“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” – Peter Pan

This is the one where war was openly declared on me, or perhaps it was I who declared it on them. I’d been pulling my punches but not this time. Duncan Rhodes of Nexus Magazine would never speak to me again, both the Nexus feed and Veterans Today were down for weeks after publishing it, some died, and others faked their deaths. They told me Gracie, an old and dear friend, from Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan was dead. I played Jackson Browne’s Boulevard in the VT comment section and from then on nobody was “safe or something.” David Lynch would do Twin Peaks the Return and never even mention my name although She had a prominent part. To their credit Kojima and Marvell Comics did make veiled allusions to me. Kojima, the iconic Japanese game designer, in his loading program and Marvell by beginning and ending Legion their Showtime series with the Who’s Happy Jack. But none of that matters to me anymore and it shouldn’t matter to you. What should matter to you is the contents of this piece… – Jack   

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The reality of the herd is nothing more than an etiological myth, a story concocted in accordance with prevailing beliefs to explain how an already existing thing came into being.

The children of Abraham tell a story of how their god created rainbows as a promise that he would never do it again after he had drowned the entire world. Then they laugh at Peter Pan…

Mythology as a word itself should be stricken from the English language. There is no such thing as a myth, only alternate realities — every one of them just as feasible and just as real as the other. The one the observer experiences is dependent only on what the observer believes is real.

If Peter Pan jumps from the roof of the Empire State Building in front of you he will no doubt end in a bloody pancake on the pavement below — but in another world, he is soaring like a drunken pigeon over Fifth Avenue. The bloody pancake is part of your world not his.

The herd, the mob, the unwashed masses are farm animals and are seldom if ever told the truth by their keepers.

When the farmers (Bauers) leave their herd behind, despite whatever might happen above ground, the many deep-state herders of humanity will enjoy “continuity”. Here Bush officials are seen entering the bunker of the Offutt Air Force Base on 9/11 — a day where imagination failed, but not in the way that was represented in the news.

They believe, they graze and they bleat, they live and die by what they are told. They are the proverbial six hundred lost souls in the South Tower of the World Trade Center, who were only too willing to ignore the burning North Tower right in front of them in favor of promises made by an incorporeal authority, who tells them on some faceless public address system that everything will be just fine, if they just go back to work. For them, beasts of burden that they are, death cannot come soon enough, just like it did…

They are Slaves, they are Helots, they are technology’s Shudras, conditioned to swoon at the mere mention of Albert Einstein’s name. Albert Einstein! ‘Albert Einstein the godlike Jew that changed the course of human history in the early twentieth century…’

It would all be laughable if it if did not contain the germ of truth.

There was a godlike Jewish scientist in the first half of the twentieth century from which precedes everything twenty-first century man now sees before him. But his name was not Albert Einstein and he was in fact, besides being a Jew who delighted in telling Yiddish jokes to other Jews, a fanatically committed “Nazi…”

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John von Neumann published over a hundred and fifty papers in his lifetime, and each one of them would alter the course of human history; but in the end, he only published what was necessary to move mainstream science into the twenty-first century. Most of what he did was top secret.

John von Neumann published over a hundred and fifty papers in his lifetime, and each one of them would alter the course of human history; but in the end, he only published what was necessary to move mainstream science into the twenty-first century. Most of what he did was top secret.

Enrico Fermi may have built the bomb almost single-handedly, and Martin Bormann may have supplied the U235 when he dealt submarine U234 to the Allies, but it was John von Neumann who made it all work.

It was von Neumann who designed the Implosion detonation mechanism for Fat Man, the plutonium bomb that leveled Nagasaki, and the one the Germans so conveniently had the infrared fuses for onboard U234. It was von Neumann who selected Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the targets after being overruled on Kyoto – his first choice – by Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson; and it was von Neumann who, according to even mainstream academia, calculated the exact “heights” at which the bombs would be detonated…

In 1950, von Neumann became a consultant to the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group (WSEG). The WSEG advised America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense on the weaponization of new technologies. After that, he was the shadow behind the government, and the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s iconic, 1964 movie character Dr. Strangelove.

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During the final stages of his illness, von Neumann was wheelchair-bound, and meetings that would set the policies that are still in place today for “National Security” were often held in his home.

His work was so classified that an armed contingent stood over him as he died of cancer at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 1957. There would be no impromptu death bed confessions in John von Neumann’s biography…

In his Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik, the 1932 book that defines quantum mechanics until this very day, von Neumann attributes the indeterminate nature of quantum physics to input from the observer’s consciousness that is outside of mathematical calculations.

He said the entire universe could be described as a wave function, and wave function collapse is due only to the consciousness of the observer. Among physicists, this school of thought is called the von Neumann–Wigner interpretation. Its wild abandonment of determinism has always had little appeal to an academia that has built its temple on the foundation of rationalism.

Von Neumann spearheaded work on a new technique, the Monte Carlo method, which has been applied to a vast array of scientific problems

Hugh Everett III, born in 1930, was von Neumann’s successor at the WSEG. Everett, just like von Neumann, was a blueblood. Only Everett was a loyal son of the Anglo-American Empire whose father was a lieutenant colonel on the general staff during WW II. After the war, Everett took a year off from school in 1949 to stay with his dad in occupied Germany. Together they took hundreds of professional grade photographs of the technical aspects of the reconstruction, all rather strangely “almost devoid of people.” (1)

After graduating in 1953 from the most exclusive catholic schools in Washington DC with a degree in chemical engineering, Everett was given a National Science Foundation fellowship enabling him to attend Princeton for graduate studies. There he at first studied Game Theory, a branch of mathematics, established by von Neumann in 1928. Game Theory analyses the strategies of the participants in competitive situations.

By 1954, Everett was immersed in mathematical physics at Princeton under Eugene Wigner of the von Neumann–Wigner interpretation. By 1955 he had his master’s degree and began work on his dissertation, Wave Mechanics Without Probability, which he would finish in April of 1956. A month later he went to work for the WSEG where he would become the Director of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in 1957, the year von Neumann died. Just about everything Everett did after that is classified.

Here we see a solution to the Schrodinger equation for a free particle (that is, one with no forces acting on it, so the potential V = 0). The y axis (the more horizontal-looking axis on the left) is the real part of the wavefunction, and the z axis (other axis on the left) is the imaginary part. As you look at this plot, the wavefunction really goes on forever in both directions, although we’ve only plotted a finite segment of it. But, obviously if the human mind alters the z axis, then the wave is altered for that situation.

Everett’s dissertation turned theoretical physics on its head. Everett said the wave function didn’t collapse, denying the Copenhagen School its most cherished precept. What Everett said was the same thing the inventor of the equations that describe a wave function, Erwin Schrödinger, had told physicists four years earlier at the famous lecture, when he warned them what he was about to say would “seem lunatic.” (2)

Schrödinger then went on to say that there really is no such thing as probabilities and that, when his equations seem to be describing several different histories, they are “not alternatives, but all really happen simultaneously…” (3)

Back at the Empire State Building, you’re looking at Peter Pancake. But in an alternate reality, just as real as your own, Peter Pan is swooping down Fifth Avenue laughing at you. Peter Pan cannot die and neither can you, this is called Quantum Immortality.

Everett believed so strongly in it that he actually ate, drank and smoked himself to death at age fifty-two, making a spectacle of it in front of his family and boasting to his colleagues how satisfied he was with this life’s achievements. Later, in hopes that she would meet up with him in the right parallel universe, his daughter would commit suicide asking in her suicide note that her ashes be thrown out with the trash, as Everett had insisted his should be.

The foundational premise of Preston Nichols’ infamous Montauk Project’s trilogy was the artificial production, amplification and introduction of an oscillated frequency to subjects, usually prepubescent boys, with the right Nordic blood type. When seated in a chair, designed by von Neumann to achieve harmonic synthesis between the subject and the introduced frequency, the subject can project alternate realities, even beings that can interact with this reality.

Wormholes can be opened up and time manipulated for the deployment of an army of mind-controlled super soldiers, created by secret Nazi technology. The raison d’être of the project is given as the Babylon Working, the ultimate consummation of the Magick of Aleister Crowley. The whole thing was implemented under the direction of von Neumann and directed, after the war, from the Brookhaven Lab in Long Island. Most of the experimentation took place in a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) beneath Camp Hero, a now defunct radar station on Montauk Point, Long Island.

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The first book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time was published in 1992. Its cover features the picture of a statue of a great rearing steed with a clock on its stomach. In the book, claiming to be a participant in the experiments himself as a technician, Nichols tells his readers, without bothering to give any good reasons why he is telling them, that the future can be accessed only so far before the time traveler is confronted by the statue of a great rearing steed in a landscape devoid of people.

In 1993, New Mexican artist Luis Jimenez was commissioned to build a thirty-two-foot-high statue for the then under construction Denver International Airport (DIA). The statue would take fifteen years to complete and looks almost exactly like the rearing steed depicted on the cover of Preston Nichols’ book.

The differences being the Jimenez statue is painted blue, minus the clock and rearing to the full apex of its terrible height. The airport opened in 1995, but the statue would not be finished until 2008. Jimenez was killed in 2006 when a section fell from its hoist and severed the artery in his leg. He bled out in his Hondo, New Mexico studio, thirteen years after being commissioned…

His sons finished the work and its now on display at the airport, leaving a lasting impression of dread in many of the twenty-eight million people who pass through each year. Because of its glowing red eyes, some have taken to calling it the “Devil Horse” or “Satan’s Steed.”

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At close to five billion dollars DIA ended up costing almost twice what it was budgeted for, was sixteen months over deadline and seemingly built in the middle of nowhere.

Rumors have surfaced, substantiated by facts like these, that the airport itself is just the external face for a DUMB that is the hub of a Luciferian conspiracy to eliminate 90% of the world’s “useless eaters” and bring to fruition the New World Order of Masonic dreams. That dream, in a seemingly taunting gesture, was carved in the granite of the Georgia Guidestones when the eighties began…

It was Aleister Crowley himself who had given the marching orders for instituting the new reality, a reality without reality, without limitations, without rules — an ‘indeterminate’ reality where the elect would take strange drugs and make love to great purple beasts of woman. In the Book of the Law, written all the way back in 1904, Crowley called the Magi to war against what he called the old grey world.

“I am the warrior Lord of the Forties: the Eighties cower before me, and are abased. I will bring you to victory and joy: I will be at your arms in battle and ye shall delight to slay. Success is your proof; courage is your armor; go on, go on, in my strength; and ye shall turn not back for any!”

Karl Pribram the founder of the Holonomic Brain Theory and the leading light of the Holographic Paradigm repeatedly points out that by 1906 German scientists had begun to explore the possibility that the brain works like a frequency receiver. (4)

But even before that, experiments in wireless communication and electrical discharge — in Germany by scientists like Friedrich Paschen, his successor Max Wien and elsewhere by Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi and others — had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this world the human race lives in is nothing more than a frequency signal, and the channel can be changed.

Those experiments have never been made public. In fact Paschen and Wien two of the greatest experimental scientists that ever lived have been virtually written out of history, another Tesla made to look like a quack and Marconi a spaghetti salesman.

History, because it is written by academics beholding to their sponsors and has been since the days of Herodotus, never ever tells the truth.

History tells those it seduces what its sponsors want them to hear.

That’s why in the days before Christianity, when western man was still capable of critical thinking, Herodotus was called the Father of Lies. Now he’s called the Father of History…

Walter Gerlach was Hitler’s plenipotentiary for nuclear physics in the Reich Research Council. After the war, he was fingered as the lead scientist in the enigmatic “Nazi Bell Experiments” by the soon to be hung Jakob Sporrenberg. He was SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei for Poland and Belarus where the experiments took place. Gerlach had served his apprenticeship under Paschen, then gone on to serve in WW I under Wien in wireless communication for the German army.

These men were all doing pioneering work with light waves below the visible spectrum. They were studying the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation emitted during transition from a higher state of energy to a lower, the same as occurs during a gravitational redshift where time is altered. Wien was even experimenting with synchronizing two pendulums just like Fourier analysis is able to do on paper.

This strange cylinder device generated a tremendous vortex in the etheric field by counter-rotating mercury plasma, though many speculate it was merely an anti-gravity flying device, it seems more likely to have been a primitive attempt to create an artificial ‘wormhole’ portal that could pierce the quarantine barrier. Whatever its use, the Bell project and its designers vanished just before the war’s end.

Even before the Germans got to work on their Time Machine, which is exactly what the Nazi Bell was, by the early twenties they already had built a Jenseitsflugmachine or “After Life Flying Machine” under the direction of Winfried Otto Schumann. Schumann, another of the great German experimental scientists written out of history, was Germany’s answer to Nikola Tesla and perhaps the foremost expert in the world on high-voltage technology at the time.

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He was using instructions provided by beautiful and mysterious female Magi, who told the German scientists from the Thule Society working with them that they were channeling the technical schematics for the ship from disembodied entities.

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After the war Schumann, under Operation Paperclip, would be sequestered at Wright Paterson Air Force Base for two years, along with two hundred and twenty tons of classified German papers on aviation.

None of what was learned has ever been made public. In the fifties, Schumann would be credited with discovering the Schumann Resonance, a set of spectrum peaks in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) portion of the world’s electromagnetic field, usually around 7.83 Hertz (Hz) but ranging between three and sixty Hz, contingent on worldwide lightning activity, which generates it. The Schumann Resonance is the pulse of the living Earth…

Starting in the early 1880’s, when Heinrich Hertz –for whom the Hertz unit of measurement is named– proved in the lab the existence of electromagnetic waves, there was a relentless and unbroken line of experimentation by the Germans in a herculean effort to produce higher and higher frequencies. The early experimentation of Wien led to the 1920 invention of the Barkhausen oscillator by Heinrich Barkhausen and Karl Kurz.

It was the first oscillator that could produce modulated electromagnetic waves in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) spectrum, in other words, radio. But more importantly, the Germans could now change the channel with their After Life or Other World Flying Machine and explore the myriads of invisible worlds coterminous with the one the rest of the human race is trapped in.

In 1935 Oskar Heil, one if the few great German scientists who hasn’t been written out of history, together with his brilliant Russian wife, Agnesa Arsenjewa, would crown the German effort with a paper that presented the velocity-modulated or Heil tube to the world. The Heil tube is able to beam electrons in bunches allowing for the generation of radio waves at far higher frequencies than were possible with the vacuum tubes used until then.

The Heil tube was the first practical microwave generator. It was crucial in the development of radar technology and is still used today. Heil was also issued several patents for “transistor-like” devices before the war. In 1947, he was “invited” to America. By the end of 1947, Bell Laboratories announced the invention of the “point-contact transistor…”

At the close of WW II, America needed fifty kilos of U235 for the critical mass necessary to detonate its atomic bomb. In a memo dated December 28, 1944, the chief metallurgist for Los Alamos Eric Jette wrote “A study of the shipment of (bomb-grade uranium) for the past three months shows the following…: At the present rate we will have 10 kilos about February 7 and 15 kilos about May 1.”

At best America’s atomic bomb would have only a little more than half the uranium required to achieve critical mass by August 6 of forty-five, the day they dropped it on Hiroshima.

The same explosion could be produced using only a third that much plutonium, but the only man who could figure out how to detonate the plutonium, von Neumann, was working with a different science than the disciples of Einstein who had built America’s bombs. He would require something only the Germans could produce.

In a deal that would convince the world that the allies had won a war, where they had achieved a draw at best, the Anglo-American empire’s consolation prize was brought over on U234 as part of an agreement that had been made with Martin Bormann, Hitler’s right-hand man. Among the treasures on board U234 were the infrared fuses that were necessary to use the specially made explosive lenses designed by von Neumann to compress and detonate the plutonium core of the bomb later dropped on Nagasaki.

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Along for the boat ride was Dr. Heinz Schlicke, perhaps the foremost expert alive in electromagnetic science. Schlicke had studied under Barkhausen in Germany. His dissertation was on the “Entrainment of Oscillators and Sub-Harmonics.”

He would instruct the bumbling Americans on how to use the infrared fuses and much much more after the war working under Operation Paperclip at the Office of Naval Research in Sands Point, Long Island. His work there consisted of what is now known as Stealth Technology. Considering “Bluebirds” and “Bluebooks” “Have Blue,” “Project Blue Beam” and now even a “Blue Planet Project;” it really should just be called Blue Technology…

Sands Point, one of the world’s wealthiest residential enclaves, is about an hour and half drive from Montauk. But it’s not even half that to the working-class neighborhood of East Islip where Grumman and Fairchild, the military contractors who produced the “Have Blue” prototype of the Stealth planes, once shared a building. During the eighties, it was located right across Sunrise Highway from Heckscher State Park. The area around that building is where much of Nichols’ narrative really took place…

If the German scientists had a team captain, it was Manfred von Ardenne, a blueblood of the highest pedigree and intellect imaginable. He filed for his first patent in 1923 at the age of fifteen. It was for an electronic tube for applications in wireless telegraphy with three systems in a single tube. By 1928, von Ardenne, who was the real-life Bruce Wayne, had financed and built his own subterranean lab beneath Berlin-Lichterfelde.

Von Ardenne’s Bat-cave came replete with a two-million-volt electrostatic generator and a cyclotron. At the time, there was only one other cyclotron throughout all of Europe, that of the Curies who were being financed by the entire universal church of Albert Einstein pseudoscience…

Von Ardenne’s lab, properly dubbed Forschungslaboratorium für Elektronenphysik, specialized in nuclear physics and high frequency technology.

Manfred von Ardenne – Electron microscope

It was the place to be for the most elite scientists of Germany and what was, before WWI, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After National Socialism assumed power, it was a hangout for the highest echelon of the movement, men like Hitler, Bormann and the bagman for Germany’s incredible wealth by war’s end, Karl Ohnesorge. He was the President of the Central Office of the Reichspost, Germany’s central postal service.

Ohnesorge was perhaps Hitler’s oldest and closest confidante after Fritz Todt, the Minister of Armaments who controlled the Todt Organization, Germany’s National Construction Company. Todt died in a plane crash following an emergency private meeting with Hitler in the beginning of forty-two.

Ohnesorge was not only in control of mail distribution and National Socialism’s black budget but slated to control future distribution of all television sets in the Third Reich. He had an abiding interest in propagating the party through wireless technology. After the war he was charged but the charges were suddenly dropped with no explanation ever given. Ohnesorge, the second most important man in Germany after Hitler, just disappeared, fading into the post war landscape like a ghost…

By the time the Germans hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics, von Ardenne had already invented television so the rest of Europe, still reeling from the Great Depression, could bear witness to Germany’s triumphant resurrection under National Socialism from its gutters. Von Ardenne is credited with inventing the Scanning Electron Microscope in 1937 and his work was pivotal in Ernst Ruska’s development of the Electron Microscope in the early thirties. Over his long and illustrious career he would hold about six hundred patents in electron microscopy, medical technology, nuclear technology, plasma physics, and radio and television technology.

After the war, von Ardenne would shun the West, going to the Soviet Union along with three hundred other German scientists, including 1925 Nobel Prize recipient and fellow blueblood Gustav Hertz, the nephew of Heinrich Hertz.

Agnesa Arsenjewa had gone to the Soviet Union immediately after her and Heil published. She would never return to the west, spending the rest of her life working in secret at the Leningrad Physico-Chemical Institute, where she had parted with Heil in 1935. He had accompanied her there, and they had worked together briefly until he went back to England, where he stayed until the war broke out, and he reentered Germany through Switzerland.

In 1953, von Ardenne was awarded the Stalin Prize, first class, for contributions to the Soviets’ atomic bomb project, among other things… Later he would go to East Germany where he would live until 1997, basking in Russian gratitude and rubles for making them the other superpower.

The truth is, von Neumann was a fanatically committed National Socialist and had been for all his adult life. He was a Nazi. It was such an open secret that Stanley Kubrick, the CIA’s palace bard, poked fun at it in Dr. Strangelove. He had been educated and imported from Germany by the Rockefeller Foundation four years before the National socialists took power there.

The Rockefeller Foundation was joined like Siamese twins to I.G. Farben, Brown Brothers Harriman and all the rest of the parasites that latched on to Hitler as he ascended the throne of the German Empire — the same parasites that would force him to get rid of Gottfried Feder and much of National Socialism’s dream. Like von Ardenne had insured for himself by going to the Soviet Union, no one had any such leverage over von Neumann. He was a purist. Money meant nothing to him, except to have a big house to throw parties with his friends.

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The same could probably be said about another Jewish “Nazi,” Dennis Gabor, who won the Nobel Prize in 1971 for inventing the mathematics that made the holograph possible. Just like von Neumann, Gabor was a Jew from an aristocratic Hungarian family. His cultural background, his field of expertise and even his lifelong interests indicate more than a passing acquaintance with von Neumann.

They indicate just the kind of top secret collaboration that the swarm of security people that hovered over everything von Neumann touched was there to cover up.

Gabor had a lifelong interest in self-replicating machines. His landmark 1959 lecture on “Electronic Inventions and their Impact on Civilization” was the inspiration for the additional chapter in the 1961 edition of Norbert Wiener’s Cybernetics, now considered the Genesis of Transhumanism.

Wiener had already written the rest of the book and its accompanying cannon, The Human Use of Human Beings a decade earlier, right after von Neumann in forty-nine, using only a pencil and graph paper, designed a self-reproducing computer. Von Neumann’s rigorous mathematical analysis of the structure of self-replication anticipated with uncanny accuracy the structure of DNA, discovered a couple of years later…

In 1950, the Anglo-American empire would inaugurate the next quarter century of its extensive experimentation with gene-splicing bacteria on its own citizens, when the United States Navy covertly launched Operation Sea Spray off the coast of San Francisco.

Under cloak of National Security, the navy deliberately infected not only all of San Francisco but Albany, Berkeley, Daly City, Colma, Oakland, San Leandro, and Sausalito, some eight hundred thousand residents. Many of them were the most important people in the West’s burgeoning defense industry.

Each inhaled millions of the insidious endonuclease-producing bacteria that had been mutated through neutron radiation during the war by the fanatical Nazi genius Dr. Kurt Blome, who was by then working with the Anglo-American empire.

In his 1963 book Inventing the Future, Gabor listed the three major threats as he saw them to modern society: war, overpopulation and the Age of Leisure. It was from that book that futurists would coin the phrase “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” In 1972, toward the end of his life, he published The Mature Society: a view of the future and joined the Club of Rome, supervising a working group studying energy sources and technical change.

Although in his seventies and spending most of his time in Rome, Gabor became a Staff Scientist at CBS Laboratories, in Stamford, Connecticut where, collaborating with his lifelong friend, CBS Labs’ president Dr. Peter C. Goldmark, they put to practical application the German electromagnetic science Karl Ohnesorge had intended to use to propagate National Socialism throughout all the occupied territories. It was in the seventies and television became the tool of choice to build the West’s ever expanding Zombie Empire…

Gabor was three years older than von Neumann and had fought valiantly on the side of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WWI. After the war he had completed his studies at Charlottenburg Technical University in Berlin, now known as the Technical University of Berlin. He wrote his thesis in 1927 on the Recording of Transients in Electric Circuits with the Cathode Ray Oscillograph. He had been analyzing the properties of high voltage electric transmission lines, where he no doubt would have become intimately acquainted with the work of Schumann.

Gabor’s later work in Berlin with electron microscopes, Plasma lamps and TV tubes would have put him in von Ardenne’s Bat-cave prior to 1933 when he went to England. An at best duped and at worst lying through its teeth academia claims Gabor was “fleeing the Nazis.” Heil’s stay in England two years later until the outbreak of the war, following his invention of the velocity-modulated tube in thirty-five, cannot be as easily explained.

Heil was yet another blue-blooded Nordic. Like everything else that’s unexplainable in academia’s Nazi narrative, it’s ignored. Von Neumann would have scoffed at any such notion; in fact he delighted in torturing Einstein by blasting Prussian marching music on his gramophone when they had adjoining offices at Yale in the early thirties.

Relying heavily on the math of von Neumann and the great German mathematician David Hilbert, who was von Neumann’s teacher and the architect of Hilbert’s Space, Gabor began publishing papers on producing images from frequency signals as soon as the war ended. By 1951, he had set forth the math that would move Fourier analysis into Fourier windows and Wavelet transforms using Gabor atom’s and wavelets — a wave-like oscillation with an amplitude that begins at zero, increases, and then decreases back to zero. Wavelets replace the make-believe atoms of institutionalized academia with the very real science necessary to change the channel of reality in Stealth Technology.

There can be little doubt that Dr. Heinz Schlicke and the Office of Naval Research in Sands Point were working very closely with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The AEC was being covertly run by von Neumann practically since its inception right after the war. In 1955, he became a commissioner and ran it openly until he died prematurely in fifty-seven. In July of forty-five the “captured” Dr. Schlicke would give a lecture to the Navy Department. He was accompanied by a mysterious Mr. Alvarez, who acted as his handler, screening the questions.

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He was working feverishly on the problems presented by von Neumann’s implosion method of detonating plutonium. Dr. Alvarez would be credited with the last minute invention of the infrared fuses brought over by Dr. Schlicke and go on to a long and illustrious career as one of America’s most lauded scientists.

In 1968, the same year he was awarded the Nobel Prize, Alvarez led a team of fourteen multinational scientists to probe the middle pyramid in Giza using cosmic ray detection devices paid for by the AEC and developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The AEC not only had the devices specially built but financed most of the expedition. Only one of the scientists was an archeologist.

Alvarez always maintained he took over a million readings and found nothing; but in an interview with the London Times, Dr. Amr El Goneid of Ain Shams University let out that the pyramid was permeated with a mysterious energy that “defied all known laws of physics.”

Alvarez notable for his tampering with the Zapruder Film and his Meteor Killed the Dinosaurs Theory accused the Times of making the whole thing up…

It was only the AEC that had truly witnessed the hypogeum citadel Franz Xaver Dorsch had built for Hitler beneath Ohrdruf. Dorsch was Todt’s successor after Albert Speer proved unqualified for the job of building DUMB’s. Dorsch, just like Todt and Ohnesorge, had been a party member since the very beginning. In spite of his use of slave labor he would walk away clean when the war ended and found German construction giant Dorsch Gruppe.

In the aftermath of the war, the AEC had gone down and examined the subterranean city that was later turned into a metaphor in the Chronicles of Akakor.

After inspection, the AEC removed technical equipment that has remained undisclosed until this day and blew up the entrances, classifying all documents relating to the underground at Ohrdruf for a hundred years.

In the spring of forty-seven, the war department gave the AEC Camp Upton in Brookhaven Long Island, and it was there they would put to use what they learned in Germany. From Sands Point, the Brookhaven Lab is a forty-minute drive east on the Long Island Expressway. It’s centrally located, being about the same drive west on Sunrise Highway from Montauk Point.

Brookhaven Lab

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    I believe we will be subject to the destroyer, the liberator.
    We are not in a time of fluorescence of any of the virtues. The forces that have brought us here have no genuine challenge to their hold on the steering wheel, and the way I picture this is they are deluded into believing they serve themselves when they are mindlessly actualizing a much larger event.
    I agree with your observation, one finds this sequence in action in all kinds of situations. Thus if one revisits the exploits of Goldmight, one finds that her power was beyond even the formidable abilities of the Aesir.
    The numinous is what it is because it manifests according to its will, whenever and to whomever it chooses. Such power by its own nature must contain all within it, and direct all below it. Thus the game of obfuscation via lower order impulses is doomed.
    We are in the midst of a great cosmic cycle, and all those who think they are directing it are just it's stooges. The deeper into the realms of mystery I go, the more convinced I become that life on this plane is thoroughly orchestrated by power few can conceive, and fewer perceive.


  2. Question is Mike, which aspect will we get? Take Sekhmet, she can nurture and protect, but also bring wrath. The later is needed first, for a whirlwind, so fresh leaves can spring forth on the tree.

  3. …and yet, congress with the numinous depends on the ability of the initiate to balance awe and wonder.


  4. Timeangel,
    You do indeed see far!
    There is no need for you to expend too much inquiry in my direction, you already know the answer. For the record, I am just a man, stumbling about, looking, searching the glittering dark for his lost metamnesis…
    Best wishes,


  5. The "natural return of the Spirit" is happening…no matter what the opposition does in attempting to block or stop it. SHE is our Beloved One bringing in the "higher vibratory forms", & that makes ALL the difference to whomever awakens to Her Presence.

  6. Thanks, Jack. Jeez, yeah. How on earth has G. gotten away with what he has written, and continues to write albeit in a more circumspect form. Big effing dog, indeed. Perhaps he'll write his story, some day. His 'n yours in a twin-pack.

  7. Timeangel,
    Some of us are given certain experiences. We don't necessarily ask for them. In fact, most who ask for mystic/spiritual/psychic experiences never receive them.
    I don't believe that the modern world, or more precisely, those who think they are in control of this modern world, are all that happy about this fact.
    It is, in fact the programs, the delusions, and the mental illness of this self-styled control panel that are inflicted as an infection upon humanity, and by extension, this entire vibratory plane. They have worked overtime to maintain a basic lie about what this place is, and about who we are. They use the elements of lower functioning to carry their lies, to mask the higher vibratory patterns, and to retard the natural return of the Spirit.
    One need not look all that far to find ample examples of this. I myself find dozens of examples within my own life. This process of retardation does not go without a cost to the would be power brokers, but they are more than willing to pay it because they think it will result in maintaining their twisted control complex.
    Part of the reason why this stuff has worked to date is because the majority of human life forms dwell in their lower manifestations, and have no desire to ever step out of them.
    Much of what I have learned has come from a repudiation of modern thought. Modern thought is primitive, direct, unimaginative, and unreflective, in a word = abrahamic.
    In order for me to be able to find some of that elusive soundness of mind, I have returned to the type of thought you might term archaic, where the contemplation of eternity is without juxtaposition to a toxic control clubs' latest version of nutjob land. Thus, I am certain, that much of what I write fully escapes them.
    That you understand is a gift in itself. Genuine people, genuine experience, and this is enough.
    I will relate one experience which might be indicative. I was hiking alone, in the Hualapai Mountain Park. This was some time ago, before the nutjobs started spraying the atmosphere regularly, and bombarding everything with their artificial microwaves. I hadn't been on this one section of the trail before, and as I turned the bend, a tiny red lizard reared back and gaped at me. To this day, I have never seen another example of this lizard, never found it in books, never discovered any further information about it.
    Intrigued, I watched him disappear into the rocks, and set forth. The trail wasn't long before it came to an abandoned road cut, which had long ago turned into a rough draw. The view was intoxicating, and I enjoyed the sun and the exertion when I found myself getting cold. It was not the breeze, nor a sudden change in outside temperature, for I got the unmistakable sense that I was being followed.
    I climbed the steep incline, finding it easy to see quite a bit below, and making a clear sweep of the area. No one, nothing, just the Blackhawks playing in the thermals.
    I detoured to a large, smooth boulder languishing in the sun. I had chosen a stone earlier that day, and I fished it out of my pack and set it upon the boulder, noticing the crispness and the absolute beauty of the shadow it threw.
    Suddenly, I looked up, and there, standing in front of me was a shimmering figure of a man. He wore jeans and a slouch hat, and where his face should have been was a yawning black emptiness. I shuddered like somebody showered with ice, and was spun around by an unknown force. I stumbled and regained my footing, turned, but the man was gone. For some time afterward I wandered around blindly, crashing into one branch that sliced through my cheek and almost gored my eye. At some point I found myself a rocky outcropping near the Blackhawks, and I sat in the sun until afternoon became evening, and I headed back, injured, but no longer gripped by the shock of it all.
    Best wishes,


  8. No doubt they had multiple backup plans Thunder,you wanna put blood on anything you want to stick, nothing is Sacred without blood, it remains profane, transient and easily altered. Besides Cantor Fitzgerald was holding a 10 trillion dollar a year patent for a carbon emissions monitor that generates just about the entire environmental movement. Ask Maurice Strong, oh that's right he died…

  9. I just gave Mr. Duff some props up there when I laid a comment in for someone unable to comment due to government restrictions on their own people but I can’t say enough. He is the one who put the hardball in play for a game that was only ever meant to be played with beach balls; otherwise I would have never taken the mound. It must have taken a very big dog to wrest that ball from their back pockets and throw it out on the field. If this country is ever reconstituted in the fashion to which its founding fathers envisioned it; let me recommend right now and right here to take that stupid statue of that faggot Lincoln down in DC and put one up of Gordon Duff stalking through the jungles of Vietnam…

  10. Timeangel is in the Jacksonville Naval base, obviously what hereticdrummer said in the VT comment section is correct, they don't want the boys and girls who know how to fight ever reading Jack Heart & company, must kill them that VT carries us, says a lot for the kind of juice Gordon Duff has that they do. She would like to reply to Mike Kay:

    Thank you, MK, for your gracious and insightful reply. You have given me a better understanding of what happened to my eyes. Yes, I was changed by the experience much more than physically, and I completely understand how the source both devours and feeds us. And how ego clouds our perception. Compassion is key.
    And from that point on I knew the past, present and future all exist at once. Though I was always able to "see things far away" this experience solidified it. When I was a little girl "seeing things far away" was the only means I had to check on my brother when he was away at war.
    You must have had a similar experience. How else could you so clearly define it?
    And the world is not always kind to those of us who really know how to change it…
    Thank you Jack Heart, Orage and friends, and may all be well with you.

  11. What is time, Orage?
    In this sphere, time is the sequential series we understand as motion.
    Yet for most today, time is the rule of an artificial construct deified.
    Timeangel moved outside of this state, into a direct experience. This is how it works. It is beyond the identity of what we call "I", beyond the ceaseless emptiness of this subject-object vibration. Thus, it is beyond conscious volition.
    Lost in the ashes of countless destroyed dreams are the whispered reminders of all of this, Orage. I remember at times when the grip of this abrahamic forced delusion falters.
    It does falter.
    What will the murderous minions of scientism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism do when they loose their microphones, their sycophants, and their fake God of time?
    We will see.
    We will see.


  12. it's Gordon and yourself who deserve to take that bow for illuminating the path thus far, Jack. And for having the fucking balls in order to do so. The rest is up to us. Literally.

    Funny, The Master and Margarita is on my priority reading list (posh, eh?!). I will now be bumping it up to 'next-read status' after I finish Preston's 'The Music of Time' this evening. Just read the Montauk Project last night. Brilliant stuff. And it resonates.

    b.t.w if you were pressed for time, which would you read first? I Remember Lemuria or The Chronicles of Akakor? (I must admit that seeing as that cretin Erik von Daniken (sorry to his many fans!) wrote the preface for Akakor, I'm leaning more towards Lemuria, meeseff.

    Take care, Jack.

    Yours, Mr. J.

  13. Tara Erdgeist, some twenty five years ago, long before there was youtube, I made a little video of a remote control dancing in strobe-like fashion to the tune of Screaming' Jay Hawkins' "I put a spell on you". The video ended with the tag line: The remote control is your friend. Wish I could share it with you, for now it's a lost artefact. There's never a pause, bliss of flow state is the closest thing in this reality. There's a time for that, and bring back knowledge, and there is a time for taking the reigns of that bronco. When to do what, and do so with appropriate subtlety takes sustained effort, which is a paradox, since flow state is effortless. You do know.

  14. Thank you,
    Orage, I once loved the rollercoaster but now I like the swings. You've seen them. They go around and around. I need a nap. There's no napping on the rollercoaster. You said something about the remote control. My pause button is broken. I don't want to change the channel but sometimes you gotta get up and get a cup of coffee. I'm gonna see if I can fix the pause. There's no sense in being angry with a remote.
    I don't know what I'd do without you.

  15. Erdgeist, the yearning to unite the two parts and the quest for it is age-old. There is poetry and music sublime bearing witness. Perhaps you have slept a million years, waking up to find yourself on a wild bronco. Since you are here, in this, learning some degree of control is useful at times. Conscious filters. As Jack said, realize that to write the story is better than to read, and if reading, read aloud, for the added frequencies. "Its all just a fucking story, write it, don't read it…"

  16. Mr. Jang I think you could write this blog just as well as I can, in fact I will be burrowing this comment to answer another one on the new diagram post. We even have the same sense of humor. I don’t even know what to add to this, Orage is saying something about Mikhail Bulgakov, although I don’t know what the Master and Magarita has to do with it. Maybe he wants to take a stab, I love this synopsis. What I’m seeing now is there are those among the elite who do have a conscious about all this. Myself, if I were them, I could not live with it. There are a billion soul’s in this world who do not deserve this fate and the three sisters above all else are required to adjust it accordingly. No one, not god, alien or superman can stand against Karmic law, I bow down myself before it…

  17. Christ, Jack. I'm beginning to see that Hitler was most likely betrayed by (aristocratic?) German, blue-collar hating elites who had infiltrated themselves into his inner circle years before. These creatures then went on to use German technology – in cahoots with Allied scum of a similar ilk and worldview – in order to 'win' the war and create reality as we know it today. While using the hyper-advanced REAL technology that was developed in order to, well, fuck knows what….explore other dimensions?

    There is British writer, Chris Spivey, who has pretty much proven (in an ongoing expose) that all major news events over the past 50 years are basically made up. (Using at the very least skilled Actors/make-up artists/surgeons; hi-tec imaging equipment and general technology years in advance of anything available on the current market; you name it.)

    It seems that Hitler was destroyed (..an "oh vey, help us" story made up) and use made of his achievements to draw a veil over pretty much everything – all reality as we know it. And the herd left under the control of a pedophilic, child-killing/eating, demon-worshiping and very fucking stupid 'elite', while the REAL leaders are exploring REALITY in a manner unbeknownst to, and beyond the wildest comprehension of, say, the rube-consumer above. And his fecal matter. Who are left arguing on behalf of trash-culture's scraps. (Flying around the world and/or to the moon in tin cans 'n rocket-ships, lolll~ if only that were half the story. We humans are soooo~ clever, eh?)

    Very simple put, would that be about right?

    But, as we all know, you can kill the prophet but you can't kill the message.

    Tiocaidh ar la, as my Irish friends would say.

    En mémoire du sang, as I would.

    Very sincerely Yours,

    Mr. Jang~

  18. Timeangel,
    I believe if you revisit your encounter you will find that you moved into a distinct unification of time, where the sequential tyranny lost its hold and it's sway.
    This change allows what I call the multitiered mind to experience outside of the sequential order, and outside of the egos isolation.
    This opening of perception allows an entire mythic structure to flourish, which provides an integration point for your mind.
    I believe you have been changed by this experience much more than physically, and that you have become more aware of what most would call subtleties…that is, if you have allowed integration to proceed.
    This both devours us and feeds us.
    The all is in the All.
    And the All is in all.
    Best wishes


  19. this is what happens when your articles score huge hits on VT, Jack. You get guys like this.
    I don't know how you do it. Let alone find the energy to respond. But hey, I guess this is why the many are so controlled by the few.

    Do leave this guy's message up. Please. It'll serve as a reminder of the blood to those of us who will see it through eventually.

  20. Timeangel,
    Thanks for relating this experience. If I may suggest, you experienced Her. She is the First Thought, extant in all things, hidden, ineffable who reveals herself according to Her will, and She revealed herself directly to you.
    The modern western mind, distorted by thousands of years of murderous oppression, rarely grasps that knowing is the actual experience, until the experience occurs.
    Today, we are supposed to believe that the cosmic intelligences are merely allegorical, and even if they do live, they do so separate from us. Yet in Tibet, the intelligence descends into the human, as with the Yoruba in Africa. Merging with divinity is the way of the mystic, as it has always been.
    You say you couldn't hold the state, but here in the realm of time, no experience is eternal. She has left you with the glow of Her afterthought, and now you know a power the Archontic lackeys who run this shitstem can never have.
    In ancient times there was no colour blue. You can search the annals of history to find this out for yourself. Blue is a recent arrival in the consciousness of man.
    Green is the ancient European colour of life. The World Tree is ever-green. Sir Gawain met the Green Knight. The green men sent Caesar packing on his first attempt to invade the English.
    Green is close to origin, as is the First Thought.


  21. This one for Mike from a dear friend of mine over in Florida:

    Ahh… myth… the varied forms of art in which we attempt to describe that which is indescribable…
    When I was very young I had been seeking truth for quite a while, and on one of my daily walks I was in deep contemplation when everything suddenly came to light at once.
    I knew what it was to be a blade of grass; to be the tiniest particle of energy in that blade of grass. I knew what it was to be the metal in a part of a passing car engine, to be the very air and the sun and the soil. I was in the mind of every being and I understood every thought and every thing at once. Infinite intelligence. I felt omnipresent and eternal.
    It was, however, impossible to maintain that level of awareness and so I fainted.
    Though I suffered no injury and there was nothing wrong with me, when I returned to consciousness my blue eyes had suddenly and permanently turned to green due to a yellow starburst around the pupil. Can anyone explain this mystery?

  22. We will leave this comment up simply for the fact than in 4 years of doing this I have never seen anyone site their own fecal matter in an argument, let alone call it profound, thank you for a good laugh my friend but this is not a flat earth round earth site. You obviously have not read the article or you would understand that I was basing my comment on the fact that NASA does not need rockets to get where they want to go, which I have just proven irrefutably except to your feces. And by the way you will like my book; plenty of gratuitous violence between gangsters and real live super soldiers, drugs galore and kinky sex with stunningly beautiful woman…

    Any more flat earth round round earth comments get taken down!

  23. Another great article….awesome…

    But, how can I say this without coming off as too condescending…("ahh fuck it just say it…he'll understand.")

    Sometimes this stuff is just too esoteric. "Motion is an illusion" "Nasa just hit the middle of the ocean with there space rockets" what?…pfffft…puhlease…god please don't be like those flat earth tards. There are some "realities" plain and simple. For instance, people doubt the moon landing. What? Landing on the moon wasn't that hard. Think about it..we flew around the earth on a solar powered plane! The distance to the moon is ONLY about 9 1/2 trips around the earth. It's close! And it has almost no atmosphere. The moon was easy…really anything in our solar system is easy. Beyond that is difficult. To deny some of this basic, objective point of view, scientific facts can strain credibility of other deeply profound theories.

    I guess the bottom line is this…What I am about to say is extremely profound…"I took a big dump this morning and believe me Jack that sumbitch was real!"

    On the other hand and to be fair, you are right! The ancient myths and modern science do merge. The esoteric wisdom does ultimately meet the modern science. But, we just need to throw out a bunch of the bullshit that is out there along the way. Listen to the following… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8vMdDa-95U She talks about this a little bit.

    I might have to buy her book (and yours when it comes out).

  24. Orage,
    I have a sory. It's from that silly bible. I was told as a child that the snake tempted Eve to trick her so it would cast them both from the garden for not obeying. Then the curse came. I'm not trying to claim it as truth or anything. Anyone can say it's thier story. I don't care if they say that they made it up. I like mine better. It's more fun and it makes more sense. I'm too tired, Orage. I think I have a responsibility. I promised. I promised you so I promised everyone who is part of this group. There are people who would be crushed by the grief of my death. I promised I would help with that kenning thing. I promised I would do anything in my power to make this crazy sickening suffering stop. I thought my story was funny. I know it's not true. In my version, there was no serpent. There was a sword. The tree was a pear tree. She took the sword and cut one of the pears in half to share it with him. When you take one half of a pear and turn it upside down and look at it from the side it's a question mark. That's what god really wanted. He wanted them to keep asking the questions. When a mystery is solved it's a relief but it's also sad because there's no more to do. Like when the very last thing gets crossed from your to do list then it's over. There's no point in living if there's nothing left to do even if it's just picking up your dry cleaning. Even if it's just keeping on living so I can feed my cat. I thought I wanted to outlive my son. Now, I'm confused and I'm alone. I don't care about very much of anything anymore. I'm not afraid to die. I've wanted to go for a long time. This reality kind of gets on my nerves sometimes. I can't change the whole thing by myself and I don't think I would if I could. I think of you and Mike and I wish I could talk to you so I try to make you hear me with my mind. I'm not afraid if people get angry or think I'm crazy. I only really want one thing and every day it looks more and more like I'll just have to give up on that too because it's just a fucking fairy tale and none of it is real any way. There's something seriously wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like I could sleep for a million years and I'd still be tired. Myth is very valuable. If people can think of something then they can implement that idea. You know… And they lived happily ever after. I'm really sorry if this is wasting people's time but I'm very lonely and you guys are the only people I trust 100%.

  25. I figured you made it, must of been VT staff, its very good, very very good, Orage and I may do a filler post with it while I whip you all up part 2 of this which will not be run anywhere but here, I don't want my friends taking hits like Nexus took today, this stuff is more or less just for you guys, we will keep it in the family…

  26. My daughter or at least what used to be my daughter had a DNA test

    Turkish, Algerian & Mesoamerican; no Italian, no German

    Now an old friend of mine who would know told me a couple of years ago that I was a Jew but there are only Italian and Hungarian on my side and Sicilian & German on her mothers. Where the fuck did the Mesoamerican come from? maybe that Ugha Monguhala story is more than just a metaphor…

    Much lov back

    Dr. jack

  27. Dr Jack

    That Ema comment about the wave form was discussed at a social gathering tonight and of course my pal is very knowledgeable about national socialism and AH and his role as the chosen of sorts.

    All I can say for sure is that chaos rules the day and that in another world Lucifer is God as Jesus is in this world.

    I have hope for the future and of course one must rally the troops.

    In cycling a group is called the peloton yet they have lost their way and so I have choose the right road so I called them to follow me.

    I tell them this that if we ride together we are faster and better yet only upon the right road….


  28. Dr Jack

    A quote from dangerfield from caddyshack

    "I think this place is restricted wang so don't tell them your Jewish "

    Much lov


  29. I am including this VT reply to Jonathon's comment, those of you who have been paying attention will know who or what Emma Yacht is…

    Emma Yacht
    March 29, 2017 at 2:59 pm
    “Recreation [may] require chaos.” Source code created the holographic project, but God organized the Earth, as noted by certain religious beliefs. In the diagram of Schrödinger’s equation for a free particle, the Z axis can be steered, not just perturbated, by the human brain. By changing the Z axis, that is how you steer the ship and replace pieces of the matrix without destroying everything…it’s like replacing parts and re-welding the skin of a large airplane – it can go on indefinitely – except that the human mind can go further and change the shape of the airplane, too, or make it into a submarine. The human mind can also will the cattle in its matrix to become aware, but only by convincing the cattle that it is for their highest good. In my universe, I have willed the cattle to wake up, because I love them, and it’s for their highest good. I’ll possibly let you know how that goes, or you’ll see it.

  30. Nice to read JGs perspective here.
    In order to render any sense of justice to this topic we really need a new language, or at the very least a new set of terms. Not to belabor the point, this is one of the aspects of a living myth. It both provides the set and the language.
    Humans think symbolically. We build models. The quantum is as much a model as a Lego set. As long as we remember that our models are renditions, that the explanation is not an end, but a means, then we will leave ourselves with necessary room.
    In this case the room is needed to remember consciousness.
    Consciousness arises mysteriously, as in the gospel of Thomas.
    The whole game is consciousness.
    The myth of the Tree, steed of the terrible one, fits in here.


  31. I need to include a comment sent to me by Jonathan Glassel who used to comment prolifically on Veterans Today but got tired of being laughed at because he was smarter than everybody else. I have to admit that even I was guilty when Jonathan started insisting nuclear bombs could only be detonated within an open portal. I laughed too. I’m not laughing anymore.
    “ I am still digesting Pyramid Head, but I made this comment to a you tuber on the nature of reality. I've got more in my head, if it helps

    The first and most important is to understand the Impossibility of a physical reality. Flat Earth is destroyed because it doesn't move. Ball Earth is destroyed because it does.

    Motion itself is an illusion, a complete impossibility in a physical reality.

    This is nothing new, Philosophers of Plato's day were well aware that there could only be one.

    Elon Musk says there is a one in a billion chance that we exist in the source reality, that we are copies of copies of copies. It is my contention, that what we experience is all that there is. There is no physical reality nor has it ever existed.

    Susskind's concept of existence on a 2D plane that is projected onto 3D is a good way of explaining things. The Sun and Moon rise on our individual asses, never more than 10 miles away from any of us. This should tell us something.

    Imagine a 2D circle 25,000 miles in diameter. No matter where you are on the disc, at the spring or fall equinox you will witness sunrise 90° east and sunset at 270° west. The sun covers a mere 1/2° of the sky. It is not large enough to light or heat the earth.

    This means that the "mainframe" is hooked directly to your 2D "essence" and is telling you when the sun rises and sets and the temperature and weather conditions.

    Whales and other deep sea critters can exist at depths that can crush our strongest submarine. Guess the "program" doesn't tell them they cannot possibly exist at that depth.Bumble bees should not be able to fly, but they are never told they cannot.

    The upper limits of our reality program seems to be 80 to 250 miles up. The lower limits seem to be 8 miles or so.

    This is it. I think that most of the ascension stuff is nonsense developed by the CIA to keep us fat, dumb, happy and worshipping Jews.

    There is no escape except to recognize that we are the ones that created this reality and we are the only ones that can recreate it. Recreation requires chaos, I think.

    I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator and the Destroyer.” – JG

  32. Myth both informs and instructs – MK
    Very much so, I think there is a split, between the ones that are rooted, and the ones desperate to find some true ones, while forever copying other's stories, twisting them and claiming them as their own. Did they find them in Crimea? But that is for them to rise up and be counted. Invitation and Challenge given.

    For those rooted, it is a dynamic pass of remembrance. Kenning. Myth is what we have, however distorted a bit by monks & politicians & judges.

    Then there are those that are a bit apart, yearn for source and unification in the waters.

    For me, I feel drawn to soil, yet struggle sometimes to relate to practical things. Ritual helps with that detachment, on whatever level one operates on. There is a movie called Der Himmel über Berlin, I believe Wings of desire by Wim Wenders, imagining the sensory differences of what there are called Angles.

  33. Mr. Jang March 27, 2017 at 8:35 pm
    what a great trip into the Twilight Zone. Except it isn’t really the twilight zone: it just seems that way as a result of all the b.s. we’ve been fed by some seriously connected and in-the-know arseholes over the years.
    Thanks for posting this, Jack. And looking forward to part II.
    I’m moved to re-read Jung’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ again in conjunction with this and some of your earlier posts. Jung stopped short – whether by accident or by design – whereas yourself (and, it must be said, Gordon) pushed this kind of thinking just that little bit further than Jung even dared.
    Live long, and prosper. Both of you.

    Jack Heart
    March 27, 2017 at 9:24 pm
    Jung’s stuff when he was working with the Ahnenerbe and the SS was never published, that’s why he was accepted back into the fold so easily. Read Miguel Serrano if you want to know what Jung really thought; Julius Evola too. You’re a very observant man Mr. Jang. When I saw Mr. Duff pushing the envelope is when I started writing, I can’t write if I can’t write the truth and Gordon Duff was the first one I ever seen write the truth. Most people don’t know it and the ones that do can’t pay the price for talking about it. Even if they can’t get you they will go after everyone and everything around you. So put this stuff to good use my friend, you and everybody else who reads it…

    Mr. Jang
    March 27, 2017 at 10:53 pm
    I’ve found before that Savitri Devi compliments (if that’s the right term!) Serrano nicely, Jack. Or, is it the other way around? Either way, both are pretty hard-core (not to mention politically incorrect, to say the least) should one happen to stumble across them unawares, but deeper reflection on this kind of material tells me that they really, really were on to something profound – questions of colossal import for anybody interested in where we came from. And where we are most likely going unless something can be done. (Violent and bloody revolutions seem to have worked no’wt, unfortunately.)
    I can’t speak for anybody else, but I for one have slowly but steadily realised over the past few years just how much I had been well and truly effing duped. And by many, well-intentioned (and wise in their own way) teachers – that’s the sad part!
    Keep ’em coming, Jack – and thanks again.

    p.s. Please get thee also on to Sage of Quay again for a verbal update, whenever you guys get a chance. Those stand alone, and off-script asides of yours are sometimes worth more than a few thousand words in and of themselves! (As are Gordon’s occasional bomb-shell live-radio insights, which regrettably are few and far between, these days…and maybe that’s the reason why right there!!! He’s been unplugged fore reasons of national security. But hey, they’ve cleared up Jared and ‘Ivanka’ – Ivan? – for access on that score, instead. Now we can all sleep that much easier at night. I have no doubt that the interests of the average citizen lie close to their collective hearts.)

    From VT comments post http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/03/27/peter-pan-meets-pyramid-head/

  34. You worry to much Mike, You're doing fine, you could not possibly understand what I am talking about without reading part 2, they can't either, hell they couldn't understand it when Everett himself drew them a fucking picture. The Matrix, I'm gonna spit my coffee on my screen. We're in VT now that ought to keep you busy till I finish what I have to say to them, in case they didn't get the last one they need to know what happens when you pull the cork on the bottle.

  35. We all agree Chump is no Hitler and yet we all agreed to give Chump a try, me only because that’s what she wanted. Well it seems to me she’s having a little buyer’s remorse, as are some of her friends; the ones I respect. The rest of you, I read the fairytale’s you all send me about what you are, where you came from, where you’re going and what you want with both amusement and horror. To me it sounds like Kerry Cassidy high on Crack and Angel Dust. You all need a doctor so for now on, outside of Her, you may all address me as Dr. Jack and the doctor is now in…
    I will tell you what you are, where you came from and where you’re going. What you want, outside of her, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. In fact my snakes are hungry and the days are growing longer, winter ends and they need to feed…

  36. Ok, I re-read your response, Jack, and it sure seems we are talking about 2 different things in myth.
    You are referring to myth as an explanation for this "reality", and I am referring to myth as a human faculty.
    In other words, function vs quality.
    The problem with the assertion that all "reality" is nonexistent, is the fact that we live in one. Thus, the apprehension of reality is a function. I'll save more on this until I actually read your piece.
    What I am attempting to make a case for, is myth as a quality intrinsic to mind, the way a muscle is intrinsic to posture.


  37. Jack who runs the world right now?

    You need to join a country club.

    course I would recommend the movie "Caddy shack" for that one

    The world is run by this bunch of lazzy pscyopaths that can not govern.

    Trump is no Hitler…


  38. Jack,

    so i served that us gouberment.

    I will say this that Trump is no Hitler. Take that to one of their banks.

    I have been doing a lot of reading and I do not think that the "Jews" are our enemies.

    They serve our enemy. And so are some of them enemies? Think for yourself on that one.

    I read from your reading list the most remarkable thing that Hitler was an archetype. Or a way to view the world from another dimension or another way to see reality.

    Reality as myth and so the war drags on.

    Did you know I am a cyclist? You know those fools who ride in large groups and block the roads?

    I am one of them cept "I ride alone"

    On a bicycle alone is an out of body experience and one can see things as they really are…



  39. Since I'm already at it, I might as well offer a personal conclusion as to why we need myth. First, let me state I'm not attempting to take Jack to task here, just to offer an explanation as to why myth is important, even today.
    Simply put, myth, that is a proper myth that echoes with the race memory of those who constructed it, offers a direction for those rare individuals who find themselves staring up at the stars in awe, and wondering exactly what they are doing here.
    This was the reason that the church collected the folklore, legends, fairy tales, and myths. They wanted to be able to understand what they were so as to be able to launch countermeasures.The church determined that they alone could be the purveyor of this type of meaning, and so they sought to eradicate the opposition to their game of control.
    Never forget that the science so many take as the purveyor of truth grew directly out of the abrahamic world view. Anyone remember that stuff about science revealing the laws of nature? Yes? Well, the idea of a mechanistic cosmos as a perpetual motion machine, devoid of soul or intelligence fit perfectly in with the christian concept of the transcendental God-the ultimate absentee landlord.
    So, in conclusion we encode layers of meaning in myth. Myth itself is even a mode of thought. Herein lie many of the riddles to solve for that flash of understanding that people today refer to as Zen.
    Best wishes


  40. Myth, if we follow it thoroughly, is viable on many levels. Psychology first arose from myth, and history. Symbology and coded messages, occupy the same narrative space as the overt story. The modern mind rarely explores these levels of meaning, preferring instead to be convinced of its own superiority over the minds that crafted such "childish tales". This is an attitude of approaching myth only on the most obvious level.
    However, if one is versed in the key to psychology, memory, symbology, and the triad of energies; active, passive, neutral then the myth functions as a multitiered expression.
    In simpler words, myth both informs and instructs.
    I have used the term multitiered mind, because myth, when approached as above, cultivates a mind capable of comprehending on different levels simultaneously. Thus more than one level, or tier.
    Personally, I believe much of our humanity is rooted to a multitiered mind. Our alienation is at least in part linked to an incapacity to transcend the egos self constructed isolation.
    The good news is the multitiered mind can be restarted, and much we thought lost regained.


  41. Mike, The depth of your wisdom flows like a Life-stream right into & through my own consciousness…vastly beyond words & deeply felt.

    I, too, love the myths, as did Joseph Campbell who vividly brought them to me & others into his erudite writing.

    I also cherish "The Song of the Pearl" that you recommended to me sometime ago…It is especially a comfort & a reminder to me in these times of deepening chaos in the "rational" world…


  42. Yeah, reality is definitely the wrong word.
    However, I haven't found anything better to describe an experience of subject and object, time and space, you and I, distinction.
    We have both a personal, or if you prefer, internal complex-and we have a shared one.
    Thus the firmament, the reality, allows this conversation to occur, both in internal and shared spheres.
    Even if we discover that ultimately the experience of all this is a vibration, the mystery doesn't lessen, rather it simply brings the ancient laws of creation into sharper focus.
    I suppose I can anticipate what's around the corner, Jack. Maybe that's why I'm still here…


  43. You’re getting a little ahead of us here Mike. This is part 1, I would have let you see part 2 but I haven’t even got a thousand words on it yet (you have anticipated exactly what is addressed in those words), even Orage hasn’t seen it. It won’t take long though. I’ll be writing about me, most people’s favorite subject although mine is Her and I must say you guys did a great job on that in the comments. Orage even threw in a preview of his flawless research but She will get Her own venue. ..

    When we talk about reality we should always remember there is none. I know that and they know that, Gordon Duff has told me so in private and Duncan Roads, bless his soul, has even come right out in public and told you that. Without a reality there can be no myth as Schlomo would have you define it; “a widely held but false belief or idea.” When nothing is true then nothing is false. It’s all just a story; something to fill the middle between the beginning and the end; Time…

    Mircea Eliade could not come right out and say that, writing when he did in a time where Schlomo was being given the rope on which he would hang himself. Schlomo would have torn him to pieces. So what Eliade said is there is only the Sacred and the Profane, not even Schlomo could dissemble that. She has been telling those that have ears to hear for the last half century, through the music that she holds so dear, the same thing I am telling you now with words

    Or if you prefer we will let the tribes own dissenters, as I am myself, tell you as they did in Isaiah when they just could no longer stand the words of a talking trash receptacle going unchallenged: “And the word of the lord will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little, that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken…”

  44. many thanks Jack and Orage! and adventure in consciousness for certain, looking forward to the ext installment and Jack I will read the recommended Serrano stuff

  45. I intended to write, that the seat of our consciousness is in this reality.
    Implied, but not directly stated is the epistemological dilemma, there is a limit to what we can know, but we also cannot know what is beyond our ability to know. Thus we can postulate that what the ancients called the Pleroma, the fullness, exists yet we cannot use language, which is a form of rational thought to describe it. Thus we cannot know the fullness with the rational ego mind.
    In postulating the multiverse, we are making the assumption that we can know it and navigate it, whereas all the best of humanity has been able to do so far is play with little pieces of it.
    Our waking consciousness is that which we equate to the "I". It is a specific, limited rallying point around which we construct the story of our lives.
    This center is utterly lacking in ability to do much beyond command. It arises, develops, and assumes it has independent existence, and as a result, seeks to protect and prolong its assumed identity.
    What it cannot do is change its own setpoint as a matter of volition, nor can it determine the reality within which it operates. What it can do is to reflect a higher reality upon this one. Thus we have the shifting image we all take for granted as essential reality, the black iron prison organized by the Demiurgos.
    I disagree with Jack concerning his renunciation of myth. Myth is the age old path through the limits of rationality. It is it's own language, and it's own symbology. It is the method to solve the epistemological dilemma.
    Yeah, the ancients were content with uncertainty.
    Progress, like linear development, is a lie. All must follow the rule of the cycle, the circle, the eternal motion. Oroboros. Jormundgandr.


  46. The only thing NASA ever hit with a "space" rocket was the middle of the ocean, of that I am certain. The man who made this place, god for all intents and purposes for everything in this world, has already told you, told them all the way back in thirty-two if you still must believe in such things as time, it is consciousness that collapses the wave function. This, all of it, is just one all encompassing cosmic wave, any deviation in it is the result of deliberation, by what or by whom , we need go no further than the Sun and the Moon, the He and the She as Serrano said. It can all be changed like the scenery in a dream as the Mandela effect has taught the fools who thought themselves Masters. There are many gods but there are only two Masters.
    "If two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move Away,' and it will move away." Verse 48: The Gospel of Thomas
    "When you make the two one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, 'Mountain, move away,' it will move away." Verse 106: The Gospel of Thomas

  47. Jack, I have read Serrano before and it's fantastic stuff – literally. The only problem I had, though, is that he writes of planets and moons and comets, etc. And alien races from other material planets in our 'universe.'

    But, given that the earth is a 'flat' plane, and that space/planets/stars do not exist in the way they're portrayed by, say, NASA, where does that leave us, so to speak?

    Any 'light' you could cast on this would be very much appreciated.


  48. I reply with a resounding "perhaps".
    If indeed any and all possibilities spawn their own worlds, then for them to have equal significance, they must include equal consciousness.
    Robert Monroe wrote in depth concerning his OOBE where he found himself in what he rationalized as an alternate reality, and we know of the mathematical conclusions that suggest such as extant, but we are overlooking that the seat of our consciousness in this region. It is one thing to travel to distant places, and something else entirely to reside in them.
    Many have believed that consciousness hovers around a set point, and that this set point is mutable. Other than providing this set point with it's own term, no one seems to be able to describe what it is, and where it's being moved to, further it has only been hinted at through speculation and fiction.
    The closest most come to experiential contact with their set point of consciousness is the act of awakening from sleep, where the symbolic gives way to the image of space and time. Thus the set point itself is not fixed, but explores the range between these two poles, which is in agreement with the laws of creation.
    Transcendence of the setpoint, is then the changing of frequency, which is to say vibration, which means sound. Yet it is far more than it first appears. What does it mean for one to change their vibratory pitch? Without a deeper comprehension of that vibratory pattern, it's meaningless.
    Finally, to revisit our opening statement, consciousness is the active force in creation. Only consciousness can devise simple machines, only consciousness can become aware of the riddle of it's own existence, and only consciousness can construct reality as a narrative, a story.
    Robert Monroe never discovered what happened to the consciousness he displaced during his OOBEs. He speculated that some switching of places occurred, but he never demonstrated this beyond speculation.
    Regardless, his consciousness always returned to his native reality, and he died here with the rest of the plebians.
    In the end, the myriad of possibilities are an interesting postulate, yet have little practical bearing on the problem of survival, which is going to come to the forefront with increasing insistence. Perhaps it's best to take a clue from the ancestors. They were aware of other worlds, travelled to and from them whence necessary for wisdom and comfort, but they lived and died here, with as much quality as they could embody.


  49. When I first began writing for Veterans Today I told Gordon Duff that I know more about the occult than any man will ever live to know. I stand by that statement but I have made friends since that have taught me things that I did not know. Orage is one of them. Another wishes to remain in the shadows for now but they introduced me to the writings of Miguel Serrano. I could not believe what I was reading at first; Serrano had covered in depth just what my unpublished book and the unpublished 7, 8 and 9 of the Behind the Bush pieces are about. Rest assured we will get to Miguel Serrano but until we do I will share the links here that he has supplied me with
    Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version) https://oregoncoug.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/adolf-hitler-the-ultimate-avatar-part-one.pdf

    Miguel Serrano Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II https://oregoncoug.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/adolf-hitler-the-
    Serrano Miguel – El Ella Book of Magic Love

    Miguel Serrano – NOS Book of the Resurrection

    Son of the widower Serrano Miguel https://oregoncougbooks.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/son-of-the-widower.pdf

  50. Orage,
    I assumed but wasn't positive that you are male. It's no wonder I feel overwhelmed. There's a lot of juice here especially for a rookie. If you're asking me if I'm ready to embrace natural born mysticism, the answer is yes. If you're asking me if I think I can pull it off, the answer is tentatively affirmative. As far as the fun goes, that would be heavenly so I'm invested and motivated. I'm anticipating the completion of this project and I'm convinced that my sight will have improved by that day.

  51. Then again, things are manyfold. Es gibt immer sonne und sonne. Don't try to machine translate that XD -People are not uniform, but unique expressions of the spark. So she could just have been a hag and casually you've entered into a world of giants and living gods and elevated sons and daughtes of man. Did Thor battle a relative of Leviathan? Stay tuned, as we explore the know sources and ask the avenues of research with the Norse. You are invited by license to perform in an excercise, a learning experience of norns, giants and remmemberance. By reading this, you've entered into a crontract, to persue kenning with all your efforts, your faculties and resolve, and of your loalty. But first, Jack has to do a bit of get even. Perhaps even curb stomp them. Odin was a man of flesh who embraced the concept, and rendered the price, including hanging upside down gaining kenning of runes and giving up an eye. He was a hu-man. Question is, what's your resolves. Cling on to the comforts that you may still posess, barely battling back the thoughts and feelings of losing it all. Some of you seek meaning, yet you can only be shown the doors. Your concious mind is that gatekeeper.

    To Kristin: We are all bumbling amateurs who stand on the shoulders of those before us, who were born with it or perhaps where self taught

    Amnesia. It's what for dinner for humanity. No more.

    – Orage

  52. Esoteric Hitlerism is, I believe, an understandable reaction to a system of vicious inversion. We are all forced to deal with this inversion, and the efforts to jackhammer it into consciousness as "positive". The conductors admit the orchestra is playing the demonic dance, all the while calling it a Waltz.
    Gnostic mysticism came directly from experience of finer realms, and the shocking realization of the truth of this one. In this sense, Mr Serrano followed the time honoured tradition of climbing out of the vat of delusion, and scraping the concrete off his core of perception and awareness.
    My personal view of Maria and her Norns exists outside the lense of Esoteric Hitlerism because her work, their work, falls into a more powerful current than the shockwaves of shattered minds.
    I feel a strange bond to these women, their words call forth a glowing presence, the whisper of half forgotten memories, a call, a longing…words fail.
    I fully endorse Orage's translation. Pour over it. Perhaps you will discover for yourself what I write here.
    Of course they were achingly beautiful, the Victory Rune is always beautiful, terrible yet beautiful.
    The misogyny of the vengeful desert cartel is well-known and well-written. It is so much a part of the current paradigm that it is taken for granted. Thus spiritually powerful women must be reduced to hideous creatures. Thus their power is easily dismissed. This is not the way of the ancestors. Keep in mind the plague of inversion, and much will come clear.
    The desert dogs have infected us with their venomous bite, but they have not fully succeeded in their goals, and they never will, for they have sacrificed all to be masters of a shifting image, and this changing ephermera is going to leave them in the dung heap of history.


  53. Thank you, Jack and Orange. I feel fortunate that I am allowed to share in your work. The only factor mitigating the sheer, and potentially threatening, nature of your work lies in its magnitude. How many can apprehend a fraction of your material? Then again, you are speaking to initiates, aren't you.

  54. Well, there seems to be a misogynistic, concerted effort that perhaps stems right from the Monk's insertion into the old material, since the oral narratives were written down by –often Irish– monks.To wit: One day, as they were sailing through these quiet waters, beneath the overhanging cliffs, Bragi tuned his harp, and sang a song of the sea. And then he told Siegfried a story of Aegir and his gold-lit hall.

    Old Aegir was the Ocean-king. At most times he was rude and rough, and his manners were uncouth and boisterous. But when Balder, the Shining One, smiled kindly upon him from above, or when Bragi played his harp by the seashore, or sailed his ship on the waters, the heart of the bluff old king was touched with a kindly feeling, and he tried hard to curb his ungentle passions, and to cease his blustering ways. He was one of the old race of giants; and men believe that he would have been a very good and quiet giant, had it not been for the evil ways of his wife, the crafty Queen Ran. For, however kind at heart the king might be, his good intentions were almost always thwarted by the queen. Ran could never be trusted; and no one, unless it were Loki, the Mischief-maker, could ever say any thing in her praise. She was always lurking among hidden rocks, or in the deep sea, or along the shores of silent fjords, and reaching out with her long lean fingers, seeking to clutch in her greedy grasp whatever prey might unwarily come near her. And many richly-laden vessels, and many brave seamen and daring warriors, had she dragged down to her blue-hung chamber in old Aegir’s hall. – In Aegir’s Kingdom: Heroes of the Olden Times: The Story of Siegfried, Chapter 5 and compare to this:
    Ægir’s daughters, wave maides
    Ægir’s daughters; they go three together when the wind wakes them.
    likely conceptualization of the sea by early Scandinavian societies as “an entity where male and female principles met and mingled,” suggesting that “as both waves and ocean are formed from the same substance"Who are those maids, who fight weaponless around their lord? The darker protect [him] during all the days, but the fairer go forth [to attack].

    All I know that we do know and don't just yet, consciously. I am often in awe, and in wonder when getting deeper and deeper into the material and weltanschauung of the Norse. So rich, and complex compared to desert wrath. Unplanned and elliptical, the process of kenning is well underway by our combined efforts. In my view, that's chose life, in a perfect german word, lebensbejahend, saying yes to life. Still love to see the pictures, documents, letters you mentioned Heretic Drummer. Truly "& friends" now, the blog as it should be.

  55. Haha, things that are important have their ways of returning, as to politely ask: Are you ready now? and I just keep offering it to the archetype, since I am biologically challenged to explore this avenue myself. Funny, unknowing that you were the same that I talked in November. Acceptance helps, and turning up or down intensity of all via a mnemonic device. You can have fun with it, like turning an old-fashioned anchor wheel perhaps, or imagine a remote control. I rub my fingers together. Surrender to the concept, yet in control of the detail you want to asses. Some just delve in, analyst take a different approach.

  56. Right on MK. I should have elaborated more at the end of my posting. It defies logic, history, common sense, and spiritual perspicacity to believe that Maria Orsic and her Vril girls were against the greatest avatar in this time cycle, Adolph Hitler. An avatar is, "One who descends". He descended into this material Hell to combat the Demiurge and his children. We all know what tribe that is. The best material ever written on A.H. is by two Aryan geniuses of unquestionable integrity, Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi. By the way, reading Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles, there are frequent references to the Norns. Cornwell is probably the best writer of historical fiction extant. They are always referred to as ugly, old hags, the antithesis of Maria and her girls. Maria herself is of an exclusive beauty that sets a man's blood on fire and drives him to madness. For a night with her, I would gladly let her cut the thread of my life at her discretion. Hereticdrummer

  57. I'd be more interested in the letters, photos & documents than the assessment of a descendant of a Bastille stormer. Guessing here :p Could you share them, perhaps via Pinterest? The guy can hardly claim copyright on illigal war loot.

  58. You're funny, Orage. I have a screenshot of that comment that I snapped back in November. It was that important. I must have saved it because I knew I was going to need it one day. Today is that day. Thank you for the friendly reminder. I'll tell you a secret 😉 I'm overwhelmed. It's not so bad you know? To be overwhelmed, I mean.

  59. Perhaps, yet I believe she has far more important concerns. This whole shitstem is going KABOOM.
    The first thing those with their asses to the wall jettison is courage, and one needs courage to be an individual. All this absurd lining up behind favorite political gods is just an abandonment of courage, a desperate grasping for a saviour as that yawning chasm opens wide. Thus I tend to read it as a clear indicator that even the bleating minions are starting to panic.
    Lots of fun in store!
    Yeah, of course I'd be honoured, but methinks she has bigger fish to fry.


  60. I haven't read LaFayette, nor do I intend to, simply because anyone who states that Maria and her Norns hated the Reich cannot possibly have any useful insight regarding them, or their work.
    How can I write such?
    In order to understand all this one must first grasp that National Socialism won the death struggle with communism. This was a real war, with international support for the communist takeover of the Reich. For the German citizenry to recruit military veterans to defend Germany, which is what happened, and implore them to come to their aid, was all they could do under the oppression of the treaty of Versailles.
    Despite propaganda suitable to Jewish tastes, the military veterans saved Germany, and the Reich from the plague of communism. Adolf Hitler was a combat veteran. To most citizens, Hitler and the Nazis not only delivered them from a murderous barbaric political system, but from the corruption of the Weimar republic, and the offensive treaty of Versailles.
    Hitler and the Nazis legally ascended to power, and thus were the legitimate native government. The suggestion that Maria had any kind of falling out here is simply ridiculous.
    What almost nobody realizes, especially "Nazi writers", is that the role of Maria and her Norns was ancient, pre-Christian, and directly from racial memory.
    They never bother to understand that the Germanic peoples were advised and guided by spiritually powerful women for untold centuries. See Tacitus, see the Oera Linda, follow the doom of the Goths, read the Eddas, the Raven Chant, source upon source will make this clear for those with eyes that see.
    Maria could not possibly have hated the Reich and performed her ancestral charge as leader of these gifted ladies.
    For those who wish to have a caveat, the Reich remains the true legal government of Germany. The current government is an illegitimate bastard of the occupation. How? Because the Reich never surrendered, never ceded power or established a proxy. Thus the last legitimate leader of the genuine government remains the victor over the fucking commies, Adolf Hitler.


  61. Thank you for that important information, Mr. Heart. My cat's feral. I'd be happy to make your cat a squirrel fur jacket for Christmas. Just send me his size 😉

  62. I hope so Serenity; for once it should be the people like yourself who are fortunate, instead of just the rancher, the herd deserves just what it gets, I think William Cooper said that back in 92 too, 92 was a very good year as was predicted…

  63. I no longer have any intention of removing the scales from the eyes of the minions Sandpainter, its appropriate to be blindfolded when facing a firing squad…

  64. No I don’t but I used to do high end landscaping, it’s what I’ve done all my life and I had a lot of celebrity clients. I had one guy, Jewish guy, one of the nicest men I have ever met. He was a very well known author who had wrote several books on swimming, problem being I don’t think he even knew how to swim. You had to see this guy. I think he would have drowned if you left him unattended in a kiddie pool. I looked Maximillien de Lafayette up for you and apparently he is a very well known author himself, who writes a lot of books…

    I’m not doing this to make money nor am I doing it for attention. I am doing this to set the record straight before the show begins. I am intimately acquainted with the entities you speak of and I do mean intimately. If you ever get to read my as of yet unpublished book that statement will be thoroughly explained. They have went by many names, the Norse called them the Norn, to the Greeks they were Circes and her Sirens and in their different roles Athena, Aphrodite and Diana, to the Dogon they were the Nommo and in the Middle East Isis and her entourage. In Mesopotamia they were commonly known as Ishtar and Inanna and their respective entourages but they are one and the same as Lîlîṯ and the lilītu. There is a fragment of Isaiah in the Dead Sea scrolls that refers to them as liliyyot or liliyyoth, plural because they are a communal entity, just like the gods were supposed to be in Genesis till schlomo changed the meaning of ’ĕlōhîm to suit the purposes of his blood thirsty demon god; whom mind you Christians and Muslims have also been duped into worshiping. The Muslims now refer to them as the Djinn and consider them malevolent; even though it was they who in the days when they ruled Arabia wrote the original 114 verses of the Quran that the degenerate mullahs and drooling Imams have turned into a field manual for savagery and misogyny. There is much much more but you will have to wait till Orage and I cover it in earnest either further along in this piece or in The Hammer of Thor and Academic Mythology. We have already told you more than Maximillien de Lafayette will ever know in The Black Madonna and the Swastika http://jackheart2014.blogspot.com/2014/06/black-sun-rising-part-6-one.html

    At the bottom of that piece you will find links to the Causa Nostra web site, I suggest you read them, even if you don’t speak German and have to run them through a Google translator you will know far more about the ‘girls’ than you will ever know from reading books published by Schlomo for the specific purpose of poisoning your soul through the carefully crafted words of his agents and acolytes…

  65. Jack & Orage, I very much agree with the above well-deserved accolades for your far-reaching research & writing. Those of us who never quite adapted to the "reality of the herd" are indeed fortunate.


  66. Awesome Jack as always. With regard to Winfried Otto Schumann receiving instructions provided by … "beautiful and mysterious female magi channeling technical schematics from disembodied entities",I presume you are referring to Maria Orsic and the Ladies of the Vril. I read a book about them by one Maximillien de Lafayette. It is filled with pictures, photos, and documents from that era, and many alleged quotes by her. It confirms her collaboration and friendship with Schumann. According to de Lafayette, Maria Orsic was vehemently anti Hitler and anti National Socialist/Third Reich. Do you know anything about this?

  67. Wow is right!
    Jack, you are the cat's pajamas!
    Orage you're the cat's top hat 😉
    My cat is a class act, by the way.
    I'm ready for part 2 but could y'all give me a just a little time to adjust. "My lands," as my dear old granny liked to say.
    Much love,

  68. Ah, the next installment is here. Should leave a few with much to mull over. There's a few tidbits for those unwed to the tired official history to follow up on.
    I'm glad you devoted a mention to Maria and her Norns. Their role, and their practice so strongly harmonize with pre-Christian consciousness that we are talking something very deep and mysterious, from the realm beyond the sun, beyond Irmin.
    Excellent piece, worth the wait.


  69. Thank you Jack Heart & Orage for this splendid wave of light that you have conjured into words. Your hard work and research will remove the scales from many eyes and clarify the darkened frequency in which we dwell.

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