The Goddess

 Flashing colors in a fading dream
The world issues forth in one frozen scream
Dance, like stars in the night
A Butterfly flits through a battlefield
The essence of all in her flesh has been sealed
Dance forever hidden from the light
White satin curtains and bubbles that float
Over stinking beer breathe their pig eyes gloat
With dirt under the nails of their dollar filled hands
They compete for the chance to defile this rose
And cornered like an animal in the light she stands
With painted toes and delicate fingers tossing off clothes
As music drones on like a satyrs flute
Heavy metal tee shirts and business men’s suits
Some are wearing smirks others say she’s cute
Like obedient dogs they sit straining in their chairs
She smiles like a child framed in angel wings hair
On platform shoes she wades through artificial smoke
Before an empty throne where no verdicts ever spoke

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2015 © By Jack Heart  


  1. LV,
    It was Acharya S. who described the ancient middle east as a place with two incredible civilizations, Egypt and Babylon. Today we are fascinated by the exotic nature of Egypt, whilst ignoring the cultural DNA we inherited from Babylon.
    Sacred texts is a great site. I've used it to study Pistis Sophia, where the confusion and the jarring nature of the text can be easily understood as a Judeo-Christian effort to extinguish the Gnostic message.
    We learn from the past, but we must make this knowledge real in our current life.

  2. Orage,
    I never felt any affinity to Mesopotamia, so this entire exploration has been extremely odd. I do not adhere to the themes of time and set organization that define the Mesopotamian cosmology. I do not accept that Gods are fixed. Nor do I accept that the Gods dwell in convenient spaces made by man.
    However, I find all these themes profoundly present in mostly unspoken and taken for granted assumptions about reality today. These unexamined themes operate to limit, channel, and force modern thought into a tyranny of dreary choices that deaden and exhaust us.
    So, why the Ziggurat?
    Simply because I was led to it, and it has played a role in my efforts to integrate a powerful personal experience.
    Now, after some time of study, I can say that the Ziggurat is but one model of a spiritual reality, and that after a certain point, the danger lies in confusing the model with the reality.
    Where I struggle is in assembling as precise a model as possible, which entails the correct choices for salient components.
    It is all too easy for us to become subservient to our creations, and to let them define our life. What I wrote about the Ziggurat was only the best of what I've found, yet I would be dishonest if I didn't include this admitted perspective.

  3. Thanks Mike for this primer. Reminds me of my path, cyclical spiraling upwards, meeting certain themes again and again, on a higher level of understanding.

  4. Anon 10-24 2:54 P. :I track back those free downloads to the author who generally have books/donation button.Looks like everything is parked.Whytetracks does have it and I can work it into my (also)modest budget after The Language Crystal.Concerning the Giza plateau & Enochian magic, nothing.They got their chain yanked.Nuff said.Also, from Jack Heart,this link (sacred-texts .com/ufo/irl/index.htm).Again,thanks for the info on the ziggs.They are just as fascinating as the Giza pyramids,generators of the gods.Hope things take a turn for the best for you.

  5. Thanks LV.
    Let me just say that Maria self publishes her own material, she is brilliant, and she deserves support. I really don't want to talk about my life, or what has happened, so you can take it or leave it about what I said.
    Enochian Magic; if you mean the angelic language, and the system codified by Dr. John Dee, the Queens' magician, and Edward Kelly, I'm not understanding what this has to do with the Giza plateau.
    My favourite item in the last link is all those sinkholes developing in the land of the chosen people. I've had to listen to various lobotomized xtians gush over what a great job the jews have done to this chunk of Mother Earth they stole. It got to the point where I was either going to go homicidal, or get very drunk, maybe both. However your link, which led to the judean desert sinkholes, has restored my natural good humor.
    Jack, I put that Zig stuff out cuz Orage asked. I felt compelled to bring it up due to certain personal events, thinking it might have value for others, but maybe its just the crazy shit I have to deal with.
    I'm waiting Jack. These fuckers have intentionally torpedoed everything. The laugher is going to be the look on their faces when they finally grasp that the joke is on them.
    All of 'em, and I mean all of 'em are gonna learn all kinds of things they never thought they had to learn, including the fact their debts are coming due.
    In terms of the rest of us, we are, as Winston Rodney sang, here to pick up the pieces.

  6. Las Vegas sez Mein Gott!First,anon(10-24**3:10 pm), thanks for name and look at this link (rarshare .com/the-seed-of-yggdrasill-deciphering-the-hidden-messages-in-old-norse-myths-heritage-edition-by-maria-christine-kvilhaug-pdf/ ).It says free?Haven't tried it,good luck.Otherwise,price ain't too bad.Neanderthals extinct?Look at this genetic research link (sasquatchgenomeproject. org/ ).Lovely dicussion concerning those ziggs.Giza pyramid site was going good until publishing hyper-dimensional aspects of of said object.Now,enokian (yawn)magic stuff.Then there is this (discoveryofatlantis. com/).Still a few spare minutes left over?Excuse the link, follow the direction it goes (dzopa. com/?p=27623 )

  7. Thank you for all this Mike. Unfortunately so long as the unholy alliance between the vatican, schlomo and your own pathetic excuses for leaders exist man will never know who he is or where he came from… Or at least that's what they thought. It is now slowly dawning on them that their masters whom they have always believed are all powerful have a Nemesis. All of them except schlomo , who has always known this was coming, thought this was going to go on forever. They were warned…

    "And when your fears subside
    And shadows still remain, oh yeah
    I know that you can love me
    When there's no one left to blame
    So never mind the darkness
    We still can find a way
    'Cause nothin' lasts forever
    Even cold November rain"

  8. Orage, I would never have pegged you for a worshiper of the demongod.
    I didn't see the Vikings TV series, but then, I can pretty much guess what I missed
    Now, the Ziggurat.
    The Zig is a model of the Cosmic Mountain.
    It is a model because it must imitate spiritual reality in a material world, and the Cosmic Mountain exists in the spiritual dimension.
    What is the Cosmic Mountain? The CM is functionally the numinous cosmos, the home of the Gods. By building the Zig, the adherents are welcoming in the Gods to their domain. Most reviews on the Zig mention that it was the home of the Gods.
    Like in Buddhism, with the stupa, circumambulating the Zig is a cosmic journey of the soul, a measure of devotion, and a measurement of a cycle, and a definition of expanse.
    We know that zigs were built to be circumambulated, Any search of the Ziggurat with a decent search engine will turn up reconstructions that will illustrate the circumambulation path.
    I'm not saying the Buddhist interpretation for the stupa is interchangeable with the Mesopotamians and their Zig, but I am saying that spiritual devotion through circumambulation is found in just about every culture, and we can learn to appreciate its richness through studying these cultural expressions..
    Zigs were big, intentionally so, and built in tiers. Scholars, such as Acharya S. point out that the Gods of Mesopotamia were fixed in a tiered universe. Thus, the lords of the underworld could be seen as existing on different levels of an inverted stepped pyramid. While the Gods of the upper world exist in an upright stepped pyramid. The Maya of Mesoamerica hold a very similar cosmology, and I submit that the cosmology of an upper and lower world is a very ancient one, documented extensively by Mercea Eliade, among others.
    Why model the cosmos?
    Because it has always been the purview of Shamans, Magicians, and Seekers of Knowledge to traverse the cosmos. Always.
    Did the Mesopotamian priests traverse the cosmos? The Chaldean Oracles suggest they indeed did.
    So, the Zig was a way to bring the Gods home. A model of a spiritual reality that would make that reality tangible, and for the initiate, provide a map of the cosmos to use.
    Today, the Cosmic Mountain still exists as a spiritual reality, as an amazing, numinous glowing wonder to challenge and inspire the imaginative soul of man.
    So, this is what I have right now.
    I've pulled this together through study on multiple levels.
    For sources where you can find support for what is said here, any primer on Buddhism that covers the stupa, and its circumambulation will suffice.
    Mircea Eliade, and his tome on Shamanism is still an essential source for decoding the shamanic cosmos.
    Acharya S. has done investigation concerning the Annunaki, and here she covers the stepped pyramid.
    Various scholars have covered the Maya Cosmos, with its 9 lords of Xibalba, and its 13 heavans.
    Any good search engine will uncover images, and brief surveys of ziggurats, covering the steps of the edifice, that it was the home of the Gods, and that they were built for circumambulation.
    I am sure I am missing somethings, but I typed this in once, and it disappeared into the ether, so this is the second time around.
    Oh, yes, you will find in the Norse Myths, various beings of power who live in mountains. The Joetunar themselves are often animated stone.
    Celtic Myth resonates with the Otherworld, and its manifestations, including Anwn, where the dead exist.
    Every example of modern imaginative literature, from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter involves a traversing of a hidden cosmos.
    Finally, both the Greek magical papyri, and Egyptian Theurgia relate a direct interaction between the Gods and prepared humans.
    All in all, the Cosmic Mountain functions on many different levels for differing levels of knowledge and attainment.
    Hope the helps

  9. MK, we all need an antidote to The Vikings TV series and their copy monks. I for one won´t be kissing the feet of Kaiser Karl (Charlie) in Aachen, an otherwise popular thing around here. Keep writing and asking questions, if you like. Cheers, Orage

  10. Final comment here regarding all this Eastern stuff…
    Dacia, Rome. Rome took the goldmines with 13 Legions, but never took the whole expanse of Dacia. What was the extent of the Dacian civilization????Latin was spoken by the ruling clique, but what was spoken by the lay folk, Dacian?
    Dacia is in todays Rumania, Hungary, the Balkans What about those Earthen structures, those Pyramids, those artifacts that are being looted and sold on the black market of a past modern history says didn't exist? Carpathian Mountains, the aged wonders and secrets in this mountain chain are myriad.
    What about that Runic script found in Hungary, and quickly brushed under the rug?
    Lets go further back, we are told so much crap about Neanderthal. According to the judeohistoric narrative, Neanderthal also originated in Africa, just took the red eye sooner than the rest of humanity. OK, where's the proof? Everything I run into points to a Neanderthal expansion across much of modern Russia and Europe, and the Levant. What about that Albanian skull found in the cave system, which has disappeared into a Greek academic hole? Preliminary finding suggested a mix of characteristics, Cro-Mag and Neander, as well as something else, and prelim dates suggested 700,000 years of age. Before more study, this has been removed from our scruitiny. Another old story here. Don't you dare challenge the official lie, unless you are an official.
    So, no one seems to be able to answer why, if Neanderthal originated in Africa, are sub Saharan Africans devoid of any Neanderthal dna?!?
    And if we go to S.E. Asia, we find evidence for at least two other hominid species. Did they magically levitate from Africa as well?
    What does seem clear is that something very important occurred in the heart of Russia, and it occurred over a very long period of time.
    Concerning this idea of evolution progressing to "better" forms, why did Neanderthal have a significantly larger brain than modern man? Oh yes, I know the official story, the two brains are the same, or Neander = smaller.
    Years ago, cranial studies compared Cro-Mag, Neander., and mod. man. If I recall correctly, the smallest cranial capacity belongs to modern man. Is this a case of use it or loose it? What if that larger brain had to do with heightened perceptions, such as magnetic and energetic fields? Remember, a key to Runes is sound.
    First European found in Russia. Aryans emerging from Russia. Could Neanderthal also have origins, or at least formative experience, in Russia as well?
    WTF is up with Russia?
    OK, I'm gonna try to not dominate this board any longer.

  11. Ok, I did follow the link.
    Some of what was said is undoubtedly true. According to more than one Russian scholar, the origin of the Slavic, Germanic, and Celtic tribes were the Aryans, or if you prefer the pc term, the Indo-Europeans. The Aryans established the first European empire, so why would it be earthshattering for them to do the same in the Motherland?
    We know that when Ruric returned to Russia with the Rus he founded Kiev, and had a hand in a dozen other forts and towns from the Baltic countries to Byzantium. Ibn Faldans' account clearly refers to the Rus, and treats the Southern Slavs as a coherent group.
    Thus, it's possible that the Russian empire existed concurrently with others at times, and held greater territory at different times.
    Russia is home to incredible archaeological finds. The first European was found there, more than 35,000 years old, with fully identifiable European characteristics. So much for the Judaic nonsense about the white race not existing.
    Most of this stuff is unavailable to westerners due to their own governments-or should I say those who control them.
    Graham Hancock is now going on record that there was a seed civilization to Gobekli Tepe, and survivors founded Egypt and other historic civilizations. Seems like Fomenko's theory fits in quite easily with this postulate.
    Hate to keep pounding on this Ziggurat thing, but it fits into the megalithic finds of Turkey, Georgia, and area.
    Cool stuff, much more to discover

  12. Mike you really need to have a look at the site LV just recommended.

    When I signed on for this job I never thought it require the time and effort that it does require, Its good I have friends that are not above showing me what the finish line looks like, no doubt now as Morrison already said we will being going "to the east to meet the Czar!" And as Cowley said "I shall endure until the end…"

  13. Jack,
    You have covered a little bit on the Runes in your previous series. I can tell you that there were numerous Runic scrpits, and that the oldest date from east of the Danube, which is the ancestral home as delineated in the Heimskringla.
    Runes operate both exoterically AND esoterically. The key to much of their mystery = SOUND.
    Everything I've written above is the TRUTH.
    You can visit the work of some scholars who are uncovering the lost history after the period of Charlemagne's maniacal rampages. They are brave researchers who are looking for archaeologists, linguists, and runologists to help fill in the gaps here. One of them is Maria Kvilhaug, and if her book wasn't more than I could afford, I'd have Seed of Yggdrassil in my modest library yesterday.
    Look, Jack, at the Catholic chronicle, where these fuckers threw in the towel trying to convert the Normans-well into the 10th century. According to current jewish friendly European history, the nasty barbarians saw the "light" way back in the 9th-just more fucking bullshit.
    Remember the words of the priests who could not get Williams knights to relinquish their belief in Valhalla-in the 11th century?????
    And we are told that the Templars, who had close Norman ties, weren't Gnostic warriors-they were shithead xtians. Yeah, go choke on your fucking matzaballs!
    The native beliefs of our ancestors did not happily turn to shithead xtians. They only did so after a long and viciously brutal, murderous campaign over thousands of years.
    Our ancestors fought back. They didn't take to the call of slavery very well.
    Today, it is only because of arrested development, and need for simplistic explanations-the stupefying destruction of European culture and life promised by demonic buttfuckers like Trotsky-that xtianity has any hold at all.
    OK, enough for now.

  14. Jack;I found a forum thread you might be interested in.Concerns the big lie and our history ( projectavalon. net/forum4/showthread.php?86225-What-if-our-recent-history-is-concealed-by-invoking-The-Dark-Age-that-never… )

  15. "A.D. 793. This year came dreadful fore-warnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully: these were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons flying across the firmament. These tremendous tokens were soon followed by a great famine: and not long after, on the sixth day before the ides of January in the same year, the harrowing inroads of heathen men made lamentable havoc in the church of God in Holy-island (Lindisfarne), by rapine and slaughter."

    — Anglo Saxon Chronicle

    That’s their story but yours rings of truth considering what we now know about the Vikings and considering the Vikings were literate, schooled in their Runic alphabet almost to the man, and all but a few of the Christians present for the festivity's, all of them Irish monks who got just what they had coming, weren’t. No Lindisfarne was no accident of circumstances, but what will the masses ever know of the truth as long as Schlomo continues to control that TV Set and just about every other piece of information made available to them?

  16. "The wind was roaring and the sky was black
    We all knew there was no turning back.
    The Gates of Hell stare in our face
    No where to hide in this wasted space.
    Night of the Hawks!"
    4,000 Saxon Warriors, rounded up by the soldiers of the self described chuckie the great.
    Christian psychopaths, eyes rolling with murder and rape, the emissaries of a savage and vicious civilization to come.
    4,000 Saxon warriors gave it their all, unable to stave off the march of the slavering maniacs.
    4,000 Saxon warriors, heavily outnumbered, surrounded, ordered by the self named chuckie the great, christian psychopath, to convert to his demented faith.
    They were murdered by the followers of the loving god, every last one. The soldiers of the loving god went on a rampage through Saxony, raping, murdering, looting, proving to the world forever who the fucking christians really are.
    Today they lie to all of us about ol chuckie, the butcher, the infamous servant of the demented god.
    All resources went into building a fortification along the southern border of the old heathan lands, to protect them from the inevitable incursion of the crazed fucking christians, but others, younger and hotter souls demanded a payback.
    They med with their Jarls.
    They met with their Viking brothers.
    They sailed recon missions.
    They struck the root of the worship of the demented God. Screaming, terrified acolytes died to the axe, the sword, the Seax. Their treasures were looted, their blood fed the earth. Christian Europe screamed. And for 400 years the march of the demon god was halted, and actually turned back.
    Today their courage and rage continues to inspire us.
    Today their successful defiance is a light in the dark.

  17. "I ran into the fortune-teller who said beware of lightning that might strike
    I haven't known peace and quit for so long I can't remember what it's like
    There's a lone soldier on the cross smoke pouring out of a boxcar door
    You didn't know it you didn't think it could be done in the final end he won the wars
    After losing every battle." – Bob Dylan

    You know what bothered them so much about that Album; Blood on the Tracks Mike. The same thing that bothered them about Dante's Inferno…

  18. Under the darkened sky
    The Raven banner flies high
    Corpse devourer
    Hoarse whisper
    Across the cosmos they span
    Seeing, hearing, relating the threads of fate.
    Alone among those who know, the vision without eyes.
    And through it all, and beside it all, and despite it all, the Sign that never fails.
    Why this world?
    Why this war?
    Why this long journey? This empty train?
    The snow falls upon the swords of Her champions, and upon the dark blades of her detractors alike.
    Rare it is, for those who hold the blossom in their breast to defeat the gibbering hoards.
    Oft it is, to die crushed 'neathe the weight of the servants of the gibbering god.
    Still we fight, with no hope of victory.
    Still we stand, defiant before them.
    To the last, for there is nothing they call to that knows the heart.
    Only scorn and derisive nonsense!
    The web is woven, the sky is dark, the destiny is sown.
    The Raven banner flies high..

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