As noted by no less than John Keel it was Ray Palmer of Amazing Stories Magazine who invented flying saucers. Vimanas, which were the flying chariots of the Vedic pantheon and well documented throughout the Indus Valley thousands of years ago, would look more like this.  

Writing of the orderly withdrawal of the SS from the twentieth century and their by some much anticipated counter attack in the twenty-first, Miguel Serrano said “The departure must be as it always was: in a Disk of Fire, in a Chariot of Fire, like Enoch, like Melchizedek, like Rama. The return shall be that of Kalki, on a White Horse named Vimana…” (1) 

Recent visitors to the Antarctic include US Secretary of State John Kerry during the height of America’s presidential elections. Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Kiril III was also a 2017 visitor. When Kiril III came back he warned Putin and the rest of the world that the Apocalypse is upon them. Other notables among the world’s elitists who have made recent visits to feed the penguins include Prince Harry of Great Britain and King Juan Carlos of Spain.  

There is the story –with overtones of a H. P. Lovecraft tale– about Buzz Aldrin. The Apollo 11 “Moon astronaut,” another penguin lover, supposedly tweeted: “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” Aldrin was then evacuated from the Antarctic and put in quarantine.  

Code name Operation High Jump, America’s 1947 expedition to the Antarctic, tells a persistent story about a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold under the ice. Strangely enough, expedition leader Admiral Richard Byrd told El Mercurio –the same Chilean newspaper that later sponsored Serrano’s visit to the Antarctic– that they were preparing to defend the world against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed…” 

In 1950 post war Vienna, at the very heart of cold war intrigue, an SS officer named Wilhelm Landig and a cadre of writers which included Erich Halik, Rudolf J. Mund and Lambert Binder whom Mund pointed to as their leading expert on esotericism, began pumping out stories about Germany’s secret installations beneath the polar ice caps. There, perfecting their already superior technology the Germans hold fast to their plans to launch an invasion from beneath the ice of Antarctica that would restore the world to the traditionalism espoused by Julius Evola and Herman Wirth. Central to these plans is a junction point in the Arctic that they call Blue Island.  

This excerpt is from Binders 1951 Man and Destiny. The chapter is titled The Brotherhood of the Polarians and is referencing an earlier article published in “New Zealand’s 1951 New Year’s journal.” (2) It has been translated from German.

Canadian airmen had spotted a mysterious island surrounded by high icebergs during patrol flights in the Arctic, which allegedly covered themselves with a dense blue ether, which was opaque and also impermeable to radar beams, One of the airmen, however, once believed “to recognize a bold and strange architecture, monasteries that hung on ice fields like eagle’s eaves and a city in the plain that glittered with gold.” (Who does not think of the so-called gold-copper ore of the island of Atlantis?) – The strange island in the high Arctic has since been called by the Canadian airmen “Blue Island…”” (3)

In 1962, the prolific and influential American writer, and some say visionary, Philip K. Dick wrote about an alternate reality ruled over by a Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan that had vanquished the allied powers in WW II. The Man in the High Castle won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1963. Beginning in 2015 it was adapted as a multi-season TV series, incorporating all the usual propaganda of Empire and featuring as its antagonists the chronically goose stepping Germans and their congenitally vicious Asian pals, now vying against each other in Machiavellian schemes to corner the market on global dominion. 

Contrary to Dick’s methamphetamine fueled propaganda, America never was the bastion of freedom pedaled to credulous school children by their thoroughly indoctrinated “teachers” and to their parents by an amoral cinema that thinks nothing of propping up certified dope fiends like Rush Limbaugh or Dick and presenting them as journalists or visionaries to America’s ignorant masses. Quite the opposite, America has always been a brutal corporate oligarchy and its progenitor and role model England; just so much worse… 

The next excerpt is taken from the 1909 novel Martin Eden by Jack London, globally acclaimed as perhaps America’s greatest writer. Throughout the twentieth century, London was required reading for school children in Socialist countries. Because of his Socialist politics, the Empires children are only encouraged to read The Call of the Wild, an apolitical adventure tale. But London wrote a lot of books and the Soviet Union alone published tens of millions of them. Martin Eden is one of the best. This excerpt is about as accurate an assessment existent of America at the turn of the twentieth century as it gets. It requires no translation. 

The thirteen colonies threw off their rulers and formed the Republic so-called.  The slaves were their own masters.  There were no more masters of the sword.  But you couldn’t get along without masters of some sort, and there arose a new set of masters—not the great, virile, noble men, but the shrewd and spidery traders and money-lenders.  And they enslaved you over again—but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.  They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls. Two million of your children are toiling to-day in this trader-oligarchy of the United States. Ten millions of you slaves are not properly sheltered nor properly fed.” (4)

Shortly after Martin Eden was published America would become a full partner in Empire with the Federal Reserve Act at the close of 1913. After that, things would only get worse. The Selective Service Act of 1917 empowered America to drag the fittest of the poor from their homes and deposit them in mud trenches across the ocean in Europe to be bayoneted and shot by Germans defending their homes. 

By the close of 1941, the “spidery machinations” had reached their zenith. Franklin Delano Roosevelt staked out as bait a good part of his volunteer Navy in the Hawaiian Islands, manned by kids trying to escape the Great Depression, sans aircraft carriers, which he would need. He had been ruthlessly provoking the Japanese for years, choking off their oil and issuing them ultimatums. He knew they were coming. That’s why he sent his aircraft carriers, the only part of the fleet which wasn’t obsolete, out to sea. He used the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to fulfill his obligation to Empire to kill Germans. 

This time, the fittest of Americas rabble would be hurled against the shore of Western Europe like a murderous tidal wave. The survivors of “the greatest generation” and their idiot families, many of them of German descent, were by then too ignorant and self righteous to even ask questions, not even when the supposedly devastated American fleet annihilated the Japanese fleet at Midway six short months after Pearl Harbor. 

No American ever even bothered to ask why they were fighting Germany in Germany on behalf of England, who had never been invaded or really attacked, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Not the Italians, who were killing their own grandparents and laying waste to a country many of them had been born in, not even the Irish, who less than a hundred years before had been the target of England’s genocidal corn laws and driven out of Ireland to Americas shores by a deliberately imposed starvation that would kill one out of every three Irishmen. 

Not even five years after the bloodbath of WW II drew to a close, the sons and the younger brothers of that so-called greatest generation would be dragged from their homes and deposited across an even bigger ocean, this time on a barren windswept peninsula in Asia to continue the carnage. Still no one was asking any questions. But by a decade and half later when the theater of homicide was moved to the jungles of Vietnam in southern Asia, a whole generation was asking questions. America would never again get away with dragging the poor from their homes to kill and be killed thousands of miles away at the behest of the indolent rich. America now employs a well paid mercenary army for that.  

In just twenty years since WW II supposedly ended, something had clearly changed in America and the slaves were no longer compliant with the piratical ambitions of their masters. Many of them had even begun to question the veracity of the plastic Jesus clinging to the dashboard of their shiny new automobiles and sanctioning their cruel and meaningless existences in their houses of worship. Some Americans had even begun to question the wanton plunder of their environment and the systematic extermination of its indigenous inhabitants. Billy Jack had become just as iconic in pop culture as dare we say it; Mickey Mouse. To the abject horror of their “wheedling” overlords, young Americans no longer liked Ike and they weren’t so proud of all the horrible things they had done and were expected to do in the name of their alien Jewish god. 

The demented acolytes and sycophants of that insolent Jewish god, a “god” that takes credit for drowning an entire world for the simple fact that it displeased him, blame the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations for instilling Human ethics in their offspring. Maybe rightly so, but before there was a Rock and Roll, before there was a Rebel Without A Cause or a Blackboard Jungle, before there was an Anti-Christ to haunt the sermons of drunken barnyard preachers, there was Otto Rahn and the verdict rendered in The Court of Lucifer… 

One can almost hear the lyrics of such widely diverse iconic American bards as Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Billy Joel in the prose of Otto Rahn. To paraphrase Dietrich Eckart, the mentor of Adolph Hitler, when he said “Hitler will dance, but it is I who has called the tune,” America dances but it is Otto Rahn who has called the tune. As Christian Bernadac, the investigative journalist whose father acted as a guide for Rahn’s subterranean explorations of the Sabarthes beneath Montsegur said; Rahn’s role in creating the “symbolism of the SS and the master race” has always been “a secret, not just a mystery. It was a true secret and if one betrayed such secrets at that time one could be killed.” (5)   

“The German intelligence agency Abwehr had many secrets and the Germans are efficient. The Germans have always been efficient…” (6)  

Wave Maidens, Time Machines and Other Worlds aside, perhaps the greatest secret kept by the Germans was who really were the SS, and yes, still are. In Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar Miguel Serrano writes “above the highest known leaders, above Himmler himself, there existed other unknown guides who did not wear uniforms, who never let themselves be seen and who did not appear in public with their names. Not in the official ceremonies of the Black Order. They were above all the others and only took part in the most secret ceremonies taking place in the underground vault, and surrounding the Round Table, where they appeared, cloaked, without showing their faces. Not even Himmler knew them.” (7)

Serrano explains: “The secret directors of the SS were unknown by the uniformed hosts, only maintaining contact with the visible tip, often anonymous as well, so that doubt remains whether Himmler himself would have discovered them, obeying commands coming to him most of the time from the Fuhrer or some other unknown authority.”8 He adds “Just as was seen before with the Templars, those Unknown Directors were not taken prisoner and did not die in the war. They disappeared in a mysterious way, and no one knows who they were nor where they went.” (9)  

Serrano tells his readers that these secret directors communicate their wishes telepathically, which gives David Lynch room to maneuver out of responsibility for Twin Peaks. He does like to meditate. Who knows what got into his head. None of that explains, why security was so tight around the script for Twin Peaks 2017 that Madeline Zima, who was in the premier, said it “was like being a CIA agent.” (11Twin Peaks 2017 is also known as The Return, not coincidentally Otto Rahn titled the closing paragraphs in The Court of Lucifer; the Return.  

In the solitude of his room as a storm rages outside, Otto Rahn muses: 

“My eyes consider the two piles of the Journal’s pages, those on the right and left. The two piles are equal. The pages on the left have been used. They have furnished the substance of this book. I shall put them away, but I shall reread them from time to time: they contain notes, which I took only for myself and which I must not forget.  Early tomorrow, I will lift off this stone that I brought back from desert-like Iceland and will free the pages on my right. And I shall give speech to the first sheet, then the others, one by one. It is a new book which I wish to begin: the Journal of the continuance of my quest, which will follow on from the first work. I wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle; the others, for the most part, in the heart of Europe: in my German fatherland. But some were written in the meantime in the sector of two volcanoes: Vesuvious and Etna, which were both known as Mount Bel in the Middle Ages.  Along with the pages of my Journal on my left, I will also put away the stone which acts as their paperweight. I brought it back, a long time ago now, from the ruins of the Pyrenean heretic fortress of Montsegur, the Grail castle. Then the left third of my desk shall be empty, ready for a new pile. Another stone will guard the order of the pages which will occupy this new free space: a block of amber, golden yellow.” (12) 

Rahn mentions these “stones” only in the final sentences of the last chapter of the book, titled Reykholt after his base camp; the tiny Icelandic village where Snorri Sturluson put the Edda to paper in the early thirteenth century. “Before returning to Reykholt, I gather a stone. I shall put it with the fragment of the Delphi temple frieze and with the other stone, which I collected in Montsegur’s ruins.” (13

No one who had any affiliation with the facts of what was concealed beneath the ruins of Montsegur believed the ‘Grail’ to be a cup. There have been only two real authorities on Catharism. One was Rene Nelli, Serrano’s expert and the other; Antonin Gadal, his predecessor and Otto Rahn’s mentor and expert.

Christian Bernadac says “for Gadal the Grail was a stone that had fallen from the moon, from the sky. The ancients called it Lapis Excoris which was essentially a kind of meteorite and this area of the Arierge is very rich in meteorites. There is something quite extraordinary about these meteorites in that they consist of a form of hematite, lapis extraordinaire a mineral from outer space that is extremely pure iron, up to 99.99% pure. It is an absolutely pure mineral that doesn’t rust. It is very smooth, very beautiful and it is certain since prehistory, these stones, fallen from the sky have possessed a genuinely mysterious property, that if you take two of these stones and rub one stone against the other drops of blood fall from them. Why do these stones weep blood? Simply because they are made of iron oxide and when you add liquid to iron oxide which is red one can believe it is the blood of Christ.” (14)

Museum Curator Christian Koenig claims to have exhibited the hollowed out stalagmite, which the Grail was concealed in “in the Gadal room of the Tarascon museum.” Of the Grail he says “it was a very dense stone with magnetic properties. Gadal described it has the object of a cult and even spoke of the Sangraal, the blood of Christ. It’s curious if we look closer we see that in the manuscript of Wolfram von Eschenbach who was a troubadour, in his text the Grail was a stone and it is said that one who sees that stone will have eternal life and will be healed. In his text there are many interesting things such as this Grail being called the Pyrenean Grail by Gadal.” (15)

In a correspondence made at the time, Otto Rahn wrote: “Gadal has given me the key. I found what mankind had lost for seven centuries…” (16)

Throughout The Court of Lucifer the reader is told that the Grail never was a cup and only turned into one through its appropriation by Christianity. By its own pedigree which goes back before the Cathars the Gral is a stone. Rahn quotes the Countess Pujol-Murat, a powerful member of the Polaires group, the influential and shadowy international group that along with Antonin Gadal ran cover for Rahn while he acted with impunity on behalf of the SS within Frances southern border in the early thirties.   

“I belong to the line of the great Esclarmonde. I am proud of this. I often see her in spirit on the platform of Montsegur’s dungeon, reading in the stars. The heretics loved the stars; they believed they could bring themselves closer to the divine state after death by orbiting gradually from star to star. In the morning, they would pray facing the rising sun; in the evening, in a state of total reverence, they would watch it disappear. At night, they would turn their gaze to the silvery moon, or towards the North because, for them, the North was sacred, the South, by contrast, was considered Satan’s abode. Satan is not Lucifer. Because Lucifer means ‘Bearer of Light’! The Cathars recognised him by another name as well: Lucibel. He was not the Devil! The Jews and papists wished to debase him by confounding him in this way.  As far as the Grail is concerned, it must be, as many believe, a stone fallen from Lucifer’s crown. This is why the Church had to change it in turn, to Christianise this Luciferian symbol. Montsegur’s pog was the mountain of the Grail, of which Esclarmonde was mistress. After her death, after the destruction of Montsegur and the extermination of the Cathars, the Grail and its castle were abandoned. The Church, perfectly aware with the Albigensian Crusade leading most of all a war of the Cross against the Grail, let no opportunity slip of appropriating this new non-Christian religious symbol for itself and milking it for all it was worth. But this was not enough to explain that the Grail was the chalice that Jesus had shared with his disciples at the Last Supper and in which his blood had been gathered at Golgotha. No, the church had also to make believe that the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, in the southern Pyrenees, was the Grail temple. After the Cathars — often referred to as ‘Luciferians’ by the inquisitors — had guarded the Luciferian Grail stone, in the northern Pyrenees, it was now the Catholic monks who claimed to be holding it, in the south of the same mountains, although by now they had turned it into a relic, conferred by Jesus, the conqueror of the Prince of Darkness, to his faithful.” (17)  

In his closing paragraphs Rahn is not writing about writing books, he is writing about writing alternate realities. He is one of the secret directors of the SS, perhaps more powerful than even Hitler himself. When he says he “wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle” he is affirming that the 1936 expedition to Iceland, an expedition that has always been shrouded in mystery, found the interdimensional doorway they were looking for. 

Serrano references Rahn’s breakthrough when he asks in Adolf Hitler; the Ultimate Avatar “have German submarines around the North Pole or the Greenland of John Dee found the exact point at which, as if by a black funnel, their ship has gone through, going in to connect with the Other Pole, going out to that paradisiacal earth and sea that, having once been here, no longer are?” (18)

Rahn had been in possession of the Grail in all likelihood since late 1931, when he abruptly “departed Switzerland for the second time and made his way to the southern French Pyrenees, after having stayed a while in Paris, Provence, Switzerland, Spanish Catalonia and in Italy.”19  During his explorations Rahn was accompanied by his faithful chauffer Karl Wolff. Wolff who had won the Iron Cross in WW I when he was just eighteen years old would go on to become General Karl Wolff, Supreme Commander of all SS forces in Italy or just plain Wolffie to Himmler. 

Prior to the emergence of the SS as one of the most powerful organizations in the world, Wolffie was the owner-operator of Karl Wolff – von Rombold Advertising Company.  It is a matter of public record that Wolff took “prolonged absences from a day-to-day, hands-on chief executive role in 1931 that exacerbated his companies worsening financial position.” (20)

In Lucifer’s Court, Rahn tells his readers that during that period he concentrated his explorations around Ornolac-Ussat-les-Bains in and “amongst the numerous grottoes of the Sabarthes.”  He mentions two that particularly drew his “attention: the grotto of Lombrives and that of Fontanet, known also as Fount Santo — the sacred fountain…” (21)   

Rahn who was a notorious dead-beat, known for always being broke and relying on his blue blooded connections in France to pay his way, suddenly in May of 1932 purchased “a three year lease on the Hotel-Restaurant des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains. Among the guests he was said to have invited were Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich…” (22) 

In Montauk Project lore, the Germans create a rift between Time and Space in 1931. Since then there’s been two Germanys. One is a happy place ruled over by Germany, who won the War in a walkover with their superior technology. The other is this out of control dung heap, inexorably being consumed by its own technology, which we now find ourselves in… 

The following excerpt was anonymously written in 1999 in a series of communications by a man calling himself ProfessorPhate and purporting to be able to travel between both worlds. It was taken very seriously by JJ Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch core at Total Health, and my guess is by Preston Nichols himself. By then I had severed my relationship with all of them except my mother whom I found it impossible to get rid of as I had custody of her two granddaughters.

“And although the technocrats believe the future for Germany is in continuing it’s monopoly of space exploration and colonization, the latest generation of occultic ideologues are on the verge of successfully promoting a renewal of war in order to acquire the sacred Aryan homeland of Central Asia…” (23)     

“The Polaires believed that the Pog of Montségur was specifically important because the Pyrenean Mountain acted as a type of “relay mountain” for messages that were to be communicated to – if not from – the Agartha Masters in their Himalayan stronghold.” (24)  

“According to the Austrian engineer Lambert Binder (1905-1981), the Polaires were an occult order based in France, which had 63 members before the Second World War, with “top 9 headed and qualified members, Martinists, Kabbalists, Gnostics etc.” (25) At the core of the Polaires belief system was the recovery of the lost Aryan homeland in the arctic, the kingdom of the Polar Star, of which three of its masters had migrated to Tibet, and were in contact with them, working to return the Aryans to what has been variously called Agartha, Shambhala, Hyperborea and Thule by the Germans. Famed French authors Maurice Magre, a close friend of Rahn’s, and René Guenon, who deeply influenced Julius Evola, were both members although Guenon became disillusioned. To the SS in Vichy-France “the Polaires represented a “Germano-Occitan Syncretism…”” (26) 

Expedition members with hosts in GangtokSikkim

From May 1938 to August of thirty-nine, led by famed German zoologist and SS officer Ernst Schäfer, the Germans would scour Tibet. According to an article published in ‘Der Neue Tag’ dated July 21, 1939 “they succeeded in obtaining the Kangschur, the extensive, 108-volume sacred script of the Tibetans, which required nine animal loads to transport.” Much like the Die Glocke, the Amber Room and Adolph Hitler himself the Kangschur was never seen again after the war, at least on this Timeline…   

The only account of what the Germans did in Iceland in 1936 comes from Otto Rahn himself at the end of Lucifer’s Court in Reykholt and the chapters preceding it. Even there, Rahn is writing in euphemisms and metaphors. At the beginning of Reykholt, Rahn tells a story.

 “There is an Indian word, Titthakara, which, originally, meant ‘discoverer of a ford’; it stood for a person who had found a passage there where others had searched in vain for a way to cross to the other side. In one way, such a Titthakara showed us the ford to pass from one side of the river to the other. Here is what this means: he knew how to guide across the thick obscurity which stretches before men and separates them from what they can only know after their death…” (27)    

The Sun outside has now broken through the clouds dispelling the storm as Rahn cryptically writes. “With the bees’ honey, our ancestors made hydromel, to drink to Minne. Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from. The pagan Germans thought that bees were the survivors of the Golden Age, of Paradise. On the lips of the new-born, they would smear the sacred honey, which the bees had extracted from the flowers of apple trees, roses and daisies. It is for this reason that the Icelanders call daisies the “eyes of Balder”. 

Above all the flowers and plants, bees like one tree: the ash. Sometimes, they swarm on it in hundreds, even thousands, nourishng themselves on the ash’s sweet sap. — The Edda has the dew from the cosmic Yggdrasill ash, Tree of the World and of Life, falling in “honey chutes” so the bees can feed from it.  The cosmic ash is the Milky Way in the nocturnal sky. The Anglo Saxons called it the Aryan Way. In Sweden, it was called Erik’s Way. Erik is another name given the Devil.” (28)

Outside of the exhortation to remember who we are, the passage is obscure but maybe Rahn is referring to the ruthless nihilism, which must now follow to exorcise the malevolent Jewish god, the kind of destruction to the standing social fabric that the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations usually gets blamed for by internet pundits. Maybe he is saying that it takes a Devil to kill a god. The last words Otto Rahn ever wrote for this Timeline are very clear about exactly how things are. 

“I carry with me the key, the Dietrich . . . I am going to follow the ancient path of the thief, eyes constantly fixed on the Great Bear. In the Nordic sky, in ancient times, this constellation bore the name Arktos or Artus, Arthur, Thorr, or — the old Grandfather. The bear Thorr also, the old and great Father, master of Eddie divine power, loved, like all bears, the honey patiently collected by the laborious bees in spring and summer. Our most distant ancestors drank it in the form of hydromel in the rose garden. In remembrance (Minne) of Thorr and the dead…” (29)

© Jack Heart 2018 


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    All the worlds a stage as my mom taught to one hundred and two if you flop back up upon that stage!


  6. of course it's not just the Russians; they're just the Judys de Jour. And guess what Zirkov's 'ethnicity' is?

    …'not to win the war; but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilised perception…in order to MANAGE and CONTROL…..'

    …know that playbook? Course you do. Now check out Brendon O'Connell in order to find out what's planned for your kids.

    But Jack's the coherent narrative, indeed. (((They))) weren't planning on him or Duff.

    (P.S. The whole documentary is available on-line, also—you'll love Curtis' take on the whole Trump phenomena.)


  7. Nice vid!

    Mr. Duff refers to it as the strategy of tension.

    It affects the neo cortex of the human brain in terms of fear and anger or the fight or flight mechanisms.

    And the purpose for this at least in America is to shift the society to the right politically as more war and lower wages and all for the rich and nothing for everyone else and the voter becomes happy to do it !

    I tip my hat to 'em!


  8. That’s why Orage and I are such very bad boys; we can counter it with a coherent narrative and deliver it with surgical precision right where its gonna do the most damage, and if anyone wants to play Beat the Clock with us, well step right up…

    An eloquent comment A, which explains why I even care, sometimes…

    Everybody should watch your link; I put it up on my Facebook Wall

  9. Well, I surely have had enough of hearing about the 'Republicans', as most Americans have been brainwashed into thinking the whole Rep-Dem paradigm is responsible for the countries woes; when in reality, they're all just the same homo, paedo- cock-suckers when all is said and done.

    As for Banger, Tara? He's been reprimanded for engaging in 'fantasy conspiracy theories', and has decided to lie low…he is very much present and would gladly contribute to Patreon if he hadn't to answer for every dime of his expenses…as have others in the Merry Band of Bumchums….

    Sorry about Ringo and Paul, they're just pissed off and bitter at having been exposed fake as f**k…George and John are cool—they just wanna get high and talk about shit they shouldn't be talking about…like how Papa F. is single handedly doing more harm to the Ship of Faith than a flotilla of kiddy-fiddlers ever could….but he'll be seen off soon enough….there's only so much Jesuit Jinks that a college full o' conservatives can take….watch it happen…..don't get excited Rosencrantz..

    ..and Guildenstern? Keep bobbing down there, asshole…

    And as for the Flat Earth/Round Earth thing? Jack has told you, others have told you: it is a f***ing REALM!!!!! Look up 'Realm', we live in an enclosed/looped system and this is why aeroplanes and ships can go 'round and 'round and 'round…ad infinitum….it's a dimensional manifestation of Supreme Intelligence…and there are others…..Die Glocke….access….but you need to go THROUGH IT in order to go anywhere else…not up, down or across…..that's just the closed loop, again….the 4th dimension isn't time as Schlomo has told you….it's the 'loop' and the goin' 'round IN the loop (get it?) We really are goldfish in a bowl….EXCEPT!! some of us have found a way out….and backwards….and forwards…..remember Ernetti? the guy who got Banger canned?

    Lastly! MK-47….We certainly didn't intend to see anybody off, Jack…that arsehole just couldn't admit commenters that he disagreed with….that guy was truly a rash on the ball sack of humour and grace…he saw hisseff off…

    Blip that, Nine! You old card, you.

    p.s Jack? Giant trees? Hypothetically speaking of course (!); what if they were an ancient means of physical access to the Realms above….a Real Life Tree of Life, as it were…so some fucker had 'em chopped down….interesting stuff, indeed. Random Russian guy with bad English and a propensity for vulgar American slang?

    Or another salvo in the non-linear war some of us're up to our perky little tits in? Possibly, indeed,,,watch this:


  10. Well, I surely have had enough of hearing about the 'Republicans', as most Americans have been brainwashed into thinking the whole Rep-Dem paradigm is responsible for the countries woes; when in reality, they're all just the same homo, paedo- cock-suckers when all is said and done.

    As for Banger, Tara? He's been reprimanded for engaging in 'fantasy conspiracy theories', and has decided to lie low…he is very much present and would gladly contribute to Patreon if he hadn't to answer for every dime of his expenses…as have others in the Merry Band of Bumchums….

    Sorry about Ringo and Paul, they're just pissed off and bitter at having been exposed fake as f**k…George and John are cool—they just wanna get high and talk about shit they shouldn't be talking about…like how Papa F. is single handedly doing more harm to the Ship of Faith than a flotilla of kiddy-fiddlers ever could….but he'll be seen off soon enough….there's only so much Jesuit Jinks that a college full o' conservatives can take….watch it happen…..don't get excited Rosencrantz..

    ..and Guildenstern? Keep bobbing down there, asshole…

    And as for the Flat Earth/Round Earth thing? Jack has told you, others have told you: it is a f***ing REALM!!!!! Look up 'Realm', we live in an enclosed/looped system and this is why aeroplanes and ships can go 'round and 'round and 'round…ad infinitum….it's a dimensional manifestation of Supreme Intelligence…and there are others…..Die Glocke….access….but you need to go THROUGH IT in order to go anywhere else…not up, down or across…..that's just the closed loop, again….the 4th dimension isn't time as Schlomo has told you….it's the 'loop' and the goin' 'round IN the loop (get it?) We really are goldfish in a bowl….EXCEPT!! some of us have found a way out….and backwards….and forwards…..remember Ernetti? the guy who got Banger canned?

    Lastly! MK-47….We certainly didn't intend to see anybody off, Jack…that arsehole just couldn't admit commenters that he disagreed with….that guy was truly a rash on the ball sack of humour and grace…he saw hisseff off…

    Blip that, Nine! You old card, you.

    p.s Jack? Giant trees? Hypothetically speaking of course (!); what if they were an ancient means of physical access to the Realms above….a Real Life Tree of Life, as it were…so some fucker had 'em chopped down….interesting stuff, indeed. Random Russian guy with bad English and a propensity for vulgar American slang?

    Or another salvo in the non-linear war some of us're up to our perky little tits in? Possibly, indeed,,,watch this:


  11. Thanks Anon,
    I sometimes feel like an autumn leaf in a firestorm and although I can take care of myself I’ve had a lot of support. Support that I don’t necessarily see afforded to others. I believe in this work so I continue to show up even though in many respects I’m out of my depth. These boards are not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. I hope you’ll continue to comment as it is surely largely populated by heavy doses of testosterone. It can feel like a lonely business. I’m right there with you re batshit crazy but that goes without saying doesn’t it? It’s a mad, mad world this reality hologram. It’s sure chewed me up and spit me out but I’m still a volunteer and I’m still here.

  12. I’m a female reader here Nine, I just could care less about board posts (as far as snaggletoothing each other) as my mouth is on firehose full blast meanwhile navigating full metal batshit crazy in the world around me. And I love Tara, and I also know she can defend herself very well on this board as I’ve seen it. This place isn’t for sissies that’s for sure and no one here is….

  13. Mick should have went with the Pagans, many of them could actually tell you what being a 1%er was all about, it’s a shame I never appreciated them when they were around, too much testosterone on my own part at the time.
    1:42 that’s the predators look. I have seen that so many times before, always right before some kind of apocalyptic violence.
    3:30 boy is so high on acid he thinks those girls in the front row are Vietcong
    6:03 one boy is the smart one, knows they have been set up as a human sacrifice; he’s blaming Jagger, which I think in this case acted as a useful idiot to get himself banned from America. And yes whole thing was precipitated by the girl pulling her clothes off, probably the federal plant, agent provocateur. And really now, What the fuck was a Black guy doing in the middle of one of the fiercest White gangs to ever rule the streets stoned out of their minds with the high priest of rock and roll calling down the Devil? Talk about asking for it…

  14. A policy statement for Mr. Duff

    we should double social security and lower the retirement age dramatically if one should look at the evidence as our dear Federal Reserve is a tool of congress as the republicans control them…

    beauty of the two party system as we can vote them out without a war…

    this is for our dear domestic enemies that I am instructed to love…

    go fuck yourselves in another system

    the system the stage


  15. Jack, from a thugs perspective could you analyze this video?

    I was a thug for our dear federal family just a smoother one….

    This is what an empire does to the truly creative as our dear Geoff is talking about creativity as just trying to help entertain Jack as he writes!

    The thugs did not start this brawl it was a false flag attack as mick and the boys were the enemy…in he who would benefits eye…as mr duff tells us how to investigate and nothing is private with the net only suppressed.

    the war has come home

    Only a good general would rally his troops….

    troble is it takes a security clearence to see the war…


  16. "they laugh at you. They allow you to have guns because when the time comes they will make you shoot each other with "

    That line I will give to my heavily armed Hitler pal!

    I own no guns as I figured that out long ago as those who keep their heads will pick the best guns and ammo off the less intelligent dead.

    You can see how dumb they are as the tune plays and off to the dance they go!


  17. Well then Jack as we need just a few well heeled 'publicans to give some electronic blips and 'ole Nine will back off!

    The war of course will not be broad cast on the 'net !

    Thoughts blips or money as in the end it's all a dream and time for the sleeper to wake!

    As who was that actor in Dune why its'coop from Twin Peaks as Lynch was brilliant on casting!


  18. The only shelter they want to see me in is Guantanamo Bay nine. That should be telling for those reading this who are still getting sheared like a common sheeple. First of all most of you cannot hurt them, they laugh at you. They allow you to have guns because when the time comes they will make you shoot each other with them. The only weapon I see that you really have against them is to finance us because I will tell you right now; I can hurt them…

  19. Like the Beatles said Tara “everybody’s got something to hind except for me and my monkey.” We are writing for an audience that is dependent upon lies to sustain themselves. Nobody wants to pay us to tell the truth. They are fascinated by me in the same way some people are fascinated by a venomous snake in the room, as long as it stays in the glass cage…

  20. The "sophisticated" people I know in person are the dumbest asses on the planet!

    The Internet is for our dear coward schlomo as he operates in the shadows.

    The things folk say on the Internet would never be said face to face as the result would be a fist in that face!

    Personally I could not give a rats ass as I am at that point in life that I do as I please. However, jack's work is important and other than that better watch Netflix…


  21. Banger didn’t think I was annoying. There’s nothing humble about your opinion Ringo. You know what’s annoying? 45. That’s the current number of patreon subscribers when it should be in the thousands. I wonder if Ringo and A are among that number. I personally have dispared of placing more blame on either political party as I believe they are equally corrupt. America is a corporate entity and in the words of Mark Twain, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

  22. This just in from Mr. Duff
    Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    It has taken 1,964 years for the Black Moon and Pluto to come together again in the sky at 22 degrees of Capricorn and the energetic of the Sabian symbol "a general accepting defeat gracefully."
    Tomorrow, it happens again.
    Actually, the effects happen in the form of a wave, and have been building for about a month (since the New Moon in Aries/New Astrological Year on April 15, 2018).
    So, in the midst of this New Moon phase that sees Uranus changing signs (!), we have this very historic conjunction of the Black Moon and Pluto. Nothing less than a massive wave to end tyrannical systems and bring about systems of rebirth is upon us.
    The goal is to maintain grace as the energetic brings individual shadow sides and the collective shadow side up from the hidden underworld and into the light of day.
    Keep in mind that there are two levels to the energetics. The lower octaves of these energetics include strong and impulsive reactions, blowing things out of proportion, jealousy, obsessive thinking, projection of one's own negative feelings onto another (especially a loved one), power and control issues, division, extremely high anger levels, false flags, dirty dealings, and rejection of love.
    The higher octaves of these energetics include maturity, sober-mindedness, unity, uncovering and revealing, justice, balance, transcendence, commitment, regeneration and rejuvenation, justice, high tolerance levels, independence, transparency, and acceptance of love.
    Last night, I went into great detail with Phoenix on the Black Moon and Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn through history. This current conjunction of the Black Moon and Pluto brings revelations, resolution, and/or rectification with these themes:
    • Counting/controlling population
    • Split/unification of empires
    • the Maya and Aztecs, Guatemala, Yucatan
    • Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan
    • Occult rituals
    • Missions and crusades
    • Coins and banking (I forgot to mention that a few days before the last conjunction of the Black Moon and Pluto, in 2009, the first block chain for Bitcoin was created.)
    • Australia
    • Germany
    • Comets

  23. In all honesty for threads like these you need people who will keep the conversation going. Now you guys ran off Mike, which I can’t really say I blame you for, but Nine for the most part if you are not a FOXbot is pretty neutral and hates everybody equally, which is more in keeping with my own philosophy. Comments keep the pressure off me to produce another piece and allow me to do the proper research before we publish which right now entails a thorough study of the Eddas both Prose and Poetic. You guys don’t want junk right? So don’t complain about the half time show.

  24. Lawdy, Dawdy, A. You're being generous. IMHO Nine and Tara outdo each other as des personnes agaçantes!


  25. They say the AI is tied to a quantum computer that can and is manipulating this reality as it's a blip of electricity just like our brains.

    One must understand what is being done to have any chance at all to overcome it.

    I am at the point now with the internet as to have it off as every thing on there other than here is fake.

    Mr Duff is a soldier and is waging war but the deck is stacked….

    But Jack adds an other dimension that is unseen that might come to our aid..,

    Someone is playing the tune as I see em dancing!


  26. A

    You are simply not getting it!

    The internet or electricity is manipulating reality and now Duff is disclosing how there is an AI that they are using as a control mechanism just like Chem trails and cell towers and Mr Duff has well documented as fact that the evil is concentrated in the Republican Party!

    Republicans are scum of the earth tied at the hip with those demented zionists and evangelical zionists and the evangelicals are worse than scum as look at the latest massacre in Palestine as Duff is talking about that for sure! There votes ensure the murder continues as someone needs to change the script!

    I get my money for nothing and my chicks for free and kiss no ones behind..


  27. Nine, my good man—how in the name of holy suffering jaysus you are still managing to read/scan/go through that kind of stuff quite simply boggles my tiny mind. The whole Democrat/Republican spiel? Really? Still? After all Jack—and others—have written?

    If I may say: Read only philosophy—ancient, if possible; Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, Hegel, Schop., Nietzsche especially….and some Oriental stuff, also—Lao Tzu, et al…

    Sure, it ain't as easy as navigating a blog designed to be 'read' by total and complete fucking morons, but the rewards are rich. You know we love ya, man, but c'mon….you got a sophisticated international readership, on 'ere…

    Democrats and Republicans? Hilary Clinton? Domestic politics? Do you honestly think that most of us on here have even the slightest iota of interest in ANYTHING like that? Americans, or otherwise?

    Please, do us all a favour and don't mention or allude to 'Republican' again. Even Duff barely acknowledges that rancid dead dog of a world of 'politics' anymore.



  28. Check out this blog by Jean Haines :

    Jean is an aggregator of alt media all against "crooked Hillary" and a propagator of everything Mr Duff was talking about in the above article! What did Mr Duff say about those Macedonia based pro trump web sites and all of them handsomely paid by google as you got had!

    And they fuck over our dear Jack with hits and add money wtf?

    Duff lays it out how the world really works!

    So keep supporting those idiots as you shall get what you deserve…

    Enemies both domestic and foreign!


  29. Getting the hell out of here, as clearly explained:

    Polarity creates tension between poles of the same kind: electrical, magnetic, social, mechanical, etc. Spiritually speaking, there are two primal polarities: let's say the polarity between mind and matter as the "vertical" polarity that drives creation as a whole and the " horizontal polarity of plus and minus, north pole and south pole. At the complex level of life there is then the higher kind of polarity of male and female that provides tension for evolution within the system. Both polarities have their origin in the divine Logos – or in Tao – whereby the probability space for the possible development from the beginning is created.

    The Divine Logos: Planetary Logos, The One Initiator, The Youth of Sixteen Summers, Sanat Kumara.

  30. The spirit is a cosmic security clearance

    Evangelicals call it the mind of Christ

    Said this will know them by their love

    Enmity says this the love of enmity is very complemented yet simple

    Said this must love one another

    Poetry deniability

    Truth I see


  31. And now once the AI is firmly in control and all food production and manufacturing makes human labor redundant as you voted in your own liquidators as there shall be nothing for you as "get a fucking job" and the rub?

    The jobs are gone and humanity itself is the parasite as that is who you support in power as once upon a time long gone now the labor union called it solidarity!

    And we gave them permission to do this to us…


  32. You know in internet theater the alt right through Trump is merged with the Neo Cons that did 9/11 along with Israel and the lemmings just follow lapping up the pablum and it really is an amazing spectacle!

    I think we really need to euthanize them!


  33. Jack,

    The purpose of the internet is to move American politics to the right! As in no health care unless one can pay and no pensions for the elderly and no food or decent housing as there is more food and housing that food is tossed and houses sit empty!

    It's more than this as it's an anti human agenda and they need your permission as you readily give to them as the harvest they want for you shall provide its very means yourselves willingly voting in your own demise!

    They want you homeless and starving and you vote in the very people who shall destroy you! I tip my hat to em! Why not just get them to euthanize themselves?

    That will be next and maybe that might be best!


  34. Danny Boy, love that name, I used to have a friend named Dan whose only real purpose as my friend was so that I could call him that. I'm not done with VT unless their done with me, outside of present company Gordon Duff is the most important writer on the internet. Its just that I need to talk turkey all the time, i don't need one in my comment section gobbling away about what they read in the MSM when as noted in a comment by Nine, we don't bring nothing but documented facts to the table, especially when that turkey has editorial powers and i don't. i'm forced to break out the 4/10 if that's the case but not on the open Net, I got to much love for Mr. Duff to ever do that…

  35. Yo! Jack. I'm just an occasional reader on this blog only. Are you done with VT? Give us a teaser as to the new post on Patreon. I might just have to become a member! Duff and you are the only reason I check out that site.


  36. ….or like the thousands and thousands of cretins who flooded our local emergency services after a Dutch Air Force display team made a few (slow) passes over the city in preparation/practice for an airshow this weekend: 'we're under attack; the Arabs are bombing us…'

    As Jack says, most people are now dead, just don't know it. Dead imaginations, dead intelligence; dead courage, worst of all..


  37. Some are obvious, like the Sanskrit Swastika made in 2016, or the Black Sun(Electric Sun) in 2015. Most are like trying define what happened for few weeks out in the yard, in the Summer of 2016. Staring at a tree, or a bush, because there is a clear sound, like an electronic tone, right there in that spot, in front of my face, sounding like: "Ea Ea Ea….," like a little monkey. The sound location always moved, like a little bird. So I called it "MonkeyBird"
    At least i didn't call 911 yelling and screaming the debil has come to claim my christian soul, or start blasting away with a shotgun.

  38. toodle pip, old bean! Given that there is no space or no 'planets' in the sense that NASA would fiendishly trick you into believing, I'm obliged to point out that crop circles are probably faked using torsion tech; or else are interdimensional messages between realms as per the splendidly spiffing TV show, Counterpart! But that's a stretch…

    Nonetheless, our dear friend George brought that one up some time ago for your viewing pleasure. Mine's a Pims by the way, dahling…..


  39. Nine, just to be a devil: check out what Mystery Meat Clooney is married to in the below link. Slightly off topic, but Mr. Jang comes up with the goods again. And this is the White Helmet saving all those unfortunate kids? Yeah, right—so tghey can eat them afterwards, probably. Talmudic Inversion live and in the flesh.

    Be warned, it is absolutely grotesque…I'm surprised George hasn't spotted it by now.


  40. As Avatar sathyia you know, I make a further statement: if you dedicated your lives to love me, I will not only keep my promise as krisna of yogakshema, but I will take you through the ocean of samsara to rest forever in the arms of the divinity.
    You doubt yourself that you have the ability to bring your mission to an inevitable success?"
    The Lord once revealed to his students the following secret: " just singing the name of know should save you from hundreds of thousands of rebirths.
    Do you know who you are? None of you know what he did to be here. None of you know the intense sadhana you've done for thousands of years anticipating this opportunity to be close to the avatar. Many of you have meditated as yogi and rishi for more than 300 years.
    I have not forgotten all your sadhane and all the accumulated karma that has reached the maximum now, making sure you were born at the same time as the parabrahma svarupa."
    In this way swami has revealed to us the simple fact that not only has he pardoned us to be with him, but that he has allowed us to be among those who carry out this light. Swami didn't go anywhere. He is. Making it visible to us had only taken a step back to fulfill his mission to turn our lives into his message and to be his lights.
    The Golden age begins now….. begins with us.

    The big ass fan is here, what now?

  41. A Divine Revelation in the last birthday of the avatar – you will be brought to the golden age.
    A deep conversation was made a few years ago between swami and a young student. The young man named Ace, he was a singer and had committed himself to the most to create a unique sound that should have been performed when swami appeared in the gold wagon on the occasion of the celebration of his last birthday in human form, in the year 2010.
    Swami, recognizing the efforts of the young man, said to him: " Ace… you think you have created and created these sounds of shells and celestial bells?" with a smile he revealed; " these sounds were planned 10.000 years ago!" Amazed, the young devotee asked: " what is so special about this sound that was planned 10.000 years ago?" swami replied: " it was planned 10.000 ago because at that moment this sound should have been performed for Announcing the end of the kaliyuga and the beginning of the sathyayuga!"
    It was about 11 am in the morning of November 23, 2010. Unable to understand the terms of this incredible revelation, the boy asked: " Swami, the golden age has begun now? But if that is the case, why is there still negativity, poverty, anger and violence in our decadent society? Swami smiled smug about this question and looked at him intensely. There was a fan on the ceiling (fan) and said, " see this fan?" the devotee replied: " YES SWAMI." AND SWAMI: " He's a 5-speed fan. Suppose it's spinning at maximum speed, at 5th level, what happens if you press the stop?"the young one:" Swami, engines will stop further rotations although the fan blades are still at great speed until it arrives Moment when the fan will stop."and Swami:" ah yes! I pushed the stop button for the kaliyuga now, but the blades continue to rotate at a very high speed. At the same time I also pushed button 1 for the golden age. Slowly, the golden age fan is starting to rotate." the boy let this information enter him. Then he asked, " Swami, when the golden age fan would turn to the that?"
    Swami smiled at this question and made a deep revelation: "it depends on you, my children"
    " from us?…. as swami?" he said surprised the young devotee.
    Swami Revealed: " every little negativity made, in thoughts, words, actions, from now on will strengthen the kaliyuga. The Fan Fan will continue to rotate. Every little positivity, in thoughts, words, actions, will strengthen the golden age fan. It depends on you, my children."
    If these words of the avatar are neglected it will be a great disgrace to this earth and humanity. The age of gold is ready to arrive, the only question we have to do is: we will know, of this generation, to understand the rare opportunity that we have been given to bear the weight of passage from the old to the new era and then deliver it to the next generation ?
    Swami said, many years ago: " from those who have had much will expect a lot. We, who have the privilege of calling us his devotees, must point the way to humanity from this moment on. It is for this reason that swami divided with us his light saying: " my life is my message." having filled with his light, he then said: " your lives will be my message."
    – the mission is in our hands.
    – responsibility is in our hands.
    – the privilege of leading humanity to the age of gold is in our hands.
    Swami said to a devotee: "as krisna made the promise in the bhagawad Geeta, that is," if you dedicated and abandon your lives to me, I will take charge of every aspect of your lives and satisfy your every need.
    As Avatar sathyia you know, I make a further statement: if you dedicated your lives to love me

  42. George,

    Call it what you want as the war has come home and I personally have family members in America's most elite organization.

    The war will be fought in the election process of our two party system as the war is hot in my Wisconsin First Congressional district as we call him the "Iron Stash" running against that retired psycopath in the first.

    A real man to follow not like that fucking orange boffon moron George.

    I tried to post this over on Gordons latest article on that very subject but my comments were deleted.

    And for our dear jack I was at a social gathering tonight at a bonfire with some good food and some beer my favorite drink and the subject of Trump and his "sexuality" came up and my comments after I showed them the facts were fuck you if you disagree…

    I shall wage war at home and come and fucking get me….


  43. Nine, it's called 'non-linear warfare.' Check it out. And as Gordon himself says: Trust nobody, not even me.



    Trump supporters are American domestic enemies as Gordon is spelling it out for you morons!

    From the ending of the Soviet Union to the privatizing of war of the American military to the take over of the Evangelical church and now the alt media as we see how "someone" is pulling our strings as now that you know if you persist in supporting Trump you are a domestic enemy and at least VT is flushing them out!

    Wake up!


  45. ON 7-7-77, Timeline, Now & Later.

    Ra Ma Aum
    Tho Ra Ma
    Ai Mai Aumn

    I begin to feel it now, the reaction of everything combining,
    In, and all around me, without uncertainty, or the fear of death
    From the Beauty of Pure Being, that is reflecting in the Sunlight,
    On this Summers Day.

    Giants surround everywhere, colors of green and burnished gold,
    Twin tower trees, standing, frame the Sun
    A gateway beyond the Pleiades
    Where the Silver Star of Babylon
    Has vowed to raise every candidate, up to Thee
    Forever into eternity.

    Come and witness this beautiful sight, watch the Sun, feel the exhilaration,
    As the solar aureole melts, flooding the sky in yellow saffron light.

    The Eternal Youth of Summer has come,
    Descending on a big cracking current
    That passes through my coil,
    Like the torch of Baphomet
    Forever now, blazing across my brow.

    But that was then, and this, is now,
    Being that I am the spark that roared,
    I dwell in the silence, in the eye of the storm,
    Overshadowed by secret identity.

    Sitting on the desert floor, one hand holds
    The scorpion, the other makes the sign of
    The unicorn,that pierces the eye and heart of
    The lion, whose grip, heralded on the sound of 88’s,
    Pulls down the dragons fire, in the Spring of the 33’rd lunar year.

    Like a column of smoke by day, and
    A pillar of fire by night, let it burn, until
    Nothing is left, except the whitest ash, in
    The chalice of the triple flame

    Across the seven streams of lustral light,
    That holds my vessel aloft,
    Floating on currents that
    Contemplate your love, that contracts
    Upon me, and holds my parts together,
    In the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled,
    Gliding into pools of flooding light
    On red and yellow oars that spiral
    Around blue aspiration, that thrills with the chance of union, with
    The Cherished Pearl

    Third Stone From The Sun:

  46. “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”
    ― Francis Bacon, R+C

    SS assault rifle, cost now, $40k

    But I am not of this time, nor of this world, nor of this day. I come from another star. I come from the Morning Star. I care not to lose it all, even my life. Besides, the motto on my blazon is ‘My honour is called loyalty’. Yes, loyalty to the ideals, to the dreams, to the glories of the night of the past, to the ghosts of the vanished comrades, to all that which is lost in the projected light of the martyred Earth, to the nostalgia of a Golden Age, when the heroes still lived among us, when the Gods spoke to us. Because I am one of those who spoke with the Gods…

    We must never lose sight of a time in our history when boys were encouraged to be men. When we saw aggression as a healthy aspect of masculinity, nurtured a strong, competitive spirit and taught them practical skills that would stand them in good stead for the rigours of life. A time when we understood that not all men are created equal, but that brotherhood and collective accomplishment are of greater importance than individual glory, after all, the magnificence of a kingdom is not derived solely from the greatness of the king but from the collective greatness of all his subjects.

  47. Duff is da man!

    I have a few rump supportering pals who are incredibly fact resistant as here is a fact coming your way in the form of my fist as what else can be said?

    Bar fight !

    I would stick the pool cue where the sun don't shine but rump supporters would only like it!

    What can one say!


  48. Yea we got one in there from Mike Kay too. “Precious few today bother to follow their actions to the very end.” As he was saying…

    Mr. Duff has been deleting his best stuff from the internet since day 1. Just like present company he is no one’s entertainment. He writes for a purpose and when that purpose is achieved he torches the catalyst. This is guerilla warfare 101, leave nothing for the enemy in the aftermath of the attack.

    Just read his new one on the Trumpenator, some excellent stuff there but as he and I both know no information dumped into this black hole of a world is ever going to amount to a hill of beans in changing things. There will be no waking of the post Zombie apocalypse survivors until they Understand the difference between the Living and the Dead. The first step in waking up is not Folgers in your fucking cup, its realizing you are dreaming…

  49. Um…

    My Christian family believes in the rapture as I prey for it then there will be no Republcans as dear Jack as you said euthanasia is quick but the rapture would be quicker?



  50. Jack you commented on our dear Gordon's post!

    "Deprogramed? Why bother? Blanket euthanasia will work far more quickly and effectively. In order for the human race to survive much longer there are certain elements within it that need to be removed with the utmost expediency…"

    Like conservative Republicans
    See the comments on Frank's latest post how I plan to move forward in this time line with friends and family.


  51. A guy who would know taught me that the most absurd world views were possessed by people who work within the intelligence agencies. They are conditioned to believe that which will best facilitate the ambitions of their “Spy Master.” And that’s at the top then shit just keeps snowballing downhill from there. My vote for best comment ever made here is what I call Jang’s Paradigm.

    “Christ, Jack. I'm beginning to see that Hitler was most likely betrayed by (aristocratic?) German, blue-collar hating elites who had infiltrated themselves into his inner circle years before. These creatures then went on to use German technology – in cahoots with Allied scum of a similar ilk and worldview – in order to 'win' the war and create reality as we know it today. While using the hyper-advanced REAL technology that was developed in order to, well, fuck knows what….explore other dimensions?

    There is British writer, Chris Spivey, who has pretty much proven (in an ongoing expose) that all major news events over the past 50 years are basically made up. (Using at the very least skilled Actors/make-up artists/surgeons; hi-tec imaging equipment and general technology years in advance of anything available on the current market; you name it.)

    It seems that Hitler was destroyed ( "oh vey, help us" story made up) and use made of his achievements to draw a veil over pretty much everything – all reality as we know it. And the herd left under the control of a pedophilic, child-killing/eating, demon-worshiping and very fucking stupid 'elite', while the REAL leaders are exploring REALITY in a manner unbeknownst to, and beyond the wildest comprehension of, say, the rube-consumer above. And his fecal matter. Who are left arguing on behalf of trash-culture's scraps. (Flying around the world and/or to the moon in tin cans 'n rocket-ships, lolll~ if only that were half the story. We humans are soooo~ clever, eh?)

    Very simple put, would that be about right?

    But, as we all know, you can kill the prophet but you can't kill the message.

    Tiocaidh ar la, as my Irish friends would say.

    En mémoire du sang, as I would.

    Very sincerely Yours,
    Mr. Jang~”

  52. What good is a Duff security clearance if all the info is fake

    Remember how in school you wrote all those reports

    The best report writers ended up in intelligence

    Fiction their specialty

    He …He….


  53. I loved the art Video anon course Our Dear Jack was Mary's man and it seems he is his own now..

    Let's take a look at my mum died at one hundred and two taken care of by him long after he went to the grave

    It's called being in the union

    A pension and social security and health insurance to

    "They" say we can not pay

    If you vote republican

    Public enemy number one

    When will Jack kick me out

    Finest bouncer I know

    He. He


  54. Nine, this might help clarify a few points for ya: Don't live in mystery!

    Of many books documenting what happened/is happening, this gets closest to the bone, as Banger might say: Bowart only got a run of 500 copies…I wonder why.

    Reality has been more than merely 'classified', it's been practically subverted, my Good Man..

    "In the technotronic society the trend would seem to
    be towards the aggregation of the individual support of
    millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach
    of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting
    the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions
    and control reason."

    ….and that's just the start of it. As a thorough reading of the Jack Material would confirm.

    As they said in the Service—the real one that is (tee hee!)—:

    Hold Fast!! That there's a Phantom Ship, I tell ya's…


  55. KMB March 28, 2018 at 1:07 AM

    Comments back up on your VT post but heavily censored as I left that arrogant little prick Ian a message.


    KMB March 28, 2018 at 1:40 AM
    I would love to pound that little fucking prick into oblivion Jack!

    It's personal now!


    Seems to me A it was all downhill for VT and its "managing editor" after that one…

  56. yeah, when guys start messing around with your comments you just know it's time to fucking split. Permanently.
    Greenhalgh likes to get the dig in; it's a trait of the folks from his part of the world—they most definitely are NOT interested in new ideas, or in having their beliefs challenged. Generally speaking, of course.

    BTW I have to access VT via the deep web, these days. Can't get in thru Google. Surprise, surprise.

    Looks like Duff is too hot to handle….or would that be you, Jack?



  57. Obviously the person in question can not get anyone to read what he writes unless he places his idiotic comments under our pieces or tags his name onto Gordon Duffs. If you check the comment section of the last piece you will see they mutilated all my comments. That will be the last comments you ever see from me on VT. If anybody wants they can come on here and say what they want, we censor nothing and I answer everything.

  58. But Ian G.'s dismissing and belittling your propositions – unchallenged by all and sundry – over on VT lately, Jack. Or maybe it just seems that way because he obviously deletes comments he doesn't like.

    Get with whipping his arse, already!!

    That's why I don't bother commenting over there, anymore. They delete comments, and I know that because some of mine go up overnight, U.S. time, and are gone by he next day. So f**k those guys~ I just read Duff and skim one or two other columns….many of them reek of Agency to me. And by that, I mean the Agenda, and not what they think privately, excepting the old queen himself, Jim Dean, of course. Gotta give him credit for that.


  59. Comments I posted on VT:

    April 28, 2018 at 5:09 pm
    My father served in the Seventh Amored division attached to the Third army commanded by George Paton the eras finest commander as Dad hated the Russians with a passion and I heard repeatedly as a kid how America went after the wrong country!

    And his disdain for the British after what they did to Dresden…

    As comments from our Russian friends on this blog would indeed lead to a dear bar fight!

    Just an opinion…

    April 28, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Just curious why do you publish on VT as most of it is like a tabloid one would see at the grocery store?

    Of course tabloids are entertaining as many of VT’s stories are as I believe Mr Duff’s purpose is to re-educate as many dumb Americans as possible as Jack’s writing is vetted and well documented and the criticism of his work is unfounded unless one can refute it logically?

    Just an opinion as the Internet is how we got Trump a factory for manufacturing republicans course again only a personal observation?

    He. He.


  60. Well I see Orages comments have now been permitted on his own post, that’s much better. Orage is a very civil man and there is absolutely no valid reason to ever block his comments. No one has to worry about me commenting and making a fool out of them anymore unless they come on our blog or Patreon with the dog shit I see them slinging on VT. My comments will be limited to those venues. I will not abide by my comments being “edited” by anyone. Or if they would like we can arrange a meeting and we can discuss things face to face. People want to see this kind of information being put up on the internet they have to understand and pay attention to the price I have to pay to write it. I can’t pay that bill alone anymore, we need your donations and support on Patreon. We have 46 patrons, and I salute each and every one of them, but if you want to see any real change in the information being offered to you through the media it’s gonna take a lot more than that. I want to fight, I love to fight for the simple reason that I never lose, and I will fight for all of you but I am in no position to finance this war…

  61. Let's talk about performance enhancing drugs and cycling as a pal of mine is on them and he is past 60 putting in impressive times down on his Salsa Warbird bike.

    Pro bikes pro drugs as it's filtered down as I quit racing over 30 years ago.

    Gravel Grinding a term given to an absolutely free unregulated form of cycling as Crowley would be pleased!

    My pal is fixated on that warbird as the spirit of a gravel grind is that any bike will do but his insistence of the infallibility of said Bike ……..color me suspicious

    Now pro cyclists are putting little cheater motors in their bikes kid you not as who cares?

    It's a fucked up world Jack…


  62. What is time as our Geoff says it's spiritual in nature as we write the script!

    The trumpet and its players are just like cyclists as they are fixated on technology and the trumpet or the bicycle merely tools to do what one wants to do as our dear Alister got it right!

    I am a cyclist and what is hot is gravel racing and what is that? Burned out rural gravel roads a set of miles and any bicycle will do…

    Drink during the ride as alcohol that drug of choice

    Good organic micobrewed beer not gmo shit and the company of like minded people!

    All the worlds a stage as yours is the best!

    My dad was a trumpet nut same as Bill Chase and had a Schlike B6 like Chase and 200 mouth peaces upon his death and about a dozen very expensive trumpets!

    Schilke was out of Chicago in the 70's and was Chase's trumpet Guru as he was burned out as a lead player after his stint with Woody Herman who's lead book was tough!

    The Chase in that link was Bill Chase at the Top of his game as schlomo's trumpet player of blood sweat and tears fame fell far short an opinion only…

    It was 40 years ago as it matters not.


  63. Beauties like you never seen, one look, and that's it, the spell is cast, and you never saw a thing, except for that momentary euphoric dream. And now, you just got played.

  64. Tina rocks!

    Remember Bill chase best trumpet player of the 20th century?

    A live tv show appearance in '70 and first a scary comment from the comment section as I believe his plane crash was suspicious…killed in'74…

    "Bill Chase burst onto the scene and everyone said, "Man, there's nobody that can play like him!". So what does he do? He puts together a jazz/rock horn band with 4 trumpets, including himself, that are ALL as good as him. Trumpet players around the world were in rock and roll heaven. But Bill Chase must have violated some universal law because he was forcibly removed from this Earth when the chartered, twin-engine Piper Twin Comanche crashed en route to the Jackson County Fair in Minnesota. He was a mere 39 years old when his life ended. The band Chase without the man, Chase, would not survive long. Which is probably fitting."


  65. From the creation museum:

    "When you start with the Bible as your ultimate authority, you’re ready to discover creation science."

    upwards of 100 million Americans believe this utter nonsense Jack as when do we march them through the Middle East killing fields to show them what they voted for?

    The holohoax a joke in comparison!


  66. "Yea the Moon shots, courtesy of ACME Space Exploration, a subsidiary of Loony Tunes."

    Even if "they" managed to get to the moon or if they did not manage to get there it's a big distraction to create "republican" patriots "fighting" for da truth again da man…

    As they destroyed the Democratic Party that actually did something for the people like pensions and health care and decent housing and cleaner water and air!!

    Mr. Duff is right as he most always is!


  67. Well jack,

    Evangelicals are like prostitutes as a girl has to show some to get the "John" in the door!

    I suppose the money was well spent on the landscape architect kind of like putting lipstick on miss piggy?

    He he …..


  68. Well you do have to admit nine the landscape architect certainly knew his job, the birches and Southern magnolia arranged around the arch of the building are stunning and bear know relation to that ridiculous "Ark" the Christians pilfered from out of the Epic of Gilgamesh. LOL i really don't know about that brontosaurus roaming about the entrance, kind of like a kid from the barrio who struck it rich hanging dice over the dashboard of his Ferrari…

  69. Jack,

    My high school pal went here to "study" history and science "Republican" style we are in our 60's now and I am super fit and he is fat and stupid as I do use physical intimidation at times to get my "Christan" friends to simply keep quiet.

    Funded by Amway founders and big "pin" winners from that goofy company.

    Evangelical/ republican science….


  70. The Ike article needs to be on an alternate venue so it can be plastered all over Facebook, Smith well I will just keep my mouth shut, even though certain managing editors afford me no such respect and even block the comments of my co-author…

  71. You guys know Vietnam was not what everybody thinks it was don't you? You've got guys running back and forth on Timelines to fight in that one, I've seen the records. From what I can figure, maybe the first war fought over artifacts in millenniums, there would be more…

  72. Yea the Moon shots, courtesy of ACME Space Exploration, a subsidiary of Loony Tunes. It’s hard to believe I ever believed that shit but we all did, for a time. Before 9/11 who would think their own people would lie to them that bold faced? Maybe they felt it was like the parent convincing the child a fat guy in a red suit brought them their presents under the Christmas tree. That’s what I would think if I did not know NSA and for that matter NASA too, in Hebrew would be spelled Nun, Shin, and Aleph. NSA in Hebrew is a word commonly used to indicate a deal of some sort either good or bad such as a marriage. It is also used as a term for what is exalted, lifted above what Mircea Eliade called the Profane, what Eliade called the Sacred. To be NSA is to lead the way, to be the armor bearer, the Knight, to aspire to something greater, to quest. Unfortunately for the human race NSA in Hebrew can also be used as a word indicating the exact opposite; to lead astray and exact payment, the nature of existence in this place is a duality.

    You have the perfect resume to be here Dazza, I know some Germans in Australia. We all do… Didn’t you always know you were watching your life through a drone? Don’t just read us read Rahn and Serrano too, they will tell you about the Grail Family and a lot of things you will need to know. Orage and I will be along shortly to make some adjustments. To start with I am satisfied with no one’s definition of the Sacred Marriage; I am the fucking expert here on that matter, not them, not the Djinn, not any fucking moldy old manuscript. Old Manuscripts is what got us here in the first place. I see now this would have been wrapped up in eighty-nine if no one had interfered; and at the behest of something that never should have been written down in the first place… The pictures provided by the Ordo Bucintoro in Le Songe de Poliphile are more than enough…

  73. I have been told about things by Mrs. Doan Thi Nguyen Del Carlo.
    I was 18 in the Summer of 1972, the daft was cancelled.
    I like to eat durian and jack fruit, and the rest of that exotic stuff.
    The Chicano, Low Rider, la Raza badlands of East San Jose, has been transformed and rebuilt by migration from Viet Nam, they love to live crowded over there.

  74. Jack
    Thru circumstance as a child/teenager i was forced to take i different prospective of this reality. I myself have never felt a part of it i always felt i was different i did not fit in, hard to explain that idea, i must tell you though i live in Australia and my family is of German descent, i have struggled all my life with this sick reality and most of the people in it. How can i put this, I cannot relate to them and there mentality I think George Carlin said the same thing. For a long time i have wanted out but i have managed to find a few people here like myself and i call them friends, so it has made life a bit more bearable, And yes your site and its content are often in our discussions and with good reason. for some reason the moment i found you thru VT i dropped everything i was doing and read everything on your site and yeah its a mindful and I have even watched Twin Peaks twice and i am currently reading some if the books recommended by you. I have not watched MSM for 3 years now my TV does not even have a aerial plugged in, although i will use it to watch stuff of the internet and the odd movie or show on netflix and by the way i loved the show Stranger Things and the soldier of love. I have watched the videos on operation high jump and i enjoyed watching the US get its ass kicked. And i have nexus magazines going way back that carry the fake moon photographs and take pleasure in showing the idiots although in most cases they do not get it or cannot except the idea it was all staged, i can even tell you that a good friend of mine worked on the fake moon stages in the US, they employed overseas personnel to build them.
    I do have another question, have you watched Bad-Clown and what do you think, my concern is the quality and effort of this production but finding who`s actually behind them has not been possible.

  75. " [Editor’s note: The author, an Australian, never served in Vietnam but was eligible for the draft in 72 and was deeply affected by it. I understand that, my own generation faced a draft with no “high draft numbers” that Trump and so many others managed to get.

    The truth is, there were no draft numbers until late in the war and anyone exposed to a “draft number” is usually lying. I went to war with my entire high school class.

    There was never any question about the US role in Vietnam for those who actually served there with the exception of the “super-stupid,” those who attended the service academies. VT began as a meeting place for Vietnam vets and got caught up in 90s politics.

    Vietnam was a farce for those who “attended.” Some of it was absolute joy, the Vietnamese people were great. The greatest of them were fighting against the United States. And so it goes… Gordon Duff "

    "G" tells it like it is with a brilliant economy of words.


  76. Jack,

    The purpose of the Evangelical church was to create Republicans as the purpose of the internet is to create republican's as the poor mouth what the rich tell them as you dumb fucks got set up by someone!!

    No? Look around at America as the unions created the Middle class and now schlomo has idiot America right where he wants it as poor dumb fat and fucking stupid!

    I have got rid of friends who are rabid trump supporters as my own brother dodged Vietnam and now is a rabid trump supporting mother effer and let's get "G" over here to talk about Vietnam and he will tell you about draft numbers and deferements as fuck all of em!

    Including my brother! Who BTW is just like Trump a draft dodging coward!


  77. Well Dazza first off you need to look around. Do you like what you see? Is what you are seeing through the media, and I’m talking main stream and alternative, even real? Because if I turn off the venues that carry the “news” all I’m seeing is a whole lot of people living pay check to pay check wondering how their gonna make the next payment on the juice loan for their houses or their children’s college education, wondering how their ever gonna make it when they can no longer make that grinding hour commute to their meaningless “job” selling Schlomo’s brightly colored beads through a transit system that if you are not Japanese was antiquated eighty-seven years ago. Overhead wires hanging in streets pock marked with holes that could take out a T 34 tank, two thirds of the populace decimated by grotesque obesity, pizza faced complexions, and an IQ that entitles them to a stall in a barn right next to the pig pen. Christ they even made a movie in 2006 called Idiocracy which depicted a future where Americas president was an ex wrestler with the IQ of a door knob. Sound familiar? Or don’t you know Donald Trump once stared in the WWE? Do you like eating poison? Drinking sewer water? Are you on medication just to get you through another day of this? I’m with James Joyce and Mick Jagger my friend “I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.” It’s time to paint the whole fucking thing black. Let’s worry about what is immortal not what is transient. Of course if you are Buzz Aldrin and have lived a long and indolent life of privilege telling the barnyard animals that you were blown up to the moon just like Wiley Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon then the very idea of the cavalry waiting in wings to deal with you and the rest of your filthy lying ilk would make you squeal “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!…”

  78. jack
    please ive read all the stuff about antartica and wondered whats going on is this evil they talk about a threat to those seeking the way out or is it those that run this shit show that fear whats in antarctica, im sorry probably a stupid question but disinformation is everywhere on this subject and some clarity would help.

  79. “they succeeded in obtaining the Kangschur, the extensive, 108-volume sacred script of the Tibetans, which required nine animal loads to transport.”

    It's not like he's guessing Tim

  80. Jack;
    What an outstanding explanation! I was only considering He/She as Shiva/Shakti, instead of all 4. Remember the best definition of Love there is: sacrifice of yourself for another. Isn't that exactly what the Hyperborean's are doing?

  81. Don’t know if I agree with you there nine, although I do always vote I myself feel Americans would be far better off shooting their politicians than voting for them, except in cases like Paul Ryan who needs to get the guts stomped right out of his body.

  82. Stellar advice A. The SS does not believe in reincarnation in the eastern sense, maybe only as a repetition in an individual of an archetype but not you as an individual. Serrano breaks it down in El Ella Book of Magic Love. Speaking of Magick Love since you are a member of Patreon anon you might want to read our Magick Love published on there at the end of December. As far as ditching the old bag, I got one here that’s meaner than a rattlesnake and dumber than dirt due to advanced senility. She used to be my mother. I also got a daughter that should have been institutionalized years ago. This program will stop at nothing to rip your soul out…

  83. Everything you want is on the other side of hard work, Anonymous….and some tough decisions might be required of you, also. Do what has to be done, my good man. You've only got this incarnation, as far as we know….(never mind what those Buddhists say: they're too focused on the Self.)

    Ditch that hag.


  84. Jack,

    I have handlers…

    All Americans are readily handled as what is truth in the age of controlled media

    This is Gordon Duff stuff as I see he tells truth to us

    I live in Wisconsin's First congressional District as the war has come home and our dear domestic enemy Paul Ryan will retire…

    Course what does it mean? As, is there a difference between the two parties? As, right now there clearly is and they gave us a choice.

    The Wisconsin First Congressional is Eddy Munster land if you care to look at our dear gerrymandered rep from Janesville as my dear mom despised the family…he he…

    She died last year only one hundred and two as I shall carry on hating Scott Walker and Paul Ryan and what they did to the people with act 10 and fuck you if you disagree you domestic enemy….

    Current Republican equals domestic enemy and we have a two party system as you stupid mother fuckers have a choice…

    Ah, that bug will not let you act in your own interest as if so you should stay home and not vote….

    I prey my rant would be as good as Gordons or Franks Jack…

    He said one must love his enemy…..

    the gospel

    I see


  85. Over the last year or so, I have written some stanzas in bits and pieces here, out of order of context. Now it appears that those things should be completed, in sequential order. It is Not meant to be a blog hog, a joke, or a fraud. It is an objective experience described in poetic verse. Stanley's big ass poem is coming.

  86. As always thank you Jack, your a gracious host on your blog & Patreon. Thank you for allowing me to bring down the blog IQ quotient temporarily with my comment—you’ve got heavy hitters on here and never like to clog things up. Your information gives me much to chew on….although forgive me for keeping things simple….the day I wake up and I don’t see my mother-in-law is the day I made my way out of this hell hole. Just kidding of course….well… maybe not:)

  87. "When the egg of the He-She divided, the She separated from the He, she left first. And He will be the agonic pilgrim in search of the She, through the worlds, galaxies, where both must fight the enemy. But here another Egg-In-itself, She-He, who had contemplated the explosion of the He-She in and uncreated space, also divided her Egg, like the suicide of a New star, by solidarity, by A-Mor (Love without love) because she felt comradeship with the He-She, so to speak. And thus we have a She in search of her He through glorious wars and bloody sacrifices.

    And someone, an unknown being, will be left to await the return like on the edge of a fountain. Someone who in the adventures of those two (four), played the Destiny of the divine impossible existence, unimagined even by the greatest pilgrims of nostalgia. Who was this being, who seemed to have dreamed all this, who risked so much in the mystery of the He-She and She-He? Is it someone who is beyond the Archetypes and Demiurge, even of the archetypes used by Hyperborean Siddhas as instruments of their combats? Someone who wanted to destroy the universe of the Demiurge, to break the Cycle of Cycles, to break free the prisoners of the Eternal Return. Someone who permitted the He-She and the She-He to part as pairs of opposites in order to enter into the nightmare, into the corrupt world of the Demiurge, to search for each other, to find each other again, fighting to transmute this evil creation?" –page 167. Serrano, Miguel Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version)

    For those who are reading this that do not know, there are 3 factions. There is the Bormann faction whom together with the empire is playing this Timeline like a broken slot machine that keeps coming up jackpot. There is the SS who have given you their story with Miguel Serrano. I do not know where their loyalties’ will ultimately lie but I do know the third one is loyal only to the He and She…

  88. You will have to excuse my handlers anon; I got more of them than Fluffy the Rabbit at the local petting zoo. They pluck my comments out of cyber space too sometimes. Used to be all the time but it’s gotten less and less since I’ve learned the lay of the land. Yea I have my reservations about allying with a people who allow their leader to go around in what looks to be his mother’s bathrobe, and want to cover those Persian beauties they are blessed with in ninetieth century apparel. The whole thing speaks to me of men who have no confidence in their own virility, not exactly my choice to have my back in a fight. But it is what it is to hear Rahn tell it:
    “Yes! The Parsees, the Aryans and us, the Cathars, have not betrayed our blood. There you have the secret of the link that unites us’ that you tirelessly seek! Note this well: if you have a liking for Parzival, you should know henceforth that this is an Iranian name. It means: pure flower! And if you put yourself in quest of the Grail, it is the sacred stone of the Parsees, the Ghral . , that you seek.” – BY A ROADSIDE. IN THE SOUTH OF GERMANY, pp 105
    The next chapters even more telling. It all explains why certain friends of mine are so rabidly pro Iran. As for why we are here you gotta go to Serrano my friend, they won’t let me publish my book, leastways not yet. I have said part of my piece on Patreon and I’m not done yet, I don’t think she’s done saying hers either. Not after she hears all of mine.

  89. Assuming this comment won’t make it either. However if a Festivus miracle does happen….I gotta beef with my dear Germans. They created this shitehole reality….and why? To give some of us whateverwhatyoumaycallits some ‘time’ to gain back our freedom? Or something else? The real Germans you speak of …aligning with Is ra el and I ran….they remnants from Ww2 or just the same bullshit we see over and over running this god forsaken place (no pun intended). I dunno Jack….I’m starting to get really pissed off. Maybe I need to get out of Kali Fornia for starters….

  90. Thank you Mike, mentioned you a couple of times in the comments on this, you know when you think about it you and I may be the most successful alternative media family, hell we're like the Wahlberg's of cyberspace. Schlomo needs to wizen up, he's going under the bus regardless, he needs to cough up a couple of contracts, you are more attractive than Bill O'Reilly and I think can crack jokes just as good as Mark. I might even have him on an inch or two on the biceps…

  91. I will make one more comment…

    I love our dear Gordon though I don't know him

    truth is mental illness

    what did King say

    we shall overcome

    the Gospel I see


  92. Well just as an aside for you and Yahweh Tim, if mommy didn’t love him he’d have been dead a long time ago…

    “Evangelicals have lost cultural standing. They think Trump can help them win it back. The evangelical problem isn’t our post-1960s culture wars they’ve lost but the stupidity of their beliefs. Trump is the result — not the cause — of the evangelical addiction to false certainty.” – Frank Schaeffer
    As we are saying…

    “Thank You Donald Trump for Empowering White Evangelicals and Proving That They Are Indeed America’s Most Deadly Enemy”

    Frank may want to use this one Nine

    “The practice of judging and condemning morally, is the favourite revenge of the intellectually shallow on those who are less so, it is also a kind of indemnity for their being badly endowed by nature, and finally, it is an opportunity for acquiring spirit and BECOMING subtle—malice spiritualises. They are glad in their inmost heart that there is a standard according to which those who are over-endowed with intellectual goods and privileges, are equal to them, they contend for the "equality of all before God," and almost NEED the belief in God for this purpose. It is among them that the most powerful antagonists of atheism are found. If any one were to say to them "A lofty spirituality is beyond all comparison with the honesty and respectability of a merely moral man"—it would make them furious, I shall take care not to say so…” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  93. My dear friend Joachim, I was afraid you were no longer enjoying the hospitality of this shithole of a Timeline with us. Thank you for checking in, when those i am in communication with suddenly cease that communication due to conditioning i always think the worst, pleasure hearing from you, and much agreed there are an infinite number of realities but we gotta play the ones we have been dealt. Check in more often my friend.

  94. Yes I’ve heard this before, very early on in 89 Tim, “even Satan must be redeemed…” – The Ranting of Geir

    After seeing what I have seen here I don’t know if I believe that, I’m not in a very forgiving mood when it comes to the god off this world. I don’t know about you but I can tell you what the Germans who created this timeline believe.

    “Cathars affirm the universe has been created pure, but from the fifth heaven downwards the ghost of evil and chaos has been introduced, the Demiurge Jehovah, mixing and adulterating everything.” –page 176.

    “Whether the Cathars are right, or if this universe were only an infernal sacrilegious copy, counterfeit, from another spiritual universe, which adjusts better to the nature of the demiurge Jehovah and the Jew, his acolyte, since they are not creatures, but mere copies, thieves inclined to falsification, the drama of the hyperborean viras [the tantric term for a semi-divine hero] here introduced, fallen, imprisoned, will always be the same and obey one movement: risking everything to give combat to the enemy in his own territory, to be able to win the war from the inside. These hero's have brought into jeopardy the loss of their Hyperborean souls to destroy the nightmare of the Demiurge, his falsification, his welter. They have attempted to return the world to its original purity, to transmute the earth, to transfigure corrupted nature, adulterated by the Demiurge Jehovah, the Lord of Darkness, who, in turn, intends to extend his gangrene, his infernal copy, his machinery of returns [Serrano is alluding to the Mandela cycle, Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence], his breathing, his “evolutionary" dream.” – page 178.

    Serrano, Miguel. “ Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version)”

  95. You have been told, all of you reading this, to remember. Remember who you are, that goes for gods and goddesses, aliens and humans, the corporeal and the incorporeal. You have been warned. Remember who you are because you don’t want to be who they tell you you are. No one wants to face the executioner alone so they say things like “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” No Mr. Aldrin it is you and your ilk who are in danger and mark my words you have prepaid the bill for your pain with your lies…

    Remember! “Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from.” The cuneiform tablets as the Germans figured out very early on with the Pan Babylonian movement are key to this, as are the Norse Sagas and indeed the Sepher Yitsirah, handed down orally from time out of mind before they were put to paper in the beginning of the last millennium. The Vedas are our treasure handed down from Asia as is the Avesta. Revelations and the Secret Gospel of Thomas are also worthy of being considered Sacred Scripture, all else fails, particularly the bible which may be the vilest book ever written…

    Twin Peaks 2017 or the Return is meant to be the final chapter of that Sacred Scripture and that’s what those who wish to avoid the executioners axe should be watching, not Donald the circus clown Trump…

  96. It is by far the best work on the internet anon! My cousin is the Sage of Quay so I am very familiar with all the big names, bunch of fucking hacks propped up by various intell operations and that’s not him saying that that’s me. That’s why you will almost never see us recommending any of them here except Gordon Duff, who is the real thing when he wants to be. You would not believe the work and support group that goes into writing these. This one nearly went out with a geographical mistake on the caption to the top picture; it was the Russians that caught it and had us correct it. It goes on from there my friend as to who has been chipping in. I got no complaints on the information, just the pay scale. I put my 4 years in, that’s all they ask of any soldier. It really burns me up now seeing guys like David Icke making millions per year for telling you the Queen is a lizard and Orage and I just getting by on Patreon donations.

    Frankly there is no bible. It’s just a plagiarized consortium colored with typical Jewish hysteria, paranoia and exceptionalism. Did I mention barbarism? Not a word of the Old Testament was even written to well into the Common Era when the Scythians regrouped after the defeat of the Poison King and their dispersal at the hands of the Romans. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, of Holy Blood Holy Grail fame wrote another book, it’s called the Dead Seas Scrolls Deception. That’s what the Dead Sea scrolls are a crock of shit cooked up by the papacy to counter the “discovery” of the Nag Hammadi tracts. Gluing millions of tiny little fragments together written in a language they don’t even fully understand. I should have known when I examined pictures of the pieced together fragments and saw no Qabalistic codes in them. No sorry my evangelical insects Isaiah was a syphilitic Khazar (in fact he was 3 syphilitic Khazar s) and the fall of Jericho nothing but a juiced up account of the sacking of Tiflis. Very shortly Orage and I will prove that to all of you in writing when we do the Norse, it’s already written…

  97. Dear Jack, greetings from germany! There are more than just "two" timelines. Many different outcomes have to be balanced.
    Yes, we won the war many times indeed, but it wasn't always the nice and friendly version we all hoped for. The timelines need to be played through, and the wisdom of all of them will merge in the end.

  98. Nine;
    Thanks for your reply. The main theme of Jack's writing is what to do about this Yahweh character. From the Hindu point of view, he's just a character in Maya's bloodthirsty dance. Her dance will end when She is Husbanded by the Kalki avatar. To the Sumerians, he is an ancient alien who wants us all dead because he thinks our DNA manipulation makes us an abomination. To the Gnostics, he was created without a father and his mother thinks he is an abomination and does not love him. So he takes his pain out on all living creatures that he "created". I'm just as crazy as you and Tara; but what are regular people supposed to do about all this? Which point of view is even correct? And if somehow we're "successful" will the timeline change like the ending of twin peaks?

  99. My dearest Tim we are discussing this over on Frank Shaeffer's blog:

    I wrote this in response towards hatred of the evangelical

    "He said that when I am gone I shall send my spirit

    That spirit will guide one to all truth

    He said my kingdom is not of this world

    His body is gone as he said only my spirit remains

    He said this

    when to or more gather in my name

    there I shall be

    How do we know it’s me

    You shall know them by their love

    The gospel you see"

    Shaeffer's crazy blog:


  100. Geoff, all there is is wave. It's just us that need a timeline, indoctrinated into "progessive", linear, A to Grave. This is my own understanding, of course.

  101. Jack and all;
    I'm going to literally play devils advocate. What if humanity's understanding of Yahweh's circumstance of being created is the true Kalki avatar? Not worship him, but love him like the neglected child he is. Maybe Sophia's correction needs our cooperation (destiny of humanity) for Yahweh to transcend his ego and this 3-dimentional nightmare is no more?

  102. Jack and all;
    I've been reading your work for a while (and VT); it's the best stuff on the internet! Have any of you watched Gerald Clark's youtube video's? He talks about yahwea(Enlil) and Baal(Marduke) from the point of view of the Sumerians. Any thoughts? I also just watched all of the "Twin Peaks" DVD's….crazy!

  103. Orage. So Flow-state,not only as a quality of the Now, but also the defining quality of the Past and Future? Ever recreated anew to keep the song of the bards alive?

  104. Well then just shoot them and Anne Frank Zen. The truth is a locomotive train and those who try to stand in its way now will be squashed flatter than Schlomo's wife without her Miami surgeon. Find something to do that you believe in Zen, thats all the motivation anyone needs. Unfortunately anyone left with two brain cells to rub together has been given so little that they can believe in, we can fix that and we are…

  105. Minne, remember… This is the goal of Qabalism too as taught by Israel Regardie with the blessings of Aleister Crowley, whom if we are not mistaken has his bald and bulbous head depicted in the above photo taken with the SS…

  106. The Jews don’t hate Jesus anon. They love Jesus. He has bought them an army of a hundred million rednecks who learned to shoot before they could walk. They believe Schlomo, genetic defects and all has been chosen by god to be your, mine and their Master. Anything saying otherwise is game; your link is showing Chaldean with the Dogishes supplied by Schlomo, an invention, much like Anne Frank. Genesis has been plagiarized from the Epic of Gilgamesh and is irrelevant to those of US of European descent or even inclinations. The current emasculated version of Odin (“Jesus”) never even existed in Europe before the Saxons were finally overcome by the Carolingians in the eighth century. Before that Europeans believed, almost to a man and woman, what is now called the Aryan Heresy, another words Man cannot kill God. Jesus was spirit and did not die on the cross or anywhere else because he never was flesh and blood, this is called docetism. The Albigensian Crusade and then the Inquisition which followed it were a ruthless ploy to force Roman Hegemony upon the collective soul of the European and to expunge the Aryan Heresy from history. Alternative historians, the only kind of historians there really are, the others are more correctly called propagandists, are beginning to catch on to what was the real secret concealed in the work of Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, which is that Mary Magdalene is the real Jesus. That is why we are in the Pyrenees in the first place and why we won’t be leaving until we discuss what Lynn Picknett, one of the very best, and others have brought to the MSM table with‘The Real Mary Magdalene,’ Forbidden History, Season 4 | Episode 5; first aired July 12, 2017…

  107. Anyone got any recommendations on programming one's subconcsious such as to be less lazy/procrastinating. Really dig the youtube video where he says "you can't program it with words only with symbols and images"

    PS. Wolfenstein is a game about a nazi alternative reality! Lot of Jews whinging in the game though. They don't let you shoot Anne Frank.

  108. Rahn’s closing paragraph on pages on the left and empty pages on the right that he intends to fill employ the Nordic Weltanschauung in minute detail. It is the dynamic interpretation of the past, again and again, by active remembering, Minne (Remembering in Danish); and this process’ dynamic envisioning of the future that shape the ever-present now. That is the battle of dominion. George Orwell in his book 1984 coined it thus: “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” What we are doing in these articles is letting the traditional guides strike the chords, the bards, skalds, minnesänger, and poets.

  109. I don't understand it Tara, the right keeps telling us we must return to good old American values, does that include slaughtering 50 million Native Americans, fighting against our won best interests in two world wars and praying to a dead god? No tear the whole thing down, its rotten to the core and always has been…

  110. Thank you Carnaptious, a VT alumni, I really enjoy when you guys enjoy what I write. Outside of Mike or the Sage of Quay, my cousin, I am anathema in a family that still watches the MSM, so guys like you, Bill and Zen are like my family…

  111. Blue is a code word they use for off world technology, when we published Paint int Blue in the the April May and June July 2016 issues of Nexus we renamed it because I didn't want to get into this then and explain exactly why we named it Paint it Blue, actually if anybody's reading closely enough we have been explaining since then, this is more of the same Geoff…

    Geoff is our resident Martial arts and meditation instructor on the Patreon site, he has extensive formal training in both, I would urge anybody reading this to check out his work there, its open to the public, this is his latest

  112. Yea I hope their laughing Bill because we ain't. We need an intervention or this is not going to turn out well for either Americans or Russians. I figure they want their "sacred Aryan homeland of Central Asia" back, at least what Orage and i call the Bormann faction, there are the others. But the easiest way would be to just push America and Russia into war, then just walk in and occupy whatever s left…

  113. Thanks for the plug on your site Joe, you’re the man, and yes it was you who got me hooked into VT or should I say Gordon Duff. I try to tell it like it is. A lot of this Jew hating is promoted by Schlomo himself. As you can see he is not happy unless everybody hates him, then he is in his element. As someone who would know once told about blaming everything on him “it’s in his contract he wouldn’t have it any other way.” Otto Rahn whom I figure wrote the book, and I mean the good book, for National Socialism has more of a beef with the church and what he calls the Jewish god than he does with Jewish people. There is not one anti Semitic slur in all of Lucifer’s Court. A lot of Jews actually supported National Socialism, as you know as well as anybody the Holocaust story is a scam, puts big shekels in Israel’s pocket. Otto Skorzeny was actually working with the Mossad in the sixties…

    Jack Heart- Great info on the occult side of NAZI-ism

  114. I enjoyed this one as well. I can’t believe I’m stuck in this sick ticket reality timeline. If I have a doppelgänger who’s living in the good one I hope she’s enjoying herself. That’s what this means isn’t it? There is a reality wherein Germany was successful and the spidery money changers are not running the whole flipping world. Thank you for your eloquence. Thank you for pointing out that “America has always been a brutal corporate oligarchy” for anyone still living under some delusion that there were ever any good old days.

  115. I feel so proud that I turned you onto London (Please read "Burning Daylight, the only book he wrote better than Martin Eden and free with a "search"), My cousin, Shalom, and, I believe, to Lynch. (Wasn't I pushing you to watch "Mulholland Drive?)
    I lobve this article and have teased it to link to you here fort it is an inspiration for all of us not born with "Jewish Privilege"

  116. but when specifically did the first Jesus hating "Jew" show
    up with a copy of the Talmud…?

    obviously the lying pen of the scribe has been employed by the
    Mass Murderers for filthy lucre…for many ages

    not that the Terrorists in Palestine should make exodus to Khazaria
    as that would spoil the …final solution, eh

    probably the language needs to be purified of the petrified "JEW" poo



  117. William Henry was always going off in his books about Blue Apples and how they connect to secrets in the middle East, and to accessing alternate dimensions. Maybe they grow them on that island. Probably make a mean blue apple strudel!!!

  118. Serrano, Rahn and Jack Heart, leading the way. Each in his way showing the alternate world and time line where the Aryans live is out there waiting, watching, biding time. I hope they are laughing at this mess every day; if not they are crying.

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