Wanderer über den Graten der Welten, neu diesseitsgeboren – wieder jenseitsbestimmt. Götterkinder, doch göttergleich nicht. Noch vielsagend mehr gibt es über die Menschen: alt ist ihr Geschlecht – jung ist ihre Welt. 

Wanderer over the ridges of the worlds, new born into this world – but destined for beyond. Children of God, but not godlike. Much more is to say about man. Old is their kind – young is their world    

Peter Pan meets Pyramid Head II (Tease)

My life experiences till then had already left what the uninitiated call reality broken and shattered in pieces behind me so the synchronicity of its current events hadn’t escaped me. I was always looking for explanations for what I’d lived through and already had run the gamut from aliens to Magick but had always kept Marty, my mother and Hurtak’s Team Tinkerbelle at arm’s length. I began paying much closer attention to Preston Nichols. When he came out with his second and third books which put Aleister Crowley at the center of it all, I knew I was being set up. Crowley was at the bottom of my rabbit hole too.
Besides when I first met Nichols my ex and I lived in a place called La Bonne Vie in East Patchogue. It was mostly young married people and singles. Some of the wives there had told her that they had a neat way of making fifty dollars cash for an hour’s time spent listening to music in what is now the Hampton Inn in Brookhaven, about five minutes away. All they had to do is sit in the auditorium and listen to different music as it was played over headphones and press a response whether they liked it or not. Since she used to go up there with about a half dozen other woman from around our courtyard I never questioned it. She was always back in an hour with the fifty dollars. One night she was overdue and since I didn’t have the kids I took a ride up there. When I got there the auditorium was just clearing out and she was getting up to leave with her friends. Preston Nichols was sitting at the podium in the front; obviously the man from the Brookhaven Lab giving the tests. I said nothing but when I saw him a few days later he claimed he didn’t remember and that kind of stuff was always happening with him; it was what originally inspired him to write the Montauk Projects. I never trusted him after that. The same thing was always happening to me too…  

Würzburg Radar cabin with Freya add-on http://www.cdvandt.org
First American gliding bomb tested on Long Island 1960. Designs derived from Henschel hs 293, guided cruise missile in 1940 radio controlled, operated like a drone by joy stick, later in the forties guided by a TV camera  https://youtu.be/2PX2Hsr80ak?t=50
  • Hs 293D was television-guided, with a large Yagi antenna transmitting back to the launch aircraft.[16] Twenty were built and tested, but it was never used operationally as the television equipment was unreliable.

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  1. Thanks, Mike, I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. The Path is very much alive in my heart, & your wisdom teachings have been truly inspiring & helpful.


  2. Well Tara

    Someone trained you well

    Course I have a daughter

    I home schooled her

    her interests only

    Many say I raised fine children

    What would I know

    We shall overcome

    Before a we their must be a me

    He said love one another



  3. Thank you, Serenity.
    You alone perceived the thread I began and ended with here.
    There are differing approaches, of course. One claims we are impelled by a providence, another that we are repelled by the corruption, still a third that all will eventually arrive at the threshold. Regardless of the condition, the point remains that only the initiate proceeds.
    Organized religion is a figment of belief and faith, thus standing in defiance of experience and knowledge. It serves the child mind so clearly described by Hypatia of Alexandria, with all those pitfalls she exposed. There can be no emancipation via religion, for the unfoldment of the individual is strictly channeled and suppressed.
    Initiation will not be understood by those who have yet to unfold finer qualities, and that is the law.
    Yet it is only through this which unfolds and confers, that we can leave this doomed world, and doomed it most certainly is.
    The champions of the Light are no more. The time for their balance of the forces of destruction is over. We never arose from the dark age of the Demiurgos. The implications are clear.
    Keep the path alive in your heart.
    It alone will never betray you.

  4. You go girl! I think we're in the minority though. It seems like it sometimes. I'm so glad I found you. I wonder if it's the other way around. Maybe it was a mutual attraction. Maybe that makes sense. That may be one of the only thing that does at times in this rodeo. I'm working on that flow state thing. Remember that show, Flo? She would always say, "Kiss my grits." I was just a kid and I never could figure that out until just now. That woman had true grit. That's what she was talking about. Nobody pushed her around.
    Love ya,

  5. Mike, I wholeheartedly agree that "for those who are willing to risk everything, the search is on", & that, ultimately, "there is nothing to lose" & perhaps everything to (re-)gain from that ancient wisdom which has been so heavily suppressed or intentionally destroyed. I strongly sense it is possible to break free into the "superior region of the immortals…in the initiatory tradition" while in human embodiment. However, this quest is not for the weak or for those mind-controlled or compromised by the lies & false propaganda of organized religions.


  6. I'm actually right in the middle of reading some very interesting stories. I fear Pyramid Head Part II may break my concentration so I may have to put that one off for a while. I'm a pitifully slow reader.
    Who is we? We , We , We. All the way home? Or as I like to say sometimes We ain't French.
    You know how they say curiosity killed the cat? Last time I checked I'm not a cat. Then again my cat is kind of a murderer. Nothing beats him. I like that. Fine. Don't tell me. I'll bet I'll find out one day. I wonder if you know the song . . . I'll Fly Away? It's an old "spiritual."

  7. ha! fools! I…..am…..sublimated……

    ha! Easter?? you dare pollute this thread with stories about so-called daemonic Christian shit-eating soothsayers and their fables created in order to enslave and destroy!!!!


    your simian gruntings reach me not – Verily, I say unto thee: I am a-swinging from the highest branch of…..er….metaphysics…..

    …beyond….physics, if you like.

    Tara, my child – these lofty heights would indeedeth be lonely if it were not for thee~ and my tortured disciple….Anon.

    Fear not, we will descend (rather than con-descend, right M'kay? facepalm: it must be SUCH a struggle, for ya!) down to you and humour your ape-like, animalesque graspings after the all that is the was that is the is that is whatever will be……isn't it?

    we….will….answer……it matters not whether MKUltra answers…..for we are ……alllllllllllllllllll~~

    p.s. Danny? F**k off!

    er……I mean……welcome………..(spoken with the voice of the guy in tights and a codpiece at the start of that ripping Doug McClure adventure yarn, Journey to the Center of the Earth…..you know, the Atlantean Warlord, or summit'????)

    p.p.s. standby for Pyramid Head, Part II you unworthy scum….

    …….THAT is where Die Glocke hits the rubber floor~


  8. What are you talking about Sir Bang's a lot? Why do you speak in riddles? Beyond consciousness? There's no such thing unless you like Neil Young. I do. "Out of the blue and into the black…They give you this but you pay for that." I will be very surprised if MK bothers to argue with you from this point. Then again I have clues about men but I'm no Nancy Drew. There's the possibility that you could be stuck with me. What if I were the only one left who would talk to you? Would you be disappointed? You know I don't like dancing and the only one I like singing in my ear is me so we can file that conversation under 'never happened.'
    What do you say? Cough up the 411 if you've got anything. Oh, I forgot. We're waiting, but the easter bunny's not coming this year is he? Reguardless. Who wants to go beyond consciousness? You're talking extermination, correct?

  9. Jack,
    That quest dishes out way more brutality to some than others doesn't it? Of course, I knew in my head that it was true but I'm sure my heart has yet to internalize it to anything near it's full extent. I thought my experience was painful. Now, I feel ashamed because I am aware that I have but a nodding aquaintence with it.

  10. verily, Banger – let us teareth this guy a new arse-hole in Pyramid Head, Part II
    I'm looking forward to it so much, he thinks he has his groove back on against us?
    Patience, my children – watch and learn how to win an argument against competition with numerous esoteric web-pages at his disposal.

    Verily, we are going to tarot your arse, MKK…

  11. aaaaah, 'source' indeed, anon., my child – the source of is that was, that is, that is all, that was, that was ever shall be, and will ever be, for now and forever beyond 'consciousness' in the glorious mysterious that is……that is all…..






  12. verily, sir banger, we might also ask ourselvs whether or not MK-ultra can actually SPARE us a piece of his mind. Verily, has he sourced his counterrefutations to us elsewhere?
    I…..wonder……..errrrrr, sorry. I mean: the……wonder…..

  13. MK-OK, Thanketh thou….the all is mind, aaaaaahhhh, yes. I am beginning to…….see.

    But tell us thou, if the all is mind, then…..shouldest thou really be gifting us a piece of yours?

    Verily, it dideth taketh thou nearly a week to thinketh up your answer

    Are….you…..bored? or unemployed?

  14. Jack,
    You are not the only one who is weary and disgusted over the deterioration of just about everything, and the determination from those in power to make it even worse, as fast as they can.
    I wouldn't claim a majority here, but perhaps a significant minority resonate with you.
    We've all been fed the sugar plum fairy version of truth, and we know it was designed to soothe frightened children. Recently, of course it has escaped the bedroom to be reinvented in the newsroom.
    I have been accused, perhaps rightly, of offering a Gotterdammerung dose of reality. I absolutely will not approve a new age dogma that claims we all chose this experience, and can climb out of it with positive wishing, but I'm also not ready to completely define this cycle of time.
    I know the door doesn't exist for those who won't search for it. For those who are willing to risk everything, the search is on. What is there to loose? Enduring the malice of their fellow men? Chronicling psychotics who perfect their annihilation games? Listening to more cooked up phantasmagoric nonsense?
    Aye, there be only the quest.

  15. It's like that no account Rhett Butler. He couldn't take the horsy heat and he rolled out. Then, he knew didn't he? Scarlett loved nobody better than Tara. She was common, wasn't she? She would use him and anybody else who got in her way. She didn't care about anything but a stupid peice of land. Blood soaked at that. You can't hold onto crap like that. Let it go. Sometimes you have to give up everything. That's what her daddy would have told her but he didn't have any sense either. I know it's just a fucking movie but get a grip, lady! Or is it true what they say about not being able to change your stripes? Like the stripes in the sky every other goddam day. I apologize to anyone who finds my ramblings offensive. I have no one else to hear it. I will not be daunted by fear and self doubt. Orage, if it's not worth a damn, take it down. I beg you. Take it down.

  16. What is wrong with that girl? She needs to get her act together. Jack, are for real trying to tell me that somebody can beat the Sweet Tart People because that is not okay?

  17. Thank you Serenity, some forget we wrote the definitive piece on Ascensionism; Shadow of Nemesis 4: NASA and The Prophet of Ascensionism. Dr. J J Hurtak was a very close personal friend of my moms. What we didn’t say Mike Kay said very eloquently about going beyond consciousness; can’t be done! I am not impressed with the god of this world or any of the other god’s parlor room tricks. I can leave this place anytime I want and be back with the cavalry too but the rape of Persephone thing is old and worn, besides the circle’s already been broken my friends. It doesn’t work for me anymore…

    This is Olam Ye Sodoth, the foundation of the foundation, if it is not fixed and rid of its AI plague, it will cease to exist and all the other worlds where the others think they can hide will collapse into the abyss. I have crossed the abyss, I can tell you what is there waiting for you and everything you ever loved, in fact I think we have given everyone just enough of a clue in Lucifer and the Temple of the Dog part II. There is no escape from it and the children of the light better understand; it eats the light… I cannot fix this by myself , only her and I together can fix this, maybe, yet she still chooses to play her games, hiding behind a bunch of worn out excuses and conjured faces. Very well then her consciousness will cease to exist and with it everything there is. I have chosen to share that fate, that’s why I’m still here…

  18. Jack, You are right; the foundation work needs to be addressed pronto!!! This is, after all, why many of us are here.


  19. Serenity,
    I got in my water, today. I accidentally cut myself on a ladder that had fallen down into the mud. Then I looked at it and I thought, Silly girl, you don't need that stupid ladder. The tide was trying to pull me out but I'm waiting so I fought my way back to the shore. I just wanted to swim away but I knew I'd drown. If I step lightly I don't cut my feet on the shells. It was good but bottom is slimy from the petroleum. It's not like it once was. Thank you for hearing me, Serenity. My mom would have a straight fit if I told her so I'm not going to tell her 🙂

  20. Written by a true Master of creation and I appreciate all of you reading but at the risk of being arrogant, which I confess I am, I have to tell you all that if you keep hanging out up on the roof while we redo the foundation chances are your gonna get hurt, and that is the last thing I want. A little hard work never hurt anyone. Roll up your sleeves and c’mon down and get busy. We got pick axes and sledge hammers enough for everyone. The quicker we get done the sooner I can go home; I know nobody wants me here now…

  21. Anonymous, Thank you for the timely reminder that the "real gold/alchemy" is right inside us! The simple daily practice of quieting the wild monkey mind does indeed bring internal peace as well as awaken the wisdom in our souls & the love in our hearts.


  22. That is so awesome, Anonymous. I actually like "anonymous" very much. It is very difficult for me to do as you advise but your contribution is a very precious gift to me on this day. We all find what we're looking for, right? I'm giving it my best shot. I really am. I still like to call mine a vehicle rather than a meat bag. I long to be out of it. I long to be free but it has favored me with many blessings. I know I am not it but when it was lent to me I needed it and I appreciate it. I'm watching my P's and Q's too. Some people put out low vibration. I'm steering my vehicle away from them. Thank you so very much.

  23. Silence the mind; no thoughts and pictures for increasing periods of time. Not do the things you do that tie you to this set of vibrations.

    Where your mind is focused is where your energy flows; higher vibrations of your true self is the goal.

    We are energy only with the ability to create other energy bodies… Read and practice Sarrano, Vitvan, Steiner, Castenada,…

    Tune your spirit to the positive, fear no 'thing'. Lots of things will try to throw you off your efforts including forces working through the people with whom you associate

    All the rest does not matter. It's B.S. meant to distract you from tuning into the higher vibrations/frequncies/waves by keeping you fearful and in the lower ones… the mud, the shit. No one can do anything to you, you are not this 'thing' called your body.

    Enjoy reading your stuff Jack.

  24. MK,
    You are so good. All of you (except anybody who tries to piss him off.) So if you have ill intent and just want to piss off then piss off. See ya later alligator:)

  25. Tara,
    Your inquiry leads directly to the Demiurgos.
    Our previous proofs regarding the nature of reality have a definite conclusion; we can get close to infinity, yet never arrive there. What is beyond is unknowable, but what is here follows it's own logic, it's own organization. This is the principle of the Cosmic Organizer, the Demiurgos.
    I will write more on this in future, for now let these words suffice.

  26. Hi M,
    Tara's back, again. Just like Slim Shady. I get the feeling you may prefer classical music. I know you might not like Eminem. I know all about him. I love that boy. He's got heart. Forget that.
    You know what I said about no "for keeps" logic? I hated math because people who are good at math tend to be sucky at trying to teach it. That's only my limited experience. I'll never forget Descartes though. I was told he would go and sit in a giant bread oven for hours and hours because it was the darkest place he could find. Then he came out with that graph. I know now that we've been duped and so he probably was too? No, right? He was there first before all of what they did to Jack. It was there, though. He went in the oven so he saw through the filters. Who put it there? It was just there all along, right? Who put it there? Did we? Was it a "they?" What about energy/information cannot be created nor destroyed in other words lost forever? Is that a lie? I mean, I won't cry. Is it true or not? Cannot be destroyed. Only changes forms. I guess that's why people want to believe in love as a basis. The notion is that love is the purest form of what consciousness we have. That's why I say it is the bottom line and everything else, good, bad or indifferent comes from there. So, who loves you, baby? Who did it? Even if it's the blackest of hate I say it came from love, for lack of a better word, first and got adulterated like the fucked up food we eat. I'll agitate somebody to no end you know? I'm sure you're like, 'say it ain't so.' I apologize, M. I'm a danger mouse and I never had enough time or inclination to study. I bought books to try to learn ancient mysteries but as it turns out I'm more interested in my new Grimm's Fairy Tale book. The forward is fascinating. I'm not trying to make excuses for myself but people have to do what they have to do to survive. Even if we're all "One" everyone of us is different like part of a mosaic. The parts all fit together perfectly. I'll add whoever is trying to fuck us over. They are on notice. It doesn't even matter if they bring a gun to a knife fight. I say they'll lose. I say they already lost.
    Thanks, Mike.

  27. Well jack

    Pilot once said what is truth and washed his hands

    My Christian friends say truth stood right in front of him

    He said once that truth would set one free



  28. And by the way Serrano said this: “And this work of building bridges between the three and more body's that are in you, that are in some sense yourself, can only be made here on earth. when you have achieved it you will be a pontiff, a bridge between the worlds, your worlds.” – page 95, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version) https://oregoncoug.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/adolf-hitler-the-ultimate-avatar-part-one.pdf

    “The point is to transform the forces and energy's. Jung has explained this in his studies of alchemy. Over all the energy's which man deposes none compare in power and mysteries with that of sex. It is so powerful that only it can create new life, reproduce new beings in flesh. And when it does not reproduce physical matter, then it can give life to the Son of Death, the Son of Man, the Astral Body. Transmuting, sublimating. Because what is today called libido is, in legendary language, Kundalini, Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Snake, that flies and can fly.”- page 122 –123.

  29. What did I say about making sure what your shooting needs shooting? Your consciousness is tied to this Timeline, no matter how you’ve deluded yourself and others. That is why you cannot cross the line of confusion. “Not even the child of the void can cross the line of confusion.” Mine is not, that’s why I can, so can she. If she crosses then you can cross because yours, all seven of yours, is tied to her consciousness. But first we will see who our enemy is and who is not. Maybe after part 2 you will realize just how futile it is telling me sad stories about what this government did to you. I do not like to have the blood of the innocent on my hands. It does not wash off. Ask Pontius Pilate…

  30. Jack,

    Should we hate our enemy?

    Did you know our dear American government did horrible things to me?

    I would say this one must let it go.

    The women in my life all agree that since I let it all go I am a much better person.

    A better man. A new man.

    My christian friends say one must be born again course they support every war…

    Its just like in Plato's cave we rehash the wrongs done to us but in the end I left the cave and that chatter is so banal that I just can not stand to be around it anymore.

    And so who created enmity?

    This is how I perceive it and its like this and our enemies wage war by a simple screen in our minds that says he is your enemy and then brings up the wrongs to convince us he is right.

    And so the one who brings up great wrongs since all have done wrong must indeed be that greater enemy.

    And so if your blog needs an enemy choose me.

    I worked with the best of the mother fuckers.



  31. MK,
    You are the man! Excellent!!!! Yes. Yes. Thank you! I didn't even need eight sitting or standing so I guess I'm smarter than I thought. I get it. I'm so excited that I get that. Nobody, better be giving you any problems from here. At least I won't, I mean I shouldn't 😉
    Nite Nite,

  32. I stand corrected, MK. And hasten to add that Ebola, rather than Devi-Mukherji or, indeed, Serrano, isn't a thinker I've had that much exposure to meeseff.

    Serves me right for being a smarty pants!

    I will endevour to locate a text – whilst dodging the nosy questions of our goofball librarian which are bound to be forthcoming, as the little weasel probably sneaky-sneaks my request "upstairs," while at the same time smiling like the little schleemer that he is – and then peruse it thoroughly in my after hours.

  33. So, the heckler, asks, doesn't the mysterious take place beyond the conscious mind?
    This might sound profound at first, so let us examine this premise, to discover if it has any sense.
    We have already established that everything is consciousness, certainly our minds. Any question we frame, any quality we describe is only a construct of consciousness, and this means that discussion of what, if anything might be beyond consciousness is impossible.
    How so to imagine a quality, an aspect or lack thereof which is beyond consciousness?
    If we claim that which is beyond is mysterious, then we have the definition of mysterious, the concept of mysterious, which comes from consciousness.
    If we have the idea of something beyond consciousness, the idea of beyond also is derived from consciousness, as of course is the idea of the conscious mind.
    It is of no use to deploy the functions of a master set to derive analysis of what might lie beyond the system in which these functions apply.
    Try it yourself, come up with any concept, even something as vague as nothingness, and you will soon divine that any concept or distinction that can be arrived at is from consciousness, including the concept of unconscious, or subconscious.
    This is the reason the ancient philosophers arrived at the term "the good", why Plotinus wrote of "The One", because for thousands of years, the best we can do is perhaps qualify what anything beyond consciousness is not.
    Thus, we are left to conclude that the opening statement is nonsense. It cannot be experienced, explained, defined, or described in any way.
    Now, it may well be that political institutions find great value in nonsense. Certainly a case can be made. Yet for anyone truly interested in exploring consciousness, the statement is worse than useless, for it is nonsense that misleads.
    The All is Mind.

  34. Do you think the initiates who made that statue were anymore aggrieved by the Black people who were brought over in chains than by the Irish people who were starved to death by the millions to drive them here? The Natives who were literally exterminated? Think, use that praetor human intelligence of yours for something more than to just impress me. I am already impressed enough. You could learn a lot from Tara who shifts gears with it like Alec or Beau handle a racing engine. I will teach you but in return I will expect you to teach me how to feel anything other than the hatred that is in my heart; the “Monster under my bed…”

  35. Hi Tara, You are so sweet…Much Love right back to you!!! We can be "Soul Sisters"! 🙂 I've also had many life challenges & heartaches (as have others who come to this blog), especially when my precious child died when I was in my twenties. This sad loss turned me inward, & I entered "The Long Dark Night of the Soul"…which turned out to be a great blessing despite the grieving. Ultimately, I came to a deep Inner Knowing, an innate consciousness, which has guided my life ever since then. I've also learned to trust my own direct experiences, & that has made all the difference!

    You too, are on a sacred journey of awakening. Keep questioning as you do. One day you will "know" how very special you truly are!

    With Love & Compassion,


  36. What makes you so sure those broken chains represent the freeing of the slaves? Progressives, especially myopic Black progressives have a way of seeing things only the way the want to see things. That is a statue of the Goddess, Scott Wolter more than proved that when he plagiarized my material on the Newport Tower. Maybe that statue represents Her shattering the chains that bind her to the bestial entity's that force her to act in a manner which is conducive to their own parasitical existence. French Freemasonry has been their enemy since day 1 of the French Revolution. Maybe that's why Flight 800 was shot down and maybe that's one more nail that was necessary for coffin that has been built to avenge the murder of Osiris…

  37. I thank the stars for you, Serenity! I never had a sister but I'd claim you in a quick minute. Much love to you. Maybe one day I'll get to meet you. I'd really like that. I have a couple of girlfriends but I can have no conversation with them about what I found here. I tell them them, Jack is a writer and a historian but that's as far as I dare. I sent the VT links to six people and only one responded so I gave him this one. I never heard back from him after that. I wish I had it together as well as you do. I'm working on it, girl. I'm not panting today so that's good.

  38. MK,
    I've observed nary a threat from you. I've always had a weakness for firearms and men who know how to handle them. Myself, I can't do a damn thing with them. I have a rolling pen I could take to somebody's ass. My brother told me once they were for people who are afraid to take a punch in the face but then that was long ago. My granddaddy used them for varmints and of course livestock. I wondered once about one of your comments concerning siting your rifle, what that was all about. I sure as hell hope I don't ever have to find out but accept my destiny.

  39. Absolutely not, B.
    Serrano came to me through friends who thought, given my predilections, that I should read him, a task I have hardly finished.
    Evola actually arrived on a completely different path, suggested by a certain esotericist who recommended him for those with a love for knowledge. He was, of course right on the money.

  40. Fear not Tara,
    I have issued no threats, only an observation.
    Observations can be made by sensing the fabric of the weave, that is all.
    In terms of shooting, its something I'm still quite good at. Man sized targets are little challenge, they drop no matter what the distance with a rather boring rapidity.

  41. "If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk."

    Best comment of thread, in fact best comment in all the fucking threads!!!…

    To that I only might add just be sure what your shooting needs shooting

  42. What a blessing for humanity that the lost (sacred) information is being recovered & revealed at this crucial time in our challenging Earth journey! Many who are waking up in consciousness welcome the ongoing exposure of the hidden & suppressed truths now being revealed. As we clearly see through the multitude of lies & programmed distortions of our shared history, we deeply feel the renewal & healing made available through "the cords of (re-)connection"…


  43. Tara, (picture, if you will, me singin' like Prince, the Purple One, that is~)

    ….Mikey don't matter too-HOOOO-naaaeeet, and he sure didn't matt-UHH yessTUHday; just when you think yah got more than enuff, that's when he all ups and FLAAAHHHSSS~ away!!!….

    …flaaaahs away, flaaahs AWAAAAYYY~

    ….ooo-weeeee-ooohhhh, don't matt-UHH~~~

    Can you accept a serenade, then??

    have a good week~

  44. Banger,
    Cute. That's funny. "When she was good she was very, very good. But when she was bad she was horrid?" I'm not much of a joiner. I have half a clue here and I'm bucking my paygrade as it is. It's enough though. I got one loyalty. Everybody should know that by now. You want me to sidle up with you? Speak with him. Thanks though. I mean, hell, I can't remember the last time I went dancing. Truthfully, I don't care for it much.

  45. Mike, I appreciate your response, & I am looking forward to Jack's full article. The Montauk Project remains controversial, & there is documentation that one can find through the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately, however, much has been blacked out/redacted. Stewart Swerdlow was part of the genetic experimentation program (among other aspects of the entire project) from 1970-1983. He claims that only 1% of the subjects in his program survived & that the truth is being slowly released. I agree with you that "the ruling class of this planet is seriously into a perverse abomination, & the mangling of innocence, of the natural flow of life is a big part of it". To reverse this pervasive pathology undermining the whole of humanity is a colossal undertaking. You, Jack, & Orage are to be commended for your courage & integrity in informing us.

    Best Regards, Serenity

  46. Allow me to add this. I commend your efforts to free people's minds from the bondage of religious insanity. I don't have the stomach for such endeavors. I've come to understand that in this game we all find what we're looking for. My mental health is tenuous despite your complimentary assessment and that avenue is a threat to it. I'm ill suited to do much in the way of attempts to change minds. I have a quote I like. I wrote it on a card and put it on my fridge. "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." What do you make of it?

  47. Anon., my child – you are a Prince, baby there ain't nobody better.

    You're so cool, everything you do is success~

    …verily, I say unto thee: it's your time, you've got the horn, so why don't you blow it?

    c u in Pyramid Head, part II

    Tara, do you dance? Why should you wait any longer? Take youh chance, it can only make-ahh you stronger!

    You're so~~~~ faaahhne, in fact; You're filthy cute and baby you know it.

    Join us!

  48. MKay? which one of us is right, if we always fight………why can't we just let love decide. Yes, let love decide. Am I the weaker man?
    Because I understand that love must be the master plan? Yes, love is the master plan…..as Sir Banger had eluded to

    If I gave you diamonds and pearls, would you be a happy boy or a girl?


  49. Thank you M,
    Destiny. Okay. I understand where you're coming from with it. I don't care for that word myself. It's too lifetime movie for my taste. Also, yes I'm sorry, you didn't call me that. I guess when I saw it I was so shocked that the memory got twisted. Actually, I think sidekick is worse. I don't do sidekick. As to your nemesis, I never liked threats much and I understand the temptation of raised hackles. It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. "If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk." I don't understand what you mean about peace. I guess I meant peace of mind, like when I'm able to avoid antagonizing myself and call it a day if I have no control over it. People talk about cash register rather than real self honesty. It took me a long time to internalize that one. Abandoning poise is a bitch. I'm working on that one and it's a life project which I'm proud to commend myself for at this stage believe it or not. I read some admonition to women once. Something about being pretty and funny as being expendable yet gracious if it kills you. That's a good goal. I put a star by my own name at every incident of success.

  50. the buzzing annoyances to what? You gettin' yer GROOOVE on, man?

    Welcome to the REAL world! We have almost completed our ASSessment of you – you now resort to ignoring us, soon, we will leave you with no choice but to respond.

    WE HAVE……your number. Mannolo.

  51. Tara,
    I will be silent on the issue of peace, other than this: No peace exists for those clothed in the raiment of the objective cosmos.
    Personally, I really prefer the word Destiny to Fate. Fate suggests a condition where the trapped identity reacts in an impotent manner to a journey it cannot alter.
    Destiny, on the other hand, leaves open the question of intent.
    Also, I did not refer to you as an expletive. That moniker I intended for the arrogant insects who still buzz around my posts with nothing to add beyond attempted obstruction.
    I admit to abandoning my poise.
    There are times when the combination of hubris and overt stupidity succeed in arousing my rage, at which point I am engreifen.
    The buzzing annoyances have created their own debt, and whilst it can be temporarily deferred, it will have to be paid.
    You are entirely correct, what you have written concerning words.

  52. Jack told me that statue was a goddess. He told me about the chains too but I never knew about the slavery. Isn't it ironic that as it turns out we are all slaves to the juggernaut avarice? Well, let's say most of us. Our jailers are a sickening breed. I'm not very good with history. I hated that subject. I thought maybe I was lazy. As it turns out these sick fucks rewrite it to suit themselves and the pace quickens daily. Speaking of monuments I got a chuckle when there was an earthquake in Virginia a few years back. Maybe from fracking. It traveled to D.C. and it cracked that phallic symbol. I never heard that anything else was damaged. I thought it was funny because you've got VIRGINia and MARYland right there and George Washington's cock. I guess her daddy didn't like it and sent the earthquake to put a crack in it. The government didn't fix it. I think they said they were a little strapped. Some private rich guy jumped on it. Fixed it right up. I remember thinking then that it was a sign. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

  53. Tara, my equal up here in the simian treetops a-chewin' our bananas….we do not understand MK and where he has copy n' pasted his information from…this is verily so.

    …but: we have a a sense of humour…..rejoice! and have a Kit-Kat, for we are ape-like gorillas trapped in our senses…

    (well, in MKUltra's mind, anyhows!!!)

  54. MKrasshopper, my child: verily I say unto the-eth – au contraire~ tolerance and good humour have contributed to the comments section…Joyous, but true.


  55. aaaaaaah, yes~ Mike OKay….my child – you are beginning to understand…yet…..you do not now that you are beginning to understand….yet~

    How many angels can sit atop a pin-head? THAT is the question……if we are in a hologram, verily I say unto to thee: Is this a pejorative epithet? In which caseth, the analogy faileth…..

    you use the tools of sophistry as we Brothers doth use verily……but do you know this?

    For each pejorative epithet, Mike O….Kay….doth verily lessen his case against…….usssssssss~

    all will be revealed…..we…..prom…isS

    Do you know this? Do…..You…..Understand?

  56. Nine,
    When I was sobbing over Syria I tried to figure out where I'd move the Statue of Liberty if I could. First I thought back to France. No dice. Where then? There is no place I could think of. You got any ideas?

  57. MK,
    I don't know exactly what they did to Jack. I have to know now. I don't have any choice. You think I could throw my phone in the river and go shopping or something? So that's the answer. This is how you handle it. With passion for helping others to see. But does it give you any peace? Obviously, there are people someplace who could have made it so you never knew any of it. I'm sick over this. I want to kill people and I'm not a violent person. Well, generally not. I think hope can be a dangerous control mechanism but I also think it serves a very delicious purpose. I don't want to see you or me or anyone else in pissing contests. Especially in light of the fact that we are part of those in positions of honor and privilege to be the ones who found the truth or the truth found us. You like Frank Sinatra? I do. My favorite song of his is The Best Is Yet To Come. . . I just take a different view you know? I believe in fate. Fate don't fuck up.
    Thanks M.

  58. Little announcement; Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head is going in Nexus Magazine. Many of you are Masters in various systems that manipulate this world, I know that and those of you I am talking too know I know that, you got an international platform here, use it wisely and explain yourselves properly, Karmic Law demands it. Which is why I am here myself, I care nothing about “good” and “evil,” who is right and who is wrong. Only that the truth be told to those who have ears to hear it. The time draws near, the sands of the hour glass drain. As Mick Jagger already told you “Use all your well learned politesse…”

    I have editing to do, you are entirely now in the hands of Orage but as you have also been told many times before I’ll be back.

  59. Serenity,
    I stand corrected.
    I know from my own experience what it is to suffer injury you think you'll never recover from, and the enormous effort it requires to attempt to do so. If by my words I was seen to belittle the injury of another, then perhaps I was being glib, and that is unbecoming.
    All my sense tells me that the ruling class of this planet is seriously into a perverse abomination, and the mangling of innocence, of the natural flow of life is big time a part of it. I only meant they covered it to the point where we don't have an objective case to point to. Perhaps the control on that is slipping.
    I will say no more on this until I read Jack Heart's entire piece.

  60. Tara,
    I said before you had it way more together than you let on, and this, your second incisive question proves it.
    Going back to consciousness as the experience and the experiencer, we are left with a certain indelible quality to that consciousness. I attribute my understanding of this to current masters who, from their refined compassion, have helped make this indelible quality clear.
    It's for keeps because there is a current to this consciousness, Plato's moving image of eternity. In Norse description, it is weaving the fabric of Destiny.
    Abrahamic thinking adheres to an ultimately rigid belief system. Because it demands faith, a childish acceptance of a ruling superiority, it is insanely jealous of any challenge to its paradigm. We see this clearly in the abusive comments of the pinhead hecklers on this board.
    Their perspective is for everyone to fall in with their beliefs-or else.
    Well, a belief system only works if one implicitly trusts that belief. Therefore, the inquiry naturally follows, why should that belief be so trusted?
    The answer is, for you to honour the fabric of Destiny, and the part that you as consciousness play, you simply cannot allow belief to rule you.
    The very fact that the abrahamics are determined to force you into their belief system is enough to determine that they are the ultimate enemy of consciousness.
    Consciousness must follow its intrinsic nature within this moving image of eternity. This nature impells a never ending quest towards the deepening of itself. Thus, holding on to restrictive belief system creates a climate of fear and clinging to that system which impedes the flow. Thus, simply from a personal perspective, the vicious imposition of the abrahamic conquest stands in defiance to the very purpose of existence. Thus it is impossible for those like myself to do anything but offer an alternative for it.

  61. So, in the case of the spiritual experience of oneness, of everything being connected, of "rightness" the chord to this experience is ephemeral, personal, and limited.
    We then posit that certain qualities of memory that are trans-personal can also be accessed. Ideas, concepts, symbols thus populate the energetic pattern. Thus they can and are accessed regularly, and claimed as modern inventions, however with a little legwork we discover again and again that such were pre-extant, and far from an invention, they are an elaboration, a rearrangement as such.
    Thus in a cosmos where consciousness is royalty, and information is energy, and the chords of connection a note or a hum, lost information can be uncovered, the forgotten recovered, and the lost translated into a modern milieu.

  62. MK
    I get that but where does the notion of for keeps come from? Like for keeps like game over no more human consciousness? Extinguished? I don't think that's possible no matter what these low life peices of shit do. As a matter of fact I know that all of it, the history here, the nasty low life pansy bitches who are making everyone miserable don't even realize that they are in service to a higher outcome or function. That's not christianity, M. To me it's logic.

  63. So then, the theory.
    First supposition; our experience is best described as consciousness. Due to space limitations and persistent heckling from arrogant pinheads, we will avoid the proof and begin with the position that awareness of existence, consciousness, is fundamental.
    Furthermore, if we are essentially conscious, then at least the cognitive aspects of of this consciousness are also conscious. If you have ever experienced an intense sense of connection, perhaps with a great ease, a "rightness", a sense of oneness, you can assimilate this experience with the consciousness model. In order to do so you will return cognitively to that experience. We will call this experience memory, and by its modern term, information.
    The fact that you can return to memory assigns in this model a certain energy, vibration to it. The ancient sages called it by instructions to use bright colour, intense events, strapping of authority in their memory arts. These involve a strong galvanizing aspect, a vibration, an energy.
    When we say memory is non local, as Jack Heart has revealed, we are saying that we don't know what it is other than information. For our purposes we will posit a chord to connect us with memory, because again, we really don't know how this is done. Our chord works on many levels, so its a good symbol.
    Thus our theory includes the supposition that memory itself is but a vibrating pattern, a humming chord, that can be accessed by human consciousness.

  64. How do we uncover what was buried?
    How is it that we find the lost, rediscover it, explore it, learn?
    A fantastic question from Tara!
    We can educate ourselves by closely observing how this has been correctly done, by scholars and adepts, and through observation of how this is incorrectly done, by apologists and adherents of organized religion like Christianity.
    But first, theory.
    We need to have a model of how we can do this work. Why? Because everything we understand is not that itself, but a representation of it, so we must use symbol to develop the tool of understanding.
    When we fashion our theory, we do so from what we have at hand. Furthermore, we want a theory that works, so we focus on the components that actively contribute, not on those which obstruct, are false, or demand to be included due to dogma, rigidity, politics, and the like.

  65. PS
    Those demons have been getting in my mind for years. It wasn't an isolated incident. Bless your soul for that trick of opening your mind being such a cakewalk for you. You know what they say about walking in someone else's moccasins don't you. Well my feet are not bloody anymore but my moccasins are worn threadbare.

  66. Hahaha,
    And go fuck yourself. I think you people are so hilarious. I mean no one signs their name. You people hide like squirrels hide nuts in my backyard and then you want to make fun of me because maybe I'm in the minority of honest people in this stacked deck.
    That's good advice though so thanks. It might be easy for you to open your mind but like M said there are those becoming. Did you have demons come into your house to get in your mind? I did. So go open your own mind and try to muster up some compassion while you're at it. If that's not too much to ask I'd appreciate it 🙂

  67. Fortunately, this blog doesn't offer a dating service. Hopefully, opening & freeing your mind is a better alternative. 🙂

  68. PS,
    M Please tell me. If it was buried then how did we come to know it? How did it get uncovered? Why is it that we are even able to argue about any of it? Or, is it something else? That was your question. Consumption. That's what they used to call TB. That bleedy disease that makes you cough up your lungs. Consumption. Is it something that threatens to consume anything good, and decent, and pure? Descartes came up with that math graph thing, right? So if there is a cross and the waves go both ways does that mean that it goes positive and negative? Goes into nothing one way never to be seen again. Extinguished? In the other direction it goes to what is worth having like decency. Words aren't adequate. There's no way I'm going to be able to read those runes. Words have failed us. That's why he keeps chiding you I guess. They are there, Mike. The Watchers. They are real. They are like people but they are made out of pure light. Like pure spirits. Maybe like angels but they probably wouldn't say so. They are helping us. You believe me don't you? I don't remember going but they took me and they tagged me. This is for keeps. That's what you said. Why is it for keeps? Please tell me. Why is it for keeps? You told me when I showed up, "That's why you're here." You don't really want to rid yourself of me do you? I'm not going back in another one of those nut houses. So, I'm stuck. It's up to you. Tell me to fuck off or try to help me.

  69. Mike, From what Stewart Swerdlow, a "recovering Montauk boy", has reported, there was horrific abuse with the boys & murder as well. He felt he had escaped with his life, because someone on the inside protected him…

  70. Tara, Unfortunately intolerance, clashing egos & unmitigating arrogance have taken over the Comments section…Sad, but true…

  71. You boys are about as fun as a barrel of monkeys.
    I looked it up. Gatto. Thanks for the spelling correction Banger. By the way, is that handle Banger is that like gang banger? That's what I thought it might be please correct me if I'm wrong. I thought so but I'm curious.
    No one trusts anyone anymore at all. Why should they? Most people here aren't human? And most of the ones that still are they use phrases like "it was only a limited strike" A lot of bad things happened in my life but not like a lot of men have experienced. I still trust people. I had just found out what my fuck face peice of shit country just did to tiny little place. I cried like a fucking baby.
    Then I got a piece of paper and tried to figure it out. After, reading Gatto I knew.
    I was a good mother. I thought maybe I could get a bumper sticker. I'm the proud parent of a criminal. I would like to see those on every car. This forum is the domain of men but I'm unconventional. I don't let men run me.
    Is there a prevailing thought? Humanity wants something to save it? I think that's right. That's as much as I have to offer this minute. If we are in the minority of sane people left then why argue? Why argue over semantics?
    I'm writing back to you even though you called me a shitbag because after all if you called me a chair it wouldn't make me a chair. I'm writing back to thank you both for Gatto.

  72. master!! i think i understand….. I…..am….okay……you are okay…….Mike Kay is…..Oh Kay…..

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the wonder….

  73. he has seen the light, Grasshopper, my son.

    This makes me………..content. Now, please wait, my son, while I consult the internet and find a quote worth of copying and pasting in order to make it sound like I know a lot more than I actually do……

    I'm……thinking……….the Meditations of Marcus Borealis. I heareth he hath sayeth some good stuff!

  74. together, anon. and with the good folks of this forum – yes….even including MK Ultra-ride-em-Cowboy-Grand-Wizard…………theee illuminated one……we will——explore space, the final frontier….because these are the voyages of the John Lamb-Lash appreciation Society…….

    we will……….cut and paste….


    lightbulb! mebbe Drop-the-MK IS John Lamb Lash…..

    In which case: oh we who are about to show you up for the copy n' paste arteeste that you are in the name of keeping your creepy tendrils well away from any normal people who read this thread and in fact any of Jack's material:

    SALUTE YOU!!!!

  75. Anon. – you are correct, as usual. You, my tortured child, are wiser than you think, yet……as surely as the spirit coagulates into matter, and results in a kicking-posterior, kung fu-esque, Jesuit prayer session, you ….still…..do not…..understand,

    you will soon, you do not know now –

    but….I….will….teach….thou~ I am, that I will become in the triad….Jesus….is…..lord…..

    My child, I think I'm gonna start calling you Grasshopper!

    MKCowboy – my child – you are too funny. By your use of foul language and expletives you have placed yourself very much amongst the majority. I am…..concerned that you too do not yet…..understand~

    You will soon…..undestannd……in Pyramid Head…..part II,

    Orage….please……LEAVE THIS MESSAGE, it is important….we….have been….unifying…….

    ….we are …..inspired…..


  76. where did you get "spirit only coagulates into matter", man? Who said that? I think you are mis-representing things in order to suit your own arguments, again?
    You really are a legend in your own mind.

  77. Thoth, Tehuti, scribe of the Gods. Inventor of writing. Thrice great Hermes, founder of the discipline, the ancient knowledge.
    His it was to identify that the slavers were bound to angles and straight lines, and to discover the means to escape them.
    Thus Euclid, thus Pythagoras, thus Socrates explained the science of dividing and organizing space. Much to learn here, there is, for it leads us to the Threefold First Thought, she who is in the All and in the All.
    There is no coagulation of spirit to create matter, Both are illusions of misled minds, there is only consciousness, and the mystery of the Threefold as two quadrangles.
    Or, if you prefer, the Tree.


  78. "The purpose of life is not to be found among the majority, nor to be found in the ranks of the insane"
    -Marcus Aurelius


  79. Did you know that when Everett III “died” he was morbidly obese just like Preston Nichols Mike? I wonder if little Timmy boy knew that, I wonder if he read the addendum where Nichols talks about swapping out von Neumann’s soul for a little old German guy. I know he didn’t read Serrano who talks about how the SS learned to swap out souls during WW II, that and clone people. Don’t forget part 1 quantum Immortality Mike. I guess my friends from OCONUS are going to be horribly disappointed when they hear little Timmy boy says that Admiral Hover could not have had overall command of the Montauk projects because they never happened, me too because that will mean I don’t exist. But wait maybe that’s a good thing the way she been treating me for 31 years, oh but wait again, there’s still all those rich fucks need settling up with and my new family too. I can’t wait to meet cousin Thothy-boy. Preston Nichols wrote the most important piece of literature ever, much more important than the Bible, Torah or Quran, shit Thothy-boy and the other nine wrote those, I don’t think much of their writing ability do you? Yea the Montauk projects experiments in time was a great book. There’s nothing like getting information right from the horse’s mouth, which is why Preston had to get his from me for the second and third books. Forget little Timmy and his super soldier accountants and housewife’s I got this…

  80. Dude at the end of your movie looks exactly like most Americans and everyone of my biological family except Michael. Lucky I got me a new family. Nine little brothers and sisters just as worthless as the old ones were, well everyone except one. I just want everyone to just keep it up in Syria cause I know all the rich little faggots who are ALL about to die more horribly than their little pea brains could ever imagine need Mo Money

    What are a few dead babies’s when it comes to a new Pilate’s wing on your summer home in the Hamptons or the Crimea right? Anyone thinks their getting out of this alive… Well Jackson Brown already told you
    “Nobody rides for free
    Nobody gets it like they want it to be
    Nobody hands you any guarantee
    The hearts are hard and the times are tough
    Down on the boulevard the night’s enough
    And time passes slow
    Between the store front shadows and the street lights glow”


  81. Actually it was the Jews that put out the NYT that alerted me to our fat talking cheese doodle of president’s activities at 2 AM this morning, they don’t like it anymore than we do. John Blumenthal says the Turnip was on the ninth hole and it was some dude named Matthis or some shit like that, I really don’t care. If you go to Ian and Mr. Duff’s post this morning on it you will find a couple of comments by a guy named Bob, good friend of mine. When it comes to things like WW III kicking off he’s like the Japanese truck; Hino…

    Besides only 23 of 59 of those pieces of shit the military industrial complex pawns off as state of the art weapons actually even hit their target, no doubt an unused air strip.

    No one wants to actually kill “combatants” Terrorist actors cost money to train. They gotta learn to look mean while brandishing their little rubber knives and AK 47’s made in Hollywood

  82. What is the legacy of Montauk?
    Tim Schwartz, another "researcher", claims that at least some of Montauk is intentionally seeded disinformation.
    Personally, I don't know anything verifiable about any of it. Supersoldiers? Sickening child abuse? Portals?
    Some physicists have "suggested" that highly charged energy beams can be crossed at the right frequencies to create scalar waves that operate outside of the space time continuum. Tesla physics, who himself was a visionary. These charged beams can be generated from radar installations. Maybe like Montauk???


  83. Julius Evola wrote of the initiatory tradition recovered in his scholarship into Pali, and he found echoes of this through the suppressed warrior literature of Europe. Suppressed, surprise surprise, by that good old Christian church.

  84. "To explain ourselves, it is necessary to refer to a fundamental traditional teaching, after all already mentioned: to that concerning the two natures. There is the nature of the immortals, and there is the nature of the mortals. There is the superior region, those that are, and there is the inferior region of those becoming".
    -Julius Ebola

    He knew!

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