It all came to an abrupt ending in the summer of ninety-six. On the weekend of my birthday, we were with Joe and Laurie, and we had taken their camping trailer out on the beach at Smiths Point. Laurie’s Joe was friends with the government security lady. He had the keys to her condo, which he spent a lot of time in when she was away. He was very different from military Joe and although he wasn’t a big man; right beneath his warm and friendly veneer there was something menacing about him, much like myself at the time but with Joe there was an undertone of malice.

He was the only one who would answer me back. One night in the courtyard round about the second or third keg I was accusing them all of being aliens, haranguing all of them for being Wyrdos, M too. None of it was unusual. I didn’t keep my mouth shut about what I saw and heard, leastways not to the perpetrators. As if he had been waiting for it Joe says to me “you’re always accusing everybody else of being an alien. Haven’t you figured it out yet? You’re the alien.” Then military Joe immediately jumps to my defense denying for everything he’s worth that I’m an alien and aggressively admonishing Joe for saying such a thing to me. There were about a dozen other people out there listening to this bizarre exchange intently. Afterwards no one said a thing for the rest of the night.

Joe and Laurie had a three foot Iguana that had the run of their place and M and I had a three foot Savannah Monitor named Gizmo that I had bought as a hatchling before I went away in 1990.  Gizmo lived under the couch; usually…

Joe and Laurie also shared our appetite for cocaine and sex; both were very much fueling the two day party at Smiths Point that July weekend. The night on the beach was one of the strangest of the many strange nights I have known. Around sundown a couple of unmarked black helicopters passed over, going from west to east along the surf line, which was about the length of a football field down from the camper. No sooner had I remarked to Joe about how low they were flying than another appears in the west heading east along the beach no higher than a couple of hundred feet. Joe stepped out from the camper and walked down a ways toward the beach so his silhouette was clear in the light of the setting sun and started signaling toward it like he was hailing a cab. By then I could see it was a brand new Apache gunship painted gun medal black with no markings. It veered up the beach straight at us and settled over our camper so close that the sand from its prop wash was stinging my face. All the while Joe was acting like it was a joke. He continued to signal the pilot who if he could roll down the window was by now close enough to spit on him. After about thirty seconds of this the gunship rose to about four hundred feet and took off to the east.

I don’t remember it getting dark, but I was probably in the camper doing something obscene with M. When we came out there was a firework display on the bay side of the island and a lot of boats had come in close on the ocean side to watch. The barrier beach is less than a thousand feet wide at Smiths Point, so they had front row seats, along with us and everybody else who had a camper on the beach. About a quarter mile offshore, all lit up, was a boat that was close to three hundred foot long. It dwarfed the eighty to hundred and twenty foot party boats that were out there. The water is no more than twenty to twenty five foot deep where it was. I have never seen a boat that big that close to a Long Island beach. I could not see what kind of boat it was. But it was there and then it was gone, I didn’t see it coming in or going back out. When the display was over, we went inside the camper to resume our explorations into the outer perimeters of cocaine intoxication and human orgasm.

When we came back out there was nobody, not a single soul on the beach and the campers around us looked eerily deserted; in fact they looked like the tombstones in a graveyard. The darkness seemed perceptibly tinged with a blue haze and the beach shimmered with a pale white glow. The only sound was the sound of the surf. All the boats were gone except for the three hundred footer. It was now a good three miles off the beach where it would stay for the rest of the night. It was the only other sign of life that night except for the light display that was taking place high in the eastern sky over the ocean. There were so many lights coming and going it could only have been a military exercise. But Joe started insisting they were UFO’s.

He wrapped himself in a beach blanket to look like Moses. He already had the long staff which he had carved from a piece of bamboo earlier. He climbed to the top of the highest dune, about thirty feet and began a sermon about how if we wanted to leave, all we had to do is want them too and they would come and get us. Uncannily, one of the lights broke off as if on cue and started heading towards us. It seemed like it took forever to get to us and as it did the light on it grew brighter and brighter. When it finally got close enough to see it turned out to be a helicopter with a search light. Joe still standing on the sand dune in his Moses attire solemnly pronounced that one of us didn’t want to see it so that’s how we all saw it, as a helicopter. If everyone had really wanted to see it it would have remained a UFO which was really what it was. Everyone laughed uneasily.

We were in an alternate reality, a parallel universe. Back then, we didn’t know what it was called, but I’m pretty sure we all knew we were in one.

There was nobody around, not one of the thousands of people camped out at Smiths Point beach that night was to be seen, not a soul and we knew there wasn’t going to be any either. Feeling sensual in a very dark kind of way, M and I went over the dunes to explore the bay side of the island, among other things. I don’t remember when we took our cloths off, but I remember skinny dipping in the bay. When we came out we sat on a blanket she had set up on a dune. Suddenly, I felt what I thought was a hypodermic needle being pushed into my shoulder. I swatted at it and saw her do the same to her arm. After it happened a couple of more times to each of us I did end up mashing what appeared to be a very large mosquito on my forearm but she and I were just looking at each other. I lived on the water all my life and I’ve been bitten by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes, never like this. We grabbed up our stuff and ran full speed back to the camper not bothering to put our cloths back on. When we broke into the path between the dunes that led to the camper, I stopped short and so did she. Right in front of us was a ditch big enough to bury the camper in. It wouldn’t be there in the morning but that night we had to go around it to get back. We both saw it, nearly ran right into it.

Somehow I had pulled my shorts on by the time we found Joe and Laurie detaching their Bronco from the camper. Joe was making a joke out of it and saying he wanted to take a ride down to the inlet to see if there were any people left in this world but he was really going and wanted us to come. M suddenly became panic stricken, insisting that I should go but she had to stay there. I ended up riding in the front with Joe while Laurie sat in the back, as we drove the mile or so east down the deserted surf line to Moriches inlet. I can’t recall whether the light show in the eastern sky was still going on, but I remember seeing the lights of the inlet reflected on its black water. I don’t remember anything after that till daybreak, when I was tending a bonfire in front of the camper and trying to make out what kind of boat the three hundred foot enigma still out there was. I never was able to identify it, even in the morning light.

It was just a few nights later, M and I were bouncing around the bars on Park Avenue in Babylon with my cousin and his fiancé when we first heard the news. TWA Flight 800 out of Kennedy Airport, scheduled to stop in Paris and Rome, had just gone down about a dozen miles off the beach east of Moriches Inlet. Two hundred and thirty people were killed including a bunch of teenage girls who were going to see Paris for their summer vacation. The plane had gone down exactly where we had seen the light show a few nights before.

What ensued was the largest recovery operation in the history of aviation. Everything they found that wasn’t the black boxes or a corpse went right to an old Grumman facility in Calverton which was the command center for the entire “investigation.” The whole thing was a mega production circus act worthy of Zahi Hawass. The investigation actually included the FBI’s undocumented removal of wreckage from the facility. The facility is practically right next door to the Brookhaven Lab. No plausible explanation for why Flight 800 went down ever has been given.

I was horrified. I actually moved out of the condo and back into my old room at my mothers. When M came over with the kids, I didn’t say what I suspected, I just told her I couldn’t live with the drug dealing and nonstop partying anymore. She stayed that night and early in the morning there was a knock at the door. When she answered it was the police and they had a warrant for her arrest. My sister came in my room and told me. When I went out to the living room to ask questions; I too was arrested. When they took us to booking in Yaphank in the Southwest corner of Brookhaven Township, there were about eighty people in handcuffs, almost all of them involved with Long Islands strip club industry. It was one of the biggest narcotics investigations ever in Suffolk County and our phones had been tapped for years. It may have made the front page for the day but just like all the other news on Long Island that summer it would be brushed aside by the Flight 800 investigation in the days that followed. The cops, many of them in black hoods to cover their faces, weren’t even talking about their big bust, except for maybe the asses on some of the strippers they now had in handcuffs. All they were talking about was Flight 800. Because I had nothing to do with their drug ring and they didn’t even know what they were charging me with, I wasn’t worried. They certainly didn’t have me on a wiretap, I never sold any coke. Because of what I had seen on the beach days before Flight 800 went down, I listened to their chatter intently.

The consensus among the cops was it had been terrorists and it was being covered up to avoid an international incident. Many of them had been the first responders out of Yaphank; the precinct that covers Smiths Point and Moriches Inlet. I heard them saying that a speed boat had come in from offshore and picked up something at Moriches Inlet then made its way back offshore in a hurry and shot the plane down with a hand held anti-aircraft missile from about seven miles off the beach. They had it all on radar. The speed boat then simply vanished from the radar screen. The cops were speculating that it may have been picked up by a submarine. They had been told not to talk about it by the FBI but a couple of them seemed to be going out of their way to talk about it, in front of me…

M had been charged with two high felonies and she had been bailed out the same day by her father. I was charged with purchasing forty dollars worth of cocaine on the phone from Carmine; an E felony only to a cop with a vivid imagination and a district attorney fresh out of law school. It would eventually be plea bargained down to a fifty dollar fine, but in the meantime nobody bailed me out and I had to spend the weekend in the Riverhead correctional facility. It all got just too Wyrd when they put me on the tier with John Ford; the guy who had tried to poison Suffolk County’s political bosses with radium. When I found out who he was, I told him I knew Preston Nichols and he looked like I had just kicked him in the nuts. His whole body sagged and he turned a “whiter shade of pale” as they say. He said nothing to me for the rest of the weekend. Indeed, he would not come out of his cell after that. I was bailed out Monday morning by my sister.

Unfortunately, children grow up; my daughters did. One became a vicious money grubbing yuppie and the other followed in M’s family tradition of dedicated service in the strip club industry. When the bodies of strippers and call girls started turning up at Gilgo Beach, one or two snatched from right around the block of a club she worked at, I spent many a sleepless night. I had a friend, my best friend since I was eleven years old, probably the most feared assassin to ever stalk the underworld. Some of his early work with the neighbors in a house in Amityville, the next door over from the one we both grew up in, and I suspect as one of the Son of Sam shooters, is very well known. He’s dead now, so I can say it. I hadn’t seen him in twenty years and from out of the blue he called my mother’s phone early on a December morning of 2011 and left a long drawn out message on the machine about how a friend of mine had just committed suicide and he figured he better call me and tell me before I heard about it on the news. It turned out to be one of my wholesalers, the biggest landscape supplier on Long Island and a major player in its real estate game. He had just purchased a twelve million dollar home and nobody could understand why he had just blown his brains all over his car in an east end park, right before a lunch date with his best friend. I couldn’t figure out how my friend had known about it seemingly almost before it happened and why he had bothered calling me after all those years, on my mother’s unlisted number. I’m not that sentimental and he of all people knew that.

In the ensuing days it would come out among Long Islands politically connected that the father, who had started the landscape supply business, a man I had known since I was eighteen, was being held by the police. The rumor was, bodies or pieces of the bodies connected to Gilgo Beach were being dug up on the father’s property. The family owned chunks of Brookhaven and the good part of Riverhead. Long Island’s rag of a newspaper had even printed something to the effect that the father was being questioned by police but quickly withdrew it with a disclaimer. The whole thing was covered up. As noted on the investigative journalism show 48 Hours by the mother of Shannon Gilbert, the murdered call girl whose disappearance led to the discovery of her own and eleven other bodies around the Gilgo Beach area, Long Island is “an evil dirty place.” What she said about Oak Beach applies to most of the east end. “It’s isolated. It’s desolate. It’s a rich community. You’ve got doctors and cops and very very wealthy people who live there. No one’s ever going to think that that’s a bad dangerous area. But it is.” (19) Shortly after making that statement on National TV she would be murdered by her other daughter, Shannon’s sister, who is said to be insane but appears perfectly normal in the show. Her murder effectively ended the media investigation which she had started into the blatant police cover up of her daughters and most likely the eleven other murders. (20)

When I called the number back a couple of days later that my friend had left on my mother’s answering machine I started to tell him what I’d heard about the suicide, which by then was major news on Long Island. He claimed he had never heard of the guy. Having been through that drill before with him, I shut up immediately and never mentioned it again until now. I would find out later that the friend the suicide victim was scheduled to eat lunch with was a friend of both M and my daughter and a regular at the club they both worked at, if not an owner as he claimed to them. He has been very good about severing his ties with my family.

I started thinking after that about how many people had died that this guy may have just found offensive and how they always seemed to be found shot dead in their own cars as if their assailant had been sitting in the car with them. There were the two guys in the Pagans motorcycle gang, the stripper that got carved up in North Amityville, the wrestler at the Crazy Clown, a drug dealer who like the wrestler worked for a mob family he didn’t like, the whole thing about the Defeo’s and the “Amityville Horror” when he was only fifteen and all the urban legend whispered among the Amityville locals. Even the cops were afraid of this guy. I’d seen it myself when we went to the funeral of the wrestler with M. Suffolk County homicide, legendarily brutal cops with a 95% confession rate, stammering and groveling in the middle of the funeral parlor, while the widow tearfully begged him to help them…

That was just what I had seen happen around me. He didn’t advertise and never ever admitted to anything. I knew how he did it; he had done it to me, right after the two incidents with M that featured me being hauled off in ambulances in the summer of eighty-nine. A few weeks later I had gone to Cypress Hills with a friend of mine we called Whitehead. Back then, you could buy an eighth of an ounce of premium coke for seventy-five dollars on the corner there. You didn’t even have to get out of the car. When we came back to Babylon, we went to another friend of mine named Geirs apartment. I needed some space from M, it wasn’t so much all the supernatural stuff. I found that fascinating but there was someone else I was in love with, little did I know then that she was M’s friend in the mirror…

I needed to think, but cocaine sure wasn’t going to help with this one. I had another panic attack in Geirs apartment. I was screaming and yelling, and I broke one of his windows. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and they wrestled it away from me. I accidently got stabbed through an artery in my bicep. Unless pressure was applied to the wound it spurted blood three feet out every time my heart pumped. We wrapped it up, then I continued with my insanity. The fact that neither one of them ran out on me attests to a superhuman fortitude on their part. The police never came and the landlord that lived right downstairs never said anything to Geir that he had a crazy man up in his apartment. It was all very strange, just like the other two incidents had been. Every time they got me calmed down, I would do another huge line and start all over again. Geir, referring to what I could sense was in the room with us, kept saying “did you ever think that all those things were really here and they’re just waiting for you to die so they can get to you.” I said “Geir, on the day my soul leaves my body they will be running to the furthest reaches of hell to hide from me. You just don’t get it. I want to die. This way I can get even with them, and I don’t have to deal with these two bitches anymore!” There was a knock at the door, and somebody came up the stairs. I do not know why, but for some reason I could not see who it was. They put a wet washcloth over my eyes and whoever it was held me from behind. He was much stronger than Geir and Whitehead combined and Geir and Whitehead were both very strong men. He was much stronger even than me. Sometime during the night, even though I was wired out of my mind on cocaine, I must have passed out. When I awoke that morning sunlight was streaming through the window. Whitehead and Geir were both passed out sitting up on the sofa. I woke them both up and asked them who had come over to help them last night with me. Neither one of them would answer but I knew who it was. There was only one person I knew of who was stronger than me. Try as I will, even to this very day I cannot remember ever seeing his face that night. He is the one who taught me about Aleister Crowley. His people were all high-ranking German freemasons on his father’s side. In fact his grandfather whom I was always told came over as a refuge from WW II looked a lot like the man in the picture of Dr. Heinz Schlicke… Sometimes in order to maintain ones roots in “the world of the living,” as Don Henley calls this, it’s necessary to compartmentalize the experiences you’ve had outside that world and lock them in the back of your brain in a neat little box labeled Do Not Open. That’s the difference between those who remain paralyzed for life from PTSD and those who have learned how to forget and are seemingly “normal” after undergoing traumatic events.

I had already been writing for a couple of years on Open Salon (OS) and people like John Blumenthal, one of the premier authors in America and editor of Playboy Magazine for a score of years, had told me I was good at it. I had been toying with the idea of writing a book but never of opening the little box. I was going to write about the strip club scene circa turn of the twenty-first century when I had done security for the owner of the Café Royale; probably the finest strip club in New York at the time. At least that was the consensus among its customers, strippers and the weekly featured national porn stars. There would be sex with stunningly beautiful woman and lots of funny stories about gangsters and celebrities. I figured I could make some money now that I knew how to type, which I had painstakingly taught myself to do on Open Salon while being tutored in the art of writing by some of the best in the business.

I had forgotten about the twentieth century. I had to, if I wanted to live in the twenty-first. I had lived fifteen years in a world that I knew wasn’t real. But as Bob Dylan noted in Tangled Up in Blue: “But all the while I was alone the past was close behind…”

By the end of 2011, my daughters were grown; I drank too much, ate too much and did too many drugs. I had three or four different prescriptions just to get to sleep at night, not to mention a hip that needed replacing and at least a half dozen other old wounds that gave me trouble. I made good money doing landscaping, but after thirty years there was no more future in it for me. Quite desperation was the best I could hope for. I had forgotten all about the little box. When my friend dropped back into my life after twenty years with his customary homicidal greeting, I began to remember. I started thinking, why not write the book? Everyone else writes a book. Why not write the book? I went to go see him and run the idea by him. I would never do it without his consent. His first answer was a resounding no, but when I explained to him the circumstances of our impeding old age, he lightened up. Although he still didn’t think it was a good idea. I don’t think he could get past the half dozen or so unsolved homicides he knew would come up, besides all that old stuff about the Amityville incident. But by the time I left, he had grudgingly consented. In the months that followed he did a complete about face and started calling me up and telling me what else to put in it; including an all night bar fight at the Coaches Four with the notorious Pagan Vinnie Gamblers old crew. That was his idea. I had already begun with two apocalyptic brawls involving the Pagans. I thought throwing in a quaint little getting to know you fistfight was too much, but he insisted. Now I think I know why. Vinnie and his girlfriend; Grace the top billed stripper on the circuit in the late eighties, would have prominent parts in the narrative. I didn’t know that when I began the book. I had played the Fool through the whole thing. All I knew was I was giving an eyewitness account of the Babylon Working and I only knew that because Preston Nichol’s had clued me in years after the fact. But my friend knew, he had always known, probably since we were eleven years old…

After the Vietnam War, the Pagans –many of them combat veterans of Nam– had taken over Long Island’s underworld, if not Long Island itself. The papers were full of their exploits. The police had at one time attempted to interfere with one of their funeral processions which were always over a hundred bikes long and guaranteed to halt traffic three towns away. Two yahoo cops pulled it over resulting in a beating for every cop on the east end of Long Island dumb enough to respond to their call for backup. I don’t remember how it turned out legally for the club. I was a kid at the time, but I do remember that the two cops had to be put in the Federal Witness Protection program. Even the Hell’s Angels gave the Pagans a wide birth. The Angels had a really happening clubhouse in lower Manhattan and the run of all NYC, but no Angel would dare step foot on Long Island during the seventies and eighties. It was rumored that Mick Jagger refused to use his multimillion dollar mansion in the Hamptons, because the Pagans considered him a Hell’s Angel. They had a clubhouse out in the Hamptons, but their capital buildings and the place from which they ran Long Islands thriving strip club industry were two bars; Gaslight and Bogart’s right across the street from Babylon Town Hall. Various Norse occult insignias were emblazoned on the backs of their jackets, yet when I met her at the bars I didn’t get all this. Like I said, the Fool, but my friend was with me. He had arranged the whole thing, he got it. He was a German…

He’s been dead a couple of years now. Seven of the main characters in the book have died since its completion. The last one was Grace who died abruptly in England right after we published the first part of this essay; Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head. All have died unexpectedly, some “overdoses,” some for no apparent reason at all. They ranged in age from late forty’s to mid fifties.

By the end of 2012 the book Those Who would Arouse Leviathan was done. If you believed what’s in it, and back then I still didn’t, it’s the most important thing ever written. Personally I just thought I’d written a best seller, as I’d intended from the start. Now I wanted the money. I read everything I could find on writing a query then I wrote a better one and sent it to all relevant publishers and literary agents in hard copy; along with a synopsis and partial manuscript, as required by individual submission policies. It cost me a few hundred dollars but I figured after the initial expense I could sit back and sell to the highest bidder. All I got back was the self addressed stamped envelopes requested in some submission guidelines for responses. They were stuffed with a form letter politely saying that my manuscript wasn’t for them. I suspected there was something very wrong, what I’d written was an instant bestseller and I knew it. But when the post office left a note on my door to come down and pick up a piece of certified mail I was certain the worm had turned. What I got back was my partial manuscript, synopsis and query, certified mail at the publisher’s expense. This is unheard of in the publishing business. The publisher would go broke in a month. Unwanted manuscripts and submissions are discarded. No one takes money out of their pocket for an unsolicited submission except the party doing the submitting. In the packet was an interoffice memo from the office of literary agent Suzanne Gluck to the legal department of the Morris Agency, in reference to my manuscript, stating “I just wanted to make sure we have a record of receiving it. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

My friend wanted me to self-publish. John Blumenthal told me the same thing. He told me that with the effect the internet has had on the publishing industry that was now the best way to go, you retain all the rights. That’s what he had just done with his latest novel Three and a Half Virgins. But I’m not a famous writer like him and I had no intention of peddling my own book. I still don’t. By the summer of 2013 assorted gremlins and spooks had begun to tumble out every window I opened on the internet. From the things I saw them doing, manipulating Facebook like it was some kind of video game and indeed the internet itself, they were professionals of the highest caliber. They were showing off and briefing me in the same motion, all the while pushing me to write for Veterans Today (VT). By then I had become well acquainted with the Glen Greenwald crowd from OS and their myopic view of a world that doesn’t extend beyond the “teachings” of Noam Chomsky. They had no idea how the world really works. Most of the writers on Veterans Today didn’t either, just filling in Jew when they couldn’t figure something out. But Gordon Duff, the senior editor of VT, was different. He knew “the News” was just a euphemism they use for the pig slop they feed to the farm animals. He sometimes used his position as a journalist to accidentally on purpose blurt out the truth. Usually, it would be in interviews that were quickly removed from the internet but not before I heard them. From what I heard I knew he had seen what I had seen and I hadn’t been able to say that since I met Preston Nichols. After polishing it up a bit I submitted a term paper to Gordon Duff for publication in VT that I had recently written on Afghanistan in order for the vicious yuppie to get her Business Associates. I explained to him in the email I sent it with that intelligence work was not really my forte, but I knew more about the occult than any man would ever live to know. I told him I would write a multi-part essay for him on the prophecies that are driving the world’s current events, events which are otherwise impossible to understand without knowledge of those prophecies. He didn’t even ask any questions. He just told me to go for it…

While writing on OS, I had publishedThe Cross, the Rabbi and the Skinwalkertowards the end of 2011. In seventeen thousand or so words I presented irrefutable proof of a massive academic conspiracy to cover history up rather than teach it. The information in that piece immediately went viral. Scott Wolter, whose evidence for the authenticity of the Kensington Rune Stone a tablet that puts the Norse in America hundreds of years before Columbus, was prominently featured. He found himself the host of a new TV show, Unearthing America, months after its publication. Ancient Aliens was plagiarizing whole sections with impunity, at least until Phillip Coppens, the show’s star “researcher,” died of galloping cancer at the end of 2012. They say the extremely rare cancer that afflicted him; Angiosarcoma, is commonly found only in dogs…

For Gordon Duff, I would write Behind the Bush, Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon close to thirty thousand words which I broke up into nine parts. For the first five parts I relied heavily on the information in the Skinwalker piece to prove that Synarchism existed long before Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre coined the word in the latter part of the nineteenth century to describe rule by secret society. The Brotherhood of the Snake, what would now be referred to as the Illuminati, is referenced in the earliest known form of writing, the cuneiform tablets of ancient Sumer or Babylon.

Parts six to nine contained their deepest darkest secrets, which I know because I lived them. For them I needed look no further than my unpublished book. Everything that was in parts six to nine is in the book. I figured if I am a good enough writer, and I know I am, I could force the book’s publication by using the Internet to create a demand for the information. After working day and night for two months straight I finally finished at 4:30 in the morning on a Sunday and immediately forwarded the first five parts followed by the last four to Gordon Duff. It wasn’t five minutes before part 1 was on VT, as if he had been waiting for it. Three hours later it was viral. When I read the VT version, there was a hyperlink on the words Brotherhood of the Snake that wasn’t in what I submitted. The link went to a journal titled Contact, The Phoenix Project Journal, volume 33; number 5 issued August 22, 2001

© Jack Heart 2017


19 – “The Long Island Serial Killer – Uncaught Psychopath Terrorizing NY (Crime Documentary) (0:16).”
20 – Ibid: whole episode.

Editors note: No endless banging on in the comments on this piece, pun intended. Pertinent replies only for this one. – Orage

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    (THAT'S the revelation that mouth breathing, fundy Xian lunatics everywhere struggle with, bless their little hearts. They think it's all gonna grace-fall down gently like a fresh sprinklin' o' snow on a muddy ol' field. All's THEY have to do is thump a Bible, wobble about, fall on the floor and say weird s**t, donate half o' their hard earned spondoolicks to Israel, get told what to think by "people-demons" like Jim Hagee, and lecture the rest of us on Right n' Wrong in order to "save" (LOLLL~) their own silly, pathetic arses!

    Not to mention their having access to some VERY big bombs and missiles and s**t, courtesy of the good 'ol U.S. military which they seem to have penetrated thoroughly according to G.D. ~

    And they call us Catholics bad? Hey!! JFK was a Catholic, and do ya think HE was stupid???


    But Good Luck with that!!

    …..Gott im Himmel, so to speak, if owwwnnnnly it were allllll~ that simple~)

    Anon., I do hope this clears things up for you, somewhat.

    Peace Out,

    B. Royale~

  7. Certes, My Liege.

    Although, and if I might be so bold as to suggest, perhaps an expatiation on your part upon the use of the word 'trust' would be in order – to appease the more, ahhhh, cynical amongst us?

    ….For Blessed art thou, amongst women, and Blessed…

    …er, sorry! Wrong blog…


  8. All Hail, Lord Jack.
    He is in sooth, a Goodfella….who needs fame and fortune when it is in sooth a Sense of Humour that is required in order to grace this Right Here Realm….this shall be our Armour.

    We who are all going to die (eventually), Salute you!

    The Merry Pranksters, xx

  9. Oh, don't be such a qoh*, Stanley! Explain to us how, exactly, these so-called Hebraons got here to Earth when even the most sophisticated men of the day traveled from point A to point B on a freaking camel?
    Manure powered star ships, was it?
    Dang! No points for the Pointy Hats!

    *qoh = Klingon for stoopid!

    (C'mon, man – keep it real, would ya? Permission to comment does come with certain responsibilities, ya know.)


  10. "Queen of Hearts"

    Once I was glad,
    Always happy never sad,
    And every day
    Felt like Sunday
    And although things were slow
    Never seemed to have no dough
    Somehow, I never once got lonely
    Ya' see the fact is more or less
    You're gamblin' with your own happiness
    And most all your would be friends
    Turn out so phoney

    Oh but times they change
    And Im through the rains
    And Im seein the Queen of Hearts
    Dont know where to start
    Or how to stop

    And after things have come and gone
    Left me feelin'
    That I've done so wrong
    Oh, I've spent so much time
    Feelin' guilty
    And as I watch you sit across the room
    Beautiful as the flowers bloom
    Living it just one day
    Oh brother youre gonna come back
    To find me gone

    I love you queen of Hearts
    Tell me not to stop
    Just tell me where
    To start
    Where now baby
    Tell me where to start

    And after all that weve been through
    I find that when I think of you
    A warm soft wind runs
    Through and through
    And in my heart
    Theres only you
    And I will always keep on trying
    To gather this strange piece of mind
    Without it thered be
    Lonely me and
    Oh darlin lonely you

    I love you Queen of Hearts
    Dont tell me when to stop
    Tell me when to start

    I love you queen of Hearts
    Tell me not to stop
    Just tell me where
    To start

    Writer(s): Gregg L. Allman

  11. The Plejaren word for earth human donkey:Hebaraon

    "The third Earth nation was none in itself, because it treated of a worldwide spread alliance of gypsies, which was interspersed
    by spies and saboteurs of Jehavon, who with the gypsies caused dissension everywhere, greedily drawing every thing to themselves and always were always eager to rob, burn, and murder, for which reason one called them the HEBREWS, by the ancient language of our
    forefathers the HEBRAONS. These names are equivalent to GYPSIES, DREGS OF SOCIETY and OUTCAST in meaning of the ancient language, which has not gotten transferred to your present languages, for the meaning of your present term for gypsies is the wanderers, traveling people and the unsettled ones. By that should be cleared up, the present people of the gypsies have nothing in common with the then Hebraons, who proclaimed themselves the first-born people and the chosen ones as their descendants, the Jews of today, still dare to pretend this. In truth, the Hebraons had been the real dregs of society and outcasts of earth humankind, because they constantly incited fights an quarrels within the whole world, which is still maintained to the present. Peace on Earth will finally be then when, when this might thirsty and murderous self-called Hebraon race-connection has become completely dissolved."
    Now what?

  12. LOL! Obviously she has more than enough to do that. The problem with them is they keep getting trampled by the chamber maids donkey. And although there are those who now hate me for it I really appreciate what you have brought to this thread and perhaps even to this world, just sent a poem from 25 years ago to Orage to publish. So using Nietzsche's system from The Birth of Tragedy Dionysus will entertain you while Apollo calculates part 4…

  13. "Evil" has already been defeated, Jack. And it indubitably exists as an independent, "living" entity. Like all sore losers, though, "he" doesn't know when to "quit." Best to respond, from Our point of view, rather than attempt to provide any explanations – because the "Good Lord" has provided us AAALLLLLLLLL with the grounds to trust~

    After all, and as that clever old faker (fakir?) himself put it: "Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."

    But good luck to all those who'd be so foolish as to try~ Like you, Jack, we're in awe of "Her" – We just choose to Respond in different ways.

    The full – and little understood as is clear by many of the comments on this here board – mystery of Xian baptism is that its purpose isn't to cleanse, but to plunge into the fire of the purifying(?) battle for "being." Not hiding in the shadows like some left-brained freak-show, but enduring the sweat and toil, of the Cross.

    (Which is analogous to Human Suffering, of course (and not just some "Jew" – which He Wasn't – on a stick, thank Grud!); because, and as the Great Brother Teilhard – tut! tut! Rap that guy on the knuckles, Ratzy, babee – himself has said, most thinking Xians see the movement of Creation as one from the Multiple to the Unitary. This process requires suffering and death, irrespective of the agents of same. And, as we know from our history, what better way in which to force multiply, "divert" and "corrupt" this suffering than by the penetration and infiltration of our very best Institutions~)

    You deserved a better explanation as to where We are coming from!

    And if that doesnna suit you, Mikey? Well then, use it as more ammo, darn you~~~!!

    Just aim for meee bum, please~~

    Ooooooh! n' Ouch! Suits you, Sir~ But we do probably deserve it, in sooth!



    p.s. Can't wait for Party IV!! 'Tis fortifying bellytimber for us mere mortals, indeed~ Respect to y'all seeking Truth on the Parallel Way~

  14. The decision on angels has already been rendered Banger. That ones easy. I do not envy those who must judge this world, they better be saints. They will have to be to overrule Pyramid Head…

  15. Certes! Danny, my son~~

    You do in sooth know that We will judge Angels~

    You do…….in sooth…….know that We Saints will judge the World.

    Is that not wondrous?

    Blessings upon all foul mouthed urchins everywhere~~~

  16. guys Stan is obviously retarded you might be losing site of that from those lofty heights of perfect philanthropical Allllllllll-site, haha

  17. Oh, Reeeeeeeeeeeallllly, Anon.? You Saint of Patience, you~

    Why don't you do a Chelsea Clinton, and define yourself on your resume as a "Humanitarian" ~

    Remember, though, that you're dealing with a form of creature who thinks that those weird flashing lights zipping around the sky are really from the Sirius A System's forward staging base for the inter-galactic Space Fleet that's coming to arrest the global elites and perp-walk them down Constitution Avenue!!!!

    (after they do Dallas, that is~)


    Too funny~ but I recommend that you save your energies for the real competition, this Autumn. Much more fun.

    And remember, the Great Man reveals his Greatness through his treatment of the Small Man.

    Don't be cruel, you old sot!

  18. Stan, psssssssssst! Between you and me: r-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n, remember?
    etc., etc.
    (Odin is watching – don't disappoint Him, schatze! – or should that be careeenyo?)

    And, you're making an awwwwfulll show of yourself! Just as Lord Banger entrusted you with the keys!!!

    p.s. You can do it!!!!!

  19. Stan don't let them pick on you. They are mean in the mean world. Stop being mean to them.
    I tried to fix it one time so that I could have friends all over the place because I didn't believe vomitty newspapers and stuff but it didn't work. So I'm stuck down here with my phone and I don't even know how to work the stupid thing. I just figured out that there's a notify button over there so every time I come on here I'm scrolling up and down the page. I wasn't paying attention. I'm broke. We'll almost. Still, I was like nah I don't want that going in my inbox. I hate these machines but I love them. Kind of like that dang sugar. It's something they say. Coveting. I think that's what they call it. I don't like it. I take rules too seriously and I can't lie worth shit. Well let's be honest some rules. That's me. So you know it is what it is. My friend Paul he hates that saying so I fixed it for him. It is what it is until it's knot. I call him Old Man River cause he's an old man. He is a trip.The Jesuits wanted him but he liked to chase skirt too much so he missed out on all the special deals they get and all that bullshit so they say. Whatever. It seemed to me that he had regrets. That sucks. You know. He's doing ok I guess. I'm glad he's over there. Still, I got no use for most of these fucking people. These married bitches don't want a good looking single woman at their parties yet they lie right to your fucking face and demand that you attend. I always liked those biker chicks. They don't give a shit. Well, I met some once that didn't. I imagine they can scrap if they want to. I know I can go if I need to. Still, sometimes shit can sneak up on your ass. You know what, Stan. I wish sometimes that I could talk to someone who I had absolute faith in. It's hard to find that in the mean world. I'm okay though cause I trust that broken down old man. When he dies it's going to break me in half but I'll make it. He won't come down here because of the gravel. Hells Bells like you said.
    I gotta go Stan. Thanks for being a friend.

  20. Really? I was sure it was: Well, no noose is good noose! Being burned at the stake is in sooth a rare experience, but it's seldom well done (haha tee-hee, titter!)

  21. A. you're cray cray. But I'll raise you. What did Joan say right before they threw the torch on her?
    Could you please toss on a few more bags of cats? I'm sick. It's terminal.


    You all heard him!!!

    (Darn it, Benyameen, you shitter – I was trying to sound f***ing clever with that Lessing line – and no, smarty pants, I don't mean Doris! Everything has its place in the Order and I can't stand it anymore, sniff~)

  23. And binge watch the rest of Fargo while you're there, kind Sir!!! Mary Kills People is where it's at for me. And Fatima be damned 😉


  24. Now, Now, Anon., my Fearsome Endjinn: Let each man say what he deems truth and let Truth itself be commended unto The Good Lord~

    (Otherwise we'll be here all freaking Summer; and I don't know about you lucky f***ers heading off to Sunny Spain, but I have to max out my sun-tanning time with me shovel and spade on the Sand Dunes of North Freaking Wales!!!!! And the sooner I get there the better: Don't shed a clout, 'til may is out, in sooth, but not long now afore June~)

    Tschussle, babee~ things'll be in Stanley the Charmer's safe hands until we get back – I'm reasonably confident that he shan't burn the place down before Jack posts Party IV.

    (But I've locked away the matches just to be on the safe side!! hahhahahahahhahahahha~)

    p.s. We'll prepare a feast of Jungian Bellytimber for the good folks of JackWorld that'll be sure to get Autumn and the new academic year off to a rrrrrrrrrrrippping start, my Good Man. Also give Mikey-kins a chance to brush up on his Rahner, once he's done with those other jokers at the fancy dress party, that is~

  25. Tara, be patient, woman!! MK-47's probably googling the Karl Rahner and Carl Jung connexion as we speak. It's been debated already at the highest European academic levels, now, for many-a-year. He probably didn't know that; but like you, Tara, we are looking forward to his input, regardless!
    Hey, who knows! Maybe MK-no-Kay will depose them at last!
    They knew nothing about the Fire!!!!
    (haha, tee-hee, titter! Mate, they PLAYED with it and held it in their hands. And We have reaped the benefits ever since. Witch burnings? Yawn, that's SO ignorant and…..passe. Ya?)


  26. Stan, psssssst! Between you and me: o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l, remember? (ssssssssssh… one has to know we told ya!)
    You'll find then that people are much more likely to access those odd links of yours. (You are soooo darned CUTE, you old card, you!!)
    And you know what they say about the truth, eh? There's your version, my version and the Real Story! That's about as a-b-c as we can geddit for ya.
    We know it's hard, that old air-con is leaking gas now that it's being cranked up for the summer; but keep up the good fight. Yer doin' well, cowboy. Now, the Next Step is to develop your communication/language skills to a level whereby you don't have to come across as a simple minded, genuine, rope-belted-bumpkin vulgarian.
    Spread those wings!!! Valhalla awaits!!!
    A. Friend.
    p.s. Note the punctuation – we'll get ya there yet, old bean.

  27. Hold the phone G's
    I can hardly wait to get the rest of the story. Bring it on Home. Anyone who's never heard that Led Zeppelin song check it out immediately if not sooner. I think Nancy Drew is fixin to get paid. Like I said I'm stoked. Don't roll out.
    I'll be back.

  28. How to spot a real Krypto kikel kunt:

    "Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific."

  29. MK all the way. We're in it to win it! Yay.
    I got a confession to make. Sugar is my gateway drug. They don't put you in prison for selling it although I believe it should be a hanging offense. I hate to love it. Do you know what they did to the island people who were forced to grow and process that shit? I'm not trying to look up who that schlomo nothingness writer is because it doesn't matter enough to me and I like that thing about the Angels even if that's the only cool thing he ever said. What did they put on top of the library that got accidentally on purpose burnt down? You didn't say. People are too stupid to understand what you wrote. I've wondered about Nietzsche lately. I thought maybe they wouldn't have been able to drive him crazy if he weren't so smart. Then I thought maybe he faked it cause he said to hell with it I gave it my best shot. My mother is in love with Einstein now because she saw it on the box and I had to tell her that I know all about that show and change the subject. Then I turned my head until my darkness went like the song says. I live a charmed life. This whole fucking town knows I'm crazy now and I'm broke as a joke but it doesn't matter what I do because everything always works out in my favor in the end every single time (so far fingers crossed don't fuck me up Angels please and thank you.) Even so I detest living here. Those Germans knew all of that stuff you are talking about. They understood it. Look what they did to those people. Look what they are doing to the Russians now because they know it too. They have boatloads of that German blood over there. I know all about Catherine the Great. She's Great. I wish I could move there but it's too late to relocate. I know the Germans are not from here. What is this place? Is it hell? Anyone who's smart gets rolled under the bus. Sometimes I wonder what horrible thing I did I do to get stuck living my fucked up charmed life in the god forsaken place. I think I'm going to find out real soon. I'm stoked. Furthermore, I think those Germans are coming back with that Maria Orvich lady and everybody is going to wish they didn't do it. Bigtime.

  30. Aha, is the rubber about to hit the road gentlemen? It does seem so! Rahner, Heidegger, Jung and long Continental liquid lunches. Now we're talking. Sheer class, that. But be careful, itll go way above some heads. Lets have it anyhow.
    But that foto above lads. Good lord, that's some detective work. There's a trio of wrong uns if ever a man saw. They could do with a bit of proper Diocesan tailoring though! and they'd crack under questioning I'm willing to bet.
    Free world though eh? Whatever they are into.


  31. I had a computer problem


    Did you know that 007 died today from my generation

    Roger Moore and Jane Semore

    Live and let die a classic movie

    Jane Semore the most beautiful girl of the 70's in my opinion

    I lost one of my dearest friends he was a bit older than me you see he served in Gordon's war

    That's why Mr. duffs work is so powerful I worked with guys like him

    You see as federal employees we have health insurance

    He added extra coverage for long term care

    To shield his family you know

    From those expenses

    He told no one how sick he was he died alone you see

    Of course he had the finest care through efghb our federal insurance plan

    He died the way he wanted to

    Course Hilary wanted such coverage for all Americans but that of course would be socialism

    He was contaminated from that war and died from it early

    Well watched live and let die again just to remember


  32. Yo, Tara! Sorry for the delayed response. We've dropped numerous references as to our identities and hence, belief systems. But we also don't expect you to read all of our jabberings either having said that! Everyone has his different interests after all, in sooth. Why bore folks with extra details when it's easily checkable where we are coming from. But beware, also, 19th Century Mainstream Protestant propaganda that's still circulating courtesy of people like Katherine Frisk and that Phelps gob-shite. (And no, we don't mean the swimmer!)

    That shit is fair poisonous!

    And MK? Kudos for the "sugar tip." You are dead right on that one.

    Peace n' Love~

    Banger's admin. staff.

  33. From Philip Pullman, writer of trashy fantasy fiction, you mean?

    And he's been demolished in many a debate over at Campion Hall, I'll have you know. Pullman is a purveyor of nothingness and serves his Schlomo masters well. If you don't believe me? Check out who his publishers are, Mikey-kins.

    Loll~ Philip Pullman – surely you can do better than that! In fact, we KNOW you can, in sooth~

  34. Oh, GAWD, Mk-no-Kay? Really?
    Please don't take things so L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y!! Next thing you know, we'll all be accused of "worshipping" (LMAO) the Weirdy Beardy Big Man In The (freaking) SKY!!!
    You really do grab the shitty end of the stick time, and time, and time, and time agaaaaain~
    See? That's what happens when you develop such a negative view of people whom you have no chance of ever understanding.
    'less you come from a fundy Xian background as we've theorised before, of course. That would explain so, so much.
    Creationist or creationist? That is a good question, though.
    "Duuuuuuuuuooooh! I believe the Lord Jaaysus created me in one day….!!!"
    Do us a favour would ya, mate?
    You should read the first of Jung's Sermons of the Dead – he actually was a regular dinner companion of Karl Rahner, from whom it's believed that he, Jung, developed along more secular lines his, Rahner's, ideas regarding the Pleroma.
    Rahner was in turn a student of Heidegger at Freiburg previously, as well as being an Initiate of the One and Only True Way.
    Everybody knows that.
    We'll explain more when we feel like it as Banger has previously stated. For now, frankly, we just couldn't be arsed.
    And these bananas are a lot more tasty n' interesting, to be honest



  35. "…The rebel Angels, the followers of wisdom, have always tried to open minds; the Authority and his churches have always tried to keep them closed…And for most of that time, wisdom has had to work in secret, whispering her words, moving like a spy in through the humble places of the world while the courts and palaces (and blogs-MK) are occupied by Her enemies…And the struggle isn't over now…"
    From Philip Pullman, Oxford professor of English

  36. Tara,
    The "big guy",as in what moronic creationists like those here refer to as God, I have already shown is a deliberate confusion to attempt to explain away what they cannot understand.
    In terms of the spoonful of sugar, more and more research is discovering that like aluminum, it a toxin.
    I refer you to the study of the asymmetric line, with its initial division into the phenomenological and the intelligible.
    The phenomenological, or the sense base, the place where idiots who can't form a position dwell, is beyond any medication. Listening to them is funny, because they ape and posture and grunt without the intelligible. Very much like what happens here…quid non intelligent.
    The intelligible, however, is where the true medication lies, as in the dedication above the gate of the great library of Alexandria.
    Here you can directly apprehend the emanation of the cosmos, and the mysteries of what today are called the many dimensions, and follow the flow from the One to the many, and from the many back to the One.
    The monkeys here lampoons it, because they lack the qualities to apprehend it, but for those who behold it, it is the only salve.

  37. I guess it's true. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. I think Mary may have been on the generous side when she added "in the most delightful way."
    What do you think MK?
    I thought I saw you write something on here about "the big guy." I may have dreamed it.
    I've got way too much stuff in my files. It's irritating.

  38. aaaaah, Timeangel, Sister. On reflection, please find below, lest anybody think by 'coconuts' we were utilising some vulgar, racial slur (we are less sensitive to these things where we hail from!); we don't do racial slurs, or even that many other kinds of pejorative epithets! (Makes no difference to us – black, white, brown, or yellah~) That's the last refuge of "idiots" – to use a well-worn Mikey-ism.

    All's we are interested in, sooth, are inaccuracies and deliberate falsifications~ indeed, when it came to dishing out intelligence quotients, it seems that the Good Lord had his on and off days, for sure~ (but hey, he is a mad raving demon, after all!! Duh! More fool us, eh?)

    And that's preeee-CISE-ly where we come in handy:

    "I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    There they are all standing in a row
    Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
    Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
    That’s what the showman said…"

    (Monty Python – that about sums it up~)

    hugs n' kisses,

    Your mate, Banger.

  39. Dear Sir Banger,
    Thank you for the link… I humbly 'Stan'd corrected. People of our earth certainly are a diverse bunch!… groundwork for one of the key lessons to be learned in this realm. Rich opportunity abounds.
    Timeangel (one of the coconuts)

  40. Dang it! Just when I think I'm making progress with one mystery another one pops up. It's like that game at the fair where you hit the alligator heads. No reference to reptilians intended.

  41. Masters of the Universe. In Sooth!
    That is probably the funniest thing I've seen all year. And those gloves!
    Good Show, Banger, old Bean. Rather good show.

  42. MK,
    Don't pay them any mind. Just write directly to me. Remember the filters. I use one of those old fashioned percolators and some people tease me but everyone loves my coffee. There are always some grounds but they end up on the bottom of the cup. If I don't see you on this one I won't fret. I think we have a little ways to go. It's all good.
    Your Friend,

  43. Gadzooks, though, Brother Banger! "Priesthood" is a bit of a stretch in both concept and principle (shoot! both of which probably don't even exist, anymore, according – probably – to *some* people.)
    "Scholars" I can accept.
    A bit like John Lamb Lash! (haha! tee-hee! titter!)
    Until the Autumn, gents. Fare thee well.
    Nonsense aside, a new piece by Jack is always something worth waiting for. In sooth.


  44. as can we all, Danny. As. Can. We. All.

    Mikey-kins entered a public forum and proceeded to insult other people, faiths, philosophies, and belief systems – and then he complains that he's on his own in the face of the horse-whipping we were required to deliver in response!!!

    Mikey, when you insult and disrespect another man's religion – no matter how silly it seems to your eyes – you'll find that you'll ALWAYS be on your own. Most people are more civilized and tolerant when it comes to such matters.

    And you'll also find that the push-back will be merciless, and multitudinous.

    Thus again, you'll always be on your own, welll~ apart from your buddies wearing the silly sheets, tinfoil, and hats, that is. (Yes we saw the pictures of the Gnostic Priesthood in full force. Funny.)

    See and Know, Mikey-kins.

    And do come back soon~

  45. LOL, Heavy lies the crown my liege. But you've earned it!

    p.s. I'm gonna subscribe to "Grammatically" this weekend! 🙂
    MK you're gonna subscribe to "get a life". Deal? we can both live and learn.


  46. Danny! Or should I say: Ice Man~ that hair, those teeth, that bad grammar (!!!). So handsome~

    (but did you know it's rumoured that Val Kilmer, who plays your namesake, is a sex-changed woman? But now, years later in Top Gun II, he'll be playing another ace pilot: Jabba the Hot.


    (but watch that language and wash that mouth o' yours out with carbolic soap, you cheeky little tyke. Don't sink to *his* [ssssshhhhh~ sensitive] level. You are too pure~)


    p.s. Space Monsters do Vegas!!! Christo, and I thought WE had some good one liners??? That sums up where we are at perfectly, Lord Jack.


    (that's my upper class horsey-laugh, I'll have you know!)

    I, as does Anon., blame your public education system~

    Sad. But hilarious all at the same time.

  47. Jeepers Creepers Jack, if you want paying customers then I'd fire that boring old fart MK pronto like. Hed scare me away if anything, with his shaky philosophy and historical knowledge that myself, Banger and the boys has already hi-lighted. Remember the clanger he dropped about faith and reason not being related but complimenting each other none the less? LOL Jeez, what a tortured and confused little man. He should try and get laid insted of trying to pick up the gals on this here thread.

    Ditch that creepy flasher and I'll be the first in line when you go TV! He thinks dudes who disagree with him are trolls. Fuckin douche. and hes lecturing us on reason :(((((((


    you're one messed up cookie, MK. good riddance. (sorry if that sounds 'rude' but you asked for it. banger can't stop trolling probably, but I bet you can't stop spouting. we'll see, yes we will indeedy haha)


  48. VIP room? I wish, Jack. More like the Peanut Gallery, for me! Roll up that Times and whip me over the nose with it, as I whimper! whimper! back up there with my tail between my legs.
    I'll consider myself told!!
    As for Wilcock, he might be getting rich off other people's denseness and mental incapacitation, for sure. Personally? I'd rather lie in the gutter and look up at the stars dreaming, rather than be anywhere near a total c**t like him.
    Let's not even mention the Karma debt being racked up.
    You're better off as you are Jack, in my humble and worthless opinion.
    Least you got respect.
    And good old fashioned prayers coming your way from all over.


  49. Okay just remember that was your decision when one of us are trying to put up an important link and it gets lost in the space monster does Dallas links

  50. David Wilcock? Bwaa-haaaa-haaaa-HHAAAAAWWWWWWW…the final word in cosmic consciousness TV

    My oh my, we're in with the in crowd now, for sure! Jack must be so proud at the discerning new commenters that are drawn to his blog!!

  51. Hi Anonymous,
    Is that a family name? I need a fix real bad myself. You know anybody? Wait a sec. I guess I better be cool cause there's law around here isn't there? I don't smell bacon but you can never be too careful. You know me. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I've been waiting for the in sooth crowd to tell me their secrets for a long time. I've learned a lot of way cool stuff in the meantime. Hell, I had no idea it was possible to do spot on valley girl on a computer screen. I'm a dumb blond myself so you'd think it'd come naturally. I guess I'll just have to stay tuned and remain teachable.

  52. oh, MK – we know it is you: As Frank would say: We can tell by the smell. Now there's a guy who is going places. (Provided he uses the spell-checker! hahahha only joking, Frank. You were beautiful.)

    "oh man, I gotsta get mee FIIXXXXXXXXXXX~~~~ sweet mother o' Jaysus I'm tellin' yaa!"

  53. Anonymous,
    I appreciate that information because I have never been a commenter on anything else. I have to say that I'm not sure those who are after MK are getting a drug type high. It's something else. I'm not exactly sure what it is. Also, I'm not so sure that the moderator is very concerned about the number of comments. You'd have to ask him but I think it's beneath him. I'm not saying that I doubt that's the case on other threads. All I know is that I like more MK and less BS.

  54. It's all good everything works. The amerikansky craft in the war videos is like what happens when food explodes in a microwave oven. Clean it up nigger! Anything that departs by just blinking out belongs to other people that don't fool around.
    And now in this fleeting moment of euphoric peace and quite, the one sure thing that every little earth nigger hates, we dedicate: Hells Bells.
    Click the little arrow head at the bottom to roll out the full extended dance mix version.

  55. "Trolling is a drug addiction. Trolls get high off peoples' reaction to their comments. This actually produces brain chemicals that are addictive. These trolls love to put people in categories, giving them 'labels' for their 'files'." (David Wilcock)

    As stated below, "Moderation is off as a courtesy." However, I respectfully disagree…Moderation is off for an entirely different reason…which is apparently good for the increase in the number of comments…Trolling works in this regard…

  56. PS MK,
    What about those demiurge people? I was waiting around to hear what you know about them. I think that's the right spelling. I'm like 25 years behind schedule to get the information. I'm always the last person to find out what the hell's going on. That's why I need smart friends to decipher it.

  57. MK,
    What? That sucks. I want you to post your essays. I'm sure there are a lot of other people who want to read them too. They are probably just too afraid to get on here and say it. I need to hear the rest. You can't let your fans down. I know it's hard to ignore them but please don't let them win. I've never even heard them say that they are bleeding jesus christians so I don't even understand where they are coming from or what their position is at all. I got the Nag Hammadi Library. It says this in the forward "Their plight is that they have been duped and lured into the trap of trying to be content in the impossible world, alienated from their true home." Trying to be content, M. It's impossible and it drives a person crazy. Please keep the light on for me. Don't let people who make can't make any sense at all silence you. We need you. I need you.

  58. Now, Brother Anon. Don't be uncharitable. Mikey-kins is right! We have been ganging up on him a tad.

    And he makes some good points. Certes~

    Let us withdraw on sabbatical – and I'm due my annual retreat at St. Buenos next month. Aaaaaaaaah! that seaside air. And that ripping view of the dear old Dee. Love it~ I have been using too much bad language, these days. Time to refresh~

    Rainhill for you? Or Manresa, you old sot~~ Better make it Ryanair if it is!!!

    Let's quit while we are furlongs and furlongs ahead~ the old nag has had it.

    And we don't mean you, Mikey-kins!

    Peace Out, yo!

    p.s. Mikey, I'm sorry for calling you a fucker, earlier. I had some dip-shit librarian snooping on my reading material again and was thus overcome with irritation. Thanks a lot, Jack!!! Naaaaatttttttt~ Your reading recs are gonna get my well-toned arse roasted, in sooth! (!!! Go figure~)

    p.p.s. "Retard" is politically incorrect now, everybody. F.Y.I. The term they use now is "intellectually challenged, I believe. (??? w.t.f.???)

    p.p.p.s. Danny and Frank – brothers in arms; be loved. You were fucking terrific, mateys~~~


    p.p.p.p.s. Jack + Orage? Thanks for the wiggle-room. Much appreciated.

    Hail Baal~
    Hail Odin~


  59. Oh, MK-no-Kay. So black and white. As usual.

    But that Ignatius thing? That's what we Fringe Patrollers call an anomaly right there. There are more, lots more, and how you can be so oblivious to that merciless – but loving – horeswhipping we've thrashed down on you in recent weeks boggles my tiny little piss-ant mind.

    Just as well we don't believe in verbal to-ing and fro-ing all that much, cos if we did a list of those great, big, plonking, blooping, anomalies of yours all out nice and tidy like, right here?

    You'd be a bigger laughing stock that you are already!

    "But I'm all on my oooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwNNNNNNNNNNNNN…."

    "I stiiiLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL won-sy-kins……..didn't I Mumsy-kins?"

    "Yes, Yes, Mikey-kins – now shut the frack up and just keep scratching my feet you dirty little creep!"

    boo hoo, Goofball.

    Boo. Fracking. Hoo.

    You always were a pussy, anyhows.


  60. Good lord has sir banger actually used a swear word? that has to be a first!

    But more importantly, personality profiles MK? New one on me that. Must be one of those American things is it?. Where I come from we use old fashioned policing to get the job done and a lot more bedsides.Too busy to take much stock of ourselves and even less so the 'guests' i can assure you! Use to be called intuition back in training. We take not a lot of stock of Jewish pseudo-psychological techniques. Interesting you bring that one up, trying to sound clever? or am I reading you completely wrong? only joking! But I doubt you're law enforcement, doesn't quite smell right but if you are be careful of what those israelis are teaching you over the pond. Pity since we taught you guys all you knew or needed to know back in the day. See Gordon Duff's articles for more on that Israeli thing. Scary stuff, and mongrels all, but we've been on to them for years – protection and cover all the way from the top. Mystery how they get away with it. Trump is where you lot actually have let them in the front door instead of pissing on the wall out back like they've always been use to, But for now sorry to see you go. I'm just a fence sitter really and you'd be a great loss to the blog. winner or loser regardless.
    And thanks for the advice once more. Fraid I'll have to pass though. Let me give you some in return: Don't feed the trolls if you think that's what the Merry Pranksters must so be labelled! Life will go so much easier for you.
    Take care

  61. No, Mikey-kins! We'd rather love you than lament you~ Stay. We'll shut our traps. Promise. It was never our intention to end any swinging d**k's time on this here forum.

    But I must say that if you and your short temper/foul language/deliberate misinterpretations, and just plain old-fashioned closed mindedness n' rudeness regarding other people's faiths and belief systems different than your own……

    ….in other words, if you are an example of Gnostic Praxis in the Real World, then give me plain old Xian nonsense and superstition ANY FREAKING DAY!

    at least our faith doesn't make us all angry, and rude, and shit.

    AND you're not a very nice person, to boot~

    So Gnostic Warrior, be damned. All that high falutin' fringe dwellin' nonsense don't mean s**t in our book – if it means having to be a boring old know-it-all like you.

    AND you didn't even know the difference between Ignatius of Loyola and Ignatius of Antioch.

    That in itself speaks volumes.


    Ahem, now, I think I've made my point.

    Have a nice day~

  62. Frank,
    You're a little late to help your buddies, but I'm sure they'll appreciate that little dig you couldn't resist delivering.
    You're funny, dude, especially that part about listening to your buddies cuz they have so much to teach me.
    Guess what, I handed them their chance to do just that, and they ran away. That's why you're here, right, to shore up that faltering offensive.
    They have nothing to teach me, and neither do you.
    Funny how much love goes around on this fucking blog for the attack dogs.
    Well, guess what Frank, your side lost again. You got tag teams and trolls that emerge from the woodwork, and I'm just me, alone, with no support here whatsoever, and you lost.
    Here's a little note just for you, Frank, a piece of advice if you will. Keep yourself out of your personality profiles.
    Changing gears a bit, I'm not posting any of my mini essays here ever again, so you can forget about that, Frank. In fact, it just may be that my time on this troll love blog has come to an end.
    We'll see, won't we?
    Yeah, we will.

  63. Now that is writing

    " And as for the Turnip if you are not ashamed to be an American after his simpering display of servitude to a chimpanzee in a tablecloth then you never were an American anyway. In landscaping a plant that is growing where it does not belong is called a weed and weeds get removed… "

    Much lov


  64. Jack

    Dylan moved on

    " This Dylan piece is really good too but by 1980 Bob had lost his feel for Iambic Pentameter, still love the words though"

    Dylan invented the sound bite and so musically I am with John Coltrane he is American culture in my most humble opinion.

    Course I burned records at an evangelical church

    Krazy is as crazy does

    I am with pilot

    What is truth

    The spy's did their job well


  65. What is a troll on an Internet forum?

    Maybe someone who is disagreeable

    Or disruptive

    Or rude

    Or boring(watching a bad Netflix movie now)

    What is a link and why should they be limited anyhow?

    Have you not been paying attention as mr Duff often says?

    It's all fake so let's roll I copy and paste very few of your links so what's a few more

    I believe a proper community sets people free



  66. That's it, banger, suck up to Jack. Maybe he'll pull your posterior out of the abyss, though I doubt it.
    No, Jack never corrected me concerning Norse mythology, he simply stated that in his opinion Maria Orsic never left us to fend for ourselves.
    Fine, if that's how you see it.
    You are very good at trolling, both of you, but you do not understand the fire of the cosmos, that much is abundantly clear.
    I offered you a chance to prove you knew something of value, and you declined because you don't know anything of value.
    So, save your know it all posturing for someone who hasn't been there.
    I've met others like you two, and I've watched as all of you crapped all over pearls of knowledge like stupid farm animals.
    Ignorance isn't bliss, and arrogant ignorance is going to earn you points you'll wish you hadn't, but you'll have to find that out on your own.
    Guten abend

  67. You throw that word idiot around a lot MK. But it these guys are actually kind of clever. You live your life according to fixed definitions obviously. But I can assure you that after half a life time in law enforcement, I know that you are missing a whole lot of the picture. The world just doesn't work like that as Jack has been at pains to point out. Do you even get the meaning of Jacks posts? Or of what is behind them? Banger and the guys could put you straight if you dropped the ego and listened. But keep pumping them out. Some of what you say makes for interesting reading.


    (long time reader)

  68. Whatever you say, Mikey-kins~

    We are delighted that you are back – loud and in charge. That's the main thing, main.

    Just the way we like it!

    But we'll be there when you stumble into another intellectual hole.


    As for the consciousness thing? Retards and Chess, My Good Man. Retards. And. Chess. Remember?

    All you did was to take the bait if we recall.

    Not to mention your shaky knowledge of Nordic AND Xian spirituality, as Jack himself had to remind you of.

    More later. Because we have your intellectual number, Mikey-kins. And it is in sooth short. Just like your memory, it seems~

    Love n' kisses,

    Banger, and goympany~

  69. No surprises here.
    I figured you all would show yourselves as trolls with each others members in your mouths,and that's how it played out.
    You call my statements wrong, inaccurate, but you can't prove it. It's all just your pretending to know something someone else told you.
    You don't know how to prove or disprove an argument. You hide behind the pretence that you know, but you two are terminally clueless, you wouldn't know where the sky is if someone didn't tell you.
    Anyone who reads this now knows you trolls are dumb as rocks.
    Remember, telling someone they are wrong doesn't mean anything, you have to prove it.
    Remember, butt boys, when you let slip that little bit about what's beyond consciousness? You thought you were clever, but you were exposed as idiots.
    You were careful not to make that mistake again.
    Well guess what, trolls, you have proven yourself incompetent, again.
    Stan is right, you are both earth niggers.
    You are not worth anyone's time, much less my own.
    Have a great day

  70. Well, Brother Anon., as Aristotle (an Ancient Greek guy, y'all) would have put it:

    Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em again, and then tell 'em what you told 'em.

    Seems he could see the future pedagogical problems we face now, eh?

    Later, you Knight of Cups, you~

  71. Certes, M'Lud.

    p.s. It shall be Party IV. And WHAT a feast that is going to be. Watch and learn how to permanently 'destroy' (to use an MK-ism) the competition, folks.

    There will be blood!! (metaphorically speaking, of course, ladies!)

  72. Sorry, Mikey-kins~ But is seems to us that you've made up your mind, already. And frankly, we're not in the business of proselytizing, or trying to convince the profane of why some things are Sacred. 'Cos you just don't get it. Obviously. And likely you never will despite all your rantings, ravings and inaccurate definitions.

    Look at this from our perspective (another Mikey-kins weakness, we know, but try!!): It'd be kinda like teaching a retard how to play chess, or a Stan that there are no such things as Inter Galactic Warriors coming to save him and David Will-COCK.

    Know what ahm a-sayin'??

    So thanks for the offer, by nah! We'll just chillax a while, until we take umbrage with another one of your particularly inaccurate statements. (And oh! Can Mikey-kins make statements~ as well as some good s**t, in fairness~)

    So don't hold yer breath, my Good Man. At a time and place of our choosing, shall we reveal our Scared Truths. And only then.

    Just be careful, please, what you write on a public forum – and show some respect you vulgar little whippersnapper! There are ladies and impressionable, silly little buffoons on this thread I'll have you know!!

    Later, Homey~ and thanks again.

    p.s. Stanley, old chap? Note, if you will, the positions of the clauses in this sentence and in the above.

    p.p.s. We love you all. 'Til Party III, in sooth~~

  73. Well jack

    Maybe it's time to go to uncle gordies armory

    Course a lot of my corporate friends have no shame anything for a buck you know

    Mr Duff just tells us how it is and boy I don't like it!


  74. There never was any Jewish Jesus but Bob Dylan does the job better anyway…
    “Get sick, get well
    Hang around an ink well
    Ring bell, hard to tell
    If anything's gonna sell
    Try hard, get barred
    Get back, write Braille
    Get jailed, jump bail Join the army, if you fail”
    I got the Subterranean Homesick Blues myself…
    Bob knows…
    I couldn’t comment on this on Facebook like I wanted too on account that I am blocked for pointing out the fact that Julian Assange is in actuality Pamela Anderson in drag…
    Zuckerberg must have truly shit himself, LOL, all the masturbation sessions to that Baywatch poster when he was just a little Yeshiva “student…”
    This Dylan piece is really good too but by 1980 Bob had lost his feel for Iambic Pentameter, still love the words though
    “Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan
    And there's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.”
    I laugh myself to sleep on that one every night…
    “Big-time negotiators, false healers and woman haters
    Masters of the bluff and masters of the proposition
    But the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency
    All non-believers and men stealers talking in the name of religion
    And there's slow, there's slow train coming up around the bend.”
    The thing with a bluff is there’s always someone out there who will call it and its always going be the guy whose holding a better hand the one your bluffing you got…
    And as for the Turnip if you are not ashamed to be an American after his simpering display of servitude to a chimpanzee in a tablecloth then you never were an American anyway. In landscaping a plant that is growing where it does not belong is called a weed and weeds get removed…

  75. Dr Jack,

    Bob Dylan was way ahead of his time in1980 when he wrote Slow Train Commin.

    " "Slow Train"

    Sometimes I feel so low-down and disgusted
    Can't help but wonder what's happening to my companions
    Are they lost or are they found, have they counted the cost it'll take to bring down
    All their earthly principles they're gonna have to abandon ?
    There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.

    I had a woman down in Alabama
    She was a backwoods girl, but she sure was realistic
    She said, Boy, without a doubt, have to quit your mess and straighten out
    You could die down here, be just another accident statistic
    There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.

    All that foreign oil controlling American soil
    Look around you, it's just bound to make you embarrassed
    Sheiks walking around like kings, wearing fancy jewels and nose rings
    Deciding America's future from Amsterdam and to Paris
    And there's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.

    Man's ego is inflated, his laws are outdated, they don't apply no more
    You can't rely no more to be standing around waiting
    In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave
    Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan
    And there's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.

    Big-time negotiators, false healers and woman haters
    Masters of the bluff and masters of the proposition
    But the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency
    All non-believers and men stealers talking in the name of religion
    And there's slow, there's slow train coming up around the bend.

    People starving and thirsting, grain elevators are bursting
    Oh, you know it costs more to store the food than it do to give it
    They say loose your inhibitions, follow your own ambitions
    They talk about a life of brotherly love, show me someone who knows how to live it
    There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend.

    Well, my baby went to Illinois with some bad-talking boy she could destroy
    A real suicide case, but there was nothing I could do to stop it
    I don't care about economy, I don't care about astronomy
    But it's sure do bother me to see my loved ones turning into puppets
    There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend. "

    A lead in to another Duff barn burner and so I can no longer function in "normal" American society.


  76. If you accept the challenge, I will provide a cogent argument showing Christianity is neither a true religion, nor a valid mystical path.
    You get to try to prove me wrong.
    So let's hear if you have anything to say other than your standard drivel.
    Show the world you have balls, or shut the Fuck up.
    What'll it be, banger?
    I'm waiting.

  77. Banger and co. I'm calling you out.
    You can troll and carry on, or you can back up your threats. You say you're here to correct me, so now you can put up or shut up.
    If you succeed, you win the forum. I'll gladly cede, you can suck up to Jack and brown nose to your hearts content. If I win, you quit pretending you're capable of refuting my position.
    Let's have the viewing public see if you are anything but a troll.
    How about it, you willing to show the viewing public if you have anything?
    We'll see.

  78. Stan,
    I'm so sorry. The machine is messing with me. Sometimes it won't let me see stuff. I see the sketch now and the photos of those dragon/lizard things. I still can't find the video. All I know is that it's going to be on for those fucks and they need to get stepping. It makes me so mad.

  79. Stan,
    I don't see a video link up there in Austin. I'd like to see it. I wish I would have made a video of what I saw but I was very upset at the time. There were at least 2 of them flying low just above the clouds. Their lights were orange. That day the sun slowed down or stopped and the sunset was late. I thought they were trying to suck me out through my feet but I wouldn't go. We can't waste time. We've got to hurry but I'm not that smart and I'm a really slow reader. Those assholes in washington are acting like they want to blow us all up. As far as tripping hard goes that started when I first laid eyes on this blog. I know you're trying to help me but I am at a loss.

  80. Hi Stan,
    I'm reading the Vrill link you put up there for me. I know I saw them in the sky and my feet were stinging. I was crying and begging them to get the people out of here before the shit hits the fan. I said I'd stay. So I just wanted to thank you. I'd have never found that site on my own.

  81. Brother Anon.,

    Methinks English isn't Stanley's first language. Just a feeling I have. And German it certainly isn't either, LMAO~~~~

    So you are probably preaching to the wrong choir. So to speak~ This one is a no-brainer; In the OPPOSITE sense.

    I'm thinking Better Call Saul's more……more…….shall we say more colourful characters? Know what I mean?

    Nudge! Nudge! Wink! Wink!?

    Rest my son. Preserve thine energies and machinations for a more formidable foe.

    Stanley here's just a liddle, widdle taddypole swimming with the big Frogs.

    Poor sap~

    Let us wait for Party IV. It's not good to intrude too much on this, Jack's more personal tale; even by way of commentary~

    and let's be honest, there aren't that many sooooitable pickings abaat~ (As Fagan, in Oliver Twist, would say – 1968 version, OF COURSE!!!) Mikey-kins is hiding from us, obviously. He knows when he's been horse-whipped back to mummy, what, what!!!

  82. p.s. and purrrleeease google 'clause' and find out where they are properly placed in a sentence, would ya?

  83. Oh, Stan (who is in sooth proving himself strange, after all – and we had such high hopes. Sigh;;;;;)
    Any chance of something original, old chap?
    Spare a thought for the integrity of the thread please. There are ladies – and gentlemen present – and you're doing that avatar of yours much injustice.
    If we saw you in the street we would undoubtedly rain down a whole lot of hurt on that dirty little mouth of yours.
    But we'll have to settle instead for a little bit of internet-Arsch-Treten in lieu of that. Unfortunately.
    Now, buzz-buzzz-buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off, you annoying little non-consequence.
    You're becoming raaaaahhhhhh-therrrrrrrr irritating!
    Not to mention repetitive.
    (I blame the public grade school system, myself. It's quite simply dire out in the Colonies, I gather. One can only GUESS at how bad it must be, thus, in those sunny, Western States of a more, ahhhhhhhh, shall we say foreign complexion?)


  84. SSHHHHHH!! Quiet, darn you, Benyameen….errrr, I mean Anon., in sooth~

    Do not reveal too much of our inner machinations and operations!

    By deception, we shall do war!!

    OOOPS! I mean, tally-ho, chop-chop, old bean!!!

    (Now where're those ssheister sshnitzels my crone has put aside for my lunch???)

  85. M,
    He's right. There are parts of these articles that I am positive my mind refused to comprehend. I have to read them more than once. It sounds like their actions are situational "evil?" I guess what you meant is that as long as these entities don't try to completely exterminate us then they have a proper and balanced place in the cosmos. It looks like judging from the state of things in the world that those chicken farmers will end up with an obesity epidemic of their own if their favorite dish is pain and suffering. I apologize to the other commenters and to the writers for my stupidity. I mostly always only cared about Jack and his book. I thought it was so unfair that they wouldn't publish it because I think it's a really good story.

  86. Jack, I am not worthy to even address you directly~ In sooth~ But if I may be permitted to say in support of what you have just written: When David Icke can fill up the main space of the Wembley Arena in London (A rather large conference venue), and similar venues across Europe and in Australia (not sure about the U.S.)..

    …Then, verily; something is indeed rotten in the State of Denmark!

    (and it ain't just Mikey-kins' reeking farts!!!)

    Very Sincerely Yours,


  87. Touche, Sister. Touche. Our task is merely to remind MK-OK(?) of his errors regarding the Hows and Whens and Wheres of True Xian Spirituality and nothing more.
    But when it comes to our inter-galactic space brothers on their way to rescue us after – and only after, mind! – they receive permission from the Galactic Council of the Playdian Star System Blue Avian Light Beings (or is it Sirius???), in their HUMONGOUS planet sized star ships….(ya know, like outta Star Wars, and shit?)
    Wellll, need I go on? (Or should we get into the foreword scouting bases on the back of the moon? YAWNNNNNNNN)
    But I daresay you get the picture. ESPECIALLY given that there are no inter-galactic reaches, or even 'star systems' that are 'travelable to' in the way that these unschooled urchins are wont to think. (Not to mention the 'Moon.')
    Other Realms? Yes indeed. But it sure ain't Star Trek. The ignorance is astonishing.
    Moreover, what darn well pisses US off is that there are peeps on here commenting who have frikking OBVIOUSLY never even read Jack's articles – let alone understood them.
    Does that not seem strange to you?
    It's like the whole purpose of what Jack and Orage are attempting to do is being defeated by utter nonsense.

    Pity MK-47 and some others are blinded by that in their sputterings over………us.

    Ahem, sorry! Was I ranting?

    Upon the Morrow, brothers and Sisters. Hopefully the Scythe of Truth will have slashed through these fair boards afore then.
    Then we'll know who's hot and who's not. eh?

    Your pal, Anon. xx

  88. KMB,
    The abrahamic view that evil is a cosmic force removes the personal responsibility for its exercise. This seems at first glance to be a release, a loosening of the burden, but it's really just slapping on of even heavier chains.
    Cosmic evil means that you cannot ever find an answer to it. It means any struggle against it is ultimately in vain.
    Situational evil at first appears to be trivial, as such it can only be the absence of the good. Yet situational evil places firm responsibility upon the choices of the individual, and in an emanated cosmos, it is the only model that works.
    Evil is very real, and those who choose to act with it must reduce their focus, and invert their internal hierarchy. As such, they are impeding, opposing the natural flow of the cosmos. I'll leave it to you, KMB, to piece together where this takes those who play this game.
    The Good is a living force that defies rational explanation. We have previously proved that consciousness is the stuff of this manifest cosmos, and when we speak of good we speak of acting in accord with the moving image of eternity. Thus the expansion of one's scope, one's consciousness, thus the exaltation of the inner hierarchy.
    All of this is a cornerstone of the genuine spirituality.

  89. Some Beatles, my cousin would approve nine, me to, and I also approve of your link to Ian and Mr. Duff’s fine piece which I read myself yesterday; great stuff, the peanut gallery all approved too. The rest of these fucking links will all be taken down when Orage is through with his latest Fräulein; he is still celebrating his birthday. I think as Bangor has pointed out one link per post will be sufficient. I am not interested in all this Kerry Cassidy nonsense, nor are the powers that be; we are the ones they are trying to run off the internet. In fact who do you think finances people like David Icke to the tune of a million and half a year?… which is what he told my cousin he makes. Orage and I? We make fucking enemies, that’s what we make…

  90. Thank you for visiting us from the teetering top of those lofty heights, Prince Sidekick. And of your comments about Stan… you're the pot calling the kettle white now, aren't you?

  91. My Liege, it seems that we are the 'earth niggers' to Stan (who may be Strange's) Aryan Prince!!

    (haha, tee-hee, titter! Not really, though)

    Egad! And there was I thinking we were at the teetering top of this humongous pile!
    Damn and Blast – Back to the drawing board, Biggles! And Tally Ho, and all that.
    Once more unto the breech. Our foes are in sooth formidable!
    ….and a tad unfriendly.

  92. not to worry, Stan-The-Man~ The Virgin Vikingesses of Valhalla will welcome you into their open arms when you shuffle off this mortal coil. Eventually~

    Meantime, hang in there, bub~ We is a-rootin' for ya!!!

    Mikey-kins might also have a place there, if he quits letting rip with them stinking farts!!! hahahhahahahahaha~

  93. yaaaaaaaay! He's back! We missed you, Mikey-kins~

    Now get ready to be refuted BIG TIME!!

    Where to start? Hmmmmmmmmm~ Where. To. Start~

    You really are a sucker for punishment, but at least you've eased off on the expletives. Unlike Sophisticated Stan, above~ There's a lost case if ever there were.

    And check out that racist language!


  94. Jack

    Have a number of white old guy friends busted out by the economy and many of them read on that internet on how national socialism is the way to go.

    I have my jazzz friends many of whom are African American (used to play the horn) and so the other day in New Orleans they took down that brass statue of Robert E Lee.

    I feel that this was the right thing to do to heal a community.

    The finest horn player alive today is wynton marsellis and I play so I know and he advocated for the removal of that statue.

    A dear friend of mine called me one of those god dammed liberals…

    I am absolutely sure mr Duff would take my position on this issue.

    A question no one asks is why shoul any community have statues commentating war?

    In my local community questions like that are dangerous.


  95. MK

    Thank you for that perspective of what evil really is and how to deal with it and a sutile idea of what our enemy has done to us humans!

    So love overcomes as my Christian friends preach course not a one of em really believes that!

    I will say this about evil and that evil presents itself as truth and who's truth and then separation and broken community follows which leads to war.

    Who or what is making my anger rise and so I seek peace within and then without with the other.

    The internet is a generator of "truth" to generate hate and seperation and broken community and so it's been weaponized as it were and so I have mostly shut it off.

    As always only some outlouad thoughts


  96. Tara,
    We have to be willing to let go of the abrahamic world view, and develop a more sophisticated one. Evil as a cosmic force, a polar opposite of good is a degenerate simplification of how the cosmos works.
    In the aforementioned shamanic tradition, entities have their proper place, and as long as they operate in the proper avenue, they maintain the proper motion of the cosmos. It isn't about good or evil. Good and evil, as we view them, are not ultimate by situational. The exception here is where we view the entirety of creation. It does no service to ourselves to take the perspective that the totality of creation, the all, is a bad idea. Thus, we must choose to view it as a good. Choosing the good allows us to access states and conditions that work within us to deepen and expand our personal scope.
    These potentialities are not available to the one who errs in understanding evil.
    Then again, if you wanted a system of rigid control, which is what the abrahamic ideology is, you would hide the knowledge of what evil is, and you would use it to cut off human potential, just like its being done today.
    A key aspect to a true spirituality is a correct perspective on evil.
    Thanks Tara, and best wishes,

  97. Thanks M,
    You're the best. It sounds like the reptilians are not necessarily mean spirited and they've not been accused of anything heinous to my knowledge. I don't think they are spraying the sky or murdering children. Maybe they just want to live in peace like any other decent person. I hope so.
    I think a person has to be willing to embrace non ordinary reality in order to be a commenter on this blog. I like it here. I've met the finest people and perhaps I'm gaining ground on a genuine education. Good luck with your endeavors. I know you are very busy so thanks for answering so quickly.

  98. Tara,
    I've had a number of diverse matters to attend to. This is the year of the fire rooster, after all.
    I could have some fun with this, and bring Dragons into the conversation, yet I think my view on the topic is unique enough without calling them up.
    First, abrahamic conditioning is at the bottom of a fundamental cognitive inversion that treats the world of the senses and separation as the only genuine world. This is exacerbated by the deification of the ego, which cements this view.
    Thus reptilians simply have to have a direct, physical presence in this, the only reality.
    Thus, as Dr. James stated, the whole point is for these creatures to reproduce with human women and take over.
    Uhh, nope.
    Shamanism is a trendy word today, which is another way of saying it has lost its original meaning. Yet in its original definition, the shaman was the figure who mapped and sketched out the space of non ordinary reality, including the denizens who reside there. It is this skill which if misunderstood, leads to a confusion. I firmly believe that many people have an untrained ability in this direction, and lack the perspective to truly define what a reptilian is, while experiencing their presence.
    Risking too much of an overt blanket statement, reptilians dwell in this non ordinary space, and from there can interfere with human affairs.
    Non ordinary reality is heavily populated, so it's not like reptilians are the only denizens, and it is vast, which is suggestive of outer space, yet it is only through genuine education that this reality makes sense, and almost no one has any idea of what a genuine education is.
    I'm glad you are doing ok Tara.
    Best wishes

  99. Stan,
    See what I mean?
    banger and co are nothing but trolls.
    I posted to Maurice because I knew they would troll it, so anyone who reads this can see that for themselves.
    See and know.

  100. MK,
    What does all this mean? Are those reptilians the otherworldly enemy that Nine talked about? Are they the perpetrators of the abrahamic lies and the controllers of the media and government who won't publish his book? I just thought I'd ask you since I take everything you write on here very seriously plus I miss you.

  101. Agreed! One link only per post – how about a display of some good taste here, gentlemen?

    Links are boring. Thoughts are cool, if a little more difficult to come up with.


    WHAT are we gonna do with you, Stan? Take a leaf out of your botty-buddy, Mikey's book – believe us he can spare it – and create something ORIGINAL! (Welll….kinda original, that is)

    That'll be all.

    For now~


  102. Or, we could just post silly link, after link, after link, after link, after linnnnk……like Stan (who may be strange) and company have been doing for what seems like ages, now. Yawn.

    But that'd be so much easier, right?

    David Icke? C'mon, man. What do you take us for?

    I blame the education system – bring back the Trivium Method, I say!! Research, chaps, RESEARCH!!! Any gob-shite can post frikking links – let's hear what YOU have to say.



  103. well, guys, Mikey's back, loud and in charge, again (in his own mind) – that's the main thing!

    Rejoice! Hallelujah!

    But also remember that it's those quite and silent farters that are the deadly ones!!

    And when it comes to breaking wind, we all know who's the smelliest 'round 'ere, eh?

    Hint: No sense of humour!

    Let the fun and hi-jinks re-commence~~

    In sooth~

    (But remember to go easier on Mikey-kins in case he starts crying again, sniff~ that WAS a bit of a long recuperation, this time!)

  104. 'First Class' is a bit of an understatement, MK.

    These guys weigh in at the genius level, I think. Ask 'em to sing you another song to cheer you up, hahahahahha


  105. Coast-2-Coast last night had a 2-hour program about Reptilians.
    sounded like with plenty detail but I heard only 10-15 minutes.
    Should be on YouTube next couple days.
    Should come up by typing in YouTube::: Coast-2-Coast AM 5/18/2017

    ++ Stuff like this also never seen on VT again::::::

    The fake NASA ISS interior – a technical breakdown by Mike Helmick – Flat Earth

    Watch last 2 minutes first.
    He says NasHoles in their shows wear Virtual Realty Contact Lenses & do it all with VR!!!!!!

  106. Haha, Gadzooks, Sir! You are in sooth a paranoid piece of work!
    Do you honestly think Jack Heart is 'afraid' of a few piss-ants such as us having an occasional laugh on this thread?
    You have a touch of the drama about you, that's for sure.
    Not to mention the aforesaid PARANOIA.
    I guess that's what happens to folks who have such a negative view of people and of the world.
    Disappointing, MK-no-Kay. Very, very, disappointing, indeed. Turns out you're not really that enlightened, after all, eh?
    I think we would've preferred another one of your copy n' pasted ramblings.


    And lighten please, please, lighten UP! HOW many times have we gotta say that? We care about you. Really. And we pray for your happiness. Always. You are loved. It's a harsh world out there. We know this.

    C'mon, have some fun with us. I GUARANTEE you it'll make you feel better, and more creative when writing up your next…err, piece.


    p.s. Language, Gentlemen! I beseech thee descendeth thee not to those foul levels again…

  107. You are so totally wrong on that, Mikey, it's not even funny. We are only interested in calling out you and yer bullshit.

    You're just a sore loser~

  108. Maurice,
    Stan is not the buzz killer here. If you review the last several posts you will discover than banger & co. have never offered one single valid viewpoint about anything. It seems that they have this forum by the short hairs, and those in control are too afraid of them to kick their useless hides off these threads they parasite on.
    Well, that's their problem, and it becomes ours, because the only thing banger & co. are are first class trolls.
    So, Maurice, call a spade a spade. Stan wouldn't go there if he wasn't being trolled, and neither would anyone else.

  109. Timeangel,
    You can be quite prescient.
    Whether anyone believes, wishes, or wants the end of an age and the dawning of its successor, or hopes it all goes away, is absolutely without weight. What has weight is choosing how to guide it into manifestation.
    Organized religion, political and economic power centers, the vested interests that uphold the current model at all costs…all represent the previous dead age.
    These entities, despite their ingrained ignorance, are starting to understand that their game is lost. Let me rephrase that, some within this power structure are starting to realize that their old game, their old dominance is over.
    The wise will relent, redefine their goals within the dawning paradigm of this successor age.
    The stupid will cling, troll and murder their way to an increasingly abbreviated existence.
    It's this latter course which will ensure that the worst comes to past.
    If one wishes to roll the dice and discover if one's soul entity has become worthless to the All, then by all means join up with the latter choice.
    If you ally yourself with the purpose of the moving image of eternity, you may be called on to shoulder your weapon to achieve the removal of the forces arrayed against the unfoldment of the successor age, but you can rest assured that you will not disappear into the Kenoma.

  110. These paid israeli trolls of the picaninny protocol crew use that technique thinking the moderator will banish me permanently. The best way is settle it is out in the streets like they do in Berkeley, and it's not even Summer yet.

  111. Ugh, how rude. Don't be Strange, Stan – Be nice. And spare us the shape-shifting lizards nonsense. It's so…..passe.
    We are All the All, remember? So spread a bit of luuuurve, babee ~_^

    How quickly they forget, eh MK?


  112. stan and banger you're buzz killers! Let go the need to be right easier..
    When you resort to name calling and profanity you have all ready lost grasshopper… see if you can snatch the pebble from my hand :O) Kungfu style

  113. oh, oh! Strange Stan is back with more….err….musings on how the world really works!, mate – and check out Richie Allen while yer at it!!

  114. You think I’m kidding. Right????

    That’s how I thought about this just couple years back!!!!!

    Check original CNN link under above clip which is also this one::::::

    & you can find that guy with help of above clip.

    But there are more of them shapeshifting NOT found in above clip . Here are 2 which I can try to direct you to::::

    The guy in above clip sits 5 rows behind President Carter.
    Follow his row to your right to get to a guy with black sunglasses.
    2 rows above him a guy with plastic on his head has shapeshifting hands!!!!!!
    Just go up 2 more rows to see another guy with big head split into 2 during shapefshiting!!!!!!

    There’s got to be many more of them who are not shapeshifting!!!!!!

    One video which comes up shows Justice Thomas's eyes shapeshifting during his presidential oath ceremony!!!!!!!

  115. All NASA HOAX + Apollo hoax articles + comments were deleted recently by Ian Greenhalgh

    You can tell its him like from his comment in this VT page to Stewart Ogilby’s article about Shuttle Challenger explosion hoax.

    IG deleted the Challenger article itself + Ogilby’s reply to his below comment & then moved his own comment to this other page!!!!!

    That is real cheap ZIOPERATOR trickery folks::::::

    Here’s IG’s comment in case gets deleted:::::::

    Ian Greenhalgh
     October 11, 2015 at 7:40 am
    It truly disgusts me that you can label things like the Challenger Disaster a ‘hoax’ based on no solid evidence whatsoever. This is a large part of why NASA finds it so easy to lie to the world – the fringe of lunatics who revel in dreaming up conspiracy theories and lap up every piece of disinfo put out by the shills like Simon Shack.
    IG deleted all but 4 Ogilby articles!!!!!

    So stuff like this no longer post on VT::::::
    Another NASA ISS Green Screen FAIL – International Space Station Hoax

    BTW Mr. Heart:::::: any news on Gobeki Teppe excavations????
    Couple years back you wrote it had been banned by Turkish government!!!!!!

  116. It sure was!!!!!

    I couldn’t find the program on YouTube but found its page on Coast-2-Coast website. Needs subscription!!!

    Here’s a short report of what happened::::

    The TWA Flight 800 Crash: Was It Missiles? By Gavin Phillips

    BTW::::::: VT deleted all my 1000+ comments of past few years!!!!

    Hunch:::::: Ian Greenhalgh is a British spy who infiltrated VT to eliminate all comments & views against his spying agenda & against his English Royal Lizard masters!!!!!
    First anything people wrote against his Royal Lizards got deleted specially any mention of reptilian shapeshifters like his Royals + probably himself!!!!!
    all mention of David Icke got deleted!!!!!
    Now:::: all comments by anyone against his Lizard agenda gets deleted!!!!!

    I pretty sure he’s behind it all + many other people’s comment deletes!!!!!
    VT probably heading down now like TWA flight 800!!!!!

    ++ Good article Mr. Heart.

  117. Haven't seen the first movie for a while but I do remember it sucked, regardless of the symbolism. I meant that the first 4 games (maybe the ones made by non Jap devs too?) combine to about 40hrs playtime and might be worth checking out if you haven't.

  118. I think these people jumped off the high dive into a pool saturated with 'bath salts', now they are coming to chew your face off and eat it.
    It satisfies the christian fundies addiction to fear porn while the emboldened tribal chosenites watch and eat popcorn and laugh their mind controlling asses off. Right?

  119. Why Unknown you win the Kewpie Doll.
    "Watch out. The gap in the door… it's a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?"
    Shall we talk about PT? You do know the ladies ultimately own all the rights don’t you? Lilith Ltd ring any bells?
    And please do not sell the movies short because you people do not know what your fucking looking at. In the movie they enter the multiverse or Silent Hill by falling asleep against a Populus trichocarpa (PT), the first tree to be genetically mapped, 2006 the same year the movie came out. We will be talking about genetics, the AEC likes genetics and I see the Mormons do too now.
    They had to add the heroines husband Christopher (named after one of the few real men She knows, present company excluded of course) as an afterthought because Gans didn’t have any in the original script and Kojima started whining. She’s like that you know? Or didn’t you read part 2? And although nobody liked Silent Hill Revelations, I did and that’s all that counts so you won’t be getting any new games until we are finished with our little game here. All of you are welcome to play along. Isn’t that what you’re doing?…

  120. YouTube::::::::: TWA 800 Missiles

    & you’ll see 3 or 4 missiles blew up plane

    James Sanders (Author) of The Downing Of TWA Flight 800 was on Coast-2-Coast few times. 2016 was his last time with an updated book.

    He found out that a new multi-billion ground to air missile purchase was going to be dumped from defense budget unless maker could prove that it could shoot down a high-altitude jetliner from a submarine!!!!!!!

    So TWA 800 was missile-maker's target practice.!!!!
    after its downing missiles sale was approved!!!!!!

    That hundreds of people in DC (District of Cesspools) knew about it & approved it!!!!!

  121. Jack,

    Have you ever played any of the Silent Hill games? You've mentioned the movies but they don't have near the juice of the video games.

  122. Yes Jack, the beast does devour its own. Rodney Stich, a former U.S. Navy pilot and FAA inspector was persecuted mercilessly for years by the System for exposing their crimes. He wrote many outstanding books on the subject. He was railroaded into jail and prison several times. Once while in a federal Slam, he met the infamous Gunther Russbacher, a pilot for the CIA among other shadowy endeavors. He met other former CIA operatives as well. They all told him that no matter how long and effectively you have worked for them, once the CIA top kicks believe you've outlived your usefulness and/or you know too much, they either frame you for a plethora of felony crimes during which you are expedited through the criminal court system without any pretense of due process and wind up rotting in prison or they simply have you murdered. Like you said Jack, the SSG's "retirement benefits" suck the big steamer. Hereticdrummer

  123. Jack: Here's a link to an article by Dr. James concerning black tech computers.( www .veteranstoday .com/2014/07/04/secret-space-war-xvii-who-runs-the-new-nsa-facility-at-bluffdale/ )SRM

  124. I'm spending my time watching movies instead of reading conspiracy theories these days, but you still can't escape them. Just watched "Captain America Winter Soldier" and the Nazis set up a parasite organisation in the US after ww2 which forments global chaos and assassinates Americans. They use electroshock to program assassins, use all digital data to predict future of everyone and determine who is a threat. Preparing to kill millions.

    Gee, where'd they get that idea?

  125. So Jack, what is the deal with the Phoenix Journals? I discovered them, more like they discovered me, all the way back in 1991. They changed my life. So what gives?

  126. My friends inside the belly of the beast tell me Google is the AI Anon. I'm not so sure about that, I smell human intelligence behind the levers and buttons unless a machine has learned how to be petty and sadistic…

  127. The strangest part is that although I was never a member or ever wanted to be, I don’t even like bikes, I grew up around the inner circle of the club Heretic. They were just always there and I never even wondered why, kinda like the Hopi doing their Snake Dance across the canal every summer, yea it all makes sense now. On Long Island they were connected big time politically, from the facts supplied by Orage in previous articles no doubt right through the Brookhaven Lab. A motorcycle gang that is part of the Secret Shadow Government, it doesn’t get any gnarlier than that, does it? I guess they just outlived their usefulness; the SSG’s retirement benefits do suck like that… All the guys I knew were in Vietnam, the Bubba or Big Dave as we called him, for six tours. He may have been the most fearsome killer the government ever trained; that’s where my friend learned his trade from…

  128. VT is the campus bulletin board for the “Illuminati” Zen. Some of those messages are private and your never gonna understand them but other times your gonna pick things up no other media forum offers but you still gotta know how to appraise it. As far as I’m concerned they are the only news vendor worth reading. I look at them and the Nexus Feed every day.

  129. No more excerpts from the book Joe. Only you and I are allowed to publish the ones I already put out, the rest they gotta pay for. If the academics had done their job I wouldn't have to do it for them Joe, I wish i could just write freestyle like this all the time…

  130. I told myself the navy shot that plane down for 15 years Charles it never really did wash even then. Some strange things happen in state parks, I wrote about it a while back in Footprints of Evil. If I was going to build a DUMB and didn't want anybody to know about it I would find the National Park system very useful…

  131. I recommend Blind Lights site to all those who got a need to pull Schlomos card without following his instructions about how to make a fool of yourself while doing so.

  132. Jack: very good article.Back in the 90's,major discussions concerning "the rise of the machines". Google,while a glorious piece of BS,should be considered in this context.The deep state is one – two millennia ahead tech wise( estimated).Two links you may find interesting ( www .thedailybell. com/editorials/max-hernandez-introducing-thieves-emporium-part-1-a-new-wilderness/ ) + (https:// aadivaahan .wordpress. com/2017/05/03/his-story-re-told-fascinating/ ) SRM

  133. Jack I want to understand you but I fear I`m out of my depth, could you please put it in a nut shell.

  134. Another knockout thrown by Jack. I have a book on the Pagans by a former member I picked up 10 years or so ago. The Pagans were a northeast biker gang that traversed the tri-state area but he said their main stomping grounds were in Pennsylvania. He also said that the Pagans considered the Hell's Angels pussies because, among other things, they are based in year round warm climates like southern California and Arizona while the Pagans deal with the rough winters around here. I used "were" with reference to the Pagans because I read a couple of years ago in a NY paper here that the "Man" had taken them down. I'm not sure if it was state or federal authorities (probably both) but about 25 of their top kicks were indicted on multiple felony counts, as well as the standard "conspiracy" charges, an easy "catch-all" for the "Heat". I don't know what ultimately happened to these guys, whether they copped pleas or went to trial and how much time in the Slam they got. It's a safe bet there were no acquittals. According to the article, this take-down was the death knell for the Pagans. Keep em' coming Jack, I'm still hoping against hope for your book. – Hereticdrummer

  135. Zen, forums exist elsewhere, I don't need another job as moderator, so light touch is what I believe in. Here, people can comment freely but not endlessly, for that we have the designated comment posts.

  136. Some of us had a sense something was terribly wrong, dropped whatever we were doing and walked in to help turn this ship around. "What's coming" is the reason I walked in.
    Don't throw in the towel yet, MK. You have too much to offer. It's not over.

  137. "Pertinent replies only for this one. – Orage" Maybe you should start a forum if people talk too much off topic, if you don't already have a forum. They're easy to set up for free.

  138. "‘Flight 800 investigators admit they lied about plane crash’

    In 1996, an airliner, TWA Flight 800, bound from New York to Paris with 230 passengers mysteriously exploded off Long Island. Reliable witnesses said they saw a missile streak up from the ocean and hit the plane, then ascending at 13,000 feet.

    Former Press Secretary for President John F. Kennedy, Pierre Salinger, also a former United States senator in his own right, contacted the FBI stating he had documentation that the plane had been shot down by the US Navy.

    Yesterday, it was announced that investigators who had submitted the report debunking Salinger had come forward claiming they had been ordered to falsify their findings."

    So did they murder a planeload of people just to have an excuse to comb the ocean near a UFO sighting?

  139. Here is a documentary on antigravity craft called "Zero point Fluxliner". The director was a skeptic who interviewed an industrial designer who was told the schematics by another industrial designer who accidently walked into a tent at an airshow showcasing it with his military buddy. Anyway the director died in the editing process from a fast acting cancer. The info on it is consistent with what VT publishes.

  140. Not sky prayers, SKY SPRAYERS.
    Fucking editor, lurking always ready to change my words in the name of empire.
    This time I corrected it.
    How many of you are ruled by an editor?
    Question Authority.

  141. Jack.
    I didn't say anything about caving, I said you can know you didn't, if you didn't. If you read my comment this will be clear.
    I'm tired of dealing with humanity, it's an exercise in frustration.
    KMB was not referring to you, he was taking a cheap shot at me. Like I've never seen that shit before.
    Go study the fucking bible, I'll bet none of the biblical geniuses will shed any light of the gematria, on the layers of meaning of the logos. In fact, I'll bet the mysteries these "students" come up with has to do with the "literal" translation of the bible. They will look at each other and shrug when one asks how the sixth becomes the seventh.
    I'm fucking sick and tired of stupid human tricks. Something big is about to happen, and it isn't from your pet aliens, your psychotic sky prayers, or your buttfucking control complex obsessed with murdering and eating children.
    I don't give a good goddam of any of them.
    Shitstem has incurred significant debt, and this debt will be paid. Do you want to pay it? Then go study the bible, the Koran, the Talmud, and enjoy your ride.
    No one can alter what's coming, those opportunities are lost. I want to thank the demented shitbags in charge, and their willing doofuses for bringing it on, because it is all theirs.
    Personally, I don't give a shit any more.

  142. Speaking of, yea I pretty much see how the forces are aligned now. No doubt my favorite spooks and gremlins came from you. Always wondered why I liked them even when they were going out of their way to be assholes. Mike said scorned I didn’t. The internet is unreliable; I look at whatever goes into Nexus Magazine as the only clear cut victory for you here. Television, one station, could end this here and now. Schlomo can have all hundred and whatever stations he has, Morgan Freeman, Joe O’Rielly and even president Turnip 24-7 all day every day just like he has now and I will take one station and some people who know how to use it. We will see whose narrative is left standing at the end of a year…

  143. I don’t second guess my “career” as Jack Heart Mike. I don’t care enough about it too. But there was a time when I may have “gave up or caved in, or could have done more…” That’s all I, personally, think about now and that’s why I’m here now…

  144. Think I'm beginning to see where the writers of "Stranger Things" might've gotten their material.

  145. ok, read it, very good. I was going to say it was an excerpt from your book, but I really just think you explained how you got to this point! Like I said before, your Mikey Spillane potential has always been huge and I never understood why you didn't go that route

  146. Awesome story again Jack, thanks. Even has cool links to your others. VT has a fine stable of must read stars, priceless, but controlled world will do all they can to block you. Internet lossened their complete grip. The truth eventually wins. I think what you saw with all those lights that night were navy drills that eventually (mistakenly?) took down 800. They certainly wanted that hushed. If switching coke for pot and blotter, we could be brothers of another mother. In mid 80s, ex and I had a similar park experience where many odd things ensued. Playful water sounds turned violent sounding while helicopters and big bugs swirled, then a small gang of play army types camped right beside us and ran through the woods with their walkie talkies chattering. They got upset on the 'US out of El Salvador' bumper sticker on my Celica. While ex slept, I watched our camp from the trees. When fatties got close, I choke holded, tied them up and gagged them, one by one and broke camp and got her out of there by dawn. I don't know how I did it, but like your mean pal, some learn to hide their face and move like ghosts. Now I move slower. Like your writings, I get upset as my pals get further faster in music than I, with boring songs, but know who Son and Muddy will call over for drinks and jamming in the afterlife. I bet you've looked for this before, but your large yacht reminds me of that white jet seen at the Penn 911 crash site. An important eye witness?

  147. Jack

    Not scorned but protected

    Those domestic enemys hate the agency I used to work for more than any other

    We are in a scrim and the winner gets to rewrite the internet

    It's local and I just joined another bible study

    I met my current wife at one called forever family

    i am a live and let live guy about religion and choose to live without one

    Free from them you see

    It's community

    Their secrets doomed



  148. Yes, Jack, it is all quite wonderful.
    There is a great gift in placing potent words out into the world, only to have them rejected and scorned, especially if it was the very best you could do.
    It means you don't have to wonder, as you close the blinds and shut the door, if you gave up or caved in, or could have done more.
    Some things only stay the same by changing.

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