The authorized version of history is designed to keep you stupid. It starts in ancient Greece with “The Father of Lies” Herodotus and ends with that vile convicted criminal Dr. Zahi Hawass making it up as he goes along on your television.

Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon

by Jack Heart – Part 2

The whole concoction is now a metaphorical desperate man clinging to a tree. A tsunami of reality borne on an untamed cyber sea is crashing down upon him.

A hundred feet beneath the waves of Japans Ryukyu Islands lay a step pyramid carved into solid stone. All who have dived on it know it is an artificial structure.

Yet those who have never dived on it claim it must be a natural formation because it would have to have been constructed at least twelve thousand years ago, before the glaciers melted and at a time when “there were only hunter gatherers that lived in caves and were incapable of building anything.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Let us begin in the “New World” where they have horded “their gold.”

Academia claims this “is a natural formation.” Incompetence? I think not more like the blatant application of the Asch Paradigm.

High in the Andean mountains lays Tiahuanaco where diorite blocks some weighing in excess of 400 tons, are precisely cut and fitted like the pieces in a LEGO Erector Set. Diorite is even harder than granite and impossible to work with even now.

The blocks typically weighing in at between 100 to 150 tons were quarried on the opposite shore of the lake, ten miles away. The primitive building techniques of the Inca are easily distinguished from the original edifice which has been torn apart by some unknown cataclysmic energy.

Some of the original structures were buried in up to six feet of sediment. The altitude is over 12,000 feet and rain is practically unheard of in the area falling at the rate of less than nine inches a year.

The overhead soil erosion which would be necessary to cause the kind of emersion in the soil that Tiahuanaco was found in is physically impossible. Sea horses which are only found in salt water are unaccountably found in the fresh water of Lake Titicaca. It has recently been discovered that the ruins extend into and under the water of the lake.

Diorite blocks cut with precision beyond even the finest craftsman of today.
The method by which the original blocks were fitted together

A hundred years ago Professor Arthur Posnansky made an intensive fifty year study of the ruins. In his 4 volume work titled Tiahuanaco, The cradle of American Man, first published in 1945. He presents archeoastrology evidence why the Kalasasaya temple in Tiahuanaco must be at least 15,000 years old.
Unearthed at the site was a 7 foot tall idol of an ancient Andean God that the Inca now call Viracocha. Serpents are depicted ascending each side of the statue.  The academic dissembling of exactly who or what Viracocha originally was is mind numbing and that is exactly the way they want it.

But one thing is certain. Viracocha was a serpent God, a sun God.  He is always depicted with a radiant head and serpents prominently displayed even in sites as old as Tiahuanaco.

Viracocha, over the Gateway of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, clutching a serpent in each hand.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A few hundred miles to the northwest of Tiahuanaco sits Ollantaytambo allegedly built by the Incas in the Fifteenth century. Ollantaytambo is nothing if not a stone indictment of academia for its role as a willing accomplice in the subjugation of the human race.

The Inca’s primitive technique of stacking much smaller and ill fitted rocks can be easily discerned from the perfectly formed and fitted Andesite, boulders, an extremely hard igneous rock, that constitute the foundations of the ruins.

Observe the pebbles stacked at the top and in the background.

Nobody is that stupid. They are deliberately lying! It is common practice to build upon the ruins of ancient cities. Mexico City is built atop Tenochtitlán Rome is built atop Rome. Nietzsche said beware the fish eyed scholar. Hitler knew just what to do with him. 

An objective examination reveals the original, and much older, constructions at Ollantaytambo were destroyed by cataclysmic energy just like Tiahuanaco.

Ollantaytambo is called The temple of the Condor because of a natural wedge shaped stone that has been fashioned into a makeshift sacrificial alter by adding a carved stone condor head to drink the blood of victims as it runs down into a well below the beak.

The Condor is the largest vulture in the world. Academic hacks will tell you that the Condor is the symbol of the Inca sky God but common sense should tell you that the vulture is the symbol of death.

All through the Andes great blocks of extremely hard stone have been worked with a craftsmanship that defies explanation even using the cutting methods employed by modern craftsman.

The truth is that the “Incan Empire” never really even existed. They were nothing but a bunch of half naked savages squatting on land that was not and still is not there’s. A hand full of Spanish warriors walked right through them.
The gold that “Francisco Pizarro took from them” was not theirs anyway. He was sent there to requisition both the real estate and everything on it by their masters and the Inca royalty knew it, as they still do today. The same scenario took place with the Aztec. But none of you will ever meet an Inca princess, let alone get her to hint at the truth to you, so let me go on with my story and prove it to you.

To their great credit the Inca are not liars like academia. They have been telling anyone who would listen from the start that they built none of these things. In Inca legend Ollantaytambo was founded by a brother and sister sent by the Sun God. They had in their possession a golden wedge which was able to burrow into the ground of its own accord and somehow enable the siblings to build the city.

In Isaiah 13, 12, the twenty-first century addition of the King James Bible, Yahweh launches into one of his endless tirades bellowing “I will make a man more rare than fine gold; even a man more than the golden wedge of Ophir.” In The Talmud,  Tractate Gittin Folio 68, Solomon enlists the help of the prince of Demons Asmodeus to find the Shamir which Moses brought out of Egypt. The Shamir had the ability to split rocks.

In the Bible Solomon had an alliance with king Hiram of the ancient Phoenician seaport of Tyre. The King constructed a fleet for Solomon so that he could sail to the mysterious lands of Ophir where he extracted huge quantities of gold. The gold made Solomon the richest King on earth. The ships plied the earth and once every 3 years brought Solomon copious amounts of wealth from all the far flung corners of the world.

Aside from the first temple Solomon is also credited with building another temple in Lebanon where the mysterious Temple of Baalbek now marks the veil of history that has been erected and tended to by academia.

Lebanon’s Baalbek; another inconvenient site for academia’s talking chimps.

By their own traditions Jews have always been Magi who command demons through the power of their demon God. In the Testament of Solomon, supposedly a firsthand account, Solomon used a ring engraved with Gods “secret” name to command the demons to build the first temple.

Even in the oldest of their Talmudic traditions Shir Hashirim Rabba 1:5 which scholars can date back almost to the time when Moses and the Sanhedrin of criminally insane Qabalists looted Egypt. It says “everyone helped in the construction of this Temple – even the spirits, the hobgoblins, the angels.”

But let’s go back to the New World, or shall I call it Ophir? Let’s see exactly where it was that the wandering Jew was wandering.

It was first mentioned in De mirabilibus auscultationibus,  a collection of natural history facts attributed to Aristotle, that the Carthaginians were building colonies in a land beyond the pillar of Hercules. A land that had navigable rivers and since there are no islands with navigable rivers in the Atlantic the author could have only been referring to America. Didorus Siculus or Didorus of Sicily next gives vivid details of its discovery and colonization by the Phoenicians in his massive 40 volume work Bibliotheca historica.

What should be taken into account but never is because of academic dissembling is that the Jews were a force to be reckoned with in the ancient world. Rome’s first order of business, in order to become an empire, was to sack the Jewish outpost on Rome’s own doorstep; Carthage.

This was only achieved after the Punic Wars; blood soaked conflicts which lasted almost a hundred years. Perhaps a million maybe more died in this conflict. Carthage inflicted 80,000 deaths upon Rome’s legions in the battle of Cannes alone.
Because the Romans knew how dangerous Jews are being founded by Jews themselves, as you shall see if you read on, they slaughtered every man, woman and child in the city when they finally did sack Carthage. The Jew never gives up, ever, that’s what it means to be a Jew.

The Western world was now at war with the Jewish world. The two empires sat across from each other like WWI soldiers occupying opposing trenches. The dye had been cast. Three desperate wars for survival would ensue lasting over twenty years.

The Mithridatic Wars would only be concluded when Rome under Pompey the Great defeated the forces of the Armenian Empire under Mithridates VI also known as Mithridates the Great or the Poison King because of his penchant for drinking poison to toughen himself up.

The homicidal Jew king fled with the remnants of his army to the furthest corner of what was left of his empire in what is now called Georgia. Where, after personally murdering his own son the king of Scythia for what he perceived as disloyalty, he committed suicide.

Now Rome was free to attack the heart of the malignancy. They did so by occupying Jerusalem the same year the Mithridatic Wars were concluded; 63 BCE. What followed was two hundred years of practically unremitting bloodshed.

Josephus, who is one of the few historians who can be trusted, where they didn’t redact his work to include Jesus, says 1,100,000 Jews alone were killed in the first uprising. With legion upon legion slaughtered. Masada, whose defenders committed suicide rather than give up, was the closing battle.

It was no aberration. Jews always fought till they were utterly annihilated with the women and children fighting in the streets of Jerusalem right alongside their men. The festivities were not just confined to the land. The Jews had their own navy which according to Josephus controlled the sea off the coasts of Syria, Phoenicia and Egypt, hardly the simple goat herders of Hollywood history and the religion the Jews concocted for their slaves; Christianity.

There were two more major uprising with innumerable small ones between. Finally culminating with Bar-Kochba rebellion from 132 –135. There were 580,000 Jews killed in that one according to Cassius Dio. He tells us many Romans also “perished.”  Rome was victorious but by then the Jew had infected her with his homogenized religion for “goyim;” Mithraism.

They would tweak it a bit, probably laughing when they cast a Jewish carpenter in the role of Sol Invictus, then rename it Christianity. For now on the Pontifex Maximus would wear a Yarmulke and the western world would serve its Jewish masters only challenged once in over 1700 years by Hitler and the NAZI’s.
A child could see the resemblance of the Step Pyramids built in America to the Ziggurat’s built in the Mesopotamian valley. There is a vast preponderance of archeological evidence attesting to a Semitic presence in the New World right up until the time when European colonization seemed to cast an unwanted light upon it.

Yet the Davenport tablets, Dighton Rock, and Grave Creek Stone have all been attacked with what can only be described as a zeal born of panicked desperation. Leading this kamikaze attack is the Smithsonian Institute and the monkeys on Wikipedia that are trained to serve the ancient Jewish agenda of deception. They even have names for the orders of demons who help them to do this; Chaigidiel those who obstruct and Satharial those who conceal God.

Whenever a Semitic artifact is found in America the academic hacks will invariably clamor in unison that it is most certainly a hoax because there is no supporting evidence of a Semitic presence in western hemisphere prior to Columbus. Yet Salvatore Michael Trento of the Middletown Archeological Research Center, an organization composed of many practicing geologists and anthropologists, spent years cataloguing and researching these enigmas. He is adamant about his conclusions that “they were built and inscribed by Celtic and Phoenician Old World Traders.”

Coins that were found in Kentucky and Missouri in 1932, 1952, and 1967 commemorating the Bar-Kochba rebellion and dated from 132 –135 AD have been ignored or dismissed as frauds. The explanation for this one is so absurd that it’s actually worth noting. The coins were minted, distributed by Sunday school teachers as a reward for good attendance then lost and found by sharp eyed observers. They admit its conjecture and they don’t know who minted the perfect replicas and what Sunday school teacher handed them out. But again it must be because they say it must be.

The Newark Holy Stones are arbitrarily dismissed, even though many scholars have attested to their authenticity, because their discoverer David Wyrick expressed a belief that the lost tribes of Israel settled in America. Only the Mormons are allowed to say things like that because as we shall see they are a renegade branch of Masonic Judaism themselves.

The Smithsonian has been destroying evidence of Jewish occupation of pre Columbian America for years and laws such as The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act have been passed to stop them. But there is a smoking gun in this case that not even Wikipedia can gloss over.  It is a documented fact that nine museum certified Egyptian mummy’s dating from between 1070 B.C. to 395 A.D. tested positive for nicotine and cocaine, substances only found in the New World. These were rigorous scientific studies conducted by German scientists under Svetla Balabanova in the early nineties.

Academia, this time led by Oxford, openly expressed apoplexy. When they could not explain the mummy’s condition without admitting contact between the pre-Columbian Old and New Worlds the mummy’s were sequestered in the vaults of the Munich museum. When she attempted to conduct her own independent analysis the Keeper of Egyptology at the Manchester Museum in England, Professor Rosalie David Obe, renowned author and the world’s foremost expert on mummification, was refused access to them “on grounds of religious respect.”

The Bat Creek Stone was excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian’s own mound survey project. Cyrus Thomas the director of the project whined to anyone who would listen that the curious inscription on the stone was “beyond question letters of the Cherokee alphabet.” In the 1960’s scholars, Henriette Mertz and Corey Ayoob, noticed a little discrepancy: Thomas had been reading the stone upside down. When properly orientated the only thing that is “beyond question” is that the inscription is ancient Semitic.

Semitic languages scholar Cyrus Gordon later confirmed that it is from the first or second century A.D. Gordon translated the inscription as reading LYHWD, or “for Judea.” He noted that the broken letter on the far left is consistent with Mem, in which case the word would read LYHWD[M], or “for the Judeans.”
Subsequent carbon dating of surrounding biological matter yielded dates from 200 to 750CE it should be noted that Cyrus Thomas said of the Davenport tablets that they were “anomalous waifs,” that had absolutely no supporting or contextual evidence to aide in their authenticity.

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone besides serving as evidence for pre-Columbian occupation of the Americas by the Jews also serves as a warning for Zombie archeologists contemplating a resurrection. The boulder which sits on the side of Hidden Mountain in New Mexico not far from Chaco Canyon, which is very important as we shall see, bares an ancient Hebrew inscription of the 10 commandments. Discovered in 1933 by one of their own; Professor Frank Hibben an archaeologist from the University of New Mexico.

Hibben’s held degrees from both Yale and Harvard but saw his distinguished career systematically dismantled and his credibility constantly questioned. The chimps of academia made it a point to dig up half of Alaska’s tidal zones in a relentless effort to discredit some of his findings at Cook Inlet. Hibben it turns out had misidentified the strata in which he had unearthed evidence contradicting America’s inhabitance before academia’s cherished bench mark of Clovis Spear Points.

Clovis Culture is archeologically identified by the presence of Clovis Spear Points. According to academia’s chimps man migrated from Siberia across the frozen straights of the Bearing Sea some 14,000 years ago into the “New World.”  He then fanned out across the Western Hemisphere settling from north to south. Academia insists this format must be followed by anyone looking to make a dime in the field. Yet repeatedly verified carbon dates for the Pedra Furada sites in Brazil show people in South America some 45,000 – 60,000 years ago.

No one has ever even found a Clovis Spear Point in Siberia or anywhere else in Asia. The points actually appear to be a slight modification of the 30,000 year old Solutrean Spearpoint from Europe. “Clovis spear points” only appear in America some 13,000 years ago and then disappear a few thousand years later along with much of the fauna in the Western Hemisphere.

Little is known about the past of the enigmatic Yuchi tribe of the Southeastern United States except that they were once a large and very powerful tribe who frequently acted as high priests for surrounding tribes. They call themselves children of the sun and were decimated by the neighboring Cherokee in 1714.

The Cherokee were instigated and armed by Whites. The Yuchi’s appearance and language was and is, respectively, like no other tribe in the southeast. They are thought to be responsible for the mysterious serpentine mounds that dot the area.

The snake swallowing the cosmic egg is the most ancient and hollowed of all symbols representing the inevitable final victory of Lucifer over the demiurge, a restoration of what was before the demiurge was created by the Goddess in error.

The Feast of Succot has been observed in Judaism since the first days of Solomon’s Temple. It is observed in the harvest season of fall, on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar. It is celebrated for eight days during which the celebrants live in booths, covered with branches, leaves, and fronds while they meditate on the ancient patriarchs.

The Yuchis celebrate a harvest festival which is identical to the Feast of Succot. Every year on the fifteenth day of the harvest month they live in booths with roofs open to the sky, covered with branches, leaves and foliage. During this festival they dance around a fire and call upon the name of God. Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon who translated the Bat Creek stone was convinced after sitting in on the Indians festival that they were celebrating the Feast of Succot. He exclaimed to a friend sitting next to him “They are speaking the Hebrew names for God!”

The Yuchi language is extraordinarily complicated and difficult to learn. Incredibly enough the dinosaur or great lizard figures prominently in Yuchi stories and ceremonies as does the snake. The word for dinosaur consists of no less than five morphemes; sothl’an ahsh’ee chahthlah’a meaning respectively lizard, face, orifice, red, and big. The word for snake spirit is Shawano.

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