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Five miles southeast of Roosevelt on a remote ranch in Utah, Terry Sherman (aka Tom Gorman) and well known paranormal investigator Chad Deetken peered into the darkness of a pasture. It was in the early morning hours of August 28, 1997. What they were looking at contradicted rational mans consensus of reality but not in this place dubbed the Skinwalker Ranch. A dull light appeared in the blackness, gradually taking on depth. 

As it grew brighter it became a floating tunnel. From the bowels of the tunnel a humanoid figure crawled and heaved its way toward them. In a final mighty effort the figure wiggled its way free of the light and dropped to the ground scampering off into the darkness. The light snapped shut leaving the 2 men alone with their very expensive and very useless equipment. The rancher scanned the darkness with his night vision glasses as Deetken fumbled with his camera which had failed to capture the event.

The men were both working for Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). They were participants in an investigation of ongoing paranormal activities at the ranch. Sherman had purchased the land in 1994 in order to raise hybrid cattle and he, his 2 teenage children and wife were subsequently driven to the brink of madness by paranormal events.

The strange story hit the Las Vegas Mercury News in 1996 and upon reading it Bigelow immediately flew in from his Las Vegas headquarters and purchased the ranch, keeping the Sherman family on as caretakers over the strenuous objections of Mrs. Sherman. With machine like efficiency the NIDS swiftly moved a platoon of accredited scientists and millions of dollars in state of the art technology onto the ranch. They then sealed the ranch off with a paramilitary force consisting of “ex” Special Forces and law enforcement personnel. Cries from the UFO community that they were being kept from their space brothers by government spooks masquerading as ghost busters went unheeded and in 2009 Bigelow appears to have solved that problem by buying MUFON.

What is known of what goes on at the ranch is largely gleaned from a book Hunt for the Skinwalker coauthored by Bigelow’s handpicked journalist George Knapp who has the odious distinction of having introducing Bob Lazar and area 51 to the world. The other author Colm Kelleher is a renowned molecular biologist and was one of the lead scientists in the investigation.

Kelleher claims that aside from off the chart magnetic readings, photographic and physical evidence is lacking because the phenomenon exhibits a precognitive consciousness that enables it to avoid imprinting itself on the devices used to record its existence.

Kelleher relates an incident when the NIDS was initially deployed at the ranch. They erected telephone poles with TV cameras on top; each camera monitored a field encompassing the next camera.

One of the pictures in the control room inside the ranch house was suddenly lost and the scientists rushed to the location outside to find that high atop one of the poles the cameras, mounts and wiring were shredded to pieces. Elated they rushed back to the ranch house thinking that the cameras on the pole next to it would have caught whatever was responsible for the sabotage; instead they found nothing on the videos.

The book gives an array of eyewitness accounts from heavily accredited scientists. The phenomena runs the gamut of paranormal activity from UFO’s, poltergeist activity, big foots, disembodied voices, and shadow people, to strange and extinct animals. The story includes a bullet proof giant wolf that tries to drag away a calf in spite of taking 5 bullets from the rancher’s guns.

In one of the many bizarre incidents a figure shrouded by night left a Velociraptor like claw print on the ground where it landed before disappearing, after being shot from a tree. Whatever it was it had a 3 foot wide spread between its glowing yellow eyes. Floating globules of light that appear to be intelligently controlled regularly roam the ranch harassing cattle and incinerating dogs. Twenty-four cattle have either disappeared or were mutilated.

The forensic examinations of the dead animals show all of the mutilations were done with a long blade and shorter scissor like instrument. Some of the mutilations occurred when the animals were left alone for minutes. Four prize bulls were found dazed and crammed like sardines into a tiny trailer after a frantic search for them. Sherman had wondered out loud to his wife that morning what he would do if anything happened to them and an hour later the bulls had vanished.

Artistic depiction

No one really knows what a Skinwalker is perhaps not even the Indians themselves. The Navaho are reticent about talking to archeologists and anthropologists. In the past artifacts have been systematically looted, presumably right under the auspices of the Smithsonian, and sold off to private collectors like Andy Warhol.

The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) now protects Indians from having their sacred objects end up in the private collections of elitists. Due to these historical precedents, information defining a Skinwalker and anything of what the Dene speaking people believe is virtually nonexistent among outsiders.

According to Clyde Klukhohn the word for Skinwalker in Navaho is “yee nadlooshii,” which means walk/travel like an animal. As the Indian name implies, the Skinwalker moves about in animal form but the word Skinwalker itself implies something far more insidious, something more like a disembodied consciousness that can take over the body of a human and walk in human skin.

Some say the Skinwalker is a witch or a witch’s witch but Skinwalker appears to be a blanket term applied to a malevolent manifestation of a supernatural consciousness. Just like Hollywood cinema appearances of the Skinwalker are marked by murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. The resemblance is hardly a coincidence.

In carefully orchestrated retrospect we have invented noble red men who worshiped nature and 3,500 years ago, in Central and South America, coalesced into thriving Stone Age civilizations. Freshly minted “scholars” leap through flaming hoops of ignorance as they jostle and trip over each other in their eagerness to recite this university dogma. Enigma’s are arbitrarily debunked and then systematically ignored. Dusty bones in forgotten places bare mute testimony against scholastic scripts that are sanctioned by politically correct social engineers. Cyclopean ruins mark places where these ‘scholars’ dare not tread and the gnawed bones of children whisper of unspeakable contradictions.

Chaco Canyon “weird scenes inside the goldmine.”

About a thousand years ago a civilization arose centered in the northwestern corner of New Mexico in a place called Chaco Canyon. The civilization is marked by its unique architecture that spills into the Southwest corner of Colorado, the Southeast corner of Utah and the Northeast corner of Arizona.

From the primitive Indian pit houses and pole-and-adobe construction native to that locality suddenly emerged elaborate constructions in sunset hued natural stone. The structures were of patio slab sized flat rocks quarried from the local sandstone and meticulously mortared and stacked to 5 stories high.

Chaco Canyon’s enigmatic inhabitants are now ingrained as the “Anasazi” in the racial memory of the Indians now occupying that land. Anasazi is the name given by the local Dene speaking tribes to the builders of the ruins. It means ancient enemies or those who are not us depending on the pronunciation.

To even speculate that the primitive basket weaving cultures that made their homes in covered holes in the earth called pit houses suddenly figured out how to quarry natural sandstone and stack and mortar it with the expertise of the finest modern masons is the very height of absurdity. Such a theory violates every rule of empirical reasoning, but apparently this is exactly what Smithsonian produced legions of zombie archeologists have established as a science through its endless repetition in academia.

The petroglyphs of the southwest area, where the Anasazi once reigned, are marked by the abundance of swirling spirals like those depicted in petroglyphs spanning all the regions of the earth. There are also mysterious hand prints placed on drawings depicting historical events such as the Chaco Canyon Petroglyph. The Petroglyph chronicles the birth of the Crab Nebula in 1054.

Astronomy estimates that the exploded super nova would have been visible to the Anasazi in broad daylight for a full 2 months. The celestial explosion was recorded in Navajo Canyon and White Mesa as well as in Chaco Canyon and a recent discovery seems to indicate it was recorded in great detail in a remote canyon in Central Arizona at Agua Fria National Monument.

Sego Canyon a few hundred miles to the northeast in Utah and a safe distance from Chaco canyon

In spite of the Smithsonian’s assignment of the Anasazi to role of noble ancestor to the Dene if you had lived in the four corner area of Americas southwest a thousand years ago you would have wanted to be a safe distance from Chaco Canyon but not too far if you were waging a war on them. Let us brush aside the talking chimpanzees and see who the Anasazi really were.

The Anasazi dwellings seem to defy logic as they are built on top of mesas or in precipitous niches on sheer canyon walls far away from any food supply the seemingly inhospitable terrain could produce. They had very few windows or doors on the lower levels. People moved from one level to another by ladder. Everything about them testifies that these were fortresses built to withstand a siege by some, as of yet, unnamed enemy. Since they were first explored in 1888 by a cowboy named Richard Wetherill it was known that these southwestern ruins marked a place where unspeakable horrors had occurred.

Wetherill along with his family invested twenty years in the exploration of the ruins. During this time he came under intense criticism for being anti Indian. Piles of charred and gnawed human bones were found by Wetherill and noted in a ‘Harpers Monthly’ issue in 1902 only to be mysteriously forgotten after his murder. Wetherill met an impromptu end at the hands of a Navaho Indian, supposedly over a horse trade, shortly after the publicity.

The local Navaho and Pueblo Indians do not go anywhere near the ruins for fear that they are haunted and its vanished residents engaged in forms of dangerous Black Magick, Magick that was precipitated by the use of an unknown agent that the Indians refer to as “corpse powder.”

Christy Turner has spent thirty years investigating forensic evidence in the Anasazi ruins, much of it in Chaco Canyon. He has built an air tight case that the favorite food of the Anasazi was their neighbors and written a book which he glibly titled Man Corn. The book ignited a firestorm of controversy that threatens to consume the Smithsonian variety of politically approved pre Columbian history.

Turner used his background as a forensic consultant for law enforcement to ensure that he satisfies the most stringent requirements of proof that his many academic detractors demand of him. Anthropophagic (Cannibalism) practices must never have occurred in the southwest because in the coloring book world of Smithsonian archeology the Anasazi has already been assigned the role of noble ancestor to our Native American Indians.

In one out of every fifty forensic cases investigated by Turner the trail led to murder, dismemberment and human bones butchered like steer for dietary consumption. Turner set a minimum of six criteria for confirming cannibalism. Each one had to be marked off on a forensic check list.

The top of the victim’s heads were roasted, never the face, with the brain inside the skull. The skull was then cracked open with what Turner showed to be “anvil abrasions” which cannot take place on a skull with its muscle tissue and ligaments still in place. Turner also found tiny V shaped groves on the skulls and bones of the remains. The V shaped groves were all on joints where tendons hold muscles tight. These cuts matched the cuts produced in the academically excepted research of archeologist Bruce Bradley in his experiments on butchering game with flint tools.

The bones were cracked for marrow and exhibited signs of having been polished through their continued stirring in cooking pots. The vertebrae from the skeletons were absent because they were destroyed by being smashed for marrow extraction, breakage, cutting, burning, anvil abrasions, polishing, and missing vertebra. All the aforementioned had to have occurred before Turner presents his case as evidence for cannibalism.

Yet many archeologists reject Turners findings because as Smithsonian poster boy Kurt Dongoske points out its “dehumanizing” to accuse Native Americans of eating each other. As Dongoske also points out only 10% of what went on 1000 years ago can be ascertained by the archeological evidence. Yet Dongoske and the rest of the social workers impersonating scientists allow themselves the arbitrary conclusion based on their “archeological evidence” that the ancestors of the native southwestern Indians built Chaco Canyon in spite of the contradictory etymological, architectural and now forensic evidence.

Dongoske claims that the evidence of butchering hardly proves anthropophagic activity. The bones were disarticulated and butchered but to say the flesh on the bones was actually consumed “is a big leap.” Perhaps the Anasazi were just honing their sausage making techniques and did not extend their macabre practices to indulging in their culinary creations.

The argument was scientifically settled once and for all at Cowboy Wash, about 60 miles from Chaco Canyon, on the site of a massacre of 7 people. In a demonic display of malevolence human coprolite was found excreted into the family hearth of the cannibalized victims. Molecular biochemists at the University of Colorado found myoglobin in the fossilized excrement. Myoglobin is a protein found only in human heart muscle and not in the gut. This proved conclusively that the gruesome murderer had consumed their victims and then excreted their digested remains right into the victims’ family hearth, so much for family time in Chaco Canyon.

In thirty years 15,000 skeletal remains were examined by Turner 500 showed signs of violent death another 300 were butchered, consumed and discarded in communal garbage dumps. Anasazi cannibalism is historically inexplicable. The Indians of the southwest have left no archeological or anthropological evidence before or after the Anasazi of ever having eaten each other, or anyone else for that matter. They are indignant and have been the most vocal critics of Man Corn.

Ice core samples and tree rings show the years between 900 and 1150 were marked by a warming trend which would have produced an abundance of food.

Steven A. LeBlanc, director of collections at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and renowned expert on prehistoric warfare and violence, estimated that some events featured the consumption of thirty people at a time and would have been attended to by at least 300 people. LeBlanc has pointed out that Anasazi constructions were certainly built for defense and if you “didn’t build them you died.” LeBlanc is perplexed that archeological evidence indicates these buildings were necessary and that the ghoulish feasts took place within one of the few periods when there was peace and prosperity in the southwest.

Dr. David R. Wilcox, an anthropologist from the Museum of Northern Arizona, points out that most of the cannibalistic events took place within the distribution zone of the Chaco Canyon great houses. Christy Turner admits that he must find a logical way to bring cannibalism into Chaco Canyon. He accomplishes this by linking the Anasazi to the nightmarish Aztecs of Mexico. Although Turner points out tenuous resemblances in the architecture between Chaco Canyon and early Mexican civilizations his best evidence is a skull he found with teeth sharpened to animal-like points, a practice common only in the Mexican valley.

Aztec culture was the pinnacle of the civilizations speaking the Nahuatl language when history says Mesoamerican civilization was discovered by Christian Europeans. This “civilization” lends an element of belief to the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft. Savagery so unprecedented in the annals of known human cultural practices that the original assessment of the conquistadors, that it was orchestrated by Demons from hell, is still the most valid.

Dr Carmin Pijoan, the residing physical anthropologist of the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico; has not only found forensic evidence of ritual cannibalism in her work, but bizarre and macabre practices like using human bones to make tools, ornaments, and musical instruments not to mention the ornamental skull racks that festooned the buildings of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec’s great city.

Much revisionist history has been written about the conquest of the Aztecs in the hundreds of years after the facts, especially by those within the scientific community indoctrinated into the Caucasian self-loathing and cultic denial of the soul which has become the standard Smithsonian and National Geographic fare welded like a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Jewish professors.

In the service of this politically correct history some of the most inane dribble ever postulated has found scholastic acceptance. “The Aztecs were incapacitated by smallpox.” At its worst smallpox has a 20% fatality rate which out of the estimated half million population of Aztecs at the time would leave 400,000 Aztecs against 200 to 600 conquistadors, with many of the conquistadors suffering from incurable venereal diseases that they had caught from the Mexican women.

Realizing that some people can actually read these TV scholars now have changed the offending disease to Hantavirus which the Spaniards, although never even having been exposed to, were inexplicably immune. “The conquistadors had guns and horses.” This would be plausible if the horses were M1 Abrams tanks and the guns fully automatic Colt Commando AR15’s. In actuality the conquistadors fielded single shot matchlocks which were ignited by fuse and worthless in the close quarter combat that marked the pitched battles between Aztec and Spaniard, as were the Spaniard’s vaunted horses.

“Cortez was a shrewd statesman and managed to organize the other tribes who were resentful of the Aztecs to rebel against them.” This ignores the lone eyewitness account of Bernal Díaz del Castillo who describes the battles of having taken place between the Spaniards and the Aztecs with the Spaniards Indian allies bringing up the rear hauling the supplies, which is all the conquistadors expected out of them or needed them for.

Castillo’s account of what happened during “the night of tears” is conveniently left out of every authorized history book. Appalled by the spectacle of cannibalism and human sacrifice that the Aztecs called a religion, upon seizing the city, the conquistadors had torn down the craven images in the sacrificial temple and substituted them with makeshift icons of Jesus and Mary. After they initially drove the conquistadors from the city the temporarily victorious Aztecs, led by their priests, went immediately to the temple to reinstate the statues of their monstrous Gods. But try as they might, thousands of them, they could not budge the images of the conquistador’s Gods.

After participating in this supernatural event they became convinced that their prophets and their king, Montezuma, had foreseen the truth in dreams before the conquistador’s ships had even made landfall. Cortez was the agent of Quetzalcoatl; the serpent God who originally introduced civilization to the New World. Quetzalcoatl had promised he would return centuries before and now he had come to punish them for their demonic hedonism. When Cortez launched his counterattack and retook Tenochtitlán most of the Aztec’s did not even fight back.

The depiction of the birth of the Crab Nebula at Agua Fria National Monument implies an advanced understanding of astronomy. The Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon, and the one in Colorado, not only resemble petroglyphs found from as far away and isolated as the Canary Islands but show an astronomical understanding and an ability to create complicated architectural structures that would interact with that knowledge. That knowledge would have to have been lost to the Native Indians with the abandonment of Chaco Canyon. They show no evidence of ever having had such knowledge. Tenochtitlán was laid out entirely in accordance with the Aztecs seemingly super human knowledge of astronomy as were New World pre-Columbian cities constructed far earlier like Teotihuacán in the Mexican basin and Tiahuanaco.

At the time when the Anasazi flourished in the southwest all the evidence and their own recorded history, indicates the Aztec migration was from north to south into the Mexican valley. It is an academically accepted fact that a terrible drought took place in the Southwest ending the dark reign of the Anasazi. In the case of Chaco Canyon table etiquette Mesoamerican culture is more likely the recipient than the donor. So where did the “ancient enemy” come from?

X marks the spot

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited maternally. It enables researchers to trace the lineage of people into the furthest recesses of time. Ninety seven percent of Native American Mitochondrial DNA belongs to one of four major Mitochondrial DNA lineages, designated haplogroups A–D. None of them are found in people anywhere else in the world but America and Asia. There is however a fifth which has been inexplicably overlooked by most archeological and anthropological “scientists.”

Haplogroup X is particularly prevalent in the Druze, a minority population in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It is also found in Northern Europeans who were the ancestors of the Celts. Northern Europeans can be linked directly to Egypt through the Nebra sky Disk. Additionally Haplogroup X is found in concentrations in the area of Italy that once comprised the land of the Etruscans; the progenitors of Rome. The Etruscans trace their own origins back to the Minoans who wrote in Linear A now popularly excepted by scholars to be an early form of Semitic.

Among Native Americans, Haplogroup X appears in northern Amerindian groups, including the Ojibwa, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, the Sioux, the Yakima, and the Na-Dene–speaking Navajo.

The homogeneity of the Dene sequences suggests that they acquired Haplogroup X relatively recently, about 1000 years ago. The sequence data and Phylogenetic analysis suggest that the Native American and non Asian Old World Haplogroup X mitochondrial DNA’s share a common maternal ancestor but also suggest that they diverged from each other 31,000–36,000 years ago originating in the Old World and migrating into America. Haplogroup X is most conspicuous by its absence from Siberia much like the Clovis Spear Point.

On the other side of the world in Pakistan lay the ruins of the city of Mehrgarh. They cover over 168 acres and are five times the size of Catal Huyuk a site in Turkey designated by the dancing poodles in academia’s travelling circus to be the starting point of civilization. Mehrgarh was built, with far more technologically advanced construction techniques, two thousand years before Catal Huyuk and according to Italian researchers who excavated one of its cemeteries its inhabitants were the beneficiaries of sophisticated dental drilling techniques.

It would take me another 20,000 words to chronicle the enigma’s of the Indus valley and my time here is limited so let it suffice to say that you all need to throw away your Bibles and read the Vedas. Just like the NAZI’s did before you.

Göbekli Tepe! Now what are they waiting for to rewrite history?

There is a twelve thousand year old temple in Turkey where mass human sacrifice was practiced. Archeologists concur, or at least the ones that will talk about it, that it spread from there to Palestine, Canaan and Israel. It is many thousands of years older than both Mehrgarh and Catal Huyuk.

Where is Dr. Zahi Hawass when you need him? He would explain to you that it is obviously a dog or a frog maybe.
Or would you prefer if National Geographic’s resident circus clown explain it to you?

Göbekli Tepe was discovered by a Kurdish shepherd in 1994 and should have negated a lot of very expensive “educations.” It didn’t of course. They located the drollest moron they could find with a doctorate in archeology gave him a spoon and a toothbrush then assigned him to directing the excavation. As of now only five percent has been excavated. Most people still have not even heard of Göbekli Tepe and the text books have yet to be changed.

Aside from being just one more archeological site where impossibly large boulders were used in construction Göbekli Tepe features exquisitely carved reptilian creatures that have no place in this world. There is a whole menagerie of beings depicted at the site that do not, or no longer exist, at least for now, including humanoid figures with no mouths.

Göbekli Tepe seems to have been dedicated to the vulture; death, just like Ollantaytambo across the sea. But the biggest mystery of all about Göbekli Tepe is just who painstakingly buried it in stages so many thousands of years ago to conceal its existence from you. They have been at this for a very long time now.

Perhaps the ancient Israelites celebrating their chosen status? You can almost hear the Hava Nagila playing in the background.
Looks like someone had a secret plan in the back of their mind even then.


Given just 400 more years you can count on this man and his colleagues to get to the bottom of just what the “hunter gatherers” were doing in Göbekli Tepe 12,000 years ago. Think he knows what that hole over the boars head is? The guy in the background is wondering who took his dirty underwear.


“Yahweh has a better idea! We can sell this to the Goyim as a loving and benevolent religion!”

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