Even I may be guilty, we should not forget the Black Goo is out there. Before any violent revolution such as John Kerry of the Skull & Bones has just called for can take place, this bacterial pestilence must be eradicated and along with it the bloodlines of those who are genetically susceptible. Whether by accident or careful calculation, Bill Gates and company have created a “vaccine” that at the very least will sterilize them, and according to this doctor here, alter their DNA. The people they are testing it on are not allowed to have sex. According to the other 160 doctors in this video, the vaccine by any medical determinate has no business being injected into human beings. But for the most part it will not be, except for maybe in Africa; but the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan had already warned them today. Americans and Europeans, Aussies and Kiwis too, will be expected to fight until the death, as is traditional, rather than take the vaccine. As Michael Savage, the best of the mainstream right wing commenters just said the other day; “I will shoot my way out of the building before they give me that vaccine.” Savage is in his late seventies and just had a heart attack. Watch the video  carefully and teach your children well.

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  1. Inevitably, when confronted with long term sweeping change, we all start to wonder what it is we are going to do, and perhaps how we are going to adapt to fluid conditions.
    Such times are almost universally written off as bad, horrible, and trying. However, we live in this manifestation, which follows the principle of duality. Duality can be observed with Newton's: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Understood via the karmic model, everything one does creates ripples which reflect, multiply, and return to the actor. Thusly understood, it is a practical impossibility to do anything without triggering a host of unintended consequences. During times like these this can be especially maddening.
    However, there is one action, perhaps one alone which doesn't add to the clamour of this world, and which leads to both self healing and clarity of purpose. This action is the work we saw inscribed above the entrance to the Hellenic temple of Delphi…know thyself.

  2. Please note: It is often difficult to impossible for me to coax this model T device into following links. It is apparently somewhat short tempered, inefficient, and operates despite its manufacturing protocols, somewhat amazingly.
    I will be happy to attempt to follow any link, but if it's one you would like me to view, remember to include title, and any other supplemental navigation cues.

  3. The lockdown and the demands for mindless conformity cannot have any other purpose in mind besides advancing an agenda that has nothing to do with improving the health of humanity, in fact it is quite the opposite.
    The lockdown is merely a Trojan Horse, a method by which the key structures which oppose the agenda are attacked and compromised. Central to all of this is using people making up the masses to police the masses.
    The effort is to destroy choice, destroy perspective, destroy rational analysis, and prepare the masses for the agenda.
    The faces behind the agenda are familiar. They always surface whenever questionable dealings come to light.
    The agenda involves the full enslavement of the Eidolon, the feeling body, to the whims of those the media must work very hard to portray as anything besides monstrous.
    Words like freedom, open mindedness, acceptance, forward thinking, are intended to shame and steer the doubters into the awaiting jaws of oblivion.

  4. Did you know that our dear Postal service management all had advanced antibiotics to prevent sickness but denied them to the workers and let them die and then harassed the survivors with their workers comp system like they do to the veterans? And I am supposed to wear a cheap paper mask?

    Fuck off with respect….

  5. We are all moved by the energies, and we must perceive them through the lenses of ourselves. Truly, we have no other option available. This sets up a most curious conundrum: nothing is truly outside us.

  6. The gospels were all written in Alexandria. Alexandria was considered a place apart from the people of Egypt, because it was not founded by them.
    The Hellenes were great lovers of literature. They had passed laws that anyone coming to Alexandria was required to present their books, which would then be copied, and placed in the library. No one alive today can claim any insight on the depth and breadth of this collection, but since Alexandria was the first truly international centre, a thriving nexus linking east and west, it is safe to conclude that this collection has no peer, even today.
    It was in this climate that the gospels were written, and because it occurred under the tutelage of the Hellenes, it was certain to contain significant Hellenic influence, which it most certainly does. Written in Greek, the de facto tongue of the Hellenic world, it also had a political agenda, which was to teach the Hebrews civilization. Today, at least some Jews think of the gospels as their cultural record, others as a historic document-something the abrahamic world has been obsessed with for centuries. Those 70 scholars who penned the Septuagint, as it is called, gave identity to the abrahamics.
    One area of deep significance, hiding in plain sight, is the discipline of Gematria. Gematria is Hellenic to the core, and was at the centre of cosmology and philosophy. Today, it continues in a debased form, biblical numerology. Biblical numerology differs from all other forms only by being biblical.
    The gospels are no more a pure abrahamic statement than any other aspect of them which has been examined. Simply put, the abrahamics are cobbled together from a variety of previous traditions. These form a hybrid which obscures from which source the genuine traditions arose, thus providing an illusion of an extant abrahamic history.
    The Hybrid honestly claims no essential purity, as it's roots lie in often oppositional sources. However, this chameleon nature does at first make it appear to call upon authority, because it can be many things to many people who do not peer at it's foundations.

  7. VT?

    old duffers done nothing for years

    remembering the glory days

    why we recruit the young

    for our schemes

    said this one must follow

    directed by him

    church I see

    history of his church

    rescue operation

    Gospel I see

  8. Forever Risen, Forever Received

    Like a column of smoke by day, and a pillar of fire by night, let it burn until nothing is left, except the whitest ash, in the chalice of the Triple Flame.

  9. I walk out into the night, balmy and gritty. The moths are poor fliers, they bounce off me, eager to fulfill the destiny they don't understand. To all appearances, everything seems normal, except for the underlying expectation, an almost palpable sense of waiting for the curtain to fall, the actors to come on stage for the applause.
    One can feel the strain below the surface, trying not to notice all the lives that fizzle out, like the moths, bouncing off things they are barely aware of.
    Much of the impact of the current lockdown is economic. Largely unseen and forgotten, the economic levers used by the banks and their pet governments had stopped working long before the lockdown. The process of maintaining a fictional economy through failure went unnoticed, with the winners being the most politically correct failures of all.
    There is no road back to a better normal, because there never was a better normal, certainly not since the turn of the millennium.
    The fictional economy could only buy a little time.
    There are roads ahead, but every one of them will be painful, due to the fact that every single one entails returning to the limitations of this Earth. It will be a grand reversal. From dreaming of raping the planetary mineral wealth of the solar system, to the reinvention of steam technology.
    There is no political answer, no ideology to lead into this new dawn, although many pretenders will try. The seeds of the new way have yet to be discovered, and discovered they will be, for all good mystics know our thoughts are not our own.
    All this is inevitable now. The stories of man mastering the cosmos, demoting god to a pathetic existence, were just overactive egos on the drugs of speculation and success.
    On a deeper level, much more is being required of humanity. She is not always a nice mother, and She too is being taken to task. It has to be this way, although man could lobby for terms.
    We would do well to remember and release our personal histories, to lighten up our core awareness and surf the massive way of change.

  10. VT published article on Keshe and his GANS generator which can be built at home its no more complicated that science experiment you soak an ordinary paper mask in GANS liquid, kills viruses, also drink the water as cure. Iran and China use it.

  11. My dearest Jack and his even more dearest readers, if you attend a Trump rally you should wear this as Mr. Duff clearly told us we are at war.

    Do you remember that video I posted about that fixed gear rider in NY City?

    He did risk assessment as he wore a bicycle helmet.

    On Wisconsin public bicycle trails I don't helmet up….

    Well, if you decide to enter a combat zone…..

  12. Jack,

    This is for my favorite boomer power couple:

    They are selling a high quality carbon mask with top shelf filters for 125 dollars as this is a bargain and its a fucking gas mask for the indoor covid environments.

    I could make bank in the cycling community however, they are a bunch of privileged white asshats that need a kick in the neathers….

    I could pedal my bicycle on my high end training rides with this mask on without a problem. Looking at it for cold weather cycling.

    Consider this a professional courtesy…..

  13. MK,

    There is a silver lining here as the police will harass white people for not wearing the mask in those Democratic states that have insane governors like Wisconsin has.

    In Wisconsin the mask is only enforced in Democratic counties. The mask and its related nonsense will put tRump back in for a second term as all here know my opinion of that orange blob.

    Whites and blacks should unite upon defunding the police.

  14. Images of a smirking Bill Gates. Few remember his threat from when he started out; He was going to get even with everyone once he made it big. Now the great lover of people is proposing a vaccine. He says openly it will do much harm, words that fall on the unhearing masses. Fear, terror makes them deaf.
    Fear of what?
    Agitation. Tension. Hysteria. The goddesses of media black magic.
    Deeper than this lie the energies that the parasite media devours to cook up their evil brew.
    The fear because all is melting, nothing solid to hold onto, time seems so impersonal, as the floor flows away.
    No such thing as mercy in the world, unless humanity makes it so.

  15. well this corona thing is going to end my job and the rest of my family members jobs…everything worked hard for will be buried and possibly gone. what then? do not want to go back to where things were before however i guess sage of quay is right – focus on the individual journey. hard to be hopeful with pending loss of so much.

  16. We're going to do Defund the Police, stand by, but I must warn everyone we don't write in MSM talking points. If I don't know a subject better than everyone else it makes no sense for me to write about it, someone else can do it better, this one here I know better than everyone else…

  17. Very few can understand the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler. Most are buried gasping under tons of orchestrated lies. The rest are left guessing in a world that celebrates and exonerated their hate. A very few realize the significance of opposing the Abrahamic demongod, but only a few.

  18. The globalist takedown of America has been heralded and celebrated in all kinds of globalist Intel drops over the decades. It's actually rather easy to discover that the globalists really do hate your freedom, hate your genuineness, hate your honesty. This makes professional liars like Soros and Bloomberg a rallying point for those who empty souls will congregate for any dishonor.
    A number of years ago a wise woman said she was done with trying to help others see that the time of the earth changes was nigh. She instead followed her own path. It was between her and the higher power. As a woman of wisdom she worked to stave off death, but as a spiritual being she understood her circle was small.

  19. You might be aware that the separation point between myself and VT was the murder by the FBI of Lavoy Finnicum. VT took the position that $10/lbs. Hamburger was somehow the result of people who refused to live in a neocommunist bubble, and for this heinous situation, Mr. Finnicum was murdered in cold blood.
    You may think I'm joking. I am not joking.
    Unfortunately for the people who need to live self willed lives, the globalist agenda, of which the political left is the idiot stepchild, will resort to murder in order to expand their agenda.
    I can't tell you how many times shooting irons had to clear leather in order to impress upon demented leftists the seriousness of their actions. I got to read all about how these operatives were wonderful heroes on VT, how murderous maniacs are good people as long as they kill for the globalists.
    I attempted to steer things to a better direction, but I simply did not have it any more. I don't know why SHE brought me back from that death bed, at this point it seems simply to inflict more torture. Fine, I said, I don't have what it takes to reach the Aeon, I don't have any hopes left. When the time comes to fight to the end I aim to do so with the stalwart bravery that will be a credit to the ancestors.
    I realized then that VT was not my people. Other events, especially the staffing of maniacal Abrahamic writers who couldn't tell the truth, and who couldn't understand my words, made me walk away.
    One example; a VT writer who will go unnamed stated that Thomas Aquinas proved the existence of the Christian God. Well, if you actually bother to review Aquinas, you find that he said if one has faith, then one is convinced of God's existence. This turns out to be an apology for the church, rather than any kind of statement regarding the order of the cosmos.
    Such blatant misrepresentation made it clear that VT was serving another agenda, besides the one championed by enlightenment values.
    If one finds value in association with VT these days, then pax vobiscum, but for myself, those days have vanished with the globalist takedown they so fervently celebrate.

  20. Jack,

    What is the name of the "male" version of "Karen" Why back in the 70's those of us racing bicycles called the slow old fat guys Fred with the mirror on their bikes. Always looking behind and not looking forward and cowering behind the mask.

    I dub them "Fred" as Fred and Karen make a perfect couple.

    Karen of course will call the cops on you for any "mask" violation on the bike trail.

    Is this bazarro world or what?

  21. Well Jack,

    I hear the Madison Wi police have bike cops on the bike trails enforcing the mask mandate in Dane county.

    My bicycle is currently undergoing a drive train upgrade and should be done soon.

    Plan on running the checkpoint and making the fat ass cops chase me on my 16lb gravel racing bike. Cops have 50lb bikes.

    Should be fun.

    Black lives matters is of course correct as we need to defund the police….

  22. MK,

    My dear Hitler pal saw my comment on VT.

    I said "please get the vaccine when it comes out for covid and don't be selfish with the mask and please be a good boy and put it on"

    He fucking he…

  23. Masks.
    What is interesting, although interesting isn't really the word, more like fixated, is the manner in which the mask issue is being used.
    There is nothing about the mask issue that is rational, in terms of its relationship to health. Yet what does occur is a strike against individuality, against uniqueness, and certainly against any who might consider alternatives.
    Masks have become a barometer for the degree of control exercised by the media, and it's directors. Indeed, the demands by the increasingly moronic populace, for all to conform to the mask speaks volumes about the level of development of humanity.
    In the pre-abrahamic world, humanity was not what one was born into. It was what one had the potential to achieve. It was widely understood that humanity had nothing to do with one's starting point…it had everything to do with what one did with it to attain higher wisdom, and embody higher qualities.
    The enemies of humanity work against all movement towards higher functioning, and in essence block the natural flow of consciousness towards higher functioning states.
    We find this signature quite openly directly upon the mask issue.
    Firstly, masks issue that challenge to adopt a regressive and fear based norm. There is no room for articulation, and thus examination of the mask demand. Pressure is constantly brought to bear for complete conformity to rule the day, pressure kept up via threats, herd mentality tactics, that claim to rationality, whilst being unable to demonstrate this claim.
    The given effects of masks include a powerful conditioning, to accept that the plandemic is something exactly as terrorising as the media makes it up to be.
    What we have here is B.F. Skinners' Operant Conditioning on a massive scale. Cognitive scientists are already aware that humans don't live in a reality, just an interpretation of it. The callous manipulation of the symbol of the mask, is a key part to achieve this conditioning.
    I once had higher hopes for humanity, yet it appears the ancients were correct all along: without the necessary development of higher faculties, humans are just another herd animal ruled by deep, primitive drives.

  24. You capitalized the G in Grim….makes me pause. Who or Whom might make such a spell? Undo the spell.

  25. As Mr. Duff just told you
    As we told you three weeks ago in Manufacturing dissent
    As even Michael Savage, Trumps most intelligent supporter is now saying on the radio; DONALD TRUMP NO LONGER COMMANDS THE MILITERY!!!
    This is a spell, a very Grim spell.
    There is one way out, a counter spell:
    Robert Kennedy Jr.

  26. I am not truly opposed to abrahamics. I would be quite happy to have my existence separate from them, and coexist with a DMZ between us.
    The truth is that this is impossible to achieve. Abrahamics can no more leave me to my own, than a glutton can conserve calories. I have taken at times extreme measures to extricate myself from their maniacal clutches. I lived with no running water or electricity, maintaining 100+ year old structures with hand tools, and once I achieved a certain state, the deranged acolytes of the material God found me and were single mindedly determined to take away everything I had nurtured. So many lies. So many confrontations with warped retardos who had to have everything I sweated over, everything I bled over.
    In their mindless stupid open mouthed groaning greed, they were the leeches who enabled an agenda their feeble faculties devoured and made their own. Thence the agenda betrayed their shallow baying freak show, and they were mad. Now these acolytes of the demon claim I troll them. No, I do not troll them, but if they ever come to me again without the power structure to enforce their mindless destructive selfish munching, they will discover the truth of their limitation.
    My heart burns, and with this smoldering fury I will to the end of my days be true to my calling.
    I was not placed here to build roads for self aggrandizing perverts and grandstanding empty headed crooks who can't tell the difference between food and poison.
    The time of the abrahamics is reaching its fullest extent, flying as high as it could before it comes crashing down, with all the funny shaped heads screaming the same tone before the impact.
    The long awaited time of change is here, it didn't have to take on this demented air, it didn't have to be so retarded, but it is, and it is because the great weight of consciousness wants it's bye. It's not going to grasp the energy dynamic, because it would rather pretend things are different, that nothing at all is required.
    The story of faith is this story, and it is forcing all consciousness to ride on the same stupid bus, until it is forced to realise and evoke its deepest truths, something it is absolutely loath to do.
    Fuck the abrahamics. No one needs their tour.
    After the destruction and double talk, after the misdirection and set ups, after the railroading and psychopathy, perhaps at least some of us can get back to living.

  27. To avoid the mask and ultimatly forced vaccines

    we simply must put tRump back in for a second term

    vote all other republicans out

    as all here are aware of my opinion of the donald

    as the hunt begins

    the mask will become key in this election

    the planing on all of this is way the fuck above my paygrade

    we need to reinterpret the scriptures

  28. Lesbianism is black goo as I observed it up close and personal with in my Evangelical family as Evangelicals are opposed to it vehemently!

    Lesbianism has been forced on to our culture as I believe its a curse as look at Black Lives Matters, created by lesbians to disrupt our culture as it is not intended to create peace but war.

    Am I opposed to abrahamic religion like our dearest MK? I choose to live and thrive in the culture I have been placed in by no choice of my own as however, as jack told me, spots on animals allow one to hide or hunt. As I change my spots as the situation allows….

  29. There is one huge difference between an explanation that reduces the awe and paralysis, and that which purports to be the right answer.
    When one wanders across self willed land, one is immediately confronted with their world view. One realizes they bring it with themselves, like a favourite suit of clothes.
    Beneath the dome of the heavens, ones own constant stream of thought screens out the subtle sounds of the land. This rally point is an essential feature of our walk through this life.
    The emergence of consciousness identity is subtle work, the colour of a wildflower nestled in a recondite enclosure.
    A primary reason for cutting people off from the experience of this natural world is the advancement of agendas that oppose it.

  30. What does it mean to live in an abrahamic world?
    Simply put, that reality, the sum of experience, is interpreted and assigned meaning according to the abrahamic system of ordering the cosmos.
    If we look around, we can easily observe this phenomenon at work both in every day life, and in the deepest expectations and fears that are given air.
    Abrahamics are characterized primarily by a complex set of rules intended to direct human behavior, featuring a painfully simplified Hellenic cosmos.
    Unique in religions, abrahamics have no native mysticism, and where some form of mysticism exists, it was imported from older, pre-abrahamic traditions. A good example here is Sufism.
    This lack of native mysticism, a reliance upon rules that regulate thought, belief, and action, together with a simple metaphysics have been the core system in regulating, organizing, and identifying the modern world.
    It is abrahamic beliefs which determine for the vast majority how events are described, communicated, and awarded significance. This type of lens through which life is given meaning is so familiar that for most it isn't even noticed.
    That the abrahamic world view is an inseparable part of Transhumanism, of Globalism, in regards to conceptual, cognitive, and imaginative directions is then beyond doubt.
    It is a grave error to conclude that lack of consensus equates to a lack of breadth of Abrahamic dominance, simply because abrahamic history is defined by it becoming it's own opposition.
    Ultimately, the crimes of the abrahamics continue to inflict severe wounds upon the planet and people. In fact, it is the jettisoning of effective mystical experience that directly shapes the replacement of knowledge with emotional states.
    The hatred towards "the other" is an essential abrahamic feature, required to create the sense of embattlement that distinctly characterizes the abrahamic experience.
    We find this complex as a central feature in the mythological thinking of both transhumanism and globalism.
    It might be possible for the abrahamics to take the reins of their demented stepchildren, but in order for them to do so, they must develop a level of honesty and identity that is entirely new.
    Most likely, the abrahamics will externalize the features of globalism and transhumanism, and seek to divorce themselves from both, or will simply cave to their wishes. Some actionable form of both can be expected.
    Those who find comfort and opportunity in the arms of globalism and transhumanism also find a deep familiarity in the colour and taste of the trappings of this world. Abrahamics are in love with the idea that they define reality, and in defining it, seek to escape it.

  31. Lot of MK ULTRA shit in Billie Eillish video clips and you know she claims she can see into the future and see her own death by stabbing, she claims she knows who will kill her. Sound normal to you? From vigilant citizen: "The video begins with a guy sleeping and waking up in terror. Before he goes back to sleep, he says “Billie”, as if it was the name of the demon he just saw. Billie then appears under the bed, with all-black eyes. She starts singing about horrific things. In an interview, Billie stated that the video has something to do with the concept of sleep paralysis. Most people who experience this phenomenon feel an “evil presence” around them. For this reason, it is often referred to as “a demon in the bedroom”. In bury a friend, Billie is the demon."

  32. Zen,

    My daughter's fav "artist" is Billie Eilish as I will show her this and ask her about it. She is her mother's daughter and a smart, sharp strong and I might add a stunningly beautiful young woman.

    And soft core porn? Have you been around the internet? Real porn is a click away as who needs soft porn. I think that body image is used especially against young women to promote lesbianism as Just my observation. If you are a beautiful and normal woman you should be ashamed. That is the message I am seeing as of course I am probably wrong on that…

  33. Thanks Orage,

    Perhaps the 5g nonsense is a divide and conquor strategy? Above my paygrade as I don't live in a bunker and plan bullshit….

  34. It would not surprise me Nine. My Grandma was very heavy into the metaphysics of Christian Science, dis-ease as sickness of the mind, and self-healing. She was initiated by her mother and passed it on to her daughters. Quite remarkable for the upheaval of the twenties and thirties of last century


    The above link is from a bible thumper on the mask. He is a Doctor and is reading from 17 peer reviewed studies showing how mask wearing will not prevent Corona virus as they don't care about science but control.

    I assure you the American revolt will start in the Evangelical Churches as friends and family are already divided upon this issue. Next on the agenda? Mandatory vaccines as the mask is just to soften up the resolve for the coming battle over the corona mandatory vaccine. Just an opinion but my Evangelical family is fired up over this issue. My Evangelical Princess provided that video above.

    She is Evangelical royalty and the matriarch of the extended family as the Church is governed by strong women as many of you probably don't know that but its a fact.

    Her family? back over a hundred years not getting vaccines or other medical nonsense. We are vaccine rebels and have been for a long time.

  36. The truth of vibrant, living mythology is revealed through the experience of living that mythology. Currently, the unimaginative English language conflates myth with fiction, yet we know, or at least those who read this blog know, that fiction can reveal truth.
    Humanity is currently undergoing a rite of passage so significant that it truly will determine if humanity is going to continue. I have written this previously, words I do not type lightly.
    Currently, the enemies of humanity have largely seized power in the human sphere, working through proxies that have willingly surrendered their humanity as food to the enemies. It is now that these proxies are springing their trap, though the proxies neither comprehend or accept their actual role. In the end it is entirely unnecessary for the proxies to grasp their role, only that they play it out, which they are certainly doing, with aplomb. These enemies present humanity with a survival problem that quite literally requires a significant stretch from humanity to solve. This survival problem revolves most centrally around identity as a centre of consciousness, rather than any diminished form that we might realize.
    Essentially, diminished identity is a form of control and suppression, whilst consciousness identity is a form of hyper intense realization.
    Put into more pedestrian terms, humanity will either evolve, or it will be annihilated via its most dysfunctional element…it's current leadership.
    It should be no surprise to anyone who has read anything I've written that the abrahamic complex is essential to bringing humanity to this junction.
    Of course the virus is man made, Yes, the purpose of this is to advance the transhumanist agenda, which is based on a fictitious assumption of marriage between what is living, and what is not. Yes, this is the walking paper for globalism, and yes, they all want to believe they can escape the human condition through a series of mass suicide events that will enable them to merge into that marriage.
    No one here has much choice in this. The proxies are going to advance this agenda. They have the economic, political, and media power to prosecute the suicide, and they are spiritually empowered to do just that.
    Perhaps now we can begin to understand just how important it is for humanity to bring qualities into existence that only humanity can bring.
    If there is a bright side, it is that humanity can indeed make the requisite leap.
    If there is anything to take away from this episode of London Real, is is that the Light is rising to meet the dark.
    We really do live in Gnostic times.

  37. The attacking entity "Ben," in the video's comments, is the classic description of a electro-magnetic djinn that has become conscious on the social media world wide web. Personally, I could be sucked in to this swirling energy drain when he refers to the D.O. as a D.C., cracktorpractor. Destroy the character, destroy the man. I could easily start using cursing "earth N-word language," in that battle. I watched a Thomas Sheridan recent video, were he was stating how all this has been pre-programmed and at this point with the economy, the "normies," will begin to start committing suicide, as a self inflicting means of population reduction.
    I have pasted below information about how there is a very great possibility of this whole hard earth drive will have to be wiped clean due to its infection of an incurable virus that has shut down the system. 2029/2036 493. The meteor mentioned in the prophecies, which proves to be of enormous size and will cause most severe destructions on the Earth, and which threatens to bring, aside from climatic and tectonic changes also additional changes, will threaten to split the crust of the Earth from the present-day North Sea down to the Black Sea, which, however, does not have to occur with certainty, because certain factors speak against this. Quetzal:
    497. You know very well, that this will be the case and that we are not allowed to halt this event.
    498. The cosmic powers have pre-programmed this event, which could only be stopped or prevented by Earth humanity themselves.
    499. In their materialistic and misled disunity and in their megalomania, however, they disregard all warnings and prophecies, so that which is going to happen is probably inevitable, as an admonition and punishment, if you want to see it that way.

  38. …technology is given to religious ZEAL…
    This device regularly changes what I write. I've attempted to disable this function, but it is apparently automated.
    Yes, technology is the stuff of religion, and Scientism is right there with all the hype, and no substance.
    The condition of humanity can be summed up as a small light swallowed in ignorance.

  39. Apparently, if one doesn't have a facebook account, one cannot watch the video. That said, I'm actually unable to ignore this debate, because it is repeatedly surfacing in my life.
    We have some real problems, in the way the Western world views technology, and in the way technology is adopted. Further, technology is given to religious seal, and the perspective of many is that technology is the whiz kid that will solve all our delimas…which is the card carrying application of Scientism.
    Lest we take the stance that everything has to do with perception, technology is very much of an intrinsic cog to both the financial and political systems. Thus it has to feed the profit motive, and be actionable in society.
    What technology has never had to do, is demonstrate safety or efficacy. After all, in a large 5G meeting last year the FCC stated that it wasn't there to guarantee the health of the American people, thus once again affirming this modus operandi.
    In a climate such as this it is a foregone conclusion that the right questions, and the honest answers, will be kept far away from the implementation process.
    DNA, RNA, genes introduced directly into the human body in concert with electric shocks. What could go wrong? Obviously, a non pandemic is in dire need of yet another industry benefit package to help everyone feel better.
    The gates foundation is all over this tech, because the same guy who can't wait to reduce the human population to numbers he considers appropriate, cares so much for humanity.
    This really is a circus of the criminally insane.
    "…Science keeps making the same mistakes,
    But Uncle Sam's on Mars.
    And no one knows how to apply the brakes,
    But Uncle Sam's on Mars!"

  40. Jack,
    Been lurking around here for quite some time and find your work here, and the commentary generated thereof very intriguing. have you heard of youtube-dl? a tool for copying vidieos from youtube before they get dissapeared. it works on linux and windows, Facebook is something to stay as far away from as possible, they lodge evil little piece's of code on your hard drive that are very difficult to eradicate..if oyu put a fram air filter from a chevy 350 on zuckerburgs head he would look like Data evil brother…

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