Interview Jack Heart – David Lynch, Twin Peaks and the Toroidal Universe (Dec 2017)

Jack is one of the leading esoteric researchers in the alternative research community today. His writings are focused on revealing the mass deception taking place by the main stream scientific and academic gatekeeper community. The link to Jack’s current article “A Teapot and the Toroidal Universe” can be found in the description box below. The discussion with Jack was, as always, wide-ranging as we talk about his work, the esoteric message of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and whether we exist in a simulation. Jack’s Media: * A Teapot and the Toroidal Universe:* Blog: * Patreon: * Please support Sage of Quay Radio on Patreon:* Sage of Quay Hub Website:


  1. Even the title of the Soap Opera is very important Peter, back then it was an Invitation to Love. Now the Chromatics said it all with Shadow. The donuts, the soap Opera, Skinwalkers, Portals, incarnated goddesses, opening and closing with the Germans always being on time. Who could understand that stuff then? We weren't supposed to get it back then. They knew and I do mean knew they were gonna finish this now 25 years ago. That's the freakiest thing about Twin Peaks 2017. And that's saying something.

    Put those links up again and I will look at them, Orage is off to the Red Sea. I got a little time

  2. Jack, Glad you mentioned it because I hadn't noticed the similarities between the lives of the people on Twin Peaks and the 'soap opera' that they all seemed to be watching on their TV's. The first 2 seasons of Twin Peaks showed an over-abundance of donuts which I figure most people took to be a continuation of the joke surrounding police and donut eating but since you had given me a heads-up about the esoteric meanings on the show I figured these donuts represent toroidal universes.
    Just wondering if you had had a chance to look into the link I sent you about the correlations and recurring instances relating to Princess Diana's death, Lynch's film Mulholland Drive, the symbolic arches therein and 9/11?

  3. Alright I read the retraction even though it didn't post. You don't think I was really mad at you do you? Yea I figured you would like that story, everybody did. Michael loves it. I said a little more about it on Patreon. But really that's just the way I feel about it, M was in the cocaine / beauty parlor business so sometimes we would have a dozen male hair dressers cackling away the night in the living room, nicer group of guys I've never met, I got not problems with gay men, like i said more for me…

  4. Jack,

    Truly the most interesting comment you made was in regards to the strippers and how men they know think that they are gay due to media bias against being a normal male….

    Well, why wouldn't they disrupt normal relations between men and women? I am live and let live on gay rights since I don't care about them at all as in let people live as they please.

    If men are gay as Jack says more hot women for me and men like me he he….


  5. That's fine. I don't need to see them again. They came to help me when I was a little girl because I was supposed to get a baby brother but he died. They put a piece of metal up my nose but I got it out. I think they are still keeping track of me though. I don't want to bother them. I know they are busy. They know I'm trapped here and they are going to help me. I want that date with Jack Heart and I want world peace. That is not too much to ask for after everything I've been through. I mean that's just my opinion.

  6. As I listened, I tried to search the memories of my own life with regard to the dates. I believe everything you've figured out and expressed for us. I woke thinking of your words and as much of your writing that I manage to keep cognizant of. I'm scared to say this but I'm just going to risk it. It's this, we are all living in something akin to a cheap knockoff of hell. It appears that the male energies, especially your very strong one, are now entrusted in freeing Ishtar from her torment. The rape of the Goddess, exactly. I feel that I showed up for this mess for some good reason. It is very difficult to navigate with one leg in this Heartland while trying to navigate in the profane reality. I know that I have been irreverent but I mean no harm. I felt drawn here. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. I will continue to support you with everything I've got.

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