The way Toward Peace

by Jack Heart 

The following is really two blog postings from our Patreon page. The first was published on May 26. It predicted Americas post COVID fragmentation and presented the beginning of a working solution by putting a man in the White House that is qualified to be there. The second was made on May 29 three days after George Floyd was allegedly murdered by police officer Derek Chauvinand the rioting began in Americas cities as if on que from the first post. 

I left New York City over a week ago. I could no longer take solitary confinement and was beginning to feel like Papillon after watching myself degenerate both mentally and physically under a quarantine that defied every known notion of Common Sense. There are a lot of people writing about COVID, few that have any idea what they are talking about, and less still that have actually experienced what it really means at the place of its birth in America, New York City. The fact that I am the original “OG” from NYC and that I was the principle author behind our groundbreaking Paint it Blue series about microbiology and the Department of Defense makes me eminently qualified in both criteria. This is the way I and some very close collaborators see it. Take it for what it’s worth… – JH

I’m in Mississippi, but it’s Minnesota that’s burning. Apparently Americas police force, incessantly portrayed as heroes by a media that worships uniforms when they are anything but, have beaten another Black man to death, for no good reason except they felt like it.

Three straight days of rioting and looting in Minneapolis. One must wonder if the locals were practicing safe distancing when they torched the police station responsible for the murder. The media wants to talk about how many of the businesses, now smoldering, were Black owned. What they don’t want to say is those businesses have been closed for three months due to the COVID pandemic and the only way their owners were ever going to see a dime on them was to hand the local crackheads a case of Molotov cocktails and hope they didn’t set themselves on fire.

Many Americans are now out of work because of COVID. They never got their stimulus check. Since they were working off the books, they never got any of those big fat unemployment checks political pundits are boasting about either. Since northern cities have followed the edicts of the CDC and WHO right down to the letter, sheltering in place with no hope for a future, expect more cities to burn in the North…

These people have no way to make a living, to eat nor to pay the rent. By February, America had already dropped dead with fear over COVID and by March there was no more toilet paper left because Americans were soiling themselves. But the billionaires who have hijacked America are still prospering wildly.

“Between January 1, 2020 and April 10, 2020, 34 of the nation’s wealthiest 170 billionaires have seen their wealth increase by tens of millions of dollars. Eight of these billionaires — Jeff Bezos (Amazon), MacKenzie Bezos (Amazon), Eric Yuan (Zoom), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), John Albert Sobrato (Silicon Valley real estate), Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX), Joshua Harris (Apollo Global Management), and Rocco Commisso (Mediacom) — have seen their net worth surge by over $1 billion.” (1)

Billionaires are symptomatic of dysfunctional government, like open sores on a sick man. When the Soviet Union went belly up, they started appearing all over Russia. They were fleecing the country and Russians were starving in the streets, but they were beaten into submission by strongman Vladimir Putin. As president, Putin brought with him the credentials of having been a high ranking intelligence officer in the KGB. In America, there is only one man who carries with him a resume as impressive as Putin’s.

The last week I spent in Long Beach I lay on the bed most of the time, just staring at the four walls of my room. There was an ever widening chasm of emptiness in the pit of my heart that was consuming me by the hour, eating me from the inside out. I was sure it was something permanent, but when I cleared the Goebbels Bridge and left Staten Island in the rearview mirror. it vanished like a cloud in the wind. New York is a tomb and Andrew Cuomo the undertaker. If I had the money that was due to me for being the creative impetus for Stranger Things, American Gods, or Legion to name just a few, I would use it to get everyone I ever knew and cared about out of there.

This country is never going to be the same again, particularly the areas around New York City, where small businesses have been dealt the death blow with a month’s extension of a quarantine nobody can now, nor ever could justify. Do not let them fool you. They do not know why they did it. Bill Gates is just an opportunist, the same goes for all the democrats who are now trying to pin it on Trump, and all the billionaires who have thus far profited from it but find themselves with a precarious future. None of them ever wanted this. They are just seizing their opportunities and there is an element of desperation in their growingly insane actions.

A few hundred thousand old people, most half dead already, is no reason to shut down a global economy. Indeed a few billion dead is not if the surviving billions intend on preserving existence as they knew it. Countries do not shut down during wartime because they are afraid their factories may be bombed, even when they know they will.

Like Sirhan Sirhan when he came to holding a pistol after he blew Bobby Kennedys brains all over the kitchen floor at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, they have no idea why they did it. What goes around comes around and sometimes, shit just happens.

We need leaders now to fix this, real leaders, not the aging circus clowns and doddering old men, installed only to shill for their globalist masters, who themselves now face the prospect of becoming an anachronism. The New World Order just up and died of COVID and it will now have to be replaced with a newer order.

I’ve lived in a comic book for over four years now, a world of madness where nothing is impossible. When I first stepped into the abyss, I asked the same person who had told me years before there is no such thing as reality what was happening. He told me if we don’t go back down the roads we once traveled, they take so much. They take so much.

This all started when they killed John F. Kennedy. We have an opportunity to go back down that road by installing his nephew Robert Kennedy Jr. in the White House. Robert Kennedy Jr. is the only acceptable candidate the democrats can run against a sitting president who has proven himself not only incompetent, but too weak to lead in anything but a Hollywood TV show.

Kennedy has an impeccable pedigree and indeed Andrew Cuomo, his onetime brother in-law, would not even be the governor of NY, had Kennedy as the odds on favorite run against him for Attorney General of New York. A few years later when Governor Paterson offered him the senate seat from New York, Kennedy turned that down too. But that is the problem with politics; the people who should have the job never want it.

In the political battlefield, Kennedy, a renowned trail lawyer amongst his peers, has earned more medals than the entire Senate of the United States of America combined. He has worked ceaselessly in the courtroom for the poor, whether they live in the ghettos of New York City or the steaming jungles of South America or Africa, even having spent a month in the maximum security prison of a South American hellhole. Anywhere in the world, whether you be Ford Motor Company, the Department of Defense, or Exxon Oil, you throw something in the water you’re not supposed too, you know Kennedy is coming for you.

He has made mistakes with vaccines, claiming some ingredients are in them that aren’t, but that is to be expected as he has latched onto Bill Gates like an enraged Pitbull, when everyone else in the world, outside of Vladimir Putin, genuflects before him. This is a guy who can and will take on the billionaires who have hijacked this country, just like Putin took them on in Russia. Nobody should be waiting for Kennedy to ask for the nomination. He won’t, we need to demand his nomination. If the globalists, in their failed and delusional state, persist in thinking they are going to stage one more election between two talking cantaloupes, there will be blood. The post-apocalyptic world of COVID guarantees it…

Kennedy is a hero in the Red States for his tenacious fight against Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies and he is a hero in the Blue States for his ceaseless defense of the environment.

Kennedy once sued West Chester County New York to reopen the Croton Point Park, which was heavily used primarily by poor and minority communities from the Bronx.(2)

He wasn’t done yet either on behalf of inner city Black people. He then forced the reopening of the Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, which New York City had closed to the public and converted to a police firing range. (3)

He also led a battle to stop a plan to sell Washington, D.C.’s Kingman Island—a rare piece of National Park Service property in a minority neighborhood—to a private developer. In 2004, Kennedy successfully sued Exxon to clean up a large oil spill on Newton Creek in Greenpoint Brooklyn. (4)

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the last chance America has to avoid balkanization...

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1 – Collins, Chuck, Omar Ocampo & Sophia Paslaski. “Billionaire Bonanza 2020.” 
2 – Reed, Susan (July 2, 1990). “Polluters, Beware! Riverkeeper John Cronin Patrols the Hudson and Pursues Those Who Foul Its Waters”. People. Archived October 16, 2017.
3 – Cronin, John; Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (1997). The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right. New York: Scribner. p. 304. 
4 – Confessore, Nicholas (November 1, 2005). “An Old Oil Spill Divides a Brooklyn Neighborhood”. The New York Times. Archived October 16, 2017.


  1. Yes and no, Stan.
    Focusing upon the energies and the world soul is far from dropping out, because it really is about everything happening today. So much of the human world apes the deep currents that it's quite effective as a barometer of what is coming, what is occurring, and what is done.
    Unfortunately, the media only does a great job at misdirection and hyping up primal emotions. Any actual reporting is secondary. The same is true for business, policy, and politics. The more the well positioned in these fields run everyone around, the more smug they become. So, it really isn't about dropping out as much as it is being done with their stupid lunchroom free for all's.
    Unbeknownst to the bologna hurlers, there truly is a deeper, richer, and more significant dimension to life. This dimension is the source for the train ride everyone wakes up to, thus it is an allegiance with true causation.
    Humanity really thinks that they are the movers and shakers, but just about all of humanity is made up of mindless automatons who play out energetic roles, whilst fervently believing they are in charge. Ditto for the lever pullers, who are convinced of their own importance.
    Arrogance is not interchangeable with knowledge.
    We are right now in a time where the set blinders can be easily taken down. I choose to do so, along with very, very few others.

  2. Frankly, I find the games, the stupidity, and the psychopathology of the lever pullers to be little more than a free for all in a lunchroom.
    To a certain extent, these activities affect our lives, but to a greater extent, it is the personal that determines the external.
    I've done my service, Stan. I've fulfilled my commitment as best as I could, and I broke my body doing so, earning the reward of the proverbial kick to the head.
    My concern is the deeper reality now, the mystery of the vibratory cosmos, the motion that reveals self knowing, which leads to true peace.

  3. Last night, I listened to Kameran Fally for the fist time speaking in this 2016 Camelot YouTube video. He is detailing what is going on with Them, the owners and operators of this world, which is the "Illuminati," Scottish Rite Masons, P2 Lodge, Zionists, Christian Zionists, Chinese, and Americans. All these factions are infighting with each other and are at war with each other on this planetary playground, as We see this and try to figure it out. This is what Kameran Fally will reveal and explain. At this time, I would say he is making sense.


    The Presentation:

    For myself, this sounds very familiar.

  4. Yes, traveling winding highways on fast handling machines…part of which dedicated James Dean to history.
    It really has come to this, hasn't it, an intolerable phantasie overseen by some of the most ineffectual nincompoops ever born.
    I suppose we still have enough room to observe their phony outrage and deranged mishandling of justice. After all, destructive morons are always best directed by deception to wreak havoc upon that which they hate, which is fundamentally themselves.
    So, what exactly are we to do?
    This question can only be correctly answered according to our efforts to arrive at the truth of ourselves. The less we know of our inner truth, the more we look outside ourselves for solutions. If we are going to be honest, we will admit that we have achieved a certain amount of awareness, perhaps enough to realize we are on this long train in the middle of this vast plain, traveling along with little ability to influence anything about it.
    Few are conscious of the circumstances, and even fewer are conscious of the motion. Plato's famous allegory of the cave comes to mind.
    Personally, I find that we do not have the responsibility, or the authority to tell those who practice evil, that such will earn them the same conditions as those who do not indulge. I find it highly irregular, that anyone would even remotely entertain the idea that the worst abusers and parasites find themselves in the same endgame as those who work with cosmic fate. Certainly, this is a notion humanity is groomed to accept, but who is doing this grooming, and why, should be the first layer of scrutiny applied.
    So, what should be done is to free oneself from the clutches of control. This is the first and most important goal. This act can and will show us how we became bent out of shape, and what it truly means to remember soundness of mind.
    Any other attempt is going to be external, and thus subject to those same shifting forces that have brought us all to this circus of insanity. If we never grasp that we have lost our minds, then we have no start towards recovery.
    This is exactly why the Gnostic Jesus was abandoned for a forgery.
    All roads do not lead to the same destination, and all destinations are not equal. Ignorance is not equal to elucidation. Extinction is not equal to living. Only those who have lost their minds could possibly assume that exercise of the worst could lead to the best.
    We are here in a world we didn't make, cut off from our ultimate selves, swimming in an eternal play of light and dark. All you have is this moment, think about it and it's already gone. Reach for it, and it's never attained. That which is most real is always the most ethereal.

  5. As you know Mike, in the beginning of the mid and late 70's, the stuff coming out of Switzerland was mainly all about the photo images of Pleidian beam ship UFO's. After a few years, the change came about and started revealing the Plejaren spiritual information along with ancient earth history. Also all the "prophecies" and "predictions" were made public. Prophecies would be malleable depending on what timeline is in effect by the direction taken, like action and re-action, They act and We re-act. Predictions would be arrived at by probability calculations that can indicate what is going to happen "next," more defiantly. Camelot states that the earth human powers have an alien technology called "Looking Glass," which provides Prediction information for Them. It must be very disappointing for them, that this alien A.I. indicates only one screw up after another screw up. A true psychopath will just do it anyway. So how do you respond? Just go BLACK on Them? Tell Them they will be forgiven and loved when they finally "get it," when all the indicators repeat over and over that it's Over for Them? The price of Them LOSING CONTROL is unacceptable. Maybe a big Disney Land castle could be built for Them on enough land for kingdom, so they can live out Their remaining life until They have just disappeared.

    In a alternate dimension at this time, I go for rides on my brand new Triumph Thruxton motorcycle with the Bonneville handle bars, up to alternating back roads through the mountains to the secluded beaches along Highway 1, in one big circling round trip. This can break the Spell being cast by the RUINERS.

  6. Yes, it is apparent that one who attempts to use the globalist system to rein in globalists will find no satisfaction.
    English is a hybrid language, and as such can only explore hybrid concepts with any depth. One can improve the situation somewhat through resurrecting precise wording, but only somewhat. Thus, the language is simply incapable of working without being highly associative…connotations are paramount. Of course this means that as connotations change, so does meaning.
    So, the word prophet in English can be best understood via its associations, and unfortunately this places an Abrahamic straight jacket upon the word.
    Mr. M is most likely assuming that English actually has definitive rules and definitions. Truth is, these conditions are always trying to chase English down, but the hybrid is elusive.
    I do understand what he means when he referrers to himself as a prophet. However, the lengthy additions and qualifications suggest that the word doesn't exactly fit the concept.
    In terms of how I'm doing, I'm simply navigating a surreal psychotic world, which has violently usurped my own. The sun still shines, the wind still blows, but everything has changed, and the minds of humanity have traveled down a road I can't follow.

  7. Hello Mike, hows it going? Anyway, I think that word is to be understood in a non corrupted context. Those people at FIGU, are very anti-christian in its present corrupted format, considering Billy Meiers Spirit lineage.
    I remember about 15 years ago when people could go to the FIGU website and ask Billy Meier questions. In my question, I used the word "Soul," instead of "Solar Body," in relation the human Soul/Solar Body in relation to the Monad/Spirit. When the answer came back, it was from one of their well known German/English translators, who's name is Legg. He proceeded to blast me all over the FIGU website, because I used a corrupted christian word, SOUL. He stated that they don't use any corrupted language like that around there and how I could be so stupid and ignorant.
    Later on, I read on his website how he filed a criminal case and took on the people of the Australian court system, because he stated they belonged to the O.T.O., and how they were putting little human babies on the barbie and eating them. After he lost his criminal complaint case, those defendants sued him, and then he lost his house in order to pay off the judgement against him in civil court. I don't see his name around anymore these days. His website was called

  8. Prophet is a word that carries with it an Abrahamic association so strongly embedded within itself, that the word is not easily used outside of the abrahamic context.
    No surprise here, since 40% of English words are of Latin/ French derivation: thank you so much, Christian invader religion.
    Calling oneself a prophet, unless it is estimated, is bound to lead to confusion.

  9. Some distinctions why the Plejaren beam ships land in Billy Meier's backyard and not yours, or mine. El copio un der pasteo, German to English:

    How can you understand that when the scriptures say that you are the real prophet of the modern age?
    I didn't get this name myself, but it was given to me by the extraterrestrials, by the Pleiadians / Pleiades. However, this term does not mean that I am a person with special powers, etc. In fact, I am a human being like everyone else, if you refrain from, for example, that I am able to control and neutralize my vibrations in such a way I am able to control physical and telepathic contacts with the highly developed Pleiadians / Plejars and have some skills, that other people on earth don't have, but that doesn't make me special.
    The term prophet is also not a pretentious thing and just a word that unfortunately is misunderstood by many people. In truth, with regard to this designation, it is only a different term for heralds, that is, a person who announces things, such as prophecies or Announcements etc., the content of which is either self-developed or taken from other sources. And when it is said that I am the real prophet of modern times, it refers to the fact that I I am the proclaimer who was announced many thousands of years ago, more than 13,000 years ago.
    This is related to my line of reincarnation, in which my spirit form and my overall consciousness have been classified since ancient times, who in various earlier times have fulfilled the prophet mission as other personalities, in the finite consequence of which I have in modern times as new and predicted and predetermined Personality emerged as a proclaimer or just a prophet of modern times, but I am no longer a normal person like everyone else. The fact that I am a mediator between the Pleiadians / Plejaren as well as high spirit forms and the earth people does not change that.

    Finally, a somewhat indiscreet question. How do you actually feel about the people here on Earth, even though your original home was in far higher regions?

    The original home is billions of years in the past, but nevertheless I always feel connected to it, and I cannot hide the fact that I often long for it. Nonetheless, I am at home here on Earth and have many dear friends all over the world. But that doesn't change the fact that I often feel very lonely, which is not due to my friends, but to the spiritual and conscious world of earth people in general, which forms a big discrepancy with the world that was my original home and is still effective.,11

  10. That the abrahamic parasite is all about conformity and potential reduction is well supported by the evidence, both current and from the past. Recently, the Orthodox church issued a press release in regards to its position regarding Covid. Included in the text was the statement concerning the centrepiece of its " spirituality", submitting to God. Now we can examine the implications of this claim, yet they all boil down to the authority of the church as intercessor between lay folk and God. This essentially means that as an ordinary Joe, or Jane, you won't get the ear of God without your religious structure.
    If this is not one of the greatest set ups of all time, the really good ones must be grand indeed.
    A simple question: How exactly can one develop their innate sense to interact with the divine principle, when one is not given the opportunity, the means, or the guidance to do so? At the very least, it will be an extremely difficult path, involving quite a bit of reinventing the wheel along the way.
    This, of course does not answer the question of exactly which divine principle the church is accessing, or if it is accessing one at all.
    Ultimately, if one is going to accurately identify their potential, and maximize their ability to exercise it, one will have to abandon the confines of spiritual lawyerdom.
    Those who claim it is possible to both accept a series of codified q.'s and a.'s, and examine the terrain defined as such by them, belong in the Karl Rove school of logic. Let's remember that Mr. R. has claimed to be creating reality. In passing I suppose we all could wish he was doing a better job at it.
    The point then, is that potential, education, elucidation is not in the abrahamic playbook. Control, harvesting, and rigid authority most definitely are the obsessions behind the empty pageantry.

  11. What exactly does it mean to say that we all live in an Abrahamic world, and how does this relate to the reality of eternal war?
    Awareness of this state occurs as one becomes cognizant of the various methods employed to ensure predictable responses by all facets of society.
    The abrahamic view of the absentee landlord theme of creation, the deep gnawing fear behind banal trumpetings of faith, the herd mentality of being saved by forces that no one has ever beheld, the fervent declaration that spirituality is revealed via conformity, all reflect deeply and intrinsically throughout the groupthink we must navigate every day.
    Moderners are at a loss to interact with paradigms and perspectives from non Abrahamic source, more often than not they are quickly dismissed, and if they can't be dismissed they are attacked. This reaction is at the heart of the perpetual war.
    Nazi Germany remains a powerful symbol throughout the world. Jews make careers out of inventing ever more horrible Nazi phantasies, forcing compliant and spineless governments to jump on board with coercion and punishment for those who don't endlessly whine along with them.
    Feel the guilt, feel the horror, it's all your fault, you know.
    The abrahamics really take the cake, when it comes to making a mockery of existence.
    A big part of the power of Nazi Germany, was a general and largely correct supposition that Nazism was not rooted in the abrahamic paradigm. Thus, for those who find themselves at odds with Abrahamic oppression, Nazi Germany, as the last genuine attempt for a breakaway civilization, holds a great deal of merit.
    This, of course drives abrahamics quite mad. Like previous great abrahamics before them, they find a stupid solution that doesn't work, close what little minds they command, and triple down on forcing everyone and everything to hail their failure solution…or else. As we can all clearly observe, this has done wonders for this planet.
    Their greatest victory is squandered on reversing potential and running everything into the dirt.
    Today everyone is supposed to run around in terror and smash the windows of murdered businesses in honor of Covid, but the real virus has been hybridizing human consciousness and devouring human awareness for over two thousand years.
    Yes, it is a mad Abrahamic world, and for those who see it's toxic insanity, we have the symbol of the Bismarck, steaming alone and unaided, to do battle with the most powerful fleet in the world. Nothing the vicious abrahamics can do to remove this symbol. Nothing their inventions of horrors and lies can throw enough mud on to obscure.
    They were great men, and you oh Abrahamic overlords are nothing but the pathetic nodding jackals from failure banking incorporated.
    The war never ended.

  12. Play it loud, disturb the peace.
    Sabaton official video:

    The war never ended.

  13. June 6, 1944
    On this day, let us all remember that the deception and misdirection protocols central to the strategy of the U.S. and British during WW2 proved their worth again. Indeed, one could make a case that the deception and misdirection so present in the current Covid lockdown owes it's existence to the shining example of the effectiveness of lying proudly left to us by the official annals of history. When official historians proudly proclaim the primacy of deception in the success they shower praise upon, one can be certain that their shallow lack of any worthwhile examination of the policies of deception and misdirection are exactly what your leaders are counting on.
    Finally, let us take this moment to remember the bravery of those who fought to the end to prevent the army of rape easy access to thousands of young French women. They were old, wounded warriors and volunteers from countries that like Germany, sought refuge from the vast vengeful deception of the banking clan and their legions of idiot enforcers.
    Finally, let us take a look around, as the police beat up on peaceful protesters, as the road blocks become normalized, as you are locked out of your public lands, as the last vestiges of life are destroyed so that billionaires can stack up more cash and power.
    Yes, let us celebrate that freedom to have no future that the warriors of deception and misdirection brought to the world on 6/6/1944.

  14. The war never ended.
    The accord was forced through with hypocrisy and lies, chains to be eternally fitted, abrahamic fangs upon the jugular.
    This is a very dangerous time. The ancestors stir. They remind us of their courage against impossible odds. Their stories burn in our hearts, their efforts roll through our blood.
    The leadership of the western world has failed. Even more dangerous than this failure, is the growing awareness of this failure. From all walks of life, the realization grows.
    The leaders have already been born. The fracturing of the failure model continues, with those currently usurping and munching down on the power they have no authority to defile. This self aggrandizing further weakens the bonds that hold it all together.
    The war never ended. The ancestors whisper that it is not their names, it is their deeds they wish us to recall. The abyss is present in the roar of the silence, it reminds us in these times of how real it truly is.

  15. Here we meet the gleaming tides
    That from the west unsatisfied
    Never will in patience wait
    Without the human banquet.
    Many with madness in their eyes stare gibbering
    At the white hot skies.
    Cloud birds circling overhead
    Shadowing the living
    And the dead.



  16. The Gnostic point of view is rooted in an undeniable reality concerning the nature of existence: There is something fundamentally wrong with this cosmos.
    Even the demented third grade reasoning level of the abrahamics acknowledges this. They all need their dysfunctional fall guy to explain how their perfect loving God left this legacy of failure and ruin. Of course their explanations make no sense, they cannot, for the Abrahamic cosmos is the reining tyranny of nodding drooling ignorance, a gibbering lust for vengeance over imagined wrongs, when the genuine wrong is the harm act of the perfect god that all of consciousness is forced to abide.
    The second fundamental failure is the requirement to assume that the perfect creation was not at all perfect. This necessitates the invention of the scapegoat, brews up a massive dose of projection, all the while fabricating a labyrinth of unresolvable beliefs that trap and paralyze the search for significance. From here comes the abdication to an undeserving authority, the willing shut down of wonder, the trade of innocence for a crooked human banquet led by empty deceptions.
    The Hellenes tried to help the horde of incestuous barbarians grasp higher potentials, yet this failed. The brilliant vision of a vibrant cosmos was completely misrepresented, intentionally twisted, brutally hammered into a blight that rose again and again from it's own fundamental errors as a progressively twisted facsimile, placing the lot of the idiot slave as the highest human achievement.
    Now they have their world, and they all sit and shake in their plastic clothes, waiting to be delivered by vicious billionaires who hate them. The magic vaccine from the vaccine Jesus whose avowed goal is depopulation of the planet.
    The Gnostic perspective understands this trap of fundamentalism as the open arms of ignorance and oppression, the show of power, the rule by force, the perpetual victim starting all the wars.
    Yet we know in our hearts that that the saved are not the ignorant. The slave knows not once the freedom of the spirit. The force of the sea cannot be held down by restriction. It looks to become according to it's intuition, that which expands beyond the boundaries set by any man. A true will to power, the essence of remembering. All this is opposed by the fundamentalist phantasies, which in turn are anathema to the life of the consciousness that echoes throughout the waves of this deep blue sea.

  17. Ole has some interesting theories regarding the iconography of large scale terrorism events. I caught one podcast where he and Jim Fetzer together analyzed the terrorist attacks in Europe.
    I don't find exact correspondence between his system of decoding messages found in these events, and the timing of those that follow, yet I do think he's on the trail of something significant. I recall the hand gestures used repeatedly during the Sandy Hook escapade, and the shills that trolled every social media board with their 'people really died' message over and over again. Obviously, it was important to the organizers of Sandy Hook that the public take their charade as a genuine event.
    I've seen reports of bricks being delivered to urban areas, of cops going incognito and smashing windows, of media disrupting peaceful protests with recorded gunshots. It's simply too problematic for corporate monkeys to accurately cover events, they have to manufacture them.
    I've watched and noted that those who are willing to do anything, those who have no ethics to violate, and the genuine psychopaths are those who are involved in the implementation end of corporate governance. The events today follow in step, right along this path.
    It's actually a little amazing that things have held together at all with the level of designed destruction inflicted. It is a nod to the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit that it can endure such abuse and continue to shine.

  18. I have seen that. I have heard a " Black Magician" state that there is a rule where the target has to be, in some shape or form, be informed prior to the act. This perhaps is a way for giving a chance for the target to change their ways.

  19. Any American state or NATO country sponsored terrorism has been deciphered by Ole Dammegard. He has identified individuals appearing repeatedly at these events and has always demonstrated how the scenario was a scripted setup. One thing he has clearly identified is the peculiar appearance of a SHOE, or one of the crisis actors missing a shoe on one foot. The meaning behind this is a
    corrupted Masonic initiation symbol and symbolizes "we did it." Ole Dammegard also can find clues left at the scene that can reveal where the next strike will be located. He said he was told this means that these players have to announce this, and if you don't do anything to prevent it, the karma is on you. Ole Dammegard has appeared on the radio show, The Sage of Quay and on Project Camelot.

  20. Following two days of protests over last week’s killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis, by a police officer, officials in two West Valley cities set curfews aimed at preventing the spread of overnight looting and destruction.

    While the daytime protests in the region have been overwhelmingly peaceful, looting and violence has been a feature of the last few nights in numerous cities in the Bay Area.

    That prompted San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo to declare a state of emergency and institute a curfew Sunday. It will last for seven days, or until further notice, depending on the need.

    Exemptions apply to police, firefighters, emergency personnel, delivery services, utility workers, news media, the homeless and those seeking medical care.

    The City of Santa Clara also instituted a curfew on Sunday. Both curfews run from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.

    “We as a community need to acknowledge the horrific incident with Mr. Floyd, listen to the protesters and their message, and support peaceful expressions, however difficult,” said Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor in a statement Sunday.

    Large police presences were seen late Sunday afternoon on Stevens Creek Blvd. near Westfield Valley Fair and also near Santana Row. Both have a number of retailers and upscale storefronts, leading to concerns over looting.

    Liccardo has worked to reach out to protestors and to the police force in the city. He knelt with protestors on Sunday.

    “The outrage is justified by the horror of George Floyd’s death,” Liccardo said.

    He also spoke Sunday to a hospitalized police officer who was injured in Friday’s protest.

  21. The computer changed the word award to aware, in the statement where Ouseia is equated with essence.
    I find it revealing that this change was made, against my wishes, and I find this event highly illustrative of exactly what I was pointing out above.
    The statement should read…Scholars AWARD her the crown of essence…
    Aware is exactly what went missing.

  22. Perhaps we should allow ourselves to view this all from a much wider perspective, one which which calls into attention Ouseia. Ouseia is the name for a beautiful girl, her inner beauty both ephemeral and uplifting. Ouseia is also a word from ancient Greek which has no counterpart in modern English.
    A quick note on English. Some years ago, Cara St. Louis made a statement that English was the favored language amongst the globalists because it enables cognitive manipulation, having a number of irrational conventions fundamental to it. I mentioned that every language suffers from irrational conventions, and she somewhat agreed but concluded that English simply has more of them. I will complete my thought here, now, years later. It is not the irrational, nor the conceptual structure which inherently lends itself to being a tool for control, it is the hybridization which is that feature, which when combined with unexamined implanted beliefs, assumptions, and mythic structures, results in a cognitive fixation that makes one easily deceived.
    This means that Ouseia, so beautiful, can only shed her light imperfectly upon our English soaked capacities.
    The hybridization was brought to us all via that scion of moral turpitude, the Christian church. It is also a rather late development, less than 1,000 years old, more akin to 600, perhaps 700 years at the oldest as we currently reckon time. If anyone is interested, I will lay it out in more detail in future posts.
    Since we have no translation for Ouseia, we must approach her in a roundabout way. Scholars aware her the crown of 'essence', but this is like referring to the sun as not dark. Ouseia links the world of things with the ineffable. She is the way from the ignorance of matter to the clear light at the apex of our perception.
    She is the Mother Bear of the ancestors.
    Ouseia moves, she is self directed, and she is demanding that humanity face this rite of passage, and succeed or fail, to know if humanity has what it takes, to recapitulate, revisit, relive, and unchain from the crushing circumstances that define identity and life here, now.
    Ouseia is motion because all is motion. There is no stasis.
    Taken from the bigger picture, the calcified remains of what once was the achievement of civilization, are now subject to exactly those pressures that reveal its inability to meet the needs of the sentients who give their life energy to it. The remnant of civilization will do everything it can to clutch to existence, squeezing everything out of shape, ensuring that what follows it will have to thoroughly reinvent the world.

  23. America was hijacked by ignoring a fundamental truth. Those who walk with power in this land will never seek position, because they can't seek position. America demands that her people of power hold that geas close, and this is so demanding that very few can do it.
    What was is gone. It actually disappeared long ago, but because of the reality of Emanation, things here happen as a result of higher forces, not from actions of their own.
    It's about time, and what Heraclitus described as the roots of this manifestation.
    America is being taken down on purpose. It is working because the timing is right for this to occur, all the destructive capacity is aligned. Those who willingly served the murderous parasites casually dropped us cryptic hints over the decades. They told us the political circus was not the seat of decision making here, and that very few people actually are involved in any decision of import.
    This course was sealed when the banking clan seized permanent control via their proxy, Woodrow Wilson, that night before Christmas recess, when congress didn't even hold a quorum. Of course the agenda of slavery and destruction is far older than this, but it was Wilson who helped define a defensive war as crossing the ocean to attack another nation that had no hostile intent towards America.
    This agenda was secured when our last genuine president was murdered by a cabal of government insiders and their organized crime cohorts. They've been at it full time since then.
    Event after event, staged, organized, orchestrated.
    Yes Jack, there is going to be blood. However, when one believes that that they are the creator when they are just the organizer they exist on borrowed time, pacing the halls dressed with the tapestries of self deception. We will see soon enough just how secure their power is.
    In the meantime, the loss of higher structure allows a deep clean of the lower centers. This cleanse can only happen here and now. As the structure melts, the only safe tower to stand beneath is the living Tree.

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