Twilight of the Goddess

The Moon is a luminous pit 
In an indigo sea of black
Whispers beyond memory’s reach
There is no turning back
Like the waves on the beach 
We can only recede
What it means to be born
To be cut and to bleed 

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  1. From the breadth of the heavens
    And the depths of hell,
    A gathering force
    Will soon prevail.
    The owl cries out
    Before the moon's rise,
    Love, unrequited
    May you finally be united.

  2. I remember the bright world
    Of yore.
    The words that wove that spell
    Ancient memory, land that fell
    Forever distant
    Yet so close
    A casual comment could awaken most
    I remember the bright world
    Of yore,
    A land once known by many.
    Dare one look within
    Mound and hill
    The rock and cliff will
    Tremble with fire.
    No modern man can recall
    The words that link and summon all
    To the celebration.
    No modern mind can meld
    And hold that life yet thrives
    Beneath the mold,
    A light
    A ring
    In forest old.
    Not song, not sound can modern ears
    No music
    No dance
    From skillful hearts
    So old they knew your forebears.
    I remember the bright world
    Of yore.
    Even now, when memory
    Is a burden,
    A chore.
    I remember the bright world
    Of yore.

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