid of his Moon placement will ultimately help him maintain the requirements his soul needs in order to grow through the work he does).

It should be noted that due to his MC being at zero degrees, Opeaus is experiencing the Libra ‘energies’ in his chart for the first time, and is approaching the required ‘learning’ with the outlook and characteristics of Virgo. So he will have to learn how to apply his well developed ‘analytical’ skills to ensuring balance and ‘justice’ through the vocation he dedicates himself to.

Likewise to fully see how he finds his joy within his chosen vocation we look to the house and sign placement of the planet Venus, which is aligned with his Sagittarius AC within the first house, meaning his ‘truth’, and love of learning gives meaning, and purpose to his life path through balancing his work with his inner ‘self’. He will also use those arrows of truth with equanimity, and equality as his guiding aim.

Opeaus’ Gemini Descendant indicates that he needs friendship as an essential component of his relationship with others. He admires those who are versatile, clever (particularly if they are fluent in multiple languages), ‘curious’ and nimble of mind, as these are all traits that he desires within his ‘self’. His life ‘philosophy’ is coloured by what he recognises as ‘worthy’ in the people and this world, and is a perception of himself that he will have to master, and seek out in his mate in order to truly fulfil his full potential and soul growth.

This placement means that Opeaus is all about ‘communication’, philosophical conversations about life and the world around us, and socialising. He will have to learn how to avoid ‘suffocating’ others though, and ensure that his penchant for matching and coordinating things (and people) doesn’t go too far.

Meanwhile, Aries IC reveals that Opeaus had a ‘restless’ childhood, and likely had to previously deal with anger issues. The ‘critical’ degree of his IC indicate that he was raised in a Piscean home and had to ‘mature’ quickly, was likely exposed to parents addictions and ‘problems’, and so his impulses and instincts are all about fending for himself and being the ‘first’ in everything he does.

His inner soul will have to learn how to be ‘assertive’, brave (but not impetuous), as well as self-oriented. Coming from the waters of Pisces, it is likely he was once a twin (his chart is infused with the three ‘twin’ signs of the zodiac – Pisces, Gemini, and Libra), and his roots in Aries will require him to have his ‘freedom’ in order to pursue his ambitions without any stricture or ‘boundaries’, he may even have to ‘go it alone’ into the world.

This placement also indicates that he needs a home with lots of freedom, so in order for Opeaus to pursue his ‘ambitions’ he probably lives in a rather messy environment, with multiple half finished projects all over the place. Due to him juggling through multiple varied interests he will need to ensure he cleans up often, to prevent the ‘clutter’ from dominating his space.

As noted above Opeaus’ MC and IC are both at zero degrees, so this amplifies where he is professionally heading in this lifetime, into a fully energised Libra guided by Venus, who is showing his soul ‘balance’ for the first time, guided by Jupiter’s hand. Likewise, his soul is coming from a past life in Pisces into the fire of Aries for a new beginning under the guidance of Mars, so he will have to learn how to turn his sensitivity into winning for himself, not just carrying the woes others.

This aspect will add sensuality, beauty and ‘creativity’ to his emerging desire for justice and fairness, whilst the latter will provide drive, as well as ‘motivation’ to his ‘psychic’ impulses and instincts, and help him to foster competitiveness within his home and his extended friendships (including with his potential mate).

Taken together as a ‘whole’ the above chart shows us the map to the soul of a man who is driven to ‘discover’ the deep dark ‘meaning’ within this existence. Like an astronaut who spends his time on an endless journey within space, searching for treasures, truths, and lies, whilst gazing into the wide ‘cosmic’ wonder laid before him. He truly desires to bring together ‘friends’ from across the world who are clever, and ‘insightful’ enough to help him fully realise, and create, a whole new ‘reality’ during his lifetime.

His Sun and Moon are well aligned with his AC and MC, and he is strongly energised with the characteristics of Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. He was born at a time and place for a new ‘karmic journey’ to start, and his true Arian self will exalt through Liberian ‘justice’, and be guided by the arrows of truth fired from the bow of Sagittarius. These in turn will shape the Scorpio ‘self’ he is destined to ‘become’, as an awakening Pluto, with her energy of transformation will be channeled through his vocal talents and his past, as he rises like a ‘phoenix’ from a shattered old reality into a new reality aligned to his ‘vision of the world’.

Note: The above is what the Sun, Moon, and just ‘four’ natal points are telling the reader about the above chart. This reading is not based on any real individual, least of whom – Opeaus Blair… it is merely the time and date of an event in the past


In order to make use of the above you will require a copy of your natal chart. If you do not already have such, then a good source (and a site repeatedly referenced in prior Sacred Sequencing articles), is Astro Dienst – their site enables two profiles to be set up for free, so you can have both yours and a partners charts drawn up, and they also offer different chart types and more advanced features for understanding future ‘elements’ of natal chart analysis that will be discussed in this series of articles. The site is a handy resource for all things astronomical, hence why it is referenced here.

Source: Pinterest

Sourced From Opeaus Blair’s Sacred Sequencing


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    Unbeknownst to the simpletons who get their world view from social media like good little capons many of the best archaeologists and anthropologists are convinced that Mesoamerican culture is the remnant of Sumerian culture. I concur, unequivocally…

    In Mesoamerican civilization astrology was the most important science, the Mayans knew how to read the stars and they were the planetary time keepers. Which is why the Borgias and the rest of their papist ilk had to wipe their written records from the face of the earth in order to introduce their own calendar, and convince their sheeple that the fake science of Galileo and Copernicus had any validity at all in the real world. As you can see now as this “globe” goes spinning out of control it does not.

    Seraphim worked very hard on this so I will disclose something I was saving for the book. Montezuma’s astrologists told him that Quetzalcoatl, the White founder of Mesoamerican civilization would arrive at one reed, the exact time in which Cortez arrived on their shoreline. The astrologists implored the Aztecs not to attempt to resist what the drooling morons of academia call the conquistadors but then their demonic priesthood would have been toppled just like Cortez always made it a point to topple their idols and replace them with statues of the Virgin Mary (read the Goddess). Montezuma did everything he could to follow the instructions of his astrologists but when he was murdered by his own people all Hell broke loose and a few hundred men annihilated a highly advanced civilization of fifteen million souls. Nothing was left and when the carnage was finally over the final omen appeared in the firmament…
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