Here we see a solution to the Schrodinger equation for a free particle (that is, one with no forces acting on it, so the potential V = 0). The y axis (the more horizontal-looking axis on the left) is the real part of the wavefunction, and the z axis (other axis on the left) is the imaginary part. As you look at this plot, the wavefunction really goes on forever in both directions, although we’ve only plotted a finite segment of it. But, obviously if the human mind alters the z axis, then the wave is altered for that situation.

“Recreation [may] require chaos.” Source code created the holographic project, but God organized the Earth, as noted by certain religious beliefs. In the diagram of Schrödinger’s equation for a free particle, the Z axis can be steered, not just perturbated, by the human brain. By changing the Z axis, that is how you steer the ship and replace pieces of the matrix without destroying everything…it’s like replacing parts and re-welding the skin of a large airplane – it can go on indefinitely – except that the human mind can go further and change the shape of the airplane, too, or make it into a submarine. The human mind can also will the cattle in its matrix to become aware, but only by convincing the cattle that it is for their highest good. 

In my universe, I have willed the cattle to wake up, because I love them, and it’s for their highest good. I’ll possibly let you know how that goes, or you’ll see it. 

Emma Yacht ƒ March 29, 2017 at 2:59 pm

What’s that tag line from this blog again?  Z plan, Canaris, for those willing.

Time has no power over the spirit and will of man – CG Jung

Telefunken Pentode DL11, 1938

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  1. Now we all know banger is utterly clueless!
    Actually, it must be udder-ly, because he doth moo and chew like the dumbest of dumb bovine beast.
    Note the statement above, the cowman banger has no understanding of emanation, he thinks it is something. Stupid fucker doesn't get it. Now, I could help stupid fucker, so I will, right now. Emanation is not a thing, banger, nor a condition. It is not found in multidimensional Christian mind fuck theology. You can find an archaic description in one medaeval heretical document. Want to know which one? Go find out for yourself, I'll tell you if you found the right one, shitbag. There you go, I'll let you describe it, and then I'll tell you if you get any warmer, because I have a duty to help stupid fucker like yourself.
    Oh, and one more thing, spirit coalescing into matter is wrong. I won't help you with this one, because you have your peanut sized brain full with your task to grasp emanation.
    So, you and your shitbag fan club have your task. I am certain you are not up to the challenge.


  2. p.s. I never said that Spirit coalesces into matter, I've just checked you ninny~


    oops! I'm beginning to sound like frikkin' YOU now~~

  3. Hey, Tara. Thanks for reaching out.

    Actually, I rather selfishly hadn't thought about what peeps on the thread had thought of me until you pointed this out, as I engaged in a fruitless to-ing and fro-ing…

    (more like banging mah head aginst a dang-assed brick wall!)

    …with the Grand Wizard of Gnostic Illumination, above (haha)- you know, the guy for whom words and definitions actually mean something, while at the same time a-talkin' all fluid, n' holographic, n' wave-function, like? (And a-makin' ASSumptions as to what folks dang know and don't know?)

    Now, if that isn't a contradiction in terms, then I don't know what is.

    But, hey Tara! We don't understand, right?

    But I'd rather 'not understand' than copy paste sections of frikkin' John Lamb-Lash onto an internet forum, and then claim it as my own, any day. Because this guy above isn't REALLY a Grand Master of any sort, is he. And his petulance n' foul language in the face of a bit of a (malicious? Hey!!!) ribbin' has made that clear for all to see. I'll admit that while debating fundy-Xians this guy might be something of an ASSet, but it's clear that he can't grasp a real argument, and mis-represents things in order to suit himself – the stereotypical forum bully, y'all.

    Remember y'all – one substance, many forms. And it doesn't have to take the form that ride-em-cowboys SAY it does, y'alls~~

    YEE-HARRRRR, ahem~

    I don't know you from Eve, Tara. But I have been reading your posts and can assure you that you are mightier than you think. Know how I know that? Because you have a sense of humour – and by your own admission can laugh at yourself. THAT is the number one virtue for getting through this thAAng we call LAAAfe; and was revealed as such to be by a Spanish spiritual master as I walked the Camino in Spain many years ago with a colleague. The ability to laugh at oneself, and also the wits to stand sentinel at the gates of our mind – in order to guard against charlatans and so-called know-it-alls who'd just LOVE to get their creepy, insidious, lil ol' tendrils in there.

    I mean, do you think ol' MK-ultra has a sense of humour? Really? Does it show even just one, teensy little bit?

    Your 'avinn a LAAAARf – as my British friends would say – if ya do.

    uuugh~ to be avoided at all costs, daaahling~ Let alone lettin' him inside your head.

    Standby for more antics as we bide our time and wait for MK-Goofball to slip up again.

    As my pithy, but cheeky, buddy above has recently pointed out – there's a blast o' fresh air, a-comin'. And EVERYBODY is invited.

    See you in Pyramid 2~

    Lookin' forward to it Tara, Jack!

    And we'll see you, too, O Great One.

    Now, where's my dang Gnostic 101, I needs to look me up some more sheee-it before the Grand Wizard collapses a frikkin' wave-function on my arse!

    Did you know he was a Master of all this stuff???

    haha WHAT a twat.

  4. I second that notion no misogynistic remarks guys, as far as all the rest is concerned “being from Mars” I just love a good fight and this is a good one. The rest of it I won’t get involved with. I will carry whatever flag She gives me, you all are arguing your cases in front of her, not me…

  5. There are women…not "fan-girls"…who come to this blog to learn as well as share their personal perspectives. None of us, including the men, have all the answers. However, mean-spirited insults take away from welcomed & sometimes heated debates.

    As it is stated below, "Moderation is off as a courtesy. Please treat others as you would like to be treated yourself". Let's agree to disagree…with respect…

  6. Aw, c'mon Tara, you enjoy his ad hominem attacks. Gives your darkness a little tickle. Don't waste forum space pretending to be what you're not, we already know.


  7. MK,
    Shitbag and sidekick? Wow. I don't know Banger. I assume he's a living, breathing monster.
    Now, I see who the monster is. I tried. I really did. I tried to reach you. I failed.

  8. Ha!
    Baby games by primitive minds.
    Above, dear reader, we have the confession we sought!
    Banger played his hand, and has proven himself clueless.
    Banger, and his shitbag sidekick tell us he can look up the definition of EMANATION. Nope, wrong, but go ahead and try. If one has to "look up" a word, one doth not comprehend.
    We also discover that bangup thinks spirit coalesces into matter. Wrong again shitbag!
    You obviously don't understand the cosmos.
    This is why bangup and his shitbag sidekick can't play their hand, it gets cut off.
    Give my regards to the herd,


  9. Hi Banger,
    I know it looks like no one here likes you but I do. Yesterday, I read what you wrote. "Methinks" That's something he wrote to me. I could actually feel your malice. That is some serious malice when a person can feel it. I have respect for that. I've read a lot of Stephen King. It felt like you were coming right out of the phone to get me. It turned out really good for me that you were here but it was just some little inconsequential thing that I needed a good scaring to help me to do. I just wanted to let you know. I went from scared shitless, to angry, then I felt bad for you, then later I was laughing at myself. I haven't had very many laughs lately so that was good. These days people hesitate and second guess themselves but I wanted to say this to you. It's a risk you know? Speaking to you directly this way. Everyone likes friends and to be accepted and all that. I'm very guilty of it myself. I guess I shouldn't say everyone. I would say a lot of people do. I'm not second guessing myself any longer. So, thank you because you helped me out yesterday. I appreciate it and I like to let people know when they gave me a hand even if it may not have been their intention.

  10. oh mate, you are too funny. go easy on him purleease! I think Mr. MK is getting confusd as to wot your definition of "is" is. So don't Bill Clinton his ass. He's got face to keep with his fan-girls. meeeeaaaooowwwwww

    hehehehehheheheheheheheh c u on the next thread Banger. Pyramid II is where it's soon gonna be at. Let's introduce some fresh air to this board. there are other voices waiting to be heard.

  11. no one is trying to be superior to you, cowboy. And really, do you think ANYone who has been reading Jack's blog for quite some time now could REALLY not know what "emanation" means? Let alone confuse it with ANY kind of subsequent, spiritual practice~ I mean, dang it! I could look it up in the dictionary raahhts now, if I wanted to.

    And then transfer that to a blog comments board. Couldn't I?

    And hey! for a guy a-castin' mucho-disdaino on the Christian Mind (more assumptions on your part, obviously), your own state-of-mind seems to us far from beatific – more like that of an angry, recoverin' crack-fiend, if y'ask me.

    (Now, Banger, now then – watch those ASSumptions…)

    So, we really didn't "see" anything, Mr. Soury-Chops. We just READ more silly assumptions, on your part, as to what is known, and what is….unknown.

    Spirit manifests in many forms. It condenses, does it not? It crystallizes in great minds…thus one substance, many forms!

    (C'mon, soury-chops, d'you really think you're the only one who has read Gnosticism 101? LOL, you didn't even know the difference between Ignatius of frikkin' Antioch and Ignatius of Loyola!


    Now, as I said before, watch yer Ps and Qs, 'cos now that we've ascertained where the cracks are, it's time to prepare a suitable "attaque au fer". And we'll be a-lungin' HARD!

    And guess who's gonna end up with a nice, big slob o' egg on his guttery-gob (sorry!)??

    Hint: Not me~

    toodle-oo, old chap.

    (Darn it, what did I say about last word, earlier? Please, go ahead, the floor is yours. For now.)

  12. One is emanation, the other is corruption. Hmm, seems like a bit of a definition there, no? So, we are treated to an assumption that bangup just knows that the definition of iggys system = emanation, but no one can question the almighty bangup about it, because he won't answer the question. To do is to loose his self assumed superiority.
    Well, unlike our arrogantly ignorant Christian bangup, for the rest of us, words mean something, and so do definitions. Superiority confines.
    Thus, bangup illustrates directly why the Christian-conditioned mind is unable to comprehend the uncertainty and fluidity of Gnostic mysticism, and thus is prevented from accessing either holographic or wave directed function.
    Thus the mind control poison of the Christian indoctrination.
    You saw it here first hand folks.


  13. you don't even know my position; and that's what's a-needlin' you. Right?

    I'm not interested in hurting you, cowboy. I'm just interested in calling out your errors. And you can take that in the FUTURE TENSE!!!

    Jeez, do I have to spell out frikkin' E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G???

    Now, you go right ahead and have the last word. I'll see you on the threads, Buster!!!


    p.s. look up 'argue' in the dictionary; it means a lot more than salvos of pop-quiz questions!! Rinse-repeat-rinse-repeat-rinse…………..

  14. Banger,
    You are a great pretender. Thanks for admitting you're clueless You didn't call me out on anything, unless it's a misspelling of Gatto.
    You can't answer any of my questions, because you know I would destroy your position. You have just admitted that your reason for posting here is other than contribution.
    Time for your diaper change!


  15. I refer you to the answer I have given above; multiple times~ All in good time, my persistent friend. Promise~

    But whoa, mind~ easy on up, thar, cowboy~ who's talking about remarkable insights? If you're seeking revelations, I ain't yer guy, guy; There ya go a-tryin' to force that thar hand, agin; all's AHH said was that I'm going to call YOUUUR arse out the next time I take exception to one of your inaccurate statements – Christian, Gnostic, Catholic, Jesuitic, or whatever.

    So don't go a-holdin' yer breath, cowboy. I'll pick n' choose jes' as soon as I see fit. And I certainly will not be responding to you, pop-quiz style. Do you take me for some kind of idiot, old chap?

    ('Take', away – and good luck with that. Because assume-ing things as you are wont to do, makes an 'ass' out of 'u', and well, errrr…out of you, too!!)

    Now, let's get back to the normal run of things, as requested by the very polite commenter above. Cool your heels, that man!


  16. You remind me of a girl who used to tell me she liked being annoying, only woman I ever loved and I never even got to consummate it. I guess I was born only for war, at least that’s what Thothy-boy tells me. Isn’t that right Thothy-boy?

    That’s the one that would have put me in Guantanamo Bay if it wasn’t for the intervention of a very very powerful entity and those who knew a lot more about Time than they do. They will like the next one even better; Orage is fixin to put up a few excerpts from it before you guys kill each other in this comment section, we have already lost one. I hope they all understand that I will see all 7 of my friends again in the Green World but I will be the last thing they ever see…

  17. No, b., I don't agree.
    Emanation has nothing to do with developing a devotional, bringing the Christian myth into the conscious striving of the devotee, or for that matter the practice of developing a spiritual intelligence.
    If you are defining emanation in terms of an individual attempt to build a symbolic dialogue with their divinity, then you do not understand emanation.


  18. Right, Ignatius of Loyola, well, so sorry to have confused one Christian father with the other. I confess that Christian history is not my forte', so what, who cares? I could demand of b. that he answer the question who was the key ancestor of Harald. But he won't attempt to answer, because it would steal his thunder.
    Point is, the Ignatius question has nothing to do with the development of Serrano as a Gnostic visionary, or does it b.? You have anything to say about it?
    Does it have anything to do with the hologram, wave function, how Gnostic mysticism relates? Well?
    Exactly what is your point, other than hijacking the forum for your own purposes?
    If you don't answer these questions b., then you are guilty of doing exactly what you claimed you wouldn't do.
    I'm sure we're all curious to hear your remarkable insights, I know I am.



  19. Jack

    A quote from you

    "Tara It would be comical were it not so sad, in this scenario they have unleashed a nuclear charged nanorobotic bioengineered bacterial plague that has irreversibly Zombefied by some estimates six of the seven billion people on the planet. They have already been swept over the event horizon of a Black Hole and they don’t know whether Nelson Mandela is alive or dead. Yet they are going to fix it all by banning cell phones and televisions and having community meetings. They will awaken the cattle. This is why they only get to play with the axis and not the wave function; it would be like giving a chimpanzee a locked and loaded AR 15. If they want “I know how to fix this…”

    I could have used MK to thump a few bible thumpers at a social gathering tonight!

    It hits home daily how we are in the zombie apocalypse right here and now.

    Well jack at least I know why.


  20. you got it! but please don't confuse historical Jesuitism with the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises – one is emanation, the other is corruption. Well, corruption of a sort given historical, socio-political contexts, which should always be taken into account. And which do get mixed up (see Jordan Peterson for more on this).

    Everybody knows that, right, MK?

  21. sorry, "mannolo" – but I'm a-strugglin' to take seriously anybody who confuses the "Ignatian Exercises" with some ancient desert mystic of, as you say (admittedly~), questionable historic importance.

    Clearly we're beginning to see cracks in your so-called knowledge.

    I will respond to your posts as I have said numerous times before when and how I see fit – not when you, as the resident forum bully/know-it-all, demand it.

    Meantimes, you keep ploughing through material in the hopes of a) trying to trip me up, and b) of pretending to everybody else that you the man, man!!

    A thousand apologies, but sinking to your linguistic levels for a mo: I'm obliged to declare that I'm starting to find you just a little bit of a dick.

  22. Banger, after review of prior comments please disregard my first two questions, as the answer is obviously "no".
    I wonder if we could perhaps change the frequency of the comment stream and get back to the Schrodinger equation and the concurrent forces as related to the Black Sun? Orage presented some really great stuff here to ponder…

  23. Recently, the forum here has been trashed up by a couple of commentators who have nothing to add, but who seek to vent their emotional reactions to the truth that their beloved religion is a perverted system of control and abuse that poisons and imprisons the mind.
    I do understand that western, and especially American education has been intentionally designed, since its federal takeover in 1830, to produce idiots. I also understand that western, and especially American society coddles its children, encouraging them to develop insolence, arrogance, lack of respect. When combined, these efforts lead to childish repulsive demands for attention, and validation of a stunted half formed personality.
    It is too bad their parents never provided consequences for them to learn structure, but that can not be helped.
    We can see that a society which cultivates this perspective is not going to be capable of correctly assessing its challenges, or meeting them successfully.
    If I dealt with them too rudely, it is simply because I have lost all tolerance and compassion towards them. The fact that they cannot practice enough self control to even formulate a cognizant response, when given the floor to do so, is telling.
    For the record, Ignatius of Antioch was a early christian fanatic, who left a few authenticated letters behind, which typified the christian values of obeisance, superiority, aggression, and dying for the cause. This last part being my favorite, and one which I believe christians should emulate across the globe en masse. He was not a Gnostic, and his doctrine stands in defiance to the visionary, experiential seership of the Gnostics.
    If one achieves a modicum of success in western education today, one has learned to regurgitate a programmed response, to quote useless fact, and to accept an official narrative without question. Nothing here prepared the coddled child to grasp the power and significance of the Gnosis, and that my friends, is the entire point.


  24. Tara,
    You reply is below.
    Anon., too cowardly to sign your posts? Let me ask you, what does the hologram have to do with it?


  25. Tara,
    Is there a prevailing mode of thought in the world?
    Further, if there is one, do the leading and formative institutions then embody this mode of thought, and seek to create a condition of conformity with it?
    Is this condition of conformity then fully manipulated, designed, and planned, or is it something else?
    What did John Gotto, and do other teachers, professors, scientists, theologians say?
    This is how one discovers the nature of thought, what thought is supported, condoned and what thought is censored, suppressed.
    Do this and discover for yourself the kind of circumstances, conundrums, and conclusions you are lead to draw.


  26. MK
    DId you see what I said? I'm really sorry I don't understand. I'm not scared anymore and that's partly because of you. I really care about you. Thank you for being my friend.

  27. Yeah, Right. We need to change the channel we don't believe yet that we don't need the machines to talk to each other. I do. I believe we can learn how to do that. That's a leap. Don't listen to me, Nine. I'm a certified nut case. Have a nice day unless you have other plans 🙂

  28. MK,
    I do know it's for keeps. I'm not trying to disrespect you. I do the best I can with what I have to work with, okay. I do know that I don't know shit. I'm stupid ok. I still talk to "Sweet Tart People" sometimes. Those are the Light Walkers I said about before. They came to me when I was a child. I only remembered it 10 years ago. I know there's no way to know what's 100% real anymore but I believe in you and the rest of you. I know I feel like I'm alive. I know I would have never looked at VT and made it to this blog if it weren't for some old guy from a flea market. I understand that I don't believe in coincidence. I know there is some kind of a spiritual war going on. I know I was attacked, basically raped, in the night and given bad dreams and made sick for a week for being being involved with this blog. You know what? I spit in their fucking puke faces. I'm still here. I know they kill people you love if you cross them but I'm still here. I know what they did to Germany. I know these sick pukes stole everything decent from this world and turned it into some cheap knock off of hell. I know that I wouldn't even still be here if it weren't for my family's belief in that stupid Jesus on the cross story because it wasn't the story but the strength they drew from their beliefs and their devotion to each other that actually instilled in me some goddam morals like loyalty. I know that they tried to break me down my whole life so I wouldn't make it to this point but they couldn't do it. I know I'm here for a reason and that I didn't like it and I don't like it to think that you are angry or upset because I don't like the idea of you feeling bad because I don't want them to have one speck of your light. I know that if there is a for keeps war going on then I'm willing to die to try to help it get it settled with the best possible outcome. I know I don't want this sick crap to go on and I know I would stand in front of a bullet to save you if I thought that Jack needed you to help him finish this work. I understand that I want to go with those Light Walkers when I die but I would stay behind for a friend if they needed me. I understand that I'm not afraid of them so I'm putting this all right here on this machine for the CIA IRS Israeli intelligence or any of their sick fucking criminal organizations to see and I hope that the ones there who are perpetuating this misery see it because their time is gonna come. I understand that it is for keeps and they are gonna lose. If that's not good enough understanding then I don't understand and I probably never will and I'm a lost cause.

  29. Dear Jack, Your "Voice in the Wilderness" is deeply appreciated by me & I'm sure by others. too. Thank you for caring & enlightening so many. Bless you for ALL that you do…Orage, too.


  30. Serrano was a visionary, as are most Gnostics.
    It should be noted that there never was an official canon, and that different Gnostic groups held to different narratives.
    Serrano had his own unique vision, yet it relied heavily on the myth of Sophia, The Demiurgos,i.e.: Jehovah, the God of xtian, moslem, and jew who plays a role outside of Gnostic circles, but is most defined within the diverse Gnostic tradition.
    There is still an effort to make Gnosticism palatable through painting it with the Christian label. Yet the doctrine, rites, and reliance on visionary experience find no place within Christianity.
    Serrano was definitely no xtian. If he had been, by now he would have been long forgotten.


  31. dude! for such an "enlightened" guy – well, judging by the contents of your posts, that is (haha)- you sure do like to employ some o' that low-down language! Think your "charges" are being edified by all of this gutter-terminology you like to deploy in your sorry-arsed defense? ('Defensive', being the operative term. You're not used to people disagreeing with you, are you.)

    Sounds to me like you're a little bit confused (ya know, lofty versus low-down?); and as well as coming across as something very much akin to the stereotypical forum bully, I'll bet your not quite as spiritually secure as you might like to think.

    QED ME-thinks. Now, and at the danger of repeating meeself: I will respond to one of your many meandering 'arguments' just as soon as I see good 'n fit. And I'm gonna pick a good 'un!!

    (And, if you're reading all of this as some kind of 'threat' to you, well…I don't quite know what to say other than obviously YOU haven't been trained very well in how to argue – because that is all I am doing; call it a "warm-up", if you will. I have been trained how to argue, in "high" school, and they were the best. You've just got a foul mouth and a few esoteric texts beside your bed, I'll bet. I recommend a good bar of carbolic soap for that maw of yours, old boy. It'll work wonders along with a nice cup of chamomile tea!)

    Good day, to you. (Sir?)

  32. Should you ever spawn a worthwhile comment, B., your threat might be something of significance. Unfortunately, your words are just more noise in a busy subway.
    How about this, before your next appearance, why don't you get potty trained.

  33. According to Seranno the original separation occurred because he wanted exalt in her beauty, nothings changed about that, an angler fish just won't do…

  34. Seems to us like you are the one who's a-gettin' all het up, dude. And I wouldn't quite call myself 'savaged' now, let's be honest.
    Please calm yourself, and I'll be in touch in the very near future. Promise~

    Although I'm very reluctant to expose others to even more of your ramblings! (haha, joke~)

  35. Jack,
    In the interests of inquiry and fairness, I offered the grunting beast a chance to speak. He preferred to attempt to conceal his obvious stupidity with gradeschool insults and cheap moralizing.
    I reserve the right to savage anyone who launches such ignorance towards myself, or those under my protection.
    I regret any disharmony caused by this aside. Hopefully the aggressor will refrain from trashing up the board with his pointless rage in the future.


  36. Dear Banger, Fuck off.
    I gave you the chance to make a point, but the only point you can make is with your pathetic monkey squeals. You are hogging this space with your insipid petulance.
    Why don't you go run to your priest, and have him lecture you on what it takes to be a good slave. Maybe he'll take your confession in between his diet of altar boys.


  37. Tara

    When I look at the gonistic myth did she not create without the male counterpart?

    And a flawed world from the start as the gonistics taught?

    And when she created it brought yehwe into existance and Lucifer there to rescue her from what was created?

    I believe we were created in her image and its all been perverted and male and female need to be one.

    Quite a different myth than the Bible


  38. My guess is someones making comments using someone else's moniker, people & other entity's seem to not understand yet that I am just the voice in the wilderness, back there concealed in the groves of time is something very big and very angry, I want to get as many out of its way as I can before it is let lose…

  39. Howls and posturing because I disagree with you, is it? Sounds to me like you're more interested in throwing pejorative epithets and re-reading your own comments, than any real argumentation in favor of this, that, or the other. Moreover, I think you're being rather presumptuous of me based on your 'reading' of what? Two or three previous comments? I rarely comment on anything. Are they your superior deductive capabilities in action? Or INDUCTIVE ones. I wonder.

    You, however, are certainly no mystery, dude. Though I get the feeling you'd like to come across that way.

    I'll peg you down a few when another of your drawn out and inaccurate representations moves me in order to do so.

    This isn't your forum, but you sure hog enough space in order to say nothing, really. Perhaps you should consider that many people aren't really interested in your multiple opinions. And maybe this blog isn't really the place where you should be posting them.

    Get your own blog and rant until the cows come home, dude. I kinda feel sorry for you.

    Apologies for any offence, but that's jes' how it is. And I'll be calling out your ass again in future, as I've said, when I see fit – please don't worry about that. Meantime, make some space for others, and stop being so overly familiar with other commentators. It's getting irritating.

    Peace out! B.

  40. I am unable to remove comments but if I could I would only remove the fuckhead one, no name calling at least not without saying why you are calling someone that name.Its a proven fact that people get a long much better when they don't like each other at first, then learn to be friends, read that a long time ago in Psychology Today and I have found it to be true till this day…

  41. Tara

    Thanks for your kind words

    I must say that I write as a way to understand what is going on not to cause argument and that love I believe is the wave form.

    Our oppressors divide and then rule us and "they" are not human.

    Only an opinion of course and jack is telling us that we can change the channel!

    Much lov


  42. Banger,
    You should relegate your posts to substance, rather than your trademark mutant howls and apelike posturing. You can't debate, because you lack the depth to even comprehend what the word means.
    However, in the interests of fairness, let's hear it.
    You have this format to present a cognizant point, we will see if you are capable of one. I'll be waiting.


  43. I'll prove you are wrong in a debate any time, any place. Just let me know which of your false, ignorant and biased arguments you'd like me to break down into little, easy pieces for you first – in order for you to re-examine, that is.

    Although judging by your charming use of language, that would probably be a waste of my time. Moreover, I'd say you are the kind of guy who hangs onto his (erroneous) opinions even while continuing to stumble 'round in the dark.

    But hey, watch out for those low hangin' branches, y'all, loll~

    and joking (jokers?) aside, less of the expletives, please. I've gathered over the years that this is a relatively clean forum.


  44. MK,
    I am able to understand this. I don't waste one nanosecond of my energy being angry about Abrahamic religions or anything they caused or didn't cause or continue to cause. To become angered by such nonsense brings about passive aggression at best as evidenced by your wishes.
    How's this? You win. I lose. Good luck with your ongoing battle against Abraham.

  45. MK,
    I'm not cursed with any such thing. Perhaps you misunderstood me. I stand by what I said. I don't need assurances from you or anyone else. Least of all some man made religion or for that matter any other man made idea. I exist on a different plane from you. Not better, just different. I apologize if I offended you. It was certainly not my intention yet I can see that it is yours.

  46. Tara,
    The curse of Abraham is the inability to live with uncertainty, doubt, mystery.
    Break this curse and you will be well advanced towards satisfying your ambition.


  47. MK,
    I second that infinity…I try to be sparing with (…) because sometimes it frightens me. I'm more of an event type of girl rather than process. I'm haltingly learning how capitalize on a new dimension of the best wisdom which comes into my field of vision. Yours has been fortifying especially when it flows so effortlessly. In the absence of the brand of anger which compromises a man you are a weapon beyond the comprehension of those who define power illegitimately. I've often thought that there are only two basic human emotions from which all others spring separately. Love and Fear. After reading your comment I was able to incorporate into my knowledge base that in fact that is an erroneous assumption. There is only one. That is love. It is the wellspring of everything that drives us. We are not batteries with + and – but creatures who came from a blinding light made of pure "love." I came here at a time of personal desperation seeking such weapons. At first I think I thought that I needed to pick them up and use them or prepaps hide behind them. It appears that instead I found out that the real reason was that I needed more evidence to convince myself beyond doubt that they exist. This has afforded me the will to believe that I can become one myself. With that said, we'll see how it works out.

  48. The flag wavers for Christianity are caught in a most peculiar dilemma. This is not to excuse the other creeds of Abraham from their continuing contributions to worldwide destruction, but it is to illustrate its unique doom.
    Christianity purports to be the bastion of love.
    To the xtian, this love is a great emotional drug. It carries with it, as all indulged emotion does, a paralysis of the rational function. Of course, Christianity is typified by a hostility to rational function from the start, however this determination to elevate love really cements in an essential emotional irrationality as the centerpiece of the xtian experience.
    But wait, there's more!
    The xtian love doctrine isn't really about love. Real love is wild, untamed. It arises mysteriously, independently of church, or any other structure. It possesses. It consumes. Real love is never a conscious effort, a conscious choice.
    No, Christianity does not want to see the love that will have you tearing down the structures that stymie your real love. They dam up that river and get their converts to exchange the wild dance of the snowstorm for chlorinated tap water in a plastic jug.
    So, how can an ideology, and oh yes, Christianity is an ideology, claim to be about that which it destroys?
    Through lying about it, of course!
    There is so much more. It would take a book to fully document the distortion of Hermetic philosophy that was incorporated by castrated psychological cripples, the intentional rewriting of the historic record, the 1500 year dark age, the campaign of murder and war, the annihilation of indigenous tradition that gave direction and form to the human experience, replacing it with a doctrine of slavery and subjugation.
    Yes, Christianity did indeed change the world.


  49. Nine,
    You are a character. When I was a child I sang the Jesus Loves Me song over and over and over. I'm slightly autistic if there is such a thing and it was for comfort. Surely you understand the need for comfort and the reasons for seeking it. I have known many people who have become so adept at suffering that comfort actually pains them. It pains them so accutely that they must avoid it at all costs. I have experienced this state of being myself so I know it's not just a theory. My assumption is that it is the sorrow of the Goddess and Her resulting "anger" that has corrupted the world as it stands. When most of us say Goddess and God etc these are human assertions. These are the best we can can do with our human perceptions. Men are good. With strong energies. It is my belief that it is the lack of balance between the male and female energies that feeds Her discontent as well as His and by that mechanism feeds the sorrow, endless war, and degradation in this model of reality. Obviously, life wasn't always like this. I believe we are moving in the direction of course correction. Course correction is often arduous and sometimes even chaotic and violent. Any sailor should be able to corroborate my assertion. I believe that Jack and his friends are working diligently to hold the wheel steady so that this course correction doesn't necessitate such chaos as to rip us all to shreds. Some men and women are willing to sacrifice everything for truth. You've seen the movie? "You can't handle the truth!!!" Truth is a toughy sometimes. Truth is very unpopular. I think because it can be so very frightening. Those who seek to dispense truth are more often than not very unpopular and often downright despised. It seems that you have a desire to lend a helping hand? I'm naive and I like to think the best of people often to my own detriment 🙂 You want to know another secret? I liked Jesus Loves Me but I liked Row Your Boat better. These days in the face of this reality I try to remind myself that life is indeed 'but a dream' and perhaps more importantly "on a river of sorrow, row gently." If it's not too much of a stretch sometimes try to add, "merrily."
    PS Nine Love is a four letter word 😉

  50. Dr. Jack

    Just a poem from the crazy

    "Who is jesus

    the bible says who is lucifer

    myth says I don't know

    pilot said what is truth

    paul said this about jesus that he was truth

    crazy as is must admit changed a world

    pilot governed well

    I did government the study of who is in charge

    they perverted well thinking together unites all"



  51. Thank you Timeangel. There are a few things that need readjusting and reconfiguring – vhug-iio.i. tival-iio.i. a.n.tet-iio.i. eku .e.kupetari.s .e.go The sentence, expanded to separate into words, is interpreted ‘let carry to eternity, on wings to eternity, the givings to eternity let-it-be, let the journey continue, let it remain — Venetian ritual carving, translated by Andres Pääbo As quoted in Black Madonna & the Swastica Visually, it links to what is ahead of us to decipher.

  52. They have finally managed to prevent me from commenting on my own blog and are now pulling their own comments down, I think Nexus is back up after 3 days and VT is all fucked up but still fully functional. Now I can write part 2.

    2 comments needed answering

    Not so Anonymous but Lovable Nine stop comparing me to fucking Jesus, with the road to Jericho Martin Luther King comment and now this one, it’s getting annoying. Think of me as Ziebel, the Khazar war lord who laid the Persian Empire to waste for you and brought you the head of the king of Tiflis and the head of the Persian prince on platter, he was my type of Jew, enough with that Woody Allen Jesus shit, you’re playing into their hands, give them nothing and I will give them Thor and Odin if they can’t accept the Star Prophecy like grownups. Leave it to me, you are the only thing that can stop me.

    Tara It would be comical were it not so sad, in this scenario they have unleashed a nuclear charged nanorobotic bioengineered bacterial plague that has irreversibly Zombefied by some estimates six of the seven billion people on the planet. They have already been swept over the event horizon of a Black Hole and they don’t know whether Nelson Mandela is alive or dead. Yet they are going to fix it all by banning cell phones and televisions and having community meetings. They will awaken the cattle. This is why they only get to play with the axis and not the wave function; it would be like giving a chimpanzee a locked and loaded AR 15. If they want “I know how to fix this…” – Jack Heart

  53. "The filters in place limit the spectrum one can perceive, but not the presence of what is." -"Orage"
    Really great aphorism, Orage, thank you for sharing.
    And it appears we have technologically regressed a bit since 1938. Perhaps the modern spectrum analyzer should be reconfigured as well.

  54. Jack,
    Dunno if you caught the newspeak about ancient pyramids and such below a couple kilometers of ice, that's about a mile and a half for those using the English system, and a hell of a lot more if you're still with cubits.
    All the Nazi writers have to pander to the "there be monsters" meme. I say they have to, because even the better writers do not deviate far from the herd. Unless they want to end up like Irving, or worse. Sort of like Christians, who shriek the lyrics of "Why can't we be friends" whilst launching false flag terror attacks and preventing The Golden Compass trilogy from reaching full movie depiction.
    A few things are certain. Byrd was sent home with his ass in a sling. Germany made sure Antarctica disappeared from headlines permanently, and like Dr. Farrell reports, the list of Antarctica's visitors is mighty unusual.
    I credit dedicated British researchers with examining the correspondence between the Sybils Prophecy, the Black Sun, and the avenging Avatar.
    Part of this involves a modern prophecy, which has been activated through significant astronomical events. I won't write any more on this, mostly because I don't feel like I should make this information readily available to deranged abrahamic fucks.
    Suffice it to say that whatever the specifics, this chapter of the human saga is currently unfolding, yet the significance is going right over the heads of conditioned sheep, as it always has…


  55. Jack,
    You are aware that I do not comprehend the written mysteries. With that said, I'll continue. The highest compliment my son ever paid to me was when he was sixteen. He had become violent and I had just been forced to manhandle him into a probation office while threatening that I'd go in there and violate him myself if he refused to handle it. Afterwards, he said to me 'Mom, I believe you'd kill somebody who tried to hurt me.' It has been very painful letting that boy go. It's nearly crushed me to the ground at times. What I know today is that I could, in fact kill him to save myself and I don't even have a man to go to after to help ease the pain of it. If I could do it then she can do it. For a mother, it takes what it takes and this past year has nearly crushed me to the ground as I let him go. She, if she is the mother of creation is the life-force who must have given me the tools I needed to arrive at this place. If she can hear me. Thank you. If she can hear me. You're worth it lady. I also know that no one has a right to tell another what they must do with regard to their children. We all have to live in our own skin so to speak. A few of us humans know that we can love our children to death. We also know that there are fates worse than death. One of them is to live in a perpetual state of self centered self loathing and shame. I don't know Emma. She said she wills cattle to wake up because it's for their higher good. I've seen my grandaddy's cattle slaughtered while the others milled around the pasture. I'd have never willed them to wake because I loved them. Some are meant to live asleep and stay asleep. The first mistake I can make is assuming that I know anything about anyone else's higher good. One of the things that I feel that I know for certain these days is that I support you and the friends and the people who are willing to make sacrifices for their own higher good. I do this for reasons you are aware of and because I know that this work is facilitating movement in a positive direction. Would you think me sentimental and delusional if I told you that when I hear the war machines overhead I stop and say the pledge of allegiance? It's for the pilots. One day they may decide 'enough of the dumb stuff.' I'm not willing a higher good neccesarily yet I choose to believe that some ideas are just too good to be given up on. I only have my own voice and my little sliver of knowledge. I came here for you and I have gained a thousand fold. We'll get there.

  56. Dr, Jack

    I have no friends.

    friends or enemies what is the difference?

    I found talent for them.

    You are the enemy did I get my pronoun correct?

    If you want a laugh I would watch the movie caddyshack.

    Quite instructive.

    I will say this all politics is local.

    My pal says no one talks together.

    We plan on changing that and no tv or cell phones or movies just community.

    Local changes national witch changes the world.

    The internet has it assbackwords…

    much lov


  57. I’m not the one who has any dear friends around here besides you; I don’t even know Emma, more likely you do. They killed all my dear friends along with some of yours and the one daughter I had that was worth a dime and you still ain't learned nothin.I can’t write a new story if you’re gonna just keep rewriting their old one for them, what’s the use, why don’t you just write it, I’ll watch…

  58. Dr, Jack.

    Your friend Emma said that she wanted our world to awake because she loved us.

    Powerful meme course my Christian friends say that Jesus loved his enemy.

    Course who started enmity?

    My Christian friends say that we did and that one must get right with god to avoid that enmity.

    I just got to thinking as to why we were enemies.

    God vs us/satan and my christian friends say that the enemy is Lucifer.

    Who again created enmity and if we go back to the beginning how did this all get started?

    My pal says that Abraham is nor never was a jew and that someone hijacked his name to create what we have today and of course another Jew I greatly respect who knew how to govern well said what is truth?

    Did you know Jefferson rewrote Gods word? He did. He cut out the old testament and most of the new and narrowed it down to the teachings of Jesus and said if we follow him we shall have heaven on earth.

    We are in need of an upgrade and it is time to rewrite gods word.

    I would put the Jews in charge of this if I were in charge.

    I am not in charge but "we" are in charge a matter of a correct pronoun.

    much lov to all and a freedom to write.


  59. Well Mike we have not yet posted part 2, nor have we even yet begun to discuss Serrano so I will have content myself with quoting Norma Cox the “mad” prophetess of the Ozarks:

    “We are not allowed to forget Hitler and war-time Germany. Nightly, we are presented with an ever on-going television tirade against the man and the country he loved. It all happened so long ago that one may well wonder why it doesn’t cease. There can be only one answer: FEAR, the fear that a fourth reich will come from beneath the ice of Neu-Sachwabenland–to square accounts may be well-founded . . . There are many who believe Hitler did not die a suicide; there are many who believe he escaped to a warm place made ready for him beneath the ice of the Antarctic.” – Norma Cox

    Could be Hitler intends on avenging himself…

  60. Yes Tara I believe that is exactly what happened and its happening again too, no doubt to the benefit of every Holy Living Creature or as we ever evil Jews say היות הקדש (Chaioth ha Qadesh). Yahweh and the mutts of Abraham with their transhuman agenda and their slaves utopia would have been crushed long ago if she were not restraining him to the detriment of her own heart. Only She can stand against Lucifer which is why that boastful pig hides behind his mommy. It is time for her to let him go. Jr. has overplayed his hand and Karmic law demands it or all will perish including Her and Him and all her children…

  61. The function extends in both directions infinitely.
    Imagination is not just a stupid story.
    Those who define power by the willingness to take life, the lust to dominate, have no power.
    Hitler, whose arrival was presaged and foretold was not the final avatar. The last avatar arrives not to rally the folk, or provide hope, the last avatar arrives to avenge the fall of the previous one.
    If I'm still around to observe it, I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest.


  62. Christ, Jack. I'm beginning to see that Hitler was most likely betrayed by (aristocratic?) German, blue-collar hating elites who had infiltrated themselves into his inner circle years before. These creatures then went on to use German technology – in cahoots with Allied scum of a similar ilk and worldview – in order to 'win' the war and create reality as we know it today. While using the hyper-advanced REAL technology that was developed in order to, well, fuck knows what….explore other dimensions?

    There is British writer, Chris Spivey, who has pretty much proven (in an ongoing expose) that all major news events over the past 50 years are basically made up. (Using at the very least skilled Actors/make-up artists/surgeons; hi-tec imaging equipment and general technology years in advance of anything available on the current market; you name it.)

    It seems that Hitler was destroyed ( "oh vey, help us" story made up) and use made of his achievements to draw a veil over pretty much everything – all reality as we know it. And the herd left under the control of a pedophilic, child-killing/eating, demon-worshiping and very fucking stupid 'elite', while the REAL leaders are exploring REALITY in a manner unbeknownst to, and beyond the wildest comprehension of, say, the rube-consumer above. And his fecal matter. Who are left arguing on behalf of trash-culture's scraps. (Flying around the world and/or to the moon in tin cans 'n rocket-ships, lolll~ if only that were half the story. We humans are soooo~ clever, eh?)

    Very simple put, would that be about right?

    But, as we all know, you can kill the prophet but you can't kill the message.

    Tiocaidh ar la, as my Irish friends would say.

    En mémoire du sang, as I would.

    Very sincerely Yours,
    Mr. Jang~

  63. The comment to which you speak is pure gold, I will include it below your comment so the sub-creatures reading this know what you are talking about. Maybe I shouldn't call them that but as you know, I believe, I have been doing it a very very long time now. As this old mafioso dude used to always tell me; "I calls it like I see's it…" Maybe when they start showing me different and stop taking directives (and actually voting for it) from their own feces I may see it a little different. Hitler fought their battles for them without even bothering to take all that into account, making him maybe in the eyes of Karma a better man than me. But according to this script he lost. If I write another script it won't be for them it will be for Her but how does that song go "change, nothing ever stays the same…” Maybe she can make me see it different, because I know now one thing for sure; no one else can make me do anything. I’m the doctor here…
    Unchained; how appropriate…

  64. Dr. Jack

    Lucifer according to some led a rebellion as did Canaris.

    My dear friend says Hitler was betrayed by the German elites and that treachery brought down that third reight!

    I am simply undecided about ah yet one thing is sure he united the people and great things were done something that had to be crushed.

    Ah Dr. jack you dare write another script?

    Well done


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