Answer To Evil

There has always been evil in this world and there has always been good. On the right we have mercy on the left severity. Man has always traveled the sunlit path in the middle because in the east lies negation and the west damnation so we travel north and south just to stay alive.  

It’s hard to say where it all first began to go wrong. I am inclined to agree with Nietzsche when he lamented the advent of the printed word and railed against newspapers: “they vomit up their bile and call it newspapers”. To give a pulpit to every superficial idea that has never even withstood the test of time because someone stands to gain from it is surely cultural suicide. We get half-baked theory’s about the ascent of man and twisted little cocaine addicts assuring us that it is every man’s secret fantasy to diddle his mother. Capitalism doesn’t help by the time real thinkers figure out that Apes did not build Tenochtitlan or that sex with one’s mother or for that matter goats is really quite repulsive somebody’s already reaping financial windfalls from the erroneous idea and like any good businessman they use the profits to promulgate the sanctity of the error that brings their prosperity. Mass-produced stupidity is self-perpetuating. 

Maybe Nietzsche was wrong, just a man who told too many secrets for his own good, after all he did give Gods eulogy a bit prematurely. It all could have started when Martin Luther nailed that pamphlet to the door that’s why as he died he confessed to being haunted by the suspicion that his life was just the devils tool. Thanks to him God no longer had a representative and the devil was left all alone to make the prosecutions closing argument. Without a divine imperative it is left for rabid wolves to Shepard abandoned sheep. In the end you will realize they have been planning all this for 1000 years ever since the Templars found what they were looking for beneath the cursed city of Jerusalem. It has reached a crescendo now and America the last bastion of righteousness has been overrun with the children of Dr Spock, a generation of overindulged monsters every one of them thinking that the ability to barter over cabbages in the market place entitles them to be kings: “And I laughed to myself at the men and the ladies who never conceived these billion dollar babies”. 

Why do good men express awe at the humanity of Godless Savages? blog/rwnutjob/2010/11/16/amazing_6_year_old_hiv_positive_chinese_kid Let’s name some names: Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Hollywood, the Board of Education, and last but not least our own priests. You want to blame the Jews right wing nut job well go ahead you are perfectly within your rights. Why do supposedly righteous Rabbis sit in mute horror while Shabataian Frankist Jews speak on behalf of the entire diaspora? Do you think they too are Jews my good Rabbis? They are no more Jews than you are TzDQ. They use your Torah for toilet paper and when the time comes they will blame the Diaspora for their crimes like they have done over and over again. I tell you now what you already know, it shall be your light that shall be extinguished. And what of our Christian priests, what stand have they taken? They hide behind their pulpits and preach 2000 year old lies: oppose not evil, lest you become evil? Paul was a liar, he was the lying priest of the Dead Sea scrolls, a Roman collaborator, and a ShMY Pharisee, the same people who crucified Jesus. Jesus told you to sell your cloak and buy a sword, his true followers fought the Romans to the death at Masada. There is not one among you, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, who is worthy to call themselves a priest of Christ. The war has already begun. UN troops of the New World Order have fired upon the citizens of Haiti, because the Haitians who are Christians objected to being infected by a fatal disease carried by the Nepalese infidels who have invaded their country under the UN banner. The young men of your congregations belong in Haiti, not halfway across the world securing opium and oil for the enemies of God. 

Haiti is the only Black Country to ever gain its independence directly through war with a western power. For 198 years today Haiti has existed in relative peace, as compared to many of its neighbors bordering the United States. Although Haiti has always been poor, its people were able to maintain what sane men would call an idyllic life in a Caribbean paradise through the subsistence farming of rice. Haiti has been depicted in the Caucasian media as a New World Darfur crawling with blood thirsty zombies, witch doctors, and a population hopelessly infected with AIDS. According to UN figures Haiti’s actual violent crime rate is 5.6 per 100,000 as compared to Americas which is 5.7. Haiti’s HIV rate is 2.2 as compared to our capital Washington DC which is 3. As can be surmised from these figures the people of Haiti are devout Christians. With the passage of NAFTA Haiti’s small farmers were ruined as were their American counterparts, the only difference was Bill Clinton actually apologized to the Haitians:    

The failure of subsistence farming led to the concentration of Haiti’s people in the hastily expanded city of Port au Prince. In 1/12/10 Haiti a country with no seismic history inexplicably suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7 fifteen miles WSW of Port au Prince resulting in at least 300,000 dead. The American military responded to the disaster with what looked like an invasion force for all intents and purposes. According to scientists such as Dr. Georges Michel Haiti sits on top of oil reserves larger than that of Venezuela and vast untapped gold deposits:  

All the usual suspects have now shown up in Haiti with plans to rebuild it, the Oil Company’s with BP leading the Blitz; Monsanto, Bill Clinton, and Dubya himself, who of course is in charge. The first lady Michelle Obama has harangued Americans nonstop on their TV’s to send money for the Haitian relief effort and although most Americans responded generously and the Red Cross says they spent 106 million to date, Haitians are still living under blankets, with less than 5% of the rubble resulting from the earthquake removed from the streets of Port au Prince, almost a year later. Haiti is also without medical supplies and faced with a virulent Chorea epidemic that has already taken over a thousand more lives in the stricken nation. Cholera did not exist in Haiti until Nepalese troops of the UN erected their sewage facility on the edge of a tributary of the Artibonite River, Haiti’s largest river and source of fresh water. Nepal is a known source of Cholera and in spite of independent collaboration by camera crews of Al Jazeera and reporters from the Huffington Post that the sewage facility was overflowing into the tributary, and in spite of eye witness accounts that drunken Nepalese soldiers were using the tributary as a urinal, the UN is insisting that its tests are not showing a relation between Haiti’s Cholera strain and the one endemic to Nepal. When an American reporter writing for the Huffington Post showed up at the Nepalese base with some Haitian students attempting to document the raw sewage leaking into the tributary from the sewage facility, her access to the facility was physically blocked by Nepalese soldiers wearing smirks instead of uniforms:  

The Haitian people will not roll over and die peacefully for the disaster capitalists and their UN mercenary armies they have a proud history of fighting back. Inevitably the first shots have now been fired. On Tuesday, a man was shot by a UN mercenary during an exchange of gunfire in Quartier Morin, near the country’s second city, Cap-Haitien. The UN said the “soldier” had acted in self-defense. An investigation has been launched. Cap-Haitien, the country’s second city, has been cut off as of 11/16/10  from the rest of Haiti after a day of rioting shut its roads and airport leaving more than a dozen people wounded. Clashes in the town of Hinche injured seven Nepalese mercenaries according to local radio. 

Anybody looking for in depth coverage of the dire situation in Haiti will find it on Ezili Dantos blog: Extra link: 

Originally published on Open Salon, NOVEMBER 18, 2010 2:51PM Updated links, added images.


  1. Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge read by Robert KellyIn Xanadu did Kubla KhanA stately pleasure dome decree:Where Alph, the sacred river, ranThrough caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea.So twice five miles of fertile groundWith walls and towers were girdled round:And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;And here were forests ancient as the hills,Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slantedDown the green hill athwart a cedarn cover!A savage place! as holy and enchantedAs e'er beneath a waning moon was hauntedBy woman wailing for her demon lover!And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing,A mighty fountain momently was forced:Amid whose swift half-intermitted burstHuge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail,Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail:And 'mid these dancing rocks at once and everIt flung up momently the sacred river.Five miles meandering with a mazy motionThrough wood and dale the sacred river ran,Then reached the caverns measureless to man,And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean:And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from farAncestral voices prophesying war! The shadow of the dome of pleasure Floated midway on the waves; Where was heard the mingled measure From the fountain and the caves. It was a miracle of rare device,A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice! A damsel with a dulcimer In a vision once I saw; It was an Abyssinian maid, And on her dulcimer she played, Singing of Mount Abora. Could I revive within me Her symphony and song, To such a deep delight 'twould win me,That with music loud and long,I would build that dome in air,That sunny dome! those caves of ice!And all who heard should see them there,And all should cry, Beware! Beware!His flashing eyes, his floating hair!Weave a circle round him thrice,And close your eyes with holy dread,For he on honey-dew hath fed,And drunk the milk of Paradise.Favorite poem of John Henry "Doc" Holliday as quoted in the movie Tombstone

  2. Dublinmick

    Who wrote the bible? Thats a loaded question. What is the bible? The "bible" is decided by those in the publishing houses- the "Jews". Yes Constantine was the first to usurp the way. Yes, his actions and others at the council of Nicene were the basis to the RCC where a completely inverted authority structure is erected. But you see, this still doesn't answer the question, who wrote the original letters of the Apostles nor does it address the fact that what most people think as the old testament today is a fraud.

    For one to get back to the way, they must go back to the original letters that were written in Greek. They must back to the Septuagint that was first translated into Greek around 650 BC and then later again around 250 BC. There they must examine every word for its true definition. One must also consult the many OT and post Jesus' death writings that were excluded at those early councils. If you do that you will see a completely different narrative than what is preached inside those Corporation "Churches"- those of Judaic "Christianity", the great Apostasy or "falling away".

    So when you cite crimes by so called "Christians" and the "Church", remember that the largest amount of people murdered by these people were not paganized Israelites of Germany or England or Ireland etc, it was converted white/European Israelites who stood up to their apostasy and all others who wouldn't convert to their apostasy.


  3. Dublinmick

    Many people claim Paul was a "traitor" but when they present evidence it is shown they are taking him out of context. Peter even said that people would misinterpret Paul to their own destruction and he was right. People don't understand the physical aspects of the way and today seem to know little of the spiritual aspects as well. It is the story of the white race(s) and their creator/savior. Paul was chosen to be the Apostle onto the "Gentiles" (means kinsfolk-ethnic nations, not a "non Jew" which is a Talmudic interpretation to confuse people). Paul was originally taught by Hillel and was his number 1 student. He was so zealous for Talmudic Judaism (thinking it was the true religion) he was with the mob that murdered Stephan when he exposed the Esau/Canaanite "jew" frauds and their duped white converts (much like Judaic "Christianity" today) while in trial saying that they were the one's who murdered the Prophets.

    Paul was extremely influential in breaking down the barriers between the white southern tribes of Israel (called Judaites) and the white northern tribes of Israel called both Israel before and "gentiles" in the the time of Christ. What separated them was the food laws, circumcision mainly and also an adherence to the written law of the old contract mixed with Talmudic traditions. where those who accepted Jesus as Christ were under now a new contract. This is when the law recognized was that of our undefiled hearts and minds (in our DNA- our conscience) that is known today as the law of the land in Manasseh and Ephraim (America and UK-Colonies). This law has been usurped by judaic legal fiction codes derived from the Talmud out of Babylon again in both letter and spirit.

    Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin of the southern tribes of Judah (Levi and Judah had ruling authority until Christ came). Paul was instrumental in not only bringing back the Northern Tribes of Israel out of their Paganism (polytheism) which was the crime that got them booted from the land in the first place; he was also the one who went onto both Manasseh and Ephraim's majority dwelling (English Isles) telling them of the future status, only a few years after Christ's death and his conversion.

    Paul was no traitor. He railed against the Esau "Jews" saying he wished those Judaizers would go all the way when preaching physical circumscion and cut off their own penis'. He warned authentic Israelites against the Esau "Jews" constantly saying, stay away from them. Paul and some of his helpers took as many authentic Judaites out of the "Jews" population as possible and this really pissed off the "Jews". They persecuted him everywhere he went. When in Greece (where there were still a lot of white Israelites who founded that nation) he preached to them at the temple of the unknown "God" to bring them out of their paganism too. Finally, he knew his show down would have to happen and he would be imprisoned. He went back to Jerusalem and sure enough, after trying to murder him he was finally arrested, basically to protect him (By the Romans). He appealed his case to Caesar after making mince meat out of the Pharisees and Sadducees verbally. There he was finally let go but ended up being murdered in Rome anyhow.

    When Paul left to the "Jews" trying to extract as many white dupes as possible, he basically washed his hands of them saying he could do no more as he went to the paganized Israelites only after that.


  4. Jack

    Didn't know about the UN doing what it did to Haiti. Doesn't surprise me though. The UN always destabilizes nations and the easiest to destabilize are African based nations. I am not sure why you give Haiti a glowing report. I sure as hell wouldn't live there and yes, they will always be poor for reasons we have discussed before.

    As to Paul, you got that all wrong. People don't understand Paul's writings. They can be very confusing but if understood in the context he is speaking, it all becomes clear. Paul wasn't an ethnic "Jew" (as in those who resemble). He was a white man who would have looked much like a typical Norwegian or Icelander. He was an authentic Judaite from the tribe of Benjamin. Those who fought at Masada were the Esau mixed canaanites who blended into Judea around 125 BC when the last ethnic King of Judea (Hycranus) conquered Edom to the south. He allowed them to be absorbed into Judea (which was 100% unlawful and mirrors what Western white nations have done with the modern "Jews" over the last 2-300 years) as long as they adopted Hebrew customs and assimilated.. They, of course didn't. They turned a nation into a region by opening up its borders by way of advancing themselves into positions of power based upon their ethnic identity. They murdered the King and with the help of Rome, installed their own DNA/race in his position while also taking control over the priesthood.Then, they enforced their own "laws" from the Talmud over that of authentic scriptures and real Hebrewism persecuting the real Judaites based on their race and authentic religion (laws/customs). Again, this mirrors what they have done in White Western Nations and also what is left of Christendom with the usurpation of the real Priests (Individuals making up we the people) with this Babylonian legal system (fictitious legal Judaic code system and their Judges of SCOTUS). If one looks at the US supreme court, they will see Vatican City Reps (Roman Catholics) and "Jews" (City of London Reps). Nowhere will one see any Protestants (WASPS).

    The so called Jews who fought with Rome rebelled against the Creator who had put Rome over them because of their disobedience to their contract. These Esau, Edomites, so called Jews were prophesied (by Christ) to be destroyed because of the way they treated their younger brother (of Jacob). We will see the same unfold again and this time, their female genetics to Esau will be wiped out whereas before, their male seed to Abraham was extinguished when Rome raped all their women and killed all of their men.

    As to "where did we go wrong"? I would say we went wrong in our disobedience to our new contract (NT) and its law (Common/Natural/Christian derived law that is written in our hearts and minds-DNA) starting about 2-300 years ago. just like before, we disobeyed and also allowed Esau/Ashkenaz impostors into our nations. What did we gain by this? We now have the "Jews" over us again with Rome being put on our backs toward punishment just as before. Good news is, the way it went before is much like how it will go again. Our numbers will continue to decrease but there are those of us who will survive (a remnant) as this time we take back our nations through a combination of peaceful and physical resistance. Then we will focus on JWO ground zero ("israel") and take that over too coinciding with the return of the true Christ who kicks out the usurper main anti Christ the "Jews" will have installed.


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