The Drums of War
There’s a silhouette in the pale Moonlight
A trickle of blood runs down the Goddesses thigh
There is sorrow tinged with delight
And in swirling violence there is the hurricanes eye
Out beyond the threshold there’s a dyeing king
His daughter wears scarlet; intoxicated with pleasure
In swift streams of thought choirs of angels sing
And the demons scurry to conceal the treasure
There’s an uneasy truce between the left and the right
And in the last world a Fool has been born
Shielded from sinning within a cradle of light
The high priest smiles mockingly at the oath he has sworn  
There’s a crucifixion in infinite space
A terrified scorpion stings itself to death
Signs of awakening in the most ancient race
Exhaled in the vapor of the dying kings breath
In wanton surrender to the god of the mountain
Whose gaze finally tumbled the citadel to earth
The lady frolics in a bubbling fountain
And dreams of her lover who has suffered his birth

The king casts his last rattling breath to the east
Where the successor awaits at infinity’s door
Amidst thronging angels enters the holy beast
Distant drums echo from shrouded shores
It is in these hours the angels have gathered
Anxious to settle their eternal score
When the boundaries of reality have shattered

Mortals shall witness the angels War

– Jack Heart

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  1. A tree with shallow roots is easily swayed. This remembering, kenning is of utmost importance, restore the dynamics of current and past. Even the "fish-heads" are invited to bring food to the table… Good observations, GC

  2. “Gabriel Clarke Some history…

    Two thousand years ago, the late Roman Empire saw a roar of libido emanating from the collective unconscious, an outpouring we can no longer imagine thanks to the psychological barriers erected by centuries of Christianity. The Roman gods were dying, foreshadowing Nietzsche and our era.

    Christian ritual and dogma contained and channeled the animal ancestral forces splashing across Europe and symbolized by the Colosseum, thereby exalting the individual, providing a new ethic, forging a new sense of community, giving people for whom the old religions and myths no longer worked a sense of purpose, and splitting spirit and nature so each could develop independently. The result: modern civilization, standing on the ruins of Rome.
    Starting with the Reformation (which was helped along by an interest in antiquity inspired by the fall of the Byzantine Empire under Islam's onslaught and by the resulting spread of Greek language and literature through Europe) that broke the church's authority, eroded ritual, and splintered Christianity, religious and traditional containers for the instinctual-archetypal forces began to lose their meaning. "The bridge from dogma to the inner experience of the individual has broken down"

    The Reformation coincided with the point where the ecliptic intersects the meridian at the second fish's tail. The enantiodromia (conversion into an opposite) from Christ to Antichrist falls midway between the two fishes, which was around the Renaissance. At that time Post-Reformation Christianity gave the bipolar Self expression (the Incarnation of God in us) but compensated for the Gothic overemphasis on spirit by further dividing spirit from instinct and matter, faith from knowledge.

    From Christ to aLIEns:
    As we know from ancient Egyptian history, they are manifestations of psychic changes which always appear at the end of one Platonic month and at the beginning of another. Apparently they are changes in the constellation of psychic dominants, of the archetypes, or 'gods' as they used to be called, which bring about, or accompany, long-lasting transformations of the collective psyche. The transformation started in the historical era and left its traces first in the passing of the aeon of Taurus into that of Aries, and then of Aries into Pisces, whose beginning coincides with the rise of Christianity. We are now nearing that great change which may be expected when the spring point enters Aquarius."

    …and here we are now:
    "If we cannot deny the archetypes or otherwise neutralize them, we are confronted, at every new stage in the differentiation of consciousness to which civilization attains, with the task of finding a new interpretation appropriate to this stage, in order to connect the life of the past that still exists in us with the life of the present, which threatens to slip away from it.

    If this link-up does not take place, a kind of rootless consciousness comes into being no longer oriented to the past, a consciousness which succumbs helplessly to all matters of suggestion, and in practice, is susceptible to psychic epidemics."”

  3. A comment from my group that I just must add for posterity, lots of truths here…

    “Gabriel Clarke "After death on the cross, Christ went down into the underworld and became Hell. So he took on the form of the Antichrist, the dragon. The image of the Antichrist, which has come down to us from the ancients, anounces a new God, whose coming the ancients had foreseen.
    Gods are unavoidable. The more you flee God, the more surely you fall into his hand.
    The rain is the great stream of tears that will come over the peoples, the tearful flood of released tensions after the constriction of death had encumbered the peoples, the tearful flood of released tensions after the constriction of death had encumbered the peoples with horrific force. It is the mourning of the dead in me, which precedes burial and rebirth. The rain is the fructifying of the earth, it begets the new wheat, the yound, germinating God."

    The death of the Platonic month of the fish is upon us, if we choose to continue to indulge this violent, Abrahamic myth or modern aLIEN myth as factual abstract truth=consciousness and the natural transition of energy from the age of Pisces to Aquarius will become repressed-already happening, and turn into a new collective shadow-one in which could ultimately lead to an evil archetype in the likes in which humanity has never faced because technology and artificial intelligence will merge with this shadow.

    "A lion-headed, snake-encircled Mithraic God-image of time (also called Kronos or Deus Leontocephalus) who for Jung represented death/rebirth and a psychological union of opposites like light and darkness, male and female, creation and destruction. "AEON," a long length of time, also meant for Jung the two-thousand-year Christian eon, which coincided with its astrological sign, Pisces, in which one fish represents Christ and the other its future opposite, the Antichrist. Below all this works the archetype of the hostile brothers; too, the astrological characteristics of the fish contain essential components of the Christian myth: the cross, the moral conflict and its splitting into two figures, the son of a virgin, the classical mother-son tragedy, the danger at birth, and the savior. For the alchemist, the fish also symbolized the Lapis; for Jung, unconscious wholeness.”

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