Rabid wolves Shepard abandoned sheep
Lamentations of the Goddess disturb our sleep
In seven palaces we are permitted to dwell
Seven Palaces on a foundation we call hell 
The saviors been commended to an unmarked grave
And the Whores still here she never was saved
As furious dogs bay through a moonless night
The whore becomes queen and takes her delight
They prostrate on the ground to the most ancient of deceptions
While the church propagates doctrines through immaculate conceptions
And the defiler of the tomb the robber of graves
Is challenged by a God who hid in a cave 
There’s an obscure passage through the vault of time
But in a violent creation amid the swirling sublime
Precept upon precept and line upon line
Here a little, there a little conceals the divine 
We are hurled through the stars
Only to plummet back to earth
Bound by a chain of flowers
To a circle of death and birth
And the precept upon precept
Is a delusion of the illusion
Not even the child of the void
Can cross the line of confusion 

First written by Jack Heart on Open Salon

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