5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet
By Jack Heart, Phil, An Nwn & Orage
With the advent of the COVID virus and the West’s assisted suicide at the hands of the World Health Organization and political leadership epitomized by the nightly Donald Trump Show, much ado is being made about the implementation of 5G in America. The bulk of it if not all of it, at least in America, traces back to former vodaphone employee Joe Imbriano; a man who professes to believe “god created the earth and the heavens in seven days…” (2)
It only gets worse after that, one could call it junk science or pseudoscience, but that would be giving it more validity than it’s worth. Science has nothing to do with it. This is an exercise in bible thumping being applied to the root of empirical science. 
The reality of the world we live in begins with a Mathematical Theory of Communication, a two-part article by Bell mathematician Claude Shannon appearing in the 1948 July and October issues of the Bell System Technical Journal. Shannon begins by saying:  “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point.” (3)
Shannon’s paper would become the foundation of Information Theory; a variation of John von Neumann’s Game Theory. Information Theory deals with the quantification, storage, and communication of information. Information Theory is used in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, neuroscience, electrical engineering and black hole calculations…
Sciences most efficient way to solve Shannon’s “fundamental problem” is through wireless communication, using frequencies to broadcast information.
The mathematical calculations required for understanding the interaction of frequencies are beyond the education of most laymen. But that does not excuse ignoring what is right in front of you. It’s spring and in every backyard in America birds chatter enthusiastically as they go about their business breeding and building nests. They are not falling out of the air dead as Dr. Frankenstein orders Igor to power up his fiendish 5G system. 

American Fundamentalist Christians live in a bizarre comic book world which does not lend itself to Holographic paradigms, Fourier transforms and Biological warfare. They insist 5G will interfere with the absorption of oxygen by their blood and as evidence they cite fifteen year old experiments, done with 60 GHz forming oxygen absorption bands in free floating atmospheric molecules. 
Hemoglobin, blood, an entirely different story, is never mentioned once in the fourteen page paper intended for industry scientists working in the field of “earth atmosphere remote sensing, microwave wireless communication and industrial applications…” (4)
Big business has been expressing interest in communication systems operating at 60Ghz for at least twenty years now. Licensing by the FCC can be less regulated, costly local auctions for limited airwaves avoided, interference minimized and speedy dispersal of information maximized. “Theoretically, 100,000 systems operating at 60 GHz can be co-located in a ten square kilometer area without interference problems.” (5) 
Information is the most valuable commodity there is. It always has been. As the old Jewish proverb goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The trade in information is highly competitive and because it has already implemented 5G, China now has a tremendous advantage in its economic war with America.
Globalist corporations are seeking technological parity with China, they are not looking to despoil and corrupt the precious bodily fluids of “god faring” Christians, there’s no money in it. Having said that this is by no means an endorsement of 5G technology, millions of networks broadcasting on frequencies at best loosely licensed and regulated by the FCC could lead to all kinds of nefarious activity.
Phil, not his real name, is an intelligence specialist with over a quarter century experience in military applications for wireless communications. I’m a layman when comes to understanding frequencies. Phil is a professional, and he has been good enough in his time off to write this short essay telling you exactly what 5G can and cannot do. I have emphasized in bold some of the most pertinent passages. You will see why when you read the last part.    
“I have done quite a bit of searching and analysis of the recent radio engineering and medical studies and treatises regarding 5G. In the world today there are a lot of empirically measured resonant frequencies at the atomic, molecular and cellular levels although most requires a bit of unit conversion from the measurements used in the documents to a common form of wavelength or resonant frequency measurement.
Bottom Line: 5G is not really so different from all the previous cellular digital communications systems in terms of the frequency ranges it operates in, the carrier power and means by which communications is carried out. The major difference on the surface is that the 5G systems have the ability to change antennas on the same tower to make sure that the receiver, whether cell phone, watch, automobile or human gets the signal at the strongest strength. 
This is how the engineers have dealt with the issue of signal losses over distance. A quick note here, the strength of an electromagnetic wave drops by the inverse of the square of the distance to receiver.
Can the electromagnetic radiation from digital cellular communication systems cause damage to living cells? Yes, so can any EM radiation regardless of source. You can get sun burned right?
Are the new 5G systems designed to do so from the outset? I don’t think so. Not at the developer or manufacturer level. 
Could the carrier or signal be manipulated so as to affect individuals, individual types of cells, or a particular population? Yes, the nefarious could design a transmission (again regardless of the type of signal AM, FM, 3G, 4G or 5G) that can increase the odds of the signal having the desired effect upon an organism or atom.
We are all familiar with what a wave is. One thing we must remember about waves is that by definition waves, either like those you can see on the surface of water or electromagnetic, repeat themselves over time. The time it takes for a wave to repeat itself is called wavelength. 
The other side of this and what we often hear is frequency. This is another measure of the wave’s form; it is the number of times a wave repeats itself in a given amount of time, and usually measured waves or cycles per second, called a hertz. 
Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light and they follow well proven classical physics principles thus they are measurable. The measurement of energy in a wave is called amplitude. And for the last of the definitions; the instantaneous measure of where the wave is in its cycle is called the phase.  
Qualifier: For this discussion we will not get into the quantum physics calculations or theories which would confuse the dialogue. Just bear in mind that at the quantum or sub atomic level it has been shown that influencing a free electron which has been separated from an atom somewhere else in the universe can be influenced instantaneously by an action upon, or a resonant frequency shift in, a paired electron somewhere else in the universe.
When 5G waves interact with human DNA or other parts of miniscule cells there is attenuation or absorption of a tiny amount of energy from the 5G wave. This interaction results in the release of energy from the travelling wave to that which it “hits”. In the case of cells or parts of cells ie: a DNA strand, that energy into the system or cell must necessarily be dissipated in some way so the affected waveform can return to its normal state of equilibrium and operation. In DNA it has been shown that absorbed electromagnetic energy results in a minute amount of UV energy radiation out from the DNA strand. 
The amount of interaction/attenuation of the travelling wave is affected by the instantaneous magnetic dipolar field of an electron or in other words the electron’s position relative to the nucleus when the interaction with outside wave occurs. The phase of an electron, where it is in the orbit, around a nucleus, is one of the major determinants of the outside wave effect on the electron and the atom. This same applies when you start getting into combined waveforms that we call the molecules of the DNA strand or individual DNA proteins.
Where and how long the outside wave interacts with the complex wave of a DNA strand will determine how much of an effect the wave has on DNA. Outside wave energy is often so small by the time it makes it through the filtering or dampening of “tissue” or even the air that there is then little energy to impart inside a cell.
There is much going on in this field. The Rife machines of yesteryear are now modern spectrometers and electron microscopes. 
The thing that people have a hard time grasping is that the shorter the wavelength, or higher the carrier frequency. The wave travelling at the speed of light, with a very minute wavelength, takes very little to be knocked off course or the energy of the wave absorbed or transferred to another waveform, such as an oxygen molecule while travelling through the space between the transmitter and receiver. 
Repetition and error detection/correction must be built in to the systems to aid in getting the message transmitted correctly.
When we are talking 5G some of the carrier wave frequencies are way up there, meaning minuscule wavelengths, almost in the visible light range.  With this being the case it doesn’t take much interaction with other waves, solids, gases, etc. to eat up the energy of the travelling wave; a collision with a carbon dioxide molecule can and does have an effect on the travelling wave. 
That being said the wavelengths of the particles, atoms, DNA strands, cells, components (bones, organs etc) all are going to have different combined complex electromagnetic waveforms of their own. The larger the conglomerationthe lower the resonant frequency of the whole. 
This is why very low frequency waves were, and are, used in Rife and other resonant or sound based healing. Studies show the human body has a resonance between 5 and 10 hertz. The planet itself has a resonant frequency, or in other words the planet vibrates continuously at 7.42 cycles per second. This is known as the Schumann Resonance. The lower frequencies are heard and felt and affect a larger number of cells by bringing them into sympathetic resonance with the frequency of the influencing wave.
Although the 5G signal does impart some energy into the body it will be in very few cells at any given time. Does that mean it won’t cause cancer? No, it could and might cause damage but the odds are low due to received transferred energy being low. If there is damage it will either manifest as a latent problem in a few cells the body will take care of, or will cause cell death in a few cells, and again the body will take care of it. 
The recently posted video Out of Shadows at 1:17 says the use of Very Low Frequency waves piggybacking on carrier waves is a form of mind control. This statement may be correct and goes into my next consideration about 5G and radio transmissions in general. 
Basically any electromagnetic wave of energy can have an effect on any other electromagnetic body. And of course electromagnetic waveforms are what make up the entire universe we find ourselves in. For an electromagnetic wave to have effect on a living being the transmitted wave must be near the resonance frequency of the body to be influenced, or of significantly high energy.  
Communications transmitted over electromagnetic signals do not often match up cleanly with resonance of human cellular functions. Therefore if one wished to influence something’s resonant frequency then the signal from the antenna must be “shaped”. 
A demonstration of resonance might be in order here. Place two tuning forks within a foot of one another. Strike one and the other will feel the wave and begin to vibrate too. If the note, or natural frequency, of the tuning forks are too far apart on the scale the passive will have little inclination to begin to resonate at the frequency of the one struck.
The “shaping” of a wave is so that when the signal is received there are other signals within the transmitted waveform which are perceived at the receiver as close enough to the natural frequency to cause the receiver to resonate with the new received signal.  
This shaping can be done through the use of repetitive patterns influencing (modulating) the carrier which then produces harmonics, which are positive or negative waves at integer multiples of the wavelength (cycle) of the packet of energy influencing the carrier wave. By changing the packet length one can change the harmonics and move them on the scale so that the harmonics are the desired frequency to more likely induce resonance.
For humans it was shown many years ago that the best, most penetrating carrier wave to penetrate the human body is in the 5 megahertz range. This is a 1000 times larger wavelength than the 3G, 4G or 5G carriers. Although the wave that kills a “virus” or bacterium is more likely to be in the 2 to 10 hertz range. 
This is not to say that DNA cannot be receiving signals and be influenced by waves in the nano-meter wavelength. A full uncoiled human DNA strand of roughly 2 meters in length and has a resonant frequency range similar to the current wireless device’s operating frequency range. 
The issue that is the elephant in the room is not will 5G kill but how to program the “wave”, any wave, to interact with a given “living” organism without being caught. Those with money to hire an eclectic group of scientists likely could do it. Is it intentional on the part of the manufacturers wanting to sell bigger, better, faster….perhaps but not likely because any legitimate public funding would dry up.
I’ve been considering the issue since the first time I went to work around a microwave (GHz range) communications system. I heard about birds flying in front of antennas and being struck down, dead in flight. My first thought was that since it was a microwave system the bird got zapped like a piece of chicken in the microwave oven.  
Using this analogy I believe one can better explain how microwaves have their affect. It is not that the high power electromagnetic signal influences programming within the cells so much as the closer to the source of transmission the more the exposure to energy of the transmitted wave. 
This electromagnetic energy imparts HEAT when the wave encounters something. The wave sets whatever it encounters to vibrating and the vibration causes heat. That is why microwave food gets hot. Or how DARPA used HAARP to heat the ionosphere. The waves impart energy upon the object, in this example a bird or atoms in the sky. The heat is what kills, not the wave’s frequency or wavelength.
The electronic systems manufacturer’s technical aspects and mathematics do not rule out unintended damage to humans. The use of electromagnetic waves to influence a human in some way from 5G or other communications systems using electromagnetic energy (radio, TV, computers, auto engines, etc) is another consideration. The near instantaneous transmission of electromagnetic signals from one synapse to another in the brain can certainly be influenced by outside sources.  
An example is how difficult it is to think after having eaten a high carbohydrate meal. The brain wave measurements indicate that the operating state has changed.  Biologists say it is due to the chemistry changing, a physicist will explain that the ingested food contains billions of particles each operating at its own frequency. 
If the wave form from an ingested food molecule is at or near the resonant frequency of the operating frequency of a brain cell it can shift the operating frequency of the brain. The same occurs with the sense of hearing or sight. When one finds themselves in a temple with low frequency bells or gongs struck repetitively the repetition rate of the striking of the gong and the repetition rate of the sound wave both have an influence on the body and the brainwave measurements. 
For another example think about influences from a concert or large gathering, hand clapping and music at a particular rate (frequency) is shown to cause euphoria or nausea. This is another case of influencing the natural resonant state of the being. 
Flashing lights can also have influence on brain waves. This condition of changing an operating frequency to another through outside influence is called entrainment. 
Back to 5G or the 5thgeneration cellular communications question. Does the complex waveform influence people? Out of the box it is likely to have an influence in similar ways as the sun, the wind, the sea, and the universe’s complex waveforms. 
Can the complex waveform of a created and transmitted electromagnetic waveform cause people to hear voices or experience odd thoughts, sickness, euphoria, depression, suicidal thoughts? 
Potentially; through the specific construction of a transmitted complex wave’s housekeeping and test signals the cells and electrical functions of a body, brain, DNA molecule, virus or bacterium can be caused to change state. This is also greatly influenced by the signals strength. Too much everything burns up, too little it cannot overcome the receivers own energy fields.
Does the 5G have a greater ability to cause effects? In the system’s narrowing of the transmission to a 15 degree beam from the antenna it ensures that the greatest signal strength is always being received at the cell phone, watch, or other “connected” device. Thus we see the amount of energy available for data transfer as greater in this system. 
This is the main factor and difference in the new generation of electromagnetic data transmission; higher power at the receiver for greater clarity and speed of communication. The complex electromagnetic waveform is everywhere within the 15 degree beam of energy being transmitted from the antenna, if you are in the beam you receive the signal the same as your phone.
Here is my tin foil hat conclusion. Given the GPS location data built in to cellular communications system and the knowledge that a target is likely attached to a particular device at a particular location a bad actor could, with enough resources, devise a complex electromagnetic signal for transmission to the location of the targeted network connected device that could cause some form of an effect on anything that is within the influence of the transmitted signal. This of course is unknown to the individual holding the cell phone.
Here is the engineer’s conclusion. The system is designed as all forms of communications.  It is designed to build a two way link between two stations giving the transmitter the ability to share data, observations and comments with the receiver with minimal errors and maximum reproduction of the transmitted thought, idea, or datum. 
The significant difference in this system is that instead of shouting to the world in all directions the transmitter is shouting through a narrower 15 degree slice created by the antenna. It is like using a bullhorn to make sure those who need to hear do so.
The final thoughts: The military industrial complex has the resources to make every man, woman and child a puppet on a string through manipulation and transmission of electromagnetic energy into complex waves. This has been the case since the first radio advertisement went out over “wireless” in the 19thcentury. 
They have increased the ability in the last several years. Did that same bunch of scientists use complex electromagnetic wave forms to open portals in the EM fabric of the universe or do they overwrite the waveforms of reality? It likely is theoretically feasible…” – Phil
Affiliating western corporate fanaticism, motivated entirely by greed, for 5G technology with the apocalyptic scenario the media has painted COVID with is almost understandable. The price of oil has crashed and by the time this medical madness runs its course so will most people’s budgets for survival in the next twenty years. Strange days have found us and we find ourselves wearing masks in public and going about in a state of paranoid psychosis of all we come in contact with. 
A Lovecraftian scenario arises that is ‘unspeakably’ diabolical with the late January arrest of “Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.”  Over the course of the last twelve years Lieber has been the recipient of “$15,000,000 in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DOD). (6With the bulk of it coming from the DOD…
A little over nine years ago “Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017.  China’s Thousand Talents Plan is one of the most prominent Chinese Talent recruit plans that are designed to attract, recruit, and cultivate high-level scientific talent in furtherance of China’s scientific development, economic prosperity and national security.” (7)
Under the terms of Lieber’s three-year Thousand Talents contract, WUT paid Lieber $50,000 USD per month, living expenses of up to 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan (approximately $158,000 USD at the time) and awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT.  In return, Lieber was obligated to work for WUT “not less than nine months a year…” (8)
Apparently Lieber neglected to inform the DOD of his torrid and lucrative affair with WUT and subsequently lied about it to them. That is what he has been charged with. The New York Times covered the incident with an article titled with a poor excuse for a word pun: “U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding.” The January 28 article was written with an audacious spin, now particularly reprehensible in light the ‘Wuhan Flu,’ that “scientists will be scrutinized over legitimate sources of international funding.” (9)
One must wonder about the New York Times. Perhaps their chutzpah in defending him is motivated by the fact that Lieber as a Jew and the winner of the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 2015 is tied at the hip to Israel, their sponsor. Dr. Charles Lieber is not just any old chairman at Harvard. He very well may be the most brilliant experimental scientist America has ever produced. 
Lieber is known for “making it happen in his laboratory.” Over twenty years ago he revolutionized nanotechnology by inventing a method using alcohol solutions to manufacture “wires only three nanometers [“A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, or one hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair”] across that can be produced relatively cheaply on a bench top with a few thousand dollars’ worth of equipment” (10)
At the beginning of a 2001 Harvard Magazine article lauding Lieber’s achievement, titled Liquid Computing, the author asks the reader to “imagine a computer, suspended in a flask of liquid, which assembles itself when the liquid is poured onto a desktop.”(11)
At the time it was estimated, with the methods being used, the wall would be hit for miniaturizing transistors in the middle of the second decade of the twenty-first century. But instead of shaving down larger pieces to make smaller ones as was being done Lieber, essentially using 3-D printing or additive manufacturing, used smaller pieces to assemble what he wanted. This enabled nanotechnology to produce sensors that were the size of a Virion, and eventually self contained machines measured in nanometers. The article claimed Lieber had already “produced a transistor just 10 atoms across.” (12)
Hyman professor of chemistry Charles Lieber has created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors, without disrupting function. The transistor (yellow) sits near the bend in a hairpin-shaped, lipid-coated silicon nanowire. Its scale is similar to that of intra-cellular structures such as organelles (pink and blue orbs) and actin filaments (pink strand).
B.Tian and C.M. Lieber, Harvard University https://harvardmagazine.com/2011/01/virus-sized-transistors
A decade later Lieber had figured out how, by using nanowires bent at a hundred and twenty degree angle, to insert a Virion sized transistor into a cell without killing it. This he admits had been his objective from the start, but the procedure was tricky. 
“Merely piercing the cell was not enough, because transistors need a source wire from which electrons flow and a drain wire through which they are discharged.” (13)
In early attempts the damage caused by insertion “killed the cell “pretty quickly.” But when his team coated the hairpin nanowire with a fatty lipid layer (the same substance cell membranes are made of), the device was easily pulled into the cell via membrane fusion, a process related to the one cells use to engulf viruses and bacteria. This innovation is important, Lieber explains, because it indicates that when a man-made structure is as small as a virus or bacteria, it can behave the way biological structures do…” (14)  
A quick look at Lieber’s web site shows before his arrest he and his monkeys were working on “neuralnetwork-like mesh electronics and a noninvasive delivery method into targeted distinct brain regions via syringe-injection,” essentially a tool to make humans into biological robots. They had already had success injecting it into the brains of mice in 2015. His sponsors include “The Office of Naval Research,” the “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA]” and the “Air Force Office of Scientific Research.”(15)
In spite of Lieber being also sponsored by the “National Institute of Health” and his pretensions of being the second coming of Jonas Salk, the bulk of his sponsors are in the business of killing people. They have no interest in medicine or anything else that cannot be weaponized and you can bet the farm that China wasn’t paying him all that money for “powerful new approaches for treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases…” (16)
Of course most Americans have never even heard of Dr. Charles Lieber and think Morgan Freeman is America’s greatest living scientist. But other scientists and medical professionals, educated people should find Lieber’s connection to Wuhan more than a bit troubling…    

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  1. The essential issue with the universe can be put into a simple question: Is the universe knowable?
    What this question means, is can one know it's ultimate purpose, and the totality of oneself within it?
    The significance of this question truly cannot be overstated, for it addresses the magnificent puzzle that is life itself.
    Bearing upon this question is the weight of responsibility to discover what, if anything is knowable. This responsibility allows a free exploration once it is assumed. The ultimate in personal authority and empowerment, the responsibility to decipher the poetry of creation is answerable only to higher powers.
    Inherent in this question is the trap that leads to failure. Those who choose not to know can never attain insight regarding this question, and for some this is a worthwhile price for the avoidance of that weight.
    Humanity is greatly hindered in this respect, because the leading authorities reject the question and all of it's implications.
    This Abrahamic world takes the position that the universe is unknowable, and trains it's children to view the question as unfathomable, and thus best left alone.
    This position is favourably referred to as practical. Unfortunately for those institutions that have trained the multitude to put aside inquiry, there is nothing practical behind willful ignorance.

  2. Sohar
    Means "Creation's light" or "Light of BEING".

    see Sohar and Zohar.

    Being of creative energy and Creation itself. The all-becoming, all-creative and all-stimulating. The Ur-Energy of all BEING = Spirit-energy = Spirit-form = immortal.

    Also known as Spirit-body = Astral-form = Astral-body.

    The spirit is an idea itself, concentrated to spiritual-energy in itself.

    The spirit is a Creation of the Creation itself in order help itself to evolve to a higher level.

    The spirit is also referred to spirit-form, indestructible, eternally living, loving entity, always developing, it resides in the human brain, exactly in the 'Superior Colliculus' of the big brain or Cerebrum, the comprehensive consciousness-block (personality) resides mainly in the frontal cerebral-cortex.

    Even though the 'size' of the spirit is no larger then a needle-point, its energy is enormous and spreads out evenly like a filligrain web over all parts of the human body inside and out, without losing one iota of its power, with its spirit-energy it brings life to every cell in the human body.

    It is unusual to see this image being used here. This same image is found on page 43 in the old book "THE CHAKRAS" by C.W. Leadbeater. What is presented by the "FIGU," is never taken from any prior teachings. Although the same knowledge is found there, it is taken to a greater level.


    Strictly human title for a material male human being that has reached the level of king of Wisdom.

    These human beings live in the last stages of human-material existence before changing over in halfspiritual forms.

    The male version means: JHWH (phonetic = Ischwsch)

    JHWHs are human beings like everybody else, but much higher in consciousness and spiritual development then -average- human beings.

    A JHWH can never be compared to Creation itself, because Creation is immeasurably higher then any other lifeform in its universe.

    Other names for JHWH: TOTH, GO(O)D, GOTT, HAVA, TELI, DIEU, TEOS, JHVH, AGAD, BOOG, DEOS, DEUS, etc, etc

    Jehova was not a JHWH in the common sense, but a JHFH, which means king of falsehood, malice

    Creational Atom design emitted from the Solar Diety, page 43 from THE CHAKRAS.


  3. The structure of the modern industrial world is melting. This phenomenon is nothing new, having begun over a decade ago. I watched the forces change, the energy play out, the life bleed away.
    This reality was largely ignored, rejected by those who thought their favourite entities would save them.
    I often wondered about this phenomenon, how ostensibly capable humans could dupe themselves into believing that their viciousness was important enough to be enshrined by those sentients they had believed had the power to keep them in control.
    It takes nothing to steer the ship, so painstakingly built and maintained, into the immovable obstacle. Actually, that's not quite true, it takes a control complex, and a willing minion laden support, that is as blind and stupid, as psychopathic and vengeful, as the current staff.
    It is not by mistake that the current evil idiots have the controls, nor is it truly by their own design, which they fervently and erroneously believe.
    The current melting is another step in a long process. It is a time which offers an unprecedented development of human virtues, virtue in the classical meaning of the word.
    This development will never be grasped by the suicide globalists and their minions. It certainly is not because this is impossible, it is because the thrill of annihilation is the wave they ride.
    This too, is because of greater forces at work.
    Alone amongst the species that populate this earth, humanity has a unique geas, and thus a unique gift. The attainment of this functional state is shifting and tenuous. Without it, humanity fails and disappears.
    The phantasies of the current crop of annihilators will take the current system down, and after they are hunted and purged from the human gene pool, it will be those who hold the gift who will continue to kindle the heart of humanity.

  4. This is supposed to be a complete list of beings that live in the universe. At this time I want to find out how some of them are consistently being pointed out as being classified as the ones who eat humans, like the so called Retilians. that kind of talk is never ever mentioned by the source that provides this list.

    Consciousness Evolution Humanoid lifeforms in the known universe
    During the 469th contact of 11th August 2008, Ptaah listed the following different kinds of human beings that the Plejaren have catalogued.[6]

    Human being types in the known Creation (according to The Plejaren Federation)
    Type Description
    Humanoids Like the Plejaren themselves and the Earth humans
    Amphiboids People who resemble animals that live in the water; they live on land and in water, like Asina and her people
    Reptileoids Human-reptilian forms with a skin covered with scales
    Insectoids Human-insectoid forms; their skin having a chitin quality
    Sauroids Human-sauropode form, their skin resembling that of an elephant
    Primatoide Human-primate form with more hair on his skin than the Earth human
    Condicoids Humanoids who are capable to move along through levitation, like the ones who were seen sitting on the roof of the SSSC
    Teropoids Human-birdlike body with a long neck, face and beak-like mouth
    Hydroids Human-fishlike body, who are living in the water, but can leave it for longer periods
    Thermoids Humanoids who are living in hot zones of very high temperature
    Frigoroids Humanoids who are living in regions with very low temperatures
    Aërioids Humanoids who are breathing poisonous gas or living in different gas environments, respectively
    Acoroids Humanoids of humanoid body, whose skin is covered by a fine acid layer, as it is the case with the Trilaner (Trilans).
    Floroids Humanlike and diverse plant bodies
    Kentauroids Life forms with part human, part horse-like bodies
    Faunoids Bodies part human, part animals with hooves
    Cheruboids Very light human life forms, with wings with which they are capable to fly
    Seraphoids Very light life forms with a human-animal body, with feathered wings by which they are able to fly
    The non-humanoid life forms are called Peregrinhumanoids, which means strange-humanoids (Fremdartighumanoide).[7]

    This could be considered a taxonomy of humans as much as a listing of forms of life with a consiousness-evolution. Scientists do not as yet use this terminology ‘consciousness-evolution’ to refer to human life, even though that would help them understand a lot.

    It is not yet clear whether the Bigfoot or Sasquatch has a consciousness-evolution, it might do.[citation needed] If it does it could be a ‘Primatoide’, but that’s purely speculative.

    There are no Reptiloids disguised as members of governments etc., that is a fictional story.

    Contact Report 228 (Excerpt)

  5. Who is this "Ginger" guy and why is his portrait hanging in Alice Bailey's living room? It is not stated who or what he is, but I am sure you can figure it out.
    Imagine the amount of damage that would be created if this Ginger was in British politics.

    Lets see if this works:


    • Interesting variety, topics from geocashing to art printing. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to follow them. Didn't find anything related to Ginger, though.
      Eric Clapton played in a band decades ago, where the drummer went by the nickname of Ginger..Ginger Baker. Now that is a good name if one has a sense of humour.

    • Monsters among us, Assange-Mossad connection now proven beyond a doubt, an Intel Drop
      By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -May 24, 2020133367

      Treaty.Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock had failed to win the 1992 election, largely due to poor handling of the media and a failure to sell Kinnock to the British people – he was too Welsh and too ginger and Labour never managed to market him effectively, the popular support within the electorate was there but the marketing savvy was lacking.

  6. So, thou dost dance amidst the Light Fantastic! Blessed be, for in the Light lives the fire of genius.

    • Maybe something more likely like a idiot savant. In terms of an attack, my earth human cranium is so thick, the death ray failed to penetrate.
      Projecting that event on an external force, maybe it was a test, like "Lets see if we can scare the the holy crap out of Stanley." If it was just me the whole time, maybe it was some kind of short circuit bleed through phenomena of the Spirit Monad. There was no occurrence of a nuclear blast in San Jose at that time. Maybe it was a precog of one coming?

    • Human consciousness, as it is expressed today, is heavy. This sense of weight carries with it a sense of the ponderous, and an impenetrable nature. These aspects can be a genuine strength for a species that must craft tools to survive, yet they also lend themselves to an artificial isolation, and a demand that everything be understood intellectually. This condition can be overcome.
      Genius is everywhere, it is the shine of the spirit of creation, expressed through the Light, which makes the world.

    • "In terms of an attack, my earth human cranium is so thick, the death ray failed to penetrate. " Most testing is non lethal and it usually fits a script. These scripts vary from person to person, from aliens to Jesus to invisible gnomes.

    • I have heard it being said that when a military jet pilot gets up close to a UFO, the pilot will experience a strong buzzing sound.

    • Is that all you've heard? Abduction experience in x-files are preceded by radio malfunctioning … side effects of the directed energy weapon? As per military rumors, google "voice of god" weapons and how they were used on Iraq during first gulf war to get military units to surrender to drones. Are aliens real or a cover for nazi technology who knows.

    • The superior colliculus, the nuclear center in the midbrain where the Spirit Monad, the white light, is centered. How the big flash and buzz could be experienced.
      The spirit is also referred to spirit-form, indestructible, eternally living, loving entity, always developing, it resides in the human brain, exactly in the 'Superior Colliculus' of the big brain or Cerebrum, the comprehensive consciousness-block (personality) resides mainly in the frontal cerebral-cortex.
      The superior colliculus is a layered, multi-sensory structure. Its upper layer receives visual signals from the retina of the eye, while the lower layers process multiple signals from various other parts of the brain.Mar 9, 2015
      The superior colliculus also receives auditory information from the inferior colliculus. This auditory information is integrated with the visual information already present to produce the ventriloquist effect.
      Inferior colliculus. The inferior colliculus is a part of the midbrain that serves as a main auditory (sound) center for the body. It acts as the channel for almost all auditory signals in the human body. Its primary roles are signal integration, frequency recognition, and pitch discrimination.Apr 15, 2015

  7. Here comes Woody


    What does it mean when being sound asleep at night and without warning, a sudden flash of brilliant white light fills the entire inside of the head, and simultaneously along with a big loud insect like buzzing sound going off inside the ears, that would sound like high voltage DC current being run through Der Bienenstock? That episode event was very alarming, but I didn't freak out. These experiences occur only for a few seconds, but are forever unforgettable.

    • Sounds like a directed energy weapons test. If u r asleep when struck, you will "experience" an alien abduction, or whatever your dreaming brain thinks is happening.

    • I immediately noted that the science writer didn't understand what he was 'reporting'. Parallel universe theories are actually a functional necessity in modern materialist cosmology. Without them, no model can hope to be comprehensive in regards to energy, gravity, and electricity. Note, this is not an endorsement of the materialist position, it is merely an observation of it's limitations. Most scientists get around this problem by writing it off as unknowable, but this carries its own self defeating assumptions.
      Personally, I don't think this phenomenon affirms the supposition of parallel universe theory. I believe that this in truth exposes greater truths concerning the nature of existence than materialist science can admit, thus it gets removed to a parallel universe.

    • In essence, Timmaeus by Plato models a universe that is born fully formed in one instant, to be utterly destroyed in the next, only to be reborn again: an endless chain of dualistic forces. As such, creation and extinction are inherent to this reality, and underlying our imaginings of comfortable timelines, discontinuities, and the physical world.

  8. The fundamentals of anything, are those aspects of that thing that are its base, it's raw structure. They are identified as essential, good, and mechanical by the modern mind.
    For example, the military will, in its own brutal way, teach you the fundamentals of shooting your issue rifle, including how to field strip and clean your gun. To most soldiers, this is indispensable, thus this is good, and from this comes a sense of personal responsibility in being entrusted with deadly weaponry, in certain situations.
    However, the issues with fundamentals are severalfold:
    Fundamentals can be, and often are mislearned.
    Fundamentals must be transcended to develop into higher levels of mastery.
    Fundamentals must be correctly identified as fundamental.
    Fundamentals must be taught.
    I won't be exploring these points in any detail unless I must, for they should be self evident. I will cover what I feel is the key issue with any focus on fundamentals, and that is the issue of suitability.
    Anyone who has been shepherded through any kind of training has directly experienced the process of focus and concentration upon the task at hand. The purpose of this training is to ingrain a set of behaviors and responses that operate mechanically, without the need for the subject to think. It's a method by which commonality, group consciousness, and specific skill sets are passed along the line.
    All this may be necessary for some endeavors, however the realm of the spiritual most certainly is not one of them.

    • Spiritual endeavors revolve around consciousness. Consciousness is then an inseparable duality that both perceives, and recognizes that it perceives.
      There is no mechanical group think behind consciousness. There are no building block skills to its establishment. There is nothing to overcome, nothing to establish. Consciousness simply is a pre existing condition to life on this planet, and thus there are no fundamentals involved in it.
      Thus, the first failure of fundamentalism is the absolute lack of understanding of the condition of consciousness, which leads to a deadly misrepresentation of the human condition, and the condition of life in this world.

  9. "A beautiful day in the neighborhood".
    Mr. Rodgers introduced his children's show with this song.
    I was not being facetious, because that day, like this day, is most beautiful. It is beautiful, because across this landscape whereupon the ruins of my life are literally cast, a landscape blasted by the disingenuous liars given power through their demon God, the sky is truly blue, the clouds are truly white, and the sense of beauty, observed through broken lenses by the force with no identity, is wonderful.

  10. It is unfortunate to watch Kerry Unsworth Cassidy's Project Camelot on the 5-14-20 YouTube video. It's like, up one more degree of mercury, and POP, an award winning performance of human spontaneous self combustion.

    • Project Camelot reference date 5-13-20 : Fight The Borg.
      YouTube status :Terminated- Permanent.

    • There are big mistakes in this piece such as attributing Akasa to Reich when it was in fact Blavatsky that coined the word, Reich coined Orgone, that one’s right off the bat. Then the dope goes on to say Schaeffer’s expedition to Tibet found nothing when in fact the Dali Lama gave them 108 volumes of Tibet’s most sacred texts which were loaded on to mules, carted out of Tibet, never to be seen again. And that’s just for starters. This is example of Italian scholarship exemplified by Umberto Echo, long on words and practically devoid of any true knowledge of the occult. Julius Evola is rolling over in his grave because you put this up here Stan, the author is a complete idiot and really ought to take up knitting and forget about writing…

    • Those web pages are locked, I can not perform the magic of el copio un der pasteo there and bring it here.

    • Stan,
      It is often impossible for me to find your link via the address. Some form of title, or heading might help to navigate the world wide web of deception.

    • The JHWH link address goes to "Pinterest," to a picture image. The following copy & paste is using "plejaren jhwh" in google search.

      Periodically the voice of the JHWH (highest Plejaren leader) speaks in the OM. The OM's first seven Kanons are dedicated to making absolutely sure the reader understands that the JHWH is not "God," but just a king of wisdom and like a father friend to the prophet (i.e., to Henoch and his later incarnations), and that neither are to be worshipped or be confused with Creation. Kanon 25 is all about the true nature and role of the prophet. http://www.tjresearch.info/OM.htm The Silent Revolution of Truth
      Semjase is today (1996) about 350 years old and the daughter of JHWH Ptaah, the commander of the Pleiadian-Plejaren space fleet. JHWH (pronounced = Ischwisch) is a title and means in the terrestrial languages translated "King of Wisdom". Semjase Semjase carries the title of a Elo Ischrisch, a half Queen of Wisdom. (The term king with Pleiadians/Plejaren does not have anything to do with something hierarchical, but rather is an expression of a spiritual-consciousness-based evolutionary level achieved.)

    • The modern replay of the discoveries of the past, are often akin to reinventing the wheel.
      The clearest discoveries concerning the nature and organization of the cosmos have been made long ago, and are eloquently delineated in the mythology of the Aryan peoples, remember this mythic structure informed Persia, India, Hellenic, Germanic, and Nordic civilizations. Moderners are possessed by a remarkable arrogance, whereby they are certain that their discoveries are somehow "new", and of great value, yet both assumptions are unfounded.
      The cosmic organizing principle is that which takes and shapes the energy of the primal forces. It is not true creation, however this principle is the one which most regard as the seat of God.
      What is within us is without us, and this principle functions on an individual, as well as a cosmic level.
      The trick of the abrahamics is to elevate the cosmic organiser to the status of Source. This is at once both very stupid, and very clever. It is clever in that it moves the most abstract and indefinable into an easily understood framework, the framework then provided by the abrahamics themselves. This allows all sorts of assumptions and pronouncements to be made, and go unchallenged. A perfect position for those seeking temporal power. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly stupid, because the idea that one can know God, is truly one knowing only organization. There is a ton of self deception here, and often, a great deal of humour.
      The ancient Aryan world view is neither primitive, nor simplistic. It is treated this way by abrahamic translators who have willingly forsaken their higher faculties, and thus cannot comprehend what is in the words they remake.
      Gnostics tried to explain to Jews and Christians-Muslims weren't around quite yet-that their God of God's was just the cosmic organiser. Platonists showed through Theurgy that abrahamics were warping the mind, and damaging the mind's ability to perceive the cosmic vision. Some, like master Dionysus, were able for a time to provide this vision to them, but like the vicious spoiled children they are, they found their tunnel vision nincompoops to erase the vision in return for their dream of devastation.
      The goals of absolute temporal power, and all that means, are still the driving fantasy behind the Abrahamic ascendancy. Today this ascendancy includes its anti-human offspring of neo-communist globalism, which is the primary social engineering force in the world today.
      We will view the deception and the deceit for what it is, and we will realize that the cosmic organiser is not the source of all.

  11. Julius Evola was perhaps the greatest modern philosopher, not only from the West, but from the world. He mastered the ancient Pali language, and uncovered an initiation tradition in Buddhism. He wrote with great depth and complexity concerning Chivalry, and his observations directly revealed the mystical warrior nature of European people.
    Evola wrote about the evolution that occurred during a well lived life, and it's purpose beyond death. He was a magician, a scholar, and of course forever doomed to ignominity due to his association with the last attempt at a true breakaway civilization, das dritte Reich.
    Unfortunately for the world, the deranged revenge on Germanic people and imagination continues to this day, and thus, Evola was forced to destroy a large piece of his own history. Guilt by association, say the self proclaimed good guys. Of course, the paragons of goodness separate themselves entirely from the organized criminal networks they support, maintain, and require for their happy presence to shine upon the world. But then, assigning moral superiority to those who dream up endless agendas of destruction and control has always been the calling card of the self proclaimed good guys.
    Regardless, even some amongst the most deeply innured realize Evola was a genius, and secretly admire his contributions. Of course, they must spend an inordinate amount of copy preaching the arrogant superiority of neo communist-read globalist-values, reminding us in every third sentence how horribly misguided genius can be, and why couldn't he just get on with praising a world that replaces your gods with a demon of the outer dark?
    A few today remember Evola, much to their benefit. More should remember him, but to paraphrase Albert Speer when he was brought to task for omitting the truth and fulfilling the expectations of the good guy criminals in his book…telling the truth…'would be impossible'.
    It's really past time for this fake Abrahamic morality play to end, so that great minds like Evola can be released to reach the people who need his guidance and education.

    • I would like to add that the hoops I had to jump through to get the abovementioned piece published were well beyond the norm. I'm very glad that deranged globalist entities like alphabet are so concerned about my condition.
      I personally rejoice that the world has devolved into a terrorized puddle that elevates misanthropes and wannabe slave masters to mythical status. Yep, sure am rejoicing that great intellects and moral giants are in charge.
      Praise God, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    • One of your best pieces, Jack.
      Personally, I found it deeply moving and informative. You probably won't believe me when I say this, but I was stunned by the similarity, the manner in which my thought follows the flow in this piece, although I must quickly add that it is not in the similarity, but in the evocation where this piece truly shines.
      Of course, as a man one must love Her madly, and yes, of course, one cannot marry Her. It is all so clear.
      Thanx Jack

  12. Herman Wirth will forever be linked to the Oera Linda, not because he had anything to do with writing it, but because he destroyed the Abrahamic attacks upon it.
    I do not state this lightly. The abrahamics have had a pathological hatred and fascination for the Germanic peoples for some time. In fact, their never ending efforts at genocide continue to this day, with the deranged philosophy of multiculturalism that stems directly from the Kaligeri plan.
    Today we have to suffer through cognitive attacks that are invented to create dissociation, an assault that no other race need face. The halls of Scientism are especially decked out in support of this destructive agenda. When one looks deeper to find the source of this hostile aggression, one inevitably is led to those same religious, economic, and social engineering centres that never seem to be affected by the devastation they unleash.
    One is genuinely not allowed to make these observations.
    Thought crime is that which exposes and challenges this genocide.
    The inability of European and European descendants to recognise this attack traces it's most recent origins to the last days of WW2 although the path of this wanders back much, much farther into time.
    History from this period is a reverse engineered fabrication from the parasitic genocidal agenda, or perhaps one should say, "official history". There actually are two histories, the official one, told everywhere and repeated ad nauseam by legions of useful idiots currying favor and acceptance: contrasted with the genuine history, supported by fact and open inquiry, evidence and myth. The official history must be brutally enforced by the powers of the state. The genuine history must be arrived at through a decontamination process by which the toxins of officialdom are transmuted into higher elements.
    Even by standard, innured abrahamic clampdown stupidities, their official history is so obviously ruled by lies and omissions, that one must adopt a kind of emotional and evaluative paralysis to begin to entertain it, thus it exists by rule of force, through lower functioning wedges that attack, rather than support healthy functioning.
    This is the core of Abrahamic infection, supporting an insane world view incapable of rising above the most base and distasteful manifestations. Wirth was right, and if the maniacal abrahamics can be halted in their plans of ultimate suicide, he will be vindicated.

  13. Yes, the West gets Freud, Rand, and Israel. One might well wonder what we have done to deserve such a fate.
    Do l wonder if Icke, and others of his social standing take notes from my comment/writing? No, not really. I hear the song of distant thunder, of twilight, and falling rain. The wonder and mystery is there, at the edge, just at the tips of the fingers. I don't know really, or care to know, what the well positioned in society find entertaining. Besides, this society has had its revenge against me time and time again, and none will find the heart of the world therein.
    Whether or not National Socialism continues in different veins, the Reich has never surrendered. Americans, who lead the world still, lack the sophistication and depth to comprehend the significance of this fact. I could attempt to illustrate the importance of this, but it is lost on a people who prefer lies and phantasies to truth.
    If anyone wishes to participate in the writing here, they have only to do so. I'm not selling Archon t-shirts and propeller beanies, no one needs my "official guide" for their journey.
    We do have some access to Baron von Reichenbach, to Fomenko, to Eliade, to Jung. It is up to us to open these doors.

  14. Archons.
    John Lash takes credit for the popularization of the word, and he may well be correct. I've noticed that "Archons" is employed by all kinds of people, apparently using the Lash definition of hostile alien entities.
    Personally, I find this definition, and this use of the word a little puzzling.
    Archon is a Greek word, translating into ruler. Greek administrators were called Archons throughout the Hellenic world, and thus the word referred to what could be loosely understood as middle management.
    At this point, David Icke seems pretty far away.
    However, the model for the cosmos employed by the Hellenes also employed the term, whereby a particular Archon ruled over a plane of reality. The planes of reality are remembered today when referring to the "astral plane", and the "earthly plane", for example. In essence as one rises through the cosmos, one moves into an increasingly rarefied condition. The Archons then, when referred to outside mundane human experience, were the powers that administered the different planes that make up the cosmos.
    Most, if not all of modern interpretation of archons derives from a book that was part of what is called today the Nag Hammadi collection, and in this book Archons are cited as a source for psychic attack.
    I'm not exactly sure how Archons have become equated with certain extraterrestrials, but in the modern mind these concepts are now cemented together.
    Personally, I find that equating LGMs, or even TGMs to Archons really sexes things up quite a bit, but also rather short changes the world view that created the word.
    Intrinsic to the layered universe is the possibility of traversing it. In fact, it would of necessity have to be explored in order to be described. The layered universe is not unique to the Hellenes, but it is an inescapable fact of their vision with Archons.

    • The traversing of cosmic planes, and interacting with the powers therein is as old as humankind. Shamanism, as described by Mircea Eliade and others has, at its core, journeys throughout the cosmos, and interaction with powerful entities. We will find these characteristics repeated regularly, and remarkably similarly throughout the record of time and peoples.
      The core of Gnosticism as practiced at the very beginning of the Christian era directly employed this very method. For anyone who embarks upon such journeys, it has long been known that it is more than possible to bring back things from these explorations, and the universe being what it is, not all of such are beneficent. While this has more to do with the student than with the object, the understanding over the centuries was that one required education to deal with the powers, and this book was clearly an instruction manual.
      I have yet to find any reason to replace a body of knowledge stretching back into the nascent stages of humanity, with a popular mythology.

    • In essence then, Archons are what we would usually call spirits. No, not ordinary spirits, but spirits nonetheless, and the Nag Hammadi, as well as the Platonic record, is literally chock full with spirits.
      Spirits manifest via numinous events, and such is certainly the case with the archons.
      I could explain how the cosmology and the entities entwine, and the necessity for intelligences within this cosmic dance, which would give greater credence to what I am stating here, yet for now, suffice it to say that the Hellenic cosmos was a most magnificent vision, and the archons are an essential part of it.

    • Archons are gnats compared to Ogdoads, and that’s probably giving them too much credit. One could write a better book than anything written in the twenty-first century, or at least published (if they had published it none of this would have happened…), just collecting your comments from the Human blog Mike. Are they? No, we continue to get David Icke, Jewish fantasy and Hollywood, and the New York Times bestseller list, mind you the same New York Times that takes it upon itself to defend Dr. Charles Lieber. Mind you I am not talking about Russia that has Alexander Dugin, Anatoly Fomenko and others to numerous to even name. I am talking about the West, led by England and the United States. What a shame the National Socialists supposedly lost the war and instead of Herman Wirth, Mircea Eliade and Julius Evola the West gets fucking Sigmund Freud and Ayn Rand. No wonder Atlas shrugged. Like Gordon Duff said “to stupid to live…”

  15. Contact Report 728
    Translation: Vibka Wallder; corrections: Vivienne Legg and Christian Frehner. May 9.

    David Ike Reptilians Dracos Archons by Michael Horn. May 5.

  16. Back to the early 1970's in Stanley Peabody's Way Back Machine:

    The Secret Previously Unknown Origin of Corona Pandemic

    Excerpt from the 728th contact report from the 30th November 2019
    Ptaah: Therefore, in the same form, all US state officials are to be named state criminals against humanity and in this regard they are to be put on the same level as the NAZI-empire in the 20th century. In China too the same principle has always prevailed and continues to do so, … (FIGU note: The origin of the criminal secret research on the coronavirus was a decision that leads back to the 1970s. At that time, the leader of China, Mao Zedong, met with a vengeful American citizen who presented the Chinese party leader with the idea of developing a viral bioweapon, which Mao Zedong then took up and had implemented as a secret matter, which is still being worked on today and from which the coronavirus has now emerged. This, however, without the current Chinese government being involved in the project in any form or even having the slightest knowledge of it.) In the 1970s, a decision made between the Chinese state power Mao and an American, for secret research in laboratories, was implemented and has been maintained to this day and is still continued, because hate literally outlasts generations. However, silence must be maintained about this, which must remain so today and in the future, as you know, because … … …
    But now I have to again mention some things that arose in connection with the secret laboratory experiments and led to Mao taking up the motives of the American, although he did not like him and revilingly called him a vengeful gǒuzázhǒng, but he nevertheless agreed with him, so he secretly arranged the laboratory research. With the help of a few like-minded persons on both sides, everything could ensue in the end so that the secret laboratory work could come forth and the research could be started and carried out. However, Mao then died, after which, however, the secret laboratory work continued to be carried out regardless, and indeed until today.

    Joe Neuro
    MAY 10, 2020 AT 1:39 AM
    Sidney Rittenberg ,The American Who Stood Alongside Mao Zedong. The Revolutionary: Rittenberg still feels a connection to the core beliefs that led him to embrace China’s communist revolution in the first place, such as a hatred of mistreatment of the poor and an admiration for Mao’s early writing on transforming society.

    The Delusion of David Icke: Reptilians Yes, Virus No
    What happens when a charlatan finally gets Facebook to make his conspiracy theories come true

    Ah yes, poor David Icke. Censorship sucks. So my question is why is David Icke, who CENSORED Billy Meier’s information all these years, complaining? Actually, he may not be complaining because the censorship is probably good for his business, which is selling conspiratorial b.s. to ignorant people.

    This dummy twists the truth about a real, deadly pandemic into a fake scenario, manipulated by the “dark forces” that are, fortunately for him, behind everything that goes wrong in the world.

    Are there nefarious parties intent on controlling and enslaving everyone and using every situation to do so? Sure, as has been the case throughout history.

    Are there “Reptilians”, “Dracos” and “Archons” similarly threatening humankind? No. But that didn’t stop this slime ball from creating lunatic conspiracies that can put people in danger who think his information is credible, perhaps even more so since he’s been banned from much social media.


    • Still trying to blame the Chinamen eh Stanly? In his last piece Gordon Duff said in the comment section that he doesn’t Understand any of it. I don’t know why. It was he that coined the phrase “to stupid to live.” Did not Lynch warn you all in 2017?

      Jerry runs out of the woods and into a clearing while Sarah Palmer buys alcoholic beverages and cigarettes at a grocery store. After suspiciously questioning the cashier about the innocuous but unfamiliar display of beef jerky behind the counter Sarah’s asks “were you here when they first came?” The cashier answers “yes, they brought it in a couple of weeks ago.” Sarah inexplicably answers “your room seems different. And men are coming.” The girl at the counter stammers that she doesn’t know what Sarah means and Sarah raises her voice “I’m trying to tell you! Men are coming! That you have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me. Hmmm. Something happened to me! I don’t feel well. I don’t feel well!” Sarah commands herself to get the car keys out and leave, arguing loudly with herself as she makes her way out of the store, leaving her items on the checkout counter. -Season 3, episode 12, 10:00-11:00.

      Well those men happen to take Mr. Duff seriously, it’s kind of insulting that he does not understand.

      David Icke? As Ian calls him a useful idiot, this world is full of them…
      “I’m trying to tell you! Men are coming! That you have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me. Hmmm. Something happened to me! I don’t feel well. I don’t feel well!”

  17. One might genuinely wonder, exactly why movements like transhumanism occur. To any healthy individual, the concept of ruling class cyborgs administered by a small group of genetically engineered humanoid slaves is the stuff of nightmare.
    Never mind that the concept of moving one's consciousness into machines is limited by a lack of understanding of consciousness, the aim to turn evolution itself into a tool for the cyborg wannabes lays bare the hubris and ethical corruption of the transhumanist agenda.
    Transhumanism is very much of a creation of the abrahamics. Clearly, the duality present in abrahamic society offers an appearance of choice between a childish irrationality, and an adult rationality. Religion is there to deal with unanswerable questions by retreating into a dogmatic state wherein an unprovable faith lends veracity to a devotional herd mentality. Scientism is the flip side stance, affirming a measurable cosmos ruled by knowable forces that act in purely mechanical, and thus predictable ways. This lends itself to manipulation, a manipulation which is at its core a vicious and heartless affair, directly resulting from Bacons' premise, and I paraphrase here, ' to rip the secrets from Nature herself'.

    • Transhumanism derives directly from the religious aspect of science, which is generally referred to today as Scientism. This religious aspect owes it's origins to a cosmology derived directly from the abrahamic world view. A bit of an aside here, the concepts of fact and testing, the essential components of the scientific method, derive directly from the practice of Magic. Magic is not the practice of modern illusionists, it is actually a practice that involves the understanding and congress with natural forces.
      Science, and it's umbrella of Scientism, has then adopted, largely uncritically, a series of assumptions and beliefs that science still claims were enlightening, freeing the world from mass bondage to irrational and primitive conditions.
      However, the marvels of science have long ago played out. The last bout of science working to actually improve the human condition occurred well before the last century. More recent discoveries have merely lent more advantage to military adventures, surveillance and tracking scams, and anti-life technologies like 5g.

    • Come on man!, is the reply: Science can't exist in a vacuum, it is subject to economic and social realities!
      Thus the claims that science has led humanity out of the dark ages are at best, a credit grab by those who were subject to the rules of the day, then as now.
      The difference, it would be, lies in the quality, or lack thereof, found in the decision making capacity across the centuries, and here we discover the hidden role of consciousness, and the aforementioned variance and opposition that lie at the core of the abrahamic ideologies.
      Transhumanism then, can be seen as a devolution of core principles from some previous Magical and Religious world views, with a painful rejection of the evident parameters of life for another faith based fantasy, taking it's place amongst those champions of genocide; Judaism, Christianity, Islam.
      Indeed, it seems that the western mind is now so thoroughly innured to devastating abrahamic fundamentals that it is utterly incapable of conceiving, and thus perceiving anything else.
      Have we finally then, achieved a nexus, between fact and fiction, one where any valid observation of reality is rejected in favor of irrational assertions that lead to grass skirt pronouncements of what is, screamed past the rather large bone thrust through the nose?
      My ancestors never wore grass skirts, or thrust bones through their noses, yet this is the reality we are all expected to embrace.

    • Whenever world history is portrayed, it is a narrative following the lives of significant people, so much so, that time periods and events are often named after them: the Napoleonic wars, Caesars' Rome, Hitler's Germany. Yet if there is one determiner for history in this 21st century, it is the preeminence of incoherence.
      Incoherence, as a principle, truly came into play with 911. So few facts fit the official narrative, that only those who refused to examine the event could take away any faith in the government's position.
      The media since 911, has fallen so far in any credibility with the public, that those who believe the blathering from "official" news sources are only the most unimaginative, and the naive.
      Essentially, America has devolved into a banana republic with a terrified populace unable to believe the lies of corporate government, and equally, unable to do anything about it.
      Thus, the current plandemic merely feeds into existing states, whilst the worst elements in social engineering run rampant in evil glee.
      That the current condition is directly related to globalism, transhumanism, and bald attempts to seize greater control is quite evident. In the case of various "philanthropists", the damage they are intending to inflict will most certainly be worse than the disease.
      In fact, it already is.

  18. One might genuinely wonder, exactly why movements like transhumanism occur. To any healthy individual, the concept of ruling class cyborgs administered by a small group of genetically engineered humanoid slaves is the stuff of nightmare.
    Never mind that the concept of moving one's consciousness into machines is limited by a lack of understanding of consciousness, the aim to turn evolution itself into a tool for the cyborg wannabes lays bare the hubris and ethical corruption of the transhumanist agenda.
    Transhumanism is very much of a creation of the abrahamics. Clearly, the duality present in abrahamic society offers an appearance of choice between a childish irrationality, and an adult rationality. Religion is there to deal with unanswerable questions by retreating into a dogmatic state wherein an unprovable faith lends veracity to a devotional herd mentality. Scientism is the flip side stance, affirming a measurable cosmos ruled by knowable forces that act in purely mechanical, and thus predictable ways. This lends itself to manipulation, a manipulation which is at its core a vicious and heartless affair, directly resulting from Bacons' premise, and I paraphrase here, ' to rip the secrets from Nature herself'.

  19. The observation that different tuning forks will sound with a congruent frequency, has greater application than acoustics. Wireless networks vibrate at frequencies very close to the human and biosphere natural pulse. This decision, to build the network in this way means, in essence, that the wireless network must overcome the natural resonance, or face no go zones. Needless to say, the decision was to overpower the natural resonance.
    It has been known since the days of radio, that areas with high biological activity levels, such as forests, dampen and even block signals. The roll out of 5g occurs at a time when man-made droughts via chemtrailing have had a quarter of a century to attack forests around the globe. The coup de Grace comes via incestuous corporate governance policies, whereby wildfires are nurtured and expanded to cause a maximum extent of damage and harm. Thus forests are replaced by genetically modified weedlands that support drastically lessened biological activity, and thus offer less of a barrier to heavily amplified signals.
    The 5g agenda dovetails magnificently with Maurice Strongs' Agenda 21, and it's idiot offspring, agenda 2030. It is a compliment to the transhumanist agenda of biological suicide, and to corporate governments' obsession with interference and control with the most minute aspects of human life.
    The truth is that all of these agendas, and more, from Micropoops latest application for patent in injection capable tracking chips, to the bankster scam of global warming, all are about the enslavement and abrogation of potential. They are all fancy clothing for a very dark parasitic force.
    There is a balance, a dynamic that exists in challenge to this parasitism, but I have yet to find any evidence of it in the hallowed halls of corporate governance.

  20. Ach du lieber…!!!
    OK, I just HAD to get that out of my system.
    So, lieber is the transhumanists' transhumanist.
    Apologies for my irreverent mood, yet it is very telling that once again we have the creeping talons of a neo-religious movement, where the deepest fantasies herein are avowedly anti-human, anti-life, and obsessed with death. Hmm, where have we heard this before…oh yes, our friendly neighborhood abrahamics.
    Speaking personally, my biggest problem with 5G is its contribution to the gigantic antenna being built which ties in the grid, wireless, and related utilities. It's pretty obvious that this is being done for reasons of control. China has a very big part in this transformation, and lets anyone forget, China is a communist country in the genuine sense of that word. Hint; it isn't about human potential.
    The opposition, arrayed against life and humanity, is well organized and thoroughly empowered by forces the average person is blithely unaware that even exist…

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