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“Rahn must have discovered something which caused him to espouse a strange theory. He came to the conclusion that the Emerald Cup was only one Holy Grail, while in fact there was another… The second Grail, according to Rahn, was a Stone, or more specifically, a collection of stone tablets… on which was written the wisdom of the ages or the ultimate truth, but in a language that no one could decipher…”

The passage is taken from Col. Howard Buechner’s 1991 book; Emerald Cup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich. During Americas triumphant liberation of Dachau, Buechner as the chief medical officer oversaw the arbitrary and unauthorized executions of, according to General Dwight Eisenhower, three hundred SS soldiers who had been rotated back to guard duty from the eastern front due to wounds and fatigue. Others put the number of murdered victims at five hundred and twenty.

The men were butchered on the whim of a blood crazed Indian named Jack Bushyhead whom Buechner writes paeans too in his smugly poetic account of how the Jews were avenged at Dachau. “One might ask if Col. Buechner, a medical doctor and an educated man, knew that the SS men, who were allegedly executed on the orders of 1st Lt. Bushyhead, were soldiers who had recently been fighting at the front, and that they had not committed any atrocities in the concentration camp. Did he know the difference between the Waffen-SS and the concentration camp guards? The answer is Yes.” (1) In fact, the slain were photographed still wearing combat fatigues…

There can be little doubt that systematically executing so many SS soldiers, as they begged for their lives, made Buechner privy to information that intelligence operatives adhering to the Geneva Convention or even human decency were never going to gain but one really must question his character and his book. We have transcribed here much of the dialogue of Richard Stanley’s critically acclaimed 2001 documentary The Secret Glory; a film “made with the help of the European Media Development Fund” and “The cooperation of more than thirty archives in eight different countries.” (2) These are eyewitness accounts given by those who either knew Otto Rahn personally or are the surviving descendants of those that did. Buechner’s “work” has no place in what will follow…

The Secret Glory in its entirety courtesy of Orage:

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “Otto’s father was a very religious man. I’m not saying he was a churchgoer. At old age yes but not before. He was looking for religion in nature. When there was a single tree he would say “this is god, it reflects itself in everything. Very early on he introduced this world to me which I already had within me but hadn’t lived consciously. From then on I lived it. I think this must have been a special talent he passed on to his children. Otto’s father was a man of few words. He expressed himself more by feeling. In the end when he was eighty years old he became blind. But he still went to the woods each day. He felt it. He often gave me his hand at that was all. He didn’t say anything but I understood him. I think, I hope he did the same with his children but I don’t know for sure. He told me “the angels are a reality, those seraphim, they exist! You only have to close your eyes and take my hand and you can sense it. Then he gave me his hand and it was like a flash of light. I had to take a deep breath. I didn’t know what it was. He said “you see? This feeling that is heaven!” That was an experience I had when I was six years old. This strengthened my relationship with my grandfather very much. My Grandmother I only turned to when I needed shoes. She was a little dictatorial. She had a good nature but it rarely came to the surface.”

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “I knew Otto Rahn during my first visit to Berlin in 1929. I had just finished high school and I wanted to learn a trade with my hands to become a painter. Berlin was a marvelous city very poor but very gay. We were very young, dancing a lot, loving the girls and music and everything enjoying life ten years after the end of World War I and ten years before the start of the Second World War. One night, I received a telephone call from one of my pals who told me that he had the flu and couldn’t go the next morning at five to play in a film with Pabst somewhere on the border between Germany and Poland. Would I be kind enough to replace him? I said yes I’ll go there and I played there in the first film of Pabst; Die Vier von der Infantrie. And we were a group of about thirty young men in French uniforms of the war of Verdun playing war games against the Germans. One of my little pals came from Switzerland too and one of his great friends was German about four years older than we were who came to visit us and he was Otto Rahn. Why did he look at me and talk to me? For the simple reason that I taught French to him and he had with me a good exercise, I don’t see more than that in the beginning. At the time I met Otto Rahn I looked at him with awe and interest. I said that’s a chap who has ideas about things I couldn’t dream of.”
Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “Throughout his life Rahn travelled without means but he was never a tourist. He knew everybody and was very well educated. His literary talent and charm enabled him to come into contact with the upper classes.”

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “He comes for the first time to Paris and has the chance to meet a man who is a Frenchman from the South, with the accent of the South who shares the enthusiasm of Rahn, and this is Magre, Maurice Magre who has already written books Le Sang de Toulouse, The Blood of Toulouse telling about the Crusade, about the suffering of the South, about the Inquisitors like one of the Inquisitors of Rahn’s hometown; Marbourg, who had been a terrible man in the middle ages, who had burnt people in the street because they didn’t interpret the bible like he did and he finds that such a thing happened also in France. And this idea of the young Rahn is to discover that France, about those who had been crushed, about the minorities, about the Cathari, about the quest for the Grail, the search for the wisdom of past centuries when Germany was a great and noble country and he imagines that this time may one day come back. And so came the idea of Otto Rahn. One day Germany and France must be united and united with England, united with Italy and united with all of Europe, to make a United Europe. I happened to be a witness to one of these talks between Otto Rahn and Maurice Magre at Leila in Montmartre in Paris. So I can tell you this; Rahn was fascinating when he talked and I believe that more people were fascinated than I was, especially maybe woman.”

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “These Parisian contacts which led him to the Pyrenees acquainted him with a countess who lived there; Countess de Pujol Murat. It is assumed that this contact was made through Magre. The Countess thought of herself as the reincarnation of Esclarmonde do Foix, a historical figure who Rahn refers to in his first book as the guardian of the grail. It is also known that the Countess was a member of an esoteric circle, the so called Polaires. One can’t refer to them as a secret society, rather as an esoteric circle that concerned itself with Hans Horbigers World Ice Theory and speculation over the Atlantean and Aryan forefathers as well as the mysterious tribe of Hyperborean’s who were supposed to have lived at the pole in ancient times.”   

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “the Countess de Pujol Murat was a spiritualist who claimed she was channeling the spirit of Esclarmonde. One day she took Otto Rahn for a drive and on passing Montsegur she said “there, that is the castle of the Grail!””

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University,
 “and then Rahn asked me if I would accompany him because I knew something as a Swiss person, something about mountain climbing. I said alright I’ll gladly come with you if I have not to pay for it and it’s not too long…”
Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist, “the history of the Cathars wasn’t at all well known then, was that in 1928 and 1929 several international secret societies sent special envoys to the region. The first, it seems, was an Italian who wrote many books under the name of Zam Bhotiva and who founded the society of the Polaires in Paris.”

“Many saw in the treasure of the Cathars, not a monetary treasure but rather a horde of books that might hold the answers to the questions that men ask. Therefore in the same place you had within 5 or 6 kilometers of each other during that period around 1930 the secret society of Polaires, the secret society of White Eagle and the secret society of Thule. We already know at that time the secret services of these countries, which were already funding pro-Fascist, were funding this.”

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari,
 “the Countess de Pujol Murat united friends and sympathizers with interests in archeology, religion, the Grail and spiritualism. Otto Rahn arrived into this environment. He came here with a mission which was perhaps supported by the politics of his time, even then in 1930. Otto Rahn, its clear, was very happy in this environment especially since all these people were saying that the inhabitants of Ariege had Germanic origins. This pleased him a great deal because he was interested in the legends of Germany, in the origins of his nation which was Aryan. In this way a bond formed.”  
Emilie Couquet, Hotelier, “this house has been in my family since 1928 when it was first established as an inn and it was around 1930 when I was very young that my parents received M Otto Rahn. His room has been kept as it was then and people often ask to see the room where Otto Rahn lived.”

Marius Mounie, former mayor of Montsegur,
 “Otto Rahn was a man I knew when I was ten. He lodged at the Hotel Couquet. When he went about town in the street he made an impressive silhouette dressed all in black with a walking stick and long legs. It was because of the fact that he was German that he made this an impression especially as he wished to buy a field from my father in order to build a house with a view of Montsegur overlooking the castle. My father, a veteran of World War I, was more than a little reticent. There was no question of selling to Monsieur Otto Rahn. He was honest in his love for France. And he was very very sorry that the French did not return his love.”

Emilie Couquet, Hotelier, “Otto Rahn never manifested any ideological ideas on Aryanism. While he was here he was very kind. He was never any trouble to my parents. He stayed here until he obtained a grant to finish his book.”

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “We could question whether Otto Rahn was really a Nazi. I think I was alone in understanding Otto Rahn’s sensitive side. He was probably a member of the National Socialist Party from the beginning but above all he was a poet. It is certain that he attended a wedding in the Pyrenees, at Montsegur and discovered the castle of Montsalvatch there, which possessed all the phantasmagoria of the Round Table, haunted his imagination. Sometimes in his poetic descriptions we can hear the voice of the old German romantics. Like them he lived in legends with mythic hermetic characters and it was often with a chimerical imagination that he saw Occitania.”    

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “he wanted to be admired. He admired himself most certainly. But who could take him seriously? Who could take seriously a man writing the books that he wrote? But I met then, a very strange man; Mister Gadal who was he director of tourism, and Gadal was the guru, the master of Otto Rahn.”

Christian Koenig, Museum Curator.
 “Antonin Gadal was born in 1877. He was a teacher who was interested in the history of Occitania and Catharism. During his youth in Tarascon he lived near Mister Adolf Garigou who was a great historian from Ariege. Thus we can speak of an oral tradition which was transmitted from Adolf Garigou to Antonin Gadal. In the rites of Catharism it’s said the tradition comes from the apostles and has been transmitted from bonhomme to bonhomme down through the ages to this very day. Gadal talks of a patriarch when it comes to Mister Garigou and Gadal himself became famous as a patriarch of the Cathars. I think on his journey through life he received a certain illumination and at the end of the road he found that through the caves. The caves played an important role in the initiation and formation of the Cathar spirit. The silence that reigns here is favorable to the opening of the mind. Gadal said “there are places where whispers the spirit.””

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “The relationship between Otto Rahn and Antonin Gadal is easy to understand as Gadal was the owner of all the caves in the region or so he claimed. The commune at that time had signed a contract giving over proprietorship for ninety-nine years. It was discovered only ten years ago that it wasn’t true and Gadal was not the owner. This was Gadal’s first lie. When Otto Rahn in the course of his research had to enter the caves he went and knocked at Gadal’s door. Gadal opened the door and little by little I believe he became a true friend of Otto Rahn. What is certain is that in Gadal he found a patron, a patron and a financer. Because we mustn’t forget Otto Rahn arrived in Ussat without any money whatsoever. My grandfather had, by an extraordinary chance, the only car in the region at that time. Obviously since Otto Rahn wanted to move about and since he was with Antonin Gadal who had been involved in Grail research for years they came to see my grandfather about the car, which was a Renault, a B14 I think. In this car they visited the places that were important for Catharism which for Otto Rahn meant Montsegur, Lordat, Foix, and the region of Albi and the cave of Bouiche, where my father acted as a boatman as the cave was only accessible by river in a dugout with a paddle. Otto Rahn admitted that he owed everything to Antonin Gadal and he told him “you are the key” and key in German is Dietrich. Dietrich was the man who, in the cabinet or headquarters of Heinrich Himmler, the patron and creator of the SS, was responsible for sending money to Otto Rahn as well as to another man Karl Wolf, who was here in the same period. This cabinet was made up of very few people, just seven or eight people amongst whom featured Dietrich, Karl Wolf and of course Otto Rahn who was on the payroll and long before the creation of the SS. That is to say in 1931 and 1932 wore a pullover knitted by his mother that bore the sign of the SS.”

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “That pullover was given to me as a gift when I was a child. It was a white pullover with matching white skiing gloves and white socks. My grandmother gave them to me not because I wanted to go skiing but as a gift. Children wouldn’t feel the same about wearing their uncle’s clothes but I thought it was an honor to inherit these things. And perhaps it will make you laugh but I made a pair of play trousers for my first son with this pullover.”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “There begins one of the first mysteries. The SS existed for Otto Rahn two years before its creation, simply because these two barred S’s, these two barred lightning bolts were one of the signs of the Thule Society. It is probable even certain that Otto Rahn was sent to the area as an envoy of the Thule Society.”

Christian Koenig, Museum Curator
; “Some say he was a spy. I think that if he was a spy he would have had more money. He would have had more money to live on when in fact he didn’t even have the money to buy himself a pair of shoes.

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist;
 “if Dietrich was sending him money then it was a miserly amount because Himmler wasn’t, at that time, the most powerful person in Germany as he was to become. So with regard to money equating it with a modern sum today that might be two or three thousand francs per month. It was obviously not enough to live or get around, to buy pickaxes for digging, cameras, a typewriter, things like that. It was really a small sum for someone who had no money at all, like Otto Rahn. It was a lot of money all the same. When he came to negotiate the deposit for the hotel Des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains, it is certain that Gadal put forward the money.”

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “As Rahn’s research took a long time he had an idea of leasing a small hotel in Ussat. But Rahn was anything but a business man. Otto Rahn quartered himself in Ussat-les-Bains on the national highway to Andorra, in order to be close to the caves of the Lombrive where he pursued his daily investigations. In these caves he believed lay hidden the so called treasure of the Cathars.”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “Gadal showed Otto Rahn one of the most important caves which is a fortified cave close to Ussat-les-Bains. It is the fortified cave of Bouiche. It is certain that Otto Rahn felt there was a mystery about it. This cave is quite mysterious with its slits and battlements. It is a closed cave, a veritable castle in a cave. It is without doubt that Gadal explained to him that this is where the Cathars had hidden their treasure. For Gadal the treasure was not monetary. It was perhaps a collection of books but might also have been the Sangraal. For Gadal the Grail was a stone that had fallen from the moon, from the sky. The ancients called it Lapis Excoris which was essentially a kind of meteorite and this area of the Arierge is very rich in meteorites. There is something quite extraordinary about these meteorites in that they consist of a form of hematite, lapis extraordinaire a mineral from outer space that is extremely pure iron, up to 99.99% pure. It is an absolutely pure mineral that doesn’t rust. It is very smooth, very beautiful and it is certain since prehistory, these stones, fallen from the sky have possessed a genuinely mysterious property, that if you take two of these stones and rub one stone against the other drops of blood fall from them. Why do these stones weep blood? Simply because they are made of iron oxide and when you add liquid to iron oxide which is red one can believe it is the blood of Christ.

Extract from Rahn’s correspondence; “Gadal has given me the key. I found what mankind had lost for seven centuries…”

Christian Koenig, Museum Curator; “in fact it was found in a hollow stalagmite carved out with a chisel. Me, I always knew of this vase that held the meteorite. It was exhibited in the Gadal room of the Tarascon museum. It was a very dense stone with magnetic properties. Gadal described it has the object of a cult and even spoke of the Sangraal, the blood of Christ. It’s curious if we look closer, we see that in the manuscript of Wolfram von Eschenbach who was a troubadour, in his text the Grail was a stone, and it is said that one who sees that stone will have eternal life and will be healed. In his text there are many interesting things such as this Grail being called the Pyrenean Grail by Gadal. The stone from the sky symbolized the fall of man the fall of matter and the fall of Satan.   

Narration (?), “The density of matter and hence the position of an element on the periodic table is determined by the local conditions prevalent at the time of the big bang. On earth the heaviest available element is uranium which can be artificially enriched to form plutonium although far heavier stable metals exist in deep space some of them dense enough to bend the fabric of space time itself, each one with the energy of the big bang, the original light still trapped within it.”

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “But to be very frank I was not mobilized with the enthusiasm of my friend Rahn. He was in heaven, and I thought all the time I have a girl waiting for me in Paris. So I didn’t make it too long.”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “The first time that Otto Rahn came to Montsegur he was sent which implies that he already had contacts very close to Himmler, in particular the man known as Colonel Weisthor. The true rise of Himmler didn’t come till 1935 or 36 but already everything was ready, the SS were ready, the concentration camps were ready, the concentration camps rather than the extermination camps like Auschwitz. In the formation of the symbolism of the SS and the master race Otto Rahn played a role. It is certain that he did not describe this role to his friend Paul Ladame, it was a secret, not just a mystery. It was a true secret and if one betrayed such secrets at that time one could be killed.”  

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “Now when I came back for a second time to Berlin, which was many years later, for the Olympic games of 1936 I was sent there, partly by French radio. During the games the town was lovely to look at, clean everywhere, everywhere flags, everywhere flowers, everywhere smiling people meeting foreigners and asking them, ‘ah are you a foreigner? Welcome to Berlin during the games. You’ll see how happy we are.’ And then comes September and the whole picture changes. Suddenly the people look at you and ask what ‘does that bloody foreigner do in Berlin? Why doesn’t he go home?’ I was working on the Kurfurstendam, the greatest street in Berlin when suddenly I meet by chance Otto Rahn in SS uniform, in black uniform, in the uniform of Himmler. And I ask him in German ‘mein liebe Otto, what are you doing in this uniform? And he answered looking right and left so nobody could listen to what he was said and he answered, ‘my dear Paul one has to eat.’     

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange, “Otto Rahn came to the SS through folk esotericist Wiligut Weisthor. Wiligut Weisthor was known to right wing circles long before he joined the SS as the center point in their relations with the so-called Edda Society and their publication “Hagal.” Wiligut served in the militery since childhood. I think he joined the Austrian army at the age of fourteen. During the war his militery assessments showed he had psychological defects. He was incarcerated for more than three years at an asylum in Salzburg. On release he made contact with various right-wing organizations in Germany where he was well respected as an initiate who could call on ancient rune lore and became known as the “secret king of Germany.”      

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “Rahn had written the Court of Lucifer in Homberg and was invited to a wedding where SS uniforms appeared. He was very hurt that he was seated with the other young people whilst an ordinary Whermacht officer was seated higher up at the table. During the festivities he intentionally started a fight and attacked the officer.”

“Professor Frise writes about different events. Rahn would often walk through Berlin at night and when he came across a drunken SS man in a nightclub or in the company of loose woman he would salute him and shout “you are besmirching our Honor!”     

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “The Court of Lucifer is actually a revised addition  of his travel journals concerning his trip to France and later his voyage to Iceland with a division of the SS.”

Albert Von Haller, Publisher; “My relationship with Rahn came to an end when he tried to blackmail me politically. He was always in financial difficulties. This was certainly the case the year in which his book was published. I had told him in advance that he would not earn a lot of money from the book. Rahn phoned me one day and said he had to speak to me urgently. He said he was in trouble and asked me to meet him at a coffee shop in Alexanderplatz, a very well-known literary café frequented by authors. I went and to my surprise I found Rahn sitting with three high ranking SS officers. They were colonels or squad leaders of the highest order surrounding Himmler. This was of course suspicious to me. Now Rahn came out with his request and said that he urgently needed money. He claimed that his book was a personal favorite of Reich’s leader Himmler. He felt that I should give him an advance. He urgently needed a few thousand marks. I then looked at the officers who told me they thought I should pay him…”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “Then Otto Rahn entered the concentration camp in a kind of military service with the consequences that come with it. Otto worked at Buchenwald and Dachau taking lessons and learning the job of an SS officer hardening himself to the death and blows given to the detainees. The problem of Otto Rahn is very complicated. He is surrounded by mysteries. The only certainty is Otto Rahn was a National Socialist. Its unimaginable that in Himmler’s cabinet someone could be pretending. After a while he had to prove himself to Himmler and his proof consisted of two sorts. Firstly, he had to serve in a kind of hotel where young woman were kept, known as Lebensborn. He had to go there and make love to these women to plant the genetic seed of the children that would be brought up there. Otto Rahn had his certificate, so we have proof that he visited the special house where they created these Aryan children. To create a race of nobles you have to take the most beautiful women and handsome men. I don’t think Otto Rahn was a handsome man. He wasn’t blond or blue eyed. It was a political act indicating that he was adhering to the program of National Socialism and was fully aware of the implications. Thos employed close to Himmler were employed because they had given guarantees. True pledges, these pledges weren’t just spoken they consisted of deeds as well. Deeds in the case of Otto Rahn meant the writing of his first and second book which were full of Nazi ideology. After this the best proof he could give was to accept the crime. I’m not saying he killed with his own hands, but Otto Rahn agreed to serve as a soldier and guard in the concentration camps.  

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lang “Dachau was relatively new at the time and couldn’t yet be called a concentration camp, nor did it have the characteristics. This was only after Kristalnacht. Rahn had nothing to do with the guard troops but was trained with the SS utility group. Commander Eickels assessments from this time say Rahn found it difficult for purely physical reasons to go through the exercises. It shows again and again that the Nazi’s were interested in hardening Rahn…”

Ingeborg Roehmer–Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “Otto was sent to Dachau at the end of 1937…”

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “he was apparently haunted by demons. Sometimes when he was alone, he would cry out. He had presences, things like that. For me he was really like the antichrist, a prisoner of the forces of evil. He acted the way he did because he was looking for a purity of race. But to the extent of exterminating people? All he had to do was exile them to send them back to their own country. But to make them die in the manner he made them die there’s nothing more terrible than that.”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “Everything ended the day he was asked to provide his certificate Aryanity . That is to say to prove that he was Aryan. Otto Rahn was incapable of doing so because his mother was Jewish…”

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari; “His political convictions rather than his philosophical ones were moderated by the visionary passion that characterized him but also by the restraints of the official propaganda of the regime. We can find in Lucifers Court anti-Semitic and racist messages. Although according to those that knew him he wasn’t antisemitic and with reason. The irony of destiny. Otto Rahn was Jewish.”

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece; “The star of David was painted on the walls in Mainz and my grandfather was outraged. He told Otto: you are in the SS. You have to do something about this. This is inhuman. They had some explosive arguments and after that Otto didn’t come for a long time.”

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “I had planned to take a flight to Leningrad or Moscow. I went to take a visa and then my aunt told me ‘your friend Rahn has called several times.’ So I ring back and he gives me the order ‘Paul come as quickly as you can to meet me!’ And I took the car of my uncle, drove through Berlin to his flat and discovered Rahn in uniform. And he was quite a bit drunk. He had a flask of French Cognac.”  

“And he said ‘Paul you have been at the Russian Embassy at ten minutes to twelve. You have been out ten minutes later on, proof that you are a spy! I have been asked to follow you every day and report who you might meet, who you see, what telephone calls you get, what mail you get. Paul, I can only give you one advice. Get out of Germany as quickly as you can.’”

Albert Von Haller, Publisher; “Oto Rahn’s fall came when he was accused of being a homosexual. To this I can say the following; during our collaboration it never showed in any way. It wasn’t talked about or in any way visible. The accusation of homosexuality was a political thing during Nazi times. It wasn’t about homosexuality. It was a way of finishing off ones opponent politically…”    

Ingeborg Roehmer–Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “and then in the spring of 1938 he was advised to either with the help of a good friend return to service at the concentration camps or commit suicide. This is how I know it. I don’t know about any evidence. This is internal.”

Albert Von Haller, Publisher; “I then had trouble for political reasons with my publishing company in Berlin. Especially with the SS so I went to Dortmund where the writer Kurk Eggers lived whose work I had published. He invited me to tea one afternoon and while we talked about all kinds of literary subjects. Suddenly Otto Rahn appears. He looked pale and shockingly rundown. His hair and clothes were a mess. He said he was on the run from the SS. He had been accused of being a homosexual and been given the option of dying a hero’s death or being sent back to the camp.”     

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “And that was the day that Otto Rahn had to take the decision, when the war broke out, to commit suicide.”

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “He travelled via Kufstein to Sol. He got off the bus and went into the forest, close to Wilde Kaiser Mountain. Deep in the forest lived a farmer and his children he arrived there late in the afternoon and the children saw him. He asked them for the time and they had the opportunity to talk a little. After dark the children started to wonder about the stranger’s whereabouts. They started to search for him which was pretty easy as the snow was one meter deep. But finding no footprints they could only wonder.”

“After the snow melted in the spring while playing in the bushes only a few hundred meters from the house they found the corpse of Otto Rahn. Next to his body were two bottles containing tablets, one empty, the other half empty. They called the police and now it was clear why they hadn’t seen the footprints. He had walked upstream along the river bed and lay down beneath the fir tree to take his pills. He didn’t die because of the sleeping pills. He froze to death…”

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece; “first he was buried in Sol and my grandfather wrote begging letters to Himmler saying he would like to have his sons body moved to Darmstadt so that my grandmother could visit the grave. She destroyed all of Ottos personal belongings. I don’t know why maybe it hurt her to much.”

Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “From this moment it would have been easy to give him a second or third identity. There were many examples in WW II that the British and Germans declared false bodies. It would be necessary to dig to reconstruct and exhume the skeleton of Otto Rahn to see if it corresponds with his teeth, his height, his bones, maybe his hair. It’s the ABC, the most well-known ploy of the intelligence services…”
Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari; “There were a few faithful of Montsegur who decided to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the fall of Montsegur. They could have been thrown in prison or even sent to Germany. They did it all the same. Seven or eight of them went up. It was cold. Well, it was the 16th of March. Someone read a poem after that a plane was heard overhead. It is here that the myths and legends start. This plane certainly came. Maybe it was the command at Tours that sent the fighter plane to see if a crowd was gathering in Montsegur to start a revolution, that sort of thing. Around this myth started to accrue. It is said there was someone German who was behind the pilot, maybe Himmler, I don’t know. Someone who saw the plane said it circled above making Celtic crosses. Why a Celtic cross because the origins of the Germans are Celtic. The proof is that when the plane was sighted they came down they took the car and they went to eat a hearty dish of beans at then Couquets, that’s a detail that proves it’s true.”         



1 – “Col. Howard A. Buechner’s account of the execution of Waffen-SS soldiers at Dachau.” Dachau Scrapbook. 30 Nov 2007. Web. 25 Mar 2018.

2 – Stanly, Richard, director. The Secret Glory. Shadow Theatre Films in conjunction with the BBC,

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    How the system really works

    Course peace will fix all of this

    Their worst enemy

    Poetry deniability


  3. They surely don't follow any Karmic Laws, Jack—personally I think they are just taking the piss by holding it under the noses of the slobbering, obese, rope-belted sofa-bumpkins and their 7 hours of tv per day. Average. Indeed there is a reckoning coming, and that's why they're getting ready to sneak into their DUMBs,,,thing is, it's not that kind of reckoning as we all know. It's a Spiritual Reckoning that Schlomo lacks the capacity to comprehend. But is going to annihilate it, regardless. That's why it's so angry and resentful. Bit like Lucifer, really, I should think.

    Eat a penis, Schlomo, you're gonna get some real soon. I personally can't wait to watch it happen, my own personal discomfort—which is also guaranteed during the coming cleansing—be damned.


  4. Brilliant comment George but I have to disagree on one small point if indeed you are trying to say that they are following Karmic Law by divulging their game plan. It’s far too late for that for them, they have already violated rule #1 over and over again and interfered with the Dove, all they need do now is remember what I said about the cutting edge of that Dove and enjoy what little time they got left…

  5. if I could read something that I did not have to write about, this looks like a good choice, my complements to the author, I believe his assistant already knows how I feel about Her…

  6. ah, that mysterious fluid type magical substance called electricity, which bye the bye, does have an ontology, as elucidated in a soon to be released book:

    which also covers that other issue herein being battered about; it is related to the conspiracy of who do you believe, and that most dangerous of all undertakings… but alas, that cabal of maniac magicians, yes, them, the sons of Beliel (those sOb's), think they can have it their way, but it can be clear to all whose eyes are not wide shut; that theurgy is stronger than sorcery, especially when we are allowed to *remember* that every wo/man is a star.

    – ja wallin

  7. ,,,just a quick extra by way of clarification: it's not necessarily the silly-screenplays that reveal, but the socio-technical details that're usually brushed over fairly quickly. The meta-details, if you like. Pay attention, and not just to the sexy killer-ladies in tight jeans. These people have to tell us what's going on—part of their game-plan, apparently. The really weird content is in the details, to repeat. Then do your own research. And keep close to your friends and kin,,,,'prep', to use an American cliche,,,something's going to happen; it's just a matter of when.

  8. Friends, some friends of mine let me know from time to time which 'tv' series are getting close to the bone regarding what's really happening in this funny old world of ours,,,,remember Uncle Gordy's kind reveal about the core of truth that lies beneath the Schlomo-Series-Silliness? Two to watch,,,as well as Counterpart, of course,,,,are:

    The Crossing (Think: Time Travel), and an older gem that went largely unnoticed: Helix. (Think: Black Goo). I've just watched Helix, and now see why it was pulled after two seasons,,,like Rubicon several years ago, it got just a little bit TOO close to the Truth, if you know what I mean. And was promptly yanked.

    The news is fake, for sure,,,,but the fiction is Truth. 'Talmudic Inversion', some call it. But that only works on the plebii sordida, as Ringo might put it,,,the irony of it all,,,

    It just gets weirder and weirder, eh?


  9. One of our very best Nine, unfortunately to them it’s nothing but a “Rabbit Hole” cause that’s what they think of the human race, most are already gone anyway, too late. Duncan Roads himself told me it would culminate in 2016, he was right. Their all gone now, nothing left but cybernetic mutations. Whether the bacterium is responsible or it’s all just part of the program doesn’t matter. the results the same. How does the song go?

    Money might make this tolerable, for a while at least, but what we have to do is get out of Dodge not have another go at the saloons.

    Sooner or later the Germans, the real Germany, together with their Israeli and Iranian allies will push the Americans and the Russians into war, there won’t much left afterwards. Good luck with that sacred homeland Fritz, a fucking radioactive wasteland…

    Schlomopedia says Blome died in sixty-nine, and I see they have redone his link in accordance with Orage and my work, of course anything but credit us for the work we did, let alone compensate us. I so want to fish gut their children Nine right in front of them; it’s hard to stuff the Devil in my shirt anymore and getting harder…

    In the end, just like everyone else, the Evangelicals will reap what they have sewn…

    “Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes."” – The Gospel of Thomas, verse 10

    “Jesus said, "Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary."” – The Gospel of Thomas, verse 16



  10. For your readers:

    Been reading your work Jack about the venerable parasite amongst us called Schlomo as I capitalized his name to give him honor…

    What is reality really?

    A distraction I see as the parasite masks realty or tells us what we want to see or hear.

    As our dear Schlomo controls the media and no? Why is Jack not rich as a talented writer dependent upon donations from the rabble no offense to the rabble…

    a proud member of the rabble I am..he he…

    I am curious Jack what ever happened to Kurt Bloume?

    The dear parasite controls on the microscopic level and our dear indigenous call it the Spirit world where all is spirit and our dear Schlomo is holed up in Is'not'real as my dear Hitler pal calls them…

    They have been set up as many of our dear evangelicals could be correct but in the mean time until his return it would be smart to make peace in the region.

    Who would be against peace and unity amongst us mere humans?

    As there you will find our enemy…..

    Opinion only…


  11. "You've got to know when to hold em.
    Know when to fold em.
    Know when to walk away.
    Know when to" kick em in the nuts and cry laughing cuz you've got your own game and they're not invited.
    That last line might not have been in the original song.

  12. I am not familiar with either Leibniz or Gödel Zen, as I have recently told some friends; I’m not interested in numbers, unless they are describing probabilities and even then their veracity is tenuous. All geometric form and consequently the numbers that go with them are artificial. There is no proportion except in your own head; it’s a reference system that consciousness uses to keep itself afloat on sea of chaos, just like this hologram it’s not real. With mathematics comes limitations and incarceration in this artificial reality constructed by far better mathematicians than either Leibniz or Gödel will ever live to be. Instead of trying to beat a rigged game my friend you must go with option B and kick the table over while you draw your pistol. Once you except and truly Understand that, then you can become adept at Chaos Magick or Quantum Tunneling if you prefer…

  13. What do you think of this?

    Leibniz dreamt of a characteristica universalis: a universal language that could express any scientific concept. He didn't get too far – nobody was interested. But it involved a strange idea. Basic concepts would be encoded as prime numbers. More complicated ones would be encoded by multiplying these numbers. So, you could see which basic concepts a complicated one contained, just by factoring it!

    When I heard this I immediately thought of Gödel numbering. This is a much better-worked out idea which Gödel used to encode statements of arithmetic as numbers. It also uses primes, but in a smarter way.

    Did Gödel get his inspiration from Leibniz? I haven't been able to find out. But I discovered that he was obsessed with Leibniz's characteristica universalis! Gödel became paranoid in his later years: after his wife died, he starved to death because he didn't trust food from anyone else. That may help explain this strange passage in Wikipedia:


    Gödel alleges conspiracy

    Because Leibniz never described the characteristica universalis in operational detail, many philosophers have deemed it an absurd fantasy. In this vein, Parkinson wrote:

    "Leibniz's views about the systematic character of all knowledge are linked with his plans for a universal symbolism, a Characteristica Universalis. This was to be a calculus which would cover all thought, and replace controversy by calculation. The ideal now seems absurdly optimistic…"

    The logician Kurt Gödel, on the other hand, believed that the characteristica universalis was feasible, and that its development would revolutionize mathematical practice. He noticed, however, that a detailed treatment of the characteristica was conspicuously absent from Leibniz's publications. It appears that Gödel assembled all of Leibniz's texts mentioning the characteristica, and convinced himself that some sort of systematic and conspiratorial censoring had taken place, a belief that became obsessional. Gödel may have failed to appreciate the magnitude of the task facing the editors of Leibniz's manuscripts, given that Leibniz left about 15000 letters and 40000 pages of other manuscripts. Even now, most of this huge Nachlass remains unpublished.

  14. We put up a really good one on Patreon, unfortunately its not yet ready for the open internet yet, Orages brother is very ill but I will redouble my efforts to get this out, give me a week, till then Tara has come up with a very timely little YouTube piece, Stan must have missed this one…

    "Nazi coin from 'future' FOUND – A coin discovered from a parallel universe found in our timeline"

  15. "Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted in Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982 by Amnon Kapeliouk.

  16. None of aforementioned are about to open their books for even god, you are all stuck with what Orage and I write Geoff, I’ll start putting up commentary on Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court tonight, been working on it for two weeks, going as fast as I can. As Ringo Starr once said it don’t come easy, that’s why I need you to pick up the slack, which by the way Remmic and I were just discussing what a great job you are doing.

  17. Just for the record I am very well aware that the players here need none of this, Jesuits, Templar's, Djinn and whatever, you all got your own way of doing things and I respect that. This is for those who are not in the club and are wasting away their incarnations being serenaded by Schlomos demented dialectics. This is for you and I endorse it to the point where I am running it on Patreon…

  18. In truth Nine, I figure we are the ultimate game boy, made in Germany circa 1931, and the little kids playing with the controls are Serrano’s Viras…

    Yea I figured the rest out right away…

    I’ve been suspended from Facefuck for seven days for according to them, simpering little Bolshevik faggots that they are, saying my middle school “teacher” Sister Grace Edwards who became sexually aroused by slapping prepubescent boys till she was out of breath should have been killed with a stick. I didn’t know Bolshevik Jews held such a fondness for deranged child molesting Irish Catholic spinsters…

    Good riddance though, I was wasting too much time on there anyway. I was gonna write a short piece about Bolshevik Facefuck and Bolshevik Jewtube in response but I find it impossible for me to care enough to write anything more than this. If the NSA has any sense at all left in its upper echelons they will take both Facebook and Youtube out immediately before they start recruiting from their army of more than half retarded social justice warriors to form a brand new Cheka…

  19. From The Templar knowledge book (Vril)!

    "She had big eyes, a little slanty, green with an expression of calm, dignity and knowledge. The face was narrow, udlinennoe, without wrinkles, skin pale like china (porcelain). The mouth was very small, bright red, nose narrow. Long hair, taken from forehead, colors of golden wheat, indescribable beautiful and neizgladimy in memory."
    And the fact that there is a parallel between these events and the documents of the society clearly indicates that they are in touch with these "alʹdebarancami".

    The Plejaren have almond shape eyes and bit larger earlobe, so keep your eyes open, Player.

  20. From The Templar knowledge book (Vril)!

    In this manuscript, "and usher" could find the true foundations of the teachings of Jesus Christ. With regard to the " the revelation " in 1236, it is important to mention only that it is a reminder of a bright kingdom in the " land of midnight " (Germany), the way for which the chosen knights of the Knights Templar were trained. The Revelation began when two knights searching for manuscripts in the territory of old Carthage met with a female figure and brought a message from her. Based on this vision, Berlin-Tempelhof was founded as the northern capital of "NEW BABYLON".

  21. You're right, Jack. Best focus the energies on things more constructive. But damn, it's frustrating to have one's lengthy and well-thought out comments scrapped just because that fat, materialistic (in the philosophical sense) fool doesn't like 'em—and didn't Gordon say it's his policy never to censor? I find it maddening. But as the Great Book says (and Xian or no, one can't deny that ancient wisdom): 'And the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.'
    I never took VT for fools, but with that sasanach gob-shite as a 'managing editor', the only way is down, surely.

    Rant over!

    Mr. J.

  22. All I know is theoretically speaking if I was Lucifer in search of a reckoning, Ishtar is the only one of all the gods that would not be on my list to kill. This was written long before the bible, long before the first pope murdered his first child, long before Rome was a glimmer in the She Wolfs eye: “I made a sacrifice and poured out a libation on the mountain top. Seven and again seven cauldrons I set up on their stands, I heaped up wood and cane and cedar and myrtle. When the gods smelled the sweet savour, they gathered like flies over the sacrifice. Then, at last, Ishtar also came, she lifted her necklace with the jewels of heaven that once Anu had made to please her. "O you gods here present, by the lapis lazuli round my neck I shall remember these days as I remember the jewels of my throat; these last days I shall not forget. Let all the gods gather round the sacrifice, except Enlil. He shall not approach this offering, for without reflection he brought the flood; he consigned my people to destruction."” – The Epic Of Gilgamesh, THE STORY OF THE FLOOD

  23. If I had to find the antithesis of everything Gordon Duff is, the man who build VT into an internet powerhouse to the point where 4 years ago everybody was reading it from Intell-ops in Southeast Asia to Black gangbangers in Americas inner cities, I would chose Ian. That’s all I’m gonna say about the matter Mr. Jang, as they say ‘no sense beating a dead horse’…

  24. Well,

    My dear Jack you talk of theology as in the earth mother or the fact that she is the spirit…

    I quote you Jack:

    " She, does not have a hegemony on the web; the Vatican with all its wealth and the power of their Magick have dealt themselves in. She wants change, they do not."

    I go to a church where they practice the life of that spirit that third person of a trinity….

    I am of course with her…


  25. Jack,

    We should go back to America's oldest employer and not email but real mail as another person would serve you…

    Course no electronics here…

    Human servers or sex slaves as it were…

    Women fake a lot of things but if you give a woman true pleasure you shall know..

    I know…


  26. So by your logic, 'zen', Gangnam Style is the zenith of where it's at, right? Good luck with that way of figuring, matey.


  27. I've also had comments removed by that fat English twat, Nine: they were fair, and not abusive in any sort of way. They just disagreed with his opinions. You are right, Greenhalgh is a fucking censoring arsehole and IMHO has contributed to the changes for the worse at VT. I too now read only Duff and nothing else. Although they are attacking Trump so much that I now am beginning to think that something else is going on concerning the Orange One: Maybe he's not such a fool as Faghog and co. would have us believe… Time will tell.

    Mr. Jang

  28. Paulides is a very strange dud dazza, you should have seen the hysterical emails he was sending Gordon Duff and I when that was first published. They exposed the less than stellar record he has as a cop in the Facebook comments but unfortunately those comments, which were very enlightening as to Paulides pathological attention seeking, have been wiped along with the forty thousand reads accrued by that piece in the strangest IT improvements I have ever seen. But in answer to your question, yes, their is something about Norse DNA that allows for opening portals to other worlds, just like Preston Nichols said.

  29. question jack
    being listening to a bit of the missing 411 david paulides mentions in several of his radio talks that one of the common threads with some of those that have gone missing and turned up dead that there is a german ancestry link, what do you think.

  30. The devil walks into a meditation center with a yoga mat he got off Hammacher Schlemmer.

    The Pope greets him disguised as an enviro-hipster and looking like the lead singer of Blind Melon. "Namaste," he says.

    The devil responds, "(1)It (2) fills (3)me (4)with (5)such (6)light (7)to (8)see (9)you, (10)bitch."

  31. But I digress, we’ll get to that, in fact we have been all along. The point of your comment Peter seems to be the question of when exactly was the internet turned into a battlefield between the forces of light and darkness and I think we have already answered that but let me now spell it out. It was between the first and second Silent Hill games which is why we wrote ‘Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head,’ ‘Silent Hill, Silent Scream’ and then ‘Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open’ and all that followed with Lynch, and why they have done everything within their power, including murder, to suppress this…

  32. I have my own “psychic,” which I call my House Seer whom I will put against the best Hal Putin and the DoD ever trained, in fact I already have. My Seer has seen Her actually diving into the grid like you would dive into water. Unfortunately for the human race they, or more correctly She, does not have a hegemony on the web; the Vatican with all its wealth and the power of their Magick have dealt themselves in. She wants change, they do not. This Hell which they have made Hel into is their creation and they would just love to see it stand for another thousand years, dam all the prophecies because that is what the pope does he dams things. Christianity was Her idea. There was no Jesus; Jesus is a fictitious, cheap and emasculated knock off of Odin. He was installed as a flesh and blood character only after the Carolingians defeated the Saxons and Arianism which was her version of Jesus could be successfully purged from the European soul. For anybody who does not believe that I suggest they watch The Real Mary Magdalene, Forbidden History, Season 4 | Episode 5; first aired July 12, 2017. That’s just the first salvo of Truth, by the time we are done here the pope will be selling pencils on the corner and hopefully they will not have a facsimile of a tiny dead Jew nailed to them. The Jewish war god, the demon Jehovah to which the Pontifex Maximus aspires to be a bridge too, has no place as the father of the Savior of the Human Race and Her lawful Mate, not in Her religion and not in mine; Messianic Judaism.

  33. What an illuminating comment Peter, thank you for this. Unfortunately Orage has an illness in the family which will probably preclude any prompt and detailed answers by him so you’re stuck with me, who didn’t learn how to use the internet till getting my associates in graphic design for architecture and engineering round about the beginning of 2009. Actually I’m still learning. Orage leads me in and points me in the right direction then the whole cast of characters reading this bombards me with their information and I let my “crazy flipper fingers” sought out the facts from the fantasies. What you are saying verifies just what I have been seeing. My first exposure to the “Net” came at the turn of the twenty-first century in a sexual tryst which is recorded in the epilogue of my unpublished book. A beautiful blond cruise director and part time stripper who just happened to live in Her old apartment took me there and started showing me how this new fangled internet could be used to view pornography. Since I had her there naked in front of me and I was the doorman at the Café Royale at the time I had no real interest but with your comment another piece of the puzzle has just fell into place. The Ladies and I am talking about the Wave Maidens or Djinn whichever you prefer to call them, use the internet in conjunction with the NSA to formulate public opinion. As Lynch repeatedly shows you, and he started with Firewalk With Me back in 1992, electricity, therefore the grid that holds the net together, is their favored medium. They use it just like the Undines (them) use water, their other favored or more correctly vital medium.

  34. In response to Orage. I've been involved with the commercial internet in various capacities since '93. I'm somewhat familiar with its origins and original purpose. I am, however stymied as to why it was commercialized in the first place. Here's why.

    I assume there were two possibilities, money or control. There wasn't much of a rush by either the Media conglomerates or the telcos, each taking years to get on board. I recall working for the largest private ISP of the time and meeting with GTE (now Verizon) in 1994 and their asking us, "Would you tell us about Internet Routing?"

    Fun Fact: The first commercial internet website was a Pizza Hut in Santa Cruz CA. You could view their menu and FAX your order in.

    Media companies were nearly as slow, companies like Playboy being early adopters. But the big 3 networks, HBO and the like were oddly behind the curve.

    Of course, that leaves happy fun clubs like the DOD, military Intel, NSA, FBI etc. I'm totally blank on where they were. It seemed to me that internet growth was almost totally organic and geek related. The geeks will inherit the earth.

    Here's the fascinating part, I think. I'll use GE as an example. Few would remember that GE was a pioneer of wide area networking. They eventually productized their service, calling it Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Companies like Ford Motors needed their suppliers to feed them data, production schedules and the like. They would eventually make it a requirement that suppliers purchase a dedicated data line into Ford's network.

    Fast forward 15 years or so and you have the internet in full swing, which was the equivalent of everyone having a direct line to Ford. So GE said screw it and got out of that business. Of course, war making is a lucrative alternative product area.

    In summary, the bad guys allowed their greed and lack of foresight to lock them into use of the internet. That may be the only reason why it exists for our use today. Well, and the geeks that ultimately have their hands on the controls.

    What was the topic again? 😉

    I swear to God, you guys are killing me with all your lead up to the punchline. I'm about ready to get in the car and hunt down David Lynch and force him to talk, that is if the other Peter isn't already there when I arrive.

  35. Templer Vril

    Coitus two halves gives an opportunity to end the limitations of human drama and opens doors on the path to grace, to become Christ. You can't be Christ until you have a human experience. You can't be Christ until you be obtained yin and yang, a positive and negative charge of your creature, man and woman. Then you have completed your experience. Then the power of the probuždennogo of Christ is born, and the master and the kingdom of heaven are rewarded. When you get rid of sexual prejudice, you'll be happy. When you lose your loins and you start living in your spirit, Christ, God of your creature, you will find joy. And you will find that you will stop judging people as men and women, and your love will spread to everyone. Do you understand?

    Yes, I do.

  36. Have you heard of Jordan Peterson? He looks at mythology and the bible from Jung's perspective. His book is highest selling for Penguin. You could make some videos on youtube correcting him, putting his name in the title, for advertising, assuming he gets stuff wrong.

  37. The Internet was developed for the military by DARPA, as an uninterruptable network. When it was let loose to the public, lots of pioneering types and interesting discussions. It did awy with "embeded media" monopoly for a minute, only to give rise to microtargeting, keeping one in an echo chamber of one's opinion, alienated from surroundings (conspiracy "theories") and most of all gluded to those smart phones. Giving micro dopamin shots, micro rewards in form of "Likes" thumbs up and tiny rewards in those ubiquitous online games. Narcicistic behaivior rewarded, machine inface (Google Glass) achieved, a step to trans-human Cyborg. As Jack said, we're trying our best not just to be another Babylon Rebellion, vain Cyber Punk.

  38. It's always been nothing but another tool to control the masses, it is we have used their own tool against them. Netflex is finishing the job and burying them now, Schlomo has already got one foot off the boat and is ready to jump ship; with the X files, Fringe, ect, ect. Sit back and enjoy the show, everybody here got front row seats, Patreon back stage passes…

  39. The Internet is totally controlled now or maybe always has been and who reads your stuff Jack ?

    Have you been to Walmart lately as I see no worries at all for the controllers Jack.

    They controll and I shall let them do their job and thanks for an excellent education as to how the world works.


  40. Maybe Ian is just afraid to publish us, this stuff has left a trail of dead bodies all over the alternative media not to mention my friends, not everybody has a buy on Nine, we have to remember that…

  41. Ok Jack,

    The censorship is way over the top over there and VT has problems as I pointed out above as it's mostly rubbish!

    Like I said I only read Mr Duffs stuff and my bookmark is to his content only see I can censor to!


    I rarely post on VT except for your articles and now I will not even do that.

    If they put something over the top stupid up I will post here it's sad really what has happened to that site as I have warned all my pals not to read it or if they do use it like what the local newspaper is good for…a bird cage liner..


  42. Down Nine, down, you are worse than my ex, i couldn't have a fight in front of her because she would jump the guy, maybe that's why i married her but, loyalty is the most noble of all virtues, and yours is definitely noted, thank you my friend.

  43. "The ones to watch out for in this realm are the ones that murder, plunder and enslave in the name of Isms and dogma and their enablers. Liars and murderers, all out in the open. They’d like to have another thousand years of the same, hiding (occulting), controlling and in general having dominion. Now, if this realm is a dream, a prison, why not dream something different? It’s our inherent right."


    You mean people like Ian faghog?


  44. As to VT and the Middle East who the fuck cares anyway as let me tell you how it is since Hitler is responsible for that little Jewish state and possession is nine tenths of the fucking law!

    It's called the fucking transfer agreement and where is Hitler's fucking statute?

    Here is some news for you as they ain't going anywhere anytime soon just fodder to keep the human water buffaloes stirred up.


  45. The Muslim shictk —- Kevin Barret

    The Catholic schtik—– Eric Gajewski

    The Jewish Schtik—— the sax player

    The Christan schtik——Jonas Alexas

    Duff —– so cool



  46. VT is worthless now except for Mr Duff's occasional articles….

    More truth on Netflix as I just watched a musical performance by Neil young about saving the seeds as seeds are gmo and owned by a corporation!


  47. Yea it would have been great in the clubs when we asked drunks to leave, you gotta salute them first Geoff, try it on one of the human Water Buffaloes with a shopping cart full of Twinkies…

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