Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1
By Jack Heart & Orage
“It’s all connected”
“What is, is. What was, was.”
“All there is is now.” 24
Dr. Amp Photo: Showtime

Here’s the first article of many looking at Twin Peaks The Return 2017. Chosen a little shorter format, while upping the frequency of release thanks to the support from our patrons. Think of it like a classic serial in the Sunday papers. As always, thoughts, comments & suggestions are welcome. – Orage

In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, a novel by Mark Frost, David Lynch’s co-writer for the iconic show, these sayings were at one time or another published in the Twin Peaks Post. When they appeared they were attributed to Carl Rodd, the owner-operator of the Fat Trout Trailer Park. Rodd, along with Margaret Coulson and Alan Traherne were the subjects of an ‘Alien Abduction’ incident in the woods around Twin Peaks when they were in the third grade. Later, Coulson’s maiden name becomes Lanterman, the Log Lady, seer, and prophetess.  She is one of the most prominent characters in the Twin Peaks saga, as is Rodd. Traherne doesn’t figure in the story at all but he is perhaps metaphorical of David Lynch himself. Traherne just fades into anonymity, moving to Los Angeles and working “as a sound technician in the motion picture and television industry.” 25 After suffering all his life from post-traumatic stress disorder he dies of cancer in 1988; the year Frost and Lynch were conceiving Twin Peaks…
In a section titled The Eye of God: Sacred Psychology in the Aboriginal Mind, Frost gives an account of an ayahuasca ceremony undergone by Dr. Lawrence Jacoby before he settled in Twin peaks and became Laura Palmer’s psychiatrist, one of her numerous lovers, and the only one who really knew her. Jacoby recounts seeing into a “different or perhaps deeper dimension, one that either underlies ours or that coexists with it side by side, separated by the thinnest margin imaginable, one that our relatively primitive neurology prevents us from seeing.”26
Under the influence of the ayahuasca, he enters into this coterminous world and describes meeting beings that “might have been angelic or demonic, or perhaps hybrid creatures, and there were many of them moving towards me, tall and humanoid. I realized that their interest in me felt cold, reptilian, neutral but shading toward malevolence, lacking all compassion.”27 The humanoids are driven off by a spherical object that materializes in their midst and washes everything before it away in a brilliant violet light. As it moves closer, bathed in its benevolent beauty, Jacoby realizes that he “is in the presence of “god” energy.”28 While he recuperates from the ceremony, the Indian shaman tells him “you are reborn into a new world.””29  
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Laura Palmer’s murder, nearly being beaten to death himself, his professional culpability in all of it and the passing of twenty-five years has changed Dr. Jacoby. In Twin Peaks 2017 he is no longer practicing medicine but lives as a hermit in a trailer deep in the woods outside of Twin Peaks, where he broadcasts regularly on the internet using the pseudonym Dr. Amp. Dressed as a parody of an SS officer replete with lightning bolts on his bow tie collar he begins his show. 

“Its seven o’clock do you know where your freedom is? Coming to you live and electrified from Studio A high atop the escarpments on Whitetail Peak, the roof, ruff ruff, of the American Hindu Kush this is Dr. Amp doing the vamp for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice and lighting the lamp of freedom. So, what’s on your mind tonight? You know I’m going to tell you what’s on mine. We’re sinking down into the mud. And the fucks are at it again! The same vast, global corporate conspiracy, different day! You can’t see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? I’ve got one. Oh yeah. And its beam, it penetrates the igneous rock of ignorance. It flips that rock over and there they are, exposed. Wriggling, squirming, crawling on their bellies, like foul maggots. Frantically racing back to the cover of darkness that they so crave! We’re coming for you. Yeah, we’re coming for you!
 Let’s just see what their cooking up today. Know the ingredients. Read what’s on the box, in fact read between the lines. What’s lurking in that toaster waffle, those muffins, that frozen children’s treat? Poison! Deadly poison! That’s what’s there. And what’s waiting for you? Cancer! Leukemia! Autoimmune disorders! Pulmonary embolisms! Warts! Psoriasis, eczema! Cardiac arrest! Where are the cops when we need them? Anorexia, body-image bullshit, microbial toxins, bacterial toxins, environmental toxins! Our air, our water, our earth, the very soil itself! Our food! Our bodies poisoned! Poisoned!” 30

Spittle now flying from his mouth as fast as his words Dr. Amp pauses and sips a concoction he has on the table in front him. “That’s huckleberry extract in clean boiled water from the pure artesian springs of Whitetail Peak. Yea, fuck that Acai berry shit from the Amazon. In the immortal words of Pete Seiger “if I had a hammer…” Guess what? I’ve got a hammer!” 31
 Dr. Amp holds up a hammer and pulls on a crudely wired prop string. One of the shovels he recently painted gold moves into position suspended in front of him. Like a geriatric caricature of Thor he smashes the hammer against the shovel and it makes a reverberating ring as he continues. “You must see, hear, understand and act. Act now!”32
In the same episode in a scene just prior to Dr. Amps rant, a young White woman, her skin yellowing and looking like it was crawling with scabies, is slumped stupefied from drugs and alcohol in a chair in her kitchen. Her son, five or six years old, takes the opportunity to dash outside and investigate the strange goings on in a suburban Las Vegas neighborhood. He goes across the street and reaches under a car, where from his window he had prior watched a man tampering. Tires screeching and music blasting from their hotrod car five young toughs pull up and chase him away. They jimmy the lock on the door with great fanfare but when they pick the ignition the car explodes incinerating three of them and showering the quite neighborhood with pieces of wreckage as a horrified Black family looks on from their doorstep.  The boy runs back in the house and his mother rouses from her stupor to stare deliriously out her window at the flaming carnage.   
Assassins had been attempting to kill Agent Cooper. One of them, thinking Cooper was going to drive it, had gotten out of his own car and attached a bomb to the bottom of Coopers car, which exploded. The little boy had watched from his window while dining on cookies, as his mother washed down a pill with a glass of whiskey at the table. Deliriously, she kept repeating loudly “one one nine, one one nine…One one nine.”33 In a following scene, Dr. Jacoby alias Dr. Amp is seen spray painting the shovels that had been delivered to him in an opening scene of Twin Peaks 2017.  Perhaps oddly, he is wearing a gas mask to paint outside.  Later, along with the bumper, the police find the license plate of the car on the roof of the drug-addicted mother’s house. As the cop clomps around on her roof, she looks up dazed from the kitchen table and once again in a loud voice says “one one nine, one one nine.”34
The commercial Dr. Amp runs after each of his tirades, features him in waders standing in a mud puddle up to his knees. He exhorts viewers to shovel their way out of the shit. He uses his gold shovel to take a shovel full of mud and toss it aside. The scene switches to one of him standing on the same ground with no mud and he flips a switch on a handheld control box. An electrical sound commences and he is bathed in golden light. He holds the gold shovel out and says “this is your shiny gold shovel. Two coats, guaranteed. Shovel your way out of the shit and into the truth. Dig yourself out of the shit …”35
Coupled with the fact that David Lynch has publically endorsed Loose Change, the world famous internet film questioning the veracity of the mainstream media’s (MSM) 9/11 account, on Dutch TV 36 and repeated his skepticism of the MSM version of 9/11 in an interview with Alex Jones 37; it should be assumed even by the dullest of idiots that Lynch was commenting on 9/11 in Twin Peaks 2017…  
David Lynch as Gordon Cole. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Lynch –tall, angular and with a Midwestern delivery– all very similar to American screen icon Jimmy Stewart, plays his own character in the Twin Peaks saga. Gordon Cole, in his roles as Regional Bureau Chief and later Deputy Director, is the de facto head of the FBI. David Duchovny, star of the X Files, does make a cameo early in the 2017 edition as the Chief of Staff and Cole’s superior but he is in drag and refers to himself as Denise. A shot at J Edgar Hoover and maybe even the X Files too. Cole has an ear affliction, which causes him to wear hearing aids and he frequently shouts when he speaks. Although sometimes used to comedic effect, Twin Peaks is by no definition a comedy and superficially the viewer wonders why this defect is written into such an important character, played no less by Lynch himself.
Twin Peaks uses musical compositions throughout to advance its plot. Toward that end, the ‘Roadhouse’ is its most effective vehicle. The Roadhouse is what the denizens of Twin Peaks call a bar where they all seem to meet at night. It has a dance floor and features live entertainment. In the eighth episode Nine Inch Nails gives a performance that is perhaps the most disturbing thing ever caught on film, but the first act in the Roadhouse for Twin peaks 2017 comes at the end of the second episode.
Agent Cooper has plummeted from the Red Room and is hurling through the stars, a messianic missile aimed at the dark heart of a misbegotten world’s demon god. Sarah Palmer, who is the incarnation of that demon god, sits in her living room back in Twin Peaks. The room is cluttered. She sits on a couch savoring a drink. Behind her are three mirrors arrayed as the crown of god in the Sepher Yetzirah. She curls contentedly on the sofa transfixed on the giant screen television over the coffee table strewn with junk and a bottle of Bloody Mary mix. She watches with intense interest as three lions bleed out a Water Buffalo and the scene switches to people arriving in the night to the parking lot of the Bang Bang Bar, the Roadhouses actual name. Inside, the Chromatics are slipping into a haunting rendition of ‘Shadow…’  
“Shadow, take me down
Shadow, take me down with you
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
You’re in the water
I’m standing on the shore
Still thinking that I hear your voice
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
At night I’m driving in your car
Pretending that we’ll leave this town
We’re watching all the street lights fade
And now you’re just a stranger’s dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you’re nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night’s rain
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time”

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  1. My comments about porn were simply a joke in response to Mr. Duff's revelations about the company and its evil ways as in lets flood their servers with junk to shut them down however, I think all of their online bases are covered so it matters not what we do just look at youtube.

    The internet more and more is becoming something to ignor and at for me 70 plus dollars a month?



  2. it's a nice thought Nine and i appreciate it but something like that might be construed as tax evasion. My enemy's are weak, I intend on keeping them that way, biting, scratching and hair pulling, like fighting my little sister the now famous environmentalist when 7 and 8 years old. lets not give them anything that builds muscles. Orage and I are being very careful to keep everything we do above board, that's why we decided on Patreon…

  3. "Wagner had already made his monstrous sentiments clear" Some people will never learn who the real monsters are. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I guess I'm the Slow Train but I'm also The Little Engine that Could 😉 Thank you for everything you post although I know well that you are holding out on me. More will be revealed as they say, right?

  4. Danny and George,
    Our interchange here is an illustration of how male logic is designed to balance female emotionalism. My favorite quote as I noted long ago: Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

  5. Thank you, Danny. All I can think to say is, can't we all just get along? It looks like we can. I also realize that I've been out of my depth here on the threads but my intentions are good. Then again there's the road to hell and all that jazz. See you around the campfire.

  6. Hi there, George here – long time reader, once in a blue moon poster. Yes, I'd be inclined to agree with Danny, I'm afraid. People from all over the world are reading this comments section, and people of all stripes as we have seen take an interest in the very esoteric subjects that Jack writes about. Some of those people have the power top make this stuff exoteric, which it should be, as we have also seen recently. (And 'they' obviously know stuff that many of us don't). Where else other than VT can we gain access to this kind of stuff bar avowing ourselves to the Vatican or some other intelligence agency?
    But when one checks out the comments section I'm treated to a heavy dose of Tara's self-self-help therapy sessions. Particularly intensive of late. And not fun. Sorry, but there it is. Is it really necessary for you to blurt a 'reply' on practically every post?
    Keep the personal observations to yourself, Tara, and let's keep the comments objective. Subjective, as Danny has eluded to, is boring. Perhaps you might want to think about that. It's Jack's opinions we are interested in, not the workings of your inner mind. No offence, just thought I might throw that in. As someone said before this isn't a 'safe space' for you on which to to bare all….it's a flipping comments board on a blog. Important though that blog is. Let's clear the space of dusty old fart-smells and let in some fresh air. As someone also said of late.


  7. Yes, Danny. I swear a lot, like to have the last word, maybe even addicted to cheap intimacy but intimacy has to start someplace. I know one thing I'm not is mean spirited. There's nothing less attractive than that. I've not harmed you. If your brutality is what you consider tactful people skills then I'll be happy to stay just the way I am. I won't be frightened away by bullying. Of that you may be certain.

  8. Nine, be glad we don't do TwitchTV live streaming. Don't ask. In Sweden, you can barely pay your pastries with cash. BitCoin an option, PO box is up to Jack. We're not blind to the whole middleman setup over there on P, but it does add another dimension to the conversation, so far, 30 days in. As one TV Chef is prone to say: Kick it up a notch.

  9. I'm here to read comments relevant to the subject matter of Jack's blog, why else? Whereas you're obviously addicted to the banality of cheap intimacy and, moreover, are sorely lacking in people skills and tact. In addition to that you're boring.
    Women who swear a lot and insist on having the last word are decidedly un-attractive.
    Go away!

  10. Saw your comment Terra over on vt about Frank Shaeffer.

    Please go easy on him as he is a good guy and has plenty of courage to take on those Evangelical gang bangers.

    Frank would be even over Franklin Graham Jr in that particular gang terra!

    I post on his blog as yours truly…


  11. You are a miserable excuse for a human being. I stayed here because there are people here who are not hateful and sick. I thought I could be of service. Why are you here?

  12. Oh, It was just a little one line correction that disappeared. I was putting some up about the X's they paint in the sky around me sometimes on the next one. There were three that they took down cause I got very upset. When they take them down it doesn't say "removed by…" They don't fly the helicopters over me anymore cause I'm on to them and I go out there into the field and scream at them. I just wish someone from the agency would come and explain it to me. What I am. What happened. If I'm some kind of experiment that went wrong I just wish someone would tell me. I get feeling very alone and desperate and then I go the F off. That's all.

  13. Jeez, for such a horrible place, Tara, you sure do seem to hang out here an awful lot! Not that you have all that much to say mind you, but whatever floats your boat!

  14. What about that unionized postal service?

    Convert cash to a postal money order.

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    A PO box like 50 bucks a year.


  15. serenity? meh, another overly sensitive dahhling who flew the coop when things didn't go her way. Good riddance, part deux.
    If you're reading this, Serenity? Don't bother coming back.

  16. every opinion I have every single minute. Stop taking my comments down. Please. I think that thing about the porn was pretty good. What's the matter guys? Pussy got your tongues?

  17. I just don't see why everyone has to be intolerant. He admitted himself that he was having some ego issues that he was working out. Can't people muster goodwill towards one of their fellows on these threads? I mean my goal is world peace. If we can't make peace and be kind and tolerant of each other here what hope is there for peace on earth and goodwill towards men. That's all I'm saying. Human beings like gods evolve through trial and error. It's a process, not an event. That's all I'm saying. Sometimes we have to forgive each other. I understand what he was saying about other people's religion was sometimes irritating to some. Still, he was very passionate and he was not mean spirited. That's all.

  18. He's not a BS artist, for sure. Just too narrowly defined and a bit too tetchy for an open forum. Good riddance I say but we'll see.He placed all his eggs in one basket and got nudged!

  19. Look man he brought me in. I came in here after Heart but I it was M who did me a lot of solids. I don't roll on my peeps. I've messaged Duff. I'm sending up smoke signals to be called in. I still have half a clue about who's who in this new zoo review but I learned a lot from MK. I didn't like him very much for a while either. They say he's a plan b or marked, A bullshit artist but I don't believe it.

  20. pen-friends, at best surely? Let's keep it real here. And when it comes to dicks, MK definitely had the smallest member. Pity really because he certainly talked the talk. Personally Id be choosier when it comes to my friends cyber or otherwise. but gud luck with that!

  21. All I'm saying is there's no need to be a dick to MK, D.
    Can we agree to disagree? I'm fiercely loyal and I have very few friends in this outfit. He's one of them even if he never comes back.

  22. Hung up? Sounds like my ideal woman! Oh to be stalked by a mad raving woman with a personality disorder and my booty on her mind. Still we can always dream.

  23. PS Danny,
    Aren't you the one who was hung up on some woman who you thought was a borderline personality and maybe gang stalking you? I think that's right. We all find what we're looking for.

  24. As to abortion, again for the cheap seats, In god's economy, nothing is wasted. I don't support abortion because I personally could not do it yet I don't decry it.
    (That's right everybody needs to know I have every single minute 😉

  25. Danny,
    He's really not coming back? I think he'll be over at Patreon when the Norse show. Dammit. That's disappointing to think that he won't come back. I'm sorry that I make no sense to you. I wonder if it's anything specific or just general confusion. My mind is sometimes the wrong neighborhood for even me to visit without adult supervision.
    😉 Tara

  26. I've heard that watching too much porn has made a lot of boys and men weird about sex. I have experience which supports that assertion. Apparently, they try to immulate what they covet. Sex, becomes an addictive escape mechanism and any hope for intimacy during the act is dashed. They then wish to position a woman like she's a doll in order to act out those scenes effectively removing themselves from the act possibly as a self protective mechanism. Serves the chicken farmers well I imagine. Still, I believe that the epidemic is secondary and reactionary to the so called equality movement. Women are never equal to men. You know that anything you can do, I can do better bullshit. That's just me. I'm old fashioned and I'm a realist. Most men have seen porn at least once. When those visions of swollen and unnaturally huge cocks and the pounding act with no sign of anything akin to love are viewed continuously I believe that it has the power to damage the mindset. My second husband was addicted to it. Once I watched one that I snooped out in his pc history. I'll never get it out of my mind. A young Asian woman who could barely speak English was getting fucked in her ass and mouth by a large well endowed black man. It felt like I knew she was a slave. It is my opinion is that there is porn and there is art and never the two shall meet. I didn't know until recently that Germany fell into a state that resembled Sodom and Gomorra when they crippled her. I'm not a prude and I don't mind watching either art or the more base types. Still, once something is seen it cannot be unseen so my belief is that it is better to tread lightly. I've been tempted to enter the online sex industry myself and I had the perfect opportunity once. I decided that it wasn't my cup of tea. As for my personal consumption, I prefer still shots of beautiful women over full Monty male images. I'm not a lesbian but I would probably go there if there was a man present. I always say that if I were a lesbian, it would have to be a 68 and I'll owe you one situation. Which one said "everything in moderation?" Was it Jefferson? He liked to rock out with his cock out for sure. As for me and Heart, if and when that goes down (no pun intended) I'd admonish all to mind their own fucking business. That is unless he wanted it published. I'm a go along to get along kind of gal. I gotta PO Box and Christmas is coming. Cash. Tell Satan Clause I want cash. Cold and hard.

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  28. hahaha he's well gone, honeybuns. But it seems like youve got plenty to say all on your own. You don't really make one iota of sense but we wont hold that against you.


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  31. Omg. I'm can't stream videos very well most of the time until it's late. It's the contractors isn't it? Or, were they a nest of baby killers? I knew we were running out of time. It's going to happen isn't it? Another 911 coming very soon to make war with Iran. They are losing Syria. They will become more desperate. I'll bet they do it soon. Something big. Maybe in NY again. Never D.C. I doubt D.C. They are too chicken shit to allow that. Where? Hawaii again? My god. This is just horrible. May god be with us. Those of us who know the truth. Those few. We won't be able to do a damn thing about it. Will we?

  32. It is beautiful and it balances my feelings about clowns in general. I don't exactly understand the reality stream cross/Mandela reference but like everything else I've experienced through my participation here the 411 goes into my noggin exactly when it needs to and not a moment before. Sweet Dreams, dear warrior/sorcerer:)

  33. Permanently banned? They tried to deny me a Vril post but I insisted so that it stuck 😉
    May I suggest another option, Hmm for you Ashley Wilkes, they'll let you. He's from Roswell, GA. A dreamer that one. Not like that rogue and my Heart, Rhett 😉
    I've been, Tara. I've been Ashley's sister, India. I've been Katie. Now I'm Tara once more. I may stop there but there's no telling. Maybe next, I'll be Ishtar. I think I may change both of my names one day. Ishtar.. I love that name.
    Can you feature it, Stan the Man?
    "Hi, I'm Ishtar. I'm here about that job…" Or better yet on the stage with my comedy. The one the only Ishtar..
    Pity, my only aspiration is to be a housewife..

  34. Give me that old time religion, Nine. I take my wisdom where I find it. We don't throw babies out with bath water.
    Who am I to condemn the entire forest because of the ugliness of some of, or even most of, its trees?

  35. What happened to you, Stan? How come you don't friend me up on FB? I know you wanted to email with me? I thought you were hitting on me then so I wouldn't do it back then hehehe. Maybe I will. Everyone had to unfriend Katie cause she went off the rails. I crack myself up.

  36. Like he said back in the threads, "I got to admit it's getting better," and that they are going to lose. I didn't know then what I now know which is still very little (even though I think some think I know more than I do.) I'm just a pawn but I'm very grateful to be able to suit up and continue to show for the show. Perhaps I'll get my wish upon a star. From a Jack to a King from a pawn to a Queen. I have my faith. A mustard seed and on some days a that of a watermelon. I'll keep coming back cause it works if you work it. I guess I'll just keep trying to work it cause I'm worth it.
    ❤️ T

  37. Really, real, for reals?
    You promise Nine? You know about my vision don't you? America the beautiful. My beautiful, free country, back to nature, the leader and peace keeper, healing the planet, healing all of us. Flags flying, solid colors, like banners. A single thought and a single cry from humanity up to the heavens. Laughter, joy, brotherhood. Real freedom. As for me, a lasting love. One for the record books. Perhaps, a ball game or some such rite of passage for Jacob with his bloodlines and my beloved present. Whadda ya say old man?

  38. I watched your friends interview nine, I have to tell you I think the evangelicals may have something there. God will whisk those who are worthy into realms of bliss and punish the wicked; Schlomo first. They are just to fucking stupid, piles of dead woman and children and world filled misery all of their own invention staring them in the face, to figure out that they are the Wicked. i am going to enjoy their epiphany a great deal…

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  41. Dr,


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    mom died at one hundred and two on dads pension long after he was gone. From 1975 mum lived on that pension.

    as I say to my 'publican friends can't use the re anymore he he…

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    they are doomed gentlemen and dear terra

    the fleas are being delt with he he



  42. A genuine experience expressed in poetic terms as an attempt of decryption into a purely objective experience that is beyond my scientific lecture, otherwise I'd be a spiritual and scientific genius. To deny it's objective presence would be like denying the nose on my face. Back in the early eighties I spoke to an Ophthalmologist and after giving him my best objective description of my visual disturbance, I asked him if I had a "scintillating scotoma". He said "no," a scintillating scotoma produces streaks of flashing light. He then asked me what happened to me in regards to the chronic disturbance in my visual field. I didn't tell him, and I said "thank you doctor, good bye."

    Here now is where I play the Fool, but to deny the Event along with the experience of being permanently lit, I would play the Greater Fool, if I were to dismiss the event and its permanent effect, forever present in the mirrors reflection, or anywhere, anytime. It is no real big deal, it is as common as the nose on my face, I just gaze into some dim light and witness its intense activity, not necessarily a spin, but an intense pulse, like a strobe. The rapidity seems to briefly "freeze" in it constant activity, appearing as a ying yang effect, that is violet and yellow.

    I do not have to meditate, use mantras, light candles or incense, or consume psycho-active drugs. Permanent means permanent, Player.

  43. You will notice that Puddles is now doing his thing “In the green room style…” You will remember what Orage and I told you about the Green World

    "She gave them a dagger, a mirror and a purple crystal – half amethyst, half quartz – that could open a portal to the Green World. She told them that man’s physical body is naught but a temporal home constructed for and by his timeless soul to manifest its existence in this crude world of matter.
    This world of empty and endless distances between the other worlds, this world of death and decay is a kingdom of shadows created by a dark god to enmesh and snare the luminous spirit, which is the divine essence of every soul.
    The rightful residence of that lost soul is a place between life and death, what is now called the ethereal world. It is the world of the unborn and of the dead. It is the world of many worlds. Ishtar called it the Green World."

  44. To quote the Outlaws Tara "may kings and queens bow down before you…" but do not forget the Crimson Ceremony

    "I am the Crimson One. The lies and the mist are not they but I. You all know that I am One. Yes, and the One is I. Believers hearken to me! Twenty score men and seven thousand beasts. Heed my words and speaketh them to all, that they shall ever be obeyed even under the light of the proud and merciless sun. I shall bring down bitter vengeance upon thee and thou shalt suffer my eternal wrath. The beauty of the withering flower and the last struggles of the dying man, they are my blessings. Thou shalt ever call upon me and all that is me in the place that is silent. Oh, proud fragrance of life which flies towards the heart. Oh Cup which brims with the whitest of wine, it is in thee that all begins."

  45. When lightening strikes the tower
    It will be the lightening of the King of Swords Coming with a vengeance into my garden
    The Garden of good and evil
    Come for me..
    Come tip the scales and chase my sorrow away forever…

  46. For you Geoff I will paraphrase Crowley when he invited the Buddha to perform an unseemly sexual act on him in The Book of the Law: If all of life is sorrow and pain then I must be a bit of a sadist myself…

  47. Nice try but again Stan; to paraphrase the man from down under: That’s not a Mandela Effect. This is a Mandela Effect…

    "Rainbow In The Dark (Live)" – Puddles Pity Party

    The Rainbow in the Dark

    When there's lightning – you know it always bring me down
    Cause it's free and I see that it's me
    Who's lost and never found
    I cry out for magic – see it floating in the light
    It was cold – lost my hold
    To the shadows of the night

    No sign of the morning coming
    You've been left on your own
    Like a Rainbow in the Dark
    Just a Rainbow in the Dark

    Do your demons – well, do they ever let you go
    When you've tried – do they hide – deep inside
    Is it someone that you know
    You're just a picture – just an image caught in time
    We're a lie – you and I
    We're words without a rhyme

    No sign of the morning coming
    You've been left on your own
    Like a Rainbow in the Dark
    Just a Rainbow in the Dark

    When I see lightning – you know it always brings me down
    Cause it's free and I see that it's me
    Who's lost and never found
    I cry out for magic – feel it dancing in the air
    But it's fear – and you'll hear
    It calling you beware

    No sign of the morning coming
    No sight of the day
    You've been left on your own
    Like a Rainbow
    Just a Rainbow in the Dark
    You’re a Rainbow in the Dark
    Just a Rainbow in the Dark
    A Rainbow in the Dark
    No sign of the morning
    You’re a Rainbow in the Dark

    I see you’re all, you’re all, you’re all a Rainbow
    You’re a Rainbow in the Dark

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Good night

  48. Jack, if we are indeed in "bat country", any supplements come to mind to communicate with the white instead of black? I'm kinda anti-torture in case you haven't figured that out.

  49. footprints of evil. "Reading your mail" Mr Heart! Skinwalker ranch all over again. Why do so many people go missing at state parks? shhhh its a secret.

  50. As a finale addendum on Maurice’s comment I need to add this. It was all recorded on the 9/11 call by the last victim of the Gilgo Beach serial killers.

    “Pak claims that they had been at Brewer’s house for about three hours when Brewer came out and got him. When he went in Shannon was “freaking out” and accused them both of trying to kill her. She then went behind the couch and crouched down. Pak says he followed her and asked her if she had seen the movie Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.”

    In Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas they talk harvesting the adrenal glands of those who have been tortured to death to make the powerful hallucinogenic they were taking to commune with disembodied entities. Now the poor girl whom they were doing just that too knew exactly what Pak was referring too, as did I when I read it…

  51. thanks jack.. a few thoughts jumped in my head. JuJu alive and well cannibalism, best to torture the victim get the adrenaline.. (men women children) Vlad the Impaler shit. Missionaries taking countless indigineous children away to be educated in the "church" 1000X more left then returned.. so there is "something" to it..

    Majick? kinda blows my minds.. "out of africa" voodoo shit. Real as cancer.

  52. Well you must be somebody they want me to answer pretty bad SM, your comments on the blog are going directly into my emails, first time that’s ever happened, not that I need prodding to answer my commenter’s on the blog. I think I do a dam good job, even more so now considering we are trying to move this theological Cirque du Soleil over to Patreon.

    Ignore the above paragraph SM; wasn’t aimed at you. Right now I really don’t have time to listen to a 53 minute Youtube piece. Orage wants to get the next piece out before he is off to the Red Sea, presumably to look for Muses. Or was that Moses? We shall have to ask Schlomo. I just can’t keep track of his lies anymore, it’s a wonder even he can. One of his favorites is the one about the satanic hordes swimming right beneath the periphery of human perception, sacrificing children in orgies of necrophilia in the basements of their suburban homes while they read from their little Aleister Crowley books. They will usually site the “work” of Anton Szandor LaVey; in actuality Howard Stanton Levey a Jewish carnival barker, as absolute proof of this. They will back it up with comic book links to squealing pulpit porkers like Texe Marrs and the rest of the likes of their drooling drunkard heroes. A Satanist, a real one that is, is usually someone who worships Pan; the male spirit of nature and the consort of Aradia; the witches name for the Goddess. From what I’ve seen, which is plenty, neither has any interest in children outside of the caring and rearing of their own. On the other hand, starting with that sick fuck Abraham, Christians and indeed all Abrahamics have a very unhealthy fixation with children, including their own. I would ask you to direct your attention to the Order of St. Hubertus and the strange circumstances surrounding the death of “Supreme Court Justice” Scalia or the Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead England among all the other atrocities “Christians” commit against children in the name of Jesus. Both are covered by Gordon Duff. In DC, where everybody who isn’t Jewish is a millennial Christian, over 500 children had been reported missing by the end of March this year. All one need do is turn on the Investigative Discovery channel to see case after nauseating case of Christians raping and murdering their children in Americas bible belt. The only Satanists you will see on ID are those children who survive their “good Christian upbringing” and grow into resentful sub adults. They are big fans of the Jewish carnival barker… Speaking of Jews, they are no better if not worse, with some Rabbi’s considering it their duty to chew the tip off of the penis off every male baby Jew in their congregation. And let’s not even get started with the Muslims and their disgusting and unnatural practices with children like Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan.

  53. Thank SM,
    Sorry I'll always picture myself adored in black leather when I see your moniker 😉 I'm so exhausted that I have to leave the heavy lifting to the boys and TA (I think the rest of the women remain silent sentinels) but don't hold out on me. Tell me what you really think in your own words sometimes. It matters, at least to me it does.

  54. Any man willing to stand up for Her (and especially those who refrain from handing me my ass on these threads 😉 is in my cool book. That's just my opinion, of which there are many.

  55. Yeah its a great name. It's fit like some one elses old clothes all my life but it is what it is. I don't cultivate conceit, I just find'm and discard'm. The first time through is one thing. The second time through was quite another. I have the experience that I'm in this process as deeply as any of the other commentators – all in. I'm also working my way through all the citations as I find the strength of mind to do so usefully – which is something I have to steal these days. Got some real amazing thoughts from that as well. Here's one that made me feel good. Its a bit of wikip that might have been overlooked…

  56. SM Smithfield,
    Hi sorry, my first thought was Sado Masochism at the Smithfield hog farms. I'm waiting on him to answer your query but I think we may be waiting a long time so I'm not holding my breath. My hat's off to you if you can read him twice. I could barely hold him once. As for conceit, it's largely foreign to me although I'm getting used to a certain dose of it. It feels pretty good but I'm trying not to let it go to my head 😉 If you got extra good thoughts for us don't hold back.

  57. Sister Timeangel, at least we who are in the boat, notice the rain of fire. And if we are going down with the ship, I say at least we have a good Captain. But maybe going down isn't so bad. As Orage quoted" dink full and descend". Down deep and into this Torus ship. Implode and create Our dream this time.

  58. I noticed, Angel. Your heart is a thing of beauty. You possess qualities in a woman which I sorely lack. I love you, TA. Thank you for helping me to have the courage to continue. I'd have folded up like a house of cards if it weren't for you. I will see you. In this life or the next..
    Your sister in spirit,

  59. Though few seem to have noticed, nature's rain of fire has already begun.
    Jack, Orage, Banger, Anon, Mr. Jang, Nine, Geoff, friends: I am very grateful to be in the boat with you.
    Much respect and warmest regards.
    Your Sister,

  60. There are two choices which are swiftly approaching. Either, justice is applied with the precision of a surgeon (with Eve's razor tongue for those who've read my silly ramblings) or we will bring the black fire to earth and wipe them off the fucking map.

  61. Violence should always be the last resort for the simple reason that unless administered in biblical proportions it will just beget more violence; pleasing those who run this place to no end. Having said that there is nothing more purifying or more violent than fire, those of you who have read Black Fire know that within the text of this piece and indeed running as a subtext throughout the whole Twin Peaks saga there is a treat to use Black Fire as the final solution to clean this mess up…

  62. I say no, Maurice. Those natures cannot be completely irradiated in this realm. Creation cannot coexist with perfection. With that said, there can exist a state of being wherein the emotions have not failed to grow to the the stature of the intellect. That is the type of balance necessary in order for this species to flourish to its potential. Believe, believe in that eventuality. I do, yet I'll stick with a favorite movie line, "To hell with them fellas. Worms got to eat. Same as buzzards." The Outlaw Jesse Wales…

  63. "To live in peace, we first must kill. This is Human oppression's cruel finale." – Francesca

    very well stated.. to live in peace we have to evolve.. in the spiritual sense,more like ascend and leave behind ( kill) our base carnal nature perhaps?

  64. That's just great that you have a time machine, Nine. For what? To sustain the perpetual cycles of violence and greed and hate?
    That is not acceptable. I've never been to Israel. I know that they train the contractors and the mercenaries. That language they have is for the magick. I cannot believe what this government is doing sidling up those animals who ban music, that being the least of their sins.
    Still, there is much beauty in this "place."
    I do not want my grandson to be frightened. His name is Jacob. I don't want blood in the streets. As I say this I think of the children in Syria. I think of the Iraqi children who were systematically starved by sanctions which started well before 911. I get in a nice hot bath and I think of all the people who are dying of thirst. I eat until I'm satiated, the poison food, and I think of those who are starving. I eat chocolate and think of the children who are being made to harvest cocoa. They don't even know what candy is. I can barely take my mind to the place where children are being used in black magick rituals. I have everything I need and so many things that are just wants. I think of the rape of the world and it sickens me. I'm facing 300 days in jail if they find out that I'm spitting their fucking psych meds into the toilet. That on behalf of the Virgin Mary here in the Commonwealth. Common wealth!? What a sick joke that is. I've been in the trenches with the downtrodden. I cannot be happy in this place. I want to be happy. I want to be married to a real man who can reason with my son. With that said, something meaningful and lasting needs to be done about what is going on in this world. I tried to get my son into a good treatment center when he was young but they wouldn't take his insurance even though it was provided by my Stepdads military service. Now, these people, including veterans, are being subjected to genetically modified opium and for what? So less than one percent of the population can own the world. That is not acceptable. At one time, I saved my own life by accepting the things I could not change but that admonition also included a directive. That was to have the wisdom to know the difference between what I could change and what I couldn't. A lot of people need to die but the number that must die so that this insanity stops may be surprisingly low. That is what it is, insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I believe it was Einstein who provided that definition. If there is something that I can do to put a stop to it, I will. I think there is. No, I know there is. They need to stand down. They need to stand down now. I'm willing to sacrifice everything and that includes the safety and well being of everything and everyone I love. Are you?
    Terra Tara

  65. In a reply to the battle cries in comments above: "To live in peace, we first must kill. This is Human oppression's cruel finale." – Francesca

  66. Terra,

    Nine is still here listening to Wagner and having a beer as I did work for the family today after a three hour hike in the woods in the hills around where I live.

    Course schlomo hates Wager the worst so I love him the most as Sir Gorge Soti directed a German orchestra the best!

    To this day Wagner is banned in Israel.

    Solti rehearsing a fine orchestra in German…

    I was in an orchestra like that as a young man playing the trumpet so I can relate…he he…

    Schlomo has the bomb but we have a time machine and he shall be dealt with as I see things….

    All the worlds a stage so one must get up upon that stage and play ones part as it were.

    carry on…


  67. I like movies based on Philip K Dick. I got a Steven King movie – Dreamcatcher – and it was a real fuckfest. Apparently he was high on pain medication when he wrote it due to an accident. Still seems bad considering.

  68. Did you just pop the question, Jack? If so, the answer is yes, yes, yes!!!
    And I'll have what She's having 😉
    Excellent idea, babe. Big B can do the honors. A, B, C etc sorry about your luck. Somebody has to serve the food and drink at my reception…
    It'll be a riot. Please babe, maybe MK could offer our toast?
    TimeAngel, I'd be honored if you'd stand up for me.
    O you can bring as many dates as will fit in your limo 😉
    Nines, we'll have an open bar and I won't hold it against you if you drink yourselves blind..
    Hey a girl can dream can't she?

  69. Thank you, I love it! Shout outs to good TaraBelle. Oh, the flattery! Don't stop til I get enough…
    Big B and the A, B, C's are not frightened of me. They'll be back just like The Terminator (at least I hope so.) I can hardly wait. Plus, Nine. He's out there making moves for sure. If the party is BYOB I'll bring the Vodka. As for the troughs:

  70. Good man, Mr. Jang— and WHAT a ballad choice. Go Christy!!!!!

    Brothers like you make Rosenkrantz, Cosmo and Guildenstern shit their knickers—they're not as cool nor as 'in the house' as they'd like to think they are. Just yet, at least.

    Sisters like T.A. are keepin' it real…

    And top notch ass-kickers like the big J. call it where it's at. Sorry from the heart that we're not 'in a position' to help ya more, Jack.

    Skid Mark, (in name only, I hope) you hit the nail on the head: It's lie low, time, for us…

    ….use that info in whatever way youse see fit!!!!

    "…when we staaaaarted the voyage, there was just meeeeeee and youuuUUUUUUUUUUUU; now gathered 'round us, we have our own creeWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…."

    what a classic, all the way back to '89~

    '…we rode out the storms when the winds were gaaayyyyle faaaarce!'

    (better believe it!)

    Adieu, y'alls~

  71. Jack, very well said and I humbly retract!
    "Life is an ocean, and love is a boat; in troubled waters it keeps us afloat"; Purgatory is a stretch, for me. And I believe that our souls exist over and above anything that low down, kikey Balrogs and Orcs can do to this material reality. They're of limited intelligence, anyway. Everybody knows that. Valhalla awaits, for sure. But SChlomo needs to git some before then…
    No checking out just yet!!!

    Mr. J

  72. Everybody I like dies, come to think of it everybody i don't like dies too. this is unseemly Mr. Jang everybody needs to start exercising a little more decorum, outside of Tara of course whom is fine as Tara. If i didn't know we were all dead already I would actually feel bad, but I feel it in my nested torus soul, we will all drink and laugh about this soon in Valhalla far far away from this self imposed purgatory…

  73. For sure, Skid. And rather than just "blabbing" too much in a general sense, I suspect you mean blabbing about stuff they shouldn't perhaps have been blabbing about to begin with. We'll see. But if they have been pulled, they've been Pulled with a capital "P". Their organisation doesn't go in for half-measures—take it from me! Some things just aren't meant to be known by the masses. And that's just a fact of life whether we like it, or not. It was only a matter of time before they or their comments were intercepted somewhere in cyberspace.

    But Terrible Tara's peaks and, ummmmm, troughs should at least keep us entertained for a (little) while longer, instead!
    (Think she scares the neighbors?)

    Mr. Jang

  74. Sir Banger and Anon,
    Your silence is deafening. Have you gone through the toroidal abyss and left all here to ponder the fragmented remains without you?

  75. I'm not dead yet, Jack. I know you hear your own heartbeat in your head (both of them 😉
    When I hear that heartbeat in my body then these fucks are gonna wish they never did it. They think they can purchase their salvation. They are sorely mistaken. I've travelled into the eye of Shiva. It knows. The multiverse knows exactly what it's doing. It poured itself into us long ago and forced you to walk this road alone until your feet were bloodied and as now your spirit taxed to it's limit. Hang tough baby. I'll do the do the same. Soon we will stand and wonder together. I think we may need a bigger boat. . .
    Much Love,
    T as in Tired of Fucking Around,

  76. I'm not partial to blondes, Stan. But I'm not allergic to bleach. You fuckers better hope I don't bleach my shit again. My hair will be a fiery crown. My tongue will be a flaming sword and I will cast you down among the grit, among the squirming parasitic worms. I will restore order to this "place" one way or another. You tried to fuck him over by giving him a mental patient to work with. You are on notice. I put the "ill" in mental illness. Three strikes you're out you bastards.

  77. TAngel asked Banger once if any of them jumped time and he didn't answer. What are you Nine? I read the explanation about how He and She "cancel each other out."
    Nine talks as if he's a real man who rides bicycles but I know you know who the enemy is. Say it's name. I know that the trolls are afraid of you,Nine.
    Your former employer was only 250 years old. Banger is a real man who is flesh and bone. Who are you? Who are all of you? Say it now. You, All of you who say you love the truth so well. Come on here and say the truth in plain English rather than providing cryptic hints. Tell me what I want to know rather than giving intimations about the "oldest" organization in America, the green world home, and the All who lead me to believe that they know what is in that basement at the Vatican. Do you remember your past lives or are you a flesh vessel which doesn't die like on The Green Mile. (That one is for you Zen;) I can't remember my past lives but I'm stuck here. I can't turn away from him and I want to know the truth. Who are you Jack? The last Messianic Jew. Are you the Light Bringer? You are aren't you?
    I know that MK Ultra is a construct just like Google. Google is a monopoly. How could the US government allow this. Why?
    Everyone knows he doesn't know how to lose a fight. The trouble is that I fear I may.

  78. The metamorphosis of man into god, or man back into god, we’ve been in a slump Maurice but as Dylan noted times they are a changing. I think the Supreme Being is so far above all this if they were ever to become aware it this shop would be closed down yesterday. In Vedic tradition that would be called opening the eye of Shiva, the Jews call it Shemaphoresch, now Crowley he claimed he did it, if that’s true then Lynch is right we are all dead already…

  79. "As Ta has taught me herself; if an Intell op is moving their mouth they are lying, its that simple. "

    The old joke at 'merikas oldest institution was "if the bosses lips are moving he's lying"



  80. alchemy turning base metals into gold.. or turning man into what he was destined to be a supreme being?? Caterpiller to Butterfly? Symbol for transformation?

  81. As Orage has already noted in VT this world is run through Synarchy and we are its official scribes, although personally i never applied for this position and I would like to speak to my shop steward about standard of living adjustments. Towards that means synarchy is openly practiced in the intelligence community, what do you think VT is all about? As Ta has taught me herself; if an Intell op is moving their mouth they are lying, its that simple. You all need to know I failed CIA 101. Why do you think we are asking for your support on Patreon?…

  82. “Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
    Send my credentials to the House of Detention
    I got some friends inside

    The face in the mirror won't stop
    The girl in the window won't drop
    A feast of friends
    "Alive!" she cried
    Waitin' for me

    Before I sink
    Into the big sleep
    I want to hear
    I want to hear
    The scream of the butterfly” – Jim Morrison; When the Music’s Over…

  83. Here's another question for u when u do the Q+A, why is the butterfly associated with MK ULTRA? Fritz said it has to do with monarch butterfly, but there is also butterfly shape in the brain. There's a movie called "butterfly effect" which I saw recently and thought was good ignoring all the bad acting.

  84. Nine and whoever else is in it to win it with me.
    Thank you for what you've already done for me. I'm not a complete idiot and I'm not a total cunt. I know I didn't get here by myself. I try very hard to never forget where I came from. If the language is too harsh then feel free to take it down. I don't get my feelings hurt very easily but every single day my blood lust grows stronger. Enjoy the Supermoon.
    Sincerely yours,
    Terrible Tara 😉

  85. Thanks for that quote, TA! And they can lie all they want now, as long as there are we who have gone from listening to watching. And the we, however slight, are increasing.

  86. And they will continue to lie, Geoff, because they know no other way.
    My favorite quote of late: "I can't hear what you're saying for watching what you're doing."

  87. On one of the few occasions I ingested ayahuasca, the entities laughed at me and flat out told me "that EVERYTHING I beleived was true was a lie". I probably should've paid more attention to them.

  88. PS "A column of smoke by day" Ha, I got a kick out of that. I'm smoking cigarettes like a freight train. Much love to you, Stan, and all the warriors who hold Her in the very highest of esteem.

  89. They think that I'm going to do their bidding. I'll die first. Perhaps someone underestimated me. Maybe they think I'll sell out. I want this this reality shut off. You see me, Nine? Every single one of you. Do you hear me? In other words you feel me dog? You do exactly what I said. Google needs to back the fuck off. 51% of the control of the information to Gabriel at DuckDuckGo. I want what the Vatican has in their basement on the internet. London needs to fund that enterprise. D.C. needs to sanction the unveiling of the truth. If not then you can bet I'm coming for you. Your days are numbered…

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