The Last Warrior
The wind howls its secrets through forests of night
As we emerge from the pools that drown our delight
In a fire that burns and consumes all our hate
Bound by our flesh to this earth and her faith
I’ve been alone since that very first day
 Cursing this world that stood in our way
The sun and the moon are divided by earth
It’s the stigma attached to the great god’s birth
As I forge through the tide of this receding gloom
In a raft made of pride under a waning moon
The last bloody warrior on a battlefield divine
In a celestial chariot drawn by space and time
Through fields full of fire
And fields of emerald green
Trough the end of hope
To the prophets dream

© Jack Heart

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  1. 'Tis a strange world indeed.
    I do think its a mistake to award too much power to this idea of christianity. Orthodoxy has always been a religion where the old Gods become the Saints, where Magic is woven into ceremony, where shamanism is an integral part of ritual, worship, and identity.
    I did have the benefit of exposure to some of this indigenous shamanism practiced in modern day Russia. It is not a recreation, or an eclectic reinvention, it is an authentic ritual within the context of culture and life.
    Here in the west, authentic is a word, and religion must become twisted, cold, and dour to attract any adherents. Hence the bizarre inanities, the powerless politicking, the fear mongering-all completely void of any spiritual comprehension.
    So of course your magickal beauty had to go find authentic Magic to heal her.
    I don't know anything about the Cubans, or their religion. But I do know that the power of western christian zionism is on the ropes. It is inevitable, since our Anima mundi has destroyed their supernatural assistance.
    It is impossible to overstress this simple fact. The loss of their supernatural assistance means they no longer have that muscle behind the scenes. I used to wonder at how the dice always rolled in their favor, how anyone who stood up to the cognitive terrorism got flattened. It happened to me, again and again.
    But listen Jack, we have to take back what was stolen. This can be tough for people to realize, that the stuff remains in place if we don't redraw the map, so to speak.
    Christian zionists are infiltrators, liars, charlatans, murderers, and theives, but they don't get what makes it all click, and that means they don't comprehend what is really going on. Parasites live high on the hog only so long as the host supports it, and the parasites in the west are busily killing the host.
    It will not remain a simple loss of their pet terrorists,its going to go much bigger. Hold on to your hat.

  2. At Fatima the pope was issued notice by the Goddess that she had suffered his indignation's long enough. Europe's thousand year pseudo Pax Romana under he and his phony jesus were up and the Dragons would once again stalk the earth as they had in the days of the Vikings. And that was exactly the way she wanted it! Then she demonstrated just what she could do to the god of Abraham's world if she so chose too…

    On a lighter note Mike round the the turn of the twenty-first century I was carrying on an affair with a high priestess of Santeria, she called herself Julie but her real name was Maria Devilia. I shit you not, had looks that could stop a clock too. Anyway she got herself in a little trouble when her hocus pocus back fired, probably because she insisted on trying to play her games with me but in any case we tried like hell to remove it (maybe I didn't try very hard…) but nothing worked. An older priestess advised her that only the Russian Orthodox church could help her, and LOL these are Cubans we are talking about Mike…

  3. Funny thing, Jack and Orage.
    All quests are individual, yet all are for the greater Reality.
    The Roman church was told by their own children, years ago in Portugal, that the church must consecrate Russia.
    Yes, of course, for when the defense of the Light must fall into unlikely hands, it is our ever lovin' demongod who seeks to destroy those called upon to defend.
    Pity us, that our murderous leadership cannot defend the Light. Ignorant and insane, they can only jibber and nod in the corner. Their time is a greased wheel.
    The Roman spat upon and abused the messengers who brought that message, ignored it, so that now the most unlikely of unlikelies is defending the Light…

  4. Lets not forget the scars.
    I've got a bunch of 'em, and they are ugly as Hell…befits a barbarian raised and squandered in the heart of empire-MK
    " Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime.
    In departing leave behind us
    Footprints in the sands of time.
    Aged stone of sacred circle
    Where the Wizard sages sat.
    Let us try to remember
    all the times that they were right"…

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