Post-Apocalyptic Nutrition


You all need to start facing some facts, this here is what’s called an Apocalypse in Greek. Only a fool would think anything is ever going to be the same again. Every religious text ever written told you this was coming. Technically apocalypse, although it does carry connotations of biblical destruction, means Revelation. I don’t know how many are going to survive to learn the revelations secret but if I had my way it wouldn’t be to many that’s for sure. 


Accepting the predicate of the “black goo” is unavoidable at this point. Common sense is an anachronism as we lurch around in our masks in a ship crewed by devils. We are infected and we will not make port until we purge the pathogen. Oil cleanups are a bitch and Google has infected most of the world with their greasy slime. But as predicted by the Georgia Guide-stones there will be some who survive this. 


The guide stones were composed by what Aleister Crowley called “Rascally Rosicrucian’s,” I call them other things far less flattering. Crowley has broken all their spells and replaced them with his own, but Crowley’s most influential book is The Book of Lies. Orage and I haven’t lied to you yet, and never will. We’re going to put up our own guide stones right here in cyber-space in hope that like everything else we have thus far covered it will work itself into the collective consciousness. 


One merely just has to visit the local Walmart to observe firsthand the evolutionary decline of the human form. Man may very well have been created in gods image but for most after nineteen it’s all down hill till they look like they have been created in the image of a rotten fruit. Good genetics are imperative but after that maintaining vigorous good health is contingent on a few other things, one of those being diet. 


We would like to introduce Mario Rolando​ as our in-house dietician and nutritionist. This one is for free but in the future, they will be published only on our Patreon page. Mario is also on Facebook and available, at a fee of course, only Orage & I work for free, for consultations. Have a read I am sure you will be as impressed as I was… 

Mario Rolando: On The Principles of Nutrition


Throughout generations we’ve been fed food which for all intents and purposes is deficient in minerals at best and poisonous at worst. “Problems of old age” have been normalized, one of the reasons people are so afraid of old age is because associated images of disease, constant pain, loss of memory, a weaker body, a cane or a wheelchair. 


We are told these conditions are inevitable and that we should do things to prevent that from happening, like avoiding junk food, quit drinking, and quit smoking and hit the gym. While these things do help somewhat, we can still see millions of people who are diseased, fat, lazy, can’t sleep or are unable to rest. We even see cases of people who were the embodiment of what is typically considered Health contract weird diseases all of a sudden. Doctors are baffled and give out treatments which ease at first yet make things worse in the long run. Next thing you know even these people get the chemo, the insulin, or the hemodialysis. 


I’ll tell you a very important fact you have to burn into your heads: The world at large has a seriously messed up problem of malnutrition. The images you see coming out from Africa are just the very extreme, but in the West malnutrition has become the norm and most of the time is being passed as healthy. It is one of the main reasons as to why despite all the so called progress and much better hygiene than other periods in history, we seem to be getting more and more diseases, chronic and acute all the same.


What about weight loss? We have people and so called nutritionists all over the world obsessed with calories, giving out diets which leave their clients unsatisfied, feeling hungry the whole time. On the surface it seems to work just fine, but it comes at a tremendous effort and next to insane regiments, eat a little bit and then hit the gym. No wonder people struggle to maintain it long term engaging in battles of restraint.


The real concern shouldn’t be calories, but the nutrients the body needs to keep functioning properly. What good is it to lose weight because we eat a little bit and then force our bodies to burn the fat it has a stored in an attempt to not drop dead? 

The fact of the matter is our diet is composed of food which has been compromised in one way or another, from dirty chemicals or inorganic minerals which have no place in our bodies to foods which will wreck our insulin levels, there are some things which despite being edible will inevitably cause us harm. 


So what’s one of the keys for health improvement and even efficient and sustainable weight loss? WHOLESOME FOODS.


Let’s begin at the basic foundation of it all: There are two types of minerals in nature, those which are inorganic and those which are organic. Inorganic minerals are those which come directly from the soil while Organic minerals are those which are found in living things like plants and animals. Our bodies are only capable of processing the Organic minerals while the Inorganic ones will inevitably poison our bodies or cause an accumulation of sediments in places like our joints.


Things like multivitamins and so called medicine are very high in inorganic minerals so their long term use brings more pain than relief. What about those meds that come from fully organic minerals you may ask? While they may be preferable to meds with inorganic minerals, we still have a big problem, it is not Wholesome, meaning the components which are deemed to be the active principles of a plant will be isolated and isolated compounds can and will cause damage long term. As far as I know, to this day no one knows (or at least no one has come forward to shed light) how the other compounds found in a plant serve as buffers rendering the plant harmless for humans. 


Take aspirin for instance, is it well documented how it came about from isolating compounds found in Willow Bark, yet if anyone becomes a frequent user of Aspirin they risk things like strokes or gastrointestinal bleeding, whereas taking a Wholesome Willow Bark will never cause harm, not unless you start taking over exaggerated doses, yet a daily aspirin for long periods of time can give you even heart disease… yet it doesn’t stop at meds or multi vitamins, we also have them in supplements, protein shakes and worse of all in the Fortified Foods. That’s right when you eat anything which is fortified, you are effectively consuming inorganic minerals and thus harming your body. Only Plants are able to process inorganic minerals.


So what to do? Stick to Natural Law and try to consume Organic Minerals only which come exclusively from Wholesome Foods, never consume isolated compounds. So what kind of foods should I eat you may ask? Let’s explore the general principles which will provide benefits like losing weight and sustain your ideal weight long term, improve your health and even reverse diseases which are supposed to be impossible to reverse.


Simplifying the matter, our bodies can use two sources of fuel: Glucose and Fat, out of the two it is accepted even by the mainstream that Fat provides twice (at least) the amount of energy than Carbohydrates/Glucose does. So out of those two Fat is the more efficient source of fuel.


Yet we are told that all fats should be avoided or minimized when one wants to become healthier or lose weight. Low fat intake brings a lot of side effects which can only harm the body, things like inflammation, mental problems, cancer, etc.

The fact of the matter is that losing weight and excess body fat is overly complicated because people keep pumping insane levels of glucose/carbohydrates into their bodies, not only that but such intake contains very little to zero nutrients. Since the body has to put up with such excessive quantities it prioritizes the burning of glucose, if glucose starts to run out it proceeds to burn fat as a source of energy. Yet in a culture where people consume such excess of carbs, then body seldom gets the chance to burn fat, as a consequence the very first symptom is excess weight and eventually obesity and along the way a body more prone to disease and a myriad of chronic conditions. One of the reasons why people crave sweet food so badly is because they usually have a deficiency in Potassium or Magnesium and many times they lack both. 


The problem doesn’t stop at high carbs, on top of that one has to add things like fortified foods (inorganic minerals), food preservatives, additives and who knows what else… furthermore we have to add the probability of those foods having even fewer nutrients when they go through a heat process, so at the end we are eating products which are extremely high in glucose or carbs and which have very little nutritional value no matter what the label says.


Now, should we entirely avoid carbohydrates? No, even vegetables have carbohydrates and besides some exceptions they tend to possess lows carbs which then become even fewer if one considers the amount of fiber they contain. What we should avoid are foods which are extremely high in glucose which in turn are next to dead in terms of nutrients. When your body is able to burn glucose efficiently then it will start burning fat next.


So the very simplified “formula” is low carbs/low glucose and high fats & oils.

Now let’s get into what should be avoided:


Dairy of all kind, that includes yoghurt, even the so called natural one. Dairy has a myriad of problems, if we talk about the commercial products there are issues like Insulin Growth Hormone, which is used to force cows to produce more milk at faster rates, that hormone will inevitably end up in your body and in turn can cause a lot of problems to arise and even make pre-existing conditions way worse than before. Then we have Lactose which is basically a kind of sugar, if anyone is in the habit of consuming dairy daily then that Lactose will accumulate and begin to cause insulin related issues; what about lactose-free milk? Even worse since most of them extract the natural Lactose and replace it with a synthetic one. The other problem with Dairy is Casein which is an adhesive so to simplify matters, the casein found in dairy will make the toxins in your body become stuck, making the process of elimination way harder than it should be; Casein is especially troublesome for people with Asthma. 


If you can’t take the plunge, then take out milk completely and consume cheese and butter moderately, I said butter, avoid margarine like the plague because it’s even worse. Ideally if you still consume cheese and butter they should be organic. Goat cheese is preferable to cow cheese.


Salt of any kind or to be more precise, Sodium Chloride. Yeah this may be a tough one, but your body will welcome the change. The problem is that this is an inorganic mineral so besides the well-known side effects of excessive consumption, it can also form sediments in various parts of the body. If you must, then stick to sea salt and use is sparingly. You can get your organic sodium from other sources and if you get creative you may come up with superb substitutes of salt in terms of flavour and nutrition. 


Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda. Despite what many may say about its benefits, they are only short term because this is an inorganic mineral, it has no place in our bodies. If you really have nothing else at hand then use it as a quick fix, but never rely on this thing for long term use, it can only poison when its use is prolonged. There are things which will do a much better job than Baking Soda which cause no harm, feed, and actually go to the cause of a problem.


Some of the worst things one can eat: Potatoes, Soybeans and Rice. Avoid them like the plague, oh but what about Brown Rice? Avoid it like the plague, Wild Rice? Same answer. These 3 things while edible have extremely high carbs even the ones which are not processed. So long term consumption will inevitably cause many problems. What’s worse is that one of these or a combination of them are staples of many countries and have become the cultural standard of many cuisines around the world, these 3 foods also cause nutrient deficiencies which is one of the reasons why you’ll find fortified products, but we already know what happens when we eat fortified foods. Obviously you should also avoid by-products of these things.


No grains nor their by-products, so things like sorghum, corn, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, coffee, etc. In broad terms some of them contain gluten which do cause harm long term, it’s not just a hipster trend. What about whole grains? No; we have two types of whole grains: Those which are called whole because of marketing campaigns and those which are actual whole grains.


The commercial ones and their by-products besides being riddled with chemicals go through Dry Heat Processing which leaves whatever nutrients those grain may have possessed at very low levels, then depending on what by product you are consuming things go from worse to worst; suppose you are having bread which is made with flour which came out from a refinement process out of these dry heated grains and then to this bread you add things like sugar. You know effectively have consumed a time bomb, tasty as it may be.


What about Gluten Free Grains? While some grains do not contain Gluten from the get go and while it can be eliminated in things like wheat, they still contain other compounds which are harmful like Glyphosate if we talk commercial ones, but even if you eliminate glyphosate and gluten and their associated problems, that makes the carbs on grains go even higher so you will still end with multiple inflammatory conditions and put on weight and on top of this you also have to consider for how long things like wheat flour were stored for, it usually goes through a process of oxidation which reduces nutrients even further. So ideally one should be Grain-Free.


No canned food, besides all the issues I have previously described you have to add the fact the cans are made of aluminum which will inevitably detach particles with will enter into the food. Those particles are inorganic minerals and in the case of aluminum it can cause neurological diseases to name one of the issues. You should also avoid processed juice, the stuff you find at supermarkets which passes as orange juice or any other type go through pasteurization which kills off many of the fruits nutrients so you end up with very low minerals and a ton load of carbs, sugars, preservatives and what not.


You shouldn’t be eating refined sugar of any kind; it is one of the key components in poisoning the body and one of the causes for chronic disease not to mention weight gain. Check out how many sugar canes are needed to come up with just a teaspoon of refined sugar. You can check a video on how sugar is made, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you are eating some sort of construction material. If you must sweeten something it is preferable that you use things like unpasteurized honeybee, Liquorice Root or even the damn juice directly from the sugar cane in moderation. When excessive levels are present your immune system will also be compromised since it will be busy trying to eliminate it from the system and if you keep eating more and more the strain on your body will reach insane levels. This one of the reasons as to why people can’t sustain weight loss long term.


You should also be careful with products which claim to have no sugar, while most of the time it is true they don’t use refined sugar they tend to use sweeteners which are even worse, like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, etc. and many times these sugar free products also mess with the metabolic rate.


If you are taking meds of any kind, then pepper of any kind should be avoided. Pepper by itself causes no harm and it is one of the best foods, but it has the capacity to amplify the effects of other foods and when it comes to meds it amplifies their side effects. So pepper only after cutting out meds and some time has passed where they have been eliminated from the body.


Eggs: I mean the commercial white ones you can find everywhere, take them long enough and don’t be surprised if you get cancer. A bit of research on how chickens are made to produce so many eggs should inevitably lead you to that conclusion.

Now let’s get into what one should eat:


Vegetables of any kind with the exception of those I mentioned before or those with high carbs like those orange pumpkins, but your greens should be the staple. These ideally should be eaten raw, no exceptions or steamed at the most. The more you heat veggies the more they lose their properties so if you are going to make some soup try to not let it boil. You should be eating plenty of these veggies in terms of quantity and variety, some would argue 5 to 7 cups a day are what should be consumed, feel free to juice some of them if chewing is too much of a hassle. Legumes will be expanded in another paragraph, they are vegetables, but there are other factors to consider.


Fruits should be consumed occasionally and in season. Fruits do have nutrients, but they also contain fructose which in excess will cause problems for the liver. If we talk commercial fruit there is a problem there in the sense that they have been going through selective processes where they keep getting sweeter and sweeter, thus eating high quantities will prove troublesome. As a general rule of thumb you always eat way more veggies than fruit. Although as far as I know there are 4 exceptions which can virtually be eaten “without limit”: Avocado, Lemon, Tomato and Coconut, as usual they have to be Wholesome. So if you are eating big bowls of fruit every day, you are doing it wrong and will also have trouble dropping weight.


Legumes should be consumed, but in small quantities since their nutrients are very concentrated, if we eat too much too often we risk problems like renal conditions or digestive ones. A good measurement I’ve found from my personal experience and with clients is half a bowl one or two days a week at the most, one type or you can mix them. Now while Legumes are also considered vegetables, these are the exception for the way they should be consumed, if you eat them raw you will have trouble, the general recommendation is to soak them first and then cook them in water and a moderately high temperature. Sprouted are best.


Nuts are one of the best nutrient sources, but since they are very concentrated then only small quantities should be taken daily, I usually recommend 7 daily from a single type or a mix of them. Now nuts should ideally be free of salt (I mean the inorganic sodium) and should be germinated, if you manage to get them salt free and germinated (you can do it yourself) then have them daily. The ones I recommend the most are Walnuts, Pistachios –Which have the benefit of having a salty taste for those who find it hard to quit salt- and Almonds. Why sprouted? You get rid of the enzyme inhibitors and anti-nutrients that are present in them.



Eggs: Yeah not a mistake, you should be eating the eggs which come from properly fed chickens which are not being injected with who knows how many diseases, aren’t stressed and have a wide variety of food available to them. Eggs when properly laid, are one of the most complete nutrient sources you can find, just make sure they aren’t fertilised.


Oils and Fat, except those that came from the things you shouldn’t be eating. I can’t stress enough the paramount importance of fats and oils, if you are not consuming them in generous quantities then you are doing it very wrong especially since these changes will have your body use Fat for fuel. The only exceptions to the rule are those which are by-products or extracted from the things you should not eat, aside from that you’d have to research a bit more for some of the oils, Safflower oil for example will wreck someone who suffers from Hypertension, but will be great for someone who is relatively healthy. Word to the Wise: Never ever fry your food, not even when using proper oils, frying kills nutrients regardless if you use healthy stuff or not.


Distilled Water: Ideally the only kind of water that should be getting into your body, avoid tap water like the plague. Distilled Water is free from inorganic minerals and one of the real functions of water in the body is to be a medium in which organic minerals become soluble and thus arte able to reach whatever part of the body they are needed at. If you can’t get your hands on it, then I suppose bottled water is your best next option, although I’m not sure if that’s fluoridated in first world countries like their tap water, if they are then do everything to get distilled water or just make your own.


Red Meat, Chicken and Sea Food can still be eaten as long as they are not seasoned or eaten along with all the things you shouldn’t be putting in your body, but there are factors to consider: The ideal is to consume them organic; in the case of Red Meat you should be looking at grass or nut fed, chicken shouldn’t be given grains, I’m not really sure if they can process it just fine but even if that is the case those harmful things in grains will end up in your body and Sea Food ideally should come from the sea and not farms, although sea food may carry more risk of inorganic minerals. Avoid these animals if they are being fed with inorganic minerals, the problem is that even some of the best cared for cattle is given inorganic minerals to fortify them, so do your due research into the product you are buying.


Now I’d have to put more research and experience into the whole thing when it comes to the subject of meat, all the commercial processes aside I didn’t develop any sentimentalism for those animals and I think cattle is their function, but some would argue that consuming their meat and thus their blood (even if organic) can have some messed up consequences, not out of sentimental non sense, but as a part of a Natural Process, but again I’d need more time and experience to relay a good enough report on my findings. One thing is clear to me when it comes to chickens though: By virtue of Natural Law it is way more efficient to care for them and eat the eggs than to kill the chicken and eat it, a living healthy chicken will provide way more nutrients via their eggs than their meat, one could even establish an efficient system that considers Soil, Plants, Worms and Chickens.


As you may have deduced already, the ideal thing is to get these foods fully organic with no foreign chemicals or pesticides in them which also includes non GMO stuff.


Doing all these things as best as possible will yield great results and will also result in weight loss. Initially I recommend people to eat 3 times a day, the portions of their plates on the first and second meal should be generous and they should eat until they are satisfied, the third meal can be more relaxed, but then again it depends on the person.


What else is a great source of food and also medicine? If you paid attention to Jack’s and Orage pieces, then you did notice George Berkeley and his Miraculous Tar Water, now I never tried it but I’m sure it works the wonders attributed to it, but Tar Water is far from being the only thing out there capable of curing diseases, that kind of knowledge has been revealed to me.


I’ll just give the example of two herbs which you can use to aid you in providing nutrients as well as excellent aids in weight loss: Dandelion and Horsetail Grass. So if you are one of those who thinks Dandelion is a pest in your backyard and are actively pulling them out or pouring chemicals only to be left with grass which you cannot eat, then you are doing it very, very wrong. 


I prefer to take them in tea or if you want to get more technical, I prefer decoctions because they save time and get more nutrients out of these plants. Always use a stainless steel pot to make your decoctions or infusions, ideally use Distilled Water. Put the Wholesome Herb (no supermarket tea bags) into your pot, pour water, as soon as it boils decrease the intensity and simmer for 10 minutes although Horsetail may take up to 15 or 20 minutes since it is harder to draw out its nutrients, so I recommend chopping it into little pieces and cut them open, strain and enjoy. Preferably no sweeteners or use unpasteurized honey bee or a bit of Liquorice Root. As for the dose imagine you are using 1 or 2 tea bags, drink twice or thrice a day alternating them for 6 days a week, on the seventh day you don’t take any teas at all.


The subject of herbs is rich, figuratively, and literally, but that will perhaps be another topic on its own for another time, but a lot can be accomplished by applying the right knowledge. As the fake, but truthful quote attributed to Hippocrates says: “Let thy Medicine be your Food and let your Food be thy Medicine”. 


In general terms I’ve been able to relieve and even cure some diseases, even those who are supposed to be degenerative with only means to slow them down or chronic ones which are supposed to be only manageable until something goes very wrong, in one of those instance a client of mine who had a severe case of Gout was told he needed to have hemodialysis pronto or risk death, I applied this knowledge and he’s fine now, never had to go through that annoying procedure.

For the members on this page, realize something very important: Jack and Orage have touched on 3 very important Natural Laws: Frequency, Energy and Vibration, you need only re-read their pieces and observe how they play an important role in Reality Crafting. 


One of the reasons as to why food and its industry is so compromised at almost every conceivable level is because Food can and does affect Frequency, Energy and Vibration. Why do you think Hemp is illegal to possess while Datura can be hoarded by ton if one wishes to do so? There’s a lot at stake and even if you think you live in a false world, a simulation created by whoever, realize that Natural Law permeates everything and as such, provides the tools for you to implement the necessary changes.


 Jack Heart & Mario Rolando © 2020

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    No system is without shortcomings, yet there is no system left in the world that has the slightest sense of maturity and responsibility towards its people, certainly not the USA, which relentlessly attacks it's own population in an expression of sadistic psychopathy that only drug addicts and perverts can endorse.
    All of the crimes blamed on National Socialism were thoroughly tested and put to use by the self proclaimed good guys. You want to discuss death camps, biological warfare, human testing, ethnic cleansing? The good guys were there first and best.
    In fact, by the time the globalists manoevered the world into the second world war, they had enough control to force through anti-life policies on a wide variety of endeavors, including medicine and industry. WW2 provided globalists with the opportunity to top down engineer society through deception and murder, which is right out of the original commie playbook.
    I would urge readers here to reacquaint themselves with Jack and Orages' work concerning MK Ultra, because this program never ended, it just changed form.
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    This immediately removes the entire phenomenon of N.S. from the sphere of concrete politics, and places it into the realm of cosmic time. The significance of this is impossible to overestimate, because we are now dealing with forces that are far beyond the mental math of the modern mind.
    Of course, this also makes significant realizations and perspectives that cannot be controlled or diminished by the abrahamics, only destroyed by them.
    Most of know here that the primal forces of the cosmos are alive, and have their own will. Humanity, and it's path is deeply and intrinsically linked to these primal forces. In effect then, N.S. was the definitive movement of recognition of the human role in the cosmic waves of destiny.
    Communism, in contrast, is the chameleon that always adopts the most convenient outer form, whilst never changing its fundamental destroyer nature. For those who only see surfaces, labeling communism neoconservative, globalist, socialist, is akin to describing different things, and thus the essential nature, the deceptive destruction, is missed almost entirely.
    In the 1920s and 1930s, Communism in America was nurtured through it Utopian fantasy. It was fed to America in a time when the banking clan was eagerly stealing property, as foreseen by Jefferson. A time when 7 million Americans died of starvation, which witnessed the establishment of organized crime as a tool for political and economic control.
    I have already described the inherently abrahamic nature of Communism, and it is due to this profile that Communism so easily slides into modern society, hiding in plain sight, as it were.
    Now, in conclusion, National Socialism defeated Communism in Germany because National Socialism was not abrahamic, because it was moving in accord with cosmic forces and because it rode the invisible wave of destiny.
    In response to this, the abrahamics mounted the most unprecedented response of lies, deception, and crime to destroy the remembering and return the world to the dark abyss they glory in.
    The last saving grace of the abrahamics was tossed to the earth and defiled by nincompoops in 1917. We are all doomed to play out the result of placing faith and destiny in the hands of those who neither comprehend it, nor deserve it.
    We now have so much to look forward to, this long empty train, speeding into the dust.

  13. Thomas Sheridan is right on the money when he says don't be drawn in to the imperium and become an angry crusader and the best one can do in this world is rescue ones own and keep them safe!

    Maybe we cant remove them Jack as maybe we must remove ourselves and leave them their world?

  14. This website is using an iframe or other technology to include content and functionalities located on another website. We consider this suspicious. Most professional and large scale websites hardly ever do this.Many websites start their online business using a platform. These platforms often offer a free trial service where the name of the platform is part of the website's name. Examples are or Once set-up most webshop owners migrate their website to a domain of their own. In our experience websites who keep using the name of the platform are either not very serious or could be online scams. The rating of the websites was as a consequence reduced.Domain age
    20 Years, 9 Days

  15. Attention Mike, notice it was posted by an illiterate Abrahamic moron, who of course turned the comments off after he made his grunting appraisal of Sheridan. We would be perfectly happy to share this world with them, but they have proved over and over again that is not possible. The Abrahamic knows only one mode, that is attack, attack anything that will not take their word for gospel, even each other, since Jews Muslims and Christians are always at odds. Yes Olive Farmer this world can be transformed, simply by removing them…

  16. There are several aspects of National Socialism that cannot be examined due to a complete lock down upon it by the globalists, and their Pavlovian lackeys in key positions around the world. They lock it down because of several reasons, but certainly one of the most significant is fear. Should National Socialism be allowed to rise anew, the hegemony of the political, economic, criminal, and ideological network, most of which is completely opaque to the casual view, would be directly threatened. Why? Because by its very nature National Socialism is built upon the crux of the very issues that define the struggle of the human species, whilst globalism and globalists can only succeed through opposition of this struggle.
    The destructive nature of globalism finds a home in the violence and depravity of holding down human development. The best way, they reason, to prevent any threat to their positions and plans, is to reduce human activity to it's most basic physical forms.
    Any honest examination of this direction reveals it's basis in fear.
    Fear based systems are fundamentally abrahamic, as they condition the user to develop an opinion of the cosmos that is ultimately bereft of any value.
    Thus, Communism is at war with deep identity both in order to affirm the supremacy of the state, and it's leaders who are awarded an unearned godlike status. Thus the world of Communism is the abrahamic world in a very real, degenerative sense.
    The Frankfort School, a group of Communist ideologues who left Russia due to Stalin's determination to murder them, inserted themselves into higher education across America in the 1950s, bringing with them the messianic message of Communism to receptive ears. This is considered the watershed event, where treasonous forces began eroding the strength of the USA. This assessment is very, very wrong. The promotion of, and justification for Communism in the USA began with its very inception, as the primary financier of the Bolshevik hijack of the Russian revolution was Wall Street.
    What is always missed about Communism, is its inherent elitist and invasive nature.
    The attractive nature of Communism to globalists is directly related to its elitism and arrogance. For an example of this, one need only look at the structure of industry in modern China, and it's relationship to the Communist party.
    Indeed, the abrahamics can be equitably described as an anti-spiritual religion. In all branches of abrahamism, spirituality is reduced to supplication and subservience, which paradoxically in flames and aggrandizes the physical aspect of the self. This is what Plotinus was getting at, in his examination of matter, and it's activity as a thoroughly inhibitive state.
    Ultimately, the attempt of Communism to replace genuine spiritual values with ersatz props dooms it to the condition of opposition to everything that makes humanity human.
    Next up, a review of some of those suppressed qualities of National Socialism that the middle eastern nukers don't want you to know.

  17. Between you and Stan I wouldn't trade this comment section for the entire internet, great job Mike, any further elaboration will be greatly appreciated by the powers that now be…

  18. The Bormann faction lives by Black Magick so it has already been decided they shall die by Black Magick, all the walkabouts in the Australian desert won't change a thing, they can scream for their mommies or they can scream for her, neither will hear them. Their mommies are dead and she is with me…

  19. National Socialism was opposed to Communism on a deep spiritual level. Any effort to study the two reveals that both cannot exist together, except in conflict.
    The rise of National Socialism is, and has been equated with fascism, but as Evola explained at his trial, it isn't fascist, it's super fascist. If one considers his point, one realizes he was referring to a deeply spiritual condition, not simply a political system smeared by today's carefully conditioned beliefs.
    Communism is very much a child of the abrahamics, in the sense of a monstrous offspring that magnifies the appetites, terrors, and objectives that the parent was able, at least temporarily, to hold in check.
    National Socialism derives from a native European origin, one which kindled both a genuine identity and heritage. Referencing our previous message regarding the Great Conundrum, National Socialism attacked this problem with a deep comprehension of identity, whilst Communism, which shows zero understanding of the Great Conundrum, dives right in and becomes indistinguishable from the abyss.
    It should be mentioned that just because one is too stupid to understand the conditions of existence, doesn't correlate with avoiding them.
    Communism introduced a number of thoroughly Jewish perspectives which have never been accurately described as Jewish, because organized Jewry has an aversion to being tagged with its invention. The primary example here is deception. Deception is the method behind double entry banking, and creating money via debt, it is the avenue by which mass murdering of the native inhabitants of the Levant is labeled self defense, it is the lever by which blood and treasure is extracted from a people, and it is central to all communist endeavor.
    Contrast the path of knowledge with the path of deception, and one can clearly discover why the tool of globalism is Communism. Today, we are treated to incoherent babble concerning socialism in America. This is both idiotic and wrong. Communism is here, it's been part of the education system for decades. It's comfortable in the minds and hearts of many. It is the template for globalist objectives and agendas. Unfortunately, Americans are not perceptive enough to grasp this, and thus they are subject to it.

  20. I thought everyone knew, bandits where masks of course you all knew that didn't you?

    Like well, that bombing in Lebanon just saying….

  21. Our poor Mario with such grand hopes of a fine practice of real medicine.

    Your efforts are not wasted as we are building an army and we need your skill set.

    The war has come home. However, I love cycling and go out on grand adventures where I live with nary a masked bandit to see anywhere until I get to a town.

    Have not worn a mask yet in any local store…

  22. Never insult a Nazi by calling a pro masker a "mask nazi" as the correct term for them is a mask Bolshevik.

    Proper identification of the enemy I see….

  23. The mask and cycling.

    I put my 125 dollar mask to the test yesterday on my 90 mile ride on Wisconsin and Illinois gravel roads as I could not pedal the bike more than 10 minutes with the dreaded mask on and had to take it off. Now I was pushing 250 watts per hour with a heart rate of about 150bpm. Above average power ratings for someone over 60, then I pushed the heart rate up to 178bpm and held it for a few intervals at close to 30mph. The mask was quickly overcome with moisture and co2 as I had to remove it and I could feel severe o2 depletion.

    My mask will filter out anthrax and I highly doubt Covid 19.

    A report for my favorite boomer couple.

    The mask is useless to prevent spread of Covid especially for those folks forced to wear a mask at work for 8 plus hours.

    The massive display of the lies shows the power our occupiers have over us and their army of useful idiots at all the health departments and local universities.

  24. The mask and science? Its like a screen door on a submarine.

    Its like a chain link fence used to keep out mosquito's.

    Its like a condom made out of soft mask cloth to prevent pregnancy.

    Do we not live in bazarro world?

  25. Well, Stan, our dearest Nazi's knew what to do with a bolshevik did they not? Our own American Democratic party is loaded to the gill with young bolshevik's and look at federal employment where I was as a person whom is white had to work twice as hard and put up with the most shit and now? With Black Lives Matters Bolshevism it has come home to all of America as it is down to the mask. The Mask unmasks what you are or are not. If you want to force the mask on others? You are a rabid bolshevik simple as that.

    Adolph Hitler fought the battle in the streets for a better Germany free of the communist bs.

    The battle over the mask is lost as the battle where the guns will come out is a mandatory vaccine.

    Of course fuck Ian over at VT and the rest of his ilk. As My fist hitting his masked face which physics tells me is mass times velocity squared and the mask will keep his busted teeth in the mask….

  26. It's not the photos that have directed me to my conclusion, Jack. It has much more to do with the bent of character of those involved, and their predilection for vengeance over events that took shape almost entirely in the darkness of their minds.
    Still, if there is evidence to the contrary, I will revise my position accordingly.

  27. Speaking of the mask as I was on a bike trail in the middle of nowhere and people were wearing masks no kidding!

    Clarno Wisconsin on the Illinois border is the middle of nowhere and even there folks cower in fear and I of course terrified them passing on a bicycle without a mask or a helmet!

    Always get to see the humor in my surroundings.

  28. “Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans” thus began Fredrich Nietzsche in The Antichrist his declaration of war upon Christianity or more precisely Judeo Christianity. In sixty two paragraphs he turns the most formidable mind the world has yet seen loose in a scorched earth campaign against every notion that has ever been used to enslave and degrade man for the last two millennium. The problem is you were never supposed to see it. Shortly after writing it he would go stark raving mad, an ignoble and abrupt ending to the greatest intellect the world had ever known.

    A year before The Antichrist was published and a few years after it was actually written Brother of the Third Degree was published. The book is required reading before going any further into the initiation of any authentic Masonic Order. I do not mean the “Rosicrucian” societies and various “Knights Templar” clubs where the overindulged children of privilege play at being Magi. I mean the ones that trace their lineage all the way back to the Brotherhood of the Snake first referenced in writing in the ancient Sumerian cuneiform.

    In Brother of the Third Degree there is a very thinly veiled reference to a famous German “mathematician” who after undergoing initiation started publishing their secrets in his work. He is poisoned with something to make him go permanently insane. Only Nietzsche’s close circle of friends had known what was in the Anti Christ at the time Brother of the Third Degree was written. But 1888 was a year in which Nietzsche had put out a prodigious amount of work, his best work by most accounts. His mental breakdown is one of the most inexplicable events in the history of academia and its causes are still debated today.

  29. I wouldn't be so quick to blame Israel Mike, those video's floating around with the missiles edited in have been proven to be fakes by people I trust. No doubt that was no fertilizer or fireworks but who, what and why are still in question…

  30. Will Masonry live-will Rosicrucianism live-can they die as others have done? They will live as long as life of which they are parts. They will at times fade into such obscurity that they will seem as Dead, but the life which animates is not subject to lower laws but rules the lower as lower fondly believes it rules. Form in either denotes but a conception of whatever value it may assume to the ones of the time in which it is.
    Ceremony is but the presentation of a thought, so ceremony assumes a value of some worth to one and of none to another, all according to the conception and advancement of that one.
    The sand of the desert is presertative-on its bosom it rears a race of mankind. there you will find much in Masonry and Rosicrucianism. Conceptions mystical-actions in accord; and to the ones who seek is givin all that can be imparted; for remember, that which limits is the limitation of the receiver.
    Where so-called civilization abounds, there also grows the effete-the noxious, giving off its oder of Death and Strife and Blackness, under the guise of Beauty and Love and Honor. This class, all too often, dominates and controls both Masonry and other groups. Then comes that period of suspension in which the noxious dies, then springs forth the Better and Purer and Holier to rule again in a beneficient manner. such O reader, is a conception of Masonry and of that order is the writer.
    This short essay is not for the many outside of Masonry and Rosicrucianism, but for members alone, and whatever your thoughts, remember that what is givin is taken from a source far higher than physically recorded.
    We rise and salute the Coming- we bow in reverence to the Past-Present-Future as one-recognize them in their fullness- give to them their due.
    May the Rose and the Cross crown you in Death-may its Light and Glory be yours in eternity, and when it is done, eternity is yours through Understanding.

    In 1984 I received a letter from Mr. Bill Heidrick, the Chief of the
    O.T.O. Thelema Lodge, in Berkely Ca., which was tossed into the garbage around the same time as my box of RC monographs. I recall an interesting fact stated in that letter, that at that time in Germany when Karl Germer was looking for a sucessor to take charge of O.T.O. and probaly also the A.'.A.'., he had a choice of two people, Harvey Spencer Lewis and Aleister Crowly. H. Spencer Lewis came back home to San Jose, Ca. as the new Imperator of the R+C, A.M.O.R.C. from France.
    From 1984 to 2000-2002, I received Bill Heidricks monthly Thelema Lodge newsleter, which I appreciated getting. I never did make a trip up to Berkely from Saratoga. My personal concerns back then may have just stirred things up over there. I was reading just about all the Alice Bailey / Djwhul Khul books then, shipped round trip with free USPS postage, from the Theosophcal Society library in Wheaton, Ill.

  31. The Great Conundrum.
    It was Nietzsche who most successfully described the G.C. for the limited modern mind. It was he who in simple terms cut to the very core of the question; the issue of opposing the darkness without becoming the darkness.
    At first, it sounds like an excuse to the simpleton mind of modern man. A mind that moves along, dragging its knuckles and making incoherent bays and screeches. This is the reason for the hate towards Nietzsche, because he exposes the shallow idiocy of the vicious abrahamic ascendancy.
    In truth, the G.C. is quite possibly the definitive condition for life within this sphere, but it presupposes a level of self comprehension that is heavily opposed by all branches of abrahamism, and thus has been intentionally attacked and obscured for as long as certain ostensibly human ostensibly sentient beings have worshipped the great demon.
    This lack of self comprehension has long been the hidden key to assembling the correct resonance, the proper music, to change the lowest and grossest to a finer gleam.
    One could say that such a transformation is the boldest of all attempts, the most daring and brazen effort in a world of rusted chains, concrete and smoky glass. This is why so many fail, because it is impossible, and this why so many dive along the rainbow of gravity to meet the harsh rocks below, because for them the failure they are doomed to be shackled with is much worse, an intolerable repression worse than death.
    Today Nietzsche is made a tragi-comedic figure by the small minds in charge, those who long ago happily traded their liberty for mass produced saltine crackers encased in plastic.
    Yet some still remember.

  32. You ever hear the song Whatever it Takes Mike, well to know them is to know you must do Whatever it Takes to destroy them. I thank my lucky stars that Crowley did the work I myself would find unpalatable, our dear leaders murder children by the millions every year to appease their now provenly impotent gods…

  33. Yes Jack, Crowley was a great humanist. Probably stemmed from murdering children and opening portals, behaviour that certainly seemed to endear him with a certain element that some might refer to as unnatural.

  34. “Every people has the prophets it deserves; the credulous cowardly ice-cream-soda idealist is best left with the illiterate illuminati, rascally Rosicrucians, magpie mediums, parrot psychics, and cockroach clairvoyants with whom they feel at home.” – Aleister Crowley

  35. The genuine role of wisdom traditions is to direct those who finally are done with the cosmic comedy act. Christian Rosenkreutz arose, seemingly from no where, to challenge the abrahamic ascendancy on its own turf. It was successful largely because the abrahamics could find no one to murder in order to silence this challenge.
    All abrahamics are quite fond of portraying themselves as a victim, an underdog, unjustly treated. A moment while we wipe away our tears.
    One might legitimately wonder exactly how the most politically and economically powerful could possibly be victims and underdogs, and indeed any serious examination renders this posturing as laughable.
    Unfortunately, we have genuine victims and underdogs, who most clearly were not the abrahamics.
    The Rose Cross was never Christian, it was super-Christian, and thus remains significant today.

  36. Navigating through the ashes of what was a great attempt to free mankind from cosmic bondage, often leaves one with an impression of great humor. I find it hilarious, for example, to navigate through a store populated with terrified groups all wearing various types of masks. I found myself in close proximity to one elderly type who reacted in a true 'eek a mouse!'
    Quite funny.
    It's also quite humorous to hear people proclaim that the so called leaders of the smoke and ashes land are doing such a great job. I can barely maintain a straight face.
    Probably the truly most laughable statement is when the mask wearing terrified public begins statements with…"I think…" really, you think? Are you sure, because everything you just said is a complete regurgitation of the spew from the media! Apologies, but regurgitation is not synonymous with thinking, they are two different words describing very different activities. My god, this is an ass clown act on steroids, or maybe serotonin uptake inhibitors would be more accurate.
    I'm so glad that the world is literally brimming with humour, because otherwise it would be pathetically tragic.

  37. The Cross is as ancient as the Rose, uniting in ages past the two races which later became known as Atlantean-governed and supervised by a race of the SUN with its Gold pervading and exercising that WISDOM which made them in the ancient world the highest in action ever known except ONE. This ONE entered into them, making them function in their highest capabilities.

    The Cross and Rose today are symbols of Masonry in their highest conceptions; so two emblems of Masonry and Rosicrucianism blend in Harmony in each, and to those who understand comes the Love of Higher, but it must be concealed from the many who not only do not understand but who misunderstand. The circle of the two orders is seen in each and holding a place of eminence in each. the Rose describes a circle as does the Cross, and he who can see knows, for meaning is concealed to all, except to those who are ready and worthy, for none are ready unless of worth.

    6 paragraphs to go, coming soon.

  38. Ninth Degree Confidential Discourse Number Eight :

    The Mysteries were and are -the Greater Mysteries are yet in existence -the reservoir of all Wisdom on earth. Officially destroyed they yet live-they give unto all who may be worthy of themselves and guide the few on to heights unknown to the many.

    This message, but one of many, is ever open to the many who may aspire, and given to all in accordance with their aspirations plus their worthiness. For worth alone can open the Gate of Wisdom. The figure 33 is but the Gate, symbolized in form, but its parts are unjoined-it symbolizes but is not understood.

    The Mysteries had in its membership such as the Buddha, the Christ, and one Apostle of the Christ-Thomas, its Chief in Wisdom, but not in form. During their time there existed two orders to which they each belonged. The "Flame" and "Serpents." "Be ye as wise as Serpents and as bright as the Flame." These two orders – branches of the Mysteries – were the ones through which much was given to those of great evolvement.

    When the Mysteries officially passed, these two orders remained, and the Serpents today exist in India under cover of a sect who know but the name; but there are yet a few who fully understand.

    The Flame was of great advantage to those of Egypt after the passing of the so-called Atlantis. It functions today under the same secrecy as the Mysteries in their greater aspects.

    Associated with Freemasonry was the Rosicrucian Order, an Order of great teachings. Associated closely at one time, they are now disassociated, but in their aims they are very close to each other, with a tie far stronger than Masons ever know. The Rosicrucians of today is different from the Mason of today. this does mean in financial worth-in political worth-in standing among the ones of mankind, but in worth of Wisdom and of Action. Rosicrucians are few in number- seldom known, and the words used are used in full knowledge of their effects on both Mason and Rosicrucian, for they are very often both. The tie between Masons and Rosicrucians is so close that between them no object can be passed. This applies only to the TRUE ONES and they are very few. Masonry and Rosicrucianism are both above form-above creed-and are universal. A high conception in action-seldom known and as seldom mentioned.

    We pass again unto others who constitute Masonry -those of "lodges" who fulfill their obligations as best they understand and according to their conceptions influenced by conditions. These men are of value to any community in which they live-giving forth to their kind, sentiments of liberty, equality and fraternity. They constitute the backbone of worth in society, make life happier for many with whom they are brought in contact.These are constructors in their line of endeavor and to them all are obligated.

    Some of the symbolism of Masonry and the Rosicrucians consist of of the Rose and the Cross, and other forms. Form conceals-and ever reveals to any and all who truly seek.

    He who seeks the Rose sees not its perfume, but, coming closer, the perfume is recognized as something intangible-giving forth Love and Sacrifice and Beauty and Grandeur unto any and all who may care to exercise their Higher activities. The symbolism of the Rose appeals to all of greater Spirituality, and as it does there comes the Memory of long past ages, and the past is seen as the present. Wisdom of past and present becomes as one, and the Soul is freed from the trammels of earth, and passes into Heights from which it descends again as a sacrifice for the benefit of others. the Rose of Love-Freedom-Sacrifice-Liberty-instilling into all who have Perception and Conception that Liberty of Restraint based on the Perception of the Great in all realms.

  39. Stan, I believe it was Siegfried Kummer who observed…"all knowledge is fragmented".
    This statement is more profound, and more widely applicable than the English language can convey. Decades later, this statement becomes more true as the chaos of this melting time advances.
    It is as true within as it is without, and as a principle, it is quite apparently intrinsic to this sphere. Consider for a moment the story from a different tradition, of Avalokitishvara. The very first Bodhisattva, he vowed to stay at the gates of eternity until every soul was freed from all the Hells. Succeeding in his goal, he was aghast to observe the Hells fill anew. A beam of pure light from the highest then struck his head and it burst into 11 shards…
    Ain't we lucky, pal?

  40. Its a dietary piece Binid by someone who practices in the field and is a patron of ours, its only advice, take it or leave it, no books for sale here except my own and you will have join Patreon to read that. I'm in the adult section because its an adult book and we talk about adult topics, at least that's what I'm guessing because that's where the Intell people who run our site put us. Either that or they don't want you or anyone else slated for eternal slavery to read it, I'm not Shirly McClain and ain't nobody in this world paid the dues I've paid, therefore the books not referenced either…

  41. "The Master steps back from the candidate and says, "Brother, you now discover me, as Master of this lodge, approaching you from the east, under the sign and due-guard of a Master Mason. "The sign is given by raising both hands and arms to the elbows, perpendicularly, one on each side of the head, the elbows forming a square. The words accompanying this sign, in case of distress, are, "O Lord, my God! is there no help for the widow's son?" As the last words drop from your lips, you let your hands fall, in that manner best calculated to indicate solemnity. King Solomon is said to have made this exclamation on the receipt of the information of the death of Hiram Abiff. Masons are all charged never to give the words except in the dark, when the sign cannot be seen."

    In todays Psychopathic gridlock that has taken hold of this world, they will proclaim and grant Mercy mutually upon one another as the perceived eternal victim.
    I am not jealous of having information from a formal historical group. I would provide statements, descriptions, and meanings, as are the lessons found in the Rosicrucian AMORC monographs, well into the 10th degree. I can't do it, they're gone, 6 years tossed into the garbage by ignorance of the nth degree. What I have left is 2 small black pamphlet monographs: Fragments of The Masters and The Afflatus of The Illuminati. Number 1 and # 8. I am going to copy here again, as in the past, an account of two existing occult groups, that trace back to the ancient past, from #8. The two names are The "Flame" and The "Serpents."

  42. How can we discover that this role of actionable anomaly exists?
    Simply put, we find this principle central to all human endeavor towards realization. Realization as a journey is central to the spirituality found here in the Americas, and is the basis of the European path of Initiation.
    What then, does it mean to bring something into this system that it did not originally manifest?
    This is the movement of consciousness made manifest, the interplay of spirit upon the field of the soul.
    What then, can we have for an example?
    The first example is inherent to the narrative of Jesus. That Jesus was co-opted and made a tool for political religionism is evident, yet beyond these chains Jesus performed exactly the function described by Gurdjief, which was the setting forth of new conditions.
    The second example can be found amidst the recognition of mystics since the coming of Jesus. Mercy is a purely human potential. Reptiles can be beautiful dreamers, but they know nothing about mercy. The wind carries viruses across the world, exhibiting no mercy. There is no mercy in the power of the sun. Humanity of late is attempting to reject mercy. It is attempting to define it as a weakness, even an evil, yet this will never succeed, because mercy is now part of the human energetic.

  43. Are there any references for any of these statements? I see not one cross reference to any of this. Perhaps the author is selling a book? The old saying still applies in this situation regarding opinions and assholes. I fully expect to be called the latter for daring to question this "expert."

  44. Wow MK….'It is the role of the human species to actualize possibilities not inherent to the system.' Bingo. enough said.

  45. What is human potential?
    It is the innate motion of consciousness to transform and transcend itself.
    What is the arresting of this potential?
    It is that which forces a single minded focus on the ephemeral.
    How does this proceed?
    The abrogation of potential proceeds through the cloaking process inherent in the ephemeral. The ephemeral can only achieve prominence through the reduction and simplification of apparent conditions.
    Is then, the limiting of potential a natural aspect of the ephemeral?
    Then how can this abrogation manifest?
    It is the role of the human species to actualize possibilities not inherent to the system. Certain energetics capitalize upon this feature. Their favoured avenues are all cognitive. They succeed through the firing of lower principles, through the elevation of the lowest and least to the heights of guidance. They use the natural cloaking function to hide and obscure their operations.
    What are some of these cognitive energetics?
    What is to be done?
    First in order is to recognize cognitive walls as tools, not as absolutes.

  46. The single inescapable indicator that time has brought a new paradigm into focus, is when the "tried and true" no longer works.

  47. The Swisslanders say Gilgamesh is still alive. He drinks Heavy Water.

    Gilgamesh belongs to a race of "shape changers" (Gestaltwandler, Morphogenese)(not hereditary biological morphology)[1] and he is able to change the form and size of his body within several months, which can be carried out arbitrarily during normal existence. He adjusted his body – internally and externally – to his Earth "surroundings".

    Gilgamesh, whose original lifespan was 120,000 years (but is now reduced to about 50,000 years), will live here for the rest of his life. He cannot go back to his people even if he had a beamship to fly to his native planet as it no longer exists since it was destroyed in a catastrophe. All of it's inhabitants have died. It had previously existed 20 million light years away from Earth in an oval spiral galaxy known as M94, NGC 4736, discovered in the year 1781 by an astronomer named Méchain.[2]

    Gilgamesh has previously turned down an offer from the Plejaren of transportation away from Earth.

    He is probably currently working as a scientist on Earth where he has access to "heavy water" which he needs for sustainment of his material form.

    Gilgamesh’s people no longer exists because a sudden and unpredictable planetary catastrophe caused the whole race to become extinct within a few minutes. There were no survivors because no human beings of this people also stayed outside of the planet. Gilgamesh is, thus, the sole survivor, who has adapted his shape, however, to that of the earthly human and has morphogenetically transformed and found a new home in this world, which he no longer wants to leave.[3]

    They and their homeworld were/was destroyed. Gilgamesh is the only survivor.[4]

    PeriodicVideos: Can you drink Heavy Water? (University Of Nottingham) (Youtube) – informative video about the deuterium replacement – note that Gilgamesh went under a medical procedure which presumably has not been discovered yet by Earth scientists and it is not necessarily the same chemical formula being discussed here. It increased his lifespan to thousands of years but he had to continue to drink heavy water[citation needed]

  48. Jack,

    On your way to Texas I highly recommend a book about Houston called "The Raven" by Marquis James on the life of Sam Houston.

    You will find the account of Houston to be both factual and inspiring as this is George W Bush's favorite book about the founder of Texas as my copy I inherited from my Father as that was his favorite book of all time.

  49. Well, one of my favorite men of history is Sam Houston as he was a political writter for Jackson and many say he had Jackson's ear and was a comming influence on him.

    Without Houston there would be no Texas as he had stellar relations with the local indians.

    Latter on at the end of his life Lincoln wanted to send troops to Texas as he refused telling Lincoln it was too night he was driving home in his carriage and coming upon a checkpoint the guard shouted "password" as Houston replied " the battle of San jocento"

    The guard recognizing Houston let him pass.

  50. Stan, you bring up the main point of division between the abrahamics and the rest of the spiritual practitioners. Abrahamics have no room for evolution, or a sense of development. The abrahamics have already defined their role, and limit their view of life to something that becomes it's best when emulating The Rules.
    However, the spiritual community existing in the shadow of the abrahamics has long held to the central tenet that evolution, especially spiritual evolution, is an essential condition of life.
    One can follow The Rules-or more precisely-attempt to follow The Rules, or one can work towards accessing higher levels. They are definitely two distinct approaches.
    Honestly, it is evident that the abrahamic view arises from a much smaller vision, a temporal, physical focus, whilst the evolutionary vision returns a sense of empowerment.
    There can be no melding of the two, for the reason that arrested development is always in opposition to evolution and opening the doors of perception.

  51. MK,

    We were talking about my local community

    please pay attention

    as who was Hamilton in our Jack's story?

    a man whom got evicted before he entered the White house with a bullet

    He fucking he….

  52. Glad we are discussing issues.

    First if you never served Like our dearest Gordon Duff in our Federal family I tend to want to dismiss you off hand however, our Republic is Civilian based as honorable men at great cost would volunteer to take a post in said Government.

    We should look at Jefferson as he had a stylish White house to impress foreign leaders of our new country, with the finest wines and other wonders as it put him into horrible debt that lasted the rest of his life.

    If you never served as our Gordon did what the fuck do you know about said government?

    above my pay grade of course…

  53. Why Jack,

    Jefferson and Hamilton had Washington's ear as advisors as Washington went with Hamilton as what does that say about him?

    However, I was not there so I won't pass judgement but I just think that if Jefferson were followed we would have a very different America.

    As always above my pay grade as I love Jack for not censoring me.

  54. Where is another Aaron Burr when a nation needs him?

    And they have a gay play about that motherfucker as I am totally with our Jack.

    Above my pay grade of course…

  55. We should also remember the role of Aaron Lopez. Lopez and his fellow cryptojews worked tirelessly to bring slavery to America, and once they succeeded, proceeded to amass a huge fleet of slavery ships they were very careful never to set foot upon.
    From this time, the issue of slavery and it's myriad forms has never left the American experience.
    More fun from your friendly neighborhood abrahamics.

  56. Funny you should mention Alexander Hamilton, that talking turd that snatched the American dream from the cradle. By rejecting the revelations of Adam Smith and steering America economically toward Colbertism, an even more extreme form of mercantilism than that promulgated by Thomas Mun and the East India Company, America was pretty much still born. First things first, even before making Robert Kennedy president, Hamilton's picture comes off the ten dollar bill and Aaron Burr's goes on it…

  57. U.S. history is political, not factual.
    If anyone wishes for a window into the political working of the U.S., history is a very good one.
    There is no precedent for American politics to bravely deal with issues, to choose to uphold values or virtues. This has been solely the provenance of individual politicians, normally at great personal risk. Always in defiance of a system overrun with the truly underwhelming.
    Politics in America have, since the time of Hamilton, always been the indicator of where those who rule the country want the country to sit. That they could care less about the guiding values and goals of America is transparent and quite evident.
    There are so many untold stories in the short history of America, that it becomes evident that a great many here simply did their best to live their lives despite a vicious and duplicitous atmosphere, which had to be navigated because it could not be joined.
    I see no evidence that any of this has changed.
    If you find a victory for humanity despite the tide, then I will celebrate it with you, because I have had a glimpse of the significance of the effort, and the stakes.

  58. but the bulk of the Earth's humanity has in such a way that the higher knowledge in the named areas is not permitted to be conveyed to them. In fact, in today's mass of more than eight billion Earth humans, there is only a minority to be identified which is concerned with real humanity and actually being human. And, in relation to the perception, recognition and observance of the creative-natural laws and recommendations, it is only this minority that is also making conscious effort about the evolution of consciousness. The single way to help out in a general form is therefore only that we provide a certain help, by way of impulses, regarding the development of righteousness of Earth humanity, so that it learns to perceive the creational-natural laws and recommendations, to make them its own, and it gradually implements them in a progressive manner. We are thus making an effort, in certain humanities, to teach unassuming persons by means of impulses of the universally-identically-worded, creational-natural laws and recommendations, so that these persons can become instructively active among their peoples, however, without them having an inkling thereby that impulse-related teachings have entered them. On worlds where larger groups of the most distant descendants of the Nokodemion line exist, sages – if they have reached a certain level of consciousness-evolution – are introduced among the people, who then achieve the instruction through them. This is also so in a similar manner with respect to the Earth human beings, whereby, in this case, however, a direct line to the Nokodemion-prophethood exists, in which a greater number of ancient mission participants are integrated, which, indeed, I do not need to explain specifically to you. …

  59. Since the terrestrial scientists – not only physicists, but scientists of all colours – are not aware of their real responsibility with regard to their research and findings – as has been proven over the last four thousand years – then every new scientific finding endangers life, fauna and flora, as well as the humanity, when it deals with every kind of new thing which can be used in any destructive and life-impairing way. For this reason, we must prevent the explanation and release of at least our very comprehensive, highly-advanced and very far-reaching technical, physical, medical, biological, chemical, astronomical – and so forth – knowledge, skills, practices, capabilities, possibilities and policy, and so forth, in regard to the Earth human being, because, through their irresponsibility, they would wreak still very much greater calamities than they have already done for thousands of years and continue to do. In accordance with our directives, we cannot even describe our advanced and extensive medical knowledge and practice, because the knowledge which we possess of medical science would also be irresponsibly and mercilessly abused by the Earth humans, be it for the purpose of torture, espionage, or in the sense that certain tyrants and other powers would use them only for themselves alone; for example, to extend their lives for many decades and even centuries, and to rule over their peoples as merciless, unscrupulous, brutal tyrants who have, in many regards, fallen into Ausartung. So our directives prohibit us from revealing our knowledge to such still monstrously barbaric and irresponsible human beings, and unfortunately there are not only individual power-greedy ones who have fallen into Ausartung,

  60. Politics are, in my view the realm where the deeply ignorant meet the power of manipulation.

  61. Well, MK

    The mayor took the heat with that vote by breaking that tie as she will be re elected doing a tough job.

    Jack is missing the action here as the election will come down to this: those in favor of the Mask will lose and big.

  62. Lake Genevan's are my absolute hero's as they sacrificed themselves for our local and very rural communities as only locals go to the stores and know one we know is sick.

    So, if you are from out of town would you please wear a Mask?

  63. Yes MK,

    However, politics is local

    Why my skyscraper penthouse is a prison

    thats why god created Lake Geneva

    we go there in the summer since Chicago is a shithole we made

    its a fantastic bubble of peace people want to save

    So, voted down the mask

    So proud of my people I am in tears

    would wear a mask there if I were you

    proper risk assessment you know

  64. The question of identity.
    Much of going through this spiritual juicer is the development of true identity. True identity is far deeper than the habits and associations with personality, because it has to do with a greater, manifest luminosity peering through our eyes.
    This all involves the mystery of Emanation, and what Proclus defined as the essential character of it, which involved the movement towards return.
    Allegiance to a political, economic, or social identity is a common choice for modern humanity, but none of these is so much as a substitute for the transformation that is being demanded. Thus, in each case such an allegiance will do more to hinder than advance this dance with the spiritual juicer.
    It might be useful to ponder the question of just what is health when globalist maniacs are regularly attacking you, setting you up to buy plastic pieces of crap made by slave labor, and setting up a suicidal demonic globalist as your vaccine Jesus.

  65. So it just came out-again! The globalists fave manufacturer, commie China, brainwashing their minorities and channeling them into factories across China as slave labor.
    The industrial revolution was neither, and globalism exposes its ugly underbelly once again.
    It should come as no surprise that Gates once again figures prominently in this latest dehumanizing agenda. I feel sorry for the idiots who mindlessly believe he is working for their benefit, I'm certain their weak identities attach to him for vicarious purposes, and that is very sad.
    The spiritual juicer we are running through has yet to reach its perfection. Expect violence and discontinuity, do not expect any kind of return to what was.

  66. We are all energetic beings, and we certainly are aware of foods that change the actualization of that energy. Franz Bardon was certainly aware that bacon sandwiches gave that actualization fits, but at the last moments of his life, he decided to go out with them because he loved them.
    In "Feelin' no Pain" Ned Sublette sings of the power of alcohol to dull the punishment of living in a world that measures everything by means, whilst having none himself.
    The ancestors regularly included more than 24,000- yes, that many- herbs in their apothecary.
    Health is an elusive term in an energetic of towering arrogant willful ignorance, intentional misdirection, and advancement of insane misapplication.
    Fewer and fewer have access to the those foods that exhibit quality and substance. Increasingly, such choice opportunity is reserved only for those who can afford it.
    The human condition is largely beyond the capacity of humanity to grasp, and the role of pain in human relations is far more complex than the result of physical injury.
    For those who have the means, quality food is certainly a positive choice. For the rest of us, we join Ned Sublette and Franz Bardon.

  67. Last month I purchased 100 grams of Stanozolol bulk powder for $160.00, cheap, from my friends in the land of the Big Dragon. No problems at all. In 4 days I will be 66.

  68. The Rosicrucian's have 12 degrees. I dropped out because I felt the monographs I was receiving in the 10th Degree were just going around in circles, instead of straight to the mountain top.
    Actually the occult material in the public Alice Bailey books is what I imagined would be in the higher Rosicrucian Degrees.
    Stanley: Like it or not, stupid is as stupid does, A fully lit Third Grader of The Sun.

  69. Bob delighted that you are still with us, and as one of the empires most trusted sheepdogs I would advise those reading this to take you serious too…

  70. The highest degree in the AA/OTO is ninth, Ipsissimis, attained only by Aleister Crowley himself. But knowing Stan here as I do I can't help but take him serious when he says he is tenth…

  71. Sometime in 1979, when I was still active as member in the 10th Degree, I was waiting and looking for an answer as to what happened to me in July 1977. I wrote to Them a report and all that came was Silence. It was like, "Okay Stanley, if you are so smart, you figure it out." Okay thank you, goodbye. And that, was that.
    It is stated in the AMORC Manual, that the underlying purpose is to prepare Some, to enter The Great White Brotherhood and the Real Rosicrucian Order is the Invisible Order.
    Today, the present times, the title "Great White Brotherhood," has been stolen, co-opted and contaminated by the Owners and Ruiners of this world, as is the title "Illuminati," "Baphomet."

  72. Excellent article. Totally agree that Big AG/Pharma keeps everyone "alive" just enough to treat symptoms temporarily while they extract all of your money…just like the Federal Reserve… The oligarchs look at us as their cattle for their own benefit.

  73. Through knowledge shall the earth be saved and the Great Ones walk the earth as of old. Watch the trail of the Scorpion as he falls through the air(where he first becomes visible for what he is) into the sea which becomes blood. When the Scorpion is in the earth he is there the Father Principle within the Mother. See thou tell it not. Therefore the tree brings forth, the sap rises, the leaves start, the blossom comes and the fruit follows. So the plant its bloom. So the animal, being yet of the earth brings forth its young.
    But the Scorpion shall rise out of the sea, through the air, carrying with it its starry crown, the redemption of humanity.

    Fragments From The Masters & The Afflatus Of The Illuminati
    Ninth Degree Supplemental Rascal Monograph.

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