Frankly, I do not believe George Floyd is even dead. The photo of the cop kneeling on his neck has obviously been staged. The cop’s sunglasses are up over his head like a Hollywood starlet posing for a photo-op, his hand is in his pocket and his badge is strategically crooked as if to say “I’m a crooked cop.” One look at that picture and I don’t even need to know the cop and Floyd knew each other well, that Floyd was a porn star and his transvestite girlfriend looks suspiciously like the cop in drag…

Last night we had another shooting in the practically all Black mega city of Atlanta. In the middle of the worst race riots America has seen in decades, and certainly the most widespread ever, two cops decided it would be a good idea to roust a frail looking Black guy sleeping one off in the parking lot of Wendy’s.

Of course they decided to arrest him for drunk driving even though he was sleeping in the car when they got there. He resisted, and this small and slightly built Black man got the better of two burly cops, managing to rest the cop’s taser from him. As he ran away firing the taser wildly in the air, the White cop ran after him firing three times point blank center mass in the back, killing him.

There just happened to have been a mysterious “masked White girl” in the vicinity carrying what looks by the aftermath to have been a thermite bomb. There is nothing left of Wendy’s but a few burnt bricks…

There is a reason why this all looks scripted, it is. There is also a reason why the top brass of the military has recently distanced itself from Trump. This is a military intelligence operation, the end game is to declare Martial Law, unseat Trump and arrest the Senate and the Congress. Personally, I wish them luck and godspeed… – Jack Heart BLM protests Smithtown 6/9/2020

George Floyd was allegedly murdered while I was in Mississippi. Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the rest of televisionland’s pseudo revolutionary groups were just getting started when I left for Crossville Tennessee, over five hundred miles north. Crossville serves a good part of Tennessee’s veteran community and seems to have been targeted early on for just those reasons in the media’s ongoing efforts to make the Floyd “killing” into their next COVID pandemic. Crossville is either a small city or a very large town centered around its numerous Veterans memorials and a municipal building that services those veterans.

Minneapolis and New York were already aflame by the time BLM, replete with military intelligence styled agitators as assessed by their own, had showed up a couple of days earlier than me, focusing their demonstration of course on the building. There are almost no Blacks living in Crossville, which serves as a marketplace for the some forty miles of rural farms that surround it. The farmers, with the blessing of their sheriff, fearing the building would be burned, organized to meet the BLM invasion.

A thousand armed men kept order and not even the most insignificant monument was damaged.

After some incoherent shouting, the largely female demonstrators, with their twenty something male organizers, one Black, one White who had been seen having an animated phone conversation during the demonstration, left town the next day. They were gone by the time I got there. Vandalism, even at the twenty-five dollar an hour rate some say the agitators are being paid, is just not worth it when you are in the sights of a rooftop sniper.

A couple of days later, on Sunday June 7 BLM brought its travelling circus of disaffected housewives, fat hateful lesbians, street thugs and would be (if they were not illiterate) Martin Luther Kings to Smithtown, New York. Smithtown is a Middle Class community whose surrounding enclaves like Nissequogue and Fort Salonga are quite well to do.

Residents had been speculating that the working class neighboring town of Kings Park between Fort Salonga and Smithtown had been on Al Sharpton’s radar since the 2000 New York City shooting of Amadou Diallo by a police officer who lived there. Like Crossville the racial demographics of Smithtown and its surrounding areas are almost entirely White.

An eclectic assortment of off duty cops, business owners and their sons all showed up early Sunday to meet BLM in Smithtown, along with about thirty to forty members of a notorious outlaw motorcycle gang. My cousin, who lives in Fort Salonga was there along with his friend and sidekick, a ranking Nassau County cop.

They estimated the original greeting committee to be about three to four hundred, in two distinct and uncoordinated groups. Like many others they left by four because only about a hundred disaffected housewives and fat hateful lesbians had showed up and there was minimal danger to the local businesses.

As if on cue, or as directed by some unseen and highly efficient coordinator, an estimated thousand thugs arrived in a caravan of cars at five and it immediately got ugly. Chants of “White privilege” were answered with chants of “nigger” which in turn were answered with chants of “suck my dick.”

Sporadic skirmishes broke out as police struggled to hold the thin blue line between White and Black. One of the BLM protesters/thugs was beaten with Nun chucks, a martial arts weapon and the media immediately broke into their own chant of “White Supremacist.”

Elements professing to represent BLM swore vengeance on twitter threatening to burn Smithtown to the ground when they returned ten thousand strong on Tuesday. When they did comeback at 6 PM Tuesday, police sealed Smithtown off to prevent opposition protests and BLM had to content itself with marching up and down rural residential streets in the dark chanting “White privilege,” which they did with gusto until a massive police response, involving both Nassau and Suffolk Counties drove them out at eleven.

Most insidiously, as BLM howled in the streets, a few miles away Robert Roden, 33, showed up in the emergency room of Stoney Brook University Hospital wearing a tactical vest from the hospital’s emergency department. The ammo clips protruding from his pockets gave him away and the police were called. When he was searched, the cops found a BB gun and three explosive devices. Later it was found the bombs were not built properly and could not have detonated.

I’ve been back in the Smithtown area for a few days now but Ironically enough, in oh so many ways, the Roden display would not be the last word on this. Three days later and about ten miles to the southwest of Smithtown, in the sprawling Black ghetto of Wyandanch, seven Blacks were shot and one stabbed at a house party…

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  1. Reflections on a 4th of July weekend.
    If I was to reach any conclusions concerning my admittedly limited interaction with a cross section of Americans, I can conclude that no one feels their cheerios to the point that they believe they have any ability to change anything.
    This doesn't mean they are happy with the current state of things, and it certainly doesn't mean they support the current decision makers. It simply means they believe it is beyond their ability to steer a different course for their country, and for themselves.
    Also admittedly, I didn't discuss things with various leftists, lesbians, dancing perverts, or BLM members. Discussing circumstances with those who never were slaves, about their slavery, just seems too indulgent of the Soros agenda to be tolerable. Yet maybe this is because I am aware of 19 year old G.I.'s pulling guard duty for Soros' mines, while that revolting excuse for a human is busily destroying their country.
    I'm certain that the destroyers are most excited at the loss for action I observed this weekend. Doubtless they will believe themselves reinvigorated in their strangulation of normal human behavior, giving themselves ample credit for opening new venues for their parasitism to flourish, happily doing their part to kill their host.
    If this time can be successfully compared to the alchemical process, then perhaps it is closest to the act of reducing Prima Materia to ash.
    Consciousness moves slowly, and for most, they don't realize that their country no longer exists.
    Many are those who celebrate, at least verbally, the wearing of masks, the institutionalized guilt, the politics of tyranny and terror. It never occurs to them that a larger agenda is afoot.
    Allowing them to glimpse the agenda rocks their assumptions and beliefs of the way things are.
    If there is one constant, it is that people continue as best they can with doing what they did in the previous world, although this fails everyone. One can already observe that it is a bittersweet farewell to what they thought was so solid.
    Ultimately, the shock of their country, murdered as it was by globalists and criminals, disappearing before their noses, has yet to fully sink in. When it does expect a bloodbath. It will not fulfill your expectations.
    If there is any real value to coming back from the edge of death, it is a sense of deep impermanence regarding everything we deem tangible, and an understanding that this impermanence is merely the observable face of a relentless and largely unperceived reality. With this sense, there is nothing to hold onto, nothing to preserve beyond an endlessly extendable moment, poised on the wave of eternity.

  2. Inevitably, as we move through this rite of passage, we can expect the deepest and darkest elements of consciousness to be given time in the Light. What we choose to do with them is, in my mind, a far larger and more powerful measure of ourselves than anything visiting us from afar.
    The paradigm by which the AFPC devours is set to undergo a significant transformation. This is one we will all experience. With it will come the engineered end of the U.S. empire. We can honestly note that this fact alone will cause a huge shift in the working of this world.
    Globalists have convinced themselves that they will outlive the USA, that their schemes will work just as well in a downsized world.
    They are wrong.
    The new paradigm is already taking shape. We are already being instructed to move to it. Will we cross this open expanse despite our fear? We will see.

  3. Stan, the German identity today is thoroughly bound by the A.F.P.C., also known as the abrahamic failure parasite complex, or if you prefer, globalism.
    There are definite boxes into which this identity is expected, threatened, and shamed into adopting. Through this towering achievement of destruction, globalism infects the mores and expectations of every other society. We see it here, where dancing perverts are held up as some type of advancement for humanity. This means we are treated to a view of life, history, and potential that has been poisoned and twisted, whilst being presented as good and natural.
    Very, very few are able to climb out of these boxes, and fewer are able to disconnect themselves from the cables that siphon off our life energy.
    Someday perhaps, people will come to realize that what matters is not what seizes the attention, but that which attempts to evade it.
    I have yet to find anyone, for example, who has the backbone to notice, much less admit, that WW2 brought Stalin and his Commie clan almost everything they had originally wanted, delivered to him by the self proclaimed beacons of freedom and justice.
    Of course, the Freedom and Justice brigade delighted so much in the nuclear toys they had so righteously liberated, that they terrorized the world with them, and still do.
    Very few are capable of seeing this, yet in this, not with the abuse of parasites, is where the key to understanding lies.

  4. That is because you are not on my Facebook page Zen nor, apparently, have you read the Tookie Memorial Post, our Magnum Opus to date. This from part 2:
    Later on my Facebook wall, a limited hangout for praetor human entities, I posted a picture of a snarling werewolf with a caption saying that is the face you make when your friend calls you up and wants to discuss the work of your enemies but doesn’t even read yours. I didn’t mention any names but they knew and she knew that they knew, and she comes on the thread fuming mad so that now even the semi-sentient agglutinations, as we call them, that monitor the wall know who I was talking about. I reminded her civilly that she had told me herself that she could no longer read what we have been writing. She lied and said she did, then she called me a dick in writing.

  5. Kind words, indeed.
    Lost amongst the masks, this one hopes to be worthy of such a statement.

  6. Zen, that movie comes out this summer.

    On Netflix with a similar theme with a militant group of "law enforcement" werewolves who supervise the witches and wizards and how they are upon a "clean up" mission. There mission? to put a stop to the criminal misuse of magic. The show opens with a poor young man at his mothers grave reading his acceptance letter into a good school and with a full ride.The werewolves can sense when magic is used wrongly and are called to action.

  7. Yes, and thus if you follow this definition, you will be at the threshold of comprehending the mystery of Emanation.
    I lost a good friend recently, and his funeral service was held in the local synagogue. Throughout the service I kept finding myself looking to the rafters. The place was literally full of terrified spirits clinging to that place, paralyzed at the prospect of releasing their hold on this reality.
    The abrahamics are the religion of failure. There is no peace for their dead.

  8. There never have been a large number of people dedicated to getting to the bottom of the reality game. Truthfully, a majority live by a code that is hidden even from themselves. Religion, and most specifically abrahamic religion, serves to maintain, and even strengthen this condition of ignorance.
    We can prove this to ourselves by examining the issue of faith. At its best, faith can direct us to persevere through the unknown, which in this world is invaluable. Yet when faith becomes a replacement for knowledge, it becomes a justification for lack of courage and veracity in the interaction with the unknown. So, Aquinas claims that for those with faith, God exists. This kind of "philosophy" is nothing but psychological warfare, exhibiting this exact lack of courage.
    Perhaps at some point we will cover exactly how the Aquinas approach is thinly veiled railroading, but for now we have the impossible Christian conundrum of God. It is a conundrum because if God is knowable, as Christians claim, then faith is utterly unnecessary in the existence of God. Faith as a philosophical position then, is superior to knowledge, and this evidences itself throughout the Christian world.
    This is nothing but the enshrining of ignorance. So, if we enshrine ignorance, how can we claim to know anything beyond ignorance?
    Well, one need not concern themselves with these dead ends when the highest achievement is faith. All so conveniently contrived.
    Now we can begin to understand those powerful moves to arrest development. Now we can begin to understand how neotany is an essential aspect of the abrahamic world.

  9. Dearest MK, love is is created within and moves outward as the only proof of its existence.
    Love is the source of peace and harmony as you say the joos have ruined Anerica as time shall tell however,its best to seek answers inwardly as that is were the creator lives.

    Above my pay grade as always.

  10. I know a lot of religious people (that are good people)…And are completely in denial of everything you write here MK. They literally have zero clue and furthermore could care less about going down the largest rabbit hole they could find themselves in if they did start to figure some of this out. I wonder when they will realize that the 'love and peace' thingy that is preached ain't working out in this world. I believe their nervous systems would literally become unhinged if they knew the deal. I separate out the good in them and deal on that level…but there is no way they are believing that what is purported as good is actually bad. Its bizarro world where everything is the opposite here.

  11. However one might rail against all this, the story of the human condition since the unholy pact of ol' Abe has always been one of because of, or despite it.
    As it states in its own tenets, the various branches of abrahamics are all dedicated to temporal dominance. After the money and the children, there is little need to spend effort in a spiritual direction.
    Of course this begs the question of exactly how a religion with confirmed aspirations of temporal dominance could even be a religion. This goes back to my statements from years ago, where the Jesuits answered that question by avoiding it.
    Now we arrive at the heart of the issue, which is that whatever genuineness of spirit lives in abrahamic institutions is that which people bring to it.
    To the extent that one can infuse abrahamic ignorance with love and peace, is the extent such will be reflected back to the supplicant. However, it would be a great misapplication to award that temporal authority with those qualities.

  12. Love, however it is experienced in modern Abrahamic society, is so poorly understood that the word has come to mean a plethora of half described assumptions and concepts. This one word actually carries with it such significance that it is perceived as everything from the most ascended to the most painfully insipid.
    In typical Abrahamic fashion, no discernment is applied to make any sense of this chatter, instead the confusion, like all confusion in the abrahamic world is used to profit and for advantage, because this is abrahamic nature.
    I could take this moment to illustrate how the identity issue is directly related to this small mind operating system, but for now suffice it to say that love in an abrahamic world both unites and divides.
    If abrahamic love was eternal, as is claimed, that love would not be manifest through contradictory fickle emotional states that shift and change with perception and circumstances.
    Indeed, abrahamics exalt all sorts of primitive emotional states as a complex of conformity, a social herd ritual, where dumping green paper on the plate is equated with spiritual provenance.
    All this is possible, even expected, because our resident abrahamics have only the most cursory understanding of what the path of devotion is, coupled with a sophomoric definition of love.

  13. Some may find it odd that the gospels were originally written in Greek, whilst ostensibly revealing a fully formed Judaic religious system.
    Others may find it slightly strange that historic examples of deeply religious, as in Christian, figures made remarkably effective slayers of men, the glorified exploits of Sgt. York come to mind.
    After all, it is quite incongruous to equate shooting people to death with the command to love, or is it?
    When I ask Christians what they mean by love, they normally offer inarticulate responses. When reminded that their love includes shooting people to death, and thus is a most curious kind of love, they respond that love is unconditional.
    Apparently then, unconditional love includes forms of human behavior that are most certainly unloving. When the government burned down my house, then, they were simply manifesting unconditional love.
    I feel so much better now.
    Ultimately, then, the command to make yourself love as an end in itself neither elevates or improves the human condition. In approximately 2,000 years of dominance, the command to love has presided over the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch trials, a couple world wars, and the development of communism, which is by far the most murderous political system ever devised. Now there is a record of success.
    I could go further, and question whether or not love, in the Christian sense, is a deep emotional attachment. Thus one could legitimately ask whether the dive into intense emotion provides anything other than a momentary escape from daily function. Funny, a lot of people do just that with alcohol, and other substances.
    Part of the problems associated with Christian love come from a sort of terror stricken denial that there is nothing in the command to love that is Christian.
    When scholars look back into Christianity, they find exactly what Constantine admitted: that Christianity is a hybrid of different pre-Christian elements, and because they are hybridized, they are not empowered by any tradition.
    What the command to love really is, is a fragment of a deeply extant pre- Christian devotional path. Christians can't admit this, and so they wind up in a kind of dance of derangement where universal love and murder walk hand in hand.
    To be fair, Judaism and Islam regularly display similar dichotomies.
    Scientism doesn't directly go there just yet.
    Neotany is a condition of arrested development. An inability to comprehend the genuine origins and acts of a hybridized path is a symptom of that neotany.

  14. Duncan Roads once told me that the Australian aborigine believe there are those among us now who can will the very stars from the sky. I dismissed this till Orage and I both witnessed a two hundred foot high pyramid appear in a Netherland forest. Fuck the AI, it cannot bend the wave function and will never be anything more than a glorified hammer. Fuck the automatons too and all the vaunted weapons of steel the empire holds so dear to their black little hearts. There are many worlds and those worlds can be shuffled so fast that all any would be assailant can do is hold on for dear life. This is the rebellion of the Djinn. It is our time now, and only through us will justice prevail…

  15. my mom used to say i willed things into or out of existence when i was a kid…i spend way too much time sitting on this computer reading and thinking about things and not really putting my 'will' into good use anymore. thank you Orage for such this comment–question is create a new timeline or transform the one we're in right now. or both.

  16. We need more voices, not less; else the dogmatists of falsehoods win. The mainstreaming of human thought is what makes agglutinations, or as Gurdjieff called them automatons, push-button robots driven by trigger programs. Again, if this is all a dream that makes reality, why dream the current nightmare? Dream a different dream, dare to be Human. It's your birthright, why give it away for this bullshit?

  17. Mr. Duff has his own podium in Veterans Today which at one time when we started writing for them was a veritable bulletin board for the Deep State. Sadly, for the West, the Deep State did not like what we have to say and did everything but run us off VT, ruining the publication in the process. Now when I read Gordon Duff pieces, which I always do, I make sure they are first published in NEO to insure Mr. Duff actually wrote them. Mike Kay has been given his own platform here very simply because he has earned it. Just like with Mr. Duff I don’t always agree with what he says but I do always enjoy reading it…

  18. The Lavoy Finnicum event is over. The globalists won. I was on the front lines of this war. I regret nothing, and I apologize for nothing.
    I regularly stood off large numbers of armed honourless thugs. I was shot at, had my resources stolen, and was generally the subject of a great deal of blame for that which I never did. Now, I'm being accused of a lack of authenticity, as a mere cover story to give Mr. D. a hard time.
    If you, dear reader seriously find so little substance in what I write, then you need to find someone else to read. I was given a second lease on life when no one, certainly not my doctors gave a plug nickel for my chances, do you really think I'm going to spend whatever time I have left trolling Mr. D.?
    You are free to reach your own conclusions.
    However, I suppose I need to revisit my stance on Nazism on more time. In many countries in the world, openly questioning, openly examining the no go areas will get one in very hot water indeed, as illustrated by several modern historians, including Irving and Bacque. In case this isn't clear, this is the criminalization of challenging a narrative that lacks factual support.
    It's actually far worse than this, but for now let it stand that punishing those who find the phantasie narrative fictional is a very large part of maintaining that fiction.
    The truth is that the Nazis answered the call from German citizens to remove communism from Germany. Yes, Russia invaded Germany long before the "official" starting date of the war. The Nazis won, and they gained the admiration, the loyalty and the trust of a grateful people. It wasn't black magic, and it certainly wasn't collective evil, it was the victory over communism that cemented the position of the national socialists in the minds and hearts of the people. This is easily demonstrable by viewing the facts, and the timeline of events without the current penchant for ignoring important events.
    American historians, sadly, are en masse wholly owned subsidiaries of the phantasie tyranny. I simply cannot pick up any modern American historic piece that is accurate and factual concerning WW2, and I have tried.
    According to various modern American sources, the US was training pilots in jets by 1944. They had just broke the Japanese code moments before the battle of Midway. Pearl Harbor was a big surprise, and there never was a special envoy to Europe who agitated tirelessly for war.
    I can offer a statement regarding the practice of fabricating history, however I leave this one to the reader ponder.
    My writing is allowed to be here by Jack and Orage. It's an association with some history of its own, a rather stormy one. Somehow, I don't think I could ruffle all those feathers if I was anything but authentic.

  19. The energies manifest through the veil of one's own perception. To the extent that this veil is unique, the individual experience is unique. It would be a mistake to assume that the energies are unique to each person.
    The energies have been referred to as the Gods.

  20. Mr. Duff always talks about how he loves his trolls

    that way are you trolling him

    or are you seeking truth

    said this we must love one another

    Gospel I see

  21. I think I understand this MK. To be a warrior is completely unique unto the individual that possesses this ability and that is only granted to a chosen few in my opinion. Whether those warriors ever actualize themselves is the question…and the time is now.

  22. This is exactly why people like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and “Barry” (Barrack Obama) have no business leading anything. They have never been vetted in anything except perhaps fornication. And this is why Robert Kennedy Jr. who has travelled the road of the Warrior unerringly since 1968 when They killed his father is the only acceptable candidate. Sure there are those jaded skeptics that sneer that America is really run through synarchy. I am one of them, but I also know that with a different man will come different days. The last man to sit on the American throne as a real king was John F Kennedy and he scared the shit out of them for that very reason. I suspect Americas cities haven’t even started to really burn yet…

  23. This is not to be construed in any way, that the only viable path is the path of the warrior. Great contributions have been made by those who follow other callings, and to be clear, military service is no prerequisite to being a true warrior.
    The path of the warrior is best described as a set of tenets and strategies for dealing with immeasurably powerful forces. It is, in essence, a method for dancing with Death.
    Currently, this condition is awarded to military experience, however, militaries teach soldiering, which is predicated upon a system of following orders at all costs. The warrior path is one which both partakes of some of the military sphere, and also transcends it in a deeply spiritual way.
    I have mentioned earlier that familiarity and mastery of arms is knowledge passed down through military settings. Similarly, tactics, regalia, unit history, all partake of this setting. However, the development of the warrior nature is actually independent of all this.
    What the critics miss is this comprehension of what the deeply spiritual dance with death does to the psyche. It brings forth a tremendous symphony of vastly deep, vastly mighty living energies that if not navigated, destroy the person.
    Have you seen, dear Reader, the photos of the fighting men who were the early Nazis? Have you seen their grim faces, and that flirty cast to their gaze?
    Now, here is the last great truth of the warrior path that I will reveal, and I will write of it no further. The method for navigating these mighty implacable forces is to swear true and open fealty to one of them.
    Do you comprehend the significance of this, dear reader?
    I will tell you who doesn't, and that is the complex of whining jackals that are so afraid of history that they have to lie about it. Furthermore, they have to demand that you, me, everyone adopt their poisonous lies, whilst they hide their own vile parasitic deeds.
    To not be a warrior is valid. To not pick up a gun is valid. To rail against the destruction brought about by war is valid. To join insipid whiners in attacking warriors on the basis of weak kneed manipulative fallacies is not and never will be valid.

  24. I'm not exactly certain that Mr. S. actually believes these claims of black magic.
    Certainly anyone who dares to study WW2 history quickly becomes aware that there are clearly defined no go zones. These are zones where fact is absent, and agendas of extortion and criminalized blame are so deeply into their parasitic glory that it is difficult to believe.
    Few know, for instance, that Germany is forced to fund Is not Real, that this plan was given the go ahead post WW2, and that it can't be ended, because the Abrahamic parasite loves it's meal.
    The corrupt and seditious forces that claim moral superiority are deeply entwined into every aspect of modern western society. They demand obeisance and servillity, or else.
    Needless to say, they are deeply Abrahamic. I'm so glad that some can find what they need in the heart of the destroyer. Such is what maintains the fiction that the spawn of Abraham gives anything but phantasies.
    Mr. S. CLEARLY comes from this abrahamic tradition, and kowtows to it knowingly.
    He does wish to sell books, and thus must pander to this complex.
    The term black magic is nicely sexed up in an abrahamic world. It's good copy, so one must look beyond the sales pitch to determine the validity of Mr. S.'s perspective.
    First of all, it is largely inappropriate for a hypercritical outsider to make any value judgment regarding a subject he has antipathy towards. At best, one adds to the immense piles of vitriol designed to mask the feeding of the parasite. At worst, one simply works to further distort the record.
    The same tiresome horrible Nazi theme is now such a worn out cliche, that if not for the vicious feeding of the parasite, it would have passed long ago.
    Mr. S. is correct that the effort was to reach an authenticity, a truth separate from the disempowerment objectives of the church.
    However, Mr. is not, nor to my knowledge has he ever been a warrior. This also excuses him from credibility when it comes to his perspective. National Socialism was founded by those who went where the bullets fly, and if you have never gone there you are lucky, but you simply will never know that level of reality, and thus you have no authority to condemn it.
    The insipid whiners who distort history are nothing but pathetic jackals looking to feed on the essence they hate, because it is everything they want to be, while they have nothing in their character to make it happen.
    The parasitic pretenders of Abraham have ensured that we are all going for this ride. You know it. We all know it. Go ahead and pretend.

  25. the name of our system of rule is chaos

    I am a chaos warrior

    the wave is the place to be

    danger comes from those drawen under

    peace is individual in nature

    I would study it from ones elder

  26. for me poetry is deniability

    as it shakes one up one can see

    could a SJ warrior take offense with that

    ignorance is deniability

    America has warriors for social justice i see

    fine development i see

  27. Hitler is noticed as a tremendous speaker with accurate observations. In order to restore the broken volk, the concept of Germanic neo-paganism was perceived as the viable solution, to be presented in a new weaponized format, as an effective means to bring back the German cultural self awareness and memories of the countries pagan history, says Thomas Sheridan. He is showing how the new NSDAP was using black magick and how it was turned into public relations, that would effectively bring the people in and who would then proceed to participate as members.
    In video documentaries about the German involvement that allowed the technological development of anti-gravity craft, there are old movie scenes of German parades where women dressed up as ancient Sumerians carrying a bust of Marduk, along with other representations of Atlantis. The narrator in this video documentary, states that these old movie scenes were provided by the G.H.G. (?) branch of the Knights Templar.

  28. I hold my trust
    It's now forever.
    The falling rain, all the wee hours.
    Loose my voice, in the walls.
    The walls that bind you, in the wee hours.
    I watch Her work, Her hand glows making things near and far-
    Some painful
    Some misfits
    Some that find their way.
    I loose my voice
    In the wee hours.

  29. Yes, let us all join the empire.
    What's a little electronic oppression amongst "friends"?
    Let's remember the gifts the empire wants to give. Who wouldn't want to be a member of their club?
    If you join the empire now, you can replace your worn out boots with new ones from China, guaranteed not to fit. But wait, there's more! If you act right now, you can join the dozens of professionals who have gladly traded truth and principle for the stacks of cash just waiting for them. Remember, a lie is only a lie if someone else finds out.
    Whatever happens, New recruit, just forget about the fact that your empire has to regularly devour its own to continue to bring you all the surveillance, the oppression, the burning down of your natural world that makes your empire great.
    You are part of the empire now, the good guys…
    All you have to do is not ask why, why this train, why this place, this long face, this empty room?
    Time to turn away from the language of the birds, to forget Her haunting voice.
    Place your definitions before your experience. Hammer that experience into a shape that meets those definitions. Remember, those definitions are what you are to aspire to, to hold unquestioningly as the ultimate authority of your experience.
    Life is a boot, and empire makes them.
    Murderous maniacs get the same reward as the miners, the farmers, the acolytes of the system, those who pretend to know have told us so.
    Yes, I do believe all my problems would vanish with a call to 1-888- EMPIRE.
    If not, at least, if I can amass enough cash, just maybe I can…

  30. My dearest Mk,

    please get a desktop computer and add a VPN or a virtual private network as many of your problems will simply go away as my dearest empire gave me one of their finest computers.

    Careful what you want torn down as I see great value in many of our dear empires advances.

    You are a fine writer and should write as Jack loves you as much as I do.

    However, I take my family to that local evangelical church that preaches that the Christian life is spirit led as that act creates peace in my world.

    Peace? Why it is simply love demonstrated.


  31. Why my dearest Jack every time I browse the web I have to scrape the shit off my shoes.

    Fucking wow!

    The Blues is America's music directed by the spirit. That's what rap is for to kill the blues from our dearest black community.

    Above my fucking pay grade…


  32. Interesting, of all three addresses, my device would only allow me to see yours, Stan.
    An older video, from a time before Mr. S. went lockstep with the whining distorters of history. The big secret of WW2 is that the good guys weren't, and to show their viciousness, they blamed all of their evil on those who couldn't defend themselves. They're still busily distorting history today, their pathological lying turning themselves into very ugly things indeed.
    However, his perspective is that of a Magician. He doesn't seem to understand the necessity of the Devourer.
    Like Master Dionysus instructs us, the anger of the gods comes from our own darkness.
    I never saw the Passion, although I thought putting the dialogue in Aramaic was brilliant. As I've said so many times before, there was no Abrahamic Jesus. The true Jesus was Iasous the Healer. To understand why he was the Healer, you must understand the places where your mind is lost.
    I knew the Passion could only tread this water, so I never found the opportunity to view it.
    The Gnostics were the last to attempt to steer the Abrahamic demon cult into the light. For their efforts, they were murdered, sent to the death camps in Scythiopolis, sneered at to this day as a "Christian" heresy, which is such a stitch up it would be funny but for the horrors unleashed.
    If you can understand Emanation, see the fountain in your mind's eye, how the water cascades down from source, that which directs the flow is the cosmic organizing principle. This organiser has built a system of energetics that feed upon itself, all from that fountain, and by sustaining it, sustain itself.
    Emanation steps down, each step more solid, farther from source. Besillides saw that the organizer followed the same principle, that Jehovah was the shadow of the demiurge.
    Put into more innocuous terms, Jehovah is a middle manager, mistaken for the CEO. If we observe the currents of existence, we discover the truth of this all on our own.
    I should note here that I've enjoyed Mr. S.'s presentations and interviews over the years. I've especially enjoyed the in depth interviews held by Greg Moffat at Legalize Freedom 1 on you tube. I do think Mr. S. has good information, and I have been informed via his interviews and presentations, which is more than I can say about most.
    Moon Sun,
    All Light
    Days flow
    Into Night
    To Day
    Sun Moon
    Light Rain.


  33. The God of the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Scientism, is not the ultimate, it cannot possibly be the ultimate.
    Anything the mind conceives is less than the mind.
    There is an energy that circulates throughout the cosmos, it underlies and permeates everything that is. Upon death, this energy is devoured by that which emanates it, forming a perfect closed circuit. This is the God of Abraham, the vengeful harvester.
    To the Ancestors, this was never God. Thus the reason the deranged acolytes of God had to launch endless wars, genocides, and mass murder campaigns to make the world safe for their deeply erroneous beliefs, to force everyone to worship a falsely claimed ultimate principle.
    The failure to correct this fundamental error dooms life in this sphere to blindness about the genuine ultimate principle.
    Now, they're at it again, fundamental misunderstanding as the paradigm, infecting all aspects of life with a deep deception and misdirection. If one thinks this only matters in a spiritual sense, they would be quite mistaken.
    The cloak that hides the genuine ultimate, the ineffable, is woven from an Abrahamic cloth.

  34. " Now that all the agglutinations have grown a mask for an appendage its easy to identify them. This is better than the test they used in the movie the Thing, now all we need is flame throwers and we can be done with them. I may even have a better idea, something about an alien invasion promoted by the media in the same manner the COVID pandemic was. We can probably get them to kill themselves… "

    Jack, that is the fucking truth of the matter. At least the turnup will not wear one.


  35. The abrahamic message has always been one of subservience and distortion. The media, now owned by 5 global corporations, is all about crafting a message they want you to receive.
    I listened to an interview with a U.S. national, a journalist working in Russia for 20 years. He admitted that every journalist in Russia self censors. If they don't, they don't work.
    American journalists who dare to cover facts soon vanish from visibility, apparently to flip burgers or write press releases for the entrenched. Censorship of all kinds is the order of the day.
    So much for the first amendment.
    I do know that it is possible to return to enlightenment values long enough to rebuild a functional republic. The question is, where is the will to do so?

  36. I am one of the very few, if not the only one who is qualified to write about COVID and the destruction it has brought to Americas eastern seaboard. Why? Very simply because I went and looked, from New York City to the coast of Mississippi, I went and I talked to the locals, unlike any of the other “experts” writing from their basements watching CNN and FOX, or reading their MI 6 memos in the comfort of their country houses in England. I also have friends, good friends that I trust whom I correspond with in Germany, Norway, Amsterdam, France, and Greece. Europe outside of England, the stomping grounds of the globalists, has survived the COVID panic just fine and there is no one there who will go for another round of suicidal shutdowns because a couple of 87 year old’s died of complications from the flu. When I try to write about it I am back paged, my comment sections shut down, and the marginalization of one of the few real journalists left in the West goes into overdrive. Who protects me? No one and “still my darkness grows.” I hope the globalist sponsored Democratic party burns America right to the ground, I hope the gangster sponsored Republican party steals even the kitchen sink while they are doing so, and I hope the once Great Britain is overrun with African cannibals. They’ve all earned it for allowing their media to be hijacked by sub-humans, everybody gets what they have coming in the end…

  37. It should be noted that by scrutinizing China, one is not giving the USA undue trust, supporting the EU, or suggesting that modern governments in Russia and the republics have some form of moral high ground to rest upon.
    The abrahamic model of success through deception and misdirection is indeed world wide.
    As I write this the U.S. government is busily burning down thousands of acres of forest and natural land. They will claim they are fighting wildfires, yet they are actively creating huge, devastating blazes by purposefully igniting more fire in the area. The agency spokesperson will wring their hands over burning down entire communities, while corporate contractors wearing shirts with government logos will admit off the record that they burn houses. It's Maurice Strongs' Agenda 21, signed into law by Mr. Duplicitous himself, president Clinton, and now revamped into a dumbed down version understandable by today's mental midgets, Agenda 2030, which quite apparently is moving forward ahead of schedule.
    To be clear, normal was packing his bags long before Covid. The current state is not so much of a beginning as it is a Coup de Gras.

  38. In the end, it hardly matters if Wuhan denies its role in COVID. The world already views it as the starting point, and a very large number of people are increasingly seeing the entire event as a rigged affair. Thus, in many minds, suspicion and unanswered questions involve China and Wuhan.
    Let's face it, China is hardly a country innocent of agendas, manipulations, and global activities. Their globalist partnerships, and communism on steroids notwithstanding, there are some stains on that white suit they wear. The recent moves of their military, their 60 year long occupation and genocide of Tibet, and their regular disappearing of those "citizens" they find difficult, sort of make their denials ring hollow, as it were.
    Like all communist regimes before them, China is a thug state. There is no reason to assume they would tell the world the truth about Covid, or their role in it.
    Personally, I see this entire event; the pandemic, the lockdown, the huge wealth transfer, and the social chaos as entirely engineered. This was planned and executed with global precision. Doubtless the recipients of this wealth transfer were hoping the pandemic would be more deadly, and continue to pretend that only they can act upon it, but that narrative is running thin.
    Ultimately, the globalists have pounced upon their prey, and it is those whose work, beliefs, and economic contributions support that proverbial pyramid, who are held in globalist claws.
    Don't wait for things to return to normal, it's time to stock the ships and ready the sails. When the natural world throws in her own shifts, what once was will be just a memory.

  39. In fact this fax letter, which was actually sent to you from the USA according to the data here, is not
    only ridiculous but also dangerous with regard to already existing and further developing lies and conspiracy theories against China, but to lose further words about that as well would be senseless.
    Over the past few months, we have made a thorough effort about everything concerning your question, and while doing so we have ascertained and gained clarification that in the entire extent of it
    everything corresponds to purely nonsensical conspiracy theories, however, nothing to the truth in
    any form. But nevertheless, the conspiracy theories are taken up by their believers and spread without
    hesitation just as much, as are all the actual corona virus conspiracy theories of any kind, which have
    come about especially through the irrationality and fault of the US government clown – you have found
    a good and appropriate term for this. In all lie assertions of this kind, not the slightest iota could be
    found which would have indicated that in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, in the high-security laboratory in Wuhan, a bio-warfare agent of some kind is being researched by the Germans and Chinese,
    because the Chinese microbiologists there are engaged in real research work, consequently they are
    not assigned to any government contract for the production of a bio-warfare weapon and do not carry
    out any such work.
    If the Chinese state leadership is reproached with senseless, malicious and slanderous reproaches and
    accusations regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease and is even accused of having had the
    rampantly spreading disease produced in the form of a biological weapon, then this corresponds to a
    malicious lie and slander. That which is being done in this regard is an irresponsible disgrace, such as,
    for example, the good-for-nothing president-clown of the USA practises, because he blames the Chinese leadership for something, for which it is not responsible in any form, namely the rampantly
    spreading corona disease.
    The corona virus was caused and spread elsewhere in Wuhan, however, no information will be given
    about this, because only by means of silence can various persons and families be protected from state
    harassment and the death penalty, because the Chinese criminal law regulation is even more inhumane and human-life-disdaining than also applies to the USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran and so forth.
    That which until recently was carried out in a secret backyard laboratory from the mid-1970s on the
    orders of Mao Zedong and with the cooperation of the client, the vindictive American … … until recently, in order to … … … is now part of the secret history, because the last three persons who were
    co-responsible for the rampantly spreading corona disease were also infected with the corona virus
    and died a few weeks ago. Furthermore it has to be said that during the last 16 years the laboratory
    experts who worked on the virus had no idea what it was actually intended for, because the knowledge
    of its purpose was lost when the last person carrying the secret died without having passed on the
    secret. However, since the work continued in a secret form, the purpose of the research and the American's revenge were finally fulfilled, although the spread of the rampantly spreading disease did not
    affect the USA as planned, but the entire world.

  40. A mild edit, in the third paragraph, it should read…

    We can FURTHER define it as an outgrowth of genuine, not utopian communism…

    Genuine communism is that which exists in the world, typified by the absolute dictator as head of state, with license to regularly disappear and/or murder large segments of the population. Genuine communism is the separation of the individual from a unique identity, personal ownership, and claim to the contributions of his labor.
    Genuine communism is notorious for its endemic corruption and meaningless use of the words law and crime.
    Globalism, as it is seen in practice, partakes of all of the tenets of genuine communism, from the lust for mass murder, to idiotic sloganeering.

  41. If one were to be fully and completely honest, one would define globalism as the ultimate criminal empire.
    In each case where the media briefly concerns itself with globalism, it advances an emotional case devoid of any kind of fact. So, we are treated to ridiculous slogans such as "global village" to describe the brave new world envisioned by globalists.
    So what then, is globalism?
    We can define it as an outgrowth of genuine, not utopian communism, where all aspects of life are to be forced to serve the whims of a very small elite.
    In essence, life itself is intended to be subservient to the largely hidden elite which gives itself full license to perform any malefic act against life it might choose.
    Thus, in a very real sense, globalism represents the final adventure of a psychotic suicidal disorder.
    Therefore, globalism opposes any effort towards the betterment of humanity, the self will and fecundity of the World Soul, spiritual development, and the necessity of life to explore itself.
    Thus, globalists are self declared enemies of constitutional, representative, participatory forms of governance.
    Globalism offers nothing for humanity and the planet beyond an intolerable condition of slavery and arrested potential. The immense destructive power of globalism can now be easily detected across the planet, from the deterioration of natural habitat, to deterioration of cognitive, social, and epistemological capacities in the human sphere.
    Globalism is both a sign of and a fundamental explanation for the current global failure spelled C O V I D.
    The tonic to globalism is of course a matching force which keeps it and it's heritage of death cult abrahamism from achieving perfect hegemony. The current descent into insanity by humanity can itself be seen as symptomatic of sick globalism gone too far.
    For the individual, this leaves one in a very curious place indeed.

  42. I would have to say, if the USA does break up into regional powers, and I do think this is possible, even likely, our daily concerns are going to change, radically.
    Most of what I wrote above pertains to the revitalization of the republic as a national entity, however there is nothing preventing its resurrection on a smaller scale.
    There is one issue regarding a regional breakup of the USA that does keep me wondering, and that is the lack of political boundaries that would easily translate into regional powers.
    When the Soviets finally stopped enforcing communism via necessary mass murder campaigns, probably because they couldn't keep blaming them on Germany, their commiestate broke up along political lines. In Africa, various examples of social dissolution occur along ethnic and racial lines. In Europe, distinctions are complex, involving linguistic, cultural, and ancestral factors.
    So, what will be the reorganizing principle here in the soon to not be USA?
    Obviously, the South retains its own identity, as does the Notheast. The Midwest is a kind of amorphous neotyranny in the making, the West continues to struggle with it's identity, and the West Coast really thinks of itself as the power behind the throne.
    Identity, then is the likely guiding principle to the organization of the once USA into regional powers?
    It seems apropos.
    Of course, one of the biggest question marks is going to be energy. Without the global empire, demand for energy will plummet, and this will further constrict the global banking syndicate, as their ability to continue human and narcotic trafficking will be severely curtailed.
    Indeed, the dream of the globalists, to punish humanity for it's existence, will find itself without the centralization to carry it through, poor, frustrated psychopaths.
    No, Jack, I don't need or want vengeance. I think that she, our beloved world soul has something else entirely in mind.

  43. Stan Del Carlo January 13, 2020 at 9:27 AM

    “287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role. 287. (Not included)

    288. Anarchy will be the worldwide condition that will prevail and torment human beings over a long period of time, as human beings will also be tormented by the many epidemics and diseases, many of them new and unknown to human beings and for this reason incurable”

    Pretty funny, no Mike? I’m having a ball and I’m glad to see you finally loosen up a bit. I don’t need Vengeance either. To quote Lynch “I don’t need anything, I want it.” I could name names too, we could start with Jeff Bezios, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and all the rest of these peasants who thought enough Shekels would make them king. The media, or at least the mainstream media is full of those who need executing and indeed prosecuting them will be the next big career opportunity for the ambitious. It was the media that made it possible to kill any future the new generation of slick boys and girls may have had in the world we knew. That worlds died in a phony COVID pandemic that none of the perpetrators even know why they promoted. As for the politicians, wasn’t it Mark Twain who said they should be changed frequently like diapers? When will people ever learn? The race war seems to be abating but as you can see from our footage, hardly, the media or their overlords at least are finally getting the idea they don’t control the narrative so now they need to stifle it. Now that all the agglutinations have grown a mask for an appendage its easy to identify them. This is better than the test they used in the movie the Thing, now all we need is flame throwers and we can be done with them. I may even have a better idea, something about an alien invasion promoted by the media in the same manner the COVID pandemic was. We can probably get them to kill themselves…

  44. I think the Galactic Council Enforcement Police showed up in a parallel Earth dimension by mistake.

    From Kameran Abdul-Rahim Faily
    Consultant to The Ancient Royal Families.
    Peace be upon you ALL,This is a global circular to ALL Sentient Beings who are present in the vicinity of Planet Earth,Earth Moon and in-between. This is a declaration of Enforcement Action to commence shortly that are part of the Comprehensive Assets Protection Program (CAPP) measures, ensuring the
    continued protection of ALL Global Assets within this region of space as well as the preparation for future treaties.What is Comprehensive Assets Protection Program (CAPP)? Due to the ending of the last Global Financial Agreement with The Royals (October 2015) and the lack of immediate availability of a replacement program, as well as BRICS arrangement
    not achieving any traction, these caused different parties to try to force their own solutions on The Royals. Some opted to release assets under their keepership without explicit authorization – like that of BRICS. Others trying to sell the assets in the open/black market unsuccessfully. Others printing money without backup under the label of “Quantitative
    Easing” like (TARP etc.). Others fraudulently printing currency without authority like Iraqi Dinars (2005 and later). Others steeling from Global Accounts destined for humanitarian projects and instead diverting them to other uses like military spending programs. And last but not least, other openly challenging The Royals with the threat of the use of Scalar
    Weapons to destroy The Royal Assets on a grand scale.

  45. History does provide us with one example of a nation that was able to defeat planned destruction from the globalist cabal. This is a little-known event, one which the control complex has done it's best to hide and obscure. This has been done for several reasons, the primary ones being that the globalists lost, and they don't want the experience repeated.
    We are discussing a beleaguered people, overrun by bankster adventures, invaded by terrorists and foreign operatives. Their government had been forcibly replaced by an ersatz affair designed to be weak and globalist friendly. Their media had been taken over by deceptive corrupting racists who viewed themselves as innately superior to those they attacked with their corrosive programs.
    The military took charge. The fighting in the streets was intense. In some cases face to face combat with explosives and fully automatic weapons was required to eliminate foreign and globalist terrorist cells. Politically, action was taken to re-energize, and empower the legitimate government. These actions are even today smeared by the racists running the media, yet even so history remembers them as effective.
    It would bode us well to remember that the reinstatement of our legitimate government, the reestablishment of sound monetary policy, and the removal of corrosive globalist programs is possible to attain.

  46. Whatever the military has planned for this situation, it will be meaningless unless seditious billionaires, their lackeys, and the global organized crime cabal of the international banking clan are neutralized.
    BLM, for example, is a Soros outfit. Safe Communities is Bloomberg.
    Action must be taken that severs the flow of money to every demented pervert with a brick.
    In terms of so called American politicians who never upheld the constitution once in their lifelong fling with self aggrandizement, their trials should be very public and very transparent, covered by the new media, which will replace the current farce, since the established corporate mouthpieces obviously believe that it is their duty to poison everything first, and accurately report last.
    The power of currency regulation cannot be shunned by congress, as it has been since the days of self confessed traitor Woodrow Wilson.
    Please, keep in mind I am not advocating vengeance, or violence. I am merely stating that the place to start is with the monetary, decision making, and control complex. Deranged perverts are not the movers and shakers, they are just the skirmish line advancing before the real agenda begins.

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